Posted on August 27, 2019

Candidate Who Wanted Michigan City as White ‘As Possible’ Ends Run

Associated Press, August 26, 2019

A City Council candidate in Michigan who said last week that she wants to keep her community white “as much as possible” withdrew from the council race on Monday.

Jean Cramer went to Marysville City Hall to say she was leaving the race and later, at the request of city officials, put her withdrawal in writing in a one-sentence letter that did not give a reason for why she dropped out, the Times Herald in Port Huron reported. Her name will remain on the Nov. 5 election ballot.

Cramer, 67, created a furor after a moderator at an election forum Thursday asked her and the other candidates if the city should do more to attract foreign-born residents. Cramer replied: “Keep Marysville a white community as much as possible.”


Her comments troubled other candidates at the forum.


She said she did not believe her comments were racist.

Cramer doubled down on her statements Friday during a follow-up interview with the Times Herald outside her Marysville home.


Cramer’s comments prompted Mayor Dan Damman and others to ask her to withdraw from the council race in the city about 55 miles northeast of Detroit. More than 90% of Marysville’s population of 9,700 is white.