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The Young Gunnerz and Big Money Bosses have been terrorizing the Bronx for years.

If Europe had no Muslims it would not have this problem.

Parents and children joined the action.

He and nine Somali friends in Minnesota hoped to go join ISIS or attack the U.S.

Unaccompanied illegal alien minors are now becoming gang members.

“Thugga” was killed while filming a video for his song “Two Tecs and a 50 Shot.”

He was part of the terror cell that first imprisoned James Foley.

Taxi drivers were sexually abusing children as young as five.

He is a naturalized citizen from Taiwan.

He’s now accused of carrying bags containing the explosives that killed 32 people.

Blacks insist known gang member who posed for photos with a gun was innocent.

So the California legislature will consider a bill to prevent suspending licenses for unpaid tickets.

Born in Taiwan, naturalized citizen.

47 percent of Mexican women say they are victims of sexual violence.

When Common Sense Is a Crime


Police department under investigation after chief states the obvious.


“You are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter.”

Race of people who stopped ambulance unspecified . . .

Two reasons they cite are “racial tensions” and “crime.”

62 Muslims have returned to Denmark after leaving to fight for ISIS.


Banning ex-cons could have a “disparate impact.”

Baltimore Murders, Baltimore Sun

Interactive graphic lets you filter race and sex of all victims back to 2007.

DOJ is threatening “disparate impact” suits for cities that fine non-whites disproportionately.

One city pays gangsters to go on vacation with each other.

Jose Alejandro Najarro is 52 years old.

Police were trying to patrol a “no-go zone.”

East African perp drew swastikas and wrote “vote Trump” at the crime scene.

He had much to say about “human rights” and the “oppressed.”

Confessions of a German Police Chief


An agonized look at immigrant crime.


“Race trumps class, at least when it comes to incarceration.”

Racial Ratios, Taki's Magazine

Steve Sailer discusses the 2016 update to “The Color of Crime.”

She received a Soros fellowship worth between $58,000 to $110,000.

He and his brother had already been jailed in Belgium for gun crimes.

Another 170 people were injured.

Some of the murderers entered the US illegally as “unaccompanied children.”

Two of the four gang rapists were previously deported to Guatemala.

His name is Cesar Gonzalez-Mugaburu.

Foreigners are 30 percent of Germany’s prison population.

Just one more casualty in the North African gang wars.

The Color of Crime


Jared Taylor introduces the latest update of a classic report.


Bataclan killer finally caught

Turning lights off for an hour in Swedish town would be too dangerous.

Black sheriff says what no white sheriff could.

One had already been arrested when he tried to leave to wage jihad in Syria.

Attackers shouted “Allah Akbar.”

Four officers were injured today in raids linked to last year’s Paris attacks.

Ayanle Hassan Ali was born in Canada.

They had 464 criminal charges between them before they were charged with murder.

Labour Day festival disrupted by rioting “youths.”

Non-white gangs in Australia know that scrutiny by authorities will be called “racist.”