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Some of the offending gene variants are unique to the Japanese.

Eleven straight years of increase.

Already, the Justice Ministry has requested funding for 585 immigration officers.

It’s an “unavoidable step.”

Since 2010, Japan has accepted 174 refugees.

The program is called “The Moment of Deportation.”

Skilled immigrants may be able to apply for permanent residency.

A look at a country that refuses to abolish itself.

“We are opening up our country. We are opening up our labor market to foreign countries.”

The Japanese are just different.

“Japanese participants showed an implicit preference for ‘white people’ over ‘black people.’ “

Foreign workers can stay five years and must demostrate proficiency in speaking Japanese.

Kyoto Seika University has begun to “embrace diversity.”

Current system works as “back-door immigration.”

Many non-Japanese are arriving on student and training visas.

Japan accepted 28 last year. They complain anyway.

The Japanese still have a strong sense of national identity.

Dennis Prager is learning.

Supreme Court rules in favor of deporting foreigners born there.

Why Have Asians Not Dominated?, AR Classic Article

High intelligence may not be enough.

Foreigners don’t seem to show a long-term interest in Japan.

Twice as many as two years ago.

Wants foreign workers and university graduates to go home.

Technological innovation: the Japanese alternative to mass immigration.

Feeding Detroit.

How Japan Plans to Have More Babies, Christian Science Monitor

New prime minister wants welfare programs to offset cost of raising children.

Japanese prime minister going goofy.

Getting robots to do the jobs Japanese don’t want to do.

Sun Sets on Migrants’ Japanese Dreams, Financial Times (London)

Japan sends Japanese-Brazilians back to Brazil.

Japanese have yet to discover genetics.

Japanese stingy with financial support for asylum seekers.

They may let you stay if you have won a Nobel Prize.

Japanese government paying immigrants to go home and never return.

Western egalitarians need to let the Japanese remain Japanese.

Islam makes inroads into Japan.

Children of unmarried foreign women eligible if Japanese father acknowledges them.

Almost 40 percent of hotels and inns don’t want foreign guests.

“Ainu Rebels” celebrate their heritage with hip-hop music.

Obamania in Italy.

Will Japanese-style game shows succeed in the US?

Panel wants immigrants to make up 10 percent of the population within 50 years.

Japanese resisting advice to open their country to foreigners.

Robots do the work Japanese won’t do.

Not all Japanese understand the value of homogeneity.

Desperately Seeking Students, Guardian Unlimited (Manchester)

Low birth rates mean up to 40% of Japanese universities could go bust.

In Praise of Homogeneity, AR Classic Article

Japanese like being Japanese and intend to stay Japanese.

Will help “difficult to replace” farm population.

O Tempora, O Mores! (July, 2007), American Renaissance

Biracial advantage.

Corporate Japan doing its part to boost the birthrate.

Cabinet minister: Japan needs foreign workers to keep economy growing.