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Islamic enrichment in Europe.

Five people were stabbed in a clash between “anti-fascists” and the Traditionalist Worker Party.

They know you hit whites if you are targeting “America.”

Heather Mac Donald dismantles more liberal myths.

Detective: “From patrol to investigation, it’s almost an undoable job now.”

Senators Sessions and Cruz prodded the DOJ for months for the data.

The feds tried to deradicalize him in 2013.

The 30,558 criminal illegals released in 2014 have committed 13,288 additional crimes.

He is in the country illegally after overstaying his visa.

Says she would not have been fired for her online comments if she were black.

He served on the House Appropriations Committee.

Migrants stopped traffic for hours and threw stones at stopped cars.

She may be charged with 49 counts of murder.

The bureau is investigating 1,000 potential “homegrown violent extremists.”

Two thirds were foreign-born.

Press freely admits it was the anti-fa who attacked the Identitarians.

Trump was right: The families knew.

Says FBI told her not to tell this to the US media.

At least half of US jihadi attacks in the last decade have been by second-generation immigrants.

He was hit in the head with a large rock during an 800-strong Identitarian rally.

Witness claims shooter asked, “Are you guys black? . . . I don’t have an issue with the blacks.”

German schoolgirls were “paralyzed by political correctness.”

He’s the first US-born Muslim to be captured on the battlefield.

Search results reflect racial realities.

So crazy they must be kept alive?

800 of those were sex crimes.

Eritrean smuggler’s wife lives in Sweden.

The usual lefty thuggery.

BLM agitator tried to prevent police from arresting a violent black woman.

Her black lawyer says it’s because she is black.

400 people were shot in Chicago in May alone.

Suspects are Syrian.

A “vibrant” new industry corrupts American system.

Hikers should watch out for Mexican gang shootouts.

Senior prank could mean a year in jail for Texas whites.

In Chicago, pedestrian stops are down 90 percent and homicide is up 60 percent.

Black serviceman confessed to raping and murdering a Japanese woman.

Protesters overran barricades, assaulted police, and jumped on squad cars.

Colleges are also to offer “support services” for students with criminal records.

It correctly identifies 61 percent of criminals who are rearrested within two years of release.

Migrants to Germany have committed 400,000 crimes since 2014.

Blacks are three percent of the population but 10 percent of federal prisoners.

The New York Times discovers black violence. Blames poverty and guns.

Only Clarence Thomas voted to uphold the conviction.

You can describe a suspicious person’s clothing in detail but don’t mention race.​

He has been charged several times previously with Re-Entry after Deportation.

One hundred migrants rushed the police.

It’s more dangerous than Caracas, Venezuela.

There have been 74 vigilante killings in the first four months of this year.

White South African judge made pithy comments about blacks and rape.