Liberals’ Favorite Program Gets Another ‘F’

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, February 1, 2013

Proven failure is no objection when a program caters to non-whites.

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Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
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  • NeanderthalDNA

    Sleeper benefits? It’s been almost a half century. How much longer? Lame.

    • JohnEngelman

      “An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy,” was published in 1944. It was written by Gunnar Myrdal. He was a Swedish Nobel-laureate in economics. It was founded by the The Carnegie Foundation.

      Gunnar Myrdal argued in his book that black social pathology and inferior average academic performance were caused by racial discrimination. He said they were also used to justify racial discrimination. Finally, he argued that when racial discrimination was outlawed blacks would behave and perform as well on the average as whites.

      When the book was published most whites in the United States were in the mood to agree, or at least to hope Gunnar Myrdal was right. American blacks had participated loyally to the effort of World War II. Nazi race theories and the Holocaust they lead to had discredited the belief that racial differences had innate significance.

      Unfortunately, Gunnar Myrdal’s optimistic appraisal of black potential has not been achieved by blacks. Beliefs that were plausible in 1944 are only sustained by blind faith.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        “Beliefs that were plausible in 1944 are only sustained by blind faith.”

        The foulest legacy of Hitler and his failed artiste cronies. His abominable treatment of millions of fellow European Caucasians strummed the admirable heart strings of the civilized white person toward those of other races, unleashed a histrionic primal scream of self loathing and desire to somehow make up for…

        What? A pack of Caucasian sickos who killed millions of their fellow Caucasians based on superstition, bad science, and the potential for personal gain?

        Regardless, 1944 was a great year for those who opposed the Nazis and the urge to completely repudiate their ideology was understandably triumphant.

        But after a half century of the abominable opportunity cost white jizya known as Affirmative Action we know better. Yet the entire superstructure of a world designed to erase all evil (HITLER and all he represented) are built on the ideology of Gunner Myrdals around the globe.

        The steady awakening from this deadly slumber of millions of whites around the world is inevitable, however. It will not be a primal scream but rather an ominous rumbling crescendo and profound sense of outrage.

        • JohnEngelman

          I did not learn about Gunnar Myrdal’s book until I began to access this website. By a process of intellectual osmosis it has become part of the ruling ideology of the United States, even as evidence for its basic thesis has fallen away.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I’ll have to investigate that.

            I’m like you in many ways I think. I have no intrinsic issue with most east Asians, south Asians, Jews, many Hispanics (many of whom are white). Pretty live and let live I like to think myself.

            I have no problem with a LITTLE diversity, especially if this diversity includes people who at least remotely resemble me (in more than just the physical sense).

            But…where will the white, European people have to call their home?

            But in terms of the subSaharan African or any with too much of that strain of genetics flowing in their veins (a large chunk of the Islamic world)…

            I admit that I would be happier if I never saw a black face ever again in my life, never had to listen to their “music”, never had to bite my tongue or pretend to be anything other than utterly disgusted by them and their antics. Ever. Much happier.

            As individuals, some few have impressed me in my time, some few have shown some real friendship but on the whole, as an aggregate, I find large numbers of them ultimately herald nothing but ruin and waste and decay.

            And kudos to AMREN for keeping this forum polite as well as welcoming a wide range of posters. Wise. Whether you like the stormfronters or not, we need to have an umbrella phalanx of pro-whites or…


          • Ulick

            Excellent post. I share very similar views to you. Just tonight I tried to aid a mestizo man who was obviously foreign born. I was in the subway station when I heard “Help, Police!” I turned to see the the middle-aged mestizo man chasing after (are you sitting down for this) four young black guys who stole his bags. I’m so sick of this sort of stuff that I gave chase after the thugs. I think I actually could have caught one of them, but realized that I have a kid at home and can’t afford to be getting killed over some guys luggage. Long story short, I don’t dislike individual Hispanics. I just think the concept that we must handover America to them or even allow them to become a huge minority bloc is absurd. It’s a madness that would never be considered at any other period in history, and still wouldn’t be considered in most nations today.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Thanks, Ulick. Yeah, tell me about it! In small numbers most groups do assimilate, like it or not, and have for quite some time, but the larger number and the further away in terms of similarities, the more problematic it becomes.

            Honestly, I even get along with most non-thug blacks just fine. Son of the South, you know? Gotta get along and all. Regardless, I have no desire to socialize beyond the necessary because just because! Freedom of association, freedom of dissociation.

            Right move not continuing that chase. Not worth it. Smart.

          • MarcusTrajanus

            Many South American countries used to encourage European immigration to “whiten” their population since their leaders realized a Whiter population meant a more prosperous country. Americans seem crazy throwing away their White majority and actively trying to become just another mestizo nation.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Oh, you’ve probably read it but if not, find a copy of Allan Bloom’s “The Closing of the American Mind”. Brutal and honest critique of education’s role and adaptation to poisonous egalitarianism.

            Unlike many who post here, I don’t see “government” in and of itself as bad. Too much, maybe, but also too little… Regardless, find it ironic that the social welfare system which benefits certain minorities so much can only work well…

            When they represent a small (tiny?) fraction of the population.

          • mike42day

            Interesting point on government, I feel that certain types of of government require that the population of the govern have a minimuim IQ for it to work.

            The average Hard core white liberal has an IQ of 106 but they are trying to implement a sytem on citizens with an IQ 15 to 20 points below that.

        • Joseph

          The death of whites is coming with a whimper and not a bang. I wish it were not true but I believe that it is. It is the enemy within the gates who has been our undoing.

          “…he wears their face and their arguments… he infects the body politic so that
          it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I admit it looks pretty bad, but I also see some hope. Many young people are awakening despite the drag-down of black pop culture. It will be interesting to see what Mr. O’s plans to coddle black thugs in school will result in. What will happen when it becomes painfully obvious that whites (and East Asians for that matter) are held to higher standards of conduct, when white boy gets expelled for something black thugo gets a slap on the wrist and a couple of days watching cartoons, doing drugs, playing Madden football for the same or worse violation.

            The Truth is pounding on the door. Eventually it will break through.

            Where then? I really don’t know, but I suspect the worst. Here and in the sacred white homelands of Europe, I fear there will be ugliness. And it thrills me…

          • TeutonicKnight67

            I think North America should be regarded as sacred white homeland as well.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I have visions of a post American world where a last great white homeland stretches from somewhere in central Europe across the Bering Strait to somewhere southish of the Canadian border. I sincerely hope more and more whites in racially imperiled regions such as South Africa and South Carolina choose to emigrate to various parts of the former Soviet Union and the North-Northwest of my continent. I can envision friendly and productive interaction and competition with EastAsian entitities and polite, limited interchange with all others who respect us and our right to have our own.

            You got yours, I got mine. Good fences, good neighbors.

          • Defoe

            Agree, but read IMPERIUM by Francis Parker Yockey to better understand why Europe is “sacred”.

        • Gwynn Ap Nudd

          And the same people who lie about Blacks are the ones that have written the history of WW2. Yet you still believe their propaganda implicitly.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            You mean Jews and Nazis? I believe it because my dad fought in WW2, western front, and saw it.

            Then he told me. Not saying he never lied, but I credit the man. Pretty honest fellow, hard worker, Nixon man.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            You mean the same Hollywood tribe that tells us Blacks saved America in The Revolution, War of 1812, Mexican War,The Civil War, Spanish War, WW 1, WW 2, Korea, Vietnam, The Gulf, War on Terror etc etc etc etc??

      • Kip

        I bet Gunnar Myrdal lived in a black-free area. That’s the only way he could come up with such an airhead idea.

        • JohnEngelman

          Whites who have the least contact with blacks usually have the highest opinion of them.

          • lessthantolerant

            Sadly that is so true. travel to any inner city and look at the degradation and decay these animals bring.

          • JohnEngelman

            Black slums often contain Victorian mansions and nineteenth century townhouses. If whites still lived there those neighborhoods would be known for atmospheric restaurants and taverns, book stores and used book stores, theaters, and so on. It would be safe to be outside after dark. Instead those neighborhoods are known for the sound of gun fire and police sirens.

          • TheTruthHurts4

            It takes thousands of years to civilize a race. Large numbers of blacks only began to live in cities during the last century. Urban areas inhabited by blacks are not known for civilized behavior. They are full of urban barbarians.

        • Bernie

          Indeed. He lived in Sweden!

        • razorrare

          Myrdal had jewish helpers and fellow sociologist to help him with this airhead idea…R.M.E. Sterner and Arthur Marshall Rose(both jewish)collaborated with Gunnar in writing the book…but the biggest contributing benefactor to Gunnar’s book was a Chicago professor of sociology named Louis Wirth who invited him and paid for his trip to America to start the writing of “The American Negro…” ….Wirth Edited the book and is said to have contributed 8 chapters to the book…so…lets not give much credit to a useful idiot like gunnar myrdal(at 16 years of age he had his last name changed to myrdal) who was being groomed much like Rosa Parks to receive the credit for the ending of segregation & jim crow laws…..This nobody dishonored his Father & Mother by having his last named changed…he was a traitor to his own family before he became a traitor to his race.

          • Conan

            Why do people persist in bringing Jews into everything?

            Playing the Jewish card has been one constant failure after another for white nationalists, from Rockwell to Duke. Why do you continue playing a losing hand?
            Jared has done more to help the cause by using actual facts and statistics about how black pathology and government idiocy effects their lives with one video than what other white activists have managed in five decades with their “Hitler actually wasn’t such a bad guy” approach.

          • The__Bobster

            Errr, because they’re largely responsible for the problems in America?

            You can’t attack the symptoms without attacking the disease.

        • MBlanc46

          Myrdal (1898-1987) was a Swede.

      • convairXF92

        Gunnar Myrdal. IIRC he and his wife Alva also were in the vanguard of promoting the sexual revolution and government support of unwed mothers.
        To his credit, he produced a smart daughter (Sissela Bok) who wrote a fantastic book on why people tell lies.

  • HamletsGhost

    It “works” to keep some 250,000 otherwise unemployable minorities in comfortable upper-middle class wage jobs.

  • JohnEngelman

    Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal made it possible for unemployed Americans with good work habits and job skills to get jobs. This enabled the Democratic Party to dominate the United States until 1968. President Eisenhower was able to get elected and reelected by promising not to repeal the basic reforms of the New Deal.

    Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society attempted to use social reform and social welfare spending to solve social problems that are caused by personal inadequacies. That is why it failed, and lead to a Republican domination of the country, which to a considerable extent still exists.

    • dhs

      I would go further: President Roosevelt prevented malignant revolutionary forces from taking over America. In retrospect some of his actions were not optimum, but they convinced the majority of Americans that radical change, be in communist, fascist, or populist, was unnecessary. In other words, with modest changes, traditional America would survive the Depression, and go on to greater prosperity, and this is what happen.

      • JohnEngelman

        I do not believe that the alternative to the New Deal was a Russian style Communist revolution, or even the democratic socialism of Norman Thomas.

        I can perceive of an American form of fascism in which the Klu Klux Klan would have joined with the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars to form an equivalent to the Nazi Stormtroopers. That would have required a charismatic leader on the totalitarian right. That fortunately did not exist in the United States.

        Nevertheless, Americans are too individualistic for Communist or fascism. I think the most likely alternative to the New Deal would have been a return to laissez faire capitalism. The disappointing results of the Obama administration enable me to see how the New Deal could have failed. If unemployment had remained high, if taxes and the national debt had grown, there would have been a repeal of the rather modest reforms of the Progressive Era.

        The symptoms of the Great Depression were obviously worse than those of the Great Recession. Unemployment was much higher. Banks failed, and so on. Nevertheless, when Franklin Roosevelt was inaugurated he had several advantages Barack Obama has not had.

        National debt as a percentage of gross domestic product was lower. The United States was the world’s leading creditor country. Since the Reagan administration we have been the world’s leading debtor. Nearly half of what was manufactured in the world was manufactured in the United States. Now we have a balance of trade deficit. The United States was an oil exporting country. Now we import 70 percent of the oil we consume.

        Politically the Immigration Restriction Act of 1924 virtually ended non white immigration to the United States. Jim Crow legislation denied the vast majority of blacks equal rights. This meant that white blue collar workers could vote for better economic conditions by voting Democrat without also voting for economic and social equality with non whites.

        The difference between the economic conditions of the 1930s and those that prevail now may be compared to the difference between a bad case of the flu and asymptomatic AIDS. If you have a bad case of the flu you feel miserable, but in a month you will recover. If you have asymptomatic AIDS you feel better, but several years from now you will be dead.

        • Bernie

          “Politically the Immigration Restriction Act of 1924 virtually ended non white immigration to the United States”

          There actually was virtually no non-white immigration to the U.S. prior to 1924. The act ended all immigration – which was almost all white at the time.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Well, one of the problems with “fascism” in America is that “liberty” and “democracy” and similar such highly morphic buzz-words are an inextricable aspect of our nationalist self conception. In that “fascism” is specifically anti-democratic, we find a thorny contradiction I’m not sure is possible to overcome.

          Personally I’ve come to respect many aspects of “fascism”. One might argue persuasively that our own country is and has been for many decades, a form of “democratic fascism”, a concept I call, in a negative context, “democratic totalitarianism”. I’ll not go on, but many other aspects of our last 30 to 60 years resemble fascism as well.

          Personally I believe in a derivative of “fascism” I call, for lack of a better word, “phalangism”. Like classic “fascism” I firmly believe in a third way, have come to utterly detest ideologues AynRandian or Marxist. I see “phalangism” as dedicated to espousing an anti-ideological ideology based on Truth as discovered by legitimate scientific inquiry and experimentation. I cherish the past, my heritage, yet look toward the future and welcome change (though certainly not all). I resist and dislike the labels most folks bandy about to describe social/political adherence. I believe in pragmatism, and long to regenerate my people, restore dignity, respect, greatness.

          Where do I differ? First let me differentiate between “fascism” and naziism. There is very little about Hitler’s version of fascism that appeals to me, considering the results and the ghastly mistakes those guys made based on superstition, bad science, and blind ambition. Although I am proud of my race and wish to see it survive and thrive, I don’t see an American movement needing or surviving as anything other than fringe if it were to take a racial bent akin to that of say the stormfronters. Opposition to Affirmative Action, opposition to forced association. Support for the right of whites to be proud and form white organizations like any other group. I support a strong military but instead of aggressive military adventurism I prefer massive engineering and technical undertakings, the building of functional monuments in which a people can take pride and which will benefit those who will live after I die.

          Democracy? What the heck is that that thing, anyway? Seems our current definition resembles more mob rule to me. I could define that shibboleth many ways which do not resemble very closely the histrionic conventional wisdom (foolishness) sort of definition currently in vogue. What is democracy without accountability to any but the lowest common denominator? When the lowest common denominator determines how all must live…again, “totalitarian democracy”.

          Yeah, I think I got it all figgered out, yuk yuk…

          • I nominate this comment by Neanderthal DNA for the AR hall of fame.

            Our critics often accuse us, with our desire to disenfranchise all or as many non-whites as possible from the ballot box, of merely creating a set of political conditions to make the United States a one-party state, namely the Republican Party.

            First off, the American political heritage is bipolar. As in two sides, not the mental illness. What this means is that even if we got our way and only white people got to vote, there would still be two political parties. It’s just that the political center would move very sharply to the right. Pat Buchanan would be a moderate.

            However, that’s not my beaux ideal world, and it’s not what I really want to happen by making the franchise white only and with other restrictions. While I guess I would take a political center moved hard to the right really quickly preferable to what we have now, I think we can do better than just moving the boxing ring where the boxing matches take place between men in red shorts and men in blue shorts to merely a different place in the arena. In other words, I’m not looking to change the parameters of the existing partisan game, I’m looking to eviscerate the partisan game.

            No, my goal in this is that to ensure a 100% as white American as possible body politic to ensure that the governing authorities (notice I didn’t say “rulers”) of the white American citizens are themselves white Americans, because my ultimate goal is letting 10,000 new flower species bloom. What I really want are a variety of new ideologies, orthodoxies and worldviews breeding an equally impressive new variety of public policy proposals and solutions to problems. One of them might serve our needs, or some combination of these 10,000 new flowers blooming might be what we need and what we deploy.

            This is why your post about phalangism intrigues me. It’s a new flower, one that doesn’t fit neatly or anywhere on a linear spectrum.

            Another reason why my mind is drifting in this direction: Guess what the hot new TV show is among lamestream conservatives and Republicans is? Answer: There’s a cable network called FX, owned by Fox but it’s not the over-the-air Fox, and not the Fox News Channel. The hot new show is called “The Americans,” with the “c” letter shaped like the communist hammer-and-sickle. It’s a period drama set in 1981, and revolves around a husband-wife American pair that lives in the D.C. area and are spying for the Soviet Union, and the problems they face in their chosen career path. It all goes back to what I told Engelman here a few days ago, that lamestream conservatism just can’t figure out that it’s not 1980 anymore and Ronald Reagan isn’t walking through that convention hall door ever again. Liberals have their same problems: They’re stuck on 1932 and/or 1964.

            Meanwhile, my calendar reads “2013.” None of the real “problems” of 1932 or 1964 or 1980 are much problems anymore (if they ever really were). I wish people would quit living in the past.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Thank you very kindly, sir!

            I envision “Phalangism” as being able to function as a sort of umbrella group or ideology that holds the potential to bind together various shades of belief in a state of true mutual respect and interchange – that therefore holds the potential to bring about real change. Although I do not envision the movement to be based purely on race, I do see it as supporting any group’s rights within a (disgustingly) multicultural polity to associate and disassociate as they desire within the context of the larger political entity. I could even envision minority “delegations” who agree and also desire some degree of autonomy within the larger system.

            “Extremism in the defense of moderation is no vice” – one of my little mottos, har har. I mention this because although a “third way” in the case of Phalangism does not necessarily mean choosing the middle path between extremes, in my experience this kind of triangulation often does arrive at functional solutions to problems that neither of two extremes can. Not always, but uncannily often. I also find identification of “fascism” with the “right” to be less than accurate. Again, the only real determinant of the beliefs and values of Phalangism is Truth, and if valid science shows a belief to be spurious, the true phalangist has no problem discarding the old and adapting to the new.

            I realize the term “phalangism” evokes the ghost of “fascism”, but this is, in effect, purposeful. We need a little fierceness to be respected.

            Some differences between fascism and phalangism…

            1. Views toward democracy

            Phalangism is not inherently hostile to “democracy”, but rather rejects histrionic egalitarianism and the mob rule totalitarian democracy it engenders. A proud, educated, responsible, capable people can handle self determination and do indeed deserve a say in their government, but unfortunately not all who vote (of all groups, by the way) can be so described.

            2. Economic Policy

            Neither extreme of the capitalist/socialist spectrum is favored. All options are open for consideration based on the needs of the time and circumstances involved. This said, violent and rapid changes should be avoided and the primary qualifier of any policy must be not predetermined ideology but empirical analysis and functionality. Without rejecting healthy international trade, the phalangist nonetheless strives for national economic autarky whether possible or not.

            3. Militarism

            Although the phalangist supports a strong military capable of protecting the nation and projecting force outside the nation when and where needed, unlike the mid 20th century fascist, the social Darwinist imperative to warmonger and dominate weaker neighbors is not in the interest of the phalangist. The introduction of weapons of mass destruction has changed the rules of that game and the consequences are simply too dire, not to mention morally questionable. Without being a pacifist doctrine, phalangism nonetheless recognizes the potential for disaster. Therefore, phalangism supports massive engineering and scientific based programs that create modern versions of the pyramids – symbols of a people’s combined accomplishments that, unlike the pyramids, serve a functional purpose that makes life better for all, that can then be built upon by the next generation. Not debunking marshal courage, but considering the consequences of large scale war, people need heroes who evince a form of courage all should strive to emulate. Who could be braver than the astronauts who climbed into a fancy garbage can and left the comfortable bonds of our world?

            3. Cult of Youth

            `Although the young are precious for obvious reasons, they are often foolish as well. Here I must depart from classic fascism. Phalangism neither venerates nor dismisses based on age. Both the energy of youth and the steadfast wisdom of age are respected and valued. Yin and yang, mutually supportive and complimentary even when in conflict.

            4. Gender and Masculinity

            Classic fascism unfortunately promoted a hubritic, simplistic, comically exaggerated standard of masculinity that evokes in me a certain form of idiotic bragadoccio all too common amongst the lowest racial/ethnic common denominators. That said, masculinity must not be winnowed from the fiber of maleness. Furthermore, the fascist idea that women are primarily baby factories is incompatible with modern realities. Relegating women to purely supportive roles means alienating many capable women who WE NEED. That said, the phalangist denigrates neither the woman who chooses to devote all her time to her family nor the woman who devotes herself to her career. Both are not just accepted, but supported, encouraged, and truly valued.

            Yikes. Long post, much more to say, but…look at the time!

            Regardless I’m sure we’ll be continuing this at some point. Again thanks for the kind words and kudos to you too.

          • Phalangism, as least how you present it here, sounds familiar.

            Most of it used to be called “America.”

            The part in #3, about using massive engineering projects as a channel for the nationalist-testosterone-sex drive in lieu of war now that war has become a lot more dangerous with the development of WMD is not necessarily new. If it isn’t an outright hoax, then the (probably) Carroll Quigley-authored Report from Iron Mountain is such a document, that proposes “alternatives to war,” and suggests massive engineering projects, though mainly the kind that have actual public utility. Interestingly, it also suggests pumping up “threats” of space aliens, and now we perhaps know why our “better” minds permit the George Noorys and Art Bells on the radio every night but no Jared Taylors.

            I happen to think that the more countries that have WMDs, the less likely any actual outbreak of WMD warfare will occur.

            And to the extent that the nationalist-testosterone-sex drive has been successfully diverted into anything-but-actual-war affairs? Want an example? See later on today. Hell, Sailer seems to think halfway that Iraq would have never happened if D.C.-New York-Boston had far more credible college football programs.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Oops, just noticed two number threes…simple discus enabled edit required, har har…

            Perhaps I was a tad unclear. Not useless massive engineering projects but UNLIKE the pyramids…functional projects.

            Yeah, I don’t think any of my ideas on “Phalangism” are individually new.

            But I envision massive works, mostly implementing and spurring development of high tech innovation. A list of possibilities:

            1. Redesign of cities, arcology technology and design put into working practice. This includes energy efficiency, including better tax breaks for alternative energy distributed power systems, among many things, as well as one of my favorite pipe dreams, FARMING TOWERS. This stuff is do-able! Check out the link below. A building the size of one of the twin towers, roughly an acre of floor space, could produce THOUSANDS of acres of food, factoring in at least a thousand vertical acres and at least four growing season. Would provide employment opportunities and reduce the acreage needed to be cultivated outside cities, allowing some land to revert to nature. Can be done profitably on much smaller scale than a twin tower, by the way.


            2. Coastal engineering projects. This actually need not be terribly high tech. The industrious and clever Dutch have been doing such for centuries.

            3. Ultimately the most important, the SPACE PROGRAM. This is in our dreams, and I, like many, find it abominable that we have not returned to the moon in decades, that we have abandoned our dreams for what? “We have too many problems down here” – code talk for “We need to redistribute more wealth from whites to non-whites.” When that asteroid or comet comes hurtling our way, or when the Yellowstone super volcano blows, or any other huge, extinction event bores down on us, all the white-people-bleeding Marxist waste will truly be shown to be the waste it is. The space program is probably the most important in that it’s implications, more than anything else I can think of, are indeed multi-generational in implementation and benefit. With improved material technology, computational capacity, etc. – we are on the cusp of the potential to accomplish amazing and worthy goals. Like a space elevator. Or functional massive orbital colonies, as in the following link:


            Doomsday is real. It approaches in one form or another, and as per the Bible, in fact, we don’t know when. It could come next year, next century, a thousand or a million or more years in the future. Our current “grasshopper” social order is incompatible with survival of the species. We need to “be the ant” in this aspect, industrious, wise, planning and work for the future, for generations we will never see.

            I equate “God” with “Truth”. Beyond that I find wisdom in all religions as well as silliness, some more than others of both. In this world, the surest divider of wheat from chaff (Truth from BS) is the scientific method, developed by us evil ol’ whites… If there is a will from “God” for mankind, and I think there is, it is first to exist, to survive, since nothing else is possible if this goal is not achievable. In that our species’ survival will one day be contingent upon advanced knowledge and the ability to implement such, “God’s” will is therefore to perfect our understanding of the universe and therefore what we call “science” is the purest quest for “God” there is. For Truth.

            So, in this regard my concept of “Phalangism” incorporates many aspects of Technocracy.

            So…IF this abominable system under which we suffer is “democracy”, with it’s cult of stupidity (a direct result of the false elevation of human genotypes incapable, as groups, of higher civilization, I would posit after having taught in integrated schools…) THEN…

            Guess I’m agin it. But then I dismiss our enemies’ definition of the shibboleth (“democracy”) regardless. They are incapable, as large groups, of practicing it.

            By the way, I often criticize the philosophy of Ayn Rand. I do this because as an all encompassing quasi-religious reality filter I find fault not only in specific posits but too in the devotion required by many of it’s adherents. There is, however a stark and brutal wisdom to it (perhaps accounting for Anton LeVay’s use of it as the basis for “The Satanic Bible”), and I do not by any means disagree with all, or even the majority of its content. If we as a species are to survive, it may well be unavoidable for the most capable to separate themselves from the less. My concern, however, is the hubritic trustfundwunder who mistakes his trustfund for merit and brains, misidentifies self with superman, and then proceeds to bring forth all sorts of mischief and wickedness. The genius, industry, and other qualities which first accumulated great wealth, are as a result of the tendency to regress toward the mean, by no means assured to have been passed on to the descendants.

            It is an imperfect world, is it not? Something else not to forget…

          • By the way, I often criticize the philosophy of Ayn Rand.

            And I knew where you were going when I read those words. I, too, think that Atlas Shrugged is one of the genius pieces of literature of the 20th Century. And I believe in Randian ideology, when applied to certain economic problems. But I am not an consummate Randian. I guess that’s my attitude about libertarianism in general: Great solution for certain problems, but don’t embrace the whole.

            Our problem is that too many Randians turn Randianism into a quasi-religion. As I told Whiteplight, holding to any ideology when doing so hurts you either as an individual or as a group is a form of mental illness.

            This is what Paul Ryan was trying to say when he was trying to clarify how he was once far more a Randian than he is now, but he just couldn’t find the right words.

  • Critic_of_Leviathan

    $10,000 per child.

    I would rather take the money, convert it into $100 bills and use it for toilet paper. At least the money would have a useful purpose.

    Of course, for blacks, it is useful. It is free babysitting.

    I have a novel idea for blacks: How about trying some two-parent homes for change.

    • guest

      Expensive first quality daycare free for minorities. What’s not to like?

    • WmarkW

      If you don’t want to live around blacks, why would they?

    • lessthantolerant

      they do not understand that concept, it was bred out of the by their democratic masters and now they simply are studs and breeders.

  • Vonhauer

    What a waste of an enormous amount of money. The sad thing is that no one has the guts to end the program. Least of all Obama whom I am certain believes racial differences in apptitude are merely environmental. I think Jorge Boosh was also a big supporter of Head Start. The sooner the Republican Party dies the better.

  • Lygeia

    It doesn’t work because Head Start ends at the age of five and two years is the longest you can be in the program. It not enough time to undo the damage of being born into poor, dysfunctional families.

    Letting white people adopt these kids is the only way they get a chance to something more.

    I think we should just stop trying to help these people. If they can overcome their limitations, they never help us. White people are just an endless purse of money for these people and their children. I mean, Head Start gives these kids hot meals, doctor visits, and parenting classes for their parents.

    We need to just stop this and take care of our own.

    • Jeff

      Letting white people adopt these kids is the only way they get a chance to something more

      Wrong. That has been tried. Read on the Minnesota Transracial Adoption Study. Adoption into an upper-middle-class white family had only a slight benefit for black children.

      There is nothing that can get average blacks to function at the same level as average whites.

  • headend

  • apoplectic: Overcome with anger; extremely indignant. I learn something new, every time I listen to Jared! $10,000.00 per child, 250,000 workers, 0 lasting impact. I pay about $4,000.00 a year to place my child in a small, Christian private school, with an average class size of 15-20. While this is only a fraction of what HeadStart costs and probably that of the public school across the street, it is completely out of my pocket, and worth every cent. I have no fear that my child will ever be bullied or brainwashed. The academic standards are superb, as the work they do is about two grade levels above what you would expect in a public school. I live in a good neighborhood, with decent schools, but I won’t take chances with my offspring. The world is going to be more vicious and difficult for everyone, especially whites, by the time my child becomes an adult, and they will need every advantage they can get.

    Sometimes people say that vouchers are the answer, but all vouchers would do is degenerate and debase the private schools. A child’s education costs should be borne by their parents, and not by the tax payers.

    Our underclass is made up primarily of non-whites, but as Charles Murray notes, whites are joining this class in greater numbers than ever before. Something needs to be done about this, but HeadStart is not the answer. I do not know if there is any good answer. I do not like to disparage these children, as it is not their fault that they were born to poor parent(s), who are either incapable of facilitating or indifferent to their upbringing. Since we AmRenners are well aware of the hereditary nature of intelligence and other non-amicable personality traits that help to keep the poor in poverty, we need to develop and promote policies that discourage the already poor from having any more children; as the low-IQ poor exist in such great numbers, because our policies have encouraged their rapid growth, at the expense of the average, above average, and gifted tax payers who have not been able to have the large families they might have desired, due to excessive wealth redistribution.

    Some of my ideas include:
    Stop offering freebies to the poor, such as welfare, EBT, HeadStart, free/subsidized daycare, etc. Or limit expenditures to the parent to the first child only. No more bonuses for more children. Make semi-permanent birth control a mandatory prerequisite for receiving any financial assistance. Give bonuses to those women who opt for permanent sterilization. For non-participant fathers, waive all child support requirements for those who agree to undergo a vasectomy. For those that refuse to pay support and undergo a vasectomy, imprison them to hard labor.

    • Defoe

      Many, if not most, of these programs are simply mechanisms for injecting $$ into the economy. Otherwise, the money would have to be thrown out the door of helicopters over the large cities. Come to think of it, that might be more cost effective.

  • Lizzie

    Let me tell you all about head start. I am embarrassed to say that my son goes to head start. I get day care vouchers through the state of ohio. I use my vouchers at the new early childhood learning center in south Lebanon ohio. My son is three years old. I let him go there solely for social interaction. They do not teach much to these kids. They have been working on writing their names recently. Colton already knows how to write his full name. They make my son take a three hour nap everyday which makes it hard for me to get him in bed by a decent time at night. I was told that if the child does not want to sleep then they can choose to play on the common area. This is a lie. I asked his teachers to please not put him down for a nap and they told me his nap is government mandated. They also told me that he has to be there at least four days a week. I do not comply with this as it not necessary for my son to be there when I am not working. Luckily he only has to go for no more than four hours at a time three days a week because I work mostly weekends. I use this program for strictly babysitting. I still have to pay which I don’t mind because I know my son is not being abused because I can log onto the net during the day and see what he is doing in the classroom. The other alternative iS to send him to a private babysitter where I can’t see what’s going on during the day. They do not feed them healthy food. For example last week I picked him in the middle of lunch and saw him eating a tater tot And looked down on his plate and saw syrup. I asked the teacher why there was syrup on his plate and she said they had pancakes for lunch. That is disgusting. Those are empty calories. I make sure to stuff him full of healthy food before he goes so that he doesn’t rely on what they feed him. I am one of the oldest mothers there at the age of 31. Most of the parents are 18 to 22. My guess is that unlike my child most of these children were not planned. Everything my son has learned is because I taught it to him. Last week his teacher approached me about his low iron levels that were discovered through a mandatory physical. She asked if I give him a multi vitamin I said no that vitamins are useless because you pass the vitamins thru your urine and I give him green leafy vegetables instead which are absorbed more effectivly. This comment from me combined with him not being vaccinated got me sent in to see the counselor where I told her that I was the mother and I make all decisions regarding my son not the state of ohio. That’s a small taste of head start for anyone who’s interested.

    • Looked at in the context of an actual educational program, Head Start is a failure. And that’s why you deem it a failure, because you’re looking at it through the lens of educational accomplishment and child development.

      But looking at it through the lens of spending money to hire unemployable people, then Head Start is a roaring success.

      Because…it’s for the children.

    • lessthantolerant

      Get your child out of the government indoctrination center or he will be lost to humanity.

  • Commonsense80

    I love these videos. Thank you Jared. If I could make a request, could you please make a video articulating the argument against illegal immigration and/or the “gang of 8” plan. I feel like such a video would be quite illuminating to many!

  • Jane Lek

    I have great respect for Jared Taylor, and in no way do I intend my comments to be a criticism of him, but I am really curious about the way he speaks English. His speech – pronunciation and accent – sound very similar to mine; Northeastern United States, and he even pronounces the H in whether and when, and I suspect he would distinguish between the pronunciations of the words marry, Mary, and merry – pronouncing them all differently. But, the thing that stands out is that he does not make the smooth connection between word combinations such as The early, The other, and The NAACP that I was taught as a child, the word the in this case pronounced with a long e, otherwise there is an awkward glottal stop after the word the, as is common in Hebrew and sometimes in Japanese. Does being raised in Japan have anything to do with this?

  • TheTRUTH

    This program just needs another year or two to work. Give it another year or two and you will see MAGIC!

  • lost angeles

    The measure of effectiveness of programs such as head start or other education/social intervention programs is the degree of implementation, not the positive effect of the program. This is the rule that continues on all fronts.

  • Two years LOL, these things need about 100,000 more years of evolution. And maybe they will stop acting like animals.

  • Sirius

    My wife is a public school nurse. She was required to give eye exams. Black child was instructed to pick out colors. The child couldn’t. A black child was instructed to look at a picture of an apple. The child couldn’t. The child looked around the room. A black child did not know his mouth from his nose, when instructed to blow his nose. He put the tissue to his nose and blew through his mouth. All Head start grads.

  • SintiriNikos

    Expensive subsidized babysitting is all this program ever was. One more tool of the liberals to make it OK for black mommas to go at it alone. The state is the black daddy.

  • 48224

    Poor blacks need it because daddy ain’t around. Mom can go out and work 2 days per week and still get her welfare benefits. This really is government paid day-care.