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15-year-old Hispanic raped and strangled 8-year-old girl.

Blacks threw a pipe at her face after a fight at a gas station.

15 year old is accused of killing the girl and dumping her body in a recycling bin.

They say they were drugged and raped.

Blacks shot a white man after an argument over the flag.

In it he wrote about “becoming a martyr.”

His father was once investigated for terrorist ties.

“It is God that sends me.”

Only local news, of course.

Black man stabs white man 30 to 40 times.

Days ago, they said it was a “mistake” to call the attack “anti-white.”

Accusers now say they are vindicated.

Attacker gunned down European tourists for more than half an hour.

“Group of youths” attacked police and bystanders.

New DOJ Statistics on Race and Violent Crime


Numbers finally include Hispanics as an offender category.


Case involves miscegenation, trans-racial adoption, and a low-IQ thug.

There aren’t many “macro-aggressions” to speak of.

Biased Bureaucrats, Gullible Journalists, and Dylann Roof


Statistical squid ink obscures the reality of black-on-white crime.


Child’s screams did not stop the attack.

Authorities were worried it would influence the 2010 General Election.

The group condemns violence but will not apologize for spreading the truth.

Activists say the officer should have used non-lethal force.

Judge claims “There are no parts of the county where people cannot go.”

White protesters hold signs saying “White Women’s Lives Matter.”

He shoved the woman into traffic after telling her he “hates white people.”

Perp fired fourteen shots after he was kicked out of a college party.

Three perps told the officer they were going to slit his throat.

Family members were the only whites in an all-black neighborhood.

Killer had worked for the victim’s company.

Victims were held hostage, extorted, then murdered.

Standard pattern repeats itself.

All victims appear to be white.

Sweden: Rape Capital of the West, Gatestone Institute

Government refuses to recognize the role of immigrants.

Victims describe their nightmare.

“He suffered broken eye sockets, a broken nose, broken ribs and a brain bleed.”

Black man murdered white student, then went back to work.

Redacted 125-page report strongly suggests more Muslim sex grooming.

25-year-old was shot while in his police vehicle.

Broken noses, stolen cameras.

36-year-old mother was killed by a former resident of the shelter she managed.

Flash mob of around 50 blacks attacked whites at random.

“Openly racist magazine” is American Renaissance.

Accounts of two white reporters who were attacked in Baltimore.

She was filming “youths” when she was attacked.

Some had previously robbed the couple’s mattress store.

If no one had intervened “they probably wouldn’t have stopped until I was dead.”

Nun in South African was also bound, gagged, and raped.

They “had nothing to do,” so they killed a 23-year-old white man.

Some students jumped in.

Three-year-old white girl who was victim in home invasion is now afraid of black men.