Posted on April 27, 2021

Verified Hate: Nervous Breakdown Edition

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, April 27, 2021

From Tariq Nasheed:

The young man in this video reportedly suffers from a mental illness. A normal person wouldn’t react this way. However, a normal person wouldn’t pull out a cell phone to insult and intimidate a worker, especially one who seems like he’s in pain. It’s disgusting.

What’s important is that a black man knows that if he films a white person, he can raise a mob.

A police shooting in Elizabeth City, North Carolina will probably be the backdrop for riots. The city declared a State of Emergency before releasing video footage. It is majority black.

Businesses are preparing for the worst.

Meanwhile, in Miami . . .

The Urban Decay sign is backdrop. The gods have a sense of humor.

Another vibrant scene:

Was the person in the car white? Probably. White people don’t fight back, because defending yourself against a black often means picking a fight with journalists.

One black state representative thinks he’s above the law, because he can call the governor!

Jackson, Mississippi is going  down hill. Here’s a brawl in a seafood restaurant, mistakenly identified as an Olive Garden.

The United States is having the worst one-year increase in homicides in its history. I guess that’s why the Department of Homeland Security is investigating itself for racism.

I’m reminded of Chris Roberts’s recent interview with black nationalist Ayo Kimathi, a former DHS employee. I wonder if he can get his old job back?

The Justice Department will investigate the Louisville, Kentucky police department for racial discrimination. The Breonna Taylor case is probably why. Evidence suggests the late Miss Taylor was hardly innocent. Her boyfriend also fired first at the police. This doesn’t seem to matter.

I doubt the DOJ’s actions will help Louisville combat record-breaking crime.

The Canadian city of Hamilton announces it will now discriminate against whites.

It’s better than another message Canadian state media is promoting.

Twitter’s main controversy yesterday was former Senator Rick Santorum’s statement that American Indians didn’t shape American culture.

Some progressives declared that it was the Iroquois Confederation that inspired the Founders. (We don’t dare say White Anglo-Saxon Protestants had much to do with it.)

Wait, wasn’t it just two weeks ago that Joe Biden’s Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield told the world that “white supremacy is weaved into our founding documents and principles?” If that’s true, the Iroquois must be responsible. Now we know where to send the bill for reparations.

Some parting notes:

And what about African overpopulation?

Finally, one from Old Faithful. She protected this tweet, but the internet is forever.

That’s not true. There are no days off because we subsidize everyone else.