The Pursuit of Racial Amity

Fred Reed, Fred on Everything, December 31, 2013

“One of the nice things about reality is that it is what it is, no matter what anybody says it is.”—the eminent philosopher James Morris

Pondering the smoking ruins of American racial policy, I wonder whether it isn’t time to say publicly what many, if not most, of both races know: It isn’t working. It isn’t going to work. If it were, it would have. If it were working, we would not need the unending laws to force the races together when they don’t want to be together. If people wanted diversity, it would happen without compulsion.

The hope that black and white would mingle amicably if only segregation were dismantled relied on a peculiarly American inattention to life and history, and on a belief that people will behave as we want them to, instead of how they observably do behave. Human nature remains human nature, no matter how hard one holds one’s breath and turns blue.
It is not an easy thing that we try to do. Frequently, far smaller disparities than those between black and white lead to bloody conflict. Catholics and Protestants, Shia and Sunni, Jew and Christian are often virtually indistinguishable, yet share a history of internecine butchery of each other. Is there anywhere an example of two groups so large and utterly different as blacks and whites successfully merging?
Despite our best imaginings, race is far more than skin deep. The races differ wildly in culture, appearance, attitudes, views of each other, language, musical taste, dress, attitudes toward law, education, family, and the role of government.
Much of what blacks believe about whites is almost psychotic. Exceptions and degrees, yes, but the centerline remains.
Over and over one hears blacks asserting that that we whites invented AIDS to kill off blacks, that we put substances in soft drinks to make black men impotent (“Honest, Latanya, them damn white folks put something in my Gatorade.”), and that we flood the ghetto with drugs to destroy black society. We are, blacks repeatedly insist, incorrigible racists determined to hold blacks down. Discrimination, “racial profiling,” police brutality, and “institutional racism” are, they say, the irremediable bedrock of the white soul. The Trayvon Martin case, blacks say, shows that it is open season for whites to kill young black males. Black after black says the only solution is to kill whites.
By contrast, to many whites the last sixty years have seen a desperate attempt to find something, anything, that would raise blacks to the intellectual, cultural, and economic standards of the First World. Nine white men passed Brown vs. the School Board, white federal marshals and white troops enforced the decision, an overwhelmingly white congress enacted the civil-rights acts of the Sixties, and still supports the endless welfare programs on which so many blacks depend. We censor ourselves savagely to avoid offending blacks. Even mild criticism of racial behavior is a firing offense.
Nothing is enough. We change the color of Santa, remove the Confederate flag, admit blacks to historically white schools for which they are not remotely qualified, and pay untold millions to settle suits over discrimination based on the inability of blacks to meet the standards applied to whites. It doesn’t work. The complaints never end.
We have tried desegregation, integration, mixed classrooms, Section Eight, AFDC, Head Start, affirmative action, quotas, Black History Day (or is it month?), laws against “hate crimes” by whites, outlawing of IQ tests by employers, on and on. It hasn’t worked. Nothing suggests that it will. The chasm appears intractable.
What if it isn’t working because it can’t? What do we do?
Note that our racial policy is in a sense anti-black: aimed at making blacks into dark-skinned whites who study, talk, act, and think like us—to get them to speak white English, wear suits, and adopt the cultural norms of whites.
Yet there is little evidence that blacks want to turn white. In fact they do much that is intended to maintain, or at any rate has the effect of maintaining, their separateness. Thus Keyshawn and Latoya instead of Robert and Carol. Thus Ebonics: Blacks could learn normal English if they chose, if only by imitating whites on television, but that would make them almost white. (In France and Mexico, for example, blacks speak the national language normally.) Black high-schoolers accuse their fellows who study of “acting white.” Blacks speak contemptuously of “oreos” and Uncle Toms.
Whites have no more desire to be black than blacks do to be white. This attachment of each race to its culture makes assimilation impossible.
Things can seem to be working better than they are. Most whites see only bleached blacks, those in business clothes speaking perfect English on television. Few see the huge black urban ghettoes, hermetically isolated from the rest of the country. You can spend eight hours in these regions in a police car—I have, many times—and never see a Caucasian face. The ghettos amount to a different country, a different civilization, in distributed enclaves. Assimilation before the heat death of the sun isn’t going to happen.
If you look at what people do instead of what they say, you will note that the races do not want to associate, and indeed don’t much like each other. For example in Washington, where I lived for many years, the races coexisted in compulsory amity at work but then went to separate neighborhoods, bars, and restaurants. When blacks wearied of the (black, actually) violence of the city, they moved to Prince Georges County in Maryland, heavily black; whites went to Fairfax Country, Virginia, almost all white. Black kids in white universities want black-only fraternities and living quarters. When whites threaten by gentrification to become a majority in black regions, like Washington itself, blacks hate it.

And now we have the Knockout Game of explicitly racial attacks by gangs of blacks, often leaving the victims crippled or dead. The media hide the occurrence of these assaults, the police (who know better) deny that they are racial, and the federal government deliberately does nothing. This is a dangerous game. It is interesting that a sober, conservative, black intellectual like Thomas Sowell sees a race war—his words, and worth reading, looming. See also Walter Williams.

Maybe a little less togetherness would better preserve the peace. The Supreme Court once said irrationally that “separate is inherently unequal.” Why? Men and women have separate public bathrooms. Is this unequal? We have sports teams separate by sex. Inherently unequal? Should we force sexual integration of sports? Jews and Catholics have schools intended to preserve their cultures, and it doesn’t seem to have brought the Republic down.

So then, why do we keep trying to compel a togetherheid that no one seems to want? Why not let the races manage their own affairs as they see fit? For instance, we might organize the schools by culture instead of race. As a white man, I want my children to go to a culturally white school, meaning one that stresses real academics, requires good English and what I regard as civilized dress, and demands good comportment. No social promotion, affirmative action, or toleration of seriously bad behavior. Such blacks students as chose to meet these standards would be welcome–but they would have to meet them.

This would result in something close to de facto segregation by race. So what? It would also end complaints by blacks of discrimination in grades, discipline, and so on, since they would be running their own schools, and whites would no longer complain of the dumbing down of courses and the inability to maintain their standards of language and behavior. If by law all schools received the same funding, none would be at a disadvantage.
It is worth a thought, methinks: comity at arms length. What we are doing isn’t working. Violence grows. Sooner or later there will be an explosion and, perhaps, a conflict from which the country will never recover.

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  • Puggg

    Men and women have separate public bathrooms. Is this unequal? We have sports teams separate by sex. Inherently unequal? Should we force sexual integration of sports?

    Not so fast, Fred. The start of this year means that in some states, that’s no longer the case.

    • Oil Can Harry

      This is a great article but at the risk of nitpicking I must challenge Fred’s claim that “Blacks could learn normal English if they chose… In France and Mexico, for example, blacks speak the national languge normally.”

      In reality whites from Spain often groan at the way black and mulatto hispanics maul their language. It’s the Spanish version of ebonics.

      • Whether blacks could learn more English if they chose is irrelevant. China could have an elected government if it chose. NASA could go back to the moon if it chose. General Motors could bring back the Saturn make if they chose. They choose not to, and the reasons are unimportant.

        • Svigor

          Sorta like how lefties are always blaming “poverty” for black pathology. As if poverty doesn’t attach to blackness wherever it is found, almost as surely as high melanin content.

          You don’t get to “correct” for poverty in a dark alley.

      • Svigor

        I don’t know enough about linguistics to summon the technical terms, but the fact is, blacks inevitably maul any language with complex sounds. E.g., multiple, consecutive consonants. “Desk” becomes “dess,” “ask” becomes “ax,” “test” becomes “tess,” etc. They only seem capable of properly pronouncing very simple syllables, like “bus,” “he,” “she,” “it,” etc. Lefties assume this is cultural but in the aggregate, I don’t think it is. I think their speech centers or something render them largely incapable, or at least, make it difficult enough for them to not want to bother.

        • PvtCharlieSlate

          I think that there is more to it than just “speech centers”. There’s an inability to grasp and express time relationships. Thus the ebonical (just made up that one) expressions: What that be? Where she go? Look how she look. He say …

          • Oil Can Harry

            Well said. If blacks simply had trouble with “speech centers” they might be making complete sentences in proper English but containing mispronounced words.

            However when most of them construct sentences like “Yo, where she gone?” then you know it’s a low IQ thing.

    • Fair Dinkum

      God help us, you’re right. In California this year, school children will now have unisex bathrooms in addition to the tradition, and sensible, boys and girls bathrooms.

      • Kenner

        What is the door symbol for ‘hermaphrodite’?

        • Sick of it

          A scalpel to denote sex change surgery?

        • Katherine McChesney

          A better symbol would be one for ‘pervert’ or ‘deviant’.

          • If the child is school-aged, I would think the symbol should be something to denote “child abuse” at the hands of the insane Leftoid parents using their helpless kid for ideological validation.

          • jane johnson

            All of the below….

        • longing4abetterworld

          It’s a combo symbol: male arrow on top and female cross on bottom.

          • Alexandra1973

            That’s actually what came to my mind.

      • WR_the_realist

        Every crazy lunatic left wing program gets implemented in California first. Unfortunately, they never stay there.

    • Spartacus

      Yet another argument to HOME-SCHOOL !

      • MBlanc46

        I’d say it’s another argument to take back our schools and take back our society.

        • Spartacus

          I don’t think there’s anything to take back anymore. The best we can do is tear everything down, then rebuild.

          • MBlanc46

            If that’s really the case, then we’re truly doomed.

    • MBlanc46

      You’re right, Puggg. Unisex bathrooms are a goal of many feminists, and there is already the beginning of sexual integration in sport.

      • Puggg

        For those of you who have daughters, have them constantly practice being able to hold on to wet soap.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Most normal women will never use a public bathroom with a man in it, whether liberals call him a “trans woman” or not.

      If bathrooms do become integrated, I expect that one bathroom in each building will be the de facto “women’s room” and another will be the de facto “men’s room,” no matter how much liberals hate it or how many times they write “unisex” on the door. And if a man goes in the “women’s room,” all the women will leave until he exits.

      I can’t wait to see all the articles in Slate and Jezebel about how “transmisogynistic” this is (and yes, that’s apparently a word, at least among feminist harpies).

  • JohnEngelman

    With blacks absence makes the heart grow fond. The persistence of de facto segregation has prolonged white delusions about innate racial equality. Racial integration was forced on whites with extensive experience with blacks by whites with little experience.

    • IstvanIN

      With blacks absence makes the heart grow fond.
      Actually it makes for a sigh of relief.

      • Laura Dilworth

        the blacks aren’t goin’ away

  • Druid

    to me, a little less togetherness means all blacks are deported forthwith to the upper reaches of Greenland. there’s plenty of room for them there.

    • IstvanIN

      Why should the (real) Eskimos and Danes suffer?

      • Druid

        It’ll only be for a short while. The blacks’ll all be gone in short order. They have zero ability to adapt.

        • AutomaticSlim

          “It’ll only be for a short while.”

          And the same goes for here if we get rid of welfare, food stamps, and the rest of the great society programs. There would be some unrest for sure, but eventually, the same result.

        • IstvanIN

          Greenland is part of Denmark and the Danes love welfare sucking blacks.

    • dukem1

      I once had a book titled “An African in Greenland.”
      Talk about cognitive dissonance!
      Lent it to someone and never got it back.
      It was a strange, true story…And the Greenlanders didn’t come off too well, as I recall.
      It’s a wacky world.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I predict…. nothing changes for the better by January 2, 2015. Same old stories, only the dates and names will change.

  • pcmustgo

    Actually, a lot of whites do want to “be black” a certain stages of their lives. Blacks are seen as hip and cool. There are a lot of wiggers out there.

    • dd121

      Fred seems to miss that point. White culture is being corrupted by the negro-centric portrayal of culture on TV. Who do you think controls all of that?

      • RisingReich

        The tribe.

      • Raydonn

        ………….the 800 lb gorilla that must NOT be named!

        • dd121

          A guy did name that gorilla….and promptly had his post deleted.

  • Just a tad off topic here, but has anyone noticed how much easier it is today to find more candid articles and stories about race than it was ten years ago?

    You might want to keep your eye on major news networks. CNN is at a 20-year-low for ratings in prime time, and it’s going to get worse for them. Maybe they’ll figure out that most decent people just want truth and facts in reporting, and obvious agendas against the White population isn’t going to work out too well for you. It really went downhill fast after that Black in America series they had. hmmmmmm

    • pcmustgo

      Yeah, and Bill O’Reilly has come right out with warning whites about the Latinoization of America in terms of the voting bloc and it leading to more welfare and democratic control, and also talks candidly about black crime… Yes, I’ve noticed more and more real talk on race, and I am a news junkie.

      • IstvanIN

        He has, I must have given up on the big-mouth way too soon.

        • RisingReich

          Eh – he has moments of clarity, but is usually too self-absorbed still to be too honest.

        • Garrett Brown

          No, you were accurate in your judgement. He still doesn’t completely get it.

      • Pelagian

        Great minds think alike … look what I posted just before I read your and Celestial Time’s comments: “Does anyone else get the sense that the Internet is staring to backfire on liberals?Just look at all the race-realists on ABC [dot] com. The censors cant keep up with it all. Than you Disqus. Thank you, Amren, Thank you (a little bit), Takimag.”

    • dd121

      Fred has been around 20-30 years and has always come out with an occasional treatise on race. That’s probably why, in spite of his brilliance, he’s a blogger instead of a highly paid journalist in the msm.

      • Fred married a Mexican mestiza and, I believe, lives in Mexico. His usual targets are black underachievement, feminism, and the general incompetence of Leftism, especially in the military. A fine writer and always a pleasure to read, but he’s hardly a pro-White activist.

        • Tom B.

          Sad but true—I’ve been a fan of Fred for a long time but I think he finally gave up on white women because of their feminist behavior. I think a lot of white men have. Just wish the girls would wake up and realize that her true strength is her femininity, not in trying to act like a man–or whatever it is that feminists are trying to do.

          • Plenty of us realize it. The solution to the problem is not miscegenation. The same enemies that promote feminism also promote race-mixing among Whites. This is not a coincidence.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            There is a darkly funny side though to that however, the ones who passed those cups of deadly but slow acting poisons among us took a sip from the very same cups. The results were or course predictable, poison in pure water is still poison. They engage in race mixing and from what I can see their women do indeed wear the pants in the house.

          • kjh64

            Oh, please. Some of the utter whining on here about White women is laughable. Most Whites, both men and women, date and marry each other. Fred and White men like him who complain that women are “too feminist” are a tiny bunch of weenies that can’t handle the fact that White women aren’t going to put up with male chauvinist jerks like him. They’re not man enough to handle that women no longer take a back seat to them. Good riddance to him and other “men” like him. Oh, and White women don’t want to be like a man, please guys don’t flatter yourselves.

          • Tom B.

            You dear lady–just re-enforced the reason so many men look elsewhere for female companionship. It is obvious who wears the pants in your family!!

        • White nationalism is not really a black-and-white issue, if you’ll pardon the pun. There are different shades of grey involved.

          • WR_the_realist

            Indeed. Why, if a white man with significant Indian ancestry marries a Japanese woman he must have low testosterone and yellow fever, and can’t be pro-White at all! At least, that’s what the purists here would tell me.

          • Svigor

            Obviously one can be pro-white without even being white, so I think it’s equally obvious that one can be both white and pro-white without being a true ethnopatriot.

          • Svigor

            Yes, Fred’s “both races” thing stuck out like a sore thumb.

        • dd121

          His baby making days are long over but he has two very white daughters from his first marriage. His Mexican wife helps him live comfortably because he is now nearly blind due to a Vietnam injury and VA medical malpractice. He’s not a pro-white activist but he does speak truthfully about race and black disfunction. Journalism is a profession that will viscously turn on you if you violate the rules of PC. That’s why he hasn’t been employed by any news organization in quite some time. I really admire him for speaking the truth, and believe me, he’s paid for the sin of honesty.

          • I admire him too, please don’t misunderstand. Just pointing out what some here may not already know about him.

        • BerekHalfhand

          No enemies on the right anymore for me. Everyone is useful to some extent. If a weapon lies within reach, grab it (my children have got me into the Hunger Games books of late).

          • No, he’s far, far from an enemy. Mr. Reed is a national treasure and I apologize to anyone who thought I meant otherwise.

    • Lewis33

      As most newspapers have shown us, they care more about looking good to their liberal cocktail party friends than making a buck. As far as they are concerned, they would rather be out of business that write anything that please’s us.

    • Kenner

      For over five months, CNN went Trayvon 24/7. It was the nail in their coffin.

    • Sick of it

      You could find a lot of things like this on the internet over 10 years ago. Most people didn’t look.

      • Brian

        True, but I have noticed the phenomenon of the crackdown on anonymous commenting and ending of comments entirely– not just for profanity but also crimethink.

    • Svigor

      Yep, I was reminded of this anew for the umpteenth time, though in my case it was all the racialist comments at a conservative site. White racialists are increasingly strutting openly in (cyber) public, mocking and ridiculing the leftist establishment.

    • John R

      The Baby Boomer liberals are aging, dying off, or finally coming to their senses. And their children, and grandchildren, quietly for now, are just starting to wake up to the fact that it is they who are being asked to pay the price for the liberalism of their parents generation. That is my take.

  • pcmustgo

    Also, he is right, most whites want nothing to do with real ghettoes and have more in common with other whites, but the problem is , most are not aware of this and most refuse to acknowledge it. They’ve never had to actually sift through dozens of blacks, asians, latinos, etc, LIKE I DID, to discover they really do have this preference for their own, “white” people. Most white liberals are unaware of the fact that they are self-segregating, that no, having 95% white friends is not real racial “diversity” in a significant sense. They have no concept that there are whites out there that have seen way, way. way more diversity than they have, and that is altered us for the worse.

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

    “Togetherheid”? Brilliant!

  • Who Me?

    As usual, Fred is 100% right.

  • Luca

    There were far fewer problems during segregation. Liberals like to preach that the goal of segregation was to dehumanize blacks, make them feel inferior and deny them access to equal services. Very little of that is true. It was designed to reduce conflict.

    In nature, there is no law of equality, it is a man-made concept invented for political gain.

    • Pro_Whitey

      I agree. The seating rules of the Montgomery, Alabama bus system were intended to keep blacks and whites separate to avoid problems, when blacks and whites had no choice but to live cheek by jowl in the south. Now that those rules and a number of others have been thrown out, I bet those buses, if they still run, are totally segregated, with no white daring to get on them for fear of life and limb. I have come to realize that white supremacists did not necessarily think whites were so much better than blacks. They just realized that one group or the other would seize control by default, and if whites do not keep a hold of the whip, then they are going to get whipped. It is a shame that we have discarded so much of their wisdom, and now have to reconstruct it.

    • Pelagian

      excellent! Un-private yourself so we may follow you on discuss, Luca!

  • Spartacus

    “Sooner or later there will be an explosion and, perhaps, a conflict from which the country will never recover.”


    That’s what I’m hoping for. If the US collapses, it will drag the entire world economy with it. Then we’ll finally be able to restord true order from the chaos, and dispose of our enemies as well.

    • ncpride

      And we all know who we should rid ourselves of first and foremost.

      • Raydonn

        ………..the 800 lb gorilla, hypothetically?

      • Garrett Brown

        Fake Greek yogurt and Tyler Perry movies!

  • Tarczan

    An economic calamity could ignite a conflict. Were the welfare state to be destroyed or severely damaged inner city rioting of unprecedented levels would happen.

    Another possibility would be a natural disaster or a combination of natural disasters, such as an earthquake followed by a hurricane. As has been noted before on AmRen, if they riot over tennis shoes, what will they do when the food, water and power are no longer available?

    • “What will they do when food, water and power are no longer available?”

      I hope the answer is “starve and freeze”, but the realist in me says we will be treated to stories about how they “built” the United States and are forever entitled to “free” food, electricity, “afawete” shoes and your daughter. Dey gots ta be haben dat, gnome sayin?

    • Kevin W. Cornell

      This is on the money. The welfare state will have to be severely curtailed at some point – we simply cannot afford it – and when that happens, expect rioting followed by martial law.

    • M.

      It would probably look something like this.

  • MBlanc46

    Absolutely right. We’ve got some black neighbors, and they’re mostly decent, hard working people, but beyond everyday neighborly relations, they all seem to have almost entirely black social networks. I’d bet that they only live in a mostly white neighborhood to avoid the crime and violence of all-black neighborhoods. If people like that were allowed to run black neighborhoods, and given the resources to do what needs to be done to keep them under control, I’m pretty sure they’d prefer to live among other blacks. And, having lived in fairly close quarters with blacks for a fair amount of time, I know that I prefer to live among whites.

    • Luca

      The problem with really nice black neighbors is that they have friends and relatives who come to visit.

      Once the numbers increase, so do the problems.

      • MBlanc46

        Indeed. Fortunately, ours are pretty good in that respect. But that is often how neighborhood change occurs. The friends and relatives come and cause problems, white people start getting concerned and move, lower quality blacks move in, and within a few years you’ve got another ghetto.

        • Bossman

          You could call it “negrophobia.” I don’t think there is a cure for it.

          • MBlanc46

            Whatever you call it, it’s a rational reaction to empirical reality.

  • negrolocaust

    the high yellow black people are the worst.

  • Ella

    “As a white man, I want my children to go to a culturally white school, meaning one that stresses real academics….” I’m glad that this White man is wise enough to understand preferences and even human nature. A man cannot have wisdom until he becomes honest.

  • bubo

    Whites have nothing to gain from mixing with blacks. From now until eternity that will be the case.

  • M.

    It wasn’t so bad, was it?

    • Alexandra1973

      What I find interesting is how nicely the blacks are dressed. No bling.

      • WR_the_realist

        Blacks were more civilized back in the 50s when they were encouraged to adopt white norms. But in the 60s that was deemed racist. So now television and other mass media outlets encourage whites to adopt black norms. The results are disastrous.

    • ben no

      That is a cow and Muslims don’t eat beef. Besides, these men look East Asian.

      • M.

        Muslims don’t eat pork. Beef is permitted. And there are East Asians Muslims (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, etc). We don’t hear much from them because, well, they’re East Asian.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    I particularly liked that Fred noted that much of what black people think about whites is psychotic. I wish more people would point out black psychotic beliefs about whites and publicly ridicule them. Of course, when John Derbyshire did just that he was promptly fired by The National Review.

  • John R

    I just think that young White people these days just know how they are expected to behave, according to the prevailing culture. Deep inside, I don’t think most of them really like blacks, either. They are just putting on an act.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    A realist politician (and writer) has to be a bit opportunistic, sometimes. There is a difference between strategy & tactics.

  • Then they chose not to when they hired the Afritards.

  • BerekHalfhand

    This article is, in my humble opinion, brilliant. I would like to see a Leftist try and refute it, point by point, with logic and reason. Obviously that’s never going to happen though. Sigh…..

    • dd121

      Haven’t you noticed? The left never refutes with logic and reason. They only smear and ridicule their opposition.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    What this all comes down to is the old adage about familiarity breeding contempt. Indeed blacks and other non-whites are far TOO familiar with us for our well being, and we are much too familiar with them in all the wrong ways.

  • Puggg

    It’s not just the privy where they want this “integration” to happen.

  • Just doing an educated guess, I would bet that most blacks that are bowling alone in otherwise whitopias are content not to have to be around other blacks.

    The problem is, we can’t ignore them, we’re not allowed to ignore them. For eventually, their relatives and friends trickle in, and it’s not long until your whitopia is the same ghetto which you fled and they fled.

  • Tom B.

    I totally agree that miscegenation is not the preferable path to take, but didn’t John Wayne have children with a white woman first? Maybe like Fred Reed it didn’t work out too good. There are so many men out there who have failed at making a lasting relationship with a white woman and have obviously found contentment with an Asian or Mexican woman. I don’t like it but having a good woman by your side is of extreme importance to most men. It seems to me that feminism is at the bottom of all the misery and discontent among our people today—even that old harridan Camille Paglia just wrote an article about how destructive feminism has been for men. If an evil ogre like her admits it we need to listen up—if the white man doesn’t reassert himself and grow a pair then we are doomed!!

  • Funruffian

    Fred Reed is great. This guy combines thoughtful attention to relevant issues with acerbic humor and excellent analysis. I’ve read a couple of his essays on race relations and they are spot on awesome.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Good point, every stable society has a clearly defined pecking order, or hierarchy. That suppressed or prevented infighting that could tear a nation apart and result in genocide. We can expect to see some very brutal infighting in the years to come, civil war that would make the war that started with the fall of Yugoslavia look like a skirmish.

  • Bantu_Education

    Yep, can you imagine the outrage if all-white space crews and all-white mission controls. A black would have to be commander of any future mission. I think there should be an all-black space program using all black-built technology. Stand well clear.

  • Funruffian

    Correction on one notion, Fred, Blacks like the company of Whites more than Whites like the company of Blacks. In fact Blacks prefer the company of Whites in schools and places of employment. Black males also desire White women more than their own. So this notion that the races equally repel each other is an imbalanced analysis.
    Sure, Blacks are predisposed to their innate idiosyncracies, but they will drag the Whites down with them.

  • hionthemountain

    I think Thomas Sowell hits the point straight on . . . . it will happen ..

  • antiquesunlight

    I still have trouble with the hand shakes. There was this black guy in one of my college classes last semester who, every time I saw him, would have some new weird hand shake. It freaked me out, but at least he wasn’t asking me for money. As for Ebonics, I know far too many white people who talk like blacks. The black habit of saying “know what I’m sayin'” five times per sentence is becoming more common among poor whites.