Posted on October 30, 2013

Common Core: Indoctrinating Fourth Graders About ‘White Privilege’

Izzy Lyman, Watchdog Wire, October 28, 2013

Kyle Olson of EAGnews, an education reform non-profit based in Muskegon, recently published a video exposing the content of the curriculum that will be used by fourth grade teachers for the Common Core national standards in English. Olson takes issue with the use of a children’s book called “The Jacket.”

Olson explains, “The story centers around a young white boy named Phil who wrongly accuses an African-American student of stealing his brother’s jacket.

This is a fun little book about racism and white privilege–a left-wing concept that teaches students the values of  an American society are actually designed to benefit white people.”

The video speaks for itself, especially the presentation by multicultural educator, Dr. Marguerite Parks of the University of Wisconsin.