Posted on February 15, 2020

The Real Global Crisis

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, February 15, 2020

Readers may be familiar with the American Renaissance collection, A Race Against Time: Racial Heresies for the 21st Century. Jared Taylor and other contributors predicted mass immigration’s cultural and political consequences. Mainstream conservatives, whether they realize it or not, will be politically irrelevant in 21st century America.

There’s an even broader race against time. It’s the race between the Western world’s scientific progress and the massive population growth in the Third World. Space exploration, abolishing diseases, genetic engineering — all are within reach. “[I]n the last few decades we have managed to rein in famine, plague and war,” wrote Yuval Noah Harari in his 2017 Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow.

Homo Deus- A Brief History of Tomorrow

Mr. Harari predicts men will soon have almost godlike technological powers. However, he admits that “triumphant liberal ideas” could prove self-destructive. Among other changes, technology will allow some people to acquire biological upgrades, making them a superior biological “caste.” What’s more, it will be hard to claim “all men are created equal” when we learn more about the ways our genetics shape our “choices,” such as our political opinions. “When genetic engineering and artificial intelligence reveal their full potential,” he wrote, “liberalism, democracy, and free markets might become as obsolete as flint knives, tape cassettes, Islam, and communism.”

We may never see the full potential of genetic engineering and artificial intelligence, nor are Islam and communism obsolete. Socialist Bernie Sanders leads in the Iowa and New Hampshire contests, and even if he loses, he’s the harbinger of the radicalized American Left. Continuous non-white immigration is creating a vast constituency for an inevitable anti-white socialism.

Islam is not shrinking but expanding into the West. In 2006, Muqtedar Khan mused on Edward Gibbon’s thought experiment about what would have happened if the Franks had lost at Poitiers. He said he thought Gibbon would be surprised to know that “the interpretation of the Quran” is already being “taught in the schools of Oxford,” despite the Frankish victory. Islam has conquered British prisons. It may conquer all of Britain.

Mr. Harari may have been premature in declaring victory over famine, plague, and war. Zimbabwe, once Africa’s breadbasket, is facing a desperate food shortage. While government officials claim “the country is not at risk of famine,” the United Nations disagrees. Some Zimbabwean politicians say the government is withholding food from political opponents. The World Food Program says famine is the worst it’s been in a decade. Bloomberg reports that the currency is still depreciating. Robert Mugabe is gone, so he can’t be blamed.

It’s not just Zimbabwe. The BBC reports Zambia is on “the brink of famine.” An estimated 45 million Africans need food, and the World Food Program is already planning to give aid to 8.3 million of them. Millions more face starvation in Haiti, Afghanistan, Yemen, and other countries. The World Food Program says it needs $10 billion.

Thomas Malthus may not have been wrong, just ahead of his time. The African population will increase by more than two billion over the next century. Wealthy white countries will have to keep those people alive. The population explosion is also fueling migration to Europe, threatening to replace, overwhelm, and eventually extinguish Western nations. If that happens, there will be no one to feed starving Africans.

Many people think Asia could maintain civilization if the West is destroyed, but the coronavirus shows that nature still has cards to play against us. On Monday, NPR reported that 45 million Chinese are under quarantine to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The Centers for Disease Control has issued a travel warning for China, but it may be too late. There are cases in France, Germany, Canada, the United States, and other countries. Meanwhile, The Atlantic is worried that a quarantine may be “unethical.”

Finally, there’s war. A large-scale war seems unthinkable, mostly because nuclear weapons force restraint on major powers. Yet historically, war is the usual outcome when a rising power confronts a ruling power.

Today, the rising power is China, though its response to the coronavirus shows that the regime may be less efficient than many people think. That makes China more dangerous. It’s easy to imagine a scenario in which, like the 1980s Argentine junta, it chose military adventurism to promote nationalism and protect the ruling system.

Meanwhile, America’s increasingly Third World military may not be capable of meeting such a threat. Belligerent American foreign policy, partially driven by the American media’s hatred of Russians, has essentially forced China and Russia into an alliance. Post-white America could well lose a war against them if they fought a coordinated campaign against us.

How hard would we even fight? Non-whites, despite official privileges from the federal government, are less patriotic than whites. In the medium term, perhaps even after 2020, whites themselves may stop thinking that an increasingly anti-white regime is “their” country. Something like this already happened in American history, when ultra-patriotic Southerners became ardent secessionists. Why would young people fight for a country they are taught to hate?

We sneer at “liberal elites,” especially journalists, academics, and politicians. Every society has and needs an elite, but using this term gives some opponents too much credit. We have rulers, but many aren’t “elite.”

The real question is what men such as Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg, are thinking. Do they really believe a Third World future is what we need? Some, like George Soros, certainly do. Others may try to shield themselves from the consequences, the way French aristocrats fled the revolution. However, in a globalized media and economic system, it’s hard to hide.

Some “elites” must realize that all their hopes for the future will be smothered by the Third World population surge. Elon Musk’s dreams about space, Peter Thiel’s ambitions for efficient government, the billionaires trying to defeat aging, the activists and scientists worried about climate change — all will be defeated by the simple fact that without whites, no one will carry forward the torch of human progress.

Ultimately, white advocates must do all we can with what we have. We have it in our power today to build institutions, communities, and networks that can’t be broken by the media or the government. That’s why I called for a White Tithe. Yet like all artists, activists, and movements in history, we need large-scale patrons, but before we can expect that, we need to show that we learn from our mistakes, use our resources effectively, and have the potential to deliver a massive return on investment.

White advocates face almost universal hatred from journalists and persecution from governments, even “conservative” ones, but our ideas are more popular than ever. We have more followers than ever, and we continue to overcome every obstacle thrown against us.

However, there is a time limit. Already, when you look at films or photos from the 1950s, it’s as if you’re viewing a society more advanced than our own. In Zimbabwe, South Africa, Argentina, and other nations, we’ve seen entire nations regress. We face the prospect of the entire world becoming a giant slum.

Together, now, we can build a resistance, but we need people with means, intelligence, and courage to step forward financially — anonymously, if necessary. The French, Haitian, Bolshevik, and other revolutions show that even people with money and social standing are not safe from mass movements driven by hate. We need to build an intellectual, political, and economic force that can oppose the monster that’s been created through our forefathers’ neglect.

The long predicted global rejection of ancient wisdom about race is building towards an awful final climax. We are in a race against time. If we do not act, and we do not receive help from those with the means to offer it, the future will not be one of discovery and development. It will be an increasingly horrible world of famine, plague and war. It would a tragic fate for a people who could have conquered the stars, but were instead, as Sam Francis has explained, conquered by a word.