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Young black man socks old man in the face as cameraman laughs.

Prime Minister: Over 2,000 French residents are affiliated with jihadi networks in Syria and Iraq.

One was an ISIS operative who wanted to commit “severe acts of violence.”

They would also have to attend “behavioral therapy” sessions.

The riot started after staff refused to buy the “refugees” candy.

Saint Louis is 15th, Baltimore is 19th.

Nooshafarin Ravaghi helped Hossein Nayeri and others escape.

A Cambodian-American navy commander reverts to type.

Mo Hailong planned to steal proprietary corn seeds from DuPont Pioneer and Monsanto.

A woman he was with fled the scene, but was then caught.

Muslim teenager wanted to use an explosives-filled kangaroo to kill police.

Because the laws are “disproportionately enforced against minorities.”

France has thwarted six terror plots since the Paris attack in November.

“Refugees” chant “fuck you” and shoot fireworks at police.

Migrants are being evicted from the “Jungle” camp in Calais.

Wisconsin state legislator puts two and two together.

“I want to blow myself up . . . I am against America.”

Officer says teenager turned towards him with a dark object in his hand.

Over three years, 11,000 people were robbed in Cologne; a majority of perps were North Africans.

A Gun Problem or a Race Problem?


Jared Taylor talks gun control with Paul Kersey.


A different “refugee” has been charged with the rape and attempted murder of a 24 year old.

At least eight Germans died in the attack.

Perp was released from jail three hours before the attack.

The number since 2014 is 113.

Said the drug dealers have names like “D-Money, Smoothie, and Shifty.”

Police can’t guess his motive.

“Soldiers of Odin” group is patrolling after several rapes by asylum seekers.

Press conference was held in an entirely black neighborhood.

He had a picture of the ISIS flag and a fake suicide vest on his body.

Up to 40 percent of US passport fraud involves fake PR documents.

Activists disagree violently on best approach to stopping violence.

Or bricks. Or bottles.

90,000 security guards. 940 burned cars.

They might just catch up with Honduras.

Officials don’t want fuel the right wing.

Just four percent were white officers shooting unarmed blacks.

New details emerge.

They wanted to commemorate the London bombings.

Police chief calls it a “transformational time in law enforcement.”

All young people could be punished because of the misbehavior of blacks.

Heather Mac Donald shows that the “Ferguson effect” is real.

2,000 “children” rioted.

Alaa, Ferhat, and Walid top the list.

Those who study biology and crime are accused of “racist scholarship.”

“Minnesota men” seem particularly drawn to ISIS.

Mexican will end his days in America.

Europeans cannot bear the horror of watching Muslim civilization collapse.

Attackers threw the kettle at the blind man after they thought he cut in line.

ISIS recruits thugs and petty criminals.

The attack was recorded on the victim’s dash camera.