Australia to Deport Asylum Seekers Who Spit or Swear, Draft Code Reveals

Huffington Post, January 30, 2014

Asylum seekers should be deported for “irritating people, disturbing someone or spitting or swearing in public”, according to the leaked draft of Australia’s Behaviour Code.

Immigration minister Scott Morrison announced in December that detainees would have to sign a new code of conduct, and a draft of the draconian code has been leaked to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

Australia has seen a growing number of refugees from Iran, Afghanistan and Burma, as well as immigrants from South East Asia, but has come under fire for some of its harsh policies toward asylum seekers.

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre said penalties “could start with just a warning, you may have your Red Cross payments reduced or stopped all together or you may be placed in detention in Australia or offshore on Nauru and Manus Island.”


The Greens senator Sarah-Hanson Young called it “clear discrimination against a specific group of people and it needs to be called out for what it is.”

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  • Oil Can Harry

    They should also deport any Third Worlders who break wind, blink their eyes or breathe in public.

  • David Ashton

    We can always speak too soon, but the government of Oz seems a lot better than the government of….Aoteoroa.

  • I can swear like a drunk orcish sailor with Tourette Syndrome, but I prefer long-winded diatribes punctuated with personal anecdotes and cooking recipes.

    • Ella

      I started cursing myself as I live more and more among nonwhites, non-english speaking persons. It’s the mixture of Muslims, Chinese, and Mexicans into a chaotic fusion. We have become what Roosevelt warned of, “This is a nation — not a polyglot boarding house.” He demanded linguistic conformity and Americanization unlike these new immigrants live. He also said to send back the ones who refuse to conform and learn English.

  • bigone4u

    A code of conduct for immigrants is an idea that Republitards ought to embrace. An awful lot of Mexicans would fail, that’s for sure. But I guess cheap labor is first in the hearts of Republicans. At least Australians do not seem to have their minds wrapped around the cheap labor meme. Not that many of their immigrants are much interested in work, either.

  • John Frum

    “Asylum seekers should be deported for “irritating people”
    I’m irritated and not even Australian.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    There isn’t a single western country in existence that needs third world immigration. Westerners are under no moral obligation to run welfare, daycare and job programs for non-white immigrants.

    Third world immigrants are cowards, thieves, parasites and foreign invaders. They are cowards because they prefer running rather than sticking around and making their countries better places to live; they are thieves because they come to western countries and steal jobs and economic opportunities from deserving natives; they are parasites because they take jobs and economic opportunities from natives without offering jobs and economic opportunities in return; and lastly, third world immigrants are foreign invaders because their presence in western countries is the result of treason by western elites, i.e. the criminal dismantlement of the White Australia policy in the early 1970s without national referendum.

    There’s nothing more worthless than a third world immigrant! Send them all back to wherever they came from!

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Third world immigrants are cowards, thieves, parasites and foreign invaders. They are cowards because they would rather run instead of stick around and make their countries better places to live; they are thieves because they steal jobs and economic opportunities from deserving white natives; they are parasites because they take jobs and economic opportunities from white natives without offering jobs and economic opportunities in return; and lastly, third world immigrants are foreign invaders because their colonization of the west is the result of an act of treason by our cosmopolitan elites, i.e. the criminal dismantlement of the White Australia policy in the early 1970s without national debate or referendum.

    No western country needs third world immigrants. We are under no moral obligation to provide welfare, daycare and job programs for third world immigrants.

  • r j p

    Any where negroes congregate there is spit everywhere (and chicken bones).

    My grandfather saw me spit on the sidewalk when I was probably 5 or 6 years old.
    He told me straight up, “You do not spit on the sidewalk or in the grass, you spit in the street”.

  • NoMosqueHere

    It’s a small step for western civilization; a giant leap for a pathetic nation of cowards?

  • Magician

    For some reason I feel they will be knocking on the doors of Sweden or Norway and Sweden will be glad to take those poor little refugees in

  • borogirl54

    Why does Australia need any more Muslims? Don’t they have enough as it is? Get rid of them all.

    • MBlanc46

      Absolutely, but as the comment says, at least it’s a start.

  • IstvanIN

    Doesn’t NZ have an Indian Governor General?

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Hope you guys don’t cave in.

    Maybe she should go for a walk where the drop bears are common…

    • Such unflattering photos.

      She’s our First Lady, for Allah’s sake!

  • Carney3

    “By law we are not allowed to call them illegals. ” Wow.

  • Carney3

    What do they have to be proud of? And if their nations are so great, they should eagerly return.

  • El_Baga_Doucha_Libtard

    Hey GM …

    I’m glad to see that Australians are wising up about the “asylum seekers.” What is Australia going to do about the Chinese immigrants? It’s one thing to be against letting “asylum seekers” who mooch of the system and break laws into your country, but it’s quite another to be against letting “model minorities” into your country.

    Please tell me that Australians are growing weary of Chinese immigration (or Asians in general).

    I have high hopes for Australia, but they must remain white. I truly believe that Australia has what it takes to someday be the capital of Western Civilization.

  • Massif1

    “Australia has seen a growing number of refugees from Iran, Afghanistan and Burma, as well as immigrants from South East Asia”

    Sounds like the invasion of irritating, disturbing, and spitting people.

  • Nicholas

    These Islamic schools you speak of are a complete joke. My girlfriend is a primary school teacher and she current has a casual job teaching some 4th graders in Sydney’s western suburbs (a.k.a Saudi Arabia). Sometimes I have a look at the work she is marking and I kid you not, the kids cannot even write one proper sentence in English. When she was working at a less… ahem… diverse school last year, kids of a similar age were writing completely coherent 3+ page narratives.

    These Muslims are born and raised in Australia, yet their first language is Arabic. Mind blowing stuff.

  • TXCriollo

    These refugees do not come to western nations to have a better life they come here to exploit it. If they came to be better people they would assimilate into our culture, but no they get here hands out and destroy where ever they go

  • TXCriollo

    I can give you a little insight on why america took the wrong turn in the 60’s. After the communist infiltration in the us in the late 60’s died down people seemed to forget and go on with there lives, not knowing the traitors of america were starting to become teachers and politicans. My dad told me a story in fall of 1976 he went to college it was one semester he ended up going to the airforce then went back, but he has one memory that pretty much changed his whole thought process from a 1970’s pot smoking long hair who cares what ppl say to o i better do something. My dad was not a hippy by any means, but more a whatever i got my stuff to deal with. Well he sat in a college class and an exchange student from Australia sat next to him, my dad was wearing an ac/dc shirt and the aussie started talking to him, my dad saw a white Australia pin on the guys shirt and asked him about it. The guy told him. The prof came in started class and from what i was told was a 60’s radical diversity this and white people that capitalism is evil typical left wing bs. The guy went to the Aussie and told him take off his pin because it is injust white supremacist garbage. The guy said something the prof ended up shutting his mouth. Remember this was the 1970’s people then wernt out numbered by the left wing, but slowly more and more of these people got into our schools poisoned the minds of young kids. My dad saw this as a problem the radical left was out to win and they wouldnt do it by force but by warping the minds of kids. As i grew i saw it, in school they tried that liberal bs, but most parents were not for it, but in the late 90s they won. They started in elementary schools and worked there way up. Were more like 16% of the world but i agree why do we support 84%, easy the left got in made us focus on them and not us, and in the process made ppl like my dad and the guy with the white Australia pin the bad guys, when they were looking out for the future. Good luck to you and the people in the land down under

  • Some images don’t need to be altered.

  • Carney3

    Of course.

  • El_Baga_Doucha_Libtard

    Is the trend at least moving in our direction?

  • Brian Cooper

    What you say here is correct. Parts of Sydney have been over-run by these third world invaders, especially muslims and African blacks. Each week, I seem to notice more and more of these invaders walking the streets where I live. I see more and more black women pushing their latest child in a stroller, and anyway up to another 3-5 other small kids running alongside her trying to keep up. The $5,000 baby bonus our government pays for each new kid born is certainly being accepted by our third world invaders. It makes me sick. Muslims have up to 12 children and there is no need for them to work because they get given public housing at a cheap rent, and all the other freebies they are given because of the number of children they have.

    For example, free medical care, prescription medicine at $5.90 per script until 60 scripts in a year, then after 60 scripts, all medication is free as well. I don’t know for sure 100%, but with 10 children, they would be receiving at least $3,000 per month, probably more, especially if the father is unemployed. It is a rort. We are actually paying this slime, to replace us by paying such generous welfare to these people from the day they arrive in this country as refugees.

    They can live cheaply on a sack of rice a month and with their lentils and other cheap food, for them, this country is like paradise for them. Except that the silly white man supports them through relativily high taxation. They think it is all free, but it is the tax payer who pays for them. It is sickening.

  • 2eRep

    They need to raise the bar beards and black dark needs to be added.

  • Brian Cooper

    Lieutenant General Sir Jeremiah “Jerry” Mateparae GNZM QSO is New Zealand’s 20th Govenor General. People need to understand that in NZ, Jerry Mateparae achieved what he has achieved as a result of his own abilities, not Affirmative Action, which doesn’t exist over in NZ, certainly not at the levels he achieved distinctions at.

    Sure, as a Maori person, he may well have been fast tracked at the beginning of his education at secondary school, but once he left school, he would have been judged on his abilities, not on his race.

    There are no full blooded Maoris left in NZ, so any modern Maori has a percentage of white blood in them. Intermarriage between whites and Maori has been happening ever since the white settlement of NZ, and over there, no-one looks twice at a mixed couple. People need to bear in mind that the Maori are a proud warrior race and with intermarriage, they have the power of the Maori and the brains of the white man. You can not compare them to the black man in the USA.

    I am not saying that they are perfect, but they are centuaries ahead of the African, the Australian Abo and any other black I can think of. The NZ Maori is the only indigenous race the British never beat militarily, and that’s why they had to sign a treaty with them. At least these people can be educated and those that do choose to become educated, Sir Jerry is the result.

    Until the 70’s-80’s when multiculturism became the new religion, NZ was a relatively peaceful society, but there were some disenchanted Maoris who were against whitey, but this was mainly bought about by the unfair Treaty of Waitangi which some Maori, even today, want scrapped and a more honest Treaty be drawn up in order to give the modern Maori their ancestoral lands back, but this will never happen.

    I just don’t want people to think that Sir Jerry Mateparae got to the position he holds today because of any other reason than his ability.

    • David Ashton

      The problem is not with sensible indigenous Maoris but with PC whites who want to Asianise the islands. Turn the map upside down, and note the “white” populations under threat in the southern hemisphere from Tasmania to the Falklands from unarmed invasion from the tropics.

  • Long Live Dixie

    Uncontrolled third world immigration will be the end of all western countries, especially those, such as Australia, who have a generous welfare program.

    Australia is in an especially dangerous situation because of geography. You have hundreds of millions of Indonesians and Malaysians to your immediate north. Beyond them are billions of Orientals. Europe is half a world away. Even if a handful of European countries awaken to nationalism, none has a strong military that could assist Australia at such a great distance. Australia could be wide open for Asiatic military expansion.

  • David Ashton

    I think you have elaborated enough. NZ once had “more English” people than “England” in %age terms. May I suggest to Australian and NZ patriots and monarchists of English descent that they join together in forming branches of The Royal Society of St George, and use that membership to keep us all on the right rails?

  • Ella

    I see males spitting right outside of restaurants onto sidewalks and have to guide my children around it. Yes, white males spit too. It disgusts me. People should be fined and caned too so they get the point like Singapore, which is probably the last socially conservative society. Spitting spreads diseases.

  • Jon

    Good for U Oz and I would just deport them all unless your want your beautiful country ruined. Send them all back and guard your ports with your navy.

  • Jon

    It is wrong and is sad when these people only come to destroy and never add to. I am pulling for u Oz.