Posted on April 17, 2024

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Sr. And His Wife Were Caught on Video Beating Daughter

Rachel Bowman, Daily Mail, April 17, 2024

Court documents revealed Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Sr. and his wife were recorded abusing their daughter by her boyfriend, as the couple faces charges for endangering the welfare of their child.

The Democrat, 50, and his wife La’Quetta Small, the superintendent of the Atlantic City Public School System, are accused of abusing their 16-year-old daughter on numerous occasions after she refused to stop seeing a boy she was dating.

According to charging documents obtained by, they carried out a barrage of abuse from December 2023 to January 2024, including beating her unconscious with a broom, threatening to ‘earth slam’ her down stairs, striking her with a belt and punching her in the mouth.

The Smalls were charged two weeks after the mayor dragged his daughter in front of cameras to deny rumors about the crimes, including that he beat her so savagely she miscarried.

Shocking new details revealed in the court documents allege the couple was secretly recorded abusing their teenage daughter by the boyfriend they disapproved of.

‘[Her boyfriend] stated during the week of December 10, 2023, he witnessed over the video chat on different occasions how her father screamed at her and was physically abusive specifically choking her. He described J.S.’s clothing being ripped, and her body bruised after the abuse incidents,’ said the affidavit.

Video obtained by detectives from the boyfriends iPad captured an incident on January 3 where Marty told his daughter ‘I’m gonna hurt you.’

The 16-year-old had asked her father to move out of the way so she could go to school which Marty responded, ‘Sit down. I’ll smack the weave out ya head.’

‘I don’t care where I push you at… I’m going to earth slam her down the steps! Come past this line and I’m gonna grab you by the head and throw you on the ground! Nothing is going to happen to me,’ Marty said.

Another incident involved Marty allegedly punching his daughter repeatedly in her legs causing bruising.

On January 7, an incident between the 16-year-old was recorded asking her mother to get off her neck and said her mother punched her in the mouth, according to the affidavit.

La’Quetta said, ‘Who you telling to get off you girl! You don’t run me. You don’t run me. And I’m gonna touch you whenever I wanna touch you.

The teen said on one occasion her boyfriend had food delivered to her house and when La’Quetta found out she threw out the food, dragged her daughter by the hair then beat her with a belt, leaving welts on her shoulders.

During one incident, La’Quetta allegedly punched her daughter multiple times on her chest leaving bruising.

The charges were triggered by the mayor’s daughter telling a school staffer about the alleged abuse.

In January, Students at Atlantic City High School were receiving mental health training, and were asked to circle faces on a ticket indicating if they were happy, neutral or sad.

According to the affidavit, Small’s daughter wrote the word ‘abuse’ on the back of a neutral ticket, and asked to speak to a counselor.

She then told a mental health trainer that she had been knocked out with a broom, and described her father as a ‘big guy’, the complaint said. She added that she had previously told Principal Days-Chapman.

Days-Chapman claimed to have not been told before, but told the advisor that she would report the alleged abuse to the Department of Child Protection & Permanency.

The teen also told a therapist that same day about the abuse throughout December and January, and cops said that she told the therapist: ‘I was really stressed, I was crying a lot, I wasn’t mentally stable, I wasn’t comfortable around them, I just didn’t feel safe.’

When contacted by the therapist, La’Quetta allegedly said that her daughter was struggling with personal issues due to a ‘young man’ that her parents didn’t approve of.

Both parents have been charged with second-degree endangering the welfare of a child, and Marty Small is also charged with third-degree terroristic threats, third-degree aggravated assault and disorderly persons simple assault.

La’Quetta is also charged with disorderly persons simple assault, and Atlantic City High School principal Constance Days-Chapman – a reported close friend of the mayor and his wife – is also facing charges.

Days-Chapman is accused of failing to notify authorities when the teen told her she was being ’emotionally and physically abused’ by her parents.

The mayor has refused to step down after he and his wife were charged and even posted photos on social media with the captions ‘#Unbothered’ and ‘two sides’ after news of the scandal broke.

His lawyer, Edwin Jacobs, said the matter ‘focuses on private personal matters, including challenges that Mayor Small as a dad and his wife, La’Quetta, as a mom have been facing raising a teenage child’.

He also denied the allegations related to ‘improprieties in his [client’s] office’ and stated Small, will ‘continue to faithfully perform his duties as mayor.’

Weeks before charges were brought, they mayor held a bizarre, foul-mouthed press conference in response to his home being raided by cops, where he insisted his daughter was not pregnant with twins via a drug dealer, and stressed he had ‘nothing to hide.’

With his daughter stood awkwardly beside him, he listed off a string of denials, some of which he has since been charged with by Atlantic City prosecutors.

Among the claims, he denied that his she ‘was pregnant with twins, and I beat the s*** out of her so bad that I killed the babies, and I’m gonna be charged with double murder.’

At the press conference, Marty directly denied claims he abused his daughter, as he instead said any allegations were fueled by ‘political and racial’ motivations.

‘We don’t have City of Atlantic City money in our house. I didn’t steal anything,’ he said in the press conference. ‘No, we don’t have drugs in our house. And we don’t have guns.’

‘First of all, let me confirm an undisputed fact: My daughter is not pregnant,’ he continued. ‘My daughter has never been pregnant.’

Addressing rumors that Marty said came from an Atlantic City police officer, the mayor doubled up his denials that his ‘daughter got knocked up by a drug dealer in Stanley Homes village – false.’

‘My wife beat the bleep out of her, while my son recorded the whole thing, and I just stood there – false,’ he said.

Marty also addressed what he referred to as ‘the most egregious’ of the rumors – that his ‘daughter was pregnant with twins, and I beat the s*** out of her so bad that I killed the babies, and I’m gonna be charged with double murder.’

‘Now, would you be able to handle this like I’m handling it?’ he concluded.

The Small’s daughter did not speak at the press conference, which was opened by a reverend quoting Martin Luther King Jr.