Posted on January 2, 2014

Michigan Group Formed to Promote Western Culture

Dan Poole, CAOC, December 31, 2013

Activists in Michigan have teamed up to found The Center for the Advancement of Occidental Culture, LLC (“CAOC”), which was launched on December 30, 2013. This new organization’s mission is “to advance and defend Western civilization,” and it will do this by promoting works — including paintings, music, texts, and movies — of significance to European history and culture, by promoting European-themed cultural events, by educating the public about European cuisine, by offering commentary on current events affecting Western civilization and its people, and by opposing discrimination and harassment directed towards European-Americans.

Dan Poole — a writer, political scientist, and historian — serves as the executive director and spokesman of CAOC. A recent graduate of Oakland University, he is a former libertarian/right-wing activist with experience in Tea Party political endeavors. Said Mr. Poole, “I am proud to advance a beautiful culture and the unique expression of humanity which carries its heritage.”

Kyle Bristow — an attorney licensed to practice law in both Michigan and Ohio — serves as the chief legal officer of CAOC. As the author of White Apocalypse / The Conscience of a Right-Winger, and as the former chairman of the Michigan State University chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom, he has much experience in political endeavors. “I am eager to support a worthwhile movement and organization,” Mr. Bristow said.

“What separates CAOC from other organizations,” Mr. Poole said, “is that it exists to simultaneously advance and defend Western culture. Unlike other groups which tend to be more introverted, CAOC will be on the front lines as the vanguard of the Occident in the culture war.”

To get the entity up and running, CAOC is in need of contributors who will submit original articles and op-eds of between 500 and 1000 words, and it is also in need of financial support. Please visit CAOC’s website,, for more information.

“The Men of the West will not succumb to the siren song of which the Culture-distorters relentlessly propagate. Western civilization will not fade into the perennial abyss without a solemn fight, and like Horatius at the Gate of Rome, we will make our stand,” Mr. Poole declared