Posted on March 31, 2024

No Beach Permits for Black Spring Break in Harrison County

Noah Noble, WLOX, March 26, 2024

An unexpected announcement from Harrison County Tuesday could jeopardize a Black Spring Break event in Biloxi.

A memo from Harrison County was sent out during Biloxi’s City Council meeting and was read aloud by Police Chief John Miller. In the letter, the county stated that it will not be issuing permits for commercial use or amplified sound events during Black Spring Break weekend {snip}

Mississippi Black Spring Break submitted for one of those beach permits with Harrison County, along with a special event application in Biloxi. {snip}


Mississippi Black Spring Break has received approval from Harrison County in previous years to host its parties on the beach, but the county told WLOX News that the parties rarely stay on the beach and party go-ers often cross Highway 90, which is a safety issue. That message echoes Biloxi’s problems with the special event application, which was denied in part because of public safety concerns with pedestrians and a parking plan that did not satisfy Biloxi Police.