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They’d be able to get tax benefits for the past four years.

They’re “flummoxed or alienated by the medical system.”

He talked candidly about blacks in his district.

Government doles out millions to increase number of non-white farmers.

The cascading effects of Obama’s amnesty.

Universities that are at least 25 percent Hispanic get special federal handouts.

They could get billions of dollars.

He says Zimbabwe’s “land reforms” are a model for the continent.

More welfare, more immigrants.

There are fewer than 300 left; there used to be 4,500.

Washington Post blames “predatory loans” and reluctance of whites to live near blacks.

A majority of public school students now qualify for free or reduced-price lunches.

When whites leave things fall apart.

An excellent suggestion from the Left.

Even still, ObamaCare is shrinking race gaps in health insurance coverage.

He hopes a payout will “bring closure” to Eric Garner’s family.

White-black gap is at its highest since 1989.

It will take $75 billion to provide universal pre-K.

That was to house only 2,400 illegal alien children.

Illegal immigrants bilking the government.

Hispanics want to cover illegals.

The plot stalled as the perps waited for an EBT card to be replenished.

Europe’s First Underclass


The Gypsy problem and its origins.


Employers won’t have to pay a penalty for not insuring amnestied illegals.

Putting photos on EBT cards will scare away the poor.

“It is expected that children will continue to arrive in large numbers . . .”

Governor: “Tell your city councilors . . . to stop handing out your money to illegals.”

Former prime minister says Brtain’s chances of leaving EU are “just under 50 percent.”

25 percent of immigrants and their children are on Medicaid.

Non-white women and girls will receive special treatment from the government.

Tax money for schools to help them “modify enrollment processes” to admit fewer whites.

There are now 600,000 of them.

City agencies will be graded on the “diversity” of their contractors.

Maps show how increased lending to non-whites preceded the housing crisis.

Whites are advancing in Detroit, but blacks are being left behind.

He wants a “cradle to college and career strategy” for non-white men.

They want Halal handouts.

Costs residents £40,000 a month in handouts.

Scotland Should Stay in the Union


Independence for the wrong reasons would be a mistake.


Illegals may have been getting Obamacare subsidies.

Down by 1.25 million from 2012.

Taxpayers help foot the bill for black looting.

Blacks have gotten about as far as they can.

Chicago’s maximum housing handout will be cut in half.

They have access to dentists, doctors, dietitians, counselors, and “culturally sensitive music.”

Mo Brooks Is Right: There Is a War on Whites


And the stakes are higher than he realizes.


FCC’s Friends and Family Plan, Wall Street Journal

More high-stakes minority set-asides.

It costs $140 per day per illegal.

EU thwarts national sovereignty.

Poor families get generous federal handouts to live in “opportunity areas.”