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This is the kind of column that keeps Ann Coulter out of CPAC.

He’s upset that feds didn’t prosecute George Zimmerman.

Saying a perp is black promotes negative stereotypes.

Kazakhi and Uzbeki immigrants also had plans to kill Obama and bomb Coney Island.

She is also legally blind.

. . . by which he meant rampant corruption and drug trafficking.

Black activist: “This is going to be a very, very challenging time in our community.”

British Muslim: “Sharia law is on its way. On our streets we will implement it.”

Race and Drug Arrests: Another Big Lie


Police arrest drug-takers regardless of race.


12 of them were living in the United States.

She performed a procedure involving silicone and Krazy Glue.

Mall businesses say management is afraid of being labeled “racist.”

He points out that disarming young non-whites would reduce crime.

A mob of 900 rushed the theater at once.

All young customers will be carded because of black misbehavior.

Police also taking down 1,000 pages of Islamist Internet material every week.

Liberals continue to ignore high rates of black crime.

Their demands included a ban on “racialized crime alerts.”

Hispanic gang member stabbed two blacks.

Just as prime minister arrives to brag about falling crime rates.

He used dating sites to communicate with other Muslim plotters.

Blacks lie when asked if they take drugs.

He’s the founder of Death Row Records.

Former Los Alamos scientist is a naturalized US citizen from Argentina.

Illegal was released even though he admitted ties to the Mexican Mafia.

ICE does not vet them carefully.

They are thought to have been planning a Charlie Hebdo-style attack.

Trying to identify criminals is an insult to blacks.

Muslims are 8 percent of French population, 70 percent of prison population.

Ethiopian wore a latex mask that made him look white.

Police Lives Matter


The anti-police movement is based on anti-white hysteria.


There is little diversity.

Determining a suspect’s appearance will no longer require a witness.

Armed Muslims were planning to attack police buildings.

Graffiti claimed that border was “illegal,” not the people who cross it.

He smashed his Audi into a police car.

The Black Guerrilla Family sent him to test security.

Some think the policy is racially motivated.

They are down 56 percent.

Criminal behavior has a heritability of 39 to 56 percent in men.

“Juveniles” do not show much diversity.

Mass Delusion: The 2014 War Against the Police


Last year’s biggest story was one of anti-white hysteria.


Solving the Police Problem, Fred on Everything

The solution is to stop enforcing the law.

Gang members want to make it “Kill a Pig Night.”

Blacks form human shield to stop police from arresting a man.

Traffic citations are down 94 percent.

One thousand came to the mall to fight.

And it can all be blamed on the white man.

Police say Mayor de Blasio has permanently lost their respect.

Officers continue to turn their backs on the mayor.