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“This is for Malcolm X, cracka.”

Gambian immigrant suspected of suffocating an American au pair.

13-year-old white girl was beaten and gang-raped for months.

Despite a massive police presence.

Police spokesman says there are a “few hundred thousand” who similarly can’t be sent home.

Black judge grants probation six months into a 20-year sentence.

Witness: “It was such disrespectful behavior, the likes of which I have rarely seen before.”

Rape was by “Arabic looking men.”

The pepper spray the 17 year old used is illegal.

Killers in “Wichita massacre” may finally be executed.

About 200 Moroccan teenagers live in the streets near the station.

There were 126 claims of “rape by a group.”

“In the wrong hands this footage could be used irresponsibly.”

Colin Flaherty publishes a letter from a correspondent.

“Can I make sex with you?”

He had been released after serving 17 years for attempted murder.

White man told “you’re not supposed to be here” before being severely beaten.

Only the latest in a flurry of such attacks.

Over three years, 11,000 people were robbed in Cologne; a majority of perps were North Africans.

It’s the same thing that happened in Tahrir Square during the 2011 uprising.

Germany on the Brink, New York Times

Straight talk on German demographics from the New York Times.

Authorities around Europe are telling women not to go outside alone.

Middle-Eastern men bring “a new level of obscenity.”

But Mayor insists “It has nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith.”

18 of 31 identified suspects are asylum seekers.

“This is a completely new phenomenon in Helsinki.”

While resisting police, he called them “white devils” and said “crackers crumble.”

The attackers may have been frustrated by the slow pace of asylum.

Syrian migrant to German police: “You need to treat me nicely. I was personally invited by Mrs. Merkel.”

Katie Hopkins: “White women are nothing to some Islamic and Arabic men.”

120 women have said they were assaulted.

Her friends had reacted angrily to his vulgar comments.

And were hushed up because the attackers were “migrants.”

He leaned over pregnant, dying white woman and watched her bleed.

First criminal charges against “America’s Dad.”

NPR never talks about black crime–even when it hits close to home.

They brought their children along to help beat him.

Perp yelled “fuck white people” before the unprovoked attack.

The student slammed the teacher into a table and choked him unconscious.

Judge says the defendants were “insolent and disrespectful” throughout the proceedings.

Teenager raped his teacher and stabbed her 16 times.

Tells 911 operator: “There‚Äôs three black men with guns at our house.”

Muslim abuse has been going on for decades.

Perp is suspected in a series of other rapes.

A home invader cut the 6 year old’s life short.

He stabbed the child several times in the head.

Muslim attacker shouted, “Blood will be spilled.”

The victim has cerebral palsy.

Immigrants have made Finland “one of the least safe countries in Europe for women.”

Report neglects to mention that blacks attacked the white shooters first.