Posted on January 4, 2020

Remembering The Social Contract

Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, January 4, 2020

As we mentioned earlier this week, The Social Contract (TSC) magazine, after nearly thirty years of publication, put out its last issue this month.

Though never widely circulated and somewhat narrow in focus, TSC was always interesting and covered news and perspectives ignored by the mainstream media. Though American Renaissance regularly reviews books, we are not in the habit of reviewing magazines — but TSC was impressive enough to have two different issues make exceptions of that rule. First, its special issue about the Southern Poverty Law Center, and then one that covered the wide array of forces pushing more and more “refugees” into the US.

The AmRen newsfeed also regularly drew from TSC for original reporting on immigration, crime, and media bias (one hopes their online archives stay up). Here are a few of my favorites:

From what I gather, the organization behind the magazine isn’t going anywhere, which is welcome news, as they publish valuable books such as The Immigration Invasion, Affirmative Action for Immigrants, and, most notoriously, The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail.