Why Poles Love Coming to Britain

Sarah Rainey, Telegraph (London), January 31, 2013

A Polish friend, who grew up in south London, laments that the recent wave of Polish migrants to Britain has played havoc with his morning commute. Not, he says, because of the sheer numbers of Poles now using public transport, but because “10 or 15 years ago, you used to be able to sit on a bus and listen in on the most intimate conversations between Polish people. They would share all sorts of indiscretions and talk in loud voices because they thought nobody else could understand them.

“Now,” he adds, “the whole bus is Polish. So nobody talks about anything exciting any more.”

Polish, it was revealed this week, is the most commonly spoken non-native language in England and Wales. More than half a million people in Britain now speak Polish as their first language, placing it ahead of Punjabi and Urdu and behind only English and Welsh. The data, extracted from the 2011 census, confirmed the staggering numbers of Polish migrants who are now living, working and putting down roots in the UK. Some 521,000 Polish-born people have made their homes here, a figure that has increased seven-fold since 2003, when just 75,000 were listed in the census.

In many parts of Britain, such statistics will come as no surprise. The influx of Poles to this country has long been evident in the swathes of Polish supermarkets, grocers, churches and cultural centres that have appeared across the country—particularly since 2004, when Poland joined the European Union, opening up borders for free movement of workers. In addition to long-established Polish communities—in west London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Nottingham and Slough—smaller hubs have established themselves in rural areas, such as Carlisle in Cumbria (twinned with the Polish city of Slupsk) and the Scottish Highlands.

During the past decade, Polish culture has ingrained itself in British society. Most major supermarkets, including Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose, now stock Polish food and drink. There are 10 Polish churches in London alone, in locations such as Balham and Ealing, and road signs are translated into Polish in villages around Cheshire. There are hundreds of Polish-owned clubs, pubs and bars, a hugely popular newspaper (founded in 1940) and cultural centres that regularly host sell-out Polish plays and exhibitions.

According to figures from the Office for National Statistics, Poland is the most common country of birth for non-UK born mothers in Britain, with 20,495 babies born to Polish mothers in 2011. Marriages between Poles and Brits, too, have multiplied. Poles have become British homeowners, business owners and taxpayers. So how have they, unlike any other nationality before them, achieved such full-scale integration into our society—and in such a short time?

The ability of Poles to integrate seems to be linked to the reason many of them come to Britain in the first place. “Work,” explains Robert Szaniawski of the Polish Embassy in London, “is the main factor that draws Poles to the UK. Most of them are young—they’re from small towns; they see it as a chance to get out and have an adventure, so they come to Britain.

“They’re flexible and they move with the demands of the labour market. It’s this willingness to go where the work is that helps them to ingratiate themselves.”

Poland’s GDP is significantly lower than Britain’s ($514.5 billion, compared to the UK’s $2.43 trillion); there is high unemployment (averaging 12 per cent since 2008) and the minimum hourly wage is less than half that paid in Britain. As Poland’s economic growth slows down—it halved to 2 per cent in 2012—still more skilled workers are lured to the UK. In 2011, 45,000 Poles settled here, marking the biggest rise in migrants since the financial crash.

Poles have a reputation for being hard workers, especially in the manual labour sector. Adam Zamoyski, a British historian descended from a Polish noble family, says Poles are “brilliant workers. When they’re abroad, they put their best foot forward and act as ambassadors for their country. They have a better experience in England than they do in Germany or France. They’re treated as menial in other countries; in England, they’re treated with kindness.”

But with such mass immigration comes inevitable tension. Many British workers blame the steady flow of cheap, cash-in-hand Polish labourers for keeping them out of jobs. And not all Poles who settle in Britain come here for gainful employment. Of the 371,000 non-UK nationals claiming unemployment benefit, 13,940 are Polish—making it the only previous EU accession state to appear in the top 20. In 2010, 6,777 Poles were convicted of crimes in Britain, and there are currently more than 700 Polish migrants in UK prisons (ranking in the top five nationalities of the 10,592 foreign nationals behind bars).

“As with every large group of migrants, you do get an underbelly,” Zamoyski says. “There are huge scams going on with benefits, whereby Poles come over to work, bring their families, sign them all up for child benefits and then go back home again with the money. And I have heard of older Poles accosting younger ones on their way to the bus stop and fleecing them for all their money.”

It was the Second World War that really formed the roots of Britain’s Polish community. The Poles made an important contribution to the Allied war effort, providing troops, intelligence and vital equipment. After the fall of France in 1940, the exiled Polish Prime Minister and his government set up office in London, bringing with them 20,000 soldiers and airmen. Poles made up the largest non-British group in the RAF during the Battle of Britain and, by July 1945, more than 150,000 Polish troops were serving under the command of the British Army.

When the war ended, Churchill vowed that the British would “never forget the debt they owe to the Polish” and pledged “citizenship and freedom of the British empire” for all. Fleeing the Communist government in Poland, many refused to return home, leading to the passing of the Polish Resettlement Act 1947, the UK’s first mass immigration law.

This first generation of Polish migrants laid the foundations for recent immigration. Nicola Werenowska, a playwright from Colchester, is married to Leszek, a second-generation Polish migrant whose parents moved to Reading after the war. While researching for her play Tu i Teraz (“Here and Now”), staged recently at the Hampstead Theatre in London, she interviewed 50 young Poles in Britain about their experiences of moving here.

“They come over for the jobs, but the history of migration helps them feel connected,” she says. “There are generally positive attitudes towards the UK in Poland.” Szaniawski agrees: “It’s a friendly, welcoming country and there’s a huge tradition of our parents and grandparents coming here.”

The willingness—and ability—of Poles to learn English is another factor that has been crucial to their integration. According to the Polish Central Statistical Office, 40 per cent of Poles aged 25-64 speak at least one foreign language, most commonly English or German.

Joanna Pietrzykowska, 27, a trainee accountant from a small town in eastern Poland, came to the UK seven years ago to learn English. “I initially came for a year, but I liked it so much that I am still here,” she says. “You can get anything you want over here now—Polish food, movies, books from the library. Wherever I go, I meet at least one Polish person. I have an English boyfriend, and I’ve always found it very welcoming. There are more career opportunities than in Poland—so why would I go back?”

But not all Poles have such positive experiences of Britain. Some, says Adam Zamoyski, simply don’t want to integrate. “They don’t ever have to learn the language; they stay in their own communities, where you can go all the way from the obstetrician to the grave without ever having to speak English.”

Others, like Sofia Pekala, 54, a cleaner who moved to the UK from Poland in 2002, have had bad experiences at the hands of British employers. “When I first came I worked on a farm in Penzance,” says Pekala, who used to own her own clothes shop. “I was treated very poorly and paid just £2.75 an hour for very hard work in poor conditions.”

Rafal Zbikowski, 34, who moved to Boston, Lincolnshire—where 3,006 out of 62,243 residents are Polish—eight years ago from Krakow, says he has experienced some tension, but adds: “It has been a great place to work. I came here to work in a food production factory and have had a job ever since.”

So what does the future hold for Britain’s Polish migrants? Werenowska believes that the roots many Poles have put down will last. “Of the Polish migrants I interviewed, there were broadly two types,” she says. “The first are those who want to earn as much money as they can, as fast as they can, and then go home to their families. The second are those who have come to Britain because they love it, who genuinely want to be a part of British society. Like it or not, they’re definitely here to stay.”

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  • Garrett Brown

    “More than half a million people in Britain now speak Polish as their
    first language, placing it ahead of Punjabi and Urdu and behind only
    English and Welsh”

    Well that’s a relief. I’d much rather hear Polish than “humba mumba jumba click clikc boong boong”.

    This doesn’t bother me much. I would much sooner support European immigration to other European countries than the filth that comes from third worlds.

    • brengunn

      I’d much rather hear Polish than the new London dialect. I hate that accent.

    • jambi19

      Isn’t this the impetus to prevent Turkey (whom very much wants to) from joining the EU. If Turkey ever joined the EU as a full member without immigration restrictions…say good bye to Western Culture in Europe. Most of Europe would be Muslim majority in one to two generations.

  • steve7789

    Eastern Europeans are preferable to Muslims and Africans. But there are still far too many living here in England. I am all for white unity but I think individual white countries should preserve their own identities.

    • David Ashton

      Agreed. The correct policy in Europe would have been to control migration until the poorer countries had improved their standards of living. The only writer I know who applied his mind to this particular problem was the late Sir Oswald Mosley.

    • Anonymous #3

      Just bring blacks, arabs and poles into Britian and speed up the white decline.

      • Mark

        The statement you have just made only proves how ignorant you are. The only comment I will make is: read up on the history of Poland, all 1100 years of it.

    • Yorkshireman.

      I really don’t understand the bit about road signs, UK uses the same international signs as anywhere in Europe. Place names in England have English names. Places in Wales are in Welsh which appears to confuse just about everyone, including about half the native Welsh.

    • The reality is that the labor government is bent on making the British a minority in their own land. It is preferable to have them a minority amongst other Europeans. As long as this policy of diluting the national identity is in effect, it is better to have European countries diluted with other European peoples. Let’s be honest, ethnically, morphologically, and anthropologically, there is often no noticeable difference between many European peoples.

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      I agree, and I say the same about the constant North to South migration going on in the United States.

    • 549106

      Doesn’t this just mean “f you, I got mine?” When one is dealing with poverty, corrupt government, and limited economic and educational opportunity, talk of “preserving identity” is essentially just a cover for “the rich should stay rich, the poor should stay poor and stay away from me.” It’s a defensible libertarian position to say that, but it’s not exactly ‘unity’ in any meaningful sense.

  • JackKrak

    Having lived in Poland for nearly 15 years, I feel fairly well qualified to make a couple of comments on the massive wave of immgration to Britain since Poland joined the EU in 2005.

    – I know that even Britons who resent mass immigration to their country often give the Poles a pass with the “at least they’re white/non-muslim/European” card. I think it’s a mistake to draw too much comfort from this – the overwhelming majority of Poles have no intention of integrating beyond the minumum necessary to get what they need to live their lives there. I hope I’m not the only one to notice the glaring contradiction between politicians in both countries going on about how well Poles adapt to UK culture and integrate, etc. while at the same time all it takes is a ten minute walk in any city in the UK to see the ridiculous number of shops, churches, etc. that cater to Poles as mentioned in the article. Even things like UK banks and estate agents put up Polish language signs in their windows. The point is that either the Poles are integrating or they are setting up their own shops & the like to cater to others like them – it can’t be both.

    – The “Poles are hard workers” is another cliche thrown about to distract from the fact that more than a million people were allowed to just pick up and move to the UK without anyone there ever being consulted about it. The fact that, at least initially, most Poles worked as physical laborers or as cleaners, cooks, etc. made it tempting to give them this label since they were earning money by the sweat of their brow. While it’s certainly true that many Poles made the trip just to work and did nothing but put in 60 hour weeks for months on end doesn’t diminish the fact that every benefits office in the UK has Poles in it every day. It’s not hard to find someone here in Poland who moved to the UK for a few weeks, signed up for every imaginable give-away on the UK’s comically generous welfare menu & then moved back here. There are about 25,000 children in Poland whose parents, sometimes here and sometimes there, receive a weekly child benefit. Why is the UK paying for kids who have never been to the UK? We’re not allowed to ask because “the Poles are hard workers”.

    – One last point many in the UK may not be aware of or haven’t considered. I’ve lost track of the number of times I have met someone here in Poland who spent a couple of years working somewhere in the UK or was just back here visiting for a bit before returning there. They are usually satisfied with the money they are getting but almost none of them have a good word to say about the UK as a place to live. They see it as a cash machine & not much else. Once they get their pictures of them standing in front of Big Ben etc. the novelty wears off quickly. Nearly every single one of them will tell you that they would never want Poland to look like what they see in the UK. They’re talking about immigrants, of course, and on this point I happen to agree with them but the hypocrisy of it all never occurs to them. Just a couple of days ago, I read an article about how Poles in the UK are complaining about the (latest) impending flood of new arrivals to the UK – this time from Romania and Bulgaria, whose citizens have full access to the UK labor market at the beginning of next year if I’m not mistaken. Poles in Britain are worried that wages will go down and jobs will be harder to comes by. You can’t make this stuff up.
    I can absolutely guarantee you that if there was, say, a Little Nigeria or Little Turkey or Little Vietnam or whatever in Warsaw there would be serious tension and trouble. Poles don’t like Ukrainians coming here to work in things like construction but they – Poles – are the first ones at the airport when their cousin/sister/neighbor/whatever tells them that the Kowalski construction company in Manchester needs a few guys for a six month job. Mass immigration for thee but not for me.

    • Garrett Brown

      So the Poles are kind of like your Mexicans? Interesting. I would rather there be NO immigration between countries and even though they’re eastern European… At least they’re white, yah?

      • Pat

        Can see your point but you are huge – we are the size of Oregon.

      • Shattered

        I’ve known both and I wouldn’t compare them.

      • NM156

        Mexicans weren’t Jamestown settlers xD http://www.polishamericancenter.org/FirstSettlers.html

        • Garrett Brown

          No names? No quotes from fellow settlers? I find that hard to believe. That’s like me saying Phillipines were among the first settlers in Vietnam.

          • NM156

            “Among the first Poles who arrived in America were Michael Lowicki, an organizer of industry and business and the leader of the original five; Jan Bogdan, an expert in pitch, tar, and ship building; Zbigniew Stefanski, a specialist in glass production; Jan Mata, a prominent soap producer, and Stanislaw Sadowski a lumber and clapboard production organizer.” http://www.pac1944.org/jamestown/roles-and-accomp.htm

          • Garrett Brown

            Now there’s some solid info! That’s what you should have linked in the first place haha.

          • NM156
    • Pelagian

      Great post.

    • Disappointed ethnoloyalist

      Great information and insights from someone who seems to be knowledgeable about the topic. I’ve been following this subject closely because there seems to be a troubling willingness on the part of the British to accept the Polish influx (which has increased tenfold in the last decade!) because ”at least they are White and Christian – and hardworking. The talking points are much like what we are told about Latino immigrants, except for the ”White” part.

      But regardless of the skin color issue, the fact remains the British can be dispossessed and replaced by Poles just as readily as by non-white invaders, and the British way of life, created by the people of that island, will be just as extinct if Poles displace the British. Extinct is forever. It takes English people to make and sustain an England. Even if the Poles look similar; they are not the same people and will change the country irrevocably.

      Surely every distinct people should have their own society and maintain their distinctiveness in their own territory. Mass immigration by any group is bad for Britain, just as it is for us. Disappointing that subsequent comments are in favor of dissolving Britain.

      • “the British way of life, created by the people of that island”…. Just what is this “British way of life” and is it worth preserving? Is it the way of life characterized by the fictitious character of “Vicky Pollard”? Is it the way of life of morning and afternoon “tea”. It is the way of life of your current political system that consists of the vile “tony Blair” types of politicians and political correctness that are the real forces behind the destruction of what is, or was England? It seems to me that the British and the English want to get away from their Britishness and Englishness as fast as possible. It seems they want to dilute it and drown it. They lost their empire and they are trying to emulate the nation that eclipsed them- the USA and they have wrongly concluded that it is “diversity” that has made America a superpower at the time their nations power declined. There is a lot to value in the traditions and history of Anglo Saxon England, and the core of AMerican culture comes directly from that history and those traditions. It seems though, that today, that in England, all that was good about this culture and history has become totally degenerate.

        • David Ashton

          The destruction of Englishness is not the work of the English people as a whole. The forces behind degeneracy are similar in the USA and UK, not the desire of the majority population. It is a long and complicated story.

          • Pelagian


      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        I agree. Whenever I mention the fact that I don’t care for white Northerners moving to the Southern US I get accused of being divisive on here. If that is divisive, then so be it.

    • Pat

      Totally endorse your post, you have said it all. This country is now so overcrowded it is getting ridiculous. New houses are getting smaller and smaller. A derelict small petrol (gas) station near us has had 17 houses put on it, a former disused pub is having 6 built. The Government has admitted that we were about ideal after the second world war with 40 million population, it is now 62 million and that is a conservative estimate. (The super markets reckon they are selling for 70 million). Fifty per cent over populated and no end in sight.

  • Terry

    This is actually a very good thing. My real mothers last name is Szymczyk; which is Hebrew, and means “very sweet.” So what does this mean? Very simple. The Poles are of the 12 Israelite tribes. They unknowingly are entering an Israelite country in support of their Israelite kinsmen, the British and the Welsh. It is important to know that Welsh, along with Icelandic and Lithuanian, is a language that is of Hebrew origin. In fact, Hebrew actually isn’t a language, but a people. Hebrew comes from Abraham’s great great great great grandfather Eber, and the word literally means, “Sons and Daughters of Eber.” The language that they spoke was actually Gaelic, and Icelandic is the only language in the world today that hasn’t changed for over 2,500 years. The Poles are known as the warrior tribe, and one of the 12 tribes of Israel. They unknowingly are moving into an area where there brothers the British and the Welsh reside. They might not even know it, but God Yahweh is bringing them in to support their brothers. Could we be in the end time?? Yes. If I was a Muslim what would I do?? First I would be scared, very scared. They don’t even know how tenacious and war like the British really are. Now the British are being backed up by one of the most courageous, tenacious, and war like people on the face of the world today; the Poles, and these Poles are not influenced by Communism or the Jews. On top of that, they are being backed up by God Yahweh. So If I was a Muslim, I’d get my ass out of Britain now, if not sooner. The false Muslim God Allah isn’t going to help them one bit.

    • Nate Miller

      Wait, Poles are from an Israeli tribe? C’mon, you have got to be kidding me, right? Poles are an admixture of Nordic, Slavic and Turkic-Mongol races, not one of which is even remotely semitic. The 12 tribes of Israel were wholly middle eastern and semitic. Just because many Jews migrated and intermingled with distant races and tribes later on, does not make those tribes semitic. For example, many experts (eg. Jewish seer Arthur Koestler) agree that Askhenazi Jews are not the pure Mizrahim Middle eastern semitic Jews of the Bible, but at best a mixed race tribe.


      • bigone4u

        I think Terry is stating the hypothesis of British Israelism.
        In America there have been several preachers teaching this sort of thing: Look up Herbert W. Armstrong.

        • David Ashton

          Yes, that is a BI view. It is unhistorical and unscriptural. A pity perhaps, but there you are.

      • dd121

        I think a lot of these speculations could be cleared up through modern genetic/DNA population analysis. Problem is, most of the information never sees the light of day because the leftist PC police (meaning academia), suppress it for obvious reasons.

        • MarcusTrajanus

          People like Terry don’t accept any scientific evidence that contradicts their ideas.

    • ZB

      Terry….I think you may have done a little too much drinking during the Super Bowl.
      Please don’t present your views as “historical”. Comments like yours make it all that much easier to dismiss the contentions of race realists.

      • NM156


    • gemjunior

      LOL! Poles are Hebrews? Is that why they love Jews so much? Go sell crazy somewhere else, we’re all stocked up here. 🙂

    • brengunn

      You’re mental, mate.

    • WOW!!!! You take NUTZ to a whole new level dude. When people start quoting scriptures that are from a 1500 year old book that has been revised several times……………I have to just shake my head.

    • MarcusTrajanus

      Hebrew is a Semitic Language, English, Polish, Welsh, Icelandic, Lithuanian, and every other European language (except for Finnish, Basque and Hungarian) are all Indo-European languages.

    • Mark

      Terry, where can I buy some of that great stuff you’ve been smoking???

    • Hmmmm…. a simple search reveals that the hebrew word for “sweet” is “matok”. As many Jewish surnames in Eastern Europe were of German/Yiddish origin, perhaps you confuse Hebrew with Yiddish. The Yiddish word for “sweet” is “zis”. I can see czyk being a variant of that. After seeing that you don’t know what you are talking about, and then reading about the “Poles” being one of the 12 Israelite tribes, I concluded that there is no reason to read any further.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Would that the Poles were dear ol’ Brittania’s problem! As it is, perhaps her only hope…

  • Why would anyone work hard or develop country when they can just leave for a better one.

  • Pelagian

    Oh, but how they’ve improved the stock of British pulchritude, over and above your typical “English bird”. British-born but 100% Polish pop singer Judie Tzuke:

    • tremendouscoast

      I dated a girl in law school who was a Polish immigrant I can attest to the fact that they tend to be quite attractive.

      • bigone4u

        Czechs, Hungarians, Poles, and Russians tend to dominate Internet porn. I assume that is because these Europeans are more attractive to men than other nationalities and they work cheap. Surprisingly, given that Hitler viewed them as inferior, many have an Aryan/Germanic look about them.

        • Pelagian

          Prostitutes are generally viewed as “attractive, but inferior (or dispensible)”. So that is no big inconsistency on Hitler’s part.

        • Throughout history, when a nation has hit hard times, it’s women dominated the prostitution business.

          • Daisy

            The Whistleblower is a movie based on a true story about how white males were running a sex slave trade of eastern european females during and after the conflict in Bosnia. There were a couple of females probably on the dole for covering it up for years, but it was run by men, which isn’t to say women haven’t profited from or orchestrated the prostitution . Your statement as a generality seems unsupported.

          • NO, my statement is historically accurate. There is no contradiction from what you have said and what I said. Bosnian and other Eastern European societies suffered an economic collapse after the fall of communism, and then the prostitution business was flooded with their women. Iranian society at present, is also experiencing very tough economic times, and it’s women dominate the prostitution business in the middle east.

          • Daisy

            I don’t see women who are forced into sex slavery as the same as a prostitute, who chooses at least at some level to sell sex. I also don’t get what you mean by the word dominate.
            In England it is legal to pay for the services of a prostitute but not if she is a sex slave.

        • NM156

          Not many Poles in porn. Their numbers are negligible. You’re conflating those other groups with Poles, who, even if secularized, follow Catholic mores publicly. Hitler did not seek out any blond, blue-eyed Slavs for extermination, believing them to be related to Nordics and worthy of being part of the reich even if they were not identical to them.

  • pcmustgo

    In Brooklyn, we have large Russian and Polish hoods. I love it. It’s like being in Europe.

    They are FAR better than the other immigrants.

    • AutomaticSlim

      Polish “hoods”?

      Where, in Greenpoint?
      Are there really that many Poles there anymore?

  • Anonymous

    Poland is a traditional Catholic country and they look askew at anyone who doesn’t have a large family.

    • curri

      You’re behind the times, Poland has changed:


      Total fertility rate: 1.31 children born/woman (2012 est.)

    • gemjunior

      You mean “They look askance at…” A hat or something is askew.

    • JackKrak

      Sorry, anon, you’re about 50 years too late with that. I live here & Poland is on the fast track to catching up with the rest of Europe in having 0.8 kids per woman or whatever the number is now.

  • Unperson

    “When I first came I worked on a farm in Penzance,” says Pekala, who used to own her own clothes shop. “I was treated very poorly and paid just £2.75 an hour for very hard work in poor conditions.”

    So… your employers in Penzance were, one might say, pirates?

    Also, how does £2.75 an hour compare to what you used to make in zlotys? An improvement, I’m guessing.

    Don’t get me wrong: I love the Poles, on both sides of the Atlantic. And they are of course way way WAY better than non-White immigrants — ANY non-White immigrants. But at the same time, each and every country has a right to maintain its genetic integrity and to favor its own people first and foremost. Even good immigrant groups like Eastern Europeans should never FLOOD into another country. Immigration should always be kept to manageable levels; a level at which these Poles would assimilate into British society (as Poland’s many Displaced Persons did after WWII) rather than ghettoize themselves in non-English-speaking mini-states where no loyalty to Britain will ever flourish.

    • Pat

      Penzance is in Cornwall where pay rates for everybody are way below average.

    • “Genetic Integrity”???…Oh, you mean like the British Royal family… that are actually GERMAN!

      • Pelagian

        And Greek…. But that has to do with politically expedient exogymy, which has been going on in royal families for a looooong time. Genetic Integrity of the masses is still to be treasured IMO.

        • Is that the genetic integrity of the Cornish, or the Welsh, or maybe the Anglo Saxons, or are you speaking of the descendants of the Danes?

          • Pelagian

            Genetic integrity of whoever was there for the last 10 centuries and not the last 10 minutes. Which would seem to exclude the Poles.

  • bigone4u

    Jambalaya works well up to a point when its a food, but when its a country it’s disaster. The US and Britain are Jambalaya countries, where the cooks (politicians) just keep throwing in new meat, much to the detriment of the taste. We need new cooks.

    • Disappointed ethnoloyalist

      Amen to that.I wish more here saw the issue as you do. Instead most seem to think Whites should have one global monoculture and one “people” from every White ethnic origin. Isn’t that what the globalists want?

    • Gary Jenkins

      And far more ‘cleaners’ to empty the trash.

  • IstvanIN

    A Britain this is majority Polish while preferable to a Britain that is majority Pakistani, is none the less not Britain. While the fratricidal wars between the European peoples over the years is awful and is hopefully at an end that doesn’t mean that some European peoples should be subsumed into other European peoples. The UK is by its very nature already “multicultural”, being made up of four different countries, why should the English, Scots, Welsh or Northern Irish be over whelmed by any other group?

    • Liberalsuck

      That might be true, but the Poles will not be threatening to cut your head off or call your women whores or beat you in the street or secede portions of your city or country off for themselves.

    • European history has always had episodes of migrations and assimilations. The city of Berlin was settled with many French Huguenot refugees. Their descendants thought of themselves as German. Many Polish people also immigrated to Germany to work in the Rhur-their descendants today are “German”. Earlier in history, many Germans moved to Poland and became “Polonized”. The people of Normandy France are the descendants of Norse invaders. The people of Brittany France are the descendants of Keltic Britons that fled to France as Roman Britain was crumbling and being taken over by Anglo Saxons.

      • Daisy

        Cool post. The gaelic language spoken in Ireland is more similar to what was spoken in Spain, even moreso than to the cornysh or welsh spoken right next to Ireland. I’ve always wondered if the irish language’s way of using consonants seems similar to polish is because they both share a celtic historical foundation. Many middle europeans look remarkably like the classic celt.

        I’d take a bunch of blond blue eyed europeans any day given the alternatives. Many polish and mid/eastern european white immigrants are also resistant to anti-white dogma. Surviving 50 years of Stalin will do that to a people, probably particularly the poles. Some russians retain a sense of rivalry with the white northwestern europeans and indulge anti-white racism, although because so many enclaves feature organized crime influence, it’s hard to tell in the context of their insularity and scariness.

        • Pelagian

          You have to hand it to the Russians: They found a clever way to get their Jews to pack up and move to Israel and make them think it was their own idea.
          So what do you have now? A Doma that votes 99.9% to ban gay propagandizing of youth and a Russian town that has recently placed an image of the Holy Face on their official city flag.

      • David Ashton

        Agreed. The point about England is that its white population is different in character from Africans, Chinese and Indians. Since 1066 there has also been very little immigration, except for a few Huguenots and rather more Irish, until the last century with a substantial Jewish influx, and then New Commonwealth immigration from the mid-1950s repeatedly opposed in public opinion polls. Even as recently as the early 1970s the English were being described in a traditional way.

  • fuzzypook

    Here’s what I’m curious about. When war breaks out between muslims and white Britons, will the Poles fight with the Brits to defend Western Civilization or will they run back to Poland?

    • Mark

      Why don’t you look at the year 1683 and the events near the city of Vienna. If it hadn’t been for the Poles the entire Europe would be muslim now. By insulting the Poles and accusing them of cowardly behavior you are also showing your complete ignorance of history.

  • LHathaway

    why would there be entire neighborhoods of Russians and Poles in the USA? Isn’t race and culture a social construct? I thought racism wasn’t allowed in the US? They travel 4,000 miles across the globe, and just by coincidence, live beside people who look just like them? I guess we are all the same, except when we’re not.

  • John

    Hey UK: If you don’t want them, please send them over here! I’m in California and I would be very happy to have a few million Poles here. We might even be able to get a Republican in office. Or send them to Florida, so there’s a chance of a Republican winning in 2016.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      I’m in California too (LA), and my neighborhood has been taken over by Russians, Armenians and Orthodox Jews. All of them are considered White, but by their behavior I have to say “no thank you”. Better than Mexicans and other mestizos and blacks? Yes, but I remember California when it was 90% White American, and all immigrants now treat our country like an ATM machine. Let them get their act together in their own countries and leave ours alone.

      • gerjen

        Hey I’m in LA too. I’m younger but I’ve read that LA used to be mostly white. It’s hard to image now. While I was growing up it was pretty diverse but it seems like in the last ten years it has gotten more so. I agree with you about the eastern europeans and the armenians. “at least their white” although I don’t consider jews to be white, I can get along with the russians and I have learned to speak some of their language. I wouldn’t expect any of them to be good citizens. They don’t show a lot of loyalty to their own country so why would they show any loyalty to this one.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    One of the best programmers I had working for me in Germany was a Pole. One of the stupidest I ever saw with was one I worked with in Warsaw. Go figure . . .

    • dd121

      I was a system programmer and the dumbest ones I had the misfortune of being around were all black. I had to do their work too, while they made $90k for nothing except being black and blaming whites for their incompetence.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        I have worked with only one black smart enough to program computers. He wa a mulatto, actually. He was about 4 foot tall and had an equally large chip on his shoulder.

  • KenelmDigby

    In the British General Election of 1974, Enoch Powell, a lifelong Tory Party member resighned from the party, resigned as an MP and publicly urged all British voters to vote Labour in the election.

    Why did Powell do this?

    Well, the Labour Party of 1974 was committed by manisfesto to withdraw from the ‘Common Market’ (as it was then -misleadingly – known) and thus fully regain British national independence and sovereignty, which the former Tory PM, Ted Heath, had signed away on EEC accession back in ’73.

    Although vilifiied as a xenophobe and ‘little Englander’ Powell’s objections to the EEC ran far, far deeper than that. In essence, Powell said quite rightly as it happened, that EEC membership would mean that final governmental executive control of British policy making will be out of the hands of the Westminster parliament – and thus the British electorate – and given to ‘someone’ else, the ‘someone’ being an executive that the British electorate has absolutely no control or influence over whatsoever, and which doesn’t have the interests of the British electorate at its heart.

    A popular referendum on EEC membership was held in 1975, in which the forces of big business, all the main political parties and all of the press (including today’s ‘euro-sceptic’ papers) combined to saturate the British electorate with pro-EEC propaganda, and so they got the result they wanted, and Britain stayed in.

    Poor Enoch stood alone with his lost cause like a man in the wilderness passed by by the ‘forces of modernity’.
    But as ever Enoch was always right. Due to the EU, Britain has absolutely no controls over immigration from other EU states whatsoever, states were wages are a fraction of British levels. Therefore it is entirely feasible that half of eastern Europe (hundreds of millions of people), can move in on Britain, and there is not a damned thig ‘legally’ the British Government can do about it.

    This result was something entirely unseen and unknown way back in 74/75. But it is the direct and unimpeachible effect of loss of national sovereignty and national independence. If only Britain had listened to this most perceptive man and the concrete reality of his ‘abstract’ arguments.

  • kjh64

    While Poles are definitely preferable to Blacks, Muslims and Mexicans as they’re White and Christian, it is still ridiculous to allow mass immigration of ANY foreign peoples into one’s country, even if they are of the same race. As to race, the article asks why Poles integrate so much better than others, well it’s race.

  • Kat

    JackKrak has made some accurate observations. Eastern Europeans tend to see Western countries as “cash cows.” And admittedly, many do rely on government assistance. I don’t know how many remain on it generation after generation, like Hispanics. I’d be interested in seeing a comparison between the two groups. I suspect a lot of first-generation Poles in the Us use government assistance, while it’s third and fourth generation Hispanics still on the roles.

    • NM156

      You are correct re. govt. support. I speak as a resident of Poland’s second most populous city, Chicago.

  • Liberalsuck

    If I were a white British person, I’d take 200,000 White Poles anyday over 1,000,000 Africans or Asians or Middle Easterners there. Even in the US, I hear people bitch about Russians, but I’d trade 10 million Mexicans in for just 50000 White Russians. At least the white immigrants to these countries will work, they will pay taxes, they will be good parents, they will respect the culture, they will respect your laws and they will bring a sense of politically incorrect racial sanity back to these white countries.

  • The British people of 100 years ago would not recognize the British today as being “British”, they would be appalled.

  • SintiriNikos

    Poles are way better than non-White third worlders pouring in, but I agree with many posters, they need to stay in Poland. The fact that so many are leaving their homeland worries me that Poland is also being inundated by Africans and mid-easterners

  • Michael_C_Scott

    If the British don’t appreciate Poles so much, please send them to the United States. They’re not your sort, perhaps, but they’re pretty good.

  • IndridCold

    I do not see how this article is relevant to post here on AMREM and it kinda pisses me off actually. I thought AMREM was all about white identiy/solidarity. Is this the slippery slope in action? Are we now segmenting whites into groups? Honestly I would like the moderator to post as to why he felt this article was remarkable enough to be posted here on AMREM. Do we no longer accept and help our white brothers and sisters from beyond our own borders?

  • Fred

    I know why *my* pole loves coming to Britain: it’s all the attractive birds like Sarah Beeny.

  • LHathaway

    “Having lived in Poland for nearly 15 years, I feel fairly well qualified to make a couple of comments on the massive wave of immgration to Britain”

    Isn’t it just a little bit hypocritical for you to complain about Poles in Britain when u are an Englishman who is living in Poland?