Lack of Ideas, Leadership in Swedish Politics May Benefit Far Right

Johan Ahlander and Simon Johnson, Reuters, December 12, 2014

Sweden’s mainstream parties head into March’s snap election unloved by voters and short on seasoned leadership, raising the risk the far-right will increase its support and be able to force a shift in generous immigration policies.

Center-left Prime Minister Stefan Lofven’s need to call a new election two months into office underlines his weakness. His likely rival for the top political post–Moderate party economic spokeswoman Anna Kinberg Batra–will not even head her own party until January.

The center-right and center-left lack fresh ideas–tax cuts are over but will not be reversed–and voters gave a thumbs down to both blocs in September’s vote, handing the Sweden Democrats the balance of power.

After bringing down Lofven’s government, the Sweden Democrats could now cement their rise from right-wing fringe to the center-stage of Swedish politics.

“No one knows how big the Sweden Democrats could be,” said Anders Sannerstedt, political scientist at Lund University, pointing to research in 2013 that showed 44 percent of Swedes wanted to see less immigration. “They got 12.9 percent in September’s election, so their voter pool isn’t empty yet.”

The party has threatened to bring down any government that fails to rein in immigration and wants to cut the number of asylum seekers reaching Sweden–the world’s top per capita recipient–by 90 percent. All major parties have refused to cooperate with them.

But a strong showing by the Sweden Democrats in March will make them harder to ignore. A YouGov poll in December put support for the Sweden Democrats rising to 17.7 percent.

“The mainstream parties . . . either have to find a way to cooperate across the political divide, or change their views on the Sweden Democrats,” Magnus Hagevi, political scientist at Linnaeus University, said.

Generous immigration has been a cornerstone of Swedish politics for decades and research from Gothenburg University shows Swedes are becoming more, not less, tolerant, though the number saying they want lower immigration is still above 40 percent.

However, record number of asylum seekers–up to 105,000 in 2015 says the Migration Board–have revealed fault lines in the country of 9.5 million people.


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  • ThatWhiteGuy

    Most excellent

  • “Far right”

    By Swedish standards, maybe. But really, think of the SDs as the Jeff Sessions wing of Swedish politics.

    • ThatWhiteGuy

      Very little about the SD platform is scary or “far-right” by any definition. It seems to me the real problem is just how left-wing the rest of Swedish politicians are.

  • dmxinc

    We need a parliamentary system so that our votes will start to count again.

  • Yves Vannes

    There are parts of Sweden that are already too far gone. They need to not only stop immigration, they need to deport immigrants. There are parts of Stockholm where even the cops can’t enter. Malmo is a province of Somalia and too many Swedes, terrified of being seen as racist, would rather pretend the rapes and lawlessness of the new Swedes are over exaggerated – as long as it’s not their family being directly affected.

    • Paleoconn

      I think if Ike can deport a million wetbacks in such a vast land as ours, the Swedes can do the same under a sane government in their relatively small land mass.

      • See The Future

        A sane government can only come from a sane electorate

      • Yves Vannes

        Ah, “Operation Wetback”. Can you imagine if we were to call a similar program by the same title: Operation Wetback II?

        • Sick of it

          I’d go with Operation Cort├ęs. It wouldn’t stop at the current border.

    • See The Future

      Those that live and wait in fear shall become extinct.

  • Jaggers

    Red Ice Radio will be pleased.

  • dd121

    Save yourselves Swedes!

    • See The Future

      Swedes can not elect themselves out of their coming enslavement.


        They’re going to have to use force. There is a groups called Nord Front aka Swedish Resistance Movement.


    And we still have people who call themselves white nationalists here in the US advocating that we support the GOP. The SD were nothing in 2000. They were microscopic. Now they are at 20% and climbing.

    Imagine if after 9/11, white nationalists in America had created a serious political party and put their efforts into that. Where could we be now?


      I’m not supporting the GOP. Unless they start massively deporting nonwhites and reversing all these anti-white laws and stop pandering to blacks and browns and “chosen people”, they aren’t getting my vote anymore.

  • rightrightright

    Thanks for the link.

  • WR_the_realist

    Again we see that the only position you have to take to be called far right by our media overlords is to want to cut immigration and enforce immigration law.

  • NW

    “Sweden Democrats”

    LOL, is this considered “far-right” in Sweden? It just shows you how liberal and far gone that country is, where even the right-wingers are liberals. Really, i don’t think there is a country in the entire world more liberal than Sweden.


      Even Norway and Finland are getting tougher with illegal nonwhite invaders than are Sweden. I think the only hope for Sweden is the Swedish Resistance Movement or if the Swedish people and Swedish cops and military use their forces against these invaders and grow a spine.

      • NW

        I am more pessimistic. Scandinavia in general and Sweden specifically just seems like ground zero for the doctrines associated with far-left political correctness and neo-liberalism.
        It’s something to do with the Nordic mentality. I’ve heard people theorize that it’s because they haven’t been involved in any significant wars for a long time, and that this has turned them into cowards. I don’t know if this is correct, but there has to be some reason why they act the way they do.

        • The best explanation I read is that the group evolutionary strategy, the pathological altruism, that served Nordics well in surviving harsh northern European winter over centuries and in the circumstance when there were no non-whites around or available, is now hurting Nordics because they’re applying their survival strategies to black Africans and other kinds of non-whites.

          • Fredrik_H

            That’s an interesting theory, and certainly one of the better ones I’ve heard when it comes to explaining the mess my country is in at the moment….

        • LHathaway

          They’re suffering under Stockholm Syndrome.

          • NW


      • Da Troof

        I hope Sweden is completely destroyed. I think YT may have to learn the hard way. Maybe that will be a wakeup call.

    • ATBOTL

      Silly verbal fallacies in your thinking. Here’s a clue, words like “democrat” and “liberal” don’t mean the same thing in the rest of the world as they do to US conservatives.

      • NW

        Maybe you should not make silly assumptions. I am not American, yet these words have the same meaning in my country.

  • See The Future

    For Swedes, the best days are over forever.


    Europe will wake up and deport all these invaders and execute the treasonous people who brought them in and enabled them, or the European white race will perish. It’s just that simple.

  • Krister Andersson

    I do not know why they Always call us far right, it is not true.

  • Epiminondas

    “…research from Gothenburg University shows Swedes are becoming more, not less, tolerant.”

    Can we rely on this research? People don’t always say what’s on their mind if they perceive that the questioner will not approve of their opinions, or if their identity might be at risk. I would like to know more about this “research.” My own feeling about Sweden is that the people there have fallen victim to a soft totalitarianism administered through a very extensive left-wing bureaucracy.

    • Krister Andersson

      “Research” of this kind goes like this, a Group approaches a researcher and say thus: we want this result and if you can make that happen you get a lot of funding. It does not work in the real sciences only in pseudosciences like genderism and feminism. It is a bit like creationism.

  • Jimmy Joseph

    Sweden is too far gone due to feminism.

    The men are being told they must “pee while sitting down”.

    The country will be run by Muslims in twenty years. Its just natural.

    Feminist societies die off within 1 to 2 generations. Nature will take it course.