A French journalist has been murdered in Central African Republic, President Francois Hollande’s office said in a statement Tuesday, the first Western reporter to be killed in the country since France sent troops there in December.

Camille Lepage, 26, a freelance photojournalist, had been based in South Sudan since July 2012. French troops found her body in a car they had stopped, the presidency said in a statement.

The car was being driven by members of the mainly Christian “anti-balaka” militia in the western Bouar region.


The former French colony descended into chaos after the mostly Muslim Seleka rebels seized power in March last year. Their abuses against the majority Christian population set off a wave of revenge attacks, killing thousands.


Lepage said on social media on May 6 that she was traveling with anti-balaka fighters to Amada Gaza in western Central African Republic near the border with Cameroon.


Camille Lepage

Camille Lepage

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  • Don’t stick your hand between two rabid mouth-foaming growling dogs.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Another white, feminist, follower of the Democratic Party learns The Lesson in her last minute of life. Believing in The Lie will keep getting liberals killed. Eventually, people might wake up. The might…
    …or maybe not.

    • Jacobite2

      If these people were in touch with reality, they wouldn’t be Leftists in the first place. Leftists transcend reality every day in every way. They are immune — luckily, because reality isn’t kind to the sort of people who become Leftists.

  • Pelagian

    Its clear we need to import the Seleka vs. anti-Balaka conflict to Minneapolis.

  • Pelagian

    If the natives smelled so bad that Ms. Lepage had to keep a scarf over her nose, why didnt she just leave? (-:

  • dd121

    So she got some real-world diversity training. Did she think she was immune?

    • Lagerstrom


  • MekongDelta69

    Did they say the Central African Republic or DIE-Troit?

    I’m confused…

    Nvm – White women don’t belong in either place.

    • Frank Morris

      Do not disparage that fine, vibrant, culturally enriched city that way! The proper name is Detroilet! The city motto is “Mogadishu In Our Midst!” Now apologize to the Reverend Jackson!

  • David Ashton

    What happened to the old Peace Corps(e)? Have a look at the black African population projections, despite famine, disease and wars. How long can the “neo-colonial” farce go on?

  • TruthBeTold

    This was her last photo:

    • Participants in the permanent armed unrest that passes for “war” in black Africa rarely want to be photographed, due to their usual reluctance to being later associated with the various unspeakable acts they have likely already committed in a given area. Ms. Lepage would already have known this if she had any business being a war correspondent. The current bloodshed in the Central African Republic is really just tribal warfare with an added religious element. Under those circumstances, things become very ugly and very unpredictable.

      Wishful Thinking: “I am obvious outsider; both groups will understand I am a neutral non-participant.”

      Reality: Each side will accuse you of spying for the other.

      • FeuerSalamander

        She saw “Kill Bill” too many times

      • Nancy

        MCScott said: Wishful Thinking: “I am obvious outsider; both groups will understand I am a neutral non-participant.”

        Exactly right. Liberals can’t understand the phrase, “Never expect rational behavior from insane individuals”. (I try to keep this principle in mind when dealing with my extended family. It makes the holidays easier.)

        I mean, this is the same population who believes witchcraft is responsible for everything from mosquito bites to infertility. If the average African male believes sex with infants cures AIDS, and worries that someone with malicious thoughts can make his “you-know-what” shrivel up and fall off, how on EARTH did she expect them to recognize her as a “neutral, harmless third party?” Nothing in the African’s world-view is “harmless”.

    • dd121

      I don’t think it’s going to win a Pulitzer.

  • Ed

    She wanted excitement & diversity she got it.

    • TruthBeTold

      Camille: Isn’t diversity wonderful?
      African woman: Girl, you be trippin’.

      • Ahnenerbe

        She’s not smiling anymore, stupid c*nt

      • Ed

        I think that’s a man, no?

        • IstvanIN

          High on jenkum.

        • TruthBeTold

          I was torn by that.

          If so he would be saying, ‘Damn, that’s fine!’

      • Magician

        This French freelance journalist appears to have quite a bit of Arabic and North African blood in her. Her facial features and hair are the clues.

        • Magician

          photo –

    • Ike Eichenberg

      I’ll bet they gave her a “train” load of “diversity” before they killed her.

      • It seems unlikely. Since area had been the scene of quite heavy firefights, it seems likely that she blundered a bit too close. Rape during a running gun battle seems a bit dense even by Afritard standards.

        • Ike Eichenberg

          Based on being reported as a murder, I assumed death was not a result of getting caught in a crossfire.

          Journalism being what it is, who knows.

          Either way, a white woman alone in Africa likely gave it up willingly or unwillingly at some point.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    White women who meddle in the affairs of negroes often get what they deserve.

  • Romulus

    I’ll bet she was violated repeatedly in every fashion.

    God himself would not be able to save anyone that attacks a female in my family.

    • dd121

      Even if you had a female family who went off the reservation and became a leftist journalist in the Congo and took a black boy friend?

      • Romulus

        She would have to deal with the consequences of her actions, not I.
        I would disown, disavow, and disinherit her instantly! My convictions are very clear on such a matter.That might sound brutally cold to some people I gather, but such is the nature of things.

        Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Thankfully, that not happened with any members of my klan. The adults have instructed the little ones from the time they could speak who they are.

  • RisingReich

    Yet, I’m sure she would denounce all of us on here for being terribly, terribly, evil and racist.

    The racist part is true. I’d rather be racist then dead, however.

    • FeuerSalamander

      so then, lets drink to being evil racists. it serves us a lot better than her illusions served her.

  • A Freespeechzone

    People like her NEVER learn; she’ll be replaced by another foolish liberal White journalist who will ignore the reality.


    • The situation in Western countries closely resembles Jay Leno’s old Dorito’s commercial: “Go ahead, we’ll make more.”

      That said, producing an endless stream of deluded leftist nitwits isn’t something we should consider a genuine accomplishment.

  • That’s a “feature”, not a “bug”.

  • Unfortunately, she could just as easily have been murdered by Africans in her native France. France is well on its way to becoming the first African country in Europe.

  • TL2014

    What a shame. A pretty 26 year old that should have been at home tending to her family, instead ends up like this. That about summarizes the problem of current western civilizational decline.

    • FeuerSalamander

      Consider it a “culling of the herd”. The stupidest ones are going the fastest. She was after all, a “journalist” and most likely a “journalist major” in school. Not the brightest tools in the shed.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      Honestly I’m glad she’s been removed from the gene pool.

      Whatever dysfunction that makes white people stupid enough to think they are safe around Africans should not be passed on.

  • Garrett Brown

    Must have been enriched many a time before she croaked.

  • rasher223

    Stupid ass.

    Wish these f****** idiots would stay the hell away from those hell holes. And those news organizations pressuring journalist, especially female journalist, to go to these place should be punished.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      It’s chlorine for the gene pool.

  • FeuerSalamander

    Coal burners never come to a good end

  • FeuerSalamander

    she believed the feminist tripe about how women are “empowered”. No they are still women and are at the mercy of men. When they are at living in white societies where they exist at the abundant mercy of civilized white men, they fare rather well.Anywhere else , with any other kind of male, they don’t last long. Tahriri Square was a lesson for those females not too stupid to learn

    • And don’t expect the powers that be to tell the truth, that black men murdered her. They’ll try to pawn this off in generic gender-sex terms, the violence that men commit against women. Like Boko Haram, the truth is racist (and in BH’s case, Islamophobic).

      • LHathaway

        I know this is bringing up another century, and perhaps the pre 911 world but if there were stable countries there, they would blame this on whichever country is more pro-western. At least, that’s how they handled all murders and crimes in SAmerica. It was somehow Americans’ fault. I believe accuracy in media did a report on this. The vast majority of human rights abuses were occurring in nations that were anti-western. The vast majority of human rights abuses Covered by the media were taking place in western-friendly nations. The implication of their article being that the news media presented a distorted, even anti-reality picture of the world. Say it isn’t so. . ..

        • captainc

          indeed, it is America’s fault, did you know how many clandestine operations conducted or funded by US government? USA should not be taking a side.

        • Sick of it

          With regards to Latin America, it could be our fault in a roundabout way for having put Junta A into power or having given money/guns to Cartel B or Revolutionary Group C.

  • dd121

    Why would they send her with an escort? They’re all lefties and believe their own propaganda. Poetic in its own way.

    • Apparently she did go with an escort of anti-Balaka types. I suspect that if they did blunder into a battle, she was fired upon simply for her light skin. One never wants to stand out in a firefight! One of my friends was issued a CAR-15 “Colt Commando” in Vietnam, which he didn’t want and eventually turned in for an M-16 because he felt that having a short carbine instead of the usual rifle made him conspicuous.

    • FeuerSalamander

      This is another possibility, that they believe their own BS.

  • bubo

    In her deluded mind she was doing important work telling the world about the horrors of some random tribal conflict in the arsehole of the world. Yes, it sucks there. Africa is the worst place on Earth. We already know this. It’s inconceivable to me that even in her deluded state that she would believe that anyone, anywhere would care.

    • Nancy

      Bubo said:

      “Africa is the worst place on Earth. We already know this.”

      At least once per day, I hear the most insipid, irritating radio commercial touting the wonders, beauty, and excitement of visiting South Africa. (Courtesy of South African Tourism.) I don’t know how many of you guys heard this thing, but it plays regularly on talk radio in Atlanta.

      It’s a “married white couple” talking about the great trip from which they just returned, and asking each other what their “Top 5 Favorite S African Adventures” were (scuba diving, safari, learning Soweto street dance, etc.).

      Thus begins my Laugh of the Day, as I begin adding my own items to their absurdly whitewashed “Top 5” list. Items include avoiding the 10 million HIV-positive Zulus, being robbed at gunpoint, being gang-raped, etc.

      Quite frankly, I can’t imagine many white Atlantans (the only population with any real buying power) would spend good money vacationing at a place which has MORE BLACKS THAN WE ALREADY DO AT HOME.

      • “…learning Soweto street dance…”

        You wouldn’t get me near Soweto even in an MRAP.

      • Luis

        Much like those Jamaican vacation commercials you see on TV – you see a bunch of white people in swimsuits and bikinis romping around in the sand. Same thing with Puerto Rico – if white people feel the need to go to Puerto Rico, then why don’t they just go to Spanish Harlem in New York City, or the Logan Square-Humboldt Park neighborhood in Chicago?

  • Lagerstrom

    Central African Republic-tastic!

  • none of your business

    Freelance photojournalist means she was unemployed, couldn’t get a job because she had no experience and was trying to build up a resume by going to a third world country to take pictures of the war. As I remember, the 1990’s Iraq war zone was full of soi disant journalists trying to build up a resume. That picture of the soldiers standing on the road was pretty good actually. Of course it is derivative of movie shots of men standing looking menacing. Maybe she was a liberal, maybe she was just trying to build up a resume. The killers didn’t even think to dump the body. They kept it in the car. That’s the epitome of low IQ and lack of forward thinking. Just think of the progress american blacks have made in 400 years. When they kill someone they know to dump the body. Or maybe the africans planned to deliver the body to a witch doctor to use the body parts in “traditional medicine” , or maybe necrophilia.

  • jeffaral

    Was she a Christian missionary trying to save African souls?

  • Jacobite2

    In any fight, we must weigh in on the side of our fellow Christians. Help them win there, so we don’t find them seeking asylum here.

    • Frank Morris

      just don’t give them asylum, and avoid foreign entanglements.

      • Jacobite2

        In the real world, we have to operate on the basis that, if they are defeated at home, they will be arriving here for asylum the next day. Anyhow, what we ought to be doing is forgetting about situational responses and simply launching an all-out, world-wide campaign to eliminate every vestige of Mohammedanism.

        • Frank Morris

          “In the real world, we have to operate on the basis that, if they are defeated at home, they will be arriving here for asylum the next day.”

          I feel that is a false either/or paradigm that will exist only so long as good people buy into it.

          • Jacobite2

            I agree it’s too bad, but from what I see going on, that seems to be the situation today. Taking action based on what you hope happens in the future seems risky to me.

          • Frank Morris

            True enough, in it’s own way. It is a sticky situation that requires some hard choices and logical thinking on a mass scale, which doesn’t appear likely at this time.

          • Jacobite2

            I agree entirely. If one keeps firing long enough, one must eventually hit something, even in the dark.

  • DeMarquise Elkins

    Central African Republic or Southside Chicago ?

  • FeuerSalamander

    This is where a persons past conduct and treatment of others comes into play. It might be that with anyone else they may have sent along bodyguards. Perhaps she alienated so many people that they decided to let her fail. I don’t know, she may have alienated no one. I am just thinking of all the possibilities.