Posted on September 5, 2018

How Twitter Promotes Verified Hate

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, September 5, 2018

When it comes to race, the only standards are double standards. At the urging of the System media, Twitter has begun a vast purge of right-leaning accounts, ostensibly to stop “hate speech.” American Renaissance’s account is just one of a great many that have been banned, despite strict respect for Twitter’s terms of service. Yet many of Twitter’s vaunted “verified” accounts — those with the coveted blue check mark that even the Jared Taylor and AmRen accounts used to have — tweet crude, hateful, and borderline violent postings that Twitter seems to think are fine, so long as their targets are whites. And, irony of ironies, Twitter recently banned an account that simply retweeted these hateful postings. “Blue Check Watch” (username @meme_america) is no more.

Here are some of the tweets from verified accounts “Blue Check Watch” exposed. Click the images for larger versions:

Remember that every one of these examples of “I hate white people” or “f**k white people” is from someone whom Twitter thinks is not only a public figure but someone of whom Twitter essentially approves. Richard Spencer and Louis Farrakhan, for example, still have accounts and are clearly public figures, but Twitter took away their blue check marks.

Needless to say, some defend Twitter’s decision to ban “Blue Check Watch.” Ellen Ioanes at The Daily Dot claims the account was a dishonest effort by the “far right” to label certain tweets as hateful by ignoring “the context of the tweets in question.” Some, she claims, are jokes. Others are attempts to protest inequality. She argues that those who used #VerifiedHate to draw attention to these tweets were “disregarding the definition of racism itself.”

Miss Ioanes is, of course, saying it is impossible to be racist against white people, and several of the tweets cited above take this position. The idea is that racism means prejudice or hatred by those in the dominant group, and since the dominant group is white, only they can be racist. Whites are therefore in a rigged game. They are all racists (some of the cited tweets made that point, too), but they can never be victims of racism. Anti-racism, under this definition, is not an ethical position but an attack on white people.

Some of the tweets are implicit calls to disfranchise whites. For example, Pete Forester, who has contributed to Esquire, wrote “I HATE WHITE PEOPLE” in response to a April 2018 poll showing majority support among whites for President Donald Trump. Ashley Feinberg of the Huffington Post declared “White people are f***ing monsters” on the morning the nation learned President Trump had been elected. Whites are obviously an obstacle to political progress.

White progressives no doubt think destroying white political power might save white people from themselves. That is why thanking blacks, especially women, was all the rage for progressives, especially white progressives, after Doug Jones defeated Roy Moore thanks to an overwhelming black vote for the Democrat in the most recent Alabama Senate race. Of course, one can easily imagine what would happen if one of the rare Twitter conservatives with a verified account tweeted “F**k black women” after Mr. Moore’s defeat.

Among the tweets cited above is Professor George Ciccariello’s declaration “All I Want For Christmas Is White Genocide.” He still has a Twitter checkmark. Even Miss Ioanes recognizes that talk of “genocide” is potentially violent, but many others say it isn’t. After all, we are told it is not “white people” as such who must be destroyed but the concept of “whiteness.” But what about those who can’t seem to manage to destroy our own “whiteness” — who might actually like the idea of being white?

Turning one’s identity into a target for destruction is clearly a temptation to violence. Creating an ideological construct of “blackness,” declaring it must be “destroyed,” and linking it to undesirable characteristics, such as criminality or corruption, would rightly be seen as a hostile act against black people. It is just as hostile when whites are in the crosshairs.

The double standards are painfully obvious. Candace Owens, a black conservative with a massive social media presence, recently exposed Twitter’s double standards by replacing the race in hateful tweets from New York Times Editorial Board member Sarah Jeong. She substituted “Jewish” for “white” in an insult about white people’s propensity to sunburn; something presumably both whites and Jews share. Twitter locked her account until conservatives protested. Miss Owens’s conclusion: “Racism in this country has been sanctioned against white people.”

So it has. A successor account to @meme_america has already been created: @bluecheckwatch. It has uncovered more than 900 examples of blue-check white-hating. It’s a collection that makes it hard to take caterwauling about “hate speech” seriously. Big Tech and the System media aren’t opposed to “hate.” They promote it.