Income Inequality: The Debate Ignores Race

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, January 31, 2014

What Obama will never tell you.

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Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
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  • David Ashton

    “From each according to his inability, to each according to his greed.” Marx updated.

    • slash345

      Well said.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Another title for this AmRen video: The stupidity of massive third world immigration.

  • There has always been income inequality, there will always be income inequality. Even in a healthy white ethnonationalist society with a reasonable rational balanced system of economics that isn’t deliberately skewered to elite, there will be income inequality.

    However, the devil of the income inequality (ii) issue today is that mass non-white immigration is doubly exacerbating the problem: Not only is it importing more broke people, which by itself creates ii statistically speaking, but mass cheap non-white labor amounts to a massive transfer per year of national GDP from labor to capital, which means on top of more poverty, the top 1% of the top 1% are much better off than they would otherwise be.

    “$60k/yr to house a hoosegowbird in New York…more than Harvard”

    We don’t call it “Bell Curve U” for nothing.

    “Income taxes for racial groups”

    EITC is the main reason why I guesstimate that in the universe of personal income taxes alone, among the blacks that file income tax returns, they are net recipients. That’s not even counting welfare usage.

    “Immigrants will pay for our retirement”

    Swapping out more highly paid white labor for lower paid Hispanic labor means fewer dollars that the FICA tax collects.

    “Bill Gates”

    Disagree, but I’ll grind on that another time.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      JT for Prezzy of the United Jiggy States of Diversica!

      Seriously, I’d vote. Never voted protest before, but did not even bother at all last time. I’d vote for him in a heartbeat.

      Would get good publicity. I’d serve as his bodyguard. I’d take a bullet for him.

  • Jim Barlow

    Diversity implies differences between individuals. Different skills, knowledge, behaviors, etc. Everyone accepts this to be accurate – and we are audaciously told it’s our “greatest strength”

    But, when this diversity results in differences in income & lifestyle, it suddenly becomes inappropriate.

    Equality itself is inherently unnatural, you cannot make it happen. Human populations fall onto a bell curve with respect to their abilities, and no amount of tax payer money will change this.

    I’d never thought about the idea of “importing poorness” but it’s a great way to conceptually look at our current state. We are importing people that are contradictory to the goals out congressmen advocate. But this promise that these elected officials provide is what attracts the illegals here in the first place.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      I remember when ‘diversity’ in America meant only one thing: diversity of experience.

  • sbuffalonative

    ‘Give us your tired, your poor, huddled masses, homeless, and wretched refuse.’

    • NoMosqueHere

      When the immigrants were white this was ok. Now they’re third worlders, who will always be poor.

      • sbuffalonative

        Let’s not forget we also had standards. Not everyone who tried to come here was allowed to stay. We used to be selective even in regards to the white people we allowed to immigrate.

        Could you imagine rejecting someone for health reasons? Today, having a communicable disease is considered a reason to let someone in.

        • IstvanIN

          50% of all male Italian immigrants prior to WWI returned to Italy because they couldn’t make it here. Now we subsidize the losers, including the illegals I might add.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            That’s because when you ‘sponsored’ someone from Italy, you were responsible for them.

            Now ‘sponsor’ means: “Here Uncle Sam, he’s yours”.

          • Katherine McChesney

            In 2009, I met a working Mexicanman in Santa Monica who was saving money to return to Mexico. He said many would return home because they weren’t aware that you had to have good credit to experience the American Dream.

        • 1stworlder

          My grandmother said that at Ellis Island turned away sickly Europeans.

    • DaveMed

      Exactly. Anyway, who was Lazarus to set the terms for American immigration?

  • sbuffalonative

    Said it before. Do the math.

    Poor, uneducated, low-skill immigrants with large families working minimum wage in a first world economy.

    They clearly can’t afford to live here on minimum wage so someone has to subsidize their housing, food, transportation, health care, schooling, etc.

    Illegal immigration is tax payer subsidized corporate welfare. Businesses aren’t paying them enough so tax payers have to make up the difference.

    How anyone can say these people are or ever will be a net benefit to the economy is a liar.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      It depends on WHOSE economy you are talking about. For the 1% it is a benefit, for the 99% a disaster. Always ask this question when a politician says some measure is “good for the economy”. Free trade was also “good for the economy”, but only for the 1%.

    • TheAntidote

      The rub is that they’re ‘working” but few of them are really doing anything productive. They’re not in mills or factories; they’re primarily servants scrubbing toilets, busing tables, and delivering Chinese take-out.

  • LACounty

    Secession and border control for those that secede. I don’t see another viable option.

  • ncpride

    These are the tastefully done videos I show my kids so they can understand what we are facing. Good job, AmRen.

    • jartaylor

      Thanks very much.

      • We’ve had requests to post the text of the vids in this thread for the hearing impaired.

      • LACounty

        Wish I had half your patience and eloquence.

      • tlk244182

        Thank you for everything you’re doing to save our race and culture. You are a hero. (Having said that, I suddenly realized I havent put my $ where my comment is. I’m donating now.)

      • sbuffalonative

        Mr. Taylor.

        I have a suggestion for videos and articles.

        Most AR articles and videos are being written and produced for and from a male perspective. You may not see it this way or intend it as such but I do believe most articles and videos have a ‘male’ bias, perspective, and audience.

        The ‘progressive’ left, on the other hand, often exploit the drives, motives, and fears of women. The so-called ‘War on Women’ is a perfect example. It’s an easy shorthand to stoke the fears of women that men, left unchecked, will drive women from the work force, deny them the control of their bodies and reproductive systems, and force them back into the home to serve men.

        As such, I would like to see articles and videos directed towards white women; specifically white mothers.

        While white women are drawn to liberal causes and support them because women are, by nature, more empathetic than men, white mothers need to know the ultimate consequences of the liberal policies they support and how they will affect their white children.

        While white mothers may support the idea of integrated schools, are they aware of the level of violence and intimidation their white children face when they’re among non-whites? Do they really understand that supporting Affirmative Action means their white children will have fewer chances to get into quality schools or high-level jobs?

        These ideas must be explicitly stated in clear and direct terms. White mothers must be shown that support of Affirmative Action means limiting the options and futures of their own white children and may even put the lives of their children in danger.

        I believe many white women subconsciously understand these issues which is why they choose to rear their families in suburbs. However, I don’t believe they’re consciously aware of what impact supporting liberal causes will have on their children. There needs to be a conservative equivalent of the ‘War on Women’; ‘The War on White Children’ that appeals to both the hearts and minds of white mothers.

        With all due respect, I would like to see a series of videos that start with a statement such as:

        “Hello. My name is Jared Taylor. Today I would like to speak to mothers, specifically white mothers of white children about the consequences Affirmative Action and diversity will have on the lives, future and safety of their white children”.

        I hope you will give my idea consideration.

        Best regards,


        • Anna Tree

          Great request Sbuffalonative!

          There are some exchanges between white racialist women on some Amren threads, Mr. Jared Taylor could/should hear our thoughts/advices etc if he wishes. This video could help the white movement too I think :

          Some white men have lost trust with white women. I don’t blame them. I respect their wounds and the healing needed. I do hope those wounds regarding white women can heal: white women need white men big time in the fight that is coming. But I hope they also know that we both need each others: we are not that many and… at the most basic, white women are needed for white children. It would be nice to have those issues covered to.

          I always say “I love my daughters like I love my sons”, white women know the discrimination white men are subjects to, most keep silence, some are even happy 🙁 but don’t they realize their sons will be or already are victims too?! Some see and really don’t care: they are really giving their/our children as sacrifices to the gods of diversity.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            I support the notion of videos to White women. We do need more pro-White women like us, because this will make our movement more attractive to both men and women.

        • ricpic

          “While white mothers may support the idea of integrated schools, are they aware of the level of violence and intimidation their white children face when they’re among non-whites?”

          We’re often told about womens’ intuition. Even if it is only a half-truth that women have greater intuition than men how could they not be aware of the danger that black children pose to their own children? They know. And yet they also intuit that to think such a thought, i.e. blacks hate us, fill their children with that hate and then send those same low impulse control children to a school where they are in close all day contact with our children…to think such a thought is verboten. It is the worst thing in the world to harbor such a thought, all the best people say so. And that’s why white women persuade themselves to not know what they know. In women, the internal commandment to not think thoughts that are not proper, that are not approved, is much stronger than it is in men. Because along with her intuition a huge element in female nature is the impulse to placate, to get along, to fit in.

      • dukem1

        JT: I suggest that in a future video you mention the fact that South American immigrants seem quite culturally comfortable in an oligarchy…they see nothing wrong with income/lifestyle inequality so long as they are afloat.
        Unfortunately, they are quite comfortable to just exist. That current policies in the US provide them with so much more than their native states is just a bit of icing on their cake.
        Combined with the fact that there is a huge industry here that feeds on providing them with excuses to create a feeling of resentment…
        Well, either here we are, or there ya go.

    • sbuffalonative

      Yes. Every one of these videos is a home run packed with relevant facts and information and provocative statements sure to raise eyebrows and hopefully encourage debate.

      I would encourage everyone to post links on other websites were comments are permitted.

      I posted three AR links on the original article, ” ‘U’ Students Want Crime Alerts to Avoid Using Racial Descriptions” but unfortunately, the 3300+ comments were deleted. Hopefully, AR picked up a few new followers before the ax came down.

      • dukem1

        I linked this presentation on my FB page. Probably be down to one friend a week from now…But I just don’t care anymore..The world is a dangerous place. It’s us against them. I’m for us.

  • newscomments70

    This message is the cold, hard truth. Those in power will not listen to a word of it.

  • dd121

    So half the folks in the country get free stuff from the government. The repubs at least advocate lowering the cost of dependency, even if they don’t really do it. The dems on the other hand are spreading the cash around (your cash). The conclusion is why would these people ever vote for another repub? Well, they know that, and of course don’t vote for repubs. It’s the end of the two party system and the beginning of leftist absolute control. BTW, the founders warned of this fatal flaw in our form of government. It’s been the death of every democracy in history.

    • IstvanIN

      A good argument can be made against universal suffrage. Democracy is not universal suffrage nor should it be.

      • dd121

        The founders certainly understood that and made provision. Free white land holding men 21 and older. I have no doubt that if we had held to that standard the country would be thriving.
        Bringing females into the equation had some unintended and very negative consequences. The electorate went from the rational evaluations of men to the emotive of females. The influence of females has certainly been felt in politicas to this day and to our nations great detriment. Even Ann Coulter has commented on this.

        • M.

          Are you seriously blaming the leftist turn of the country on the female electorate?

          Turkey had universal suffrage 15 years before the French, and the socially conservative Islamists came two power three times in a row in the last three elections.

          • dd121

            I think the left has at least exploited their voting tendencies. I wouldn’t compare the American experience with Turkey’s.

          • sbuffalonative

            Islam neither accepts or allows for feminist dogma.

          • M.

            Turkey is a secular country with a Muslim majority. They do have feminist groups and all that. It’s the people themselves who chose islamists and put them in power. No one obliged them to do so.

          • M.

            Neither does Christianity. But religion reflects the people. Saudi Muslims are nothing like Tunisian Muslims. The latter recently enshrined equality of the genders in their new constitution. Even though the country’s population is overwhelmingly Muslim.

            Edit: Whoever is blindly downvoting every single comment of mine should at least have the decency of responding to my points with actual arguments.

          • The Turkish army certainly prefers less religion.

          • M.

            Yes, but it lost its grip a little this last decade. Secularism was rather forced on them.

          • Ella

            I’d like to see the White male voting stats from New England States that reek with liberalism. Many Western States currently are near-half for White males. So I would not blame women when you study these recent percentages.

          • ME, VT, MA, DC, OR, WA.

            The only states (DC being one in EC terms) where white men voted Obama.

          • Anna Tree

            I also put a blame for the leftist turn of the country on the female electorate for the reasons dd121 cited.

            And the problem is not only the mostly emotions-driven character of the women: another aspect is that feminism is anti-men (precisely anti-white men as feminism is a white country’s product). That anti-white men influence, disguised as equal right moves, has weakened our societies who were created and powered by white men. Similarly affirmative action is anti-white men, as is all the other special rights laws, another example are hate-crimes. All these movements have rendered white men a discriminated minority in their own lands and therefore have destroyed the white men lands and societies.

            M., I think the islamists come to power often because of the muslim
            women: they are more religious and think islam is their savior (notably to protect them from bad men) when in fact it is the reason of their suffering (islam triggers many of the men’s actions).

        • sbuffalonative

          The ‘progressive’ left has certainly exploited the natural nature of women to be caring, compassionate, empathic, and tolerant.

      • Laura Dilworth

        Initially, white male property owners had the vote here

        • Franklin_Ryckaert

          I would base voting rights not on property but on a minimum IQ (+ minimum education). Say a minimum IQ of 115 and a minimum of secondary education. The stupid and uninformed should have no say in governance.

          • Laura Dilworth


          • Einsatzgrenadier

            This is a bad idea. IQ isn’t enough. The higher the IQ, the stronger the attraction to “evolutionarily novel” preferences, meaning that high intelligence is closely associated with a left-leaning political orientation. This will give us a leadership consisting of arrogant, high-IQ bureaucratic collectivists who know what’s best for the masses.

            The more sensible idea is to restrict universal suffrage to white men (who are more conservative than women), with a minimum average IQ and a minimum property qualification. Ensuring that voters are white males who have a major stake in the society they are voting for will prevent them from making foolish choices, i.e. socially engineering multicultural utopias into existence.

          • JohnEngelman

            What about non white males who otherwise meet your qualifications? Would you like to disenfranchise them?

          • WR_the_realist

            I’d settle for these requirements. IQ of at least 100. The dumbest half can’t vote. You do not need to be a property owner but you must live out of your parents’ house and demonstrate that no more that 20% of your income has a government source. In short, you must be a grown up who won’t benefit directly from bigger government and have a modicum of intelligence.

  • NoMosqueHere

    And what about the quality of life in America? Well, it’s intolerable. Privacy is gone, travel is an abomination, and alienation is the norm. It wasn’t always like that. Until diversity reared it’s ugly head.

    In the 1960 and 70s, when I was a kid, you could walk into any public building in New York City. including courthouses, without being stopped or searched. I remember it. Today courthouses are like military camps. And air travel was a breeze, a pleasurable experience. Today, it’s hellish, an uncivilized infringement on your privacy and personal integrity.

    What changed? Well, in 1960, America’s population was around 190 million, of which 90 percent were white. And immigration was still restricted. You knew who your neighbors were and where they came from. There was some diversity, but you didn’t have to wonder if Muhammed next door is a jihadist trying to kill you and your countrymen; and you didn’t have millions of hopelessly poor immigrants from third world countries sucking the public teat dry.

    Diversity has wrecked this country.

    • IstvanIN

      I remember, as a child, being able to walk or bike anywhere, many miles from home. By the time my daughter was in grade school I was paranoid about where she was. I grieve for my grandson’s future, no freedom at all.

    • Tarczan

      I remember it too, and I don’t think we are going back.

    • sbuffalonative

      Just a couple years ago, I could drive, ride a bike, or walk into Canada from where I lived simply by saying, ‘I’m an American citizen born in the US’. Today I need a passport or an enhanced drivers license.

      • Bossman

        Well, you can’t blame Hispanics and Blacks for that. It is the hordes of Islam that are responsible for that.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          Yeah, they almost succeeded in blowing up the Space Needle in Seattle, after crossing the Canadian border as I remember. That probably put an end to casual border crossings.

    • Kenner

      1960 population was more like 150 million…

    • libori

      The reason that Muhammad is next door and is trying to kill you is the result of our meddling in their home countries on behalf of the same group that pushes immigration of third-worlders and the abolition of the Western European heritage of this country.

  • MBlanc46

    If tens of millions of jobs that ought to have been available to native-born Americans hadn’t been exported to Asia and Latin America, we’d still be a prosperous nation that could afford to repair the roads and bridges, have a space program, and educate our young people without saddling them with decades of debt.

  • IstvanIN

    The only thing that can save us now is God, a virus or a mad scientist.

    • LACounty

      I would add lead. Celebrate diversity. Lead comes in many shapes and sizes, and travels at various speeds. And lead never discriminates. I’ve never seen or read about lead being racist.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Or better yet all three; an insane, diseased deity.

    • Anna Tree

      Actually if God exists, then is he not making this happens? If you respond with free will etc, is he testing us? Will he save us if we fail? etc etc
      A virus could harm us as much as our enemies, as a mad scientist would too.

      The only thing that can save us is … us.

      Elements of survival:
      1) Knowledge
      2) Luck
      3) Kit
      4) Will to survive

      1) Each of us speaking up, not only Mr. Jared Taylor: the alternative (not speaking up) is our death, we don’t have nothing to loose anymore so better to reach out. With more of our numbers, Mr. Taylor and others will too have more strength/opportunities to be invited to spread his message. And of course more one of us know, more he can share and sound rational.
      —> More white waking up to the truth.

      2) Not in our power, but some will come to us. Let’s be ready to seize those occurences to our benefit.

      3) Starting racialist white neighborhoods, small towns even choosing a future break away state. Of course being well protected and prepared, armed, books, skills, resources, machines, people with different experiences and professions etc
      —> Plan plan A, B, C etc

      4) (That means not waiting or wishing for God, a virus or a mad scientist LOL)
      The will to survive I get it upon looking at my children and being proud of the white heritage: to create a better future even if it means a worsen present and to preserve the achievements our ancestors wanted to give to their descendants, i.e. not us but our children, even if it means sacrificing for the moment part of our lands. To survive so our white genes and culture survive.
      —> Surrender is not a choice

      • IstvanIN

        I agree God does not intervene in our day to day lives, at least not in ways that are obvious to the average person, nor do I recommend waiting for such intervention. As for a virus, a sexually transmitted virus with a quick kill rate would do wonders since most whites don’t have sex with blacks and blacks lack much in the way of impulse control. I suppose a mad scientist is wishful thinking since most scientists are liberals.

  • Spartacus

    This is a good presentation, but mister Taylor should remember that our enemies don’t use logic, or anything remotely resembling it, so self-evident notions like “importing poor people means you’ll have more poor people” is something they cannot grasp .

  • Garrett Brown

    All social issues are non existent if you do not calculate the problem and possible solution based on race and genetics.

  • OhWow

    What America is doing right now is the equivalent of going to the grocery store and picking out all the discolored oranges with mold and worms inside of them while other countries like China and Japan are picking the healthy, ripe, and clean oranges. It literally makes no sense. Diversity is a mental disorder.

    • Andy

      Or going to the store and finding produce with genetic deformities and planting them in your land as an invasive species…

    • DaveMed

      Your analogy is perfect. Sadly, it is too honest to use on other sites.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      I just watched the latest 60 Minutes episode featuring that European American whiz-kid, Jack Andraka.

      The biotech and big pharma industries are the worst offenders in the social engineering/dumb-down-drills. White males are considered radioactive in those places. And in walks this 14 year old kid and kicks all their dumbed-down butts. A room full of socially engineered poopy faces. You can only fake smart for so long. I was grinning ear-to-ear.

      Jack has just the right mix of fluid and crystalized intelligence. He’s the perfect example of why this country vaulted to the front of the pack.

      Atta boy, Jack!

  • Massif1

    Los Angeles Unified School District spent $1 billon on iPads for 30,000 students. Majority of these students are hispanics and blacks. The Los Angeles County is an example of things to come when hispanics and blacks are in positions of spending government funds. As long as white tax payer is providing the funds, the others will be spending the money on their own people.

    • sbuffalonative

      Yes, but now urban blacks and Hispanics have iPads like the snooty rich white suburban kids so now they’re all equal. The disparity is gone. Blacks and Hispanic children can now rise, nay, surpass white kids! (At least that’s the theory).

    • DaveMed

      Unbelievable. They get their toys while I, a graduate student, deny myself a smartphone with a data plan in order to save money.

      • Fair Dinkum

        Worse, you’re subsidizing service for all those blacks and browns who get free Obamaphones with (ahem) a “fee” on your smart phone.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Wished I’d had a few thousand dollars, I probably could have bought a lot of barely used iPads from LAUSD students at pennies on the dollar.

  • Lagerstrom

    The ‘invented non-issue’ of ‘income inequality’ is threatening to turn into a non-issue that rivals ‘marriage equality’. I’ve been hearing about ‘income inequality’ quite a lot lately.
    Could anyone tell me where and by what or whom this ‘non-issue’ became a relevant talking-point?
    What exactly is meant by ‘income inequality’ anyway? What injustice is being committed if an obviously highly-qualified or talented person is rewarded for their efforts more that someone (such as myself) who doesn’t have such a great job, or is unqualified, or not really good at much in general?
    Does the issue of ‘income inequality’ apply to people such as ‘Fitty Cent’, Icey-T, Lady Gaga, McDonna (sic), Beyonce or any other clown that struck it rich?

    • “Could anyone tell me where and by what or whom this non-issue became a relevant talking point?”

      That and I can tell you why.

      A controlled burn by the Obama White House to distract from the uber-failure that is ObamaDontCare.

  • Laura Dilworth

    It’s National Feel Sorry Month

  • Transpower

    The proper method of income distribution is “From each as they choose, to each as they are chosen” (from Robert Nozick). The government should simply prosecute the initiation of force, theft, and fraud, and otherwise just leave us alone.

  • $3 trillion for health care expenses divided by 250 billion person-hours worked, both in a year, comes to $12 an hour.

    $1 trillion for all K-12 public education, and that’s another $4 an hour.

    The problem with Schaeffer’s Number and the economic and policy implications that people draw for it is this: Not all economic value added goes to labor. Not all Federal revenue collection comes from personal income taxes.

    It’s mawkish to say and think that if you make $15 an hour, that you’re not even pulling our own weight with regards to education and health care alone. That’s because the economic forces from which you earn your $15 an hour are themselves productive and adding to the economy. And while lots of people are under Schaeffer’s Number, there are lots of people over it, pulling their own weight and the lot of other people’s weight.

    While I think the Gross Domestic Product figures are questionable because they count too much intangible snake oil as productivity, (and it gets worse all the time), let’s play along. The $15.68 trillion GDP in 2012 divided by 250 billion person-hours worked makes $62.72 an hour. The real Schaeffer Number economy-wide is $62.72, which means if you make less than that, and almost everyone does, you’re not pulling your own economic weight. That much an hour works to $130,457 a year, which puts whoever earns it at the 96.3 percentile, i.e. the top 3.7% of individual income earners. So the whole economic-philosophical basis beind Shaeffer’s Number, taken to its logical conclusion, is that 96.3% of us are slackers and aren’t pulling our weight, and therefore, in the opinion of some (cough, cough, won’t say Ron Unz, cough cough), the minimum wage should be raised to $62.72 an hour.

    Who really believes that?

  • Sal

    There has nothing ever been wrong with income inequality. The politiicians talk about how it is a problem, but never why it is a problem.

  • LACounty

    Thanks, Dave. Great vid.

  • Reverend Bacon


    Another good video, and I think it was more direct than usual. You pointed out that we don’t know exactly how much we pay for this beautiful thing called, “diversity,” but it ain’t cheap. At some point, people who are being told they aren’t paying “their fair share” will wake up and realize that their paying far too much.

    As for your “missing statistics” you would love to have- they are buried in this data here:

    You would need to research the available stats of income distribution- it’s typically chi-square, skewed-to-the-right, not normal (i.e. Gaussian), but you can probably make a good estimate of the percent of blacks-and-hispanics in each quintile using some straightforward analysis and assumptions. It would take a few hours work by someone who is reasonably competent in both research and statistics. Then you can publish it, have it peer-reviewed, and wait for the anti-racists to figure out how they’re going to attack you. Which they will. As Bill Maher would say if he really knew the truth, “the truth has an anti-liberal bias.”

    Thanks for the video.


  • And why is that?

    Way more supply of than demand for labor.

    It’s only going to get worse, way way way worse, even if we don’t throw the borders wide open. Technology is going to make the income earning work of a significant portion of humanity unnecessary in the coming decades.

  • Bossman

    The USA does not import poor people. Those that crossed the border without inspection were not imported. Some are brought in to do the work that no citizen wants to do. If Blacks are still at the bottom, it is because the past legacy of slavery and racial discrimination still casts a long shadow.

    • MBlanc46

      “Some are brought in to do the work that no citizen wants to do.”

      This is a common refrain. Where’s the empirical evidence? And please make sure that “work” and “no citizen wants” are sufficiently well operationalized that a meaningful test can be devised.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Your talking points are so dated now. The information to disabuse you of these silly notions is so easily and readily available that I can only conclude that you are either very young or very foolish.

    • M.

      How exactly does having a great-great-grandfather who was a slave influence one’s life in 2014?

      As for discrimination, how long do you think “reverse discrimination” against white people is it gonna take for blacks to catch up?

    • paul marchand

      Legacy, you say? There were about 597,000 slaves imported into the US, 1600s to 1860.
      Blacks in the USA have committed about that many, or more, murders.
      That’s a legacy.

    • WR_the_realist

      Wow, we have somebody here who believes this? Every job done by illegal immigrants today was done by American citizens (white or black) when I was a kid. Really. Lawns got mowed. Crops got picked. Drywall got put up. Roofs got repaired. Fast food restaurants were staffed by teenagers, not adult illegal immigrants. Every job done by illegal immigrants could be done today by American citizens, although in many cases you’d have to pay a higher wage to attract workers. So you are making apologies for the corporate overlords who have used illegal immigration to drive down wages. A typical liberal.

      And you must be the last guy in America who really believes that “legacy of slavery” nonsense.

  • MBlanc46

    A point that needs to be emphasized over and over.


    You are a genius Mr. Taylor your insights are greatly educational,
    thanks for the video.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Whites are more individualistic than non-whites because both groups were exposed to different environments during the course of their human biological evolution. Non-whites evolved in areas where there was intense competition for scarce material resources among different kinship-based social groups. Tribalism and ethnocentrism were traits that were eventually selected for by natural selection. In these kinds of environments, social groups would manifest a high degree of tribal loyalty and distrust for outsiders.

    Whites, on the other hand, inhabited the North Eurasian/Circumpolar culture area for an extended period of time. This was when the region was covered with glaciers. There was less intergroup competition for scarce resources because ecological constraints imposed by the harsh winters of the Ice Age made it difficult to sustain large kinship-based social groups. Furthermore, such relative isolation also encouraged greater individual ingenuity. This resulted in a random stranger being seen as a much needed resource, rather than as a threat to group social cohesion.

    The emergence of individualism among whites was the result of a utility calculation, determined by the local intensity of group-based competition for scarce resources. Because of European social isolation and local ecological constraints, the environment inhabited by whites would select for individualism and altruism far more readily than the environments inhabited by non-whites.

    Unfortunately for white people, their greater individualistic tendency has made them more receptive to the notion that we should all be treated as individuals and that race differences don’t matter. It is only in white societies that you will find the majority of people concerned about “racism”; it is only in white societies that you will find the majority of people promoting their own ethnic suicide through mass 3rd world immigration and the ideology of multiculturalism. So, despite the endless multicultural indoctrination about whites being supposedly more racist than non-whites, whites are actually the least racist group of people on earth. The problem with white people is not so much that they are racist, the problem is that they are not racist enough, especially when only the most aggressive displays of white racism can guarantee the survival of the white race in the western hemisphere.

  • pcmustgo

    wow… never thought of that

  • NoMosqueHere

    Jewish scientists cured polio; I am sure with the assistance of white christian scientists.

    • DaveMed

      You are correct. I noted that during the video.

      (Some consider Ashkenazic Jews to be White if they so identify, but Dickson apparently does not. )

      • ThomasER916

        DNA evidence indicates that Askenazi are European converts.

        Jews believe they’re not white. They believe they’re “the other.” This is the same indoctrination that leads whites to believe in Liberalism. Humans can muster up all sorts of delusions.

        • DaveMed

          I suspect that, absent the screeching and whining of the Abe Foxmans, Barbare Spectres, and other obnoxious figures, most Ashkenazic Jews would fairly naturally identify as “White.”

          I believe this is what generally happens on applications to college/grad school/etc.

          This does not mean that the current ethnic identification of many Jews does not pose a problem to Western societies. But I believe that it does indicate potential for rehabilitation (just as the therapy for White liberalism is likely to require some time).

          • ThomasER916

            The Jewish “identity” is no different from that of Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Walker. It’s a sham.

          • DaveMed

            You’re certainly correct in that mainstream Jewish “identity” in 2014 basically consists of being a victim. Not very substantive.

            (Is that what you were getting at?)

            That said, I suppose that any religion will have its own culture to some degree. Catholicism is different from Lutheranism, etc.

  • Firestarter

    Not race, but work ethic. Being born a certain race does not guarantee success or failure. There is plenty of white trash out there on welfare and plenty of non-Whites who built businesses and made scientific discoveries.

    • Anna Tree

      Numbers prove you wrong and if number weren’t, it wouldn’t matter: Africa for Africans, Asia for Asian and white countries for white people. We will care about white poor, please care about your own poor. We will be proud of our great men, you are welcome to be proud of yours and reap the fruits of their businesses and scientific discoveries.

      • Firestarter

        I am white. I fully support Europe for Europeans. I do not support European claims over historically non-white countries.

        • Martel

          Just because you don’t support the claim doesn’t mean you can ignore the entire question. A multi-ethnic society will without a shred of doubt become a society where distrust, corruption and violence plaque its citizens. Its not as much about historical legitimacy, as guiding this multicultural project towards a relatively peaceful solution.

    • WR_the_realist

      Well, the work ethic and other attributes relevant to success are all strongly correlated with race. Are there law abiding, intelligent, and hard working blacks and Mestizos? Sure. But when millions of them immigrate, or already live here, you are stuck with the averages. And for blacks and Mestizos, the averages aren’t very impressive.

  • Anna Tree

    Sam Dickson:
    “I believe that if our race ceases to exist, that everything we love and cherish will cease with it. If we go, speaking in environmental terms, all efforts to save the whooping crane or the roseate’s spoonbill or to reserve threatened species, these efforts will die with us. I believe the ideas of fairness, of ordered justice will die with us. Objective scientific inquiry will die with us. I don’t want this, and I don’t want to think that thousand years after my death, the Acropolis will be ground up to make cement by people who don’t care about it, the Chaucer will be forgotten, Shakespeare will no longer be read, there will be no blondes in the wolrd. I think this is a mistake and it is why I take the stand I take. Doesn’t it bother you?”

    I had this conversation so many times… Really there are white people who don’t care and I also was shocked and angry that they were in fact not caring about their own children… and mine/ours…

    I agree with Mr. Dickson, the individual is not more important than society.

    By the way “proof by atrocity” is a fallacy, it’s called a Reductio ad Hitlerum
    (playing the Nazi card) – comparing an opponent or their argument to
    Hitler or Nazism in an attempt to associate a position with one that is
    universally reviled. (See also – Godwin’s law)

  • Anna Tree

    People shape countries, not the contrary…

    Jared Taylor:
    “We claim to be fighting poverty… but we import millions of poor people, they then go on to have millions of poor children.”
    “We claim to be fighting crime, but we import people with hight crime rates. We claim to be fighting school failure, but we import people whose children, and grand-children, and great grand-children drop out of schools. We claim to be fighting disease, but we import people with leprocy, tuberculosis and with diseases I can even pronounce. We claim to be fighting for families, but we import people with high rates of illegitimacy and divorce. Crazy? You bet it is… And who pick up the tabs?”

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Do you have anything else to offer besides ad hominem? That’s kind of like dismissing race differences in IQ because the research is based on “right-wing” studies produced by “racists”.

  • I can name a few things on which they spend their income, and not one of these expenses constitutes genuine wealth:

    1. Hair extensions and glued-on fingernails.
    2. Dental “grilles”.
    3. Eating out.
    4. Spinner wheel rims.
    5. Giant-screen TV sets.
    6. Air Jordan “afawete” shoes.
    7. Leased Cadillac Escalades.
    8. Industrial-strength car stereos.
    9. Rent.

    The first eight examples are simply frivolous consumption on depreciating assets: no ice, no water. Even in the last, though it is a necessity, they’re not building equity.

    They’re not saving money for conventional mortgage down-payments. They’re not making outright purchases on vehicles which they can actually afford up-front (I will never finance a vehicle because I refuse to pay interest on a depreciating asset). They’re not contributing pre-tax income to 401(k) plans or even IRAs. They’re not socking after-tax money away into mutual funds. They don’t even keep a nice reserve of “fat” sitting in their checking accounts for use in emergencies.

    Their spending on conspicuous trinkets and baubles represents a completely different set of priorities, approximately what one would expect a pack of 12 year-olds to do with money.

  • Jon

    Not being oppressed just being completely Lazy and people like that will never change or want to. 3rd world immigration is not stupid but suicide.

  • I follow naval issues, and we are seeing that when it comes to ship-breaking former US navy warships. The cost of the labor involved in dismantling an old warship exceeds the value of the materials thus recovered. Since the navy does not want China to get an up-close look at modern US construction techniques, we do not send old warships there for scrapping. Those that are not nuclear powered are typically sunk as targets in very deep water.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Indeed, it often takes scores of missiles or bombs to sink an old warship after all the toxic materials have been removed. One torpedo however usually will sink them.

      • I could tell you why our torpedoes are so good, but then you’d have to shoot me.

        • Zaporizhian Sich

          That’s easy, they are remorseless, and very smart underwater robots that seek out the most damaging spot to explode on or near to destroy a ship or submarine. The SONAR they carry can “see” an object the way we see them with our eyes, that is how they are able to pick the most vulnerable spot to attack. Moreover, they are controlled by a man until they lock on, and only them are they released to attack on their own.

  • JohnEngelman

    There are three main reasons for the increase in economic inequality. Liberals only want to talk about the first one.

    Since the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 the tax system has gotten flatter; a smaller percentage of the work force has belonged to labor unions; the minimum wage has lost ground to inflation.

    A growing population has an inflationary effect on prices, and a deflationary effect on wages. By the law of supply and demand this means higher prices, lower wages, and higher profits. Since the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 the main reason for population growth in the United States has been immigration.

    In the past technological advances have offset the effects of population growth. Computer technology is different, however.

    Computer technology increases the relationship between intelligence and income. It destroys comparatively well paying jobs that those of average and below average people can learn while creating careers for those of above average intelligence and opening opportunities for geniuses to acquire vast fortunes.

    Computer technology makes automation possible, destroying factory jobs and clerical positions. It also makes it possible for business executives in the United States to manage production in low wage third world countries. Increasingly lower level professional jobs are being off shored also.

  • 1stworlder

    They don’t call Pay day loan places racist for nothing.

  • Anna Tree

    Great allegory! The Queen is there to protect the King, to be his right hand. The opponents fight the Queen first, because she is out there, knowing that when she finished, the luck is on their side…

    I will reuse it if you don’t mind!

    White women indeed forgot their reason-d’être, the sponsor/front/surety for them to “être” (i.e. to be), that is their white men.

    Welcome to Amren, Dutch! Hope to read more from you!

  • Dutch

    Integration is a one way direction. Lets take for instance foreign structures built in Holland, with the question if the style of the structure could be integrated in Dutch architecture .

  • Don’t take it too personally that you can’t convert people, and don’t be shoveling the bull on Jared Taylor’s head, either.

    Our cause is the type which almost everyone who is not of it will come to it by means of events and circumstances that we can’t engineer or control or tweak teaching them and toppling the ideological deck of cards that is the egalitarian ideology which they believed religiously until that point.

    But once they experience that “What the…?” moment, again, for something that we can’t do, they’ll vaguely remember seeing a minute or two of some video by some old guy named “Jared” or something like that, then hit Google….boom, off to the racially aware races.

    This is what I think is the purpose of AR. Not necessarily to convince anyone in situ, but to be there to give the final slight push over the line when external events and circumstances start making people question diversity.

    Pun fully intended.

  • DivaEl

    Because so many Hispanics receive cash income under the table, they aren’t as poor as government statistics indicate. Plus plenty of baby mommas on welfare get support from their baby daddies that doesn’t get reported to the welfare office.

    Also, after working for an education publisher, I’ve realized the public education is a get-rich scheme for cronies who supply and service the system. They don’t care about the quality of the input, so why be surprised about the quality of the output? GIGO. And why should property owners be forced to subsidize the education of other people’s children anyway? If you poot ’em out, you should be the one to educate ’em.

  • Pax Romana

    “How much does each race put into the system, and how much does each race take out? Are blacks and Hispanics a net loss?” -Jared Taylor

    Jared, some years back David Horowitz addressed the black population’s tax input vs. the black population receiving government money. This was probably well over ten year ago. I saved it on my computer all these years. I Google searched for a link source of the quoted info, but apparently none any longer exists. Here is the quote:

    “Here are the facts on welfare: Recipients of Aid to Families and Dependent children are 38% black and 31 percent white, while whites are 70% of the population and blacks only 12 percent. In one year alone (1990) blacks received $88 billion in welfare, while blacks paid only $13 billion in taxes to foot this bill. In short, blacks received a net of $75 billion in transfer payments in one year alone.”

    “This given the fact that Whites out number Blacks by a six-to-one ratio in the overall population. In short the monetary equivalent of a Marshall Plan is being transferred from White pockets to Black pockets every three years.”

    • LACountyRedneck

      Just caught your comment on CofCC. Excellent piece of info. Thanks.

  • Avi Marranazo

    I have always thought that race and currency debasement (Fed policy) are the two variables never discussed that heavily contribute to income disparity.

  • rich

    Democracy does not gift you a level playing field. Some people will earn more than others, not because they are smarter then you. Not because they are are more gifted than you. But because of your character not your race.

  • Joe Botz

    The debate ignores refuses to ignore that lazy people’s exist!

  • AZbyNM

    If so, how come there’s so many 2-income workers out there nowadays, not just because of the effects of feminism either.? Most of those mentioned jobs are trade union jobs also. For every college level ‘post-industrial’ job created, there’s @ least 1.5 low wage service jobs created as well. The medium skilled jobs of the mid-20th century in telecommunications,railroads & in factories are being diminished, though not altogether eliminated. The slim major of people no matter what race, though more so for blacks & latinos are just not cut out for 4 year college. Our education system needs to go back focusing on our people learning trades or vocational schooling, maybe having the option of college schooling for certain people.