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New DOJ Statistics on Race and Violent Crime


Numbers finally include Hispanics as an offender category.


Black in Netherlands was put in choke hold and held down by white officers.

Hysteria about “black lives” should not be directed against whites.

Dozens of teenagers stage a “smash mob.”

Biased Bureaucrats, Gullible Journalists, and Dylann Roof


Statistical squid ink obscures the reality of black-on-white crime.


No matter how drunk, Roof never said anything “racist.”

At the workplace and jailhouse, Obama has stopped enforcing immigration laws.

The third man did not attack the event, but helped them plot.

Reportedly said “You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go.”

Police say “no would could predict” such a thing would happen.

It was a Boston rally to help curb violence.

He attacks Asian women and then runs away.

¡Adios, America!: Coulter’s Call for Immigration Sanity


A monument to common sense makes the best-seller list.

Reviewed by Jared Taylor

More than half of the releases were discretionary.

Five teenagers were shot at a pool party.

There have been 55 killings in the city since May 1.

He says he’s been caught up in anti-police hysteria.

More trouble with white cops and black pool goers.

Officials in Chicago worry the film name will scare away investors.

The city’s homicide rate is set to be the highest in thirty years.

They say Baltimore is getting what it asked for: “a softer, less aggressive police department.”

“The community” isn’t cooperating with police.

U.S. has released over 1,000 criminal immigrants this year because their countries don’t want them.

Defense lawyers argue “Mrs. Mosby herself has become essential exculpatory evidence.”

They planned to bomb public buildings and police cars in Ferguson.

Teenagers are immigrants from El Salvador.

Rioters stole enough drugs to keep the city doped for a year.

Some residents propose an alternative: Bring back stop-and-frisk.

They are the top priorities for deportation.

Criticize police. Police back off. Ask for more money.

He went after the police instead, ” ’cause . . . it’s the easiest target.”

Perps swindled hundreds of thousands in government cash.

The fact that there are more crime stories about them is pure “stereotyping.”

Police will release their “self-declared ethnicity” after they are booked.

Less stop-and-frisk means more “gunplay.”

40 percent of South African women can expect to be raped in their lifetimes.

The New Nationwide Crime Wave, Wall Street Journal

The “Ferguson effect”–enforcement slowdown–has spread across the country.

Month of May had the city’s highest ever per-capita homicide rate.

“Before it was over-policing. Now there’s no police.”

He cites a case from 2011 to show whites commit crime too.

When police are criticized and back off, crime rises.

People at the scene do nothing to help victim.

May has been the deadliest month in Baltimore since December 1999.

Policing Mean Streets


How New York detectives keep order.

Review by Thomas Jackson

Demonstrators on the street before the case is even a day old.

It’s “racist” not to worry about the fatherlessness of criminal white bikers.

Narco gangs sort out their problems, undisturbed by the authorities.

Their deaths provoked the worst immigrant riots in French history.

No word about who picks the pockets.

Paranoid schizophrenic Jamaican was deported due to “serious criminality.”