Posted on January 18, 2020

The Mark of the Beast

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, January 18, 2020

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. — Revelation 13:17 KJV

Martin Sellner of Austria has nearly lost count of the number of banks that have forcibly closed his personal account.

The US government banned him from traveling to the United States, disrupting his wedding plans. The British government has deported him.

In every case, this was the work of a “conservative” government. Donald Trump, Theresa May, and Boris Johnson are all implicated.

Why are “conservatives” in league with the left against nationalists? In the case of Austria, Sebastian Kurz of the Austrian People’s Party became chancellor in 2017 with promises to limit immigration. He formed a coalition with the genuinely nationalist Freedom Party, that government collapsed after a sting operation against the Freedom party.

In the subsequent elections, the Freedom Party lost votes, but still won a respectable 17.3 percent. It is a major political force and could have been a partner in government. However, the Austrian People’s Party, which won an even greater share than it had in 2017, did not renew the alliance with the nationalists. Instead, Chancellor Kurz formed a coalition government with the far-left Green Party, declaring that “it is possible to protect border [sic] and the climate at the very same time.”

The New York Times approvingly noted that Mr. Kurz had a chance to “remove some of the stain of that association” with the “far right.” The Washington Post wrote that the Greens replacing the Freedom Party means that government officials “are unlikely to engage in discriminatory hate speech, embarrassing corruption affairs, or verbal threats against journalists.”

Austrian conservatives benefit when the so-called “far right” is deplatformed, just as American “center-right” conservatives do, because Austrians who want immigration control and nationalist policies are forced to vote for the “center-right” if the nationalist opposition is crushed.

Martin Sellner

Martin Sellner and his wife. (Credit Image: Ptolusque / Wikimedia)

The campaign against Martin Sellner is an excellent example of this. He is a leader in what is perhaps the most important movement today. He’s brave, intelligent, and married to a beautiful woman who is a notable activist in her own right and a bridge between European and American patriots. It’s therefore not surprising that “center-right” governments are trying to make their life hell.

The Austrian government raided Mr. Sellner’s home because he got a donation from the Christchurch shooter. Of course, Mr. Sellner had no way of knowing what the killer would do. In his manifesto, the shooter wrote that one of his goals was to provoke government repression. The Austrians did just what he wanted. It was the equivalent of raiding Bernie Sanders’s home after one of his supporters shot Congressman Steve Scalise.

The government cleared Mr. Sellner of wrongdoing, and a court ruled the raids illegal, but Mr. Sellner believes the government is still pressuring private companies to deny him services.

There is no “free world,” much as some would like us to believe there is. Austria, the United Kingdom, or France are not much better than Russia or China. In some ways, they’re worse, because Russian or Chinese authoritarianism tries to preserve national identity, strength, and stability. The governments of the post-Western world want to dispossess and replace the existing population, and silence or even arrest anyone who disagrees.

America still has the First Amendment. We can defend our rights, but we should have no illusions about what is coming. Our opponents want to muzzle us and make it as hard as possible even to make a living. Conservatism Inc. will not defend us. It will cheer on repression, knowing that it boosts its short-term power. The beast will consume them too eventually, but they won’t wake up until it’s too late. If our people and civilization are to be saved, it’s up to us — and only us.

The hour is late. Do what you can by registering for the upcoming conference and committing to a White Tithe. I’ll have more thoughts about concrete action soon, and I proclaim full solidarity with the Sellners and other persecuted patriots.