No One’s Minding the Store

Ryan Lovelace, National Review, December 17, 2014

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officials tasked with preventing fraud from taking place are instead being forced to do administrative work, according to the federal official who created and directed the division of the government responsible for preventing immigration fraud. Opponents and supporters of President Obama’s executive action on immigration say the Department of Homeland Security is not prepared to handle the fraud that will come from the implementation of amnesty. The sheer volume of applications the department could receive–millions are expected–will make it difficult to weed out document fraud and instances of false representation.

Despite the increasing potential for fraud, Louis “Don” Crocetti Jr., the architect and former director of USCIS’s Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate, says the Obama administration has stopped conducting fraud assessments entirely. The directorate’s primary responsibility is to determine whether individuals or organizations that file for immigration benefits pose a threat to the nation. Crocetti, who built and led the directorate from 2004 until 2011, says he does not think USCIS has conducted one immigration-benefit fraud assessment in the past five years. Such assessments allow government officials to identify instances and causes of fraud and then determine possible corrective actions.

Yet fraud has been a persistent problem. In almost every assessment conducted during Crocetti’s time with the directorate, he says, a significant amount of fraud was discovered. According to Crocetti, the directorate routinely discovered that more than 10 percent of the items surveyed in its assessments was deemed fraudulent.

“I think if the agency and the department were truly that concerned about detecting and combating fraud, they would have started resuming the benefit-fraud assessment years ago,” he says. “We’re going in the wrong direction.”

Crocetti expects an “astronomical” number of forged and falsified documents to result from the president’s executive action on immigration and does not believe the Obama administration is making the effort to prevent such fraud. In fact, counterfeiters may have already begun creating false records for illegal immigrants seeking to take advantage of the amnesty, Ronald Colburn, former national deputy chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, previously told NRO. Crocetti thinks some illegal immigrants will also claim false relationships with lawful residents in order to benefit from the executive action’s extension of deferred action on deportation to the parents of lawful residents.


Instead of doing fraud assessments, Crocetti says the Obama administration has tasked officials with administrative work. This means officials are conducting compliance reviews, which include unannounced site visits to make sure that both non-immigrants and employers are conducting their business appropriately, instead of finding ways to prevent fraud. Crocetti tells NRO he developed both the fraud assessments and compliance reviews and considers both operations crucial, but he adds that contractors who lack immigration expertise can conduct compliance reviews.


The USCIS officials charged with fighting fraud are demoralized, Crocetti says, and are stuck in an outdated system that cannot handle all of the challenges the Department of Homeland Security faces. The administration never conducted an immigration-benefit fraud assessment on President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, he says, which is a program that shielded certain illegal immigrants from deportation. He says his colleagues at the directorate say “there is no specific anti-fraud effort being undertaken nor was there ever an anti-fraud component of the DACA program, that they didn’t even interview individuals.” He adds that people who work at the directorate are uncomfortable sharing their concerns publicly because they fear that they will lose their jobs. Crocetti thinks the Obama administration’s negligence is not a sign of malicious intent, but instead shows that it lacks commitment and interest in preventing immigration fraud.


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  • Mary

    Massive fraud? Feature, not a bug. This administration wants them here, all of them, and does not care a whit how that comes to pass. Any show of concern regarding fraud is merely a pretense.

    • See The Future

      What ever happened to the principles upon which America was built?

      • Sick of it

        Those were lost after the 2nd revolution (i.e. the Civil War).

        • Ringo Lennon

          The only thing wrong with the principles on which America was built was slavery.

          • Beowald

            Sometimes I dream about what the U.S. would be like now if there had been no slave trade. No Africans here at all.

          • Ringo Lennon

            Would’ve been a paradise on earth. No crime. Free to walk our cities w/o fear. I guess there are cities like that here.

    • Ohmy!

      “Any show of concern regarding fraud is merely a pretense.” Isn’t that the truth!

  • No one has an incentive to mind the store, especially when everyone who should be minding the store wants their friends and relatives to loot the joint.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      The 1986 amnesty, which was administered by a much less hostile (to whites) administration, was nonetheless rife with fraud. Otis L. Graham, professor emeritus of history at UC Santa Barbara and author of Unguarded Gates: A History of America’s Immigration Crisis (2004), sums up what happened:

      “The final measure allowed employers to accept as proof of legal residence any two of a wide range of documents, most easily counterfeited. ‘The change in farm labor market made by IRCA,’ wrote economist Philip Martin, ‘is the switch from undocumented workers to falsely documented workers.’ . . . Almost nothing promised by the legalization turned out as expected . . . For illegal aliens who were ineligible for amnesty, . . . document fraud quickly became almost universal . . .”

      • Beowald

        Great internet handle.

    • SentryattheGate

      As in—- the new ICE head is a Latina; how am I not surprised?! And, for decades, no one in gov’t. was checking on nor deporting visa overstays!

  • Easyrhino

    These applications should be vetted with the same fine tooth comb that the IRS uses when auditing tax returns.

    • See The Future

      The corrupt dictatorship is already operating at a third world level.

    • Nonhumans

      I disagree. In a sane world, Anything that turns in one of these applications should be zealously sought, apprehended, and deported.

      Illegal should not mean it’ll be OK BC a treasonous “President” says its going to be.

  • superlloyd

    Obama has criminally opened the gates wide to all and sundry. The good, the bad and the ugly. Such malfeasance should be vigorously opposed as should Obola’s fitness for office. But I won’t hold my breath.

    • See The Future

      The collapse is guaranteed. Just a matter of how much longer it takes.

  • Tarczan

    “Crocetti thinks the Obama administration’s negligence is not a sign of malicious intent…”

    Yes it is, he is just being PC.

  • David Ashton

    But – “We Are The World” (M. Jackson) & “Don’t They Know It’s Christmas” (Band Aid).

    • Reynardine

      How come the tsunami and earthquake victims in Asia didn’t get any of those musical celebrity charity drives, but the Haitians did?

      • Augustus3709

        Because they are narcissists stroking their pets.

  • Who Me?

    Fraud? OMG! You mean they aren’t in it for the love and peace and joy of helping their noble, downtrodden fellow man? (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH)

  • Larry Klein

    Everyone knows what Obama is about. The real scandal is that the ostensible opposition party aided and abetted these criminal acts and [email protected] on its own base

    • Scott Rosen

      There is no opposition party. Both parties are controlled by the cabal that controls the banks and the media. This is nothing other than a genocide of European peoples.

      • Larry Klein

        Pretty much. Genocide the slow way.

      • jason sneed

        you racist scum. There’s nothing wrong with all the beautiful people who just come here seeking a better life. Saldana says all peoples of the world deserve american citizenship and I agree.

        • Scott Rosen

          Why can’t those peoples form a workable State for themselves in their own homelands? Why are the places they’re from hellholes? Why do they create little hellholes here when they gather in numbers? Detroit is crap because it’s full of crap people. Why are all the best places to live the places full of white people? You can’t see the truth that all people are NOT the same. You’re an idiot troll.

        • Scott Rosen

          Look at the lists of the best most livable cities, and look at the demographics. White. Look at the lists of the most violent miserable cities. The darker the people, the worse they are. Keep believing the BS, idiot.

        • JBP

          Well we can’t help it if you are a delusional social justice warrior aiding and abetting the enemies of civilization.

          All the poor folks of all the countries on the earth deserve better IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY. destroying a successful country doesn’t help.

  • kikz2

    the IRS knows they lie and pays them billions anyway…what they’re going to develop a conscience and not lie on amnesty doc?

  • Jeb

    Never forget, the bureaucrats handling this farce are paid far more than you are, by government decree.

    The real government isn’t the shit-heads you vote for.

    The real government are those bureaucratic turds, working for 70% more pay & benefits than a shmuck like you for doing the same damn work, who are in their positions for DECADES!

    In your local town, when “the government” changes from Democrat to Republican, does your government funded police department change? How about the divorce court judge who screwed you? Nope, he’s been there for 25 years now. And that social services idjut who comes around to see if your bachelor suite apartment is adequate enough for your children to visit (which is all you can afford after the divorce court judge) has only been around for 9 years, but was hired under the last administration – an unelected bureaucrat in a position of authority over your daily life.

    The real government – the one that is choking us – is the one RIGHT beneath the elected officials and downwards – right down to the snotty Meter Maid who wrote you a ticket yesterday. SHE works for the government, insists on policies and enforces them, yet SHE is never up for election… while still being able to bureaucratically run your life – and gets paid handsomely for it, on your dime!

    • jason sneed

      the real government is:
      the stockholders of the federal reserve, Soros, Kissinger, Zukerfuch, Gates, etc

  • MBlanc46

    Our entire immigration policy is a fraud.

  • Ohmy!

    Well, basically, everyone from the President on down talks out of both sides of their mouths, not having any integrity (or actual concern for the well-being of our country and it’s citizens). Geez, it’s like those in government are all dishonest, corrupt, having this twisted, insane agenda to maintain. I am not hopeful about the future of our country. That’s incredibly sad.

  • jason sneed

    It’s the same with H-1b fraud. the three investigations all found OBVIOUS easy to spot fraud of 30% with real fraud probably being > 50%. Fake degrees, fake resumes, fake companies. It doesnt matter all that matters is de-whiting amerika

  • WR_the_realist

    John Engelman, do you still like Obama? No president has been so much an advocate of illegal immigration, document fraud, and blaming whitey for black criminals.

  • John Jackson

    Here’s what’s baffling me: OK, so, there’s this big deal being made about Congress authorizing funding for the amnesty, yet I keep hearing stories of 100’s of millions being spent here, there, everywhere on these illegals for medical care, housing in fancy resorts, legal representation, etc, etc.

    It seems to me Obama doesn’t need Congress, it seems he can just pull funds out of thin air whenever he feels like it. My question is how? Is he borrowing it? Having the Fed Res print it? Where is it coming from?