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A “child refugee” before it was fashionable.

“Anti-Racist” Terrorism Caught on Video


On May 19, 2012, 18 members of something called the Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement stormed the Ashford House Restaurant in Tinley Park, IL, armed with hammers and clubs. They attacked a small gathering of a group called the Illinois European Heritage Association. The “anti-racist” political violence was caught on surveillance footage that was never made public–until […]


A report from a border we’re told is secured.

Caribbean dancers, fancy cars, and fights.

Perp likely to be deported after serving sentence.

When we deport gang members they start gangs back home.

Ranchers find scores of corpses on their properties.

She was a rising star in the New York City school district.

Including 3,000 homicides.

Police superintendent blames lax gun laws.

Told officers they could not arrest him because his mother was a judge.

They attacked at least 50 bums in just the last few months.

Foster home was a hell hole.

“Someone has to have the guts to stand up.”

He needs your support.

Regulations to fight money laundering make remittances more expensive.

Blacks in Chicago say Obama cares less about them than about illegals.

Cuts could eliminate 600 police jobs.

Al-Qaeda operative also wanted to target “the modest and poor French population.”

Liberian immigrants riot because five-minute response time and 100 firemen weren’t good enough.

The “chocolate city” mayor accepted about $500,000 in bribes.

Chicago and Black Criminality, Wall Street Journal

Straight talk from the Wall Street Journal.

Complains that killer’s name is being “dragged through the mud.”

Five were shot by police.

British Muslims also didn’t like the fact that they were black.

San Jose police: “It’s an unfortunate set of circumstances.”

Would-be terrorists in Europe don’t need visas to travel to the US.

Famous rappers were close by.

The New Newspeak


The insidious language of the Left.


Defendants’ lyrics are often used as evidence at trial.

His brother says he was off his meds.

Critics say it calls to mind the “discredited pseudoscience called eugenics.”

“Tactical alert” by police managed to keep the peace.

Prosecutor says sterilization “might be in the commonwealth’s interest.”

Costly oversight to weed out “racism.”

White jurors behave differently from black jurors.

Big change since the end of stop-and-frisk.

Are crackdowns on “zero tolerance” policies to blame?

Big Bo, Da Man, and Rah Rah are among the accused.

Whites are not disproportionately responsible for mass killings.

She says “This Bikefest does not represent the people of this state.”

It’s the only way to close the discipline gap in schools.

During the Super Bowl, crime in Chicago drops 26 percent.

Some criminals’ tattoos are records of their crimes.

But not before testing their services first.

Students stand around doing nothing.

Unusual behavior for an honor-roll student.

School is 95 percent black.

Mexico coming our way?

Winks at prosecutors on his way out of the courtroom.