Posted on October 5, 2018

Unite Union Plans to ‘Disrupt’ Demo Against Muslim Grooming Gangs

Politicalite, October 5, 2018

Far-left Unite The Union, funded by working people across Britain is planning to ‘Disrupt’ a planned Demonstration against the rape and grooming of young British girls, Politicalite can reveal.

Unite’s regional secretary Karen Reay sent a letter to members revealing measures to “Mobilise” against the working-class DFLA and branded the group and its supporters as “far-right.”

She then reveals that Unite is planning to put on coaches for a counter demo against the working classes fighting against grooming gangs.

The union was founded to help the working classes, and now it is against those very people, actively planning to disrupt a demonstration from mostly working class people who are fed up of Pakistani grooming gangs that are STILL raping young British girls across Britain.

Karen Reay revealed that Unite had also set up an email for people interested in attending the counter demo. “[email protected]” we are using this for our readers to ask Unite for comment.

[Editor’s Note: Additional groups that intend to participate in the “counterprotest” are listed here.]