Posted on March 2, 2017

Eight Iraqi Migrants Who Gang-Raped German Tourist in Austria Jailed

Koen Berghuis, Mirror, March 2, 2017

Eight Iraqi migrants have been found guilty of gang-raping a German tourist on New Year’s Eve.

Charges were dismissed for a ninth defendant in the Austrian court, before eight others were sentenced to jail terms between nine and 13 years.

Harrowing details were made public by prosecutors as the trial began this week in Vienna, Austria.

The 28-year-old victim, who was attacked in Austria while out celebrating with friends, has been awarded €25,000 in damages.

The Iraqis arrived in Austria as migrants between May and December 2015, with five of them receiving refugee status.

The women, identified only as a German teacher, was celebrating New Year with a friend.

She was drinking with her in a bar when at 2AM four of the Iraqis joined the two women at the table with a bottle of vodka.

It is claimed she was feeling sick and was taken back to a flat in the Leopoldstadt neighbourhood where the alleged ordeal began.

Prosecutor Karina Fehringer alleges the men went out looking for a woman to rape on the fateful night.

When the four men dragged her home, five other men were allegedly waiting to pounce, the court heard.

It is claimed they had ordered all female family members also living at the property to leave so they could carry out the horrific attack undisturbed.

The migrants, all aged between 23 and 47 years old, then stripped the unconscious woman, the court heard.

All nine allegedly took turns raping her before they then kicked her out the flat and left her at a tram stop.

She was found crying and shaking by passers-by who then called the police.

She told officers she had woken up on a double bed with strange men hanging over her. She was conscious for some of the gang rape before being thrown out of the property.

Officers then took sperm and DNA samples which have matched up to the men, according to the prosecution. They also used her mobile phone to ascertain where she had been.

The eldest perpetrator is claimed to have said he had slept with the woman and helped her out in the morning.

Some others admitted that they had had sex with the 28-year-old, but that she had wanted it.

One is alleged to have said: “What exactly I did with her, I do not want to talk about. The act is not just forbidden in Austria, but also in Iraq, and I am sorry for the deed, and if I had not been drunk I would not have done it.

“I am very embarrassed, also in front of my family, we all made a big mistake, but I tell it frankly and honestly that nobody has forced the victim or prevented her from leaving the flat.”

The victim is said to have been heavily traumatised after the gang rape and had to quit her job because she could not handle the pressure. She has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and depression.