DCCC Chair: We Care More About Amnesty Than Midterm Elections

Tony Lee, Breitbart, April 14, 2014


Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley on Sunday, Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY), the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said the midterm elections are taking a backseat to the amnesty legislation Democrats and establishment Republicans desperately want.

“We’d rather pass an immigration bill than worry about the election. We have got 190 Democrats ready to vote on a comprehensive immigration bill today,” Israel said while also accusing Republicans of being racists for opposing Obama and amnesty. {snip}

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who also accused Republicans of being racists for opposing amnesty, said last week that she would rather pass amnesty legislation than become Speaker again.

“It’s the biggest thing that we can do, and that’s why I’ve said to the speaker, to the press, to these groups, I would rather pass [a] comprehensive immigration reform bill than win the elections in November,” Pelosi told Politico. “There’s nothing we could accomplish in winning that would be as big as passing immigration reform.”


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  • It’s called thinking long term, playing the long game. Losing today so that you win and win more often tomorrow.

    Glad to know that one political party in this country does it.

    • JSS

      I wonder how long the democrat majority will hold together though. I don’t think their as clever as they think. Once the Repubs are out of the picture then the dems ethnic blocks will start squabbling and fighting over this country’s corpse. I think the White dems will be out of jobs not long after most republicans.

      • IstvanIN

        Sort of like rats, turkey vultures and cats fighting over a dead deer?

      • You must be reading my mind. Like I’ve been saying here often, the Democrats in their current form only exist because they’ve assembled a Star Wars bar scene coalition, the only thing they have in common is their fear of or contempt for “traditional America.” Once they beat us, they’ve also beaten themselves.

        Just look at deep blue areas where we don’t exist. Their various parts are turning on each other.

        That parody article in Diversity Chronicle a few weeks ago will soon be reality in a lot of places.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          That’s what Ann Coulter meant at CPAC/2014. Once the founding majority with it’s common culture has been overwhelmed by the invading undocumented Democrats, the strange bedfellow alliance, the “Star Wars bar scene”, will then turn on themselves. Death squads attacking death squads. Road Warrior. That’s when certain bunkmates like the Feminist Nation and the LGBTQ Nation will realize they backed the wrong horses. The enemy of your enemy is only your friend for as long as your common enemy is a threat.

          • JSS

            “The enemy of your enemy is your friend only for as long as your (perceived) common enemy is a threat”.

            Where is that quote from Andrew? I really like it.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            I was repurposing the old proverb. The old proverb never finishes the story. Who is that in your avatar, BTW?

          • JSS

            So your own words then. Im going to be using them in the future so thank you. My avatar is Theodore Eicke who organized and commanded the original concentration camp guards. This motley and generally disdained group then became the nucleus of the 3rd SS division, also led by Eicke which was arguably one the best formations in the war and successfully fought in some battles that make Normandy and Iwo Jima seem mild. Anyway Eicke is a fascinating person if your predisposed to that kind of history.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Interesting. I will have to read up on him.

            Feel free, JSS, to use my embellished version of that old proverb. I always felt that the true wisdom behind that line was what comes next.

      • 1stworlder

        I know when I was telling people that skittles girlfriend testified that she was talking to him right before he died and that he thought George Z was gay & checking him out making it a hate crime you can see the cognitive dissonance in their hamster brains.

  • Luca

    I’d like to see some demonstrations against amnesty the way we saw demonstrations out on the Bundy Ranch in the last few days.

    • 1stworlder

      The lame stream news media would report it as well as they did the Bundy Ranch. They almost had a civil war and leftists would have no idea why

    • mobilebay

      Wouldn’t that be great? If we had half the determination to get illegals out of here as they do when they march and demand their “rights,” we might have a chance.

  • Ed

    To their credit Dems are looking ahead they realize Obama is done. So they lose the Senate in ’14 big deal. They win the White House in ’16 and once they get the illegals & others on the rolls, trained and primed to vote. They’re unstoppable.

    The GOP on the other hand is running to Adelson for cash and toying with nominating Jeb Bush, sounds like a great plan.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      The GOP won’t be running to Adelson for cash any longer. Ann Coulter banged in the last coffin nail for that @$$ clown. The McCutcheon v. FEC SCOTUS decision a couple weeks ago is all the GOP needs for future funding. I have to believe Ann’s scorched earth commentary coinciding with that SCOTUS ruling, well, was no coincidence. McCutcheon put that fool Adelson to sleep. And Jeb Bush’s “act of love” speech took him out of contention as well.

      The Dems won’t be getting amnesty. It’s all desperate bluff. The GOP has post-poned the debate until they take the Senate. Then impeachment proceedings begin. By that time Harry Reid will have shot a few pregnant cowgirls on the Bundy Ranch and people will be rallying for impeachment from every overpass.

      Romney, with very deep pockets of his own, will announce when he has to. He will pick and super running mate (maybe a fellow Mormon like Mia Love?) who can campaign on his cash. My personal favorite running mate is Ann Coulter. Mitt can return to his “self-deportation” ideas with respect to putting amnesty to sleep.

      The Dems are more than done for 2014–the Dems are done.

      • Ed

        Mitt Romney is too good for the current incarnation of this country. That ship has sailed.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          Nope. Mitt is a team player. He will step in, if no candidate appears in the meantime. That could still happen. Don’t know who, though.

          • So CAL Snowman

            Yeah Mitt Romney is a team player alright, he plays for the Corporate Raiders

      • So CAL Snowman

        Mittens Romney and Mia Love are going to save America?

        How high/drunk/vicodin bender are you?

        • AndrewInterrupted

          Thank you for your support, Hillary.

      • evilsandmich

        You’re so optimistic that I have to wonder if it’s sarcasm. I will say though that a smart candidate could lock up the conservative vote by playing hard on immigration, a topic that no one but passionate immigration restrictionists care about (everyone else either doesn’t care (ugh) or would never vote ‘R’ anyway). That being said, I don’t think that Romney has any convictions of any sort. The man is a business manager and political opinions are at best a passing fancy (for better or worse, I dunno).

        • AndrewInterrupted

          Yes, I’m not defeated like many of the sit&spin crowd here at AmRen.

          Look at how hot the various right wing websites have gotten over the Bundy Ranch thing. There has been a significant shift in momentum that the Right can exploit. I see the desperation in the Demo-rats voices. They see it, too. And yet many here still sit&spin in their fetal positions. Not me.

          Romney using “self-deportation” was a good idea, used a little early. Now Americans are ready for such language.

          • Romney didn’t actually believe in “self-deportation” or any kind of real immigration enforcement. He was and still is open borders all the way. Any pretense otherwise was a result of his scamming Republican votes to win the nomination.

            Re the Bundy Ranch: It’s not just that it was a win, it’s why it was a win that’s more important. Our side showed up to fight and win the PR war, for the first time maybe ever. Mysteriously, the Feds didn’t even much try on the PR front.

            And, unlike the 22-year old french fry jockies living in their parents’ basements who are waiting on a pure savior to ride down on their white horse from Valhalla to save us all that seem to constitute more and more of our movement’s warm bodies with every passing year, I do consider and count this as a win for our side, even though the politics of the matter aren’t directly our core concern, racial preservation and defense.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Not a win so much as a momentum shift to be seized upon.

            Like Winston Churchill said:

            “… not the end… not even the beginning of the end. But …perhaps the end of the beginning.”

      • DelmarJackson

        I like your connection of Coulter to the new funding landscape we are now in, but do not agree with you on Romney.
        he had a chance to run with self deportation, but threw that ball away. I also do not understand his supposed legendary business acumen. he showed extremely poor judgment in the running of his campaign, while Obama ran an excellent campaign. In addition, Romneys money has not come from business that produced any goods or services, he and his millionaire pals are Merger and Acquisition vultures that wheel and deal and push paper and close down companies and skim the profits. He is no business man.
        I think people who dislike him because of his religion are fools, I also think people who like him because they think he is a smart accomplished guy are fools. Hiring weasels like Karl Rove, who made millions off the Romney campaign by making 4 million white guys stay home on election day is not a sign of a very smart guy.
        Give me Jeff Sessions or a patriot like Sessions, or stick a fork in America ,because it is done.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          I think “self-deportation” was a carefully, cleverly crafted term–delivered 4 years early.

          As for Romney not being a true-blue business man, I see your point. But, he was a moderate conservative Governor in the bluest state in the union: Massachusetts. The Left overstates Romney’s version of ACA from those days, but the voters might see him as the perfect candidate to fix ObamaCare.

          Massachusetts has an aggressive grievance industry shakedown machine. Between foreigners scamming the Refugee Act of 1980 Medicaid, welfare fraud of all types, RomneyCare was actually an answer to curb all the scammers of the diversity stripe. Massachusetts, after all, is a multi-culti hell-hole by design. He’s no stranger to such “acts of love”.

  • Truthseeker

    Once they’ve elected a new people, Whites will hopefully be more inspired to stand up for their ethnic interests. Some of these dumb, self-hating, liberal Whites are probably beyond hope, but once the outright hostility and hatred they have for us becomes apparent, most average Whites will likely realize that they’re no longer a dominant group throwing a few scraps of kindness to a few groups that are just like them for the most part. These people literally want to destroy us, and they won’t be as kind to us as we were to them.

    • evilsandmich

      For some, but remember that liberalism has a strong death-cult mentality.

  • Yep, the word “racist” thrown about at will always drowns out intelligent conversation about any issue, including amnesty. The Dems are despicable, rotten, evil sons of unmarried female dogs whose lack of ethics make me want to puke.

    • Nancy Thomas

      I think it’s just the opposite. They’ve overused the r word and now nobody cares.

      • striket3

        Exactly. It’s amazing because they never back up their claims. They just say “oh that’s racist” without offering Any Proof.

  • 1stworlder

    Because Latrina can squat out 21 illegitimate kids that will want to vote for more free stuff

    • striket3

      That’s racist!!


    These people are clearly suicidal. With a strong streak of homicidal rage aimed at the rest of us. It’s almost a murder suicide situation we have today. With our political class bent on killing it’s self and taking us along with them.

    • Pro_Whitey

      Good point. That’s one of my pet peeves about the left. It’s not so much that they are suicidal, but that they are murder-suicidal, wanting to kill us first and take us with them.


        Yup, the mind frame of the Liberal/Progressive/Left reminds me a lot of the Heavens Gate UFO cult that believed there was a space ship in the Hale Bopp comet’s tail. Which was destined to carry them all to an ever lasting paradise. And all they had to do to gain entry to that paradise, was to kill themselves. The main differences however is that the Liberal/Progressive/Left’s paradise is a fantasy driven entirely unattainable egalitarian utopia. And their spaceship is massive 3rd world immigration coupled with the blatant demonization of White America at every turn.

        The biggest difference of all however is the fact that the lunacy of Heavens Gate, affected Heavens Gate and Heavens Gate alone. The Liberal/Progressive/Left’s lunacy affects us all. Which will make their suicide, if successful an even bigger homicide, dare I say, even genocide.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          Liberalism: The self-fulfilling prophecy that never fulfills.

  • Nancy Thomas


  • willbest

    The Dems know passing the immigration bill is a winner for them in the midterm election because half the GOP base won’t go to the polls.

    • evilsandmich

      Yeah it’s a double win: more illegal votes for Dems, fewer legit votes for Repubs. That fact may be slowly, slowly sinking in to the Republican side. The Repubs should play it smart and just by the Chamber of Commerce traitors off with some byzantine employment tax credits.

  • MarcB1969

    They know in the long term that they will get reelected once their former districts have gone through race replacement. This has been the Democrats strategy since the 1990’s. Before that, they largely opposed illegal immigration because they pretended to give a damn about the American worker and US living standards.

  • striket3

    Jeff sessions is the only guy I’d vote for.

  • TXCriollo

    The dems and the amnesty deal, jeez its like the carrot on the end of the stick. They keep talking about it, how long has it been 3 or 4 years. They had their shot to get it done a long time ago, i think they have figured out mexicans believe what ever they say

  • AndrewInterrupted

    I said in other posts that I liked Sessions but, Romney is familiar and has the cash. Two old seasoned white guys, but no one knows who Sessions is. He has a name recognition problem. Countering the “Diversity” factor is the hard part. The Demo-rats have no shame hiring for appearances over performances. Hillary and Barack are the epitome of that. The Demo-rats are all identity politics all the time. Ignoring that critical factor guarantees your defeat. The candidates have to make you “feel good”.

    You acknowledge identity politics–you counterattack by putting a Diversity Darling in the VP spot. Another choice for that tactic would be Ben Carson. A Black woman trumps a Black man in diversity poker, but you have to weigh all options. And NO, nah sayers, they no longer hire the most-qualified in this country. Get that in your head! This is the Hell we are in at the moment.

    Unless the VP is called upon to fill the Prez spot in an emergency, the VP job is largely ceremonial: “Just sit there and look Diverse“ a la Sara Palin on the McCain ticket. Palin was a bad example of how to counterattack with identity politics–a really bad one.

    Joe Biden was the inverse of that example: Diversity Darling in the #1 slot, old establishment white guy in the #2 slot. The ‘balanced ticket’ from Hell. But, guess what? We’re in Hell. We have to fight them with their tactics. Forget voting your conscience until after we get our country back. These people saying they will vote 3rd Party or not at all these next two elections, three words: digital b!tch slap! You are Al Sharpton to me.

    Also Romney understands now that he can return to his “self-deportation” campaign comments as Americans are now clearly ready for a deportation candidate. Sessions could also borrow that language. The Repugs should also make it clear that “amnesty” is the Democrats trying to rig future elections. They should be relentless on the gerrymandering, election rigging, vote tampering aspect—-just brutally relentless. Don’t even call it amnesty or immigration reform. Call it gerrymandering reform. Call it exactly as it is: Democrats engaged in epic fraud.

    And as far as Sheldon Adelson is concerned, he was rendered spectator by McCutcheon vs. FEC. Adelson is gone.

  • WR_the_realist

    The top priority of Democrats is to give illegal immigrants amnesty. John Engelman, are you still a Democrat?

    • AndrewInterrupted

      I think he’s a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday Democrat.