Posted on September 29, 2020

An Insulting ‘Platinum Plan’

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, September 29, 2020

Black Voices for Trump Coalition

Eight-year-old Reagan Pete listens while President Donald Trump speaks at the Black Voices for Trump Coalition Rollout on Friday, Nov. 8, 2019, in Atlanta. (Credit Image: © TNS via ZUMA Wire)

I understand that President Donald Trump must try to win black votes. “Outreach” doesn’t offend me. If he can win over just 10 percent of blacks, that may be enough to take Pennsylvania or Michigan. Nonetheless, “outreach” is pointless if it doesn’t also turn out white voters, especially the Rust Belt working class that broke the Midwestern “Blue Wall” in 2016. There’s no sign President Trump’s campaign is doing that. Instead, he’s got a race-specific “Platinum Plan” for blacks that would mean hundreds of billions in handouts. This is an insult to whites.

The Platinum Plan would:

  • Make “Juneteenth” a federal holiday
  • Make the Minority Business Development Agency permanent, increase the number of black-owned government contractors, and increase loans and technical assistance
  • Promote “second-chance hiring to get rehabilitated citizens with a criminal record back on the job,” thus building on the “First Step Act
  • “Eliminate long-standing healthcare disparities,” whatever their cause
  •  “Continue to protect the vital role of Historically Black Colleges and Universities

There are many other provisions, for a total price tag is $500 billion. There are about 44,270,000 blacks. Why not just mail each black man, woman, and child a check for $11,295? Some of them would probably vote for him.

Another section of the plan says that the KKK would be designated a terrorist organization and lynching would become a federal hate crime. The KKK is impotent, and already infiltrated by federal agents; the FBI brags about this. The KKK is a boogeyman for the media. We don’t need a federal anti-lynching law. In case the President hasn’t noticed, murder is against the law in every state.

1928 KKK March

The Ku Klux Klan on parade down Pennsylvania Avenue, 1928.

Designating any group a “domestic terrorist organization” because of its beliefs is ominous. It would not stop with the KKK. Such a legal weapon would probably be used against white advocates, Second Amendment groups, and possibly even Christian and pro-life groups. We’ve seen “mission creep” before. The National Organization of Women used the RICO Act, originally intended to fight the Mafia, to launch a civil suit against a pro-life group.

President Trump’s “Platinum Plan” would also designate antifa a terrorist group. It’s an odd addition and is perhaps intended to show (with some accuracy) that most antifa are white. President Trump’s campaign is probably trying to create a wedge between black protesters who want police reform and white anarchists who want property destruction and revolution. However, there are three problems with the “antifa” terror designation.

  • First, President Trump said he would declare antifa a terrorist group in May; nothing happened.
  • Second, antifa is more of a “brand” or front group than a formal organization. Antifa groups clearly have hierarchies, funding sources, and organization, but there’s not one ruling Antifa™ group that can be held accountable. (I say this with authority.)
  • Finally, we don’t want the government creating “domestic terrorist groups” based on ideology. It will be used against us. Much as with illegal immigration, the government doesn’t need new laws. It needs to enforce the ones that exist. Anarchists should be arrested and charged if they assault people, destroy property, or commit other crimes. They shouldn’t be charged simply for being anarchists. The federal government is already persecuting people based on ideology rather than actions, and we don’t want another tool it can use against white advocates.
Antifa at BLM Rally in Boston

June 27, 2020, Boston, Massachusetts: A man holding an Antifa flag at Black Lives Matter rally in Boston. (Credit Image: © Keiko Hiromi / AFLO via ZUMA Press)

The Platinum Plan probably won’t make more blacks vote Republican. A recent poll suggests that black support for Joe Biden, already overwhelming, is intensifying.

The $500 billion price tag is ridiculous. Republicans in Congress are fighting a second coronavirus stimulus bill because they say they are worried about cost. The gap between the two sides is about $500 billion. It would make far more sense for President Trump to spend the $500 billion on another stimulus bill. Sending Americans, especially working-class whites, more stimulus checks is better politics. If President Trump and his team aren’t worried about spending this much money, adopting Mark Cuban’s plan for $1,000 biweekly payments for the duration of the pandemic would also be more effective.

However, ultimately, it’s not really about winning the black vote or economic populism. It’s about us. Where’s our cut?

Whites are neglected by “our” own government, including “our” political leaders. Most politicians don’t even discuss basic nationalist measures such as eliminating race preferences, making English the official language, and enforcing immigration laws. Instead, the American Right is asking whites to support this “Platinum Plan,” which looks like a stepping stone to reparations. Evidence suggests whites are net taxpayers, while blacks and Hispanics are a net drain.  Our media, academic, and cultural elites keep telling us about “white privilege” even though people are faking their racial identity to become part of the “oppressed.”

It's Okay to be White

Ensuring whites have a future may require vast change. We should demand the impossible, because romanticism and idealism inspire men to act. And while we are still in this system, we must advance demands as whites for whites. We can’t let any party take our vote for granted nor should we keep propping up a system that is hostile to us.

What would some of our demands look like? Call it the “Rhodium Plan” for whites.

  • All whites from South Africa, especially Afrikaner farmers, should get refugee status.
  • The federal government persecuted German-Americans during World War II and especially World War I. Japanese-Americans got reparations; German-Americans should too.
  • There should be payments to residents of once-white cities who fled to the suburbs because of demographic change. White Americans living in suburbia lose uncounted hours driving to work in the city, have to pay transportation costs, and must rebuild the infrastructure left behind in cities such as Birmingham, Baltimore, and Richmond.
  • Because whites are net taxpayers, white families should get subsidies once they have had their third child. Hungary’s policies could be a model.
  • Historically White Colleges and Universities should get the same treatment as Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
  • Most Anglosphere nations recognize December 26, “Boxing Day,” as a public holiday. The United States should too, not just because it would give Americans a day to recover from Christmas, but because it would recognize the WASP founding stock. The government should tell Americans to fly the “Grand Union” flag on this day in recognition of our British roots.
  • Establish a White Congressional Congress to analyze all legislation for its effect on whites.
  • Give white and other segregated neighborhoods the right to stay that way.
  • If we must have race preferences, whites should have quotas in public employment. Washington Metro employees are almost monolithically black. Whites are more than a third of the city’s population, so they should get a third of the jobs.
  • Racial quotas must apply to professional sports.
  • It should be illegal to fire any white person for his or her private pro-white advocacy.
  • Given the anti-white messaging in popular media, every crime committed by a black person against a white should be investigated for possible hate crimes charges.
  • There must be federal action to find out why so many whites are dying of “deaths of despair.”
  • All American businesses must do business in English. No one should be denied a job because he doesn’t speak Spanish unless there is a specialized requirement for a foreign language.
  • We need our own flag and anthem. Desecrating or insulting them would be a civil rights violation.

Whites and whites alone have no representation or protection, even though we built and sustain this country. If we must live under this system, we want the same rights as others. Would that break the system? Yes. Let it break, and let the various peoples go their separate ways. If the rules can’t be applied equally, we should have our own country.