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Tax money for schools to help them “modify enrollment processes” to admit fewer whites.

There are now 600,000 of them.

City agencies will be graded on the “diversity” of their contractors.

Maps show how increased lending to non-whites preceded the housing crisis.

Whites are advancing in Detroit, but blacks are being left behind.

He wants a “cradle to college and career strategy” for non-white men.

They want Halal handouts.

Costs residents £40,000 a month in handouts.

Scotland Should Stay in the Union


Independence for the wrong reasons would be a mistake.


Illegals may have been getting Obamacare subsidies.

Down by 1.25 million from 2012.

Taxpayers help foot the bill for black looting.

Blacks have gotten about as far as they can.

Chicago’s maximum housing handout will be cut in half.

They have access to dentists, doctors, dietitians, counselors, and “culturally sensitive music.”

Mo Brooks Is Right: There Is a War on Whites


And the stakes are higher than he realizes.


FCC’s Friends and Family Plan, Wall Street Journal

More high-stakes minority set-asides.

It costs $140 per day per illegal.

EU thwarts national sovereignty.

Poor families get generous federal handouts to live in “opportunity areas.”

Your chance to pick up some extra cash.

Legal permanent residents are not entitled to Japanese welfare.

Report says the problem is population loss and retiree costs.

Files class-action suit against the city.

Wants to serve 178 million free meals this summer (HAMBRE means “hunger” in Spanish).

“Illegal aliens . . . are not our most vulnerable citizens.”

600-bed resort with 650 staffers has tennis courts, Olympic size pool, jacuzzis.

Non-white homosexuals suffer “‘tricultural’ experiences of stigma.”

Westchester USA, Wall Street Journal

Holder wants to make sure you have black neighbors.

The average amount overdue is $560.

The New Newspeak


The insidious language of the Left.


Specifically to help blacks and Hispanics.

Using their growing numbers to promote their interests.

Critics say he ignores “the moral imperative to help refugees.”

In California, Illegals cost each native household $2,370 every year in taxes.

Activists want the UN to help out.

They thought they were voting to honor “Juneteenth.”

OECD says the net economic impact of immigrants is “broadly neutral.”

Despite $799 billion spent on “anti-poverty” in 2012 alone.

Many Brits think immigrants are coming just for the handouts.

America in 2034


Our flag will still fly on the moon.


We lather them with services “because our values require it.”

“. . . which very often means reuniting that child with the parent” in the US.

America in 2034


The triumph of the boring.


Child illegals will get counseling, education, legal advice, mental health treatment, and condoms.

Obama is following up on his promise to “fundamentally transform” America.

Big Bo, Da Man, and Rah Rah are among the accused.

They could be a “pilot program for a new America.”

There are substantial racial differences in approval rates.

It would cost $850 million.