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Education secretary: “And it’s frankly inspiring.”

Federal money to help fight blight.

For counties, a 1% increase in immigrant share of population reduces Republican vote by 0.6%.

Brits gave away 0.7 percent of GDP.

“Anti-discrimination” isn’t enough.

Letting the Free Market Bare Its Teeth


How libertarianism can advance white interests.


Give all children free lunches so there will be no stigma for anyone.

“Philosophical shifts” are needed to appeal to “nontraditional students.”

Minneapolis will spend millions to encourage non-whites to use parks.

Author: “What we’ve done over the past 40 years hasn’t worked.”

Jeremiah Wright will be speaking.

Amnesty is yet another farm subsidy.

Ukip: “Government has virtually no control over our borders.”

Black Male Engagement Task Force is modeled on Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper program.

17 percent of blacks in California are uninsured; only 3 percent of California enrollees are black.

Indian universities receive NASA grants to “inspire the next generation of explorers.”

There’s been a lack of “culturally sensitive” outreach.

That Old-Time Whistle, New York Times

Even oblique critiques of black shortcomings are not allowed.

We re-post a classic.

Their way of refusing to vote for the city’s budget.

They take more in services than they pay in taxes.

There is a simple solution: Norplant.

Food stamps are essentially a second currency in Puerto Rico.

Minorities in Energy Initiative, Department of Energy

Contact [email protected] to get involved.

Both victim and perp were paid $8.50 an hour by city of Chicago to pass out anti-violence pamphlets.

Black failure is not solved by more blacks in power.

Illegals who received deferred action can qualify for Medicaid in California.

Many already go to ER for free so don’t want to pay for Obamacare.

“My Brother’s Keeper” will hold their hands until they get jobs.

Lega Nord makes a point.

The Liberal Newcomers, National Review

Phyllis Schlafly says Republicans must reduce all immigration to remain viable nationally.

Daily Beast manages some logical thinking about immigration.

Solution: Affirmative-action lending.

Washington GOP surrendering on the installment plan.

Obamacare makes it harder for Hispanics to find doctors “who appreciate our culture.”

Income Inequality: The Debate Ignores Race


What Obama will never tell you.


Black babies are twice as likely as white babies to die in their first month.

But the President was short on the details.

Only 20 percent of people who have signed up are Hispanic.

Even liberal Norwegians worry about becoming strangers in their own land.

Chart shows how Hispanic home values soared–then plummeted–over the past decade.

New report says illegals cost each native household in Texas more than $1,000 every year.

But that won’t stop New York City’s new mayor.

There’s still time to sign up to hear this important message on the evils of “racism.”

Author manages a few glimmers of insight.

Has a leading GOP strategist realized the party’s demographic fate?

What Dispossession Looks Like


Photos of “the changing face of Minneapolis.”


The White Ghetto, National Review Online

Despite widespread poverty, Appalachia’s violent crime rate is half the national average.

He says opposing in-state tuition for illegals would be “cold-hearted.”

When immigrants are white you can consider them objectively.