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Black officer: For blacks, a confrontation with the police is “like the ghetto lottery–‘I’m going to sue’.”

He was previously deported for the same offense.

Truck was owned by a Lebanese “Bulgarian.”

Africa in Our Midst, AR Classic Article

Ten years later, remembering the lessons of Katrina.

Perps are “leaders in the Somali community.”

Another futile uplift program.

He carjacked his first victim just minutes after getting out of jail.

Whites who beat a homeless Hispanic reportedly said “Donald Trump was right.”

FBI informant is the same one who organized a KKK flag rally at the South Carolina statehouse.

They all lived at a Job Corps camp.

“Asylum seekers” smashed up their shelter and attacked guards in a wild rampage.

Under 5 feet tall, no older than 10.

And Winnie sends a thug to intimidate the victim’s family.

93 year old was robbed twice in the same day.

Racial crime stats are “racist,” but racial policing stats reveal “racism.”

Robbery rates are the highest in years. Clearance rates are at their lowest.

Police commissioner calls him “a one-kid crime wave.”

His 28-year prison sentence was upheld.

Common-sense regulation will no doubt be called “racism.”

New technology for crossing the border.

His father insists he didn’t do anything.

Son of imam and daughter of police officer were stopped at the airport.

British-born Muslim firebrand finally behind bars.

“We’re ready for what? We’re ready for war.”

‘Black and Unarmed’, National Review

Washington Post continues to slant the news.

Debunking another liberal theory.

She’s a special assistant to the president.

Recognizes that more guns means less crime.

The man fired repeatedly at the police.

Nice description of the perp’s car, but no race.

There were hundreds of bikers; some pelted police with rocks.

“Crash for Cash:” Injuring yourself and then suing for compensation.

It may be “suicide by cop.”

Even if people don’t think police are fair, they don’t want fewer police.

Ann Coulter says there is “a cultural acceptance of child rape in Latino culture.”

Secretary of State feels “compelled by conscience” because non-whites are more likely to be felons.

And also attempted rape of his 14-year-old niece.

Illegal immigrant was angry about police shootings and immigrant deportations.

All while his 5-year-old daughter was in the car.

There has been no sharp rise in public mass shootings.

He may have used the gun in the attack on the Islam cartoon contest.

Professor: “The police feel they are the Public Enemy No. 1.”

They also say Marilyn Mosby had a suspicious meeting with the medical examiner.

He is a “DREAMer.”

Family had stopped to help the perp with a broken-down car.

He raped the child–who is under 13 years old–over a four-month period.

Illegal immigrant tried to rape a 14 year old, shot one woman, and killed another.

He wanted to detonate a nail bomb hidden in the sand.

David Frum points out the facts.

White officer who shot a black man is charged with murder.