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In-depth report: Fudged statistics may be to blame for Chicago crime dropping to “historic lows.”

The 16-year-old charged with killing Nathan Trapuzzano violated home detention nine times.

Warm weather means the end of the armistice.

Perp ran companies in China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

He stole $2 million in lunch money for poor children.

“California man” was a hired killer for drug cartels.

Clearly, no fear of capture.

Black pol says he’s “tired of people who look like me continuing to be discriminated against.”

El Mehdi Semlali Fahti is Moroccan.

The White House awarded her the title for being like Cesar Chavez.


Authorities have discovered about 80 such tunnels since 2006.

“These children don’t care about life no more. They just live to be violent.”

He tried to blame white “racists” for her death.

Muhammad Abdullah Hassan was to report for basic training on April 7.

She said a police killing saved her city the expense of a trial.

In one sting, he told an agent “I look good in an orange necktie, but not in an orange suit.”

“Some 1,328 former inmates have been fighting deportation for at least six years.”

Authorities say the “cucaracha effect” may be to blame.

He’s the same mayor who played a role in shutting down the 2011 AmRen Conference.

A “conflict resolution specialist” gets a fractured skull in a 92 percent black school.

Even criminal illegals are eligible for waivers to stay in the country.

They’re 28 percent of the population, but 62 percent of all police stops.

Illegals were locked into a 1,500-square-foot house in residential neighborhood.

Baltimore businesses want to remain able to screen criminals early in the hiring process.

Some families were in the Africa section when “a stampede of teens came storming toward us.”

Why Are White Men So Angry?, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

They often dislike the way blacks act.

He enjoyed his three meals a day and didn’t want to go back to Mexico.

All the corrupt politicians were black, so the investigation was “racist.”

A maintenance worker shot two teenagers after they attacked him with a bat.

Another black elected official is indicted.

“KillingAllBeatz” plowed into a crowd–killing two and injuring 23.

The victims were attending a murder vigil on Martin Luther King Blvd.

Jury spent less than two hours to convict on all counts.

High-rolling Gypsies are finally caught.

Both victim and perp were paid $8.50 an hour by city of Chicago to pass out anti-violence pamphlets.

She was getting ready for work.

Circumstances of coed’s death have been sealed for almost 18 months; no reasons given.

The grant was for a program called We Are Our Brother’s Keepers.

Facebook has been the downfall of many criminal masterminds.

Petitioners want murderers with IQs as high as 75 to be able to argue mental disability.

Jury took only four hours.

The woman and her partner were on their way to the hospital.

What comes with open borders.

Police are visiting people likely to commit crime and warning of the consequences.

Perp description: “Red hair” doesn’t make you a redhead.

In vino veritas.

More good sense from Walter Williams.

Mexican politics come to America.

Change of leadership for Northern Paiute.