Nordic Tolerance Under Strain as Anti-Immigration Parties Grow

Alistair Scrutton and Johan Ahlander, Reuters, May 14, 2014

In Stockholm’s suburb of Husby, the roads still bear charred marks from cars torched in Sweden’s worst riots for years.

Last May’s violence exposed wounds yet to heal in a Swedish election year, underscoring the Nordic state’s struggle to integrate a record number of immigrants and challenging its open door traditions.

Many Swedes remain tolerant of immigrants and asylum seekers. But a growing minority are fearful of crime, concerned about jobs and worried about costs to the welfare state.

Questioning immigration is no longer a taboo, a growing trend in the Nordics where populist anti-immigrant parties are now part of the political landscape.

In Denmark, Sweden and Finland, anti-immigration parties are now among the three most popular in some polls. In Norway, a rightist populist party is in the ruling coalition.

It is in Husby that Sweden’s issues came into focus when hundreds of cars were burnt, shops and day schools attacked as police battled hundreds of immigrant youths after a Portuguese man was shot dead by police.

The week-long riots spread across Stockholm, shocking a country that prided itself on equality and welcoming asylum seekers. {snip}


If Husby is anything to go by, Swedish tensions are as latent as ever.

“Nothing has changed,” said Henok Goitom, a 29-year-old professional football player and part time community worker who is the son of an Eritrean immigrant. “It’s a ticking bomb.”

Goitom sat in a library where the local football club he started helps immigrants study. As women in veils huddled over a computer and Chileans chattered at the entrance, he charted the rise of the Sweden Democrats in polls.

“People did not see the warnings. They are four percent, that’s OK. Then they became six percent, and that’s a problem,” Goitom said. “Now they are 10 percent and I don’t know if it’s too late.”

Some 15 percent of Sweden’s population is foreign born, the highest level in the Nordic region. {snip}

Five years after arriving in Sweden, some 44 percent of immigrant men and 56 percent of women are still unemployed.


Two decades ago, the Sweden Democrats were a fringe far right party but they now hold around 8 percent support in polls and are aiming for up to 15 percent in EU elections.

Mainstream parties worry about Denmark’s experience when an anti-immigrant party held the balance of power in the former government, pushing policies including tightening border controls that fueled tension with other European nations.


To the south of Stockholm in another bland suburb of grey apartment buildings, a gathering of Sweden Democrats attracted mainly white men gathered to hear their leader, Jimmie Akesson, a well dressed politician who has pushed the party towards relative respectability.

“Sweden has taken in too many people in too short a time,” said Fredrik Eriksson, a 19-year-old party member. “There is big pressure on our welfare.”

Over the past year, Sweden has been shaken by a resurgence of violence linked to far-right and neo-Nazi groups far more extreme than the Sweden Democrats.

Parties like the Sweden Democrats floundered after Anders Behring Breivik, a white supremacist, murdered 77 people in Norway in 2011. But now 20 percent of Swedes say they agree with its immigration policies.

It is a similar story across the Nordics.

“The starting point for us in Finland is to avoid the mistakes that Germany and Britain have made with immigration,” said Riikka Slunga-Poutsalo, party secretary of the Finns, the country’s populist party. “We are critical towards allowing Finnish social security for all immigrants.”


Some polls put the Danish People’s Party–which has opposed the building of a mosque in Copenhagen and criticised Muslim radicalisation in Denmark–at over 20 percent.


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  • dd121

    Just as I thought Europeans had given up on their civilization, they start to rally.

    • WR_the_realist

      But will they rally in time? It is already too late for America, where recently born children are now more than 50% non-white.

      • dd121

        We on AmRen keep posting with the hope that the attitudes will change before it’s too late.

      • Romulus

        Oh no it isn’t!
        Don’t believe for a second that the “American” people will just roll over and die!

        If that be the case, then it should be such an end as to be worthy of our ancestors.
        The first time that it gets out that one of the alphabet agencies slaughters a few families who refused to be disarmed, the patriots will rally.

        • Long Live Dixie

          Don’t believe for a second that the “American” people will just roll over and die!

          The problem with this is that there isn’t an American people. It’s a broad category that includes more than one white identity. Will Vermonters and Wisconsinites fight for their race? Not a chance. We can expect much more from Westerners and especially Southerners.

          • El_Baga_Doucha_Libtard

            There will be a secessionist movement in the US. Many people will favor such on the basis of race, but many will want to withdraw from the union on the basis of states’ rights (a large portion of those people won’t even be aware that race is the driving factor). At any rate, when the new nations are carved out, race will play a role in how they are governed, whether explicitly or implicitly.

            I think there’s reason to be optimistic about the US, but not the US as we know it — the US in its present form is doomed, but some of the new nations that peel away from the US are very likely to prosper.

          • Medizin

            The 2012 state petitions for secession included New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont.
            My inclination is that non-Whites did not sign the petitions. It was conservative driven who are mostly Whites.

          • Nancy

            I thought Texas had the most signatures that year? If I recall, the petition attracted so much support, the MSM actually picked up on it. (Or was that 2013?)

          • Medizin

            Texas did have the most signatures. The point made was Northerners wanted to secede, too.

          • Nancy

            That IS the one thing I’ll miss about leaving the South…Not the heat, humidity, mosquitoes, and CERTAINLY not the blacks…but the good ol’ boys who, the moment something like that happened, would load their gun racks in their extended cabs, fly Old Dixie from one side of the truck bed and Old Glory from the other, and take on the usurper government in the name of God, family, and liberty.

            They’re 98% of the membership of our neighborhood pool. It makes for some interesting parties once the Natty Light shows up.

            BTW: One of the handful of blacks in our neighborhood lives directly across from the pool. Of course he didn’t join, seeing as it wasn’t free. But he had the cops called on him when he moved his family in last year, kicking up a fuss and accusing the residents of using the pool area for their KKK meetings.

          • Romulus

            I agree with you to an extent. It is the liberal hubs (cities) that are worrisome.
            Yet, judging from the number of gun owners and their composition, I believe many will answer the call. There are better than 600,000 Hunters in PA alone, even more in TX, overwhelmingingly of European stock. The vast majority of police and the US military are also white Europeans. I don’t think that if push came to shove that they would annihilate their own en masse. True, there will be casualties but take the cliven bundy scenario. The 200 federal agents backed down when confronted with the realization that the militia weren’t fooling around.

            So, I like the odds.

          • jeffaral

            During the desegregation era Southerners -with a few exceptions- didn’t fight.

        • SoulInvictus

          If they’re still armed to do so at that point. Maybe.

      • Conrad

        No, it is not too late. The white population might just be too stupid to do what is needed – but it’s not too late.

        • DaveMed

          What needs to be done is expressly against the Constitution. Not that it matters to me, but America will never go for it.

          Besides, it seems that most Whites these days are middle-aged or retired.

      • NorthernWind

        It’s only too late if we lack the will to claim what is ours. If we Europeans can find the will, then we will succeed.

        I believe that we are entering into very dark times but I also believe that we will emerge victorious. The world may very well be different from before, but we will be victorious nonetheless. When we are backed into the corner, and there is no longer any way out but to fight, we will fight. The vigor that we once had will reawaken.

      • Sick of it

        We can change things dramatically as soon as this government collapses.

      • Bob Dole

        It’s not too late for South Africa. We don’t fight with swords and shields anymore, numbers don’t mean what they used to.

  • That’s the thing about Scandinavia.

    The axiom goes that it’s always darkest before the dawn. We like to sit back and laugh at Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark about their wacko left-wing extremism. But they’re closer to solving the problem than we are at solving ours. Helping their cause are political systems and cultures conducive to multiple (i.e. more than two) viable political parties.

    • DaveMed

      The trouble with America, as Sam Dickson has said, is that we are a “proposition nation.” Thus, it’s actually kind of difficult for us to claim that America was founded with an explicit racial identity. Plus, anti-Whites always use the “Well, we stole the land from the Indians anyway, so it’s not *our* land either” line.

      Yes, we know about the Naturalization Act of 1790, and it’s clear that the Founders assumed that America would remain majority-White. But it is, unfortunately, pretty much only implied.

      In contrast, Europeans have rock-solid claims on their lands and cultures. If Europe magically saves itself, I will be content with that. America is gone.

      • SentryattheGate

        To paraphrase the late David Yeagley (a Comanche), re. whites winning the war for North America; At least we (Indians) lost it to a worthy enemy. If we had won that war, we would have been proud, not self-flagellating like the whites are. You European-descended whites invented so much and made this land into the richest, most powerful nation ever; why are you giving it away to people who have no claim here; no ancestors, and no battles to win this territory. If you’re going to give it away, then give it back to the Indians!
        AND remember, there growing evidence that ancient Europeans came to North America/the Solutreans, thousands of years ago.

        • Jacobite2

          In as much as the invading hordes of Mexicans are, in fact, Amerinds, Mr. Yeagley will get his wish.

          • SentryattheGate

            Yeah, the Mexican are a tragic mix of brutal, pillaging Spanish Conquistadors (made mean by the Muslim Moors who invaded Spain) and the vicious, bloodthirsty, human sacrificing Aztecs. That’s probably why their favorite sports are bloody macho ones: bullfighting, dogfighting, cockfighting, & mixed martial arts. PETA has no power in their culture!

          • Jacobite2

            Cuidado, amigo. Check the DNA. Mexicans are hardly a mixture of Amer-Ind and Spanish. Mostly, they’re 99% Indian. Kinda the reverse of the Mexican upper-classes, who are 99% white. Just a coincidence, of course.

      • Jesse_from_Sweden

        Actually, even here in Sweden they are using some of the same rhetoric.
        About everyone being an immigrant.

        They are even claiming the Sami people as native population (despite them arriving well after germanic tribes had settled the area and only in the very northern areas that were too barren for farming, the sami are (or were) cattle-driving nomads with reindeers).

  • Kenner

    Scandinavians wear their hair shirts the way a rapper wears his bling. It’s a painful spectacle.

  • JohnEngelman

    A Troublesome Inheritance should be translated into Scandinavian languages.

  • JohnEngelman

    An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracym by Swedish Nobel-laureate economist Gunnar Myrdal was published in 1944. It inspired the civil rights movementby blaming whites for black shortcomings. Now it seems that the chickens are coming home too roost. What goes around comes around.

    • curri

      E. Michael Jones, in the June 2008 issue of Culture Wars magazine:

      Friedman claims that Myrdal ‘was neither Jewish nor American,’ but, even after indicating that Myrdal did not in fact write Dilemma, he fails to tell us that people like University of Chicago sociologist Louis Wirth, who wrote large sections of Dilemma, was both, and that Myrdal had been brought in to give credibility to what was largely a Jewish project, because, as Friedman himself points out, “the scholarly critique of society that evolved into sociology had, like psychoanalysis, earned the reputation of being a Jewish science.

      • JohnEngelman

        That’s right. Blame the Jews for everything.

        • Bob Dole

          It’s a safe bet to just assume the tribe is behind it. Guilty until proven innocent is a good way to approach such people.

          • JohnEngelman

            There are only three ways Jews are different from Gentiles. They have a different religion. They tend to be more intelligent. They tend to be more prosperous as a result.

            I keep asking anyone for data that indicates that by any commonly accepted criterion Jews are less moral than Gentiles. No one can supply any.

          • Northern American-Nationalist

            I will post this again. Please do read it Mr. Engelman.

            You forgot one other difference with most Gentiles. Unlike most other
            ethnic groups, the “Hebrews” (secular and Jewish) are internationalist
            “by their nature” given their people’s history and current position

            This inclination towards globalism combined with their
            average high intelligence and usual (especially if persecuted) minority
            status must create a mentality that easily lends itself to favor a
            cosmopolitan worldview. Anti-nationalists in the upper echelons of any
            non-universal society (as the intelligent in an advanced meritocracy
            usually are) will tend to destabilize it against its best interests for
            obvious reasons. . .

            The way I explain the origins of such a
            mentality is by the following psychological/sociological explanation.
            How can a reflective Jew stay simply “Jewish” (with a greater potential
            for nationalist inclinations) when that would mean (as it is also an
            exclusive [ethno-]religious worldview) that the vast majority of
            everyone, including many people they likely intimately know (in the
            society they call home no less), are “wrong” with their worldviews yet
            just as sure of it as “Truth” as are they? Cultural relativity becomes
            the rational understanding of everything anthropological for that person
            except towards those that do not deny that absolute truths exist
            because that acceptance would lead them back to their original

            In short, “Jews” don’t undermine American society, but
            anyone who would easily adopt a cosmopolitan, anti-nationalist worldview
            while having or achieving the means to implement or influence the
            acceptance of such an ideology undermine American society; The Jews are
            just the tribe whom are most likely to produce those that have the
            means, rationale, and incentive to do so. The prevalence of “Jews” among
            “radicals” is proof enough.

            Whatever enrichment a society gains,
            it’s a net loss for a people if those native inhabitants lose control
            over their nation’s destiny.

          • JohnEngelman

            In our increasingly global economy we need cosmopolitan people who can learn complex skills and professions.

    • jeffaral

      Oh yes, the low-IQ negroes are the problem! Isn’t the hispanic invasion a much bigger problem? And what abour Wall Street and the media in the evil grip of the parasites? Anyway thanks for the belly laugh!

  • Ahnenerbe

    The dirty jewess Barbara Spectre must be crying ;(

  • RisingReich

    History is repeating itself. I hope the US, this time, is incapable of interfering.
    WWII – the White civil war that should never have happened.

    • Romulus

      The “American” people like myself are in full support of the indigenous people of Europe.

      • RisingReich

        Maybe I should have written “incapable of interfering the way we did then”.
        I wished people like you and I could lend a hand on the side of Europeans, too.

        • Romulus

          I have very deep roots in America. If I could be two people, in a second I’d be in the old world joining the cause.
          America might become a nightmare police state in the near future. The govt will opt for a right grip and a slow grind down to a more manager number for what will be available.
          I feel it is my duty to defend our people here. I will always lend my support to them as I can. I gave a charitable contribution to the Boer last year. I would do the same for Europe.

        • We already do in one of the most effective forms of pro-nationalist advocacy possible now. This whole plan to flood our countries with third worlders is happening simultaneously in all our countries at once using similar media propaganda and methods to achieve our destruction. Likewise, our defensive reaction to this threat must be of similar scope, global in this case. Our hearts and hardest struggles will be at home, in the course of events as they unfold, but right now the thing each of us can do that’s best for us at home is the same thing no matter where we are.
          We must increase our numbers by awakening those of our race who do not yet see our foe. Once awareness reaches a certain level, containment of these issues even in the mostly controlled media will not be possible. They require secrecy to do what they do. Most whites actually think “white” countries are run by white people. They’re wrong. Once they realize that fact it should be just like ripping someone out of the Matrix, sort of an allegory of the cave experience hopefully.

        • SoulInvictus

          Incapable of flexing the huge military machine and thereby further enriching the defense contractors and financiers? While making sure white populations are reduced even more dramatically?

          Now you’re just joking around.

          • RisingReich

            Dreaming maybe, yes. However, once we can’t fund EBT cards let alone the military we’re not going to be able to do squat around the world. Could be dreaming on that, also I suppose.

          • SoulInvictus

            They’d just shoot any soldier deserting his post if it came to that kind of crisis. If one thing is certain, the US won’t give up military power short of continent sized asteroid dropping onto Kansas.

      • FeuerSalamander

        The Russians or the Ukrainians?

        • Romulus

          I myself………, both!
          When neulander said f the EU, it was found out that unbeknownst to the Americans ,,that our tax dollars paid for the ouster of yanukovich, who was democratically elected btw. The goal was to install an EU “America” friendly gov’t to take control of the Ukranian pipeline, of which Europe derives at least a third of it’s Energy. Those that control the resources controls the economies.
          So, if your the newly installed you know who govt of Ukraine and don’t care for either red sector or svoboda or the Russians, why not instigate a problem and let them fight each other while you use your money to machinery the desirable outcome.

          The Ukrainians want autonomy, the Russians want to protect their interests and the new Kiev gov’t wants control.

          What I’d rather not see happen, is a white slaughter between Ukrainians and Russians resulting in a give away of control to that “third” party, if you know what I mean.
          Please visit TOO’s archives for a more in depth analysis.

    • NorthernWind

      WWII was a tragedy in the real sense of the word. I too hope that this time around the U.S. finds itself too weak at home to interfere abroad.

    • SoulInvictus

      Unlikely, considering how much we’re getting involved already in something as not-our-freaking-business as Ukraine.
      With it involving actual strategic/economic friends like the UK, France, and Germany… you can bet your a** we’d have troops on the ground or anything else deemed necessary.

      • RisingReich

        Hopefully the US will be weak enough. Yes, hopefully but ‘hope ain’t a strategy, son’. I hear you.

        • SoulInvictus

          This is one of those internal debates I get lost in.
          I would love to see the Feds eat it, for the whole system to get a reboot.
          But in the meantime, China and other powers would either consume or destroy god knows how much of the rest of the world…

    • JohnEngelman

      Nazi Germany deserved to be beaten into the ground.

      • Sick of it

        So German women, children, and elderly deserved to be bombed to death because the cowards didn’t dare target those who could fight back?

      • NeanderthalDNA

        They sowed, they reaped.

      • RisingReich

        Keep soaking up the propaganda. You’re not fooling anyone.

      • RisingReich

        You know, you must have something on these mods on this kosher site, bc you can spew vile all day and night about Germans and anytime I respond to YOU my posts get deleted.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    If Husby is anything to go by, Swedish tensions are as latent as ever.

    “Nothing has changed,” said Henok Goitom, a 29-year-old professional football player and part time community worker who is the son of an Eritrean immigrant. “It’s a ticking bomb.”


    Good. Let’s hope this “ticking bomb” leads to a Swedish nationalist revolution that ends up with the globalists swept from power and all third world invaders driven permanently from Swedish territory. It’s time for the Swedes to realize that they are at war with the multicultural extremists in parliament and that this won’t end until they stand up for their race and culture.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    For a positive perspective on the multicultural transformation of Sweden (and Europe), do not miss this short video clip (Im17s): At YouTube use the search terms “Barbara Lerner Specter Sweden”.

    The speaker makes her remarks to an Israeli audience. One wonders if she is as avid in promoting multiculturalism for Israel as she is for Sweden.

    • bilderbuster

      This one doesn’t wonder for a second.

  • FeuerSalamander

    Two days in a row of morale boosting stories!!!!

  • Romulus

    It’s about d*mned time.
    How in the heck could a once mighty people become so stupefied as to believe that anything darker than a Mediterranean could possibly be a Swede.
    Hell, even Mediterranean mutations don’t originate that far north.

    Africans are not European. I don’t care whether their mulattoes or not (Dumas)!

    It’s sickening to even imagine a Swede with some disgusting simian.
    It was George soros who said the Swedes weren’t doing enough to integrate the negroes.
    May he burn in the lake of fire for all eternity.

    • curri

      Sweden was destroyed by its incorporation into the American Empire in 1945:


      …To illustrate what I talk about. Louis Armstrong visited Sweden in 1933. In all the news papers he was describe as something monkey-like let loose from the jungle. All across the line! And in the reviews by the most serious music critics.
      Who would have imagined in 1933, that twelve years later Western Europe would undergo an America-led cultural revolution which would lead to the common belief that there are no differences between races?

      Translation of two of the quotes:

      Knut Bäck in Göteborgs-Posten, November 1933:
      “This world is strange… No protests are raised against how the jungle is let loose into the society. Armstrong and his band are allowed to freely wreak destruction.”

      Sten Broman in Sydsvenskan, November 1933:
      “Dare I say that he at times had something monkey-like about him and sometimes reminded of, according to our perceptions, a mentally disturbed person, when he pouted with his mouth or gaped it to its widest open and roared like a hoarse animal from a primeval forest.”

      The third quote compares the concert with a natural disaster, and Armstrong’s trumpet with a hell machine. The only good thing coming out of it, he says, is that it solves to old dispute of whether monkeys have a language.

      This is what Europe looked like, up until 1945. And since some people will live under the misconception that this was a phenomenon of the ’30s, I here provide a quote from the Swedish Encyclopedia, Nordisk Familjebok, the 1876-1899 edition (here and here).

      “Psychologically the negro can be said be on the level of a child, with vivid fantasy, lack of endurance, … can be said to lack morality rather than being immoral … etc.”

      Even though the point here has been to illustrate how social paradigms can shift completely in short time (and this is just one out of numerous examples), let me add how up until 1945 all the focus was put on the differences between races, and after that all the focus has been put on what is equal (while ignoring differences).

      • Romulus

        Bear in mind the “people” of America did not instigate the massive racial fratricide of the last 150 yrs. The elites, bankers, and mentally challenges morally superior morons did.
        Soldiers only do what their told.
        Most of the original northern and western European founding stock had forgotten their origins by the time of the great war and the massive migrations here beginning in 1890.
        This one had the Southern Europe/ near middle eastern flavor that was to forever transform America.
        If I had my way ( believe me when I say this), I would return all of Europe to it’s original composition circa ~2000 BC.

        • Long Live Dixie

          Bear in mind the “people” of America did not instigate the massive racial fratricide of the last 150 yrs.

          The people of America elected them and then re-elected them.

          • Romulus

            The people followed the causes as they believed them led by their rulers and as follows, their conscience. Like Lee defending his homestate at all costs.
            The American people wanted no part of white war 1&2, yet were dragged in reluctantly in spite of their efforts.
            Yes, in hindsight, the people should have told the govt to f-off. The northern plutocratic, holier than thou industrial capitalist didn’t need to push the other half of the nation into a corner, but again, I believe the regular folks ( follow their leaders, whoever they may be.
            Whether Sargent, General, or civilian mouthpiece.

            The people are only as good as those that rule, whatever their hierarchy. Even if it’s your own backyard rulers. The people first of all need to truly be one people first and then demand the leaders reflect their wishes. If not they should be forcibly removed. Unity of culture goes a long way to ensuring stability of the people as well.

            The people that re-elected BHO are not my people in any traditional sense, excepting some by by race.

          • Long Live Dixie

            I don’t think we Southerners should identify with the American label or try to make excuses for the nation-wrecking acts that have been part of American culture since the beginning.

          • Read ‘The culture of Critique.’ Americans have never been able in recent decades to vote for a non-open-borders candidate from a major party.

          • Long Live Dixie

            Blaming everything on the Jews doesn’t work. They’re a major part of today’s problem, but the strategy of blaming them for everything ignores the fact that Americans (specifically Yankees) voted for racial destruction two generations before Jews settled in the US in large numbers and began buying up the media.

          • I’m not “blaming everything on the Jews,” nor does ‘The Culture of Critique.’

          • FeuerSalamander

            That was after ONE group of people got control of the newspapers, all three tv networks, radio networks and the movie industry. Jack Donovan’s thesis is totally false, it confuses and keeps us in the dark. It is only when we know who has done this, why it has happened that we can then take it all away from them and stop this.

      • There is enough blame to go around. Swedes used to lecture the US on race relations. Remember Gunnar Myrdal?

      • FeuerSalamander

        White men could once perceive things with crystal clarity. How did their minds become so clouded?

      • SoulInvictus

        This is why I actively try to learn absolutely nothing about artists beyond their work.
        Ahole or not, the combination of Armstrong’s A Kiss to Build a Dream On and Fallout will always send me to a happy place.

  • Andy

    A “Portuguese” immigrant?

    • bilderbuster

      Most likely an African with Portuguese citizenship who be wandering/crimeing around with an EU passport.

      • JSS

        Some time ago there was a story on amren that detailed the gang rape of a Swedish girl by several somalis and a “finnish man”.

        • Kenner

          The last Somali in a gang rape is called the ‘Finnish Man’.

      • MBlanc46

        Good point.

    • DNA Explains It All

      “Portuguese” immigrant- that one tweaked me too.

  • JSS

    “Over the past year, Sweden has been shaken by a resurgence of violence linked to far-right and neo-Nazi groups far more extreme than the Sweden Democrats”

    What violence are these Neo nazis responsable for? Are they the ones raping Swedish women? Are they the ones rioting and burning down everything they see? What crimes have they committed other then the crime of not being pro diversity? It’s really bewildering that the nonexistent crimes of nonexistent Neo nazis are somehow more extreme then Swedish women being raped and murdered. And this is coming from a media that’s supposedly pro feminist.

    • Ahnenerbe

      With such lenient prison sentencing these so called neo-nazis up there should be very violent

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Yeah no kidding. What are the numbers, eh? Oh, don’t worry about facts – script must be adhered to…

      “But of course there’s the evil Nazis doing horrible things, so that makes it all equal now. Everybody, regardless of race, is equally reprehensible.”

      You know, that kind of sums up the enemy’s prescription for the future – “everybody, regardless of race, is equally reprehensible.”
      Inspiring, is it not?

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      Right-wing violence in Europe is rare, and almost non-existant in Sweden.
      Left-wing violence on the other hand is quite common and often overlooked and usually even supported by the MSM.
      One report even downplayed left-wing political violence, saying it was “pro-democracy”. One wonders how physical attacks on political opponents can be considered pro-democracy, but apparently they use another definition of democracy than the rest of us.

      Anders Behring-Breivik was a big thing for them, and he’s been linked to everything from the sweden democrats to Nazis and everything in between (sweden democrats can best be described as social democrats who don’t like third world immigration).

      Reports actually state that almost all the political violence and terror in Europe is performed by muslims and left-wing extremists, Anders Behring-Breivik being an anomaly. But then again, ABB wasn’t part of any party or group, but was working on his own, which is one reason why he was so devastatingly succesful.

      However, MSM distorts these reports, claiming a number of acts of terrorism as being right-wing because they are done by “nationalists”. And those nationalist groups are IRA (in northern Ireland and Britan) and ETA (in northern Spain and southern France) who are both actually organisations with open marxist agendas.

  • jayvbellis

    All good.

    I can’t call these folks..

    “Dumb blondes?

    No,,seems the worst, most stupid White people are in a Kentucky, home of White traitor of the year Sen. Rand Paul .

    • WR_the_realist

      Why is Rand Paul any more of a traitor than John Boehner, John McCain, or Lindsey Graham? Or any of the white Democrats? I don’t understand the people who obsess over this one guy who is no worse than 80% of the other congressmen.

      • jayvbellis

        Because he pretends to represent 80% white Kentucky. Because confused White American patriots have wasted 26 consecutive years supporting Ron Paul and Ran Paul for President campaigns – 98% of the R and R Paul cult followers are White, they insist, all evidence to the contrary (NumbersUSA F immigration grades) that Rand and Ron Paul are our great leaders and they have a good chance of winning and turning the country around, to promote the legitimate rights of our people.

        Rand Paul is presented as our young, principled leader – not an anti American Marxist pandering to criminal mobs.

        Yet the reality is that Rand Paul is a terrible traitor, richly deserving the infamous a White traitor of the year award from American Renaissance.

        That ‘s the key point with traitors, they look like us, and when they are in the room with us, they tell us what we want to hear… And then when they are in the room with viciously anti a White a Black “civil rights activists” the traitors turn around and tell them what they want to hear – stuff like we can’t have any voter aiD laws because that suppresses the vots of a black convicted felons.

        • WR_the_realist

          Actually NumbersUSA grades Rand Paul at a B+. And while Ron Paul is no longer in office as I recall his grade was a C or thereabouts. To get an F you pretty much have to be a Democrat.

          Believe it or not, many American patriots do not regard immigration as the only issue that matters. The two Pauls both have excellent records on the Bill of Rights, including the second amendment. Ron Paul had an excellent record on keeping us out of other people’s wars, Rand Paul leaves something to be desired in this respect.

        • I know what you’re saying.

          I think there’s a better way of saying it.

          The abuse of all illicit drugs is bad and undesirable. But if all the people around you who are abusing an illicit drug are abusing one illicit drug in particular, you’re not going to be worried about drug abuse in the generic, you’re going to be worried about that one particular dope. How to get people off of it, how to stop those addicted to it from getting it. If that drug is heroin, you’re going to be interested in methadone as a treatment, but you won’t be interested at all in methadone if the drug you’re worried about isn’t heroin.

          Now let’s translate that to what you’re saying.

          R&R Paul aren’t any worse than any other white politicians anywhere on the political spectrum, and the libertarian cult for which they ride herd isn’t any more deleterious than any of the other ideological cults. However, they are our particular problem. So many white racial activists (I have to plead partially guilty here) wasted so much mental and perhaps physical political energy and made so much of an emotional, physical and monetary investment into the Ron Paul, and later Rand Paul, and some variant of libertarianism through the years. When it all turned out be futile at least, counter productive at worst, a lot of us just plain gave up. Even those of us who knew better justified our support for R&R and libertarianism by claiming that, like blacks and Hispanics do with mainstream liberalism, we can hide behind libertarianism and benefit from its features. Yeah, but, the big problem is that to benefit from the features of a given ideology, it has to win elections, which libertarianism hardly does. (To wit: In Ron Paul’s Congressional district campaigns and in Rand Paul’s state, neither one of them ever preached doctrinaire libertarianism when they actually wanted to win.) Well, trying to justify the virtue of being around people who hate you, who don’t have your best interests, and who abuse you, is the logic of the battered wife.

          I think even the non-racial right has been hurt and greatly hindered by the libertarian cult. I was thinking about this during the morning as I was reading the news, and my mind went off on tangents. Take the Cliven Bundy matter, for instance. Hardly anyone approves of what the Feds are trying to do to him, and hardly anyone approves of the growing abuse of power that American governments all over are exercising. Yet, we can’t seem to translate that into the realm of public policy of keeping governments from being abusive, in fact, it only gets worse. Why this disconnect? I happen to think that the libertarian cult, and the broader problem of the cult of ideological rectitude, is the Berlin Wall in this case. Sure, nobody wants the Feds abusing Bundy, but if the people presenting themselves for the potential of entering public life and seeking public power promulgate the notion that you can’t have the Feds not abusing Bundy without getting rid of Medicare at the same time, then you know how 99% of people will vote. Things will get a lot better for Cliven Bundy the day that people who support or are sympathetic to his cause cast off the libertarian cult and tell voters that they support both Medicare and oppose the Feds’ abuse of Bundy at the same time, “ideological consistency” be damned.

  • IstvanIN

    Why doesn’t anyone worry about all the overt racism in Zimbabwe and South Africa?

    • DNA Explains It All

      We do, just too damn much anti-white crap the world over.

    • bubo

      Our enemies see Zimbabwe and RSA as exemplary results for their world view.

  • “Sweden has been shaken by a resurgence of violence linked to far-right and neo-Nazi groups far more extreme than the Sweden Democrats.”

    This is Reuters all right. Yes, there were the mass killings in Norway, but why no details about the “resurgence of violence linked to far-right and neo-Nazi groups” in Sweden that has “shaken” Swedes that is apparently worse than waves of rioting and the torching of cars by immigrants?

  • bubo

    There was a libtard shared story on my facebook feed that was written by a Dane who had lived in America and moved back to Denmark. She talked about her salary as a teacher, her 6 weeks vacation, free college for her kids, her healthcare etc. All true no doubt. Of course the entire thing was to be read as: you could have these things in America if it wasn’t for those evil conservatives.

    I simply commented that unlike Denmark, which is sparsely populated, homogeneous, highly educated and white, the USA on the other hand is trending in the opposite direction at lightning speed. In Denmark taxes go toward the public good, in America they go to subsidize the black underclass and to spread “democracy” to places that don’t want it.

    The assertion was that people should be happy pay higher taxes like they do in Denmark while completely ignoring the fact that white taxpayers are already overburdened and receive nothing for their contributions all while being told that they are the problem and soon to be irrelevant in the rainbow nation.

    • SoulInvictus

      I mostly agree. That’s the problem… socialism works pretty well in European countries (which is why most US conservatives come off loony tunes when they deride it). But they just can’t figure out why it doesn’t here…

      Brings to mind the phrase, “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

      • NorthernWind

        I wouldn’t call it socialism, but I know what you mean. Such systems worked best in small homogeneous countries like Sweden for a reason. People were willing to pay higher taxes in order to help the nation, *other people who were very similar to them*. With increasing diversity those models are bound to go away.

        • SoulInvictus

          Socialism is the evil sounding way to phrase it.
          Communities working together towards the common good is another.
          I know what I mean by it, so I’m ok with a little socialism. Unfettered capitalism sure doesn’t work on its own. Unless you like the thought of living in Dickensian settings.

          As you infer, it works well in a small homogenous country, which is basically an argument for local government. When you enter into using a disconnected, inherently corrupt, agenda susceptive Federal bureaucracy like we have, it breaks down.
          Which is why the writers of the Constitution never intended it to be this way.

          • Better word is “communitarianism.”

            When people ask me whether I’m a capitalist or a socialist, I answer “Yes.”

            When people ask me whether I’m an individualist or a collectivist, I answer “Yes.”

            That’s because I think that capitalism and socialism, and individualism and collectivism, can and should work together in concert to serve a given society and the people therein. Every society worth something will have a mix of both C and S, I and C, the only variable is how much of each.

            Racial-ethnic patriotism and nationalism is mandatory, and non-negotiabile.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Yeah, I call it “messianic democratic totalitarianism” – the worst of both worlds, capitalist and socialist.

          • Come to think of it, you’re right.

            Just as capitalism and socialism, and individualism and collectivism, can work together positively, they can also work together negatively, like you said, the worst of both worlds. That’s pretty much what we have now.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Yeah, both dysfunctional, right hand and left hand of same dysfunctional beastie.

            There’s an 800 lb. Gorilla in the room nobody can talk about and it’s trashing the place…

            Well, that book certainly has started something, I think…

          • SoulInvictus

            “Racial-ethnic patriotism and nationalism is mandatory, and non-negotiabile.”

            And non-negotiable in the sense that none of the other things you mention work in the long term without them.
            I like the way you put it. I see it like, I think socialism is good on a community level. But when its administration is attempted by a distant authority rather than something you’ve agreed upon with your neighbors, not only does it fail, but it sits wrong in the gut of free men. It quickly begins to feel like big brother or a semi-benevolent monarch. Which is how most Americans now regard the Feds and why the founders constructed it to work my/your way.

        • cherrie greenbaum123

          In the U.S. the more you give to blacks the more they take, and they have the audacity to resent you for it. They set out to actively destroy whatever white institutions exist, be they schools, public transportation, buildings. Any and all infrastructure is sprayed with graffiti and used as an open toilet bowl, which is why America is beginning to look like a third world nation. We can’t have a quality welfare state in this country because blacks have no sense of self respect and no sense of respect for the country they live in. They treat America like an open air toilet, literally crapping over everything that smacks of decency and breeding. A more vile race cannot be imagined. Truly a pox upon America and the world. They will never go back to Africa as long as they have a smooth, free ride here and elsewhere. Why would they?

      • bubo

        That’s what I was getting at. The goofy neocons that deride places in Europe with much higher quality of life than the US come off as rubes to me. Socialism, when the population is homogeneous and on mostly even footing is fine with most people I would imagine.

        • jayvbellis

          American White Amish are some of the best socialists in the world.

          They build each other’s barns for..


          They work for the common good of their community…

          They are kind to their own kind.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          It requires a relatively homogeneous population of relatively productive and relatively smart folk.

          Not the situation here, and the irony in Europe is that the Socialists are primarily responsible for destroying the good thing they had by diluting their productive populations. (And the capitalists got their cheapo labor!)

          Messianic democratic totalitarianism – the feel-good path to suicide.

        • JohnEngelman

          Liberal Democrats do not understand that. They think third world immigrants will vote Democrat. This is true. Unfortunately third world peoples exploit a generous public sector of the economy.

          When the War on Poverty made welfare benefits more generous and easier to qualify for millions of blacks quit low wage jobs and went on welfare. Whites are less likely to behave that way.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      ” the fact that white taxpayers are already overburdened and receive nothing for their contributions all while being told that they are the problem and soon to be irrelevant in the rainbow nation.”

      Bravo. If Whites here had faith in a merit staffed bureaucracy and felt they would benefit, perhaps more American Whites would trend “socialist”.

      I gotta say though…considering the Eloi-like nature of those who once-were-Vikings, perhaps people forget what the face of evil looks like when things are too good, too comfortable.

      Until that face shows up in the form of a darkie alien barbarian freeloading and raping and rioting in their streets.

  • LHathaway

    Their own overconfidence will do them in. What should we call this over-confidence?

  • Pro_Whitey

    Did it ever occur to the journalist writing this to ask how and why immigration had ever become a taboo subject?

  • Jacobite2

    Fewer than 10% of Swedes are afraid of crime? Somebody better hold a mirror under the nose; I think they may be dead.

  • kikz2

    camel’s nose…….

  • Bob Dole

    Better late than never

  • bilderbuster

    You seem quite sure of yourself.
    MLK said that with enough money and integration that Blacks would be equal to Whites in one generation.
    I’m just as sure that you don’t really believe your post and hope you don’t think people here are that foolish to believe it either.