Africa in Chaos

Marian Evans, American Renaissance, July 12, 2013

The continent sinks further into degeneracy.

Paul Theroux, The Last Train to Zona Verde: My Ultimate African Safari, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013, $27.00, 353 pp.

The last time AR readers met Paul Theroux he was traveling south across the eastern part of African continent from Cairo to Cape Town. His journey was by land, sometimes by boat, never by plane. He told the story in Dark Star Safari. Since then, he has traveled across Asia and Russia, a journey he recounted in Ghost Train to the Eastern Star (2008). For his latest, and probably his last long journey, he decided to see the other half of Africa. He would start in Cape Town and travel north along the Atlantic side of Africa all the way to the Sahara Desert. As in all his previous journeys, he would travel alone.


In South Africa, Mr. Theroux spent his evenings in the green and comfortable Cape, with its northern Mediterranean climate, and his days touring the nearby black townships in the hot interior. While he found some black middle-class enclaves—well-kept houses and new schools—he found them surrounded by squatter camps stretching seemingly forever and constantly growing:

There was no end to this township: the hostels led to the shacks, the shacks to the hovels, the hovels to the roadside and the bungalows, and beyond the bungalows and shebeens were the newcomers in the twig and plastic lean-tos, straggling across the flatland.”

By “bungalow” he does not mean a cozy cottage, but a concrete rectangle. A “shebeen” is a primitive outdoor drinking place with a piece of plywood for a roof, cinder blocks for a wall, and empty barrels for a bar.

One day he had his driver take him to the grave of the American anti-Apartheid activist and social worker Amy Biehl, who was murdered there in 1993. Miss Biehl, who was only 26 years old, had driven a couple of black friends back to their home in the township, when she was spotted by young blacks, who dragged her from her car and beat her to death, despite the pleas of her friends. Mr. Theroux found that the monument has the following inscription:

Amy Biehl

26 April 1967–25 August 1993

Killed In An Act Of Political Violence

Mr. Theroux is outraged. “What is ‘an act of political violence’?” he asks his driver, whom Mr. Theroux knows only be his first name, Phaks.

“Those boys, they had a philosophy.”

“What was it?”

“Africa for Africans.”

“That’s not a philosophy. That’s racism.”

“But they were political.”

“No, they killed her because she was white.”

“They thought she was a settler.”

Phaks had previously told him that one of the slogans of the anti-apartheid movement had been “One settler, one bullet.”

Mr. Theroux, who is no apologist for apartheid or defender of white minority rule, explains that anti-white violence has continued since the black majority took power. He notes that since 1994, “more than 3,000 white farmers have been murdered by black assassins.” The killing is encouraged by a popular black demagogue named Julius Malema, whom Mr. Theroux describes as “wealthy, dangerous, and vindictive.” His signature song is “Shoot the Boer.” Mr. Theroux calls it “perfect for a black South African politician on the make—tuneful, with few words, easy to remember, anti-white, and an incitement to murder.”

Mr. Theroux writes that other black South African politicians do not approve of Mr. Malema’s racial rhetoric, and that in 2012 they expelled him from the African National Congress (ANC). They are also afraid of him, for Mr. Malema remains popular among the impoverished masses, and it is entirely possible he could rise to be leader of the country.

Most of Mr. Malema’s supporters are young men without jobs. Mr. Theroux describes them:

These disaffected people were the township toughs who stoned trains, hijacked cars, and terrorized neighborhoods with brazen robberies that sent crime statistics soaring. With an annual homicide rate of 32,000, and rapes amounting to 70,000, South Africa led the world in 2011 in reported rapes and murders.

As a result of this reign of terror, “every substantial dwelling was surrounded by walls, every house a fortress.” That is how people live today on the otherwise idyllic Cape.

Mr. Theroux visited Namibia, a country that used to be known as South West Africa, and was a German colony, Deutsch-Sudwestafrika, before The Great War. After that it was ruled by South Africa under a League of Nations mandate, but became independent in the early 1990s. Namibia is a large desert country “twice the size of California” with “only two million people.” The “people came in every shade from white to black,” with many Chinese, Afrikaners, and Germans. Forty thousand Germans live there all year around, and thousands more spend winter there. Mr. Theroux writes that the best part of Namibia, including the capital city of Windhoek and the pretty coastal village of Swakopmund, is clean, well-built, orderly, and safe: like Arizona, but with fewer people and lots of Germans.

Yet even here, there are nearby black townships and squatter camps, brimming with newcomers from destitute villages. Here Mr. Theroux finds the same shacks and shebeens as in South Africa, hears the same rap and hip-hop gangster music blasting from car radios and shacks, and sees Africans wearing the same discarded Western clothes and American baseball caps. Mr. Theroux sees rap as “the howl of the underclass, the music of menace, of hostility, of aggression.”

The Germans are under no illusions that their part of Angola will remain an oasis forever. “I keep my passport,” one German tells him. “They do the same,” he adds, referring to his countrymen. They know they may have to flee one day.

Continuing north into the blazing tropical sun, Mr. Theroux finds fewer whites, mainly isolated cattle ranchers and shopkeepers in small towns. Three thousand Germans and Afrikaners live behind high walls in the desert hamlet of Otjiwarongo, and just a few hundred live in Grootfontein. He meets a widowed and melancholy Afrikaner woman there with “pale grey eyes,” working at a grocery store. He seems to wonder—as do I—what is she doing there?

Africa can be a lonely place for whites:

There had been trekkers from South Africa in this area for a century or more, and in the most remote pans and valleys of Namibia the graves of Boer trekkers bake in the sun. I was to see one cluster of seven tombstones in Etosha, northern Namibia, near an elephant wallow in the middle of nowhere, and another in Humpata, in south-central Angola.

These Boers were part of the Dorsland Trek (“Thirstland Trek”) of the 1870s. It is a deeply melancholic thought: Northern Europeans dying so far from their ancestral homeland, on an alien continent, in the midst of an unforgiving desert.

Crossing into his third country, the former Portuguese colony of Angola, Theroux is berated by border officials and followed my menacing young men. Once across the border, he finds a desolate landscape: stumps of trees, burnt-out tanks, and no wildlife other than birds, because a 30-year civil war killed all the game. Still, “even on the worst day in the African bush, the sky and the space offer relief.” Not so in the nightmarish cities: “Another city, another horror, more chaos—glary light, people crowding the roads, the stinking dust and diesel fumes, the children fighting, the women heavily laden, and no relief in sight.”

In a small Angolan town, he was accosted by young loiterers. “You!” one of them yells. Mr. Theroux asks them what they want. “Where do you come from?” He tells them the USA. “I want to go to America,” the boy says. “What will you do there?” Mr. Theroux asks. “I can do anything.” Another boy joins in: “And me, I want to go. For work and for enjoying.” Mr. Theroux says that they can work in their own country, in the town or the capital city. “There is no work here. There is nothing here.” Then another boy says “Give us money.” Mr. Theroux notices that the group is beginning to surround him and says “maybe tomorrow.” The first boy says to his friends: “He is a clever man. He is telling us lies. He is lying because he is fearing us.” Mr. Theroux now realizes “it had been a mistake to engage them in any sort of talk.” He ends with, “See you tomorrow,” and walks away very quickly.

Not all African young people are like that. He meets many who call him “sir” and are respectful, but they are in school and usually wearing uniforms.

Angola’s problem, Mr. Theroux decides, is not a lack of money or development aid, but too much of both. The government is a “thieving tyranny” that keeps virtually all the money it earns from foreign oil and mining companies. The difference between it and other African kleptocracies is only one of degree. In Africa, “only foreigners seem to care about the welfare of Africans.” He means whites, since the only other non-whites are the Chinese, and they are there only to make money. They care nothing about and do nothing for the black population—no Western sentimentality for them. It’s the same with the Western corporations looting the place of its natural wealth. The foreign aid workers and development specialists think they care, but Mr. Theroux considers them self-absorbed fools, whose officious meddling only makes things worse, and further entrenches tyranny.

Angola has great potential. The country is rich in natural resources, especially oil, diamonds, and gold. It also has the “hilly, cool, and fertile” Planalto, or high plains, much of it over a mile above sea level. Yet, there is little or no farming. Village people are moving to the cities. Those with any education, Mr. Theroux finds, want to leave for the United States. There seems to be little hope for a continent whose best-educated people all want to flee.

Mr. Theroux does find one Angolan who is optimistic about the country and wants to stay: a white man of Portuguese descent named Rui da Camara e Sousa. His grandfather was governor of the colony early in the last century. Mr. Sousa is a developer who is profiting from the building boom in Luanda, the capital. Mr. Theroux finds his optimism hard to fathom. Even with the new construction, “everything looked crooked or improvisational, with a vibration of doomsday looming.” The slums were a horror, and “the government was corrupt, predatory, tyrannical, unjust, and utterly uninterested in its people.”

Mr. Sousa lived on the salubrious Restinga peninsula, near the coastal city of Lobito. I use the past tense because a few months after Theroux visited him, Mr. Sousa was murdered by intruders who stole “a computer, a television, and a mobile phone.”

Mr. Theroux is an intrepid and resourceful traveler, who has completed, or nearly completed, all of his previous trips. Not this time. As he approached the northern border of Angola, formed by the Congo River, Mr. Theroux finally decided to abort his journey. First, his credit card had stopped working, and he was running out of cash. He learned later that someone had printed his name and credit card number on a duplicate card, and had run up $48,000 in charges.

Second, he realized that he would see only a variation on what he had already seen: a nightmare world of poisoned and ruined landscapes; impoverished, starving villages; and “cities that were indistinguishable from one another in their squalor and decrepitude.” Traveling any further, “meant traveling into madness.”

Third, he decided that he had pushed his luck far enough. As a 70-year-old white man alone in Africa, he was a natural target for thieves and hustlers. There was simply no reason to tempt fate by going on.

He also kept remembering the words of another white Angolan. As they contemplated the reeking, swarming slums of Luanda, this man said, “This is what the world will look like when it ends.” With that doomsday vision seeming all too real, Mr. Theroux decided to head home.

I, too, conclude that the age of white wandering is over. I believe it is high time we return to our homelands and prepare to defend them.

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Marian Evans
Miss Evans is a long-time reader and occasional contributor to American Renaissance.
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  • Spartacus

    White libtards, particularly women, regularly get raped, murdered, tortured, killed and sometimes even eaten by the dark-skins. Don’t expect CNN or BBC to make a report about it, they’re too busy trying to figure out how to remove white privilege from restaurant menus…

    • Stan D Mute

      And we make the mistake of caring when those “libtards” are raped, murdered, tortured, killed, and eaten.

      We should instead rejoice that they are fewer in number and do all we can to encourage other weak minded and socialist poison infected fools to quickly follow their injured or dead peers into the maw of the Beast. Either their mental illness will quickly be cured by continuous immersion in Africa or they will be consumed, but either way the more and the sooner the better.

    • jeffaral

      White libtards are the same as White Christards . It’s all about equality, foolishness and degeneracy.

      • evilsandmich

        Sometimes they’re the same.

        • anon

          Very Rarely

      • anon

        What non-sense. If anyone, it’s the atheists and jews promoting those values you mentioned.

  • silviosilver

    Articles like this do very little to advance the racialist cause. You can find virtually the same thing being said decades ago – with pitifully little impact.

    The reason is this: yes, blacks and whites are different (duh), but focusing solely on the negatives can’t help but give the impression one is just on the lookout for “reasons to hate.”

    The fact is that Africans have better reason to be optimistic about their future today than at any time post-independence. Jared Taylor wrote an article “Why Africa is poor” in 1992. In it he stated (from memory) that that was the 25th (or something like that) year in a row in which Africans had grown poorer – the implication being that now that whites have departed the scene one could expect little else from Africans. Well, what a turnaround since then. African economies, having junked the silly Marxism of the independence era, have been booming for well over a decade, and the vast majority of them are considerably better off today than they ever were under colonial rule. This cannot seriously be denied.

    What obscures that picture of substantial improvement is the fact Africans were starting from such a low level of development. African economies could triple in size and yet still remain worlds poorer than developed countries. For example, going from $1500 per capita GDP to $4500 represents a tripling, yet that’s still only a tenth part as wealthy as an America or a Sweden.

    Money isn’t everything, of course. If we were to travel back a hundred years, we’d find western nations only as economically well off as today’s most advanced African countries (aside from those with substantial white populations or with oil wealth, like S. Africa or Angola). Western countries in those days, however, were still greatly superior in terms of general civility, tidiness, legal systems, scientific achievement, and so on.

    But to focus solely on the negative in Africa while seemingly excusing the negatives in white countries is to play favorites. One could easily paint a picture of destitution in white countries by focusing solely on welfare class whites, but that would be seriously misleading. It’s less misleading in the case of Africa – there is more going wrong there – but it’s only a matter of degree. Misleading is misleading. WNs will give this tendency a pass, but others cannot help but noticing – and resenting racialists for it.

    • Rhialto

      Africa is prospering by selling raw materials to industrial nations. “Others” will hate white nationalists regardless of their views on African economics.

      • silviosilver

        True enough. But why make it as hard as possible for other whites to agree with you, if not on all positions (you don’t even agree among yourselves here) but on the key positions, like the value of white identity and the need to secure white racial survival?

        • Guest

          I don’t think the WN’s are radical enough on Amren

    • Sick of it

      You’re not seeing how western countries subsidize developing countries via multinational corporations, charity, and outright government aid.

      • silviosilver

        Foreign direct investment has certainly provided a massive boost to African economies. I never claimed Africans were 100% responsible for their advances. It goes to show, I think, how little “interference” (as some would see it) is required in order to set things going in the right direction.

        As for aid/charity, Africa receives less than $30 billion annually. It may seen like a large sum, but it amounts to less than $40 per African per year. Whether you think aid is right or wrong, whether you think it should be increased or decreased (or gotten rid of completely), you have to admit tha in the larger scheme of things, it doesn’t make a world of difference right now.

        • Sick of it

          Sure it seems like a small amount to people in western countries, but things are relatively cheaper to purchase in Africa. Plus there’s the massive amounts of food aid to consider. We basically feed Africa. So many of those countries have too large of a population and too little arable farmland to take care of themselves.

          And I agree that our removal from being the world’s policeman/activist/breadbasket/financier would set things in a better direction generally.

          • silviosilver

            No, you don’t “basically feed Africa.” Africans “basically” feed themselves. Shocking, I know, but true nonetheless. The somewhat regular occurrence of famines (“somewhat” because you have to consider the size of the place) tends to put too negative a gloss on things.

            Again, you’re attempting to paint a picture of total hopelessness, perhaps based on the unfounded fear that you can’t say “no to negroes” unless they are considered completely hopeless. The truth is they don’t have to be completely hopeless in order to be able to say “no” to them – and that’s just as well, because they’re not completely hopeless.

          • Sick of it

            Maybe they could in theory, but they have a pretty bad track record over there, with 1/4 of the African population being malnourished. I did not argue for continued dependency on the West but rather against it.

    • Scott894398

      I wonder how much of Africa’s improvement (such as it is) can be traced to Chinese investment. It ain’t traditional colonialism, but it’s something close.

      • Stan D Mute

        The closest analog would be the Belgian colonization of Congo. Where the English, French, Germans, and Dutch colonized Africa to live there and civilize the Africans, the Belgians simply took what they wanted and gave little in return. The Chinese are worse. They care NOTHING for the African and are there ONLY to collect what resources they can plunder before going home to china.

        • Scott894398

          Sounds like they’re being very businesslike and rational. If I were doing business in Africa I wouldn’t care about the natives either, since that implies that they need caring about, which they don’t, since they’re our equals. Right?

        • Bantu_Education

          This is not true, over 100,000 Belgians lived in the Congo prior to independence and, given the enormous size of the country, they built a lot of very good infrastructure in the short time (70 years) they were there. And its always forgotten that the colonial period in Africa (1890-1960) was a very difficult time in Europe what with 2 great wars and a depression. If Africans had been smart enough to keep colonial rule for another 50 years it would look like a paradise today. Of course they were always going to take it and trash it eventually, but….

          Like other armchair experts you probably got your wrong “facts” (directly or indirectly) about the Congo from the likes of leftist “historians” such as Basil Davidson or Eric Hobshawn (Leopolds Gold). What you say about the Chinese is true, but not so with the Belgians except perhaps in the earliest years before it became an official colony.

          • Creepy as a cracker!

            And let us not forget that many native Africans long for a return to colonial rule.

        • Creepy as a cracker!

          More power to the Chinese. Sounds like they are realists and not racists.

    • AllSeeingEyeSpy

      I agree with you, pretty much. “WNs will give this tendency a pass, but others cannot help noticing it – and resenting racialists for it” Kind of like the point made in the article about white adventurers being, never heard from again while the press will focus on ‘reducing white privilege found on restaurant menus’.

      There’s also the dichotomy of whether whites want credit for pluming, schools and roads, cars and power grids in Africa, or whether whites want to say Africa is a stink pit. Instead of taking credit, most racialist whites bend with the wind and instead point out Africa’s failures.

      Isn’t This particular author a mainstream one and not on the fringe? Ah – the original work is from the mainstream even published by Houghton Mifflin. Maybe it’s a school book.

      • cablegirls


        Paul Theroux is one of the world’s most esteemed living writers.

    • hastings88

      It is you who are misleading. A hundred years ago, all Western nations were better off economically than the most advanced black nations of Africa. Make that four hundred years ago. This was documented elsewhere on AmRen. Yes, there is more money in someone’s hands these days in Africa–in the hands of the corrupt government officials who do nothing themselves. The people have not advanced in civilizational skills since colonialism. Remove Western aid (free money), and the continent collapses.

      • watling

        I would argue that ancient Rome was more advanced in every sense than 21st century Africa.

        • silviosilver

          Then you’re simply wrong. You could argue that in some ways it was more advanced but to call it more advanced in every is to claim that there is nothing that Africa today has that Rome then didn’t. That’s flatly untrue.

          My claim here isn’t that Africans themselves produced the advancements that some of them today enjoy. Going back to the point I made in my original post, I simply wanted to draw attention to the fact that there are a number of advancements Africans have experienced in recent years, and that more are very likely on the way. In other words, it’s not all bad news, it’s not all doom and gloom.

          I think the fear in WN circles is that if someone says something nice about Africans, or even just something less than wholly condemnatory, it equates to an open call to invite Africans into your lives and become intimate with them. It’s nothing of the sort.

      • silviosilver

        If I had said 150 years ago my point would have been a bit clearer. I’m quite well versed in the quantitative economic history of the industrial age and I can assure you that leading African economies today very much do match the output of western nations back then. GDP measures economic output, not the content of that output nor anything else that is happening in a country. If a country produces $20,000 per capita of economic output and that output consists, say, solely of wheat, then as long as there are trading partners that will pay for it (since no one can domestically consume that much wheat) then the dollar value of the trade rightly counts as economic output. If I’m being longwinded it’s because I wish to correct the impression that I’m suggesting African countries today are equivalent with European countries 150 years ago. I thought already avowed that they are not (and quite likely will never be) but I’m saying it here once again to dispel any doubt.

    • Lop_Eared_Galoot

      I cannot help but admire how you speak, even as I disagree completely with the factual basis of what you say.

      South Africa was built by whites who dispossessed the Koi not the Zulu or Xhosa. The latter tribes came to Whites from the interior, attracted by rumors of our wealth. We used them poorly because they had no skills but their backs and set them aside in townships of their own to rule as they saw fit. It was their nature to devolve to crime and hopelessness because they knew no better and genetically never would.
      Is our historical behavior in exploiting those who came seeking us somehow different from how others have acted before or since or is it the natural course of things that even among those of a nominal shared species identity, a level is found between those who can do and those who cannot?

      Whites need resources. So do East Asians who largely use them to sell cheap consumer goods to whites. If Whites cease to demand so much of the world, the Chinese, who now have a powerful consumer culture of their own, will still step forward to take what they need and make an even greater (monopoly) profit from African resources in doing so.
      Whites leaving ZA to black control thus does no good for the White global position.
      Or the Black one.
      Because the Chinese will take from us both.

      Blacks are suffering from the Savannah Priniciple genetic outcomes of the horrific nature of a Continent that is 1/3rd desert, 1/10th jungle and 1/2 Savannah, fluctuating between.
      Africa has always been this way as between the deluge and the drought comes the disease and the famine. With predators and population pressure following as a constant carrion war, close behind.
      In these conditions, evolutionarily, it behooved blacks to select to breed faster than they died and this selection for rapid maturity as the sex hormones which brought on early pubescence has had (among other things) a very deleterious effect upon their intelligence and social functioning.

      Yet it is true that discipline and skill does not always breed success and blacks, with no change in their -physical- environment, just crossed a billion souls three years ago and in 40 more will be at over 2.6 billion.
      Indeed, blacks are the sole population group set to continue to increase both in rate of growth and total population numbers for the rest of the century, beating all avowed demographic promises by the socialists who assured us otherwise.
      This is the black genome in success-overdrive, without natural population inhibitors, creating a socially unsustainable base condition utterly dependent upon continued resource sales to fund their own existence.
      With final predicted black numbers between 4.2 and 5 billion in 2100, at a time when Whites will be just 4% of 14 billion humans (560 million) on this earth, it is _not_ ‘hate’ that drives us to take the full measure of a competing genetic algorithm as reproductive survival strategy.
      But rather the nature of our superior conceptual intelligence in seeing the long view of things as futures we must weigh and calculate as others cannot or choose not to do. For that is -our- genetic algorithm.
      I will not have you tell me that I am not allowed this wisdom when blacks are not inhibited at all in their competitive ability.
      For while we are gifted as few other groups in our ability to worry about the future, we are not necessarily superior to them because we are ‘smarter’.
      No, indeed, what makes whites better as a people than any other population on this earth is the simple fact that having grown up on the Eurasian plateau after an accidental kindess that allowed us to escape, some 60,000 years ago, the prison of Africa.
      We are now disciplined by the rule of cold.
      Such that we do not outbreed our environment’s carrying capacity. Nor do we accept and elevate stupidity for pities or popularities accommodation sake.
      Thus we look upon an Africa whose population has an average IQ of only 70, ten points above what would be considered retarded among our people, whose black college students have an average IQ of 84, 3 points less than the black on the street in America.
      And we view their lack of discipline with the jaundice of those who know that 50 years ago, we were one third of the planetary population and did not ask anyone for anything.
      As forty years from today, they will be thirty percent of the population and will be no more able to stand on their own then than they are now.
      And we understand that when the resources of Africa give out. When the first ten year drought as famine comes and does not leave. When the world cries for the blacks of Africa who are dying in numbers that dwarf all White Wars put together.
      They will look to our lands and see empty space and fertile ground. As easy living.
      And they will demand why we cannot share some of that when they have ruined, as locusts will ruin, what little spare capacity their own lands once offered them.
      All things being equal, it took us 17,000 years to become who we are Mr. Silver. As recently as 1,650CE, there were noteable differences in the brain case imprints as skull morphology of who we were vs. what we are today.
      There is not time nor resources for us to repeat that journey. Nor is there for space for breeding crazed Blacks, Asians and Hispanics to learn the discipline of cold as we have.
      This is not hate. This is survival.
      Just as it was survival for the Jews to cry wolf in WWI and to become victims in WWII. So that they too could have their own homeland.
      We dare not ignore the implicit behavioral threats that the rest of the world, including blacks, pose to our future. As a culturally brilliant and distinct people who deserve a unique destiny. Separate from those who would demand we share everything.
      And leave us nothing of our own.

      • silviosilver

        “I cannot help but admire how you speak, even as I disagree completely with the factual basis of what you say.”

        Thank you for that. Reading your comment, though, I don’t see that we’re really in substantial disagreement at all. You didn’t so much as challenge the factual basis of anything I said as go off on a different tangent – and made many points along the way that I would wholeheartedly agree with.

        I would take issue with your demographic projections. I’ve played around with a “demographic simulator” (I’m sneering at it because it was so crude) and think 14 billion people less than 100 years from now requires some extreme assumptions, and certainly goes against recent trends. Yes, Africans are horrifically fertile, and no, nothing good can come of it, not for them nor for anyone else. Mercifully, however, their fertility is slowly but steadily reducing, and by mid-century many of them can reasonably be expected to have reached replacement level or dipped below. Demographic “momentum” will continue to expand their numbers for many years after, but the great bulk of expansion will have by then been accomplished.

        That will leave us with between two and three billion Africans, vastly less developed than the rest of us, many of whom will want to live among us. It’s setting up to be a problem of epic proportions. Yes, the lying leftist scum are to blame – by tying our hands and poisoning our minds – for much of the problems that will be created by this outflow but that is out of our control. What is in our control is how we respond. And to this end I can confidently assert the white man’s great mistake has been to unite the races of the world against him.

        The rest of the world has no real use for blacks, and as often as not non-black non-whites mutually despise each other, but fear of the world threatening “nazi” causes them to side with blacks and ignore or downplay the conflicts among themselves in order to beat off the “nazi” threat. With expanding numbers of Africans, this fear of the “nazi” will translate into a policy of “negrify thy neighbor,” as each people, in an effort to demonstrate their antiracist bona fides, tries to morally one-up the other.

        Country A takes on board some black “refugees” and tries to morally one-up Country B by shaming country B into taking blacks too, and so on. Fundamentally, this is a “pro-black” global orientation, even if very few of the participants in the game actually care anything for blacks.

        What whites need is a “pro-white” global orientation, in which people across the world take the “white side,” whether any of them actually cares about whites or not. The best reason they would have for doing this is that the pro-white orientation would enable them to keep blacks out of their countries and to “manage” (demographically and geographically) the blacks they might already happen to have. This would create a true win-win dynamic, and it’s one in which the genuine social gains of the last fifty years – namely, vastly improved inter-ethnic/inter-group understanding and appreciation (far from perfect, but identifiable nonetheless) – does not have to be ditched and the world sunk into interminable conflict.

    • MawellAxel

      it is because of people like you that stand in the way and hold white people back that things don’t change, someday enough white people will be motivated out of necessity to do something and your kind will be run over.

    • Stan D Mute

      I suggest you watch Vice Magazine’s two videos on Africa. The first was in Liberia and the second in (I believe – without checking) Eastern Congo. Vice Magazine reaches a HUGE number of youths today. There is absolutely nothing “racial” in anything Vice has ever done and so it hits these kids squarely between the eyes and hopefully sparks something that says, “hey, that’s exactly what I see in Detroit or Harlem or Liberty City or DC” and thereby unwinds 18 years of indoctrination.

      Likewise, in terms of changing or deprogramming our youth, the NSA debacle where we now have proof the government really is spying on all of us all the time tells these same kids that government is NOT their friend. Look at the huge spike in numbers of young people embracing gun culture, opposing militarized police, etc.

      The youth are our only hope. The children of the 20’s-60’s destroyed this nation and we must hope now the pendulum has begun to swing back.

      • Not only that, young whites have experienced the undertow first hand and are the prime victims of affirmative action. And in St. Louis, thanks to deseg being kick-started again, it’s going to get a lot worse.

    • Bantu_Education

      African countries might have high growth rates but virtually all the money is skimmed (and scammed) off by the “big men” and politicians. Nigeria, for example, has pumped over a trillion dollars of oil since 1965 but the country is a broken-down filthy crime-ridden corrupt shambles. The usual liberal excuse for this is Nigeria’s huge population (150 million? nobody really knows) but tiny Equatorial Guinea (pop 500,000) has also had an oil bonanza with extraordinarily high (15% or more) growth rates for many years but the people (by all accounts) are still dirt poor. If it had been populated by whites or Asians (or even Arabs, god forbid) it would by now be just about the richest country (per capita) in the world. (currently Luxembourg hold this position, I think).

    • NM156

      Africa’s population is still exploding relative to population growth in the developed world. That the new increase in wealth for a subset of Africans-even a significant percentage-has also increased per capita income to any degree that improves the lot of the average African is a ridiculous myth. In Africa, the rising tide doesn’t lift all boats; it just lifts a few more boats without holes in them beyond the reach of the masses bailing out theirs. Chinese roads and power plants won’t be delivering anything valuable or energizing any African industry, respectively, in the foreseeable future.

  • Mike Lane

    Next time you see a foreign charity rice bowl, throw in a few Trojans.

    • Spartacus

      Or some rat poison that looks like candy.

  • Manaphy

    Afrikaners would be best served trying to restore the Apartheid, because that was when SA was an honourable country, and the admiration of all of the world. Now the country remains desolated, and paints a grim harbinger of the future of Europe and North America if massive non-white immigration continues and escalates.

    • Spartacus

      No. The best thing for Afrikaaners would be to move to white countries as fast as possible. I’d gladly accept them here in Romania, if any of them wish to come.

      • Luca

        Agreed,; screw the natural resources, all whites and all white companies should leave Africa, cut off all aid except birth control and let the whole God-forsaken mess implode on itself.

        • Bill

          I wouldn’t even bother with the birth control. Eliminate ALL contact.

      • Manaphy

        Theoretically, that would be a good idea, but I just don’t like seeing whites constantly fleeing their homelands, which rightfully belong to them.

        • Spartacus

          It’s just a strategic retreat, and nothing else. When the anti-white elements that rule our governments get taken down, I see no reason to not take back the whole of Africa. Only this time, getting rid of the savages…

          • Bantu_Education

            Not going to happen, unless anyone feels like taking on the Chinese..?

      • Bantu_Education

        I disagree – there is no way that all the whites are going to leave and every one that does leave weakens those left behind. When the time comes the blacks will openly and cowardly (as is their way) launch a Rwanda-type genocidal pogrom – but, although many whites will initially die (in horrible ways, because torture is a black fetish), once the whites organise themselves the blacks will be thoroughly thrashed and hopefully will be taught a lesson they won’t soon forget. I just hope that they will adopt one, just one, piece of African culture – and that is to “take no prisoners..!”

        • I have been talking about the Quaker disease for quite some time. I am glad to see that someone is getting the point. See, WILDERNESS EMPIRE.


        You know, I recall reading an article over at the Council of Conservative Citizens a while ago. Knowing that there has always been talk coming from the black population in South Africa about conducting a mass genocide against SA’s whites once Nelson Mandela dies. Someone over at CofCC decided to ask many of America’s Congressmen, Senators and other government officials. If this actually began to happen would they support the admittance of some of these white South Africans into America, to save them and their families from a Rwandan style mass murder.

        As unbelievable as it sounds, most of these scum bags said NO, they wouldn’t. And one of these answers as to why they would not support it that sticks in my mind the most. Was that they didn’t want them, white South Africans, to import their racism to America. We need to wake up, cause the cards are stacked, the game is rigged and the table is tilted, white people are in the middle of a race war, and we’re the only ones who don’t know it.

        • The one who said outright that he would not endorse white South Africans immigrating to the United States for their “racism” is Sam Brownback, then Senator from Kansas, now Governor of Kansas, and has Presidential ambitions.

        • Spartacus

          Filthy traitorous scum ! You guys in America have to get rid of those vermin, one way or another , and elect some real statesmen .

    • rebelcelt

      Afrikaners would be best served by getting out of Africa.

      • Bantu_Education

        Then, after one or two generations, they won’t be Afrikaners anymore, their unique culture will die. The blacks will have won by default, and they don’t deserve to win.

    • Reconstituting Apartheid would only cause this same scenario to be repeated at some point in the future. drive the savages out and keep them out – or leave.

  • Spartacus

    That picture with Amy Biehl’s parents smilling next to their daughter’s “monument” is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. They should both be killed.

    • Oil Can Harry

      That’s nothing. There’s a photo online of the Biehl parents shaking the hands of two of their daughter’s killers after they hired them to work for them!

      There are now Amy Biehl high schools in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

    • sbuffalonative

      These people have no sense of what happened or why. They likely believe ‘love conquerers all’.

      Should I feel anger or pity?

      • Spartacus

        Hatred would be more appropriate .

    • Erasmus

      I am uncertain whether or not the mother’s expression is inappropriate. That of the smiling father most certainly is. Nerves maybe?

      The appropriate way to look would be, if not outright angry, stoically resigned. But smiling? Definitely not.

    • [Guest]

      The Biehl story just confirms what I already knew about a lot of white people—they worship blacks. It’s evident to one degree or another in a whole lot of sick-headed, suicidal, self-hating white Americans.

      From Wikipedia:

      Biehl’s family supported the release of the killers, and her father shook the murderers’ hands, stating:

      “The most important vehicle of reconciliation is open and honest dialogue…we are here to reconcile a human life which was taken without an opportunity for dialogue. When we are finished with this process we must move forward with linked arms.”

      • Romulus

        I hope they cut his “twins” off and shove them down his throat. What kind of father would traitor his own offspring!!!

        • [Guest]

          That’s a good question. I ask the same one based on the following situation, which I witnessed while driving down the street in my 95-percent white U.S. county this afternoon:

          A good-looking, blond-haired, scantily-clad teenaged white girl jogging along a busy, public street in town with a coal-black buck alongside her.

          What kind of parents permit that?

          And how is it possible for the heart and mind of that girl to be so depraved?

      • Nathanwartooth

        They are sick, sick people.

        So if the people who had murdered her had been White they would have left them in prison but since they were Black they fought to get them out?

        This goes beyond worship. That is just insanity.

        • [Guest]

          There is a distinct odor of racial fetishism about these kinds of people. I wonder sometimes whether they fantasize about being sodomized, murdered, and cannibalized by blacks, as if there were no higher calling for a white person than to be debased in the most sickening ways possible.

          • NM156

            I’m copying this onto my mobile device’s notes for reference. You may see it online somewhere in the future. XD

      • Wethepeople

        This is pathetic. A real father would have gutted the darklings and lit their entrails on fire while they still breathed.

        • [Guest]

          At the very least, a father would WANT to do that.

          In this case, it looks as if the parents long to have blacks debase, humiliate, abuse, and destroy their offspring and themselves as well as all the rest of us.

          I prefer to believe that the Biehls are anomalies. But at this point I’m not so sure.

      • NM156

        White liberals are the first enemy to be dealt with. We’re going nowhere fast without a confrontation with them. They need to be bulldozed into the nearest exposed earthquake fault.

    • Romulus

      Yeah!!! What is he smiling about!!!! Is he some kind of retarded masochist!

    • Unperson

      The father is more than smiling; I’d call it grinning or even laughing! Completely inappropriate. His lack of gravitas, under the (literally) grave circumstances, is astounding. The mother’s facial expression is better: still not quite what I’d call funereal or mournful, but at least not expressing lighthearted enjoyment like the father. Only a lunatic could look like that at the marker of his own murdered daughter.

      But then, he’s already established himself as a lunatic thought his forgiveness of, and even employing of, his child’s killers. That alone should be enough to get him a nice long stay with the men in the white coats.

    • newscomments70

      The mindless, soulless, toothy grin reminds me of something you would see on a psychopath, serial rapist, murderer, or child molester. They’re not sane. They are completely sick in the head.

    • Bantu_Education

      Disgraceful Bantu-huggers just like their foolish daughter who, as she was getting out of her car to ‘reason” with the black thugs, said to her 2 black female “friends” she was giving a lift, “don’t worry, I know these people”. SHE DIDN’T and neither do any white liberals.

    • TheAntidote

      Perhaps they were killed. Maybe a passing africoon took them for “settlers”.

  • Oom Paul

    “Mr. Theroux writes that other black South African politicians do not approve of Mr. Malema’s racial rhetoric, and that in 2012 they expelled him from the African National Congress (ANC).”

    This is not entirely true. Activist groups tried to take Malema to court for hate speech, but the ANC defended him.

    Malema was not kicked out because of his genocidal rhetoric, he was kicked out because he tried to incite a coup in Botswana, who’s leaders are buddies with the ANC.

    Most black politicians seem to quietly approve of what he’s saying.

    • David Ashton

      Malema has just announced his plan to turn South Africa into a socialist state in which whites will, if necessary, be forced to surrender their property.

      • Sick of it

        Rhodesia all over again.

  • Scott894398

    I recall Louis Theroux, Paul’s snotty British son, interviewing Eugene Terreblanche in Pretoria. He basically mocked him as a racist yokel. We know what happened to Terreblanche. Now Paul writes to tell us what a squalid hellhole black Africa is. Lots of irony to go around from the Theroux family.

    • Spartacus

      This is what happened to Eugene Terreblanche (His name means “White Lands”) :

      • Nathanwartooth

        The guy brought it on himself.

        I have no sympathy for someone who hires Blacks just to get cheap labor. He is the source of these problems in the first place.

    • Sick of it

      He also stopped his travel partway through. Apparently the hypocrite became scared for his own life and gave it up.

  • sbuffalonative

    His signature song is “Shoot the Boer.”

    Music has charms to incite the savage soul.

    Go to youtube and search (Take not of the Mandela t-shirt):

    Blacks sing about killing whites – Kill the Boer compilation

    • Stan D Mute

      Here is a great example of what we face. Note how seriously the world takes this. If it were whites or Chinese or Japanese singing about genocide, the world would be inflamed. But the powers that be regard the African as little more than a small child (and in intellect they are correct) so that this is seen as preschoolers singing “kill all the grownups”. Disturbing perhaps, darkly comical maybe, but not a serious concern.

      The whites with real money and power live SO far removed from actual African behavior that they see only the childlike quality and not the overwhelming violence and chaos. Add to that the Peter Biehls of the world who enhance their social status by sacrificing their daughters to the Beast and you can see that all we do here is just futile venting of frustration that the world fails to see and address the obvious (to us).

      The ONLY way this changes is when those with money and power are THEMSELVES directly and continuously threatened. Accepting that premise as true, how do we take the African to the Upper East Side, the Hamptons, Fairfax County, etc?

  • dmxinc

    This is all the “legacy of colonialism, slavery and apartheid.”

    • Romulus

      The heidelbergensis have been the way they are in the African interior since australopithecus stood upright!!

  • sbuffalonative

    The photo captioned, ‘A market in Luanda, Angola’s capitol’ shows you all you need to know. These people create and live in their own filth. They are jealous of whites because they can’t do what whites can do and never will.

    The motto of the African (living anywhere in the world), ‘Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven’.

  • Spartacus

    BTW, this thing is a SA black, living in London last time I checked. If there’s any real white men left in London, you might wanna correct his behavior :

    • “White people should leave the African continent, they done enough damage to it…”

      So saith a black living in London.

      • Spartacus

        And you know what’s the best thing of all ? He’s a leader of the ANC Youth League, one of Julius Malema’s buddies…

    • concernedcollegekid

      The fact that being this blatantly anti-white doesn’t immediately disqualify him from getting to live in any European country is absolutely sickening and outrageous and just unbelievable. I have no words.

      Would any other race of people let a foreigner who openly hated them this much live in one of their countries? Why do whites think we have to do this?

      I hope he gets deported back to Africa and wherever he lives get taken over by Chinese. I know I’m dreaming, but enslavement by white-guilt-free Chinese is EXACTLY what all blacks like him who depend on whites, but say they hate us, deserve.

      • KenelmDigby

        The worst thing is that White leftists and politicians will defend him to the hilt.
        – and reserve the very worst condign punishment for any White who dared to teach him a little manners.

        • Spartacus

          To hell with them ! Anything they can say or do to you is a joke compared to the nightmare of living in a country full of dark-skins !

    • Romulus

      You are a credit to our race my friend. The links and information you provide are astonishing. No matter the continent or country, allegiance by blood should be the defining characteristic of the new renaissance.

      • Spartacus

        I do what I can. But it’s certainly not enough…

    • WR_the_realist

      Now there’s a facebook page that won’t be censored and deleted.

    • watling

      If this is typical of what black people think then they are clearly beyond reason. I’m not sure what’s more astounding, the hypocrisy or the ignorance. He’s using a white man’s language, white man’s technology and white man’s freedoms – and doing so in a white man’s country.

    • jeffaral

      “……including the satanic White Jew Helen Zile.” This lady happens to be the mayor of Cape Town. I agree with him on that one!

  • Luca

    Perhaps there was wisdom in another age, certainly not today. Wisdom and truth today are censored and ridiculed. Africa and Africans were summed up over 150 years ago:

    “The typical woolly-haired races have never invented a reasoned or reasonable theological system; discovered an alphabet; framed a grammatical language; nor made the least step in science or art. They have scarcely comprehended what they have learned; or retained a civilization taught them by contact with more refined nations, so soon as that contact had ceased. They have at no time formed great political states, nor commenced a self-evolving civilization.” – Hamilton Smith’s Natural History of the Human Species, page 196. (1848)

    “The White alone posses the intellectual and moral energy which creates that development of free government, industry, science, literature, and the arts, which we call civilization. The Black can neither originate, maintain nor comprehend civilization.” – Fisher’s Laws of Race, as Connected with Slavery, page 10 -11 (1860)

    • Romulus

      I remember that.

    • evilsandmich

      One can envision how they’re interconnected: wisdom must be worthless so that those that do not have it can have worth. The opposite is too dreadful for the ‘right thinking’ to contemplate.

  • Romulus

    Will do my friend. Thank you for the link.

  • Romulus

    Looks just like the famous movie with Charleton Heston.

  • itdoesnotmatter

    I find it equally weird that they would bury their daughter on that hellhole continent.

  • exLibtard

    What the White man built, the black man destroyed.

    • Leroy Goldberg

      True dat!

  • rebelcelt

    I would re-inter my daughter in the USA

  • Unperson

    “Mr. Theroux, who is no apologist for apartheid or defender of white minority rule…”

    Well then, Mr. Theroux, what exactly DO you suggest we do we these people? Because as you’ve clearly demonstrated, they’re not capable of ruling themselves or us. Isn’t us ruling them the only answer, then?

    Either that or complete and permanent separation of the races on different continents — and I’m sure Mr. Theroux, despite his knowledge of black behavior, isn’t quite ready to advocate THAT, either.

  • cablegirls

    Superb review, Miss Evans. Lovely writing. Thank you.

  • KenelmDigby

    It’s strange to see Peter Biehl actually smiling at his daughter’s grave.

    • robinbishop34

      It is nauseating.

    • Stan D Mute

      That is the face of our greatest enemy. The rabid leftist liberal who is overjoyed at the death of his own child as she pursued his political beliefs. Her death greatly increases HIS social standing and prestige amongst his friends and those whom he wishes to impress. Her death is for him a badge of honor he wears with glee.

      Look around you. Look and see the Peter Biehls in your community. It is they who will sacrifice and destroy EVERYTHING (except themselves) in their quest to destroy western civilization by lowering it to the third world making everything (except themselves) “equal”.

    • Bill

      “It’s strange to see Peter Biehl actually smiling at his daughter’s grave.”


      For normal humans; yes

      • Spartacus

        These brainwashed marxists are not human. They’re a result of the dysgenic effect our own success and advancement has fostered. The greatest threat to our own race are the weak elements of our race, the kind of weaklings that wouldn’t have survived beyond the age of 10-12 had it not been for the medicine and living conditions that OUR race has created, and that they are flushing down the toilet through their actions. After the marxists fall, we’ll need a strict eugenics program so that people such as this get killed before they are old enough to reproduce.

  • Stan D Mute

    Is there an African living in a white (or formerly white) nation who ISN’T “living on the white man’s welfare”?

  • MawellAxel

    as an american, your situation is not yet as dire as an afrikaaners

    • Wethepeople

      Not as dire, and simultaneously more dire. At least they’re all aware their government is going to attempt to kill them. So many of us are blind.

  • MawellAxel

    How do you send money to them?

    • Spartacus

      There’s an account number on farmitrackedaid where you can send money, and they’ll get a way to accept donations via Paypal soon. Unless, of course, Paypal decides helping poor white Afrikaaners is “White Supremacy”….

      • MawellAxel

        an account number, I don’t know what to do with that, do I mail a check? Where to? I have never “wired” money anywhere before. Also, how do I know that this isn’t a Nigerian type of scam?

        • Spartacus

          The link says you send the money through “standard EFT” , which means Electronic Funds Transfer, I guess that’s the “wired” money, as you Anglos say.

  • Stan D Mute


    Would we, white people as a whole, not be better served if all the whites in South Africa were eaten by the Africans? The smartest of them have surely already escaped.

    Just as the world’s Jews rallied around “6 million in the holocaust” whites would rally around 4 million in South Africa.

    Go ahead and castigate me for being heartless, but I have as much sympathy for South Africans as I have for whites who move to Detroit. At some point there is a price to be paid for consorting with the Beast.

    • Spartacus

      They’re not consorting with anything you idiot ! The western governments make it hard for them to move, the ANC is passing laws that ban them from working, and they’re under siege 24/7 .They’re TRAPPED in there, polls show over 90% of them would leave if given the chance.

      It’s imbeciles like you, that don’t raise a hand when fellow whites are slaughtered, that are the problem, not the Afrikaaner.

      • gemjunior

        I agree – most of the Afrikaaners are truly trapped and cannot get out. If you look at many of the videos they are in camps that are totally crappy and they are eating very basic food like sorghum and cornmeal based cereal – no meat and little protein. They aren’t fat like the poor here, put it that way. They are not to blame for “consorting with the beast” when their ancestors blazed a trail across a rugged continent 300 years ago and established white cities and towns. It’s like blaming white Americans for the poverty and alcoholism with the “Native Americans”.

    • Wethepeople

      South Africans settled South Africa hundreds of years ago, quite similar to the Dutch and English who settled America. We should never abandon our own, whites are dying out. It is imperative we rally together to preserve our blood, spilling that of other races to do so. I personally am ready to stand by any white man or women who is willing to defend our precious race. We are the greatest race to have walked this earth and I look forward to the time I can stand side by side with Afrikaaners, Romanians, swedes, Russians and our whole race to cleanse what is ours.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      The Afrikaners had a perfectly good system working for them until the White West turned its collective back on them in the late 80’s. They fought with as as allies against the spread of communism and in gratitude we betrayed them. The Marxist Libtard media and leftist celebutards like Bono, Peter Gabriel etc. are directly responsible for this betrayal. What is being done to them is a crime against humanity.

    • I call this the Neanderthal option. It’s the end result of the Quaker disease. And I also think that it will improve our gene pool. Reason, Logic, Eugenics.

  • Stan D Mute

    The Afrikaner knew he was moving to AFRICA. He knew the essential nature of the African when he moved. He knew there was no plan to dominate, defeat, and consign to “reservations” the defeated African.

    America was quite different as many many dead Indians could attest.

    And the result of this today bears out the truth of it. Do you see white farmers being slaughtered by Cherokees? Do you see Apaches as a viable threat? They survive only as names of SUV’s and helicopters.

    The South African was a FOOL. He thought he could live amongst and tame the Beast rather than going in with a clear-eyed determination to exterminate them. He lost. Let his descendants be consumed and serve as an object lesson for future generations.

    • A man after my own heart.

    • kjh64

      We don’t see White farmers slaughtered by Indians but we do see plenty of Whites slaughtered by Blacks in America.

    • Marthinus Potgieter

      Stan – what’s happening in SA is going to take place in the US. It’s just a matter of time.

    • Marthinus Potgieter

      not quite right Stan – most of the original Afrikaner descendants left Europe because of religious persecution or in search of a better life.

      You are however correct about the US being different as many dead Indians could attest – the same could be said of Australia as many dead aborigines could attest.

      The problem with the Afrikaner is that being too Godfearing – he could not carry out this task of eliminating his enemy.

      Unfortunately I think you are correct with your prediction that he will be ‘consumed ‘!make sure it does not happen in your part of the world!

    • I am sorry but that post shows a lack of understanding of South African history.

  • Bill

    Peter and Linda Biehl. I look at that picture of them and I have to shake my head in bemused wonder and disgust. Your daughter was hacked to death you dolts. White liberals make me nauseous.

    • Rusty Shackelford

      The smile on her father’s face is just….disturbing. Almost like he’s proud his daughter was murdered and got a monument out of it. A willing sacrifice to the gods of diversity. We must always remember that white like these are the real cause of our troubles. The non-white hordes are simply their shock troops.

    • Jackryanvb

      Agreed. There are too many bad people/idiots alive on planet earth.

      The whole Biehl family and all those like them need to be offered up in human sacrifice to these Black murderous mobs. Just see that these types are put in bad places, with bad Blacks. Let the TNB do what they do.

  • westerling

    If I had not been to Africa for a few years I might have doubted some of the stories, but I had also encontered some hate from Africans and know that what has been written here is very true of the real Africa that many people have not had the opportunity ro see.,

  • Alexandra1973

    That picture of the market in Luanda…for a moment there I thought it was post-Katrina New Orleans.

  • Spartacus


  • Bantu_Education

    Wow, I must get this book. I have been an intrepid follower of Paul Theroux’s travels since he wrote “The Great Railway Bazaar” in the early ’70’s. I am surprised he would attempt a lone journey through W.Africa (much more dangerous than E.Africa) at his age (70) and am saddened (but not surprised) he aborted it because I would have loved to read his opinions of the Congo, Nigeria, Liberia, etc, etc. But, as he himself began to realise, he would have been lucky to survive.

    The biggest issue I have with Paul Theroux, who otherwise seems to be a race realist and potential Amrener, is that when he arrived in Johannesburg near the end of his “Dark Star Safari” from Cairo to Cape Town – the first thing he did was to contact that white-hating witch Nadime Gordimer and go to her house and take tea with her. He also unfairly (and cowardly) lampooned a friendly Afrikaner he met, for his “racist opinions”.

    • ricpic

      I think Theroux is anything but a race realist. Witness the fact that he blames much of the squalor in Africa on do gooding NGO’s, manned almost exclusively by whites. Theroux, in his twenties, worked in the Peace Corps in Africa. This was long before his breakthrough as a travel writer. Anyway, Africa for him as a young man was mainly about the intoxication of his escape from the constraints of middle class morality American mid-twentieth century style. I think Theroux, despite all his experience, still does not see the African disaster as in any way race based. I disagree with him profoundly. But, just as I can’t understand his utter lack of race realism I also can’t understand the courage, which in my mind equates to pure foolhardiness, behind his unprotected trips, first from Cairo to the Cape and then this last West Coast trip. In short, Theroux is a combination of spectacular courage, talent and industry, combined with a kind of unshakeable stupidity.

      • Aditya Vivek Barot

        I think you’re totally right. His lonny-liberalism is prolly the real reason underlying his “feud” with Sir Vidya.

        • Bantu_Education

          Probably, but Vidya can get away with holding “racist” opinions since he’s a darkie himself. Same old double standard of whites being held to higher standards.

          • Aditya Vivek Barot

            I assure you sir, as a bona fide darkie, that it is just as hard to express “racist” opinions as any lily-white man.

            Sir Vidya was denied a Nobel Prize for years because of his views. He was persona non grata at, virtually, every literary festival, and was constantly denounced by all “right-thinking” people.

            I have been shunned by similar people. I’m called an “extremist,” a “white man’s dog” and other equally repellent epithets.

            Race-realism ain’t easy.

          • Bantu_Education

            But he did get a Nobel Prize eventually didn’t he? Same would not have happened to a lily-white. I actually haven’t heard exactly what objectional “views” Sir Vidya holds, but would be curious to know,

          • Aditya Vivek Barot

            His views on Islam, views on India, Hinduism, as expressed in his travelogues, and black africa (the magic seed). He is a race-realist and a straight-up Tory which didn’t endear him to the literary establishment. google “VS Naipaul” + “fascist” to get a flavor of the vitriol directed at him.

          • Aditya Vivek Barot

            sorry! he eviscerates black africa in “Half a Life.”

          • Jackryanvb

            Hey Aditya, have you read Jean Respail’s end of White civilization novel “Camp of the Saints”? It’s one of my favorite books ever .

            At the end, when the West faces mass invasion of tens of millions of desperate Indian, Muslim, Black African boat people, only a few Whites fight the invasion, and there is one Black Indian guy who joins the Whites and he has great fun insulting the idiot White Liberals/Leftists who lie that the mass third world invasion will be good for everyone, bring diversity etc.

            Maybe you are like that guy in real life.

            Welcome aboard mate.


      • Bantu_Education

        I agree with much of what you say, but In his defence he did say (to a black man) that “Africa for the Africans” is a racist idea. To accuse blacks of being racist is going quite far in these days when the prevailing orthodoxy is that only whites are capable of racism and so-called hate crimes. To go much further along that road would invite hostile reviews from the likes of the Guardian and NYC (“in his latest book Paul Theroux claims Africans are incompetent”) and would risk losing his publisher.

  • Bantu_Education

    If the stones that the monument is built of is worth anything at all, it won’t be there much longer. Some Bantu will take it to adorn his shack.

  • Bantu_Education

    Very well-put – you nailed it precisely..!!!

  • Amy Biehl – I still say good riddance.

    “It is a deeply melancholic thought: Northern Europeans dying so far from their ancestral homeland, on an alien continent, in the midst of an unforgiving desert.”
    I say that it’s the white people’s fault. Never go to a land that you will not or cannot populate with your own kind. And NEVER allow the savages to remain.

    “I, too, conclude that the age of white wandering is over. I believe it is high time we return to our homelands and prepare to defend them.”
    I’ll second that. Of course if we even do decide to fix Afreaka, may I recommend napalm?

    • Jackryanvb

      I met Amy Biehl’s equally traitorous, idiot sister in a restaurant in San Diego. She was trying to recruit my step daughter in to her “Amy Biehl Foundation ” cult.

      Proud to say I got in her face and denounced her as an insidious lying woman of extremely low moral character, I asked the whole restaurant:

      “What kind of a woman embraces the murderers of her own sister and then tries to profit from a tax exempt non profit scam defending such murderers?”

      • Good job. To answer the question, those that do these things are the ones that are afflicted with the Quaker disease. To understand this disease & its cure read WILDERNESS EMPIRE.

  • I will only make a donation IF they are buying ammunition.

    • Spartacus

      They won’t be very accurate shots if they starve to death, will they?

      • They should have thought about that sooner. Let the dead bury the dead.

  • Going back to Europe will not help. We are in the same situation there. I say retake both N. America & Europe.

  • Nathanwartooth

    Companies have been drowning this country in non White labor for a really long time. They are responsible for ruining more than one city.

  • Avi Marranazo

    Excellent review of a book I’ll pick-up.

    The unshakeable image I still can’t get over is the brave face Amy Biehl’s parents put on after their daughter was murdered by the savages in South Africa. Is it deception, self-deception or both?

    • Epiminondas

      They look like liberal morons to me.

      • CBDenver

        Yeah, most fathers would be outraged that their daughter was brutalized and murdered but Papa Biehl just stands there with the big toothy grin. What’s up with that?

  • William Allingham

    Love this article because it describes tangible manifestations of everyday life ,you dont even have to touch on economy or sociology subjects, its all so self evident and prosaically obvious that.. well an image says more than a thousand words.

    by the way this situation is not much different from many parts of Latin America. If mexican mestizos, for example, have an average IQ of 85 (although any random person in the street should have less) its only logical that pure blooded indians had around 75 (similar to blacks).

    85 is an intermediate between Indian (75?) and white (100) so the the original mexicans were more alike to blacks than they are today (mestizos) so the epithet “border blacks” is not as inaccurate..

  • [Guest]

    Another thing that strikes me is that blacks in the U.S. wish to be identified with this sewer of a continent, even to the point of referring to themselves as “African-Americans.” If their psyches were not so thoroughly corrupt, blacks in the U.S. would be thanking white people every hour of every day for all the benefits they derive from living in a nation founded and built by white people rather than wasting away from diarrhea and malaria in a tin hovel in Nairobi.

    • newscomments70

      And AIDS.

      • [Guest]

        Yes, thank you for adding that. I’d forgotten for a moment the results of Africans feasting on monkey brains.

    • Bantu_Education

      After his “Rumble in the Jungle” fight in Zaire Muhammad Ali said he was glad his grandaddy got on that slave boat.

    • Bantu_Education

      Your comments are excellent – please post under a pseudonym in future as there are too many “guests”, some of whom write utter garbage.

    • 1_nam_man

      O you are so right! I live in Namibia and have always said I wish the so-called “African American” can spend just a week here. They will pack up so fast and appreciate what the “racist” white man has done for them in the US.

  • gemjunior

    Good thing his common sense took over and he had the sense to go home. No white person should be there now, knowing nothing but savages run wild and any control of the place by whites has gone by the wayside long ago. They shouldn’t have been there in the first place if they weren’t prepared to stay the course. There is no in-between with Africans, it’s either a firm grip on them or permanent violent wilding. Either control them without half measures, or get out. We can’t live with them.

    • MBlanc46

      ” There is no in-between with Africans, it’s either a firm grip on them or permanent violent wilding.”

      This is a view we need to take with our resident African(-American)s in the US.

  • Bossman

    Judging by this article, Africa will not be rising much in the 21st century. Only more filth, more violence and chaos will rise there. They all want to come to America. All of china and India want to come to America too. The future of humanity may be quite bleak.

    • gilalion

      I have a friend from Cameroon. He says Africa will never change, never improve, because it’s full of Africans.

  • [Guest]

    And I can understand perfectly why they would. It looks as if white people are racially oblivious, weak-kneed, and limp-wristed. A whole lot of us are.

  • [Guest]

    Good post. I agree completely.

  • candide

    The Curse of Ham?

  • stewball

    Has anybody read what theroux said about the Bushman? He loves them. Look for it. I found an excerpt when looking at his last book at Amazon. Well worth reading. He writes beautifully.

    • Marthinus Potgieter

      unfortunately the bushmen have been replaced with uneducated alcohol dependents with no skills except for lodging land claims. The true self sustaining bushman is no more – I have not seen or heard of one in about 15 years. He might be confused with the OvaHimba tribespeople who are a self sustaining tribe only mingling occasionally to sell goods to tourists.

  • Sick of it

    It might as well be called the white genocide bill. If they cannot work, they cannot eat.

  • Creepy as a cracker!

    I know a number of Native Americans. Mostly from the Iroquois Confederation. I would take a full neighborhood of NA’s over a neighborhood that is only 2% black any and everyday. The ones that I know never complain about victimization or discrimination. They are not a crime problem in my area.

  • Epiminondas

    Silly Europeans and American Lincolnites have had their chance. They can’t fix Africa. The best that can be done now is to publicize stories like this. You can’t refute reality.

  • evilsandmich

    Too many of them truly believe the lie for it MUST be true. There’s more than enough of those type in the U.S., but the way some social orders are structured (schools in particular) even the many seemingly deluded liberals are wise to racial workings. I had one socialist complain incessantly to me about blacks and I’d ask him why, then, does he favor government welfare programs for them? “What else are you going to do with them?” was his response.

  • John

    Blacks are animals, pure and simple. All this “Trayvon” bs going on here in the US should drive that home to those disingenuous white liberals left in this country. We need segregation now. Obviously, the two races cannot live side by side harmoniously. There’s no common ground. I have a simple creed by which I live my life and believe me, it works. For all people of color and all religions other than Christianity (excluding Zionist Christians, they don’t count), avoid them when you can, tolerate them only when you have to and never, ever trust them.

    • Jared Arrevois

      In addition to which, try to imagine how stupid all these Trayvon monkeyshines are making us look to the rest of the world.

  • Marthinus Potgieter

    Paul Theroux is correct with his assesment of africa – I know as I live in Cape Town. I fail to understand how Amy Biehl’s misguided parents could forgive her killers – they must be crazy!

  • silviosilver

    You’ve given me too much there. I’m not sure just how you expect I ought to respond to any of it. I certainly don’t agree with the doom-and-gloom scenario you’ve sketched out, nor can I detect anything remotely politically palatable in or relevant to today’s environment.

    As I see it, the point isn’t to merely describe the racial landscape or despair over it; the point is to change it. That requires engaging people, not turning them off or boring them to death. To that end, I think any further I time I spend replying here would simply be wasted.

  • Marthinus Potgieter

    BBBEE is just another form of theft of taxpayers money by the anc for social grants to the african masses.

  • Marthinus Potgieter

    I have a friend who works for Standard Bank in Namibia who was asked to ‘get’ a group of bushmen together to put on a dancing show for some german investors – she obviously couldn’t find any so she found some local africans from another tribe – herero’s or nama’s I believe and of course the show was a success! The germans being none the wiser.

  • Marthinus Potgieter

    You will be wise to stay away – the statistics here related to murder are frightening ! I live in South Africa and will not travel through Africa! It is even unwise to travel to certain parts of SA.

    You can get killed here for something as cheap as a mobile phone. The ethics and morals of africans are vastly different to Europeans – apologies : what I meaned to say is the complete lack of ethics + morals!

  • Marthinus Potgieter

    The ju’hoansi people Theroux speaks about are in fact San and Koi people who are also known as bushmen. They are most likely descendants of the original bushmen.

    Inuits are most similar to bushmen – the changes you see to Inuits is the same as the bushmen here.

  • YourMOMA

    Africans don’t want European support and Europeans left the continent. Now, Africans can’t wait to be in France, Spain, Italy, England, etc. What exactly are these people bringing into these countries? What trade do they offer? How will any EU country benefit from having a Somalian family that has 20+ family member and none of them can do anything?

  • Godspeed then my brother.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    This article doesn’t surprise me. What did surprise me was the photo of the grave of Amy Biehl. Her father is standing there with such a proud smile on his face. Could he actually be deluded enough to think she died for a worthy cause?

  • Alucard_the_last

    Why can’t these equals live in the 21st century? We are hounded daily on how wonderful they are. I guess that pyramid is their most successful peice of architecture.

  • ImTellinYa

    “I, too, conclude that the age of white wandering is over. I believe it is high time we return to our homelands and prepare to defend them.”

    That is one of the most beautiful endings to an essay I have ever read. I am moved. The problem of course is that our governments, especially that in the U.S., are the enemies of their own countries. That affirmative-action parasite currently defiling the White House is a perfect example of greed, treason, cowardice and simple stupidity. He is only the most obvious example. And let us not forget that one of the worst problems we face is a huge, malignant, Leftist bureaucracy that treats all productive Whites as their deadly enemies. Third-world savages are the foot soldiers of these insane, Leftist imbeciles.

    To defend our countries we will first have to sort out the internal contradictions. None of this will be at all pleasant or easy, but I look forward to it. It could very well be our finest hour. There is a reason that White people ruled the world 100 years ago. That reason still exists.

  • David Ashton

    How is Nigeria’s space program coming along?

  • Wim Kotze

    Theroux has got it wrong. The ANC did not expel Julius Malema for his racial rhetoric. The president & leader sings the same song.

  • benvad

    Their daughter went out of her way to malign, chastise and humiliate the Afrikaner(Boer) people as subhumans. She purposely led the charge to destroy what whites built.

    She was murdered as a result of her encouraging animals to hate her own kind.
    Am I suppose to weep for her? I don’t, I weep for my racial brothers in Africa, who want to seek revenge and fight back for our race and people.

    NOT FOR TRAITORS brainwased by Marxism and Judaisms one gentile world nonsense.