Posted on January 1, 2020

New Year’s Resolution: A White Tithe

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, January 1, 2020

I’m a natural pessimist. Yet I’m more optimistic than I was in 2015, during the “rise of the Alt Right.” I’m more optimistic than ever before.

Consider recent events. For two days, #ItsOkToBeWhite has been trending on Twitter. This occurred despite Twitter’s widespread censorship. A recent study found YouTube’s algorithm does not send viewers to “extreme” content, directly rebutting the mainstream media’s “radicalization” narrative. People are finding pro-white content despite YouTube, not because the same platform that bans white advocates is secretly boosting them. Website traffic is increasing. Real-world groups are meeting, organizing, and increasing their activity.

This is all happening despite doxings, antifa violence, and hysterical journalists who think everything from Hallmark to The Daily Wire is far-right. “The White Scare” rages in the military, media, and Congress. People are stepping forward anyway.

In 2015–16, it was fun to be a dissident. It was basically a computer game. (People say it started with Gamergate for a reason.) Today, it’s dangerous. You can’t pretend you don’t know about the potential career or even physical consequences.

I noticed this at the most recent American Renaissance conference. The “party” atmosphere was gone, but it wasn’t glum or pessimistic. It was serious and determined. Everyone understands that there’s no way to win without sacrifice.

Besides, if all whites are racist no matter what we do, why bother to fulfill an impossible standard? We couldn’t appease our opponents, even if we wanted to.

Zach Goldberg coined the term “The Great Awokening” to describe leftists’ radicalization since 2014. The mainstream media drove ordinary Americans into positions that would have seemed ludicrous just ten years ago. They have the platforms and the power, even when they claim to be the #Resistance. I never would have imagined that journalists would nakedly campaign against free speech or for corporate monopolies. Yet here we are.

This isn’t a game. Our opponents have destroyed lives. Dissidents didn’t “lose” jobs, careers, or homes. Our opponents took them away.

More broadly, our opponents are destroying our country and the promise it once held. They’re destroying the possibility of genuine human progress. Mainstream journalists aren’t telling us about a glorious future; they’re priming us to eat bugs and live in shipping containers. They are leaving no escape.

Despite this, our movement is growing, and they know it. While many still believe what the mainstream media tell them, others have tuned out. When reporters link Stephen Miller, Steve King, and Donald Trump to “white nationalism,” the taboo loses its power. In his 2019 conference speech, Jared Taylor said most Americans no longer trust the mainstream media. That is a major reason we’re winning.

Deplatforming, definancing, and threats from leading Democrats aren’t destroying the movement. It’s making it more serious. It’s forcing us to adapt. Frankly, I didn’t predict this. I’ve been shocked at the resilience so many have showed.

I shouldn’t have been. Comfort, after all, is the path to mediocrity. We don’t want to do something hard unless we must. We are being forced to do our duty. I almost want to thank our opponents. (Almost).

An overused term in politics is “grifter.” (I use it too often myself, though I blame my time in the Beltway Right for that.) There are “white advocates” we’d be better off without. There are people who pursue shock value, notoriety, or thrills. There are people who operate in bad faith.

Of course, this is true of all political or cultural movements. It’s universally true in all human endeavors.

However, there are no grifters among white advocates — at least no successful ones. No one I know is doing it “for the money.” There is little money. (There’s not even a PayPal). We’re doing it because we must.

No other movement creates the return on investment we do. The most powerful media platforms on Earth demonize and suppress us, yet we keep growing. If we ever get a level playing field, we’ll win. I think our opponents know this, which is why they’re so paranoid.

However, what strikes me this New Year’s Day is a sense of unfulfilled potential. I curse every hour I wasted when I could have been writing. I’m even more infuriated when I see people who have so much to give but can’t. I’ve met men and women far smarter, braver, and more talented than me. They’re held back by one essential consideration — funding. They have families and children. We can’t rely on oligarchs or major foundations to help us.

We have you. That’s it.

We’re going through this crucible together. I’ve written before about the need for faith. Yet we also need community. After all, the reason so many whites give in to deaths of despair is because the institutions we once could count on are either gone or cheer our dispossession.

We are strong in numbers. It’s astounding what we’ve accomplished with so little. So, this year, I’m asking you to do more.

Any basic financial plan involves creating a budget, attacking debt, and tracking and limiting spending. Many also consciously plan to tithe ten percent to their local church or some other institution.

This year, I’m asking for each one of you to set aside a White Tithe. Instead of subsidizing Starbucks, Nike, or some other company that hates you, I’m asking you to set aside a certain percentage or amount each month for white advocates.

If each one of us does this, we can hire more staff, produce more content, and protect more people from economic blackmail. I am convinced that when our opponents can’t use economic blackmail as a weapon, we’ll win far more quickly than anyone expects.

You may notice we don’t have a payment processor for donations right now. This is just another example of what we face. We expect to resolve that problem shortly, but it costs time and money.

Right now, we are limited to old-fashioned mail. I’m asking each of you to send what you can to:

American Renaissance
P.O. Box 527
Oakton, VA 22124

Donations are tax-deductible. Journalists are very angry about that so take advantage and annoy them while you can.

However, I’m not asking for a single donation. I’m asking you to plan to give a set amount or percentage of your income every month. This can easily be automated using the “bill pay” feature of most major checking accounts. Simply click a few buttons and your bank will automatically cut and mail a check each month.

I’m asking you to commit right now, this year, to investing in us.

We’ve done so much with so little. I hope we can overwhelm you with what’s coming up next. Even just $25 a month would make a tremendous difference. With $25 from each of you, we’d transform the country and the world.

This year is also the presidential election. Untold billions will be spent before it’s over. Most of it will be wasted on political consultants who don’t know politics, Political Action Committees that blow money on overhead, or television ads that don’t convince anyone. I’m always saddened because I’ve met so many naïve, well-meaning Americans scammed by the Beltway sharks.

Our money goes to the cause. It’s the cause of our country, our people, and the West. There’s nothing more important and no fight more worthy.

Commit to a White Tithe. Together, let’s make 2020 the year we show the world our strength.

Happy New Year to all of you, and thank you for reading.

Gregory Hood

(Credit Image: © Liu Jie/Xinhua via ZUMA Wire)