Irrefutable . . . and Ineffectual?

Thomas Jackson, American Renaissance, October 3, 2014

Will another conservative book make a difference?

Jason L. Riley, Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed, Encounter Books, 2014, 184 pp., $23.99.

Jason Riley, who has been a member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board since 2005, is the latest to join Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, and Walter Williams as an eloquent black opponent of the theory that racism explains why blacks fail. In Please Stop Helping Us, he argues that liberal uplift is what most damages blacks. It has convinced them that they are hapless victims whose salvation will come only when whites are purged of all traces of “racism.” “Today,” he writes, “there is no greater impediment to black advancement than the self-pitying mindset that permeates black culture.” There may not be a single new idea in this book, but it is concise, quotable, and in many respects irrefutable.


Mr. Riley believes that blacks would be better off if whites left them alone rather than keep trying to help them. He quotes Frederick Douglass’s remarkable exhortation from 1865:

‘What should we do with the Negro?’ is what everyone asks. ‘Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us! . . . [I]f the Negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall . . . .’

The Douglass view–that black success depends on blacks–prevailed until about the middle of the 20th century. Booker T. Washington, a former slave, gained national attention with his famous Atlanta speech of 1895, in which he urged blacks not to make demands on whites but to gain their respect through hard work. Andrew Carnegie called Washington the second father of his country, and Harvard and Dartmouth gave him honorary degrees. In 1956, in commemoration of the centennial of Washington’s birth, President Eisenhower dedicated a national memorial to the black leader.

As Mr. Riley notes, however, it was the views of Washington’s great rival, W.E.B. Du Bois, that prevailed. After Washington’s death in 1915, the self-help movement never produced a similarly great black spokesman (Marcus Garvey’s colorful career ended in jail time and deportation), and Du Bois convinced increasing numbers of whites that it was they–not blacks–who were responsible for black behavior.

Mr. Riley explains that this is now virtually dogma:

Several generations of blacks have come to believe that the only legitimate means of group progress is political agitation of the NAACP-Jesse Jackson-Al Sharpton variety. If you are more interested in black self-development than in keeping whites on the defensive, you’re accommodating racism.

Another part of the dogma is the belief that winning political power is essential for black economic progress–another view Du Bois pushed. Blacks, therefore, vote overwhelmingly for black candidates, even though they don’t much care what those candidates do once they are elected.


W.E.B. Du Bois

Mr. Riley points to the Obama presidency as an example. When Mr. Obama took office for his first term, the unemployment rate was 12.7 percent for blacks, and 7.1 percent for whites. On Election Day, 2012, the black rate had increased to 14.3 percent while it had dropped slightly to 7 percent for whites. Despite this deterioration for blacks, Mr. Obama still got 93 percent of the black vote. As one black politician once explained to Carol Swain of Vanderbilt University, blacks care so little about what their politicians do that “you can almost get away with raping babies and be forgiven.”

Many elected blacks openly flout the desires of their constituents. White Democrats, who are the institutional framework for black political success, favor Mexican immigration, marriage for homosexuals, and light prison sentences, for example, so black politicians favor these things, too, even though ordinary blacks oppose them.

In any case, Mr. Riley points out that holding office makes little difference to whether an ethnic group gets ahead. The Irish were masters of city-machine politics, but aside from a few patronage jobs, it did not make them rich. Likewise, Asians have the highest incomes in America despite being nearly invisible in politics.

Black “leaders” nevertheless seem to be terrified that whites will, first, never vote for blacks, and, second, want to take the vote away from them. Mr. Riley notes that in 2008, Mr. Obama got more white votes in such “racist” states as Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia than John Kerry did in 2004 or Al Gore in 2000. He also laughs at the spectacle of the black attorney general of a black president fretting that voter ID laws are passed to disfranchise blacks.

Welfare and degeneracy

One of the classic conservative arguments against welfare is that it rewards degeneracy. Mr. Riley writes that “upward mobility depends on work and family,” but that at the same time, “Social welfare programs that were initiated or greatly expanded during the 1960s resulted in the government effectively displacing black fathers as breadwinners and made work less attractive.” As he notes in one of his better lines, “Having a black man in the Oval Office is less important than having one in the home.” Welfare is one of the best examples of liberal “help” that harms blacks.

Until the 1960s, blacks tended to value the qualities that bring success: diligence, politeness, marriage, education, reliability, proper speech, etc. Now, for many blacks, this is “acting white.” Mr. Riley writes that he has put up with this for most of his life, and that even his nine-year-old niece once asked, “Why you talk white, Uncle Jason? Why he trying to sound so smart?” He notes that black rappers have even bragged about subverting middle-class aspirations. Chuck D says that “rappers came in the game and threw that confusing element in it, and kids are like, Yo, fuck this.”

Mr. Riley points out that employers prefer to hire people who “act white:” “The persistently high black jobless rate is more a consequence of unemployablity than of discrimination in hiring.” One of the great achievements of liberal excuse-making is to have shifted the blame for black fecklessness onto “society,” which is another way of blaming whites. But the effect, in Mr. Riley’s view, is that “blacks have become their own worst enemy” by believing that their own actions are less important than the attitudes of whites.


“The black inmate population reflects black criminality, not a racist criminal justice system,” Mr. Riley explains with refreshing bluntness. He is appalled by liberals who write about black inmates as if they were innocent men who have been herded into prison by brutal white policemen. The press repeatedly shies away from the truth about black crime, and until the country faces the truth, nothing sensible will be said or done about it.

Much of the liberal frenzy over crime is just noise. Laws that punished possession of crack cocaine more severely than possession of powder have offered endless opportunities for self-righteous preening, but Mr. Riley points out that it was blacks who were clamoring for stiff sentences to stop a plague that was destroying whole neighborhoods. Eleven black congressmen voted for the 1986 law, and no one at the time argued that it was a “racist” snare for black men.

Likewise, after George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, there was a tremendous racket over Florida’s Stand Your Ground justification for self-defense killings–despite the fact that Stand Your Ground was not even part of the case. Mr. Riley points out that although blacks are just 16.6 percent of the population of Florida, they account for 31 percent of Stand-Your-Ground defenses and are slightly more likely than whites to be successful with such a defense.

Minimum wage and racial preferences

Mr. Riley also has a good discussion of how raising the minimum wage hurts entry-level workers, especially blacks. He explains that many early minimum-wage laws, both state and federal, were passed to keep blacks from undercutting white workers. If employers had to pay a relatively high rate, they might as well hire whites rather than less-skilled blacks who might have been willing to work for less.

The most notorious anti-black wage law was the federal Davis-Bacon Act of 1931, which is still on the books. It requires contractors to pay “prevailing wages,” which is usually interpreted as union wages. Many unions kept out blacks and even today, blacks are less likely than whites to have union skills. Following the law shuts out low-skill workers, many of whom are black.

As Mr. Riley explains, “When the government mandates that an employer pay someone more than the employer thinks the person is worth, fewer people get hired.” Young blacks are at the bottom of the labor market, and are often the people who aren’t hired or are the first to be fired.

Mr. Riley cites a study of the effect of the 41-percent rise in the minimum wage that took place in stages from 2007 to 2009–during the start of the recession. Twenty-one states had a minimum wage that was lower than the federal wage, so their labor markets felt the full effect of the increase. In those states, an estimated 18,500 young blacks lost their jobs because of the increase in the minimum wage. By contrast, only an estimated 13,200 young blacks lost work because of the downturn.

The dark vision of millions of hard-working Americans trying to raise a family on the minimum wage is a myth. First, only 5 percent of hourly wage earners make the minimum wage. Sixty-nine percent of that 5 percent work part time, and most are age 25 or younger. They are almost never the sole bread-winner for a family, and only 11.3 percent of minimum-wage workers even live in poor households. They are usually working to supplement incomes that are above the poverty level.

However, minimum-wage jobs are important, especially for poorly educated blacks, because any job is a start on the employment ladder. Having work experience of any kind is better than having none, and blacks are not helped by laws that price them out of a job.

Mr. Riley attacks racial preferences from the usual angles: They help better-off blacks rather than the poor, they push blacks past their level of competence so they are more likely to fail, they taint the achievements of blacks who could make it on their own, they make blacks lazy, and they infuriate whites. According to one source, in 2011 there were no fewer than 276 federal laws that granted racial preferences. Mr. Riley would abolish them all.

Mr. Riley cites a study at Duke University, where standards are drastically lowered to admit blacks. Of the male students who came to Duke expecting to major in the sciences, more than half of the blacks switched to an easier major, whereas only 8 percent of the whites did. The study concluded that if the blacks had been at less demanding schools they might have stuck with science.

Preferences have had little effect on black poverty. In 1940, the black poverty rate was 87 percent. By 1960, without any help from preferences, it had dropped to 47 percent. In 1990 after 25 years of racial preferences, 32 percent of blacks were still poor.


Please Stop Helping Us makes excellent arguments and has the added advantage of being written by a black. But will it change anyone’s mind? I don’t think conventionally conservative books have much impact. These arguments have been made over and over. Most of the people who read this book will agree with it already, and the few doubters who pick it up will not be swayed.

I suspect it takes special circumstances for a book with no new ideas to change anyone’s mind. It would have to reach someone who was groping his way towards a more sensible view and would probably have got there–though a little later–without Mr. Riley’s help.

This book would have had a greater impact if Mr. Riley had taken the plunge into race differences in IQ. Does Mr. Riley really believe that if blacks shake off their self-pity–and whites stop helping them–that the performance gap will disappear? Does any conventional conservative really believe that?

So far, no mainstream black author has ever explained the genetic basis for racial differences. If one were brave enough to do so and lucky enough to find a publisher, he might make a terrific stink that could nudge the debate an inch or two towards sanity. Recirculating ideas–even good ideas–that date back to Paved With Good Intentions (1992) and Losing Ground (1984) isn’t likely to have much effect.

On the other hand, thanks to this book, Mr. Riley is being invited onto television programs, where he is able to talk sense to the huge majority of Americans who never read books. This will do some good.

But the larger question is one Mr. Riley does not raise. Which is more important for liberals: helping blacks or appearing virtuous? I suspect it may be the latter. The right attitude toward minorities is the sine qua non for respectability, and I think most white liberals would rather see blacks stuck in the underclass than cease to be respectable. The desire to appear virtuous is so strong it blinds them to facts.

That is why a university diversity officer literally cannot see that his affirmative-action pets are dropping out and should have gone to community college. His sense of virtue requires a certain number of blacks on campus even if they are desperately over their heads.

Liberal blindness drives most social policy in America, especially race policy. So far, no cure has been discovered.

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Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson lives in Virginia and has been writing for American Renaissance for more than 20 years.
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  • superlloyd

    ‘Does Mr. Riley really believe that if blacks shake off their self-pity–and whites stop helping them–that the performance gap will disappear?’

    This problem is intractable. The race gap will always exist because it is primarily genetic. Liberals have only made the problem worse by fostering a mindset of victimhood, entitlement and racial animus on the negroes leaving them dependent, feckless, amoral and unable to accept the consequences of their actions (or inaction).

    Meanwhile, the white man has suffered from increasingly racist, black crime, discrimination in education and employment, the massive curtailments of free speech and association, and an ever increasing tax burden to subsidise a feral, degenerate, uneducable black underclass.

    Secession, segregation or sterilisation of the white man’s burden are the only practicable options I see to end this nightmare.

    • Lord Sandwich

      I don’t see any of those three things on the horizon. So what then? I believe that many whites are waking up, but little can be done other than pick up and move away from the cities that provide the most job opportunities. Many posts on Amren propose remedies that seem improbable to me. I’m not trying to be contradictory, I genuinely wish there were alternatives for realists to work toward other than displacement or Armageddon.

      • cherrie greenbaum123

        World financial Armageddon will put the final nail into the coffin of pandering to liberal racial pandering to the darker race.

        • journey

          Once the Hispanics become the majority in this country (with their own needs), the Golden Era of the Negro in this country is finished. Plus, the ever decreasing white taxpayers to keep the delusions going. The dumb blacks do not even realize that the end is near.

          • cherrie greenbaum123

            They won’t realize it until the last fried chicken leg is pulled from the “gibsmuhdat” negro fist.

          • TruthBeTold

            Hispanics are using blacks as their stepping stone.

            They’re co-opting affirmative action and civil rights actions that were meant to uplift blacks.

            Blacks don’t even see it. They see Hispanics as part of a non-white coalition that’s going to take down the white man.

            What blacks don’t understand is that Hispanics have their own agenda and it doesn’t include blacks.

            Once Hispanics reach critical mass, they will cut off blacks like a dead limb.

          • bilderbuster

            Say what you will about the Mestizos (and I do), at least they have enough sense not to consider Blacks their equals.

          • Jack Burton

            You’re not aware of the fact that your typical mestizo also has black ancestry.

          • bilderbuster

            I’m aware of that.
            The point I’m making is that despite the Mestizo’s low ranking on the racial/intelligence totem pole, they aren’t stupid enough to consider the Negro their equal.
            That says a lot about the Whites who actually believe (not the ones who just give lip service to the ideology) in the Negro’s equality if only we would do this or that for them.

          • Bossman

            Yes, but in many cases it is not evident and in their world, the one-drop rule is meaningless.

          • Jack Burton

            Their world is one of lies, degeneracy, crime, poverty and mongrelization.

          • sddasasd

            Yeah, they’ve got an astounding 4-5 IQ point advantage over them (and most of their violent crime is concentrated in drug cartels who exhibit behavior you see in african war zones.)

          • bilderbuster

            I know they’re pretty much alike and they’re both bad for you.
            Sort of like Coke and Pepsi or McD’s and Burger Gut.

          • Bossman

            They screw Blacks out of existence.

          • bilderbuster


          • Meretricious

            1 good thing about Hispanics: their crime rate is about the same as whites

          • Charles Martel

            That’s only because they are often counted as white. Look at the TX 10 most wanted to see the feces colored face of white crime.

          • Mike

            That might be because the crime stats count them as white

          • dukem1

            crime stat wise:
            if the AP still has a stylebook, I bet that’s in there.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            Yeah, that was very naive…

          • Jack Burton

            Not even close, you’re delusional.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            The nigros despise the Asians (and ourselves) for being making them look very bad, in contrast. They are also learning to hate the Latinos, who have a superior work ethic, and are leaving them behind in terms of income.

            As the gap widens, there will be more and more friction and violent crime between these two groups, which suggests to me that we should arm both sides, make popcorn, then sit back and enjoy the show…

          • Charles Martel

            Hispanics might be smarter than blacks but not by that much. Hispanic majority means 3rd world status as well.

          • journey

            Definitely. Although some believe that the Hispanics are of the white race. Very wrong.

          • Mike

            People get confused because Spanish people are white. So they think ‘Hispanics’ are white. But they aren’t, they’re Amerindian Mestizos.

          • journey

            Actually, in this country, the term Hispanic is being used not mestizos which came from the Spaniards. And mestizos has a caste denotation. If you look at the health care research studies, Hispanic is being used to designate them as a separate race from whites, Asians, and blacks.

        • Chris R

          I strongly agree. A financial collapse will not only open a lot of eyes to reality but it will effectively end the schemes of the clowns of the beltway.

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        I don’t see any of those three things on the horizon.
        The circumstances themselves will force a conclusion. The situation is untenable and will collapse into chaos without intervention. The proposed remedies on Amren are meant to be that intervention. If they’re unlikely to be adopted now, will they still be unlikely as the chaos grows expontentially? Will there be a sweet spot where we gain the will to act, and still have the ability to act? That’s the $64,000 Question. Soon there will be no place where whites can flee. A conclusion, good or bad, is coming.

        • Lord Sandwich

          I wholeheartedly agree with your comment. The events you describe may or may not happen during my lifetime. When will we gain the will to act? How many women, young and old, will be raped and murdered, how many innocent white lives will be snuffed out by savages before then? Who will be the inverse of John Brown at Harper’s Ferry of our movement to strike the first suicidal blow inciting others to action? We can’t even publicly make the case that somewhere, whites should have the right to live amongst ourselves right now. It seems the only option available in the here and now is active, strategic, self- segregation. I’m looking for more than the self defense options available today. I want to avoid as much as possible the need to employ those options.

        • Meretricious

          There was an interesting bit of information on the NY Times’s “diversity problem” from its new black executive editor, who has promised to add black critics to the culture section. The problem the Times will face is that good white and Asian critics are hard to find, never mind black ones. If Dean Baquet goes ahead and hires some mediocre black critics, I will guarantee you that a lot of its white base will desert the paper in protest. LOL.

      • El Baga Doucha Libtard

        I think that an increasingly powerful — and menacing — Russia could help the secession movement. Putin would love to undermine the US and a great way to do that would be to side with states that want to leave the union.

        While I realize that I am in the minority here, I do believe that the breakup of the union will be relatively peaceful.

        • Casper Flannigan

          Good point. I still recall the terrifying USSR, which fell apart when they ran out of money. Governments rise and fall, nations and people endure. I agree that a reset would not be Road Warrior in nature. Also, I think it’s all that can really work.

          Our nation cannot continually expend effort and money to underwrite the weak and the worthless.

          In short we need to grow up.

    • proud white

      Blacks do not like a black president. It means that they aren’t victims. The Victim card is the only leg they have to stand on. Blacks are last intellectually everywhere around the world, blacks commit the most crime everywhere around the world. In the U.S. Blacks are treated like victims giving them a leg up on everyone including poor whites. Without affirmative action the black race dies like the dinosaurs. But the poor blacks in the U.S. had ancestors with disadvantaged backgrounds that is why they need the boost right? Oh right so that is why they dominate sports but weren’t allowed to participate before and that is why Hispanics who were never victims are still given preferential treatment. Why don’t you just say it Mr. Obama, YOU WANT WHITE GENOCIDE and when you are finished destroying the white race and the country is destroyed by your own, you will blame whites for letting you destroy it. Then you will gather every last one of us still here and have us rebuild the country before you people destroy it yet again

      • Stan D Mute

        Also, they really don’t comprehend the complexity of our Constitutional government and thus feel betrayed that “dey Brotha” hasn’t taken all whitey’s stuff and given it to them yet. They don’t get that he cannot do it legally. There is a great deal of anger among them over this, perhaps the root cause of the significant increase in mob violence over the past few years.

        • SentryattheGate

          And the anti-racist education, K-12 (and some colleges) brainwashes non-whites that all their problems (lower grades, lower incomes etc) are caused by whites ! I was part of a study group, in a state development-research school, for anti-racist education models. I heard it put that bluntly, in person! I was the ONLY resistance, until a black teacher, from Africa, joined in. He agreed with me, but surprisingly, he was ignored too. They had an agenda to fulfill!

          • anony

            Good for you for speaking up!

        • Alexandra1973

          As I’ve said before, blacks are generally incompatible with our kind of civilization. To them president=autocrat.

          • LexiconD1

            As evidenced by Obama’s entire failed Presidency.

      • Jack Burton

        If you think blacks are guided by a sense of gratitude, logic and fairness, you’re living in a parallel universe. Having a black president does not stop them from pushing their con game further and further. All it really does is embolden them even more. That warped manner of thinking is like offering a thief who broke into your home a gift, and thinking he’ll be happy with that and leave.

    • proud white

      outstanding point. also, always remember that the intelligent blacks are always less intelligent than their competition and get to where they are because they are given it. Heck, it sure puts money in their pockets and makes life easier for them doesn’t it

    • Luca

      “Secession, segregation or sterilization of the white man’s burden are the only practicable options I see to end this nightmare.” – superlloyd.

      I’m kinds hoping for deportation to be added to that list. Give them all $8000 to self deport and give up their passports. Use their culture of instant gratification against them.

      • Stan D Mute

        $8,000? Make it $80,000,000 each. They don’t understand economics and for $80,000,000/ea you’d get ALL of them on the boats. They’d be back in sunny Africa a year before they figured out their payoff caused hyperinflation and their $80,000,000 was only worth about $80. And our dollar is already destroyed so why not get something REALLY worthwhile from it before it blows up and we have to start again anyway?

      • tlk244182

        eight thousand? shucks, just give them an eight-ball.
        Seriously, though, that’s a good point. It is one of their major weaknesses.

    • TruthBeTold

      I saw Mr. Riley on a c-span call in.

      As always, black callers disputed everything he said.

      You can’t have a dialog with them.

    • Garrett Brown

      I would rather we listen and they have a possibility of learning the truth than continuing to support the leaching of our taxes/care and safety. Let’s all take a vacation to Canada for a month, come back and listen to what they have (or haven’t) realized. Yes, admittedly a fantasy but I still wish for it…

    • Earl P. Holt III

      Everyone with a brain knows that without the white man to provide for them, nigros would be stacked along the highways like chord-wood. However, I’m all FOR cutting them loose, irrespective of what this author (or any other) might think are the eventual consequences…

  • John R

    Well I agree with a lot of what this article says, but be careful. “The devil is in the details.” Yes, many things have hampered blacks, and many have to do with liberalism. But still the one most damaging idea that liberals have ever pushed and is the most dangerous, is this: That all races are equal. On the service that sounds reasonable. But think. If all races are equal (And there is zero evidence they are.) then any disparity must be due to some sort of “unfairness” in “the system.” That inevitably leads to countless attempts by Whites to “help” the group that is “disadvantaged.” We need to get rid of that idea and truly accept our differences. Then we can have a fair and just society.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      Makes sense but won’t happen until the current system is completely dismantled brick by brick.

    • Jaggers

      I’m pretty sure the article makes that very point. Riley’s book doesn’t, but we’ve got that covered here at amren.

  • Puggg

    On the other hand, thanks to this book, Mr. Riley is being invited onto television programs, where he is able to talk sense to the huge majority of Americans who never read books.

    Mostly Fox News, where he is preaching to the choir.

    Thomas Jackson is correct, this book has zero political impact.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      Correct. Liberals have built a cottage industry off of “racism”.

    • Yancy Derringer

      He made for a VERY refreshing inclusion on a panel of black experts who interjected commentary on PBS’ town hall style program about Ferguson. He made so much sense that the usual demagogues throttled back in tone – Riley effectively preempted many of the typical excuses for black dysfunction.

      So the book, but especially Riley’s appearances, are doing some good.

      • Mike

        I wouldn’t hold your breath.

  • Diversity Fatigue

    Jason Riley and his bride … yes, he thinks he’s white.

    • Cecil Broomsted

      The civil disobedience, accusations of racism, protests, and playing the role of perpetual victim has been far too profitable for blacks for them to change now. A highly altruistic white host population is all they need. I give Mr. Riley credit for being one of the very few blacks to criticise his own people. Something Obama would never do.

      • Yancy Derringer

        Absolutely. We could use a lot more like him going on MSM and speaking the truth. Man, is it good to hear.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Well, at least we got a good picture of Flavaflav, a musical genius.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      She looks high yellow to me.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        Naomi Schaefer Riley is not high yellow.

      • Jack Burton

        She looks like she may have some low-level admixture, akin to Jennifer Beals, octoroon or one generation less. Whitish, but slightly off.

        • Usually Much Calmer

          Think again. She’s an acquiantance of a friend of mine and quite Jewish.

          (She was the subject of AmRen coverage a few years ago when she was fired from her job writing for the Chronicle of Higher Education for criticizing the scholarship contribution of most dissertations in African American Studies.)

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

            She looks jewish to me.

  • proud white

    Some Humans move out of Africa towards colder climates. The most intelligent and hardworking of us are able to make fires, form shelter, gather food, reproduce, and STAY ALIVE. The rest of us die off. After thousands of years we get the white race. Meanwhile while all this was happening the blacks were in Africa laying in the fields, having lots of sex, doing what they want when they please, and praying to the sun gods. Hmm and ya wonder why things are like they are today? White Privilege is called evolution and that’s why Asians have it too

    • journey

      The out of Africa and humanity came from blacks theories are bogus. It was fabricated due to the Leakeys. Those theories are all based on some bones the first Leakey found. From those bones, imagination took over. Of course, it helped that the Leakeys won the theory battles in academic circles.

      Just think it through, it is impossible for whites (who possess the highest genetic material on this planet) to have evolved from blacks. The environment enhances what is already there. The environment cannot change inferior (black) genes to superior genes. This country spent trillions in trying to bring black genes to the same level as whites = all failures. And, this nonsense is still ongoing.

      • John R

        That is where the liberals get you. On the semantics. We may all be from Africa, but that doesn’t mean we are all, and I have to use that old fashioned word, Negroes. One set of Homo Sapiens left Africa, apparently interbred with Neanderthals, and evolved into most of the advanced races of humans alive today, one of these being Whites. The other stayed behind, and was separated from the rest of humanity for tens of thousands of years. These became Negroes, or if you prefer, blacks. Big difference from saying we are all descended from black people, which is bull. Don’t fall for liberal sleight of hand.

        • journey

          Negroes are blacks, same genome. Actually, the black race migrated into Africa then out again into Southern Europe (Spain) just like what they doing now.

        • Anna Tree

          And it is not only our Neanderthal and in a lesser case Denisovan DNA that makes us different, but also that those who stayed in Africa continued to mate with African Hominids while we didn’t.

      • proud white

        I respect your positions but it happened the way I said it. I know it can be frightening to realize that us whites descended from blacks. However remember we are talking thousands of years so we essentially are very different

        • journey

          Think some more. Examples – Asians look like Asians. Eskimos look like Eskimos. Those two races did not turn into whites even though have also lived in cold climates. Again, the different racial genome evolved as is, e.g., each racial group appeared as is.

          • proud white

            Are you in high school? You need to open a book and do some more research

          • journey

            Please answer to the posting instead of throwing out nsults. This is a discussion thread.

          • proud white

            you make some good points in some of your posts. it’s okay if we agree to disagree on some stuff

          • journey

            What is important to realize is that the powers in control are manipulating the white masses toward miscegenation to dilute the white gene pool. The whites are the most resistant and intelligent toward being controlled. So, my point is, if the brainwashing propaganda is that humanity evolved from blacks so what’s the big deal in breeding with them? After all, race is just a social construct and we are all one, just differences in skin color nothing else. And to put the final nail in the coffin, the whites are ever increasing as the minority = increasing loss of political power to make decisions that would benefit them.

          • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

            Speaking of miscegenation, I saw a news story yesterday that General Mills, makers of Cheerios, is cutting 700-800 jobs. I’ve been boycotting them since their miscegenation ad earlier this year, I hope that had something to do with their financial troubles.

          • journey

            Or only whites truly eat that stuff. And whites are decreasing in number so there’s goes their business. Serves them right.

        • Alexandra1973

          We didn’t descend from them, our races were split off. Shem, Ham, Japheth.

          We do have the same distant ancestor–Noah.

          I have to wonder what humans looked like before the Flood.

        • sddasasd

          Yes, “frightening”, that truly is the impetus behind many people’s rejection of that. Even though, if you go back far enough, all life on earth came from organisms lower than bacteria, but that doesn’t stop the infantile mantra of “BUT I DON’T WANNA BE DESCENDED FROM/RELATED TO A N***ER!!!”

          • journey

            It’s more untrue than frightening. Again, humanity evolved from blacks and out of Africa are just theories not facts.

            Just to add more twist here, humanity on this planet evolved from the Eskimos. The Eskimos evolved from primates some 1 million years ago during the Ice Age. But the white gene pool is unique as it is not completely evolutionary. This one of the main reasons why the whites are main innovators and inventors on this planet (due to a higher genome grade).

      • Peter Connor

        On the contrary, genetic studies clearly show that whites evolved from African ancestors over a long period of time, thanks to natural selection of favorable genes in environments that were quite different from disease riddled Africa.

        • Stan D Mute

          I’m not sure that’s true. Genetic studies show we have common ancestors 50,000-100,000 years ago. They don’t show those ancestors lived in Africa versus the Middle East or somewhere else.

          Remember that a massive percentage of Africa remains unknown to us. It’s not as if we’ve had archaeologists digging around down there for hundreds of years like in other areas. Just as we have Neanderthal genes and Asians have Denisovan genes, we may yet discover Africans have xxxxx genes where xxxxx represents some undiscovered extinct species of homo. We are still finding new living species in Africa so discovery of new extinct species is pretty likely.

          • journey

            Wish academia would dig around the hills in Northern India. There they will find evidence of the transition from primate to man (even Madison Grant knew this). Also, all the colored races appeared in the highlands of India. Therefore, all the colored races migrated out from India. The black race went to Africa. The yellow race into Asia. The red man went to the Americas (primarily Northern America). There were 6 colored races with three surviving as of today.

          • Peter Connor

            The last (of many) emigrations from Africa is thought to have been 50-80, 000 years ago. But all of us trace our origins back there. BTW, Asians also have some Neanderthal genes, and some Europeans have Denisovan genes; the only group that doesn’t have them is Africans.

          • Anna Tree

            Stan D Mute, take out the “may”: Africans have continued to mate with African hominids while those who left Africa didn’t. So beside the Neanderthal DNA that Africans don’t have, we indeed don’t have some of their DNA they acquired after we left:

            “In 2011 Michael Hammer et al. at the University of Arizona studied DNA from two African hunter-gatherer groups, the Biaka Pygmies, the San and the West African agricultural Mandinka people. They concluded that roughly 2% of the genetic material found in these modern African populations was inserted into the human genome approximately 35,000 years ago. They also concluded these sequences must have come from a now-extinct member of the Homo genus that broke away from the modern human lineage around 700,000 years ago.[42]”

            “In 2012 another study wasdone by Sarah Tishkoff et al. at the University of Pennsylvania. They tested 3 sub-Saharan African populations – Pygmies from Cameroon and the Hadza and Sandawe, both from Tanzania. The team found signs that the
            ancestors of the hunter-gatherers bred with different species of
            hominins, probably more than 40,000 years ago.[43]”
            From en(dot)wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/Archaic_human_admixture_with_modern_Homo_sapiens

            If I understand the following article correctly, there were still living hominids 2000 years ago. I am not sure mating was possible with those specific hominids but with others earlier in time it was (I sent the following article to Amren but they didn’t publish it). After all the races were separated for 50000 and mating is still possible (I always wonder if there were or are Australoids and Negroids couple and children, if so they were separated 70 000 and are the furthest races apart):

            phys org/news/2014-09-ancient-human-genome-southern-africa html
            “What can DNA from the skeleton of a man who lived 2,330 years ago in the southernmost tip of Africa tell us about ourselves as humans? A great deal when his DNA profile is one of the ‘earliest diverged’ – oldest in genetic terms – found to-date in a region where modern humans are believed to have originated roughly 200,000 years ago.”

        • journey

          All genetic studies are guess work and evolving as discoveries are found.

          Example, in the news today, Indian artifacts were found in some caves(s) in Oregon. Those artifacts appeared to be much older than what is termed as Clovis.

      • Stan D Mute

        Maybe natural selection is simply too complex an idea for many whites. After all, half of white people have an IQ below 100. The notion that “whites are descended from Africans” is a simpleton’s understanding of the situation. As you note, the “out of Africa” theory is just that – a theory propounded by folks who discovered some bones and wanted to make a big name for themselves. The genetics tell us that there is between 50,000-100,000 (or more) years distance between Europeans and Africans and that we have some Neanderthal genes while Asians have some Denisovan genes. How that happened we don’t yet know. And for practical purposes it doesn’t really matter how. What is important is simply that we are enormously different and nobody knows what the long term result of any mixing might be. Certainly mixing now radically alters tens of thousands of years of evolution. What we should focus on is continuing the path that got us where we are today, maintaining the differences and improving each population as much as can be done. Stirring a pot that’s been separated 100,000 years makes as much sense as breeding lions and tigers together, forever destroying both lions and tigers to create what in their place. And maybe even that is more than our dimmer brethren can grasp.

        • journey

          Superior genes always lose at the expense of the inferior. This was one of the primarily reasons for the crashing of past advanced civilizations. Even today, it is quite easy to see, no black geniuses appear to really affect anything even though blacks especially in this country have quite of white blood (DNA) in them. Rather, we see the reverse, the diluting of the gene pool.

          Have to agree, on this particular website, folks have great difficulty accepting and understanding that the environment cannot change inferior genes into superior genes. On another website, great difficulty in understanding that the level of genes determine the level of culture. Too much blind faith in what the media feeds them.

      • sddasasd

        Environment can’t change genes, but it can change selective processes that lead to the proliferation of different genes and mutations. Pure OOA is clearly false, but please refrain from saying something as profoundly retarded as “it is impossible for whites to have evolved from blacks”, that is just like saying a multi-celled organism could not have evolved from a single celled one.

        Then again, you have a habit of saying crazy things, so I think I’m wasting my time.

        • journey

          You are entitled to your own belief system. The evolution of the different races is entirely different from a unicellular organism to a complex one. You are comparing apples to oranges. Modern man can never know how the different races came about. He was not there at the time of the event. Suppose you are referring to the theory that blacks are the ancestor of all humanity so you buy into that whites/Asians, etc evolved from blacks. Again, it is just a theory not a fact. This theory as mentioned earlier was primarily due to the Leakeys.

          And yes, I do present narratives that are outside of the box of commonly accepted dogma. Man is still discovering the evidence of events that transpired eons ago on this planet. Some events he will never be able to discover as trying to find “missing links” because there were none. Evolution can occur in sudden jumps (not classified as a mutation). This theory was presented early in the 1900’s but it was discarded in favored of the “missing links” theory.

          • sddasasd

            If the evolution from single to multicellular life doesn’t sit with you, you can also frame it as “the evolution from a more primitive to a more advanced organism.” Like humans from monkeys. Or big brained organisms from smaller ones. You actually claimed whites couldn’t have evolved from blacks because a superior one can’t evolve from a lower one, but that happens all the time.

            I don’t believe whites evolved from blacks either, but that’s because our LCA wasn’t the same as modern day “blacks”- they’ve gone down their own divergent path and look different (and differ genetically) from humans back then. At the same time, I don’t buy into pure OOA, we have clearly interbred at various points with other earlier humans and that is indisputably a mainstream belief at this point, but I do think most evidence points to the fact our lineage ultimately originates in africa. Time will tell, but I’m not partial to something like we all evolved from inuits or non-whites come from India or whatever you’ve come up with.

          • journey

            Read my prior post again regarding unicellular to complex organisms in how it relates to the different races. Blacks in this country have more white DNA in them due to interracial breeding than say blacks in Africa but yet still at the bottom of the barrel needing great social handouts. Whereas, Asians do not need
            the handouts because they have a different set of genome that enables them to compete with the whites on their own.
            The Asians can barely speak the language nor of the white culture but yet do very well economically and academically.
            So there goes your social dogma. Once again, each of the colored races appeared with their own set of racial genome as is. Yes, the different races can interbred which they have done so throughout the eons. But superior genes become diluted from
            breeding with inferior genes. Unfortunately, when this fact is pointed out, it is now considered racism or scientific racism to shut it down.

            Man did evolve from the primitive to the complex but the scientific dogma cannot completely apply to the evolution of man. Once, man was able to distinguish right from wrong along with free will, wisdom, and worship, all which set his path toward evolving to something higher than an animal. And, countless Sumerian clay tablets are sitting on dusty museum shelves. Those elaborate tablets would disclose another angle of man’s evolution on this planet. Those tablets would explain the reasons why the Sumerians all of sudden appeared with writing, the arts, agriculture, pottery, weaving, etc., etc. This knowledge was not gotten by natural evolution.

            No, superior genes cannot come from inferior genes. Man early on recognized this fact. This was one of the main reasons for the installation of the caste system in India. Yes, I know, to leap
            over the hurdles of dogma whether scientific or religion takes great mental effort and courage. And the narratives, I present certainly goes outside the box of dogma which you find all strange. There is very much more for man to learn and discover regarding his past and future. Physics is constantly striving to learn more of the existence of matter which will lead more and more into the mystery of the universe/cosmos itself.

          • sddasasd

            So would those tablets tell us that the Sumerians got that all from space aliens?

          • journey

            Yes. And those tablets would state the reasons why that advanced civilization crashed. The ancient Egyptians also knew of this advanced civilization which they called Dilmat of which the original name was Dalamatia. The Sumerians (their origin appeared some 500,000 years ago) were around when Adam and Eve appeared some 38,000 years ago. They had encounters with Adam and Eve and their descendant which they regarded as an alien race! (Because the Sumerians were still living on their past glory). So you see the DNA of present man is both evolutionary and not.
            And there is more to this fascinating story. The Middle East especially around Iran and Iraq still holds much historical artifacts yet to be discovered. The advanced massive ancient civilzation of Adam and Eve and their descendants has to be discovered.

    • journey

      To present it in another way, it is a well-known fact in Psych 101, breed smart
      mice together = smart mice and the reverse. This was one of the primary reasons, why the American Psychology Association had to support Arthur Jensen’s findings/theories concerning black intelligence and that Head Start would fail in trying to increase inherent black IQ/intelligence. Jensen stated his theories in the 60’s.

    • Jack Burton

      It’s not that simple. The more we dig genetically the more we’re finding just how much we are different, such as we also have different archaic admixtures. Blacks don’t have neanderthal as whites and Asians do, they have another archaic admixture, probably Homo erectus. I would also bet their level of archaic admixture is higher.

    • sddasasd

      This isn’t how modern human evolution happened. Countless changes have occurred via adaptation over the generations to civilization in all it’s forms. I know it’s comforting to think all race differences were forged in the ice ages and white people and such have remained virtually unchanged since then, but it’s an essentially retarded, cartoon view of human history.

      By the way, the most primitive, isolated african groups- the khoisan, pygmies, hadza and sandawe- are all predominantly monogamous with low rates of fecundity, and the earliest negroid skull, that of Asselar man, had a large cranial capacity (as did the idaltus, the boskop people, and other early humans in SS africa, and even australia.)

    • Charles Martel

      “White Privilege is evolution that’s why Asians have it also” is a T Shirt slogan

  • proud white

    Blacks are last intellectually everywhere around the world, blacks commit the most crime everywhere around the world. In the U.S. Blacks are treated like victims giving them a leg up on everyone including poor whites. Without affirmative action the black race dies like the dinosaurs. But the poor blacks in the U.S. had ancestors with disadvantaged backgrounds that is why they need the boost right? Oh right so that is why they dominate sports but weren’t allowed to participate before and that is why Hispanics who were never victims are still given preferential treatment. Why don’t you just say it Mr. Obama, YOU WANT WHITE GENOCIDE and when you are finished destroying the white race and the country is destroyed by your own, you will blame whites for letting you destroy it. Then you will gather every last one of us still here and have us rebuild the country before you people destroy it yet again

    • Luca

      Liberals don’y want White genocide. They want White subjugation. They need us to keep working to feed the vast hordes of ignorant voters.

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        But liberals have no plan in mind on how to rescue the Great White Cash Cow if it is ever imperiled. Will they ride to the rescue? Could they even imagine doing such a thing?

        • Usually Much Calmer

          I think they expect to ‘live off the fat of the land’ as in Of Mice and Men.

          The Boehner/Cantor types also hope for a free lunch in the form of the ‘undocumented worker’.

          Everyone is a little insane.

  • Rick O’Shea

    The problem with the “let the black man stand or fall on his own” idea is that it cannot work in a modern world.

    First off, people will never indefinitely tolerate seeing a group within their society locked in such permanent underclass, failure-prone status. Since they are genetically different in ways which make this status (relative to other groups) an inevitability, this condition relative to whites or whoever they’re living among, will always be a fact of life.

    So people will always get around to trying to mettle in it and fix it somehow. At least as long as society is prosperous and people are disconnected from the demands of survival, and have a lot of time on their hands.

    The problem is the presence of the black genome in our societies. As long as it has such direct exposure to our genome, it will always pose a massive problem. It will seek to better itself by mixing with our genome, it will make us miserable, depressed and on edge by threatening our control of our own society and making our streets unsafe, and constantly hollering at us about our “privilege” etc.

    • John R

      Yes, Fredrick Douglas said this about one hundred years before the idea of liberalism took root, and closely related “fairness.” It is not the bad people causing most of society’s problems, and I know some here will attack me for saying this, but it is really the kind, nice people, who only want to be fair that are causing this chaos. “The road to Hell….”

    • Garrett Brown

      So what we need is Jim Crow again.

      • anony

        As I keep saying, separation is the only answer.

  • LHathaway

    “an eloquent black opponent of the theory that racism explains why blacks fail”

    As if no whites fail. White veterans of the war in Iraq, white homeless in every large city in the country, the 1 million white men in prison, the millions of whites that grow up as racial minorities, whites on pyschotropic drugs, who would likely be in mental institutions if that practices hadn’t been abandoned during the 1980’s, even white orphans are seen as privileged over and above the middle and upper middle class blacks whose grandparents benefited from affirmative action and racial advocacy (as they do also).

    For whites, race doesn’t seem to exist except for the history, the current, and the forever projected into the future scourge of white racism, malfeasance and advantage. Whiteness or white racial awareness does not exist outside of this. It seems it will always, always, always be about them, and never about you, no matter what, once you let them in your country.

    Even on AmRen, it’s about them, and not about you.

  • [Guest]

    Isn’t it great to have another black savior appear on the scene to fix up the U.S.’s racial problems? Whoopee!

    I, for one, do not need to hear anything from any supposedly “eloquent” black who supposedly makes “excellent arguments.” And I do not believe that just because he’s black this man will be heeded when he repeats truths that normal white people already know.

    I do think, though, that this observation of Mr. Jackson is important:

    “The desire to appear virtuous is so strong it blinds them [most white liberals] to facts.”

    Race has become a religion in this country, and self-righteous fanatics run that religion. Even a token black from The Wall Street Journal can’t make a dent against that.

    • Anna Tree

      And like in religion, the power and money can also be the key/motor when the faith is not that strong: the want to keep the job or to get more wage can replace self-righteousness and virtuousness for the many whites or blacks working in pro-diversity/andti-racism jobs.

      • [Guest]

        That’s a good point. Thank you.

        It also occurs to me that when the desire to appear virtuous by elevating blacks and browns and doing as much damage as possible to white people gets rewarded with money and jobs, it’s usually government at some level that does the rewarding.

        There is no separation between race religionists and state. It’s very much the contrary. The federal government is the “church” of that vile religion.

        • Anna Tree

          Yeah, you are right!

          By the way, I am wondering something. It is not the first time I see this line on the top side of the head that looks like a scar on black children and adults. Is it a scar? Is it done on purpose? Just wondering genuinely.

          • [Guest]

            Thank you for responding, Anna.

            Concerning black people’s wool: It’s wiry and grows up and out and therefore doesn’t have a natural part. Some blacks, though, like to have it sheared in imitation of white people. The line that looks like a scar is supposed to look like the part in their hair.

  • BernieGoetzFan

    I think we really missed our last chance to solve America’s race problem (blacks) after the Civil War. Lincoln was apparently going to purchase land and use funds to move them to their own country. Whites appeared ready to get rid of what Lincoln called “a dangerous presence” after they caused the bloodiest war in U.S, history.
    Even if there were zero Asians, Hispanics or Muslims in the U.S. we would still have 95% of our race problems. Barring genetic engineering, blacks will always be the major source of problems for the U.S. And they are growing in numbers.

    • journey

      And more blacks are allowed to be imported, like we need a hole in the head.

      • Pro_Whitey

        Yes, Liberia was intended to be a place where freed slaves could return to Africa. Now we have tens of thousands coming back here. Not the way it was supposed to work out.

        • SentryattheGate

          And, with Nigeria expected to have a pop.of 1 billion (in an area the size of Texas) in the next few decades, they are expected to be one of the 3 main sources of US immigration (along with Chinese and Indians).

          • Alexandra1973

            And look at all the “humanitarian” reasons these nuts come up with to bring them over here. Domestic violence is the latest one, isn’t it? In a black household, that kind of thing is practically a given, it seems.

          • SentryattheGate

            Yes, I made the comment the other day; that domestic violence is a “given” in most of the world. Look at the Muslim culture (inside and outside of the family), same with Latinos (a macho culture), and blacks have many times the domestic violence rate as whites do! So when we take in the foreign women and their kids—they’ll get on the dole, of course! Further robbing the taxpayer—w/o our consent. Isn’t that taxation w/o representation??? Isn’t that why we went to war against England?!

          • anony

            ” Isn’t that why we went to war against England?!”

            That was then, this is now. Now, America is full of girly-men, metro-sexuals, and pacifists.

            No more revolution.

  • journey

    For blacks, like Riley, to admit inherent racial genetic differences, they would to admit that blacks are inherently inferior in comparison to whites/Asians. Riley also missed another key point, blacks like Du Bois and little barry are Communists, whereas, Washington and Douglass were not. Of course, we will never know if the latter two would have changed their viewpoints once Communism came into being. Inferiors more easily gravitate toward
    Communism which stresses the taking from the more able.

    • SentryattheGate

      YES! Like the freaking Hispanics, who haven’t done much at all with their majority of the Western Hemisphere, except mess it up—now demanding our territory too!

  • david dorian

    Separation is the answer. Separate countries, separate solutions.

    Leave us alone in freedom.

    Funny though how the apartheid solution keeps coming back in disguised form, why can’t liberals see this hypocrisy?

  • TheHBD

    Yet another re-hashing of the silly Neo-Con ‘Liberal Plantation’ myth. Conventional Liberal narrative = it’s Whitey’s fault….Neo-Con narrative = it’s Whitey’s fault. Absolutely NO difference between the two narratives other than the group of Whites they are blaming it on.

  • JohnEngelman

    “Social welfare programs that were initiated or greatly expanded during the 1960s resulted in the government effectively displacing black fathers as breadwinners and made work less attractive.”

    – Jason Riley

    The expansion of the welfare system is only part of the reason for the decline in the black family. Another part has been the decline in reasonably well paying and largely unionized jobs that can be performed by men of average or slightly below average intelligence.

    In his book “Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010,” Charles Murray documented an increase in social pathology among white male blue collar workers.

    The expansion of welfare reduces the economic disincentives for morally irresponsible behavior. The decline in well paying union jobs reduces the incentives for morally responsible behavior.

    • Anna Tree

      And poorer and less educated do more children than richer and more educated:

      From 1974
      youtube com/watch?v=2ULWzSpX6sk
      Eugenics, Race,& IQ “debate”, William Shockley vs. Afrocentrist Dr. Frances Welsing on Black Journal

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    I saw a write up on this book on Forbes (of all places), I haven’t read it but apparently it contains a discussion of John Ogbu’s research about black children being ostracized by their peers for “acting White.” For those interested, there is a very good deconstruction of this idea in Steve Farron’s The Affirmative Action Hoax. At the end of his life, Ogbu claimed that his work was misinterpreted, and indeed no other study has been able to demonstrate black peer pressure against learning and success. In other words, it’s still not culture or nuture, self-inflicted or not – black failure remains at its root genetic. Lamestream conservatives are still wrong, the “democrat plantation” is irrelevant.

  • Stan D Mute

    I’m a little surprised everybody is so negative on this book. I understand the reasons and don’t disagree, but you should try looking at it from another perspective.

    This guy is permitted to say things that NO white is allowed to say. One result of this is that folks who would never visit AmRen suddenly hear these new and scary ideas on mainstream media. And the person who suggests these ideas isn’t shouted down as “racist!”

    Yes, we’ve seen/heard all this before from Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, and Ken Hamblin (remember him?). But a white kid of 15-25 probably hasn’t heard this at all if his parents are cultural Marxists. If he’s a smart kid, this will resonate. It may very well set him off on the journey of awakening that leads him here. And THAT is a very good thing indeed.

    We KNOW that nothing will “fix” the negroes. We KNOW they won’t give up their entitlements and that the Marxists won’t stop stealing from us. No book will change that. But if this book begins the awakening of a few hundred or a few thousand white kids then its done more good than anything else I’ve seen in quite a while.

    • guest

      Okay. If this guy gets exposure, it’s good for a bit of counter-argument to the MSM narrative.
      Still, judging from this review, the book sounds pretty unoriginal.
      What really made me scoff was that this author criticizes minimum wage laws, yet it seems he has nothing to say about immigration. How pathetic is that?

  • Garrett Brown

    Funny, the only Negro that I ever learned about in school that I actually admired, and went on to conduct two different book reports on was in fact Frederick Douglas. Walter E. Williams reminds me of a modern day Douglas.

  • GeorgeRA

    Welfare was once a means to an end. Now it’s black’s income practically for life. Once upon a time welfare would end. You had to be seeking a job or a very good reason not to have one. You just didn’t get welfare automatically, now it’s used to keep the natives from getting restless. Blacks have chillren and they get more welfare, births and doctor bills paid, free and subsidize housing. Someone has already figured out that blacks on welfare make more than many people who work.

  • Alexandra1973

    One of the most telling lines from “To Kill a Mockingbird” is when the kids ask Calpurnia, their black nurse, why she talks “n***er talk” at her black church and white folks’ talk at home. Her explanation was that if she talked like a white person among other blacks, they’d think she was “puttin’ on airs fit to beat Moses.”

    • benvad

      Now that film was pure commie propaganda.

  • Leon NJ

    “This book would have had a greater impact if Mr. Riley had taken the plunge into race differences in IQ.”

    Baby steps guys…take it slow. Let us crawl before we sprint. This book sounds like a good starter.

  • ImTellinYa

    There’s a lot of talk about how Blacks were doing better before the 60s than they are now. That is partially true. But their neighborhoods were still horrible places full of crime, drugs, violence and general sorriness. But two things tended to minimize the problems:

    1. The police were extremely proactive in those neighborhoods and Blacks were properly frightened of the police. That’s no longer true.

    2. Before the 60s Blacks respected Whites and did their best to imitate Whites. Their imitation was more style than substance, but it did have some positive effects.

    Now, of course, Blacks are taught to despise Whites. You can see this in their music. Before the 60s Blacks developed a salable version of White music. Now their music is essentially a little girl’s jump rope song with an unending stream of obscenities attached.

    If we leave Blacks alone, they won’t change. They will continue to fail, and the “Black middle class” that is entirely dependent on affirmative action will cease to exist.

    If we have Blacks and Hispanics in this country, we will continue to have a permanent criminal underclass. That is just a fact.

    The only solution to the problem with Blacks is to deport them to Africa or Mexico along with ALL of the other nonWhite savages who have infested the U.S. in recent decades. Deport them ALL to Mexico because it’s convenient for us and because Mexico has been our worst enemy for decades. Let them sort it out.

    • Alexandra1973

      You ever read Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle”? There’s a page describing what’s known as TNB. Blacks would take a “snooze,” they’d go after the white women, they’d steal the knives they were given to work with, sharpen them up, and put them in their boots. And the year this was supposed to take place was 1904.

      Interesting how this stuff is in books liberals seem to like. Well…I remember what I read in high school English classes.

    • Garrett Brown

      I wish you would have posted this earlier so it was voted best comment. Everyone needs to read this. Your examinations through the changing times are spot on.

    • benvad

      Albert Schweitzer had them pegged and said whites had to always maintain the master role, it was for the better of the both societies.

  • TL2014

    I don’t think it’s fair to expect any black intellectual to honestly try to delve into IQ discussions. The facts are just too painful and frankly tragic for the talented tenth.

    But you know what? We don’t even need to go there to achieve some sort of sane equilibrium in this society. We can make a whole lot of positive change, even without going into any kind of IQ discussions, by following Riley’s suggestions (for instance, of abolishing affirmative action. That alone can go a long way towards restoring healthy atmosphere in academia).

    The inherent fairness of the idea of self-determination, autonomy and dealing with the consequences of your own behavior regardless of your racial background, carries enough weight that it can be an excellent starting point for rolling back the insanity of the last fifty years in America. No need to even go into genetics etc, just go back to the idea of basic fairness, equality before the law etc. – I’d take that anytime. Anytime! That alone will take care of our racial problems here to a large extent.

  • Jack Burton

    The decline of blacks can be explained by regression to the mean.

    Democrats have certainly exploited blacks. I agree with Dick Morris’ view that Dems want blacks, the white poor and immigrants to remain poor and dependent on government so they get their vote. The better the country does the more Republican it becomes.

    Du Bois had the naive notion that we’re all equal, and environment is the only difference. That if you just gave blacks a classical education, they would become a brilliant, leadership class! What a joke that is. The reality eventually set in that blacks can’t compete with whites and Asians, they just don’t have the genetic and mental horsepower for it. So blacks must be reliant on government handouts or they would have much less income and status in society.

  • Jack Burton

    Wrong, it’s not difficult to measure and it’s even less difficult to see how that difference manifests in reality. Just look to African countries to see that difference.

    Libs/Dems are exploiting blacks for their vote, no question about that, but that has nothing to do with why blacks are in the position they’re in.

    • veritas

      Have you ever been to an African country? I have, and they are often less violent and lawless than the American ghetto. In fact, many African blacks are embarrassed by American blacks and don’t want to be around them. If the problems were simply due to genetics, shouldn’t American blacks be more intelligent, since they are approximately 20% white due to racial admixture?

      • anony

        Yes, I have been to African countries. You need to look at the big picture, though.

        What of any import has ever come out of a black African country? No math, no alphabets, no literature, no music of any complexity, no civilization have come from sub-Saharan Africa. They are a violent people; read NEGROES IN NEGROLAND. There is ample documentation of that fact.

        Do you mean that 20% of American blacks or do you mean that American blacks are 20% White?

        Actually, the statistics state that American blacks are more intelligent than African blacks by about 15 IQ points on average. But American blacks are still violent as are African blacks. Remember the Tsuties and Hutus?

      • Garrett Brown

        Statistics don’t match up with your experience, sorry.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        There are many subraces in Africa, with significant differentiation. We used to know this before ‘hard’ anthropology became taboo.

        If you have been to ‘an African country’ and found it peaceable, I am not surprised.

        (I have tried to upload a racial map of Africa and failed. But it you are interested, it is fascinating.)

      • [Guest]

        I believe that if we make the nature-versus-nurture argument and place nurture first, we’re making the very error of the “race is only a social construct” crowd.

        Everything tells us that it’s nature. If it were nurture, American blacks would be thriving. Instead, blacks are like oil polluting the water that is civilization. They don’t mix because they are at odds by nature.

  • Jack Burton

    Here’s something else you’ll notice with these “black conservatives,” they tend to have more white admixture and they more often marry a white woman.

    All they’re really doing is using a different strategy for acquiring resources and genetics from whites. They appear to be race-mixers more often than leftist blacks.

    So no, they’re not our friends, they’re actually an even greater biological threat to our race than black militants. Black militants actually want to be black and often agree with racial separation.

  • Jack Burton

    White men who marry Asians usually don’t live in an all-Asian community, LOL. Asians also don’t usually treat white men as one of their own, they let them know overtly or indirectly that they’re an outsider.

    It’s a known phenomenon that transracial adoptions do actually result in non-white children thinking they’re white in their mind when they’re very young, and when they realize they are different it’s very traumatizing to them.

  • Charles Martel

    Most blacks can’t read and properly comprehend a book such as this, so he is preaching to the chior.

    • AmericanCitizen

      And the Liberals just say the book is racist. The fact the author is black doesn’t penetrate their narrow minds.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    The Douglass view–that black success depends on blacks–prevailed until about the middle of the 20th century…. The Douglass view–that black success depends on blacks–prevailed until about the middle of the 20th century.

    I think the reason for this is plain to see. The Douglass view of blacks lifting themselves up by their own bootstraps was tried for nearly a hundred years, and it failed utterly in equalizing the races. This was, of course, due to blacks’ lower average IQ level, weaker work ethic, lower morality, and other intrinsic factors.

    Seeing this, the liberals changed course and decided to try a different tactic, and this resulted in the “blame whitey” strategy in use today. I don’t think the lefties are going to change this strategy un less they are forced to do so kicking and screaming, because the alternative Riley proposes has already been tried and has been shown to be an utter failure.

    The only strategy left now is to admit that blacks will never be able to function at a level anywhere near equal to whites (and Asians), something that would strip liberal arguments of their power in dispossessing the white man. In other words, it won’t happen until liberals are forced to do so.

  • Shadow

    I think the most important lesson to be learned from this is the following : no amount of White “benevolence” in the world can be a viable substitute for the initiative blacks must discover within themselves to secure for them and their families lives of dignified self-sufficiency.


      “lesson to be learned” – “initiative” – “blacks must discover within themselves” – “secure for them and their families” – “dignified self-sufficiency” – Well well well, look what we have here. Seems to me like we’ve got ourselves one of them there racist we’ve been hearing so much about. You know, one of “those people”, who think black folks should stand on their own two feet like everyone else. Let me guess, you probably also think that White people are not single handedly responsible for any and all black criminality, huh? I bet you don’t even acknowledge the culpability White people have when black men choose to beat their wives. Or when black kids fall and scrape their knees while playing. Or when black women accidentally get shampoo in their eyes, miss an episode of American Idol, or show up late for an appointment to “get their hair dided”.

      Not to mention the fact that bla,,,, the fact that,,,black,,,,, Ehhhhhha!,,You know what,,, never mind!,,,,, Why do I even try to be sarcastic about this crap? My sarcastic and ridiculous blame Whitey for any and everything shtick. Is now so close to how black America ( and just as much if not more of White America < yes, mostly liberal idiots fresh off the liberal idiot production line we call college ) actually sees what they call "Race Relations". That it just makes me feel dirty in the end, and by dirty I mean, dirty like shaking the hand of serial racial arsonist Al Sharpton dirty. So yeah, I'm now off to get a shower. Cheers!

  • anony

    Excellent idea! But how do you organize such a thing when we have no voice?

    • Usually Much Calmer

      You have a voice. Follow your conscience.

      • anony

        I was thinking about a national voice such as a component of the MSM, for example, which could reach millions of people at once and regularly.

        • Usually Much Calmer

          MSM is dying. People are like water and will follow the path of least resistance. News travels faster via informal networks now than from the top down and the infrastructure to support that grows every day.

          You have influence. If you cannot wield it the way you would like: practice.

          The fruits of the Alinsky tactics were 60 years in the making. They may be at their apogee and unstable. Chin up, anony! We’ll need you.


    “Why you be talkin like you is White Un-cool Jason? Dont you be no-in dat you is black an-shee-it?” – Sinseerlee, Yo Neese, Tawana Mishell-O’Botswana Riley. “Na-imeen?”

    • Douglas Quaid

      One of the sparse examples of an intelligent mind in the black community, the overwhelming black response: mockery.

      • benvad

        When things don’t go his way he’ll turn and attack, just like they all do. Like a scorpion it’s reacting according to its nature.

  • Uncle_Dan

    And the cure is so beautifully simple: let the chips fall where they may.

  • benvad

    The best solution is to send them away far far away.

  • benvad

    Hiw much do you think it wily cost to outsource their care to an African country or Brazil? Like how Germans are having their old cared for in Thailand.

  • Chris R

    Reading through some of the minimum wage and unionization arguments make me think we should support an increase to the minimum wage and unionization just to price them out of cities. You’ve seen how gentrification is a bane to them.

  • WR_the_realist

    The state of black Americans today has a mixture of genetic and cultural causes. In the 1950s the white illegitimacy rate was 5% and the black illegitimacy rate was 20%. Today the white illegitimacy rate is higher than it was for blacks then, and the current black illegitimacy rate is over 70%. Similarly at all times blacks have had significantly higher crime rates than whites, but in the 1950s black crime rates were well below what that are now.

    So if all the damn fool ideas of the left were undone we would definitely see an improvement in the state of black America, but they would still be behind whites.

  • WR_the_realist

    The black population continues to grow every year while the white population declines every year. Yet we’re supposed to get all upset about so-called “black genocide”. The higher rate of black abortion simply reflects the fact that black people are more likely to have sex without taking the proper precautions to avoid pregnancy.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    (Just a comment about the first picture with the two black kids)

    I noticed both of those kids have a line cut in their hair to resemble a parted hairline. Blacks do not have hair that parts. Whites have hair that parts on the side. Once again blacks, especially those that hate whites, try to make themselves look more white.


  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    Here are two quotes from Jesse Owens: The BLACK who won a gold in the 1936 Olympics.

    “Hitler had a certain time to come to the stadium and a certain time to leave. It happened he had to leave before the victory ceremony after the 100 meters. But before he left I was on my way to a broadcast and passed near his box. He waved at me and I waved back. I think it was bad taste to criticize the ‘man of the hour’ in another country.”

    “Hitler didn’t snub me – it was FDR who snubbed me. The president didn’t even send me a telegram.”

    Maybe being called “just like Hitler” is a complement.


  • Mike

    I might have cared about this a while ago but I could care less now. Note how even the book supposedly aimed at urging blacks to be more responsible is aimed at whites: “Stop Helping Us”. How about calling the book “Let’s Start Helping Ourselves” instead.

  • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

    Being factually, philosophically, empirically, concretely correct has now become irrelevant. Power-as Alinsky said-is the only prize and object of attainment. Everything today, especially “science” is bent, warped, and modified to accommodate the greatest power and the enrichment of the powerful. All of the doctrines taught today as nouveau interpretations of Reality-Critical Theory, Critical Race Theory, PostModernism, PostStructualism, and other “relativistic” doctrines have left generations of Whites without a cultural, spiritual reference that defines and guides them. Without continuity from blood and soil, reverence for ancestors, and affinity for one’s race, there is no hope for Whites to withstand and resist the assaults against them, be it ideology or physical.

  • LexiconD1

    No it wont.

    Who do you think has all the money, power and runs Mexico? Because it’s not your typical Mestizos. Especially, the one’s who immigrate, legally or not, here.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Jason Riley and W.E.B. Du Bois had/have a high level of European DNA, judging from their features and high yellow tone. Holder the octaroon and Obama the half-breed do, too. Maybe it’s time to see the ones with significant European DNA booster shots as a separate? Maybe Riley’s book title should read: Stop helping the high yellows.

    • Riley looks about as negro as they come. Some blacks are smart even without white admixture.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        In America there is no such thing, except for Obama’s people getting off the planes in Minnesota. American Blacks have an average European DNA booster shot of 22%.