Racism Is Rife in Australian Schools, Study Finds

Cosima Marriner, Daily Life, April 13, 2014

Four out of five children born in non-English-speaking countries have experienced racism in school at least once a month.

Deakin University researcher Naomi Priest presented these findings–from a survey of children at five primary schools and four high schools in Victoria–to the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

Dr Priest said being told “you don’t belong in Australia” was the most common form of direct racism in schools. She said one in five students heard this at least every month.

Students also reported peers excluded them, or did not want to play with them because of race, while 14 per cent said they were spat on, pushed or hit. One in 10 thought their teacher did not think they could do something because of their cultural background.

Dr Priest said the experiences of school students reflected the rise in racist behaviour in the broader community. The latest Scanlon Foundation report on social cohesion revealed two-fifths of migrants who arrived in Australia in the past decade had been discriminated against because of their race.

“Schools can be a real microcosm of society where young people are negotiating those intercultural tensions they are seeing within the wider environment,” she said. “Schools can be a very important setting of socialisation in which racist behaviours and attitudes can either be countered or perpetuated.”

Dr Priest said 70 per cent of high-school students had witnessed or experienced racism at school, while previous research by the Victorian Department of Education found 55 per cent of students think racism is a problem at their school.

Less than half the students surveyed reported positive attitudes towards people from other cultures, although most thought it was important to be nice to their peers. Students who experienced racism had higher levels of loneliness and sadness.

“Children and young people are particularly vulnerable to racism’s harmful effects,” Dr Priest said.

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  • dd121

    How could they not be? They have Abos to deal with.

    • borogirl54

      Australia has a large number of East Asians, South Asian Muslim and Asylum seekers of various races.

      • dd121

        Yeah, it’s getting a lot worse.

  • Truthseeker

    If living in Australia is so horrible, then maybe they should leave.

  • David Ashton

    When I was at school in Sydney in 1951 most of my maths class were white immigrants like me, only from Communist countries or the Dutch colonies, but I was the sole target as a “Bluddy Pom” and hit ’em back like a true Brit. No minority lobby there and then! And old Oz was better for it.

    • Lagerstrom

      Good stuff!

  • MekongDelta69

    First sentence reads:
    Four out of five children born in non-English-speaking countries have experienced racism in school at least once a month.

    First sentence should read:
    Four out of five children born in English-speaking countries, who live in black countries have experienced death in school at least once a week.

  • HJ11

    Racism is rife? Good! Racism, if defined properly, simply means that one realizes that there are races and that they are different. And,from that basic notion may flow the idea that it is good to preserve and expand our own race, in this case, the White race.

    In other words, Racism is a survival mechanism. Lose your racism and you may fall prey to miscegenation or simple violent attacks by others.

    It’s all part of the eternal gene wars.

    • SentryattheGate

      Racism! The word is so overused! I say it’s RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION that people feel when they are not only invaded by others unlike themselves, who don’t want to assimilate, but who also expect public assistance! In the old days, invaders had to at least fight for that territory! Now we’re expected to be spineless politically-correct wussies, who won’t fight for our own (people, culture and territory)!

      • HJ11

        Many of us (including me) often rail against our fellow Whites for not waking up to what is so plain for us to see. However, the reality is that not all Whites will wake up. It’s just human psychology that only a few will do so. But, it is the few who can make a difference if we ACT as individuals and if we are consistent in our actions to make a new world in our image.

        And, we must do this by following the laws of nature and evolution. This means, in part, that we–each one of us–must seek isolation (both reproductive and geographic isolation) from all non-Whites so there is no gene flow from them, and we must seek to have as many White children as possible.

        It is becoming more well known that genes cause behavior and attitudes and things of the mind. With this thought held tight, I suggest that there truly is a genetic component for so-called racism (which is really a survival mechanism) that gives us a heightened sense of who is us (=no danger to our genotype) and who is not us (=danger to our genotype).

        And, with the thought in mind from the immediately preceding paragraph, I further suggest that if those of us with the so-called racist gene (just an easy way of saying genetic component), breed with each other, we will increase those who are like us both externally and internally because we will spread our so-called racist gene this way.

        The gene wars are not short term things. We’re in this for the long haul and we must all take the long view of history and evolution.

        • SentryattheGate

          Well put HJ11. When I was a leftist youth, I fantasized about having nonwhite babies! That would visibly add to my rebelliousness! Well, thank God, I matured and eventually had a son and daughter(both with upper 5% IQ) with my husband (of Scots-German blood, like me). He was a good man; faithful, responsible, hard-working—died before 50 of cancer. Meanwhile, all my stupid (white) nieces have kids with Hispanics and blacks. The baby daddys have abandoned them, w/o child support!

      • Sick of it

        Far too many seem happy being such wusses.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Dr Priest said being told “you don’t belong in Australia” was the most common form of direct racism in schools. She said one in five students heard this at least every month.


    Only one in five? Every third world foreigner in Australia should be told “you don’t belong in Australia” at least once a day.

    • One in five, only once a month means the Ozzies are putting in only 1/150th of the work they should be.

      • Lagerstrom

        Yes. We’re either ‘too nice’ or nowhere near naughty enough.

  • The Final Solution

    Best news I’ve heard all week. Keep up the good work Aussies. Only white people could have accomplished something as great as modern Australia and they should do whatever they can to preserve it.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Of course living in a racist White country is MUCH better than living in a non – racist black or brown county or the blacks and browns would leave us in peace.

  • GenX Antipodean

    Do daily anti-White slurs count as racism too?
    My step son was called *”skippy” literally everyday of his school life, by his reports in his Northern Melbourne, melting pot, public school.

    ** ‘Skippy’ or ‘skip’ is a derogatory anti White slur based on a 1960’s TV show ‘Skippy the bush kangaroo” which had that same idealistic/ optimistic The Andy Griffith Show, Disney type wholesome White positivity about it, that we’re mocked for ever having now.
    Also like the origins of the ‘cracker’ slur (whip or saltine cracker), there’s the alternative Skippy cornflakes (whose mascot is a kangaroo) theory to the slur.

    Skips vs the Wogs, Wogs vs Arabs, Arabs vs Bloods or Crips (Polynesians from corresponding latitudes of the same area) participating in after school planned brawls were a semi regular occurrence, with African’s having a ever growing visible presence over the last ten years, in the north of Melbourne at least, as many of them settled in the West originally(mid 1990’s).

    I had many catalysts for wanting to get my little tots out of there, such as the local Police station being firebombed, my wife being in a armed robbery in retail (with the police rolling their eyes when given the description of the brown, skinny male perp, like “we’ll never get them”), the Muslim serial rapist who was terrorizing the whole city, who ended up being caught living in the area, along with the various other federal police investigated terrorist gang plots being thwarted with the participants again living in this area.

    It was reading that ‘student on student sexual assaults’ in schools was up 500% over a four year period in our district and then one day driving past a nearby local school (close, but not the one my stepson went to) when I saw all the kids playing outside and literally every single one of them had jet black hair and I just imagined how much my blond and brunette kiddies, would literally stick out like a sore thumbs there.

    These articles written by White liberals, always are written like only non Whites can only ever be the victims of racism and only Whites can be the perpetrators, it’s very deceptive.
    Maybe the author is the one suffering from too much “”White privilege”, being far removed from the reality of the multicultural situation.

    • SoulInvictus

      That tears it, I’m only buying Skippy peanut butter from now on.

      Skippy Power.

      • GenX Antipodean

        Good on you mate, you’d be welcome here, I can tell from your posts that you’re the quintessential b–ls and brains, quick thinking, sharp witted,take no bunk, doesn’t back down White guy.
        We still love that archetype here.

        • SoulInvictus

          I’ve always said that Southerners and Aussies strike me as incredibly similar. The heavy, slower accent that evokes a mental image of a laid back rough and tumble sort, accustomed to a hotter, wilder land rather than refined or decrepit cities.
          The tendency towards a more masculine and physical mindset etc.

          I think those two cultural personality types share more in common than we do with our own northern US counterparts. Kind of the same way I imagine Australian men regard Brits. They’re fancy boys that talk pretty, dress dapper, and then get punched in the mouth by a man from down under when they push their snide, condescending insults too far.

          I’ve seriously considered relocating there exactly because I do think it would be a perfect fit. Other than having to leave my firearms here… wouldn’t be happy about that.

    • Sick of it

      Didn’t realize Skippy was an anti-white pejorative. Will have to ensure my friends know not to use it anymore.

      • GenX Antipodean

        I think you’re safe to use Skip where you are mate.
        Even in NZ next door to Oz, if a non White called a Anglo a Skippy everyone would scratch their heads.

  • D. K.

    So, 60% of immigrants, within the past decade, have never experienced “racism” in Australia, by their own estimations; and yet, we are to believe that 80% of immigrant school children from non-English-speaking native countries actually experience “racism” at least once per month, just during the minority of their time that they spend in school?!?

  • Romulus

    Good! It shows that the Australians still have some backbone even after the tribe has tried to destroy their nation with their immigration policies.

  • Ike Eichenberg

    Well maybe that’s a clue you should take you kids and go back where ever you came from.

  • RisingReich

    Dear White kids over there,

    Keep it up! The way you have less of them is to make them uncomfortable. They ought to feel uncomfortable, since they don’t belong there.

    Persistence is key here.


    • SoulInvictus

      But we both know they’ll still come to the land of indoor toilets even if there were crosses burning on their car hood nightly.

  • Ahnenerbe

    Unless the coloreds are getting beaten down the little fake polls does not fool me. The coloreds cry ”RACISM” for anything to receive perks

  • jim b

    Perhaps the way to resolve this issue is for all foreigners to stay the hell out of Australia. I’ll bet they will have a much more pleasant experience at school in their own country.

  • Alexandra1973

    If they don’t like it, they can just go home and leave Australia to actual Australians.

  • dd121

    What the Australians do now is enable the Abo’s to run loose like packs of wild baboons inflicting mayhem on anyone in their way. They could at least subject them to the laws and rules of civilization.

    • Aussie_Thinker

      We do keep them in their own ‘communities’ too. They often have problems with homebrewed alcohol and the like since alcohol is banned in their communities.

      This reminded me of an article I read a while ago. There was an uproar over a journalist pointing out the absurdity of aboriginal welfare schemes, where people as white as can be get welfare for their ‘hardships’ and the like, when their aboriginal heritage in tiny. No one could honestly tell they were of some aboriginal descent to even discriminate against them.

      • Nancy

        I’m glad you spoke up, because that’s what our experience was when we hired an Australian au pair to live with us for a year when my kids were little. We spoke to her on the phone quite a bit before she came, and she did mention her grandma (“Nan”) was an “Aboriginal Elder”, apparently an important person in that culture. So I was expecting maybe a girl that looked half-and-half, right?


        When she got here, she had the complexion of Casper the Ghost. If she were any more pale, she’d be see-through. Her only concession was her very curly (RED) hair. She’d go to the beach or pool completely covered up so as not to burst into flames, I guess.

        She showed us a picture of her “Nan”…again, looked like a white old lady to me.

        This girl was nice and everything, and my girls really liked her, but she was EXTREMELY “low energy” (lazy) and was lacking in the “common sense” department. She managed to get herself pregnant so we shipped her back home, where she could collect Australian (aboriginal) welfare.

        (…Now that I think about it, maybe she DID have more outwardly-apparent Abo traits than I thought.)

        • GenX Antipodean

          Aborigines have extremely recessive genes, it only takes 2-3 generations of out breeding for all of their prototypical traits to completely disappear. Well barring maybe their brow line forehead structure or something equally minor.
          I guess they were so genetically isolated in those 50,000 years alone that they can’t handle breeding out at all.
          Makes you wonder, who are we to say they should join our culture.
          Progressives would wipe them out quicker than the worst fascist if given the chance to ‘assimilate them’.
          In fact I’ve talked with QD here a few times about this, but the stolen generation scandal of the 1930’s is now painted as a authoritarian evil right wing White crime from the past, when it was really the do-gooder, busy body, progressive Whites of the time who were genuinely trying to help the Aborigines, who were the instigators.
          Not that the current academics care, as it seems all Whites from the past were evil and backward to them.

          • Nancy

            That would explain why, on American reality tv for example, the scraggly group of aboriginals they found to “demonstrate” some cultural activity (like dance or storytelling) all looked more Caucasian than I do.

            I assumed they were the equivalent of the marginal “Native Americans” that hang around the festivals every year all dressed up in traditional costumes, dancing around the drum circles or selling Indian corn bread. They looked as if they were less than 10% Amerindian, if that.

            Being Italian, even I would make a more credible Native American than these posers.

      • HJ11

        Alcohol is banned in their communities? Poor policy. It would be better if more alcohol was there, then maybe nature would help them reduce their numbers through liver disease, accidents and violence against each other.

        Fewer non-Whites of any kind on the planet means my White genes (and all of my genes are White genes) will have less competition in the Gene Wars.

        • They have a low tolerance for alcohol, but when alcohol is banned, they sniff gasoline vapors. When I was in Australia and heard about aborigines huffing petrol fumes, my first thought was “American Indians also do that.”

          I suspect it would be better to give them a few stiff drinks than to have them poisoning themselves with gasoline.

      • Sick of it

        It’s even stranger that people over here have to prove they’re Indian enough to benefit from various programs set aside for American Indians. How does one set a bar for that to begin with? I’m sorry, you’re one generation too white…you’re no Indian. A pox be upon you for even claiming the ancestry you obviously possess. All racial programs are odd like that.

  • SoulInvictus

    You and most of the rest of us Americans. 😉

  • When I was there in 1997-1998, Political Correctness was already well-entrenched.

  • Aussie_Thinker

    The same country that is paying a feminist big dollars to educate government agencies on ‘unconscious bias’ based on gender.

    That’s right, we’re so backwards over here we don’t even know we are being biased.

    • bubo

      I have a very conscious bias based on learned experience. Most rational people do.

  • Gabe

    What are you supposed to do with aboriginal people? deport them back to where they do not belong? You can’t because they were born there.

    • Kalashnikov

      Separate them from society. Place them on their tribal lands in the outback and deny them access to Australian society. They should have zero political influence and exactly as much economic influence as they can muster on their own.The same would work for blacks in America.

    • GenX Antipodean

      Believe me, there’s plenty of room for them.

  • LHathaway

    No word at all on whether or not whites students experience any discrimination. Not a single word or question of any kind. And then following that silence, the rest of the article condemns racism.

  • LHathaway

    Now That would be an ‘anti-colonial’ program I wish the leftists could get behind.

  • Lagerstrom

    I don’t believe any of this b/s that ‘Dr Priest’ is saying.

    • Anna Tree

      The study doesn’t compare the percentage of white kids who experienced racism in less white schools nor what forms it takes. May be it is much more violent that spits or “You don’t belong in Australia!”…
      Also, it doesn’t say who are the perpretators and how she chose those schools.
      Also if there is more bullying or less than before etc

  • Nancy

    That’s better than their impression of us, apparently!

    When we hired that Australian au pair about 10 years ago to come live with us and help watch the kids, she claimed the main things Aussies associate with America are Wal-Mart and “Jerry Springer”.

    • Sick of it

      Uggh, that’s like the time I met an Irish fellow who associated Louisiana with Britney Spears. I apologized.

    • Wal-Mart is probably a fair stereotype of us.

      • GenX Antipodean

        I hate to say this Micheal, but through the media, they’re showing White American males looking a lot more fruitier than I’m sure they are, with lipstick and nail polish and Adam Lambert style hair.
        I grew up watching John Wayne in the Green Berets, but you don’t get to see many fly over states Americans these days through our media, well unless they’re trying to ridicule you(thinking Paula Dean, Duck Dynasty etc.). You’ll know yourself from your time down here, that we non American Whites often have very confused ideas about you guys, often swayed by who ever your current President happens to be. Probably goes both ways though.

        • The closest I can come to makeup is some dried black paint on my knuckles that I’ll have to take off with a green “Scotch-Brite” scrubbing pad or some steel wool. It was a water-based acrylic that isn’t coming off any other way. I did get all the used motor oil off my hands and out from under my nails before I started cooking dinner.

          I cleaned the remaining motor oil off with gasoline, then the gasoline off with alcohol, and finally washed my hands three times: works like a charm. Used motor oil has got to be the world’s best wood stain, and I’ve been doing some woodworking lately. I couldn’t for a while in January and early February, as I pulled my three top right ribs loose from my sternum, force-fitting some parts while assembling some shelving for my mother last Christmas. Predictably, I got behind on projects here while they healed.

          Those guys look fruity to me, too. I have exactly one two-piece suit, single-breasted, wool, dark grey. One grey wool herringbone tweed jacket. One blue blazer. Three good pairs of slacks and about a dozen dress shirts. My one concession to male ornamentation is that I have some rather nice neckties. I also (finally) got my hair properly cut yesterday, which means that I look like I’d fit right in at IBM management in the late 1960s.

          I like those movies, too.

      • Nancy

        Oh…and Monster trucks. Forgot about that one. (My oldest kid has a memory like an elephant. )

        I told her, “Look, that show isn’t real. Ok? It’s like professional wrestling. Or Spongebob.”

        Man, you’d have thought I told her there was no Easter Bunny. My first-grader had more sense.

        The first thing she wanted to do when she got here was go see a drive-thru bank (happily for her, those WERE real), then go to Wal-Mart…in the middle of the night. (Obviously, if a Wal-Mart is good, a 24-Hour Wal-Mart is even better, right?)

        ….it was a long year. Especially whenever she’d run up to a total stranger with giant wheels on his 4×4 pickup, and furiously begin snapping photos. As a general rule, the illegal Mexicans, also fans of big-wheeled trucks, are decidedly NOT fans of getting their photos taken.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    But I thought we were all Africans?

    • Nancy

      Just have to say, dude, your username cracks me up.

  • 4teepee

    “Racism Is Rife in Australian Schools, Study Finds”

    That is why they are leaving Australia in droves. lol

  • Sick of it

    So telling foreigners they don’t belong in your country is racist? Then that officially makes the vast majority of people, if not all people, racists.

  • Sick of it

    They have land reserved for them in Australia. They don’t have to be everywhere else too.

  • Sick of it

    Bermuda is an extension of the United States.

  • GenX Antipodean

    PP your description sounds like Oz in the 80’s.
    My description above was from living in a blue collar area, that used to be a satellite town 40 km’s north of the Melbourne CDB, Melbourne has just kept expanding and has since absorbed it.
    The bridging areas in between (Coburg-Broadmedows for anyone who knows the area) have been a ‘traditional’ immigrant dumping ground since the 50’s, then for Greeks and Italians (many of them now hitting their forth generation here, still have older relatives who don’t speak a word of English).
    The government built lots of bungalows for workers to live in, while the men worked on the trains or helped build the West gate bridge or what ever.
    Then in the 70’s it was the Vietnamese (who seem industrious) and from the 90’s onwards its been Turks, Algerians, Iraq’s, Pakistanis, Afghans, with the Sheiks building a big onion’y looking temple, so they’re congregating/ taking over more so, and by the time I got out of there, Somali’s threatening Arab cafe owners with machetes news stories were popping up (good riddance).
    Money is the great divider PP like everywhere else I guess. Money coming from income, education, opportunity, luck and innate ability.
    Because the area I described above just grew around my wife’s family, they simply settled and didn’t move anywhere for last 80 years and all this multiculturalism grew around them (like the frog in the slowly boiling water analogy).
    Around 5pm you’d still see a small army of anglo guys come home wearing high visibility work gear and steel cap boots, but we had more liquor outlets, takeaway restaurants and gambling machines in our district than the district over who’s medium household income was $10-20k more on average per annum.
    So it makes me wonder what came first in the chicken/egg way, do poorer people choose these bad habits because they’re, lets say less forward thinking, or are these bad habits thrust upon them because they’re poorer? I guess its just supply and demand, poker machines for instances probably just do better in poorer neighborhoods than they do in millionaire areas.
    My good friend lives in the nicer part of town, which is closer to the coast and who’s housing was built around good schools, instead of state housing.The visible difference is Mercedes instead of fast and furious drifting cars, manicured gardens instead of over grown lawns surrounded by graffiti covered walls and well to do Anglo’s, Indians, Chinese and Jewish people instead of Africans, Arabs(who also often have Mercedes in my crap area I must admit), Polynesians, Punjab Indians etc.
    The Oz you describe still exists in parts like the Sunshine coast Qld, the Blue Mountains, the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. But it’s dimensioning as time goes on.
    You need money to get away from trouble for sure, but as time goes on, unless you’ve been given some sort of help it’s getting harder to avoid. For instances my father had a 3 bedroom house in Bondi he bought for $400k in the earlier 90’s, he sold it for around $800k in the late 90’s, now you’d need somewhere round $1.2 mill to get it back.
    If you’re shopping around the $300k mark, you either have to move further out to the country or live around diversity it seems.
    As I’m writing above, we currently have 21 million people and our plutocrats are aiming for 50 million by 2050, we’ve already gone over the tipping point where we get no loner get more Anglo’s than Asians with our legal immigration, so as time goes forward, we’re going to be half White, then a third White, then a quarter, it’s just a matter of when and who’s lined up to replace us. So far it looks like Chinese and Indians mainly. Refugees are 9% of our annual intake and they’re the ones who can’t assimilate, or at least have more trouble, low IQ seems to be the common link to that problem, but of course that is never discussed. We don’t hear much about the higher IQ poor immigration groups like the Vietnamese, because I guess there’s no cause for concern.

    • I would need a Resident Return Visa, and with a US federal felony conviction, it would still be difficult for me to go back.

  • GenX Antipodean

    Then go move there then.

  • GenX Antipodean

    When the political right wing realized that there’s money in having a larger, ever growing, ever hungry, ever needing housing, will work for peanuts population.
    We lost our only political defense.
    Cultural conservatives like us, are probably fighting for economic stagnation in their eyes, branding this speech as ‘hate’ just makes it easier to brush aside.

  • PvtCharlieSlate

    That reminds me … the famous British engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel designed and built his immense steamship ‘Great Eastern’ specifically for travel between Britain and Australia.

  • As a 3/16 Amerind and a convicted federal felon on the Terrorist Watch List, where would you suggest I go?