Posted on November 20, 2019

Elizabeth Warren Ties Guns, Trump and Domestic Terrorism Together in Her Plan to Fight White Nationalism

Yelena Dzhanova, CNBC, November 19, 2019


Elizabeth Warren

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, one of the leading Democratic presidential candidates, tied together guns, President Donald Trump’s rhetoric and domestic terrorism in a plan, released Tuesday, to fight white nationalism.


Here’s are the Warren plan’s key points:

  • Taking investigations out of the hands of state and local jurisdictions and shifting all hate crime referrals to the FBI.
  • Directing federal prosecutors to seek tougher penalties for individuals who commit hate crimes “regardless of their race, ethnicity, or supposed ideology.”
  • Expanding background checks for gun ownership and keeping firearms out of the hands of those already prone to violence.


She also takes another shot at Big Tech, arguing that its power must be reduced to improve privacy and security and limit the amount of extremist content circulated online among teenagers. Warren has previously called for giant technology companies such as Facebook and Amazon to be broken up.

Warren also promises to require the Pentagon to conduct more stringent background checks on military recruits.


The plan also outlines a multinational coordination effort to weed out instigators of white supremacy, promising that identified white nationalist groups will be added to the State Department’s list of foreign terrorist organizations.


Warren says she wants to standardize the way hate crimes are reported across all police departments and law enforcement agencies in the United States. State and local governments will be required to submit reports of suspected hate crimes to the federal government.