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Killer had worked for the victim’s company.

Victims were held hostage, extorted, then murdered.

Standard pattern repeats itself.

All victims appear to be white.

Sweden: Rape Capital of the West, Gatestone Institute

Government refuses to recognize the role of immigrants.

Victims describe their nightmare.

“He suffered broken eye sockets, a broken nose, broken ribs and a brain bleed.”

Black man murdered white student, then went back to work.

Redacted 125-page report strongly suggests more Muslim sex grooming.

25-year-old was shot while in his police vehicle.

Broken noses, stolen cameras.

36-year-old mother was killed by a former resident of the shelter she managed.

Flash mob of around 50 blacks attacked whites at random.

“Openly racist magazine” is American Renaissance.

Accounts of two white reporters who were attacked in Baltimore.

She was filming “youths” when she was attacked.

Some had previously robbed the couple’s mattress store.

If no one had intervened “they probably wouldn’t have stopped until I was dead.”

Nun in South African was also bound, gagged, and raped.

They “had nothing to do,” so they killed a 23-year-old white man.

Some students jumped in.

Three-year-old white girl who was victim in home invasion is now afraid of black men.

“When one swings, we all swing.”

More “justice” for Michael Brown.

“He said, ‘Please don’t shoot me, please don’t shoot me,’ and they still shot him one more time.”

NAACP says the public schools are to blame.

Muslims killed tourists from Italy, Poland, Germany and Spain.

Victim: “What did I do? What did I do?” Perp: “You white bitch.”

Race Riot at Sea


The story of the mutiny on the Kitty Hawk.


Officers were guarding the police station after the police chief announced his resignation.

“Acknowledgement nine months ago would have kept that from happening.”

University president says “we believe in second chances” for black football players.

“Knockout game” resumes?

Blacks were upset over a broken photo booth.

Wife says she “feels for” the perps.

Black man bludgeoned him to death and set his house on fire.

They’ll sue both Officer Wilson and the Ferguson PD.

“The vile Muslim predators prey on vulnerable white girls precisely because they despise them so much.”

Jared Taylor: Report Demolishes ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’


Witnesses favored by the press were lying.


“Hands up, don’t shoot” was a lie.

Police and social workers ignored the problem.

Black man kills his white wife after an argument.

500 Muslims pay their respects.

Father killed while supervising children.

Another Muslim rampage.

The End of South Africa, National Review

National Review columnist calls for a Boer ethnostate.

Police say the case is bigger than the ones in Rochdale and Rotherham.

Race is being brushed under the carpet.

Illegal-immigrant perp has a “Mexican pride” tattoo.

Police Union president: “In this case, it was completely racially motivated.”