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What Donald Trump Should Have Tweeted


Murder would fall by 91 percent in an all-white New York City.


In the video the shooting seems to be unjustified.

From 2003 to 2013, hundreds of refugees were deported for violent felonies.

Shop workers have recently been accused of racial profiling.

Blacks are serious about their shoes.

He was living in a shelter for asylum seekers.

Aborigines are 19 times more likely to be jail than other Aussies.

A black student posted it.

59 percent of white New Yorkers disapprove of his performance.

British charity has found and freed more than 70 slaves this year.

Many were classified as refugees.

Analyst: “It may be a hoax, as far as a bomb threat. But this is terrorism.”

Number 301 was killed a few hours later.

The Paris attacks were just one of many this year.

Crime happened in Dallas, a sanctuary city.

Illegal alien voted in a presidential primary and a general election.

Teenager stops home invasion.

Undercover agent offered to sell them explosives.

Black judge, black criminal.

They were arrested but not charged.

“The issue is what were they doing there in the first place?”

Hispanics are much more likely than blacks to be drug dealers.

Many end up in Europe.

Obama successfully pushed for the early release of 6,000 criminals.

Black man set fire to black churches.

US-born 19 year old was caught boarding a plane to fight for ISIS.

Hard facts on crime, incarceration, and “black lives.”

Obama Administration doesn’t believe in the “Ferguson effect.”

“White people out of Pilsen!”

He is a suspect in twice that number.

Police kill blacks at the same rates that blacks commit crime.

The attackers stole nothing.

Chinese-American lawyer helped Chinese client evade authorities.

Newspaper headline calls him “a man.”

Georgetown retailers use social media to alert each other to suspicious shoppers.

“What happened post-Baltimore, what happened post-Ferguson is having an impact.”

Hispanic did not realize the people who caught him were also Hispanic.

Could Mexico Become Somalia?


Organized crime threatens chaos in Mexico.

Review by Jared Taylor

Whites make sensible use of neighborhood-watch programs.

Moldovan uranium smugglers want someone to attack the US.

They want to hide the truth from “extreme-right” groups.

Murders are up 52 percent from last year.

The truth might hurt their campaign for a “borderless word.”

In Wisconsin, 13 percent of black men are in jail–twice the national average.

An injured pregnant student kicked a pregnant ambulance attendant who was treating her.

They probably won’t escape from our prisons.

There were 17,800 murders — an increase of 782 over the year before.

Targets are not just Confederates.

The goal is to stop probable perps before they commit a crime.

She has “Love” tattooed on her neck.