Will the West Wake Up?

Pat Buchanan, WND, May 23, 2013

After a British soldier wearing a Help for Heroes charity T-shirt was run over, stabbed and slashed with machetes and a meat cleaver, and beheaded, the Tory government advised its soldiers that it is probably best not to appear in uniform on the streets of their capital.

Both murderers were wounded by police. One was photographed and recorded. His message:

“There are many, many (verses) throughout the Quran that says we must fight them as they fight us. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. I apologize that women had to witness this today, but in our land women have to see the same. Your people will never be safe.”

According to ITV, one murderer, hands dripping blood, ranted, “We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you.”

Both killers are Muslim converts of African descent, and both are British born.

Wednesday also, Stockholm and its suburbs ended a fourth night of riots, vandalism and arson by immigrant mobs protesting the police shooting of a machete-wielding 69-year-old.

“We have institutional racism,” says Rami Al-khamisi, founder of a group for “social change.”

Sweden, racist?


Are the Swedes really the problem in Sweden?

The same day these stories ran, the Washington Post carried a front-page photo of Ibrahim Todashev, martial arts professional and friend of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who, with brother Dzhokhar, set off the bombs at the Boston Marathon massacre.

Todashev, another Chechen, had been shot to death by FBI agents, reportedly after he confessed to his and Tamerlan’s role in a triple murder in Waltham, Mass.


One wonders if the West is going to wake up to the new world we have entered, or adhere to immigration policies dating to a liberal era long since dead.

It was in 1965, halcyon hour of the Great Society, that Ted Kennedy led Congress into abolishing a policy that had restricted immigration for 40 years, while we absorbed and Americanized the millions who had come over between 1890 and 1920.

The “national origins” feature of that 1924 law mandated that ships arriving at U.S. ports carry immigrants from countries that had provided our immigrants in the past. We liked who we were.

Immigration policy was written to reinforce the Western orientation and roots of America, 90 percent of whose population could by 1960 trace its ancestry to the Old Continent.

But since 1965, immigration policy has been run by people who detest that America and wanted a new nation that looked less like Europe and more like a continental replica of the U.N. General Assembly.

They wanted to end America’s history as the largest and greatest of Western nations and make her a nation of nations, a new society and a new people, more racially, ethnically, religiously and culturally diverse than any nation on the face of the earth.

Behind this vision lies an ideology, an idee fixe, that America is not a normal nation of blood and soil, history and heroes, but a nation erected upon an idea, the idea that anyone and everyone who comes here, raises his hand and swears allegiance to the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights becomes, de facto, not just a legal citizen but an American.


What is the peril into which America and the West are drifting?

Ties of race, religion, ethnicity and culture are the prevailing winds among mankind and are tearing apart countries and continents. And as we bring in people from all over the world, they are not leaving all of their old allegiances and animosities behind.


And if we bring into America – afflicted by her polarized politics, hateful rhetoric and culture wars – peoples on all sides of every conflict roiling mankind, how do we think this experiment is going to end?

The immigration bill moving through the Senate, with an amnesty for 11 to 12 million illegals already here, and millions of their relatives back home, may write an end to more than just the Republican Party.

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  • The__Bobster

    Pat is right. This is not going to end well, especially since we keep exacerbating the situation.

    • Erasmus

      It will also end very badly for the people on the left, as well it should. The saddest part, however, is that so many innocents will be brought down with them.

      • Nathanwartooth

        The left has done such a good job using the logical fallacy of guilty by association, that there will be millions of Whites fighting other Whites to try to “save” the Muslims and Africans.

        I’ll give an easy example.

        White nationalists are right wing. Right wing people are conservatives. Conservatives hate homosexuals and don’t want them to marry. Therefore, White nationalists hate homosexuals. Any idea that is attached to “hates homosexuals” is therefore wrong.

        They have people convinced that since Hitler thought that 2 + 2 = 4 than it must equal 5.

        Nationalism, race realism, immigration restriction are all associated with conservatives. Since all good lefties know that conservatives are evil, those ideas must be evil.

        • Freey’all

          So what are you getting at… are you proposing some shift in how pro-whites should be advocating for themselves and our cause? I am.

          • Juliana William

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        • IstvanIN

          1) One can be against same-sex marriage and not hate gays.
          2) Homosexuality is a naturally occurring phenomenon, unlike immigration which is something that is generally controlled by government.
          2) The two issues should not be in the same discussion.

          • Nathanwartooth

            You missed the point entirely.

            Why do you think that the Tea Party was automatically called racist when they did nothing of the sort?

            Because anyone who would want a sane tax system and fiscal responsibility must be a “conservative”. Conservatives are big mean racists, therefore the Tea Party must be racist.

            Here is another one with the Tea Party.

            Conservatives are rich and only represent millionaires and billionaires. Therefore, the rich must be behind the Tea Party.

            See how this works? Once you have people convinced that a certain label means certain things, if you attach that label to a person or a group you can make them automatically guilty of whatever sins that label already has.

            Also I was just using homosexuality as an example.

          • IstvanIN

            OK, I see. Once again the Liberals/Democrats are much better at getting their message across and keeping their party members on the same page.

          • george00

            No, the MSM is getting the message of the Democrat Party out.

          • dogbone

            Democrats (and most Republicans) have it easy because disorder is far easier to achieve than order. It is much easier to destroy something than it is to create it. The Universe moves towards entropy.

          • Steven Bannister

            I am completely in agreement with Nathanwartooth. The Left has very effectively “tied” together a string of issues that don’t necessarily have anything to do with each -but which are very effective when used together.

            In today’s political climate, when a young person buys into ONE leftist idea, he/she is expected to buy into ALL of them. That’s why you’ll go to an anti-war protest and see signs like “Health Care is a Human Right” or “Marriage Equality Now!” None of these issues have anything to do with each other, but they have been “welded” together.

            This strategy stems from the Marxists of the Frankfurt School who sought to overthrow America by dividing Americans into “victim groups” (ie blacks, gays, immigrants, women, etc) who would then be mobilized to “fight the system” (i.e. the white male power structure which they hated) And it worked.

            If the white race is to survive, whites cannot be divided into “left” and “right” forever. Ultimately, we need to BREAK these false mental connections in people’s minds. I believe that white nationalists have got to start working with the “reasonable” Left, even if there’s only a few of them right now.

          • Sick of it

            Depends on if the group is anti-war or “anti-war” – I’ve had experience with the former and read about the latter.

          • Freey’all

            This post is one of my all time favorites here at Amren. After studying the disaffected and skeptical elements along the whole spectrum between ‘Right’ and ‘Left,’ I can assure you there are more then just a few reasonable ones among the left right now. They are ready for pro-white advocacy, and for intrepid pro-whites thinkers and leaders to galvanize them.

          • Tucker

            Correction for Mr. Bannister. Being ‘anti-war’ is NOT a position or ideology that has been exclusively copyrighted or patented by the left.

            I am a traditional, White Southern male conservative and I am vehemently anti-war, unless this nation – and, I am referring specifically to the defined, geographic territory which constitutes the continental boundaries of the USA (which includes Hawaii and Alaska) – is attacked by an enemy. I also sense that Patrick Buchanan has a similar attitude, with respects to waging war.

            It must be noted for the record, that until these despicably evil ‘neo-con’ (Trotskyite Communists) took over the GOP, the traditional conservatives who once dominated the party were, by and large, non-interventionists.

          • ye ol’ swampyanke

            I agree,

            Lefties don’t sell retail on ideologies, they sell wholesale.

          • Tired

            Thank you, I’m a gay white race realist and I don’t like being grouped into the “problem” bin. There are more of us here than people realize, trying to convince heterosexual whites to join our cause (race realism) for the greater good of our people.

          • edwina

            jumping on the homosexual bandwagon is just another tactic of the left. Why not think for yourself.

            Does your sex life define you?

          • charlie brown

            dispossession and genocide affect everyone. Every White person (i.e. White = European descendent, Cultural Christian/Gentile) is affected whatever they choose to believe. So sure..homosexuals will be coming and they need to know they’re welcome. But they need also to remember that homosexuality is one of the wedge issues that have been used against the White majority. So sure, be coming, but don’t be feeling like you have to wear a badge with an H on it. A lot of people here disagree with homosexuality…don’t make it a wedge issue here. Don’t make it bigger than it has to be.

          • David Ashton

            Agree completely with (1) & (2).
            The problem is that the Cultural Marxists and their like have themselves joined them together by collectively politicizing “sexual” and “ethnic” minorities against a common target.

          • IstvanIN

            Oh, absolutely. Life will be far worse for gays, blacks and quite frankly women in the “new” and “improved” America. The problem is the Marxists/Democrats are great at telling people what they are FOR, whereas, at best, the so-called conservatives/Republicans only discuss what they are kind of/sort of against and never seem to be for anything themselves.

          • Tucker

            My finely tuned White racialist nose is smelling a very pronounced whiff of the camel’s nose being slid under the edge of our White Nationalist tent.

            Why do I say this? Simple. The very same anti-white enemy who have been the leading promoters, financiers and strongest ‘advocates’ for the entire homosexual, gay-lesbian-transgender movement – which is clearly being pushed (even on our elementary school white children these days) upon White European people as part of the genocide agenda to reduce the white birth rate, just as feminism was intended to do – this same enemy has a lengthy and well documented track record of seeking to infiltrate any perceived opposition to their agenda.

            For us, this means, in plain language, to be alert for signs that they will attempt to insert their agents (moles) inside the perceived pro-white movement – whereby they immediately begin to ‘liberalize’ and sow the same kind of racially poisonous and racially destructive seeds inside the pro-White movement and/or pro-White community that they have already sown in the decadent, depraved and rapidly decomposing society as a whole. And, which takes us right back to where Whites find themselves today – facing the very real existential threat to the survival of our race and of our White Western civilization.

            Therefore, when I start to see the kind of comments appearing on AmRen that are attempting to introduce the idea that the pro-White community should welcome into our movement representatives from the Cultural Marxist, Weimar Amerikwa cesspool of anti-White depravity – alarm bells immediately begin to ring within my pro-White intrusion detection system.

            I mean, after all, think about this for a second. Throwing out the welcome mat for homosexuals, lesbians, and transgenderists? What’s next? I’ll tell you what’s next. We will then be throwing out the welcome mat for Whites who are race mixers and who have produced mixed race kids – and need I have to remind the AmRen community that these kinds of individuals are the very same sort of by-products of the Cultural Marxist enemy who we are attempting to separate ourselves from?

            Question: Is this pro-White movement of ours serious about the survival of White European people, or do we want to wind up right back at the same freaking place we started?

            As for myself, I want out of Weimar Amerikwa. I want an exclusively White Ethnostate, one which will be populated by racially healthy, sexually traditional, normal and moral White men and women. I do not wish to fill our ethnostate up with the dregs, degenerates, and depravity that represent examples of the Cultural Marxist’s subversive destruction of the old America.

            Conclusion: What consenting adults do with each other in the privacy of their own homes does not concern me. But, when I see people trying to bring unnatural and racially unhealthy behaviors out of their bedrooms and advocating that acceptance of those behaviors be taught to our children and ‘mainstreamed’ , as if they were just as normal and as healthy of a lifestyle choice as normal, straight lifestyles – that is where I draw the line. Solid, stable, cohesive, vibrant, and lasting civilizations are NOT created by homosexual dominated societies, folks. Such civilizations, throughout history, have been destroyed by this kind of behavior – whenever it has reached a point where it becomes mainstreamed and has achieved dominance over the political and cultural infrastructure.

          • RisingReich

            Promoting a normal, healthy White sexual orientation for White people is a Nazi eugenics program as far as most idiot Americans are concerned. That includes many White Americans.

            No one wants to believe this, but the White race started its rapid decline after the demise of National Socialist Germany.

          • Sick of it

            Back when Americans were truly God-fearing people, they preferred their own kind to foreign stock. And what you’re talking about is a pseudo-religious guilt trip started by the Jews, not white people.

          • edwina

            I saw an article today where Diane West’s new book is saying that the US’s WWII motives were determined by USSR.

            I don’t know but sometimes I do wonder if the right side won.
            Same with our civil war.

            I am just not sure…………. so much propaganda flying back and forth on both sides.

          • Freey’all

            Who is suggesting a homosexual dominated society, Tucker?
            The more reasonable and pragmatic people are suggesting a less parochial and dogmatic pro-white platform. I for one advocate for a more egalitarian – yes, I said it!!!! – pro-white agenda which would address and appeal to middle class white interests. Heck, poor whites, many of whom have been pushed into their circumstance by anti-white policies, are honored in my tent.

          • White Mom in WDC

            I think the white nationalist movement would do well to be more inclusive. Look at England’s rigid class system…the white elites hate the cockney whites and he white birthrate is plummeting there as more turd worlders are shipped in for race replacement. Look, whites don’t get to pick their family. We are a family- gays, lesbians, married, single, two parents, one parent families, high IQ , and low IQ . Yet…. We are white! That is the unifying factor. Look how the Jews and the blacks are accepting of everyone in their communities. Whites need to do this as right we are being divided and conquered. Look, I don’t agree with everyone all the time BUT we all agree on one cause, that is to preserve white interests

          • facepalm

            I for one advocate for a more egalitarian – yes, I said it!!!!

            Yes,you certainly did. Now go sit in the corner and be quiet.

            The leftists a few of you are talking about wanting to reach your hand out to are salivating at the opportunity to destroy you.

            Let me make this perfectly clear:


            Homosexuals,of any color, DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE SURVIVAL OF THE WHITE RACE.



            And it appears that white women of ANY socioeconomic background,even if they do care,have absolutely NO IDEA how to ensure the survival of the white race.

            If you want to gain support from the liberals,here’s what you need to do-hunker down and FIGHT.

            Liberals do not listen to arguments,they do not reason, they go whichever way the wind is blowing.

            The ONLY THING that will gain you as much support as the muslims and blacks get from these people is blowing up a few buildings,setting cars on fire, or carrying out grisly political assassinations.

            You don’t get their support for having the best ideas or being the friendliest. You get it for being a maladjusted psychopathic phucktard,just like they are.

            You want support from these people? Rip one of their kids out of their arms,drag it out into the street and cut its phuckin head off. Then they’ll line up behind you ,excuse everything you’ve done and call you a man or woman of peace the more kids you behead,just like they do for Islamists.

            This is the mentality of the enemy.

            The only thing that can save our people is to FIGHT!


          • Tired

            The assumption that the only real white race realists are heterosexual is not only unfair, it is also very destructive to our cause.

            The belief that people such as myself are “moles” for anti-white causes is hurtful. Amren is one of the few places people can come to express their natural need for self-preservation and when gay white-race realists come (there are many more than you think) they are accused of being moles. Many of us already suffer persecution for being race-realists.

            Frankly, you are wrong and views such as these are more damaging to our cause than they are helpful. I need not your
            approval, the blood that flows through my veins is what entitles me to be a part of this movement from my birth until they take me out feet first. I will bear both the great inheritance and the burdens of my race for so long as I shall breath earth’s sweet air. Do not tell me that I am a mole attacking my own race’s survival because I do not fit YOUR idea of a race-realist white!

            This movement that is our last hope will die quickly if it
            is built upon nostalgia. If it pictures a world where women are not
            equals and where only a specific type of person can exist happily it will crumble quickly. Do you seriously believe that allowing gay
            white race realists would be the same as allowing race traitors and those who seek to destroy us? I pray you can tell the difference friend, because if you cannot then you are being more destructive to our survival than you are helping it.

            Who speaks of a homosexual dominated society? No society can
            survive that is majority homosexual. I call for the acceptance of
            white-race realist gays and call for the same standards of them as I would heterosexual white race realists. Monogamy, marriage, character building, and child-rearing (gay white race-realists can be especially useful here, as heterosexual white race realists have their own children to boost our numbers, we can raise the orphaned, abandoned, and abused so they can grow up to be healthy white men and women), however, homosexuals would always be a minority in a white ethnostate.

            I am against the unnecessary reduction in our numbers.
            By eliminating gay white-race realists and anyone else you seem to disagree with in our movement for survival, you are damaging our cause and making it harder for us to survive. There are already too few of us, and yet you propose destructive thinning of our herd to fit your utopian ideal!

            You have this idea built in your head of what you consider a
            homosexual to be. The white-race realist homosexual is not a flaming queen (I would also like to remind you that transgender is NOT the same thing as gay or lesbian and to automatically group us with them is very ignorant). You picture a predator of sorts who looks only for sexual thrills in the most perverse fashion. Who cares not for our race or our cultural inheritance. It is no different to comparing a heterosexual white race realist to an anti-white race traitor. There is no comparison and certainly the perceived connection would be very offensive to you (and rightfully so).

            You discredit us for the efforts we make to educate and preserve
            our people. The struggles we go through just as any race realist does in a society that considers us a cancer. We are all making sacrifices so that we have a chance at leaving something for future white generations.

          • Webby

            I can assure you, most conservative-libertarians, I know never have anything hurtful to say about gays. The hate comes from the wacky subgroup of bible thump’ers that really are lefties in most regards.

          • Tired


            The same evangelists who send young white men and women to third world hells for “mission work” and donate millions of dollars to anti-white causes.

            I’ve always drawn a distinct line between race-realist Christians and the egalitarian Christian.

          • Charlie Brown

            The issue is, why do you need to say you are a homosexual? What has that got to do with your identity *here*? You see….*here* we puut our differences aside…so we homosexuals are WELCOME. But….we don’t need to HEAR that you are a homosexual, any more than you need to HEAR that I’m into pornography or whatever.
            What value does it add? All we need to know is you are European-descendent and you love your people. That’s all.

          • Tucker

            I agree, Charlie Brown. There was no ‘need’ to announce or declare the sexual orientation of the poster, unless of course, my original point was dead on the mark – and these posters are agents of influence who have roots in the Cultural Marxist camp and they deliberately inserted their homosexuality into the discussion as a means of sowing the seed into our movement.

            I contend that it is not only extremely wise and diligent to be on our guard for possible efforts to subvert and infiltrate our movement, but that adopting that level of vigilance is a critical factor that will determine our future success or failure.

          • christopher mahoney

            Same-sex marriage is an element of the cultural marxist agenda. The purpose is not to make gays happier (which would be a good thing), but rather to vandalize the foundational institutions of Western Civilization, so that we can all live in a People’s Republic of Nihilism. Liberals don’t understand that tolerance and cultural iconoclasm are not the same thing. Culture is fragile, as Rome learned under Caligula. There is no going back to republican virtue. You either get the Visigoths or the medieval church. I worry that the next Dark Age is only a century from now.

        • LaSantaHermandad

          That reminds me of an old joke about the difference between a psychotic and a neurotic.
          A psychotic believes that 2+2 equals 5.
          A neurotic KNOWS that 2 +2 equals 4, but he HATES it!

        • Sherman_McCoy

          “Conservatives hate homosexuals and don’t want them to marry.”

          Could you have made a more stereotypical and downright inaccurate statement?

          Some folks with some conservative beliefs MIGHT hate homosexuals, (though most simply disapprove of their behavior and think they should keep it in the bedroom in private), but having a traditional belief about marriage has nothing to do with hatred.

          BTW, words like “hate” and “racist” have gotten a bum rap, and in my opinion are useful terms to describe very natural qualities of anyone with half a brain.

          • Nathanwartooth

            Did you just read that one sentence of my post and then type this?

            I’m giving an example of how the left uses labels and then attaches things to them like “hates homosexuals” to smear any group they don’t like.

            So yeah, I know what you are saying.

            Try reading it again.

          • saxonsun

            It has everything to do with hatred if gays are prohibited from enjoying the same rights that straights take for granted. Ask yourself how you would feel if you were not allowed to marry the person you loved simply because the dominant society said you couldn’t because it disagreed with you? Do you remember always being straight? Well, I remember always being gay. And I am to be penalized for that–and am–because of the sick idea that marriage is only for straights. I am to live my life unhappy so you folks won’t be emotionally traumatized?! Or worse, so you can uphold some evil idea that gays are not sanctioned by God?! You tell me I cannot marry the woman I love and you really believe you don’t hate me? Now just who are you kidding? I am a white woman who loves my race, but I tell you this: I and other gays will fight and we will win. Put yourself in our place. And you people might also want to imagine what it would be like if you had a gay child and that kid was subjected to all the crap your straight world dishes out. And yes, you too can have a gay kid because we are truly born that way. Do you have the courage to think about your position? All of you on this board who want to deprive gays of love and life then say “we don’t hate you.”

      • Tucker

        For some odd reason, the words ‘Andrew Brevik’ just popped into my head.

        Would these hate-filled, white genocide craving, Cultural Marxist slime balls on the left and in the RINO/neo-con camp like to see the emergence of, say, 5,000, or 10,000, or 50,000 or perhaps more – ticking time bombs such as Brevik, distributed across every region of the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, France, and the rest of Europe? And, more importantly, would these white genocide criminals from the Frankfurt School alumni think that their personal lives and the lives of their like-minded genocidists would somehow improve if their criminal and malicious policies of race displacement did result in spawning 50 or 100 thousand Brevik clones?

        I can’t say with 100 percent certainty, but I have a sense that Mr. Brevik was also in the back of the mind of Patrick Buchanan, when he sat down to pen this latest article. Buchanan, being the gentleman that he is, seems to be trying to quietly and subtly send a gentle warning to the #1 enemy of all White European mankind.

        The message went in one ear and right out the other, however.

        What Buchanan and others, Ann Coulter for example, seem to fail to understand completely – is that the depth of raw, blistering hatred of White people that consumes the Cultural Marxists on the left and on the RINO/neo-con right – is so powerful, so deeply engrained, so all-consuming, that it has blinded them to the coming backlash that will most certainly arrive at their individual door-steps in the not too distant future.

        These leftists are not rational thinkers; they are mentally insane and they are psychopaths, which means they cannot be reasoned with.

        Incidentally, with regards to the supposed ‘beheading’ incident that Buchanan refers to? There is a growing amount of suspicion that this incident might not be precisely what the mainstream, dishonest-to-the-core media has been reporting it to be.

        Remember, people. Our corrupt and criminal neo-con elites and one certain lobby have to fan the flames of hatred and resentment towards the Muslim and Islamic world, because they want to keep this unjustified 100-year long war going between the White West and the 3 billion Muslims. For this reason, we should always be highly suspicious of ALL conveniently timed ‘events’ that seem to be designed to stir up our passions to continue to support endless wars of aggression against Arab and Muslim nations. Make no mistake about it, people. The aliens who have hijacked the USA and the UK are not above staging events such as these, in order to try to reverse the dramatic increase in public disapproval of funding and fighting endless wars that a certain highly manipulative lobby wants the West to fight for them, while they sit in the bleachers and munch popcorn and slurp their Big Gulps.

      • Dave4088

        White leftists/anti-racist like to think of themselves as smarter than everyone, but they are looked upon as useful idiots by the non-whites that they champion. They will be disenfranchised or worse by these very non-whites once they’ve served their purpose.

    • sbuffalonative

      French soldier stabbed while on patrol near Paris


    • Jefferson

      Pat Buchanan at least will have the luxury of no longer being alive when Europe completely racially resembles Egypt and The United States completely racially resembles Latin America.

      Pat is 74 years old. I am 28 years old. Unless I get hit by a bus and die for example, I am going to be around long enough to see the final nail on the coffin of Western civilization. Because I am so young, it will most likely happen in my lifetime.

      • Tired

        I am younger than even you are. We will not (likely) fall into the eternal sleep before our civilization built by our ancestors collapses, but you have to remember you aren’t alone.

        The white race realist is bonded to other white race realists forever.

      • [Guest]

        >>>…I am 28 years old. Unless I get hit by a bus and die for example, I am going to be around long enough to see the final nail on the coffin of Western civilization. Because I am so young, it will most likely happen in my lifetime.

        Despite those circumstances (or, ironically, perhaps because of them), you and others like you have the opportunity to demonstrate personal integrity. Whatever comes, do what’s right and suffer with dignity whatever consequences follow.

        • AngryGuest

          Suffer with dignity? Remeber that which has been taken from you and exact retribution mercilusoly. Suffer with dignity – what a bunch of pu$$y BS.

        • White Mom in WDC

          Tell people in your age bracket to stop paying back their student loans. Stop paying their credit cards. Start procreating and say eff it literally and figuratively

      • LaSantaHermandad

        I think that something more important will happen well before that. I want to be around when it does and hope that I’ll still have the ability to participate; knowing that we will succeed and that my grandchildren will have a happy life in the NEW RETRO-TRANSFORMED AMERICA.

    • François


  • Puggg

    London, Sweden and Chechnya-in-America have thankfully gotten immigration back on the front burner, when it was hidden for a few weeks because of the Obama scandalapalooza.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      Obama SOOO needs to go back to Chicago with all the other corrupt slime ball poleeteeshuns!
      ¡¡¡¡Fuera con todos los pendejos!!!!

      • Morris LeChat

        back to kenya you mean

  • sbuffalonative

    Britain is going to suffer an endless wave of ‘isolated terrorist attacks’ until or unless they do something decisive.

    • KenelmDigby

      Which won’t happen.

      • ncpride

        I’m not so sure anymore. I signed a ’causes’ petition on FB from one of my British friends trying to get that slaughtered solider a state funeral, and the comments blew me away. I left one of my own encouraging them to action, and the response has been overwhelming. Those are some PO people, and the anger is growing daily. I still have some hope for those Brits.

        • Caucasoid88

          They’re an island race. They’re being pushed and have nowhere to go. In a few decades, I could see Britons pushing the undesirable elements into the ocean.

        • Sangraal

          Yes, White Britons have been suicidally patient with Islam in their lands, but this past week this patience seems to be wearing very thin…


          Unfortunately, in such situations, the state will likely defend Muslims and non-whites in general over its own people.

    • valeofignorance

      They will do nothing… AND doing nothing will be decisive.

    • refocus

      You know the Brits were so brave in fire bombing the women and children of Germany, and shooting the unarmed Germans in the back, and torturing the surrendered German soldiers… that I just cannot understand why they will not stand up for their own country.

      It must be psychological block…

      Hmmm lets see… if the media tells me these white women in another country are enemy monsters then its ok…. but if the media tells me the new immigrants are God’s chosen people, even better than me then I will wash their feet…

      Hmmmm Hmmmm

      Old Rothschild make a remark, supposedly that goes like this: Women are playthings and men are machines.

      Hmmm …. Hmmm what does it all mean Hmmm……..

      • Sick of it

        Amusing remark from Rothschild, considering he was just an employee himself.

        Also, don’t forget the rape of German women by allied soldiers from every contingent which remained in Germany and the terrible trade of food for sex.

      • Iron Helm

        The British were every bit as brave as the Germans or anybody else in WWII, and committed less atrocities than anybody

        • François

          Their empire was built on such atrocities. I’m not saying I want to see them disappear, their culture is a rich one and they have made a great contribution to our civilisation. But let’s not idealize them.

          • Iron Helm

            Come on, half the posters on here are obsessed with doing everything they can to denigrate the British.

            Our empire was not built on such atrocities, it was built on trade. Violence was tool used by all Imperial powers, and the British far less than any of them.

            Specifically, when it comes to world war two there is always a lot of debate on here about Britain’s role. Anybody who defends Britain gets jumped all over by those of you from catholic countries.

            Never is Germany’s civilian bombing discussed on Amren, nor the mass rapes committed by American and Russian soldiers, or the Moroccans encouraged by the French.

            How great that you do not want us to disappear!

          • François

            “How great that you do not want us to disappear!”

            Did you read what I wrote in the same paragraph? And it’s true: I absolutely, do not want to see your people and your culture, go the way that too many cultures and civilisations have gone.

            It doesn’t please me at all, to know that some parts of London now look more like a parts of Mumbai.

            If immigrants from the Third World keep pouring in (with the help of people like Tony Blair), and those immigrants have higher fertility rates, what will Britain look like in, say, 150 years?

            I’m not idealizing my French ancestors either. But I much prefer their culture and values to those of the Third World.

          • Iron Helm

            Its just funny that you would say it at all, why disappearance of the Brits seems to be primary objective of many posters here

    • watling

      The most decisive thing to do would be to remove all Muslims from Britain and ban all Muslim immigration. That would immediately and completely solve the problem for all time.

      Alternatively, next year the Scots are voting on independence. The Scottish National Party (SNP) is the main driving force for independence but is committed to multiculturalism and loves immigrants of any skin colour and religion. A solution to the Muslim problem would be to start a massive house building program in Scotland now, ready to accept hundreds of thousands of Muslims currently based in the other three UK countries who would be bribed to relocate to Scotland.

      The Muslim emigrants would have to provide some sort of assurance that they would vote for independence for Scotland. Once Scotland was independent the other three nations of the UK could close their borders with Scotland to ensure no Muslims could slip back out again. Even if Scotland did not become independent at least the other three countries would be rid of their Muslim problem to some extent.

      The details would need to be worked out but, hey, it’s an idea.

  • sbuffalonative

    “I apologize that women had to witness this today, but in our land women have to see the same. Your people will never be safe.”
    That’s an odd comment isn’t it? He was born in England but he says, “in our land”.

    • guest

      He shouldn’t be considered British at all since like every other muslim, his only loyalty is to Islam. This is exactly why the West needs to wake up and put an end to importing muslims. No matter how much our governments kowtow and pander to muslims, they will always see us as the enemy. By allowing more and more muslims into our countries, it’s just adding more fuel to the fire and no amount of diversity training or brainwashing will ever change the fact that muslims are an evil group and will never integrate well in our societies. We’re much better off and safer without them.

      • sbuffalonative

        I thought this was a great blunder:
        Prime Minister David Cameron said, “There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act.”

        • watling

          Yeah, well Cameron is a complete tosser who hasn’t the faintest idea about the lives of ordinary people.

      • Freey’all

        How about another desert religion whose loyalty is only to its adherents?

        • The Last White Man Standing

          The chosenites of which you speak must not realize that if America falls, so does their main power broker and backer in the Middle East. If America becomes a third world nation, who will rescue them in their time of need?
          Their psychotic little minds are only concerned with making Western nations diverse, so they are not “persecuted” or discriminated against.

        • White Mom in WDC

          Are you talking about Judaism? Yeah, I concur

    • Grumplestiltskin

      “If you can’t assimilate native-born blacks, there is no hope for multiculturalism in Britain…”

      What does that imply for here in the USA, as well?

    • KenelmDigby

      That ape didn’t have the intelligence to rationalize that he was an alien in another people’s land. That’s the sort of trash we are dealing with in Britain – apes who are minded to kill but can’t even rationalize the reason or the consequences.

    • Tucker

      He was repeating the words from the script he was provided with, sbuffalonative.

      The subtle, but intended implication behind this choice of words was to place into the sponge-like brains of White people in the West that, in order to make the world ‘safe’ for their women and children, they had to support killing all 3 billion Muslims. You see?

      I would highly recommend that you, and everyone else in the AmRen community, get a copy of the book ‘Guilt By Association’ by Jeff Gates and read it as soon as possible. In it, Gates does a masterful job of explaining how this ‘5th Generation’ warfare tactic works. The technique was invented by an Israeli tactician, and according to Gates, it is referred to as ‘Game Theory Warfare’.


      “In 2005, the Nobel Prize in Economic Science was awarded to Israeli
      mathematician and game theory specialist Robert J. Aumann, co-founder of the
      Center for Rationality at Hebrew University.”

      “Israeli strategists rely on game theory models to ensure the intended
      response to staged provocations and manipulated crises. With the use of
      game theory algorithms, those responses become predictable, even
      foreseeable—within an acceptable range of probabilities.”

      Thus, with this revelation in mind – go back and analyze the words and the not so subtle implications, as I pointed out at the top of my comment. Read the linked article, and get a copy of the Jeff Gates book – and read it cover to cover.

      It will open everyone’s eyes and I guarantee to everyone that once they’ve read this book, they will never again view the events that ‘happen’ in our world the same way they did before.

    • sbuffalonative


      French soldier stabbed while on patrol near Paris


    • White Mom in WDC

      I mentioned this quote to someone at the park today. It was another parent stating how in his neighborhood, there are Ethiopians that come to ‘Community Day’, eat all the food the white people bring, but bring none to contribute. This little event sums up immigration to the West today. These lovely turd worlders float in, get freebies, lower our wages, and just take, take, take. They truly believe that they are entitled to do this. Amazing. Hell no!

    • Sangraal

      What’s doubly absurd about this is that he identifies with muslims in Afghanistan, a country 1000s of miles from either Britain or his native Nigeria, while in Nigeria, the Muslim Boko Haram group are killing Nigerians. Even in Afghanistan, the Taliban probably kill more Muslims than British soldiers. And while we’re at it, why not bomb the Syrian embassy?
      With friends like Muslims, who needs enemies?

  • NeanderthalDNA

    The noxious mixture of Jihad and genetics…

    The West is awakening now. Interesting times approach.

    • Tucker

      It occurs to me, that were I one of these race treasonous White elites who have participated in this Cultural Marxist driven lust to genocide all historical White European nations, I would be extremely apprehensive about my own future and I would probably be having horrible nightmares and soaking my bed sheets with sweat.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        I’ve been asking the SAME question for years now. How do these traitorous CMs think that THEY are going to survive when the rest of us are gone? (Rhetorical question).

        It’s the classic “feeding the crocodile” scenario.

        • sbuffalonative

          I’ve thought about that and I came up with two explanations.
          These people are short sighted and selfish. They are living for the now. ‘Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die’. These are the people who champion abortion for any and every reason. Their idea of the future is an unrealistic, unobtainable Utopia. To them, all we have to do is get rid of conservative road blocks, and the future will be bright and wonderful. Their sense of the future is based on beliefs not reality.
          The other reason is the “Animal Farm” scenario.
          There are whites who believe that if they fight for the team, they will be rewarded. They will be the Kapos.
          Since these people are short sighted, their future is questionable.
          White race traitors, despite historic precedent, believe they will be exempt and even exalted. Maybe they will for a time but their children and grandchildren won’t be.
          WE know what the future holds for whites under a non-white majority. THEY believe, that with enough love and tollerance, the future will be free of hate.

        • dmxinc

          Read the introduction to “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

          The short answer is: “No matter how vile a person is, they see themselves as basically good and their actions as justified.”

          These “elites” aren’t losing a minute of sleep. They think they of themselves as noble, enlightened and moral.

          The work to save our countries is going to be difficult.

          • François

            “These “elites” aren’t losing a minute of sleep. They think they of themselves as noble, enlightened and moral.”

            I don’t know about that. I think some of them may actually have sociopathic traits, really.

        • Sick of it

          Create a plague which cannot be cured (or for which only they have the cure), hang out in the arctic for a bit, come back and repopulate the earth. Everyone who is not a part of their circle is their enemy, including the various useful idiots (Marxists, Muslims, and Man-haters).

      • NeanderthalDNA

        This brutal decapitation thing right out in the street of that poor boy… White Britons are waking up more and more. Tragic as it is, and pardon me if I sound heartless – I’m not – but this is the best propaganda our side can get – the propaganda of TRUTH. Reality slapping innocents and idiots alike and an effete, politically correct abomination of a “government” flailing about helplessly, imprisoning its own loyal citizens for the abomination of FREE SPEECH.

        The more real Britons, French, Swedes, WHITES, get slapped by this, who needs manufactured propaganda? Propaganda of the Truth is undeniable no matter how brutally suppressed.

        • refocus

          So why didn’t the police kill them ?

          Just shot them in the legs… to be housed and cared for for for another forty years?

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Great piece. Yeah, the “truth” is a slippery-slick thing. It’s amazing how the media glosses over anything that falls outside acceptable ideological norms.

            “Democratic Totalitarianism” is my description of our polity/society. Mob rule in a nutshell, within the context of a highly self absorbed, media numbed/webbed modern society.

            We are currently witnessing precisely the undoing of some two thousand years of Western teleological development. For two thousand years Western man has been scratching and clawing his way out of barbarism, sometimes in two steps forward-one step back fashion, surely, but toward a goal, away from an origin…

            The odyssey has been bloody and cruel. Many lives have been lost, millions crushed under foot along the way, like the corpses that lie within the Great Wall. We have in many ways realized our dearest dreams of peace and progress and even Christian charity and grace…

            And fell victims to our own best intentions. We too cleverly scripted a reality we wanted to see and sacrificed objectivity, even common sense, to this castle in the sky. We lost our warrior spirit, became too nice, too good, too generous.

            But hey nice white people…see that headless corpse of that poor boy in the street? See that fine upstanding Nigerian Muslim rationally explaining what you can expect more of? See those cars burning in Sweden? Gee, wonder if I could emigrate there and get free medical care, housing, money for nothing and blonde Swedish chicks for free, then riot and burn and rape and rob and murder to show how rough I have it, how evil and racist my hosts are…

            The emperor has no clothes on, our people are being beheaded in our own countries and arrested if they improperly complain, and dark skinned fanatic immigrants who cannot compete with us are rioting while we feed and house them and theorize excuses…

            Anything but the Truth, please…that stuff’s disturbing…hide and play a video game, White boy…

  • IstvanIN

    Will we learn, no. Our governments are locked on a suicidal trajectory that almost every political party in every western country is in agreement with. A large portion of our population is unshakably dedicated to bestowing all their generosity and altruism on non-whites. The rest of us are just along for a very bumpy ride that will end very badly for us.

    • Morris LeChat

      what do you expect to gain by being so fatalistic? I do not think that white people are just going to lay down and die. A new consciousness is taking hold. The old narrative of “whitey is bad, others are good” is fast becoming a joke. Things are shifting, just because it is not fast enough for you doesn’t mean that all is lost.

      • White Mom in WDC

        I agree. I am positive. Honestly, I have been a racist or race realist since forever. The 90s were a decade of stupidity. 2000 onward people stuck on stupid and the groups of people finally awaking. I am over it. The liberal elite’s days are numbered. Exciting times ahead. Working white people just need to start rebelling.

        • IstvanIN

          I am glad you are all so positive, and I personally had an encouraging conversation yesterday with a Born-Again Christian and a very, very liberal, die-hard Democrat. But I am afraid the tipping point will come too late. And the government has all the troops.

          • White Mom in WDC

            The tipping point came a little while back. The Feds know this and so do many Americans as they are all armed and there is no ammo left in stores

          • joemcgee

            Yes, and the difference between armed White Americans and armed minorities is the ability to hit what they’re aiming at, at a distance. Rather than spraying countless rounds everywhere until a person is hit, usually a sleeping baby or a woman washing dishes. Every so often, the intended target.

          • Fair Dingum

            How many of those troops will remain loyal if things start to fall apart? Remember the Oathkeepers?

          • Morris LeChat

            and the vast majority of the troops are white southern boys

          • [Guest]

            Consider, Morris, that the U.S. has gotten into the woeful condition it’s now in gradually over many years, with the latest 50 or so years being a mad dash to the ash heap of history.

            And which demographic has controlled the country over that span? The answer is, of course, white men.

            What super-duper, magical transformation are white men going to undergo that’ll reverse a cancer that has metastasized for five decades?

            No, white Southern boys in the military are not going to save us.

          • Morris LeChat

            The white male has let the white female run things for the past fifty years. Even the white male politicians have been taking positions based on what the female voter wants. The white male is just as capable as he ever was, he just has to stand up again and take control.

          • [Guest]

            Thank you for your reply.

            >>>…The white male is just as capable as he ever was, he just has to stand up again and take control.

            But he refuses to do so. Besides that, why did he ever stand down in the first place?

          • Freey’all

            He didn’t for the most part. A small but pivotal element of faux white people has controlled things. And they’re not real white women that’s for sure.

          • Morris LeChat

            He will do so, he stood down in the first place because of the changes in the culture that occurred with the sexual revolution. All that is now being discredited and a new consciousness is taking hold.

          • hastings88

            All the real fighters, too. The SEALS, the Rangers, First Mountain Division, all the tough combat positions are overwhelmingly white. Blacks drives trucks and fill the weaker units. When those white troops have had enough, it’s all over for the leftists.

        • George White

          Don’t call yourself a “racist.” That’s a thought crime/police state term that is force labeled on any white who has more than two brain cells and sees what’s going on. If you want to see racism, look at the Naacp, Laraza, Mecha, the Adl, the Splc, etc., because they are all viciously anti-white and full of hate for traditional Americans.

          • Morris LeChat

            I embrace the term. Let us co-opt it, make them regret they ever made an issue of it.

          • A Racist is nothing more than a Race-ist. There is no specific negative action verb associated with it, only implied actions and ideologies. The “accepted” definition of racist expands in proportion to the number of White people who go against PC indoctrination. Even admitting that race exists is enough to get you branded a racist by some people.

            Grow a pair and quit pretending that you are going to politely call yourself some benign term and then expect the anti-White hordes to call you anything but a racist.

      • bigone4u

        Yes, Morris LeChat, the only question is when the tipping point occurs that wakes up the majority. The lefty profs, feminists, statists, and Obama lovers will never wake up, but so what. The best public service anyone could perform would be to write a book or make a video calling out the lie that we are safe and that putting our heads in the sand does any good.

        • Freey’all

          We don’t have time. We need to act and we need to do it NOW.

          • Talltrees

            Do what? That’s what I’d like to know. Both Democrat and Republican legislators are confirmed non-White immigrationists. Neither have any concern about Whites.
            Speak up and lose jobs, reputations, even death threats.
            No one wants to start a civil rights organization, or anything.
            Yes, all of us here are exasperated by the lack of White activism. There is none that I can see other than on websites, but it’s all talk and no action.
            I’d like to know how many readers Amren gets on a monthly basis. There might be enough to start something.
            Anyone have suggestions?

          • bigone4u

            There is a woman with more courage than all the rest of us put together. Her name is Ann Barnhardt. She is a Catholic muzzie hater who is living in her van, after losing all her material possessions to the government. She is not a white nationalist, just an enemy of Obama’s version of Amerika. She is calling for a general strike and other mass protests.
            barnhardt.biz is her website.

          • IstvanIN

            Her diatribe against “satanic sodomites” makes her sound like the christian version of the muslim jihadists.

          • bigone4u

            Yes, she is an extremist willing to die for her beliefs. One of her many youtube vids shows her burning the koran wrapped in bacon and daring the muzzies to show up at her house and kill her. Dares them. Reminds me of Joan of Arc.

          • Talltrees

            She is right. I have suggested marches to AmRen and TOO. I’ve made other suggestions to them.

            For example:

            With increasing numbers, our legislators will notice us if we threaten to not vote until they address White issues; therefore, all of us must frequently email, write, meet with them, expressing our concerns in the same manner as expressed here. Only they can change the laws. This includes Democrats, as well, because some of them will have to sign off on the laws. Whites really have the Republicans in their hands since they are their base. We need pro-Whites to contact them even if we continue to get form letters saying they support immigration. We must wear them down. It won’t happen overnight.

            Oh, well. Here are all of them, things we can do now, not necessarily in order.

            1. Start a civil rights organization.

            2. Start regional pro-White groups for garnering support on the grass roots level. Try to get politically involved locally.

            3. Encourage everyone to frequently write and call their state and federal legislators concerning White issues and immigration.

            4. Individually respond to anti-White comments nationwide, including ACLU, SPLC, ADL, NAACP, and others.

            5. Support NumbersUSA’s ‘Action Buffet.’

            6. Support FAIR

            7. Organize a ‘March on Washington,’ and protests elsewhere.

            8. All legitimate pro-White websites establish methods for mass email contact with legislators and other opponents.

            9. ASK for donations from readers to accomplish #8 and all others requiring money.

            10. Support anti-Islam and anti-Sharia groups such as Florida Family Association. They are becoming nationwide and doing a good job.

            11. Expose those responsible for massive immigration of non-Whites and why. In other words, point fingers at legislators, companies, and other influential sources. Contact them.

            12. Stop purchasing from or using non-White foreign/immigrant businesses. Indian gas stations, American owned Mexican and foreign owned restaurants, for example. There are many others. Use local White farmers and businesses as much as possible. Stop using companies that request foreign labor when possible and tell them. There is a list on the internet. Google, one of the largest, comes to mind. That list could be posted on websites. See Florida Family Association’s successful method for stopping corporate advertising on al-Jazeera TV.

            13. Merge some of the larger pro-White groups for greater impact and more money. Make this larger group an activist on the net by establishing mass contact with legislators. Eventually, hire lobbyists.

            By doing these things, we must understand we are subjecting ourselves to much ridicule and nasty name calling; however, don’t think anyone here cares about that. Eventually, we might be taken seriously. The gay marriage movement experienced that and look where they are now.

            In my opinion, threatening no votes might work with the GOP.

            I just wrote a long letter to Lindsay Graham (one of the Gang of 8), yesterday, about non-White immigration. Among many things said, I told him many Whites don’t speak up because they are fearful of losing their jobs, intense scrutiny, and being labeled White Supremacists. I wasn’t PC with my words.

            If all of us wrote Lindsay Graham, maybe he’d have some influence on the other three Republicans, possibly, a Democrat; although swaying a Democrat might be dreaming. We won’t know the outcome until we do it.

            The point I am making is not everything will work, but doing nothing places us right where are now, doing nothing.

          • Talltrees


            Our most difficult challenge might be locating a leader. For starting a civil rights organization, finding a retired person, not fearful of losing a job, with ‘association’ or similar experience, could start it.

            It would need legal expertise. Possibly, a volunteer lawyer(s) at first until affordable. Dreaming again, I know.

            I look at groups like (Two are religious. Didn’t choose them for that reason. They are merely good examples of what we could do.)

            ‘Alliance Defending Freedom,’ Christian.

            Recognizing the need for a strong, coordinated legal defense against growing attacks on religious freedom, more than 30 prominent Christian leaders launched Alliance Defending Freedom in 1994. Over the past 18 years, this unique legal ministry has brought together thousands of Christian attorneys and like-minded organizations that work tirelessly to advocate for the right of people to freely live out their faith in America and around the world.

            NumbersUSA – Immigration

            Roy Beck borrowed against his house to start it.

            American Center for Law and Justice – Christian

            By focusing on U.S. constitutional law, European Union law and human rights law, the ACLJ and its affiliated organizations are dedicated to the concept that freedom and liberty are universal, God-given and inalienable rights that must be protected.

            As a non-profit organization, the ACLJ does not charge for its services and is dependent upon God and the resources He provides through the time, talent, and gifts of people who share our concerns and desire to protect our religious and constitutional freedoms.
            It appears lawyers might volunteer their time.
            These organizations are highly sophisticated, but we can strive for the same.

          • bigone4u

            You’ve taken the time to list a series of useful actions. I hope that others study these matters over the long weekend and begin serious discussion of them here in the future.

          • [Guest]

            Those suggestions are so naive as to be touching.

          • Talltrees

            For someone who obviously doesn’t have any of his own, calling someone who does, naive, is rather interesting.

            But, then the last thing lefty trolls would do is give suggestions to their perceived enemy.

          • [Guest]

            I can understand your reacting in that way. But this is not 1950. We are WAY, WAY past the letter-writing and boycotting stage.

            If you are any one of the following—white, male, politically or socially conservative, Christian, or a patriotic traditionalist—you are targeted for destruction. And the more categories among those you belong to, the more you’re detested. EVERYTHING from the force of government at all levels to all of media to social pressure in every situation from work to school to family gatherings is against you.

            I appreciate that you want to change things, but the measures you mention amount to less than spitting into the ocean.

          • Talltrees

            See my response to Morris LeChat.

          • Talltrees

            “We are WAY, WAY past the letter-writing and boycotting stage.”

            How many have written, boycotted, met with their legislators, countered anti-White rhetoric, etc.? Not many. A few thousand, maybe? A drop in the bucket. How many marches on Washington, protests? None. Most Whites have been silent, but then no one is organizing anything. Most people are followers, not leaders. That’s an important point to remember. There are few leaders compared to followers.

            If only a few are griping, then legislators don’t see it a major problem.

            How many lawyers have been fighting for us? How many lobbyists do we have? Did we ever have any? Not that I know of.

            The English Defense League, England’s anti-Islam activist group, protests all the time, sometimes with only a handful of members, but they are out there all the time increasing in numbers. Today, there were about 7,000, mainly because of the murder there. With amnesty legislation going on now in our country, shouldn’t we be protesting, too? Once again, there is no one to organize protests like Tommy Thompson does.

            You are suggesting we have done this and that and nothing worked and even if millions were up in arms, nothing would be done. No one would notice protests, marches on Washington, not voting, legal actions, a lot of correspondence, meeting with legislators, etc.? Not only wouldn’t we be noticed, nothing would be done about i?. When nothing is done, then we yell louder. This is how groups get attention in this country. You say liberals will blast us out of the water. Millions of us?

            We haven’t done much of anything, let alone with decent numbers. Jared Taylor says he’s been involved in this effort for 20 years and most Whites have been quiet; however, AmRen is for educational purposes only. We need professionals actually fighting for us.

            Whether it’s fear of losing their jobs, not initiating a riot by minorities, whatever, they only speak up in their livingrooms where it’s safe. Quite a few are unaware of the seriousness. Quite a few don’t even know there is a problem. There is no media coverage. It’s only on the internet. Unless something external triggers a concern why would a White person look up White genocide on the internet?

            We need media attention to alert other Whites to jump on board. The only way to get media attention is to cause media attention. And it would have to be quite controversial to get that attention from the liberal media. We need intelligent, creative minds to guide us.

            Saying the challenge is too overwhelming, why bother, is unacceptable.

            Nothing works unless tried.

          • [Guest]

            You’re falling into the Sleeping Giant Syndrome in which it’s imagined that there is a great, powerful, determined racially conscious white giant that just has to be prodded awake and into action.

            That might be a comforting thought. But it’s simply untrue.

          • Talltrees

            Some are fearful, unaware, don’t know the seriousness, religiously brainwashed, have given up, and some don’t care.

            Your sincerity is questioned.

          • Freey’all

            He is sincerely trolling.

          • Morris LeChat

            mmmm, it’s happening in France

          • RisingReich

            I’m quite detestable then.

          • White Mom in WDC

            Send me Lindsay Graham’s address please. Also, don’t forget the Second Amendment Sisters

          • Talltrees

            This is his contact page: http://www.lgraham.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=Contact.EmailSenatorGraham

            If for some reason that doesn’t work, go to:
            http://www.lgraham.senate.gov/public/ See ‘Contact’ left side of page.

          • Talltrees

            Forgot to give you his street address:

            Senator Lindsay Graham
            290 Russell Senate Office Building
            Washington, DC 20510
            (202) 224-5972

          • Tucker

            Hating muzzies who are in their own nations and not inside White nations is a waste of energy and emotion.

            I feel pretty much the same way about all non-white races. As long as they are in their lands and not in our lands, I could care less if they urinate in the water they drink, if they engage in bizarre, third world behaviors and lifestyles, or whatever.

            The natural application of the emotion of hate is to reserve it for enemies who pose a direct threat to your survival and/or to your freedoms. Its all about focusing and fine tuning our energies.

          • IstvanIN

            That is the point, what shall we do? Every gripes but no one seems to have an answer!

          • [Guest]

            >>>That is the point, what shall we do? Everybody gripes but no one seems to have an answer!

            First, let’s face the truth. The Western nations are all but dead, and there will be no significant turnaround and no awakening of white racial consciousness.

            So just live your life with as much integrity as you can muster. There is nothing more to do.

          • George White

            No. There are a FEW Rino sellouts, but I do not believe that all of the GOP is on board with amnesty. A group in the House has spoken out against the bill.

          • Talltrees

            I hope you are right.

          • johnny from Alberta.

            Everybody take a week off. We want it, we should offer to suffer a little more but with a Legal way of withholding tax(days off), just might be the ticket with the out of control government. Money talks,,, even to them. Let conservative arrange-organize a strike day with all the messages you want. 100mil people stay home for a week, you will be listened to.

          • LaSantaHermandad

            You know that is a great idea. A few years ago some Black something or other came out with a scenario about what would happen if one day we awakened and ALL Blacks were gone. He mentioned the total chaos that would ensue because Whites would have no one to wait on them and serve them and a lot of other wishful thinking scenarios about what would happen.
            I penned a letter to a local newspaper lamenting such a scenario with questions like Whom will we support? Who’ll murder, rape and rob us? Who’ll play basketball? and other satirical comments. It didn’t appear in the LETTERS TO THE EDITOR.

          • Freey’all

            Look some of us have spoken up and lost jobs, reputations, friends, and some have even been imprisoned. A few days ago someone admitted to remaining silent or even yes-yes’ing friends on the race issue. I cannot imagine doing this as I have lost too much, suffered too much, and could never consider anyone promoting or defending diversity’s hatred of me and our white people a ‘friend.’ So I’ve left many people behind but that’s
            a small price for freedom.

            Another woman on here and I are starting a white women’s advocacy group so that’s something. It’s hard to network over the internet with many of us using false names. But we have to step up, take some hits, and realize that just biding time and tiptoeing around won’t save us. This group will arouse attention and attacks but some of us have got to move forward and break new ground. Yes, it comes at a price but the one I’ve paid as a white woman is so extreme it’s made me bold. It’s time for us to step out of the shadows and grasp our futures. Together we stand.

          • Talltrees

            See my other comments after this one to begone4u as to what we can do, now.
            Good for you.

          • [Guest]

            There is nothing to do but close ranks, insofar as that’s possible, and endure.

          • Morris LeChat

            democracy has failed, our government has failed, if you think the solution is political then you are wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. The solutions, the only salvation, is to take over the government. The current occupants are corrupt gangsters, there is more than enough justification for marching into washington and seizing power and arresting people. Those who did so would shut down the media, for it’s role as an accomplice, , so there is absolutely NOTHING to worry about on that score. The vast majority of the american people would LOVE to see the media all hanged.

          • Talltrees

            I agree with you totally and the ideal situation, but realistically would we get away with it without having guns pointed at our heads. How does anyone sneak into government buildings? They don’t. Would enough people go along with it? When, where, and how to accomplish it? Who’s planning? Who would do the arresting if not killed first? There are zillions of logistics that would have to be coordinated in unison. Who do you arrest? It could be a lot of people. Some might not be present that day. Someone would call security, police, national guard, the military. Armed helicopters and drones would be there in a flash. It’s mind-boggling. We’d be over our heads in alligators.
            While we sit here doing nothing, they are preparing soft comfy beds for us at the FEMA camps surrounded by armed guards in anticipation of the overthrow. Don’t think they have thought of it.
            My list of suggestions is basic, but not silly. They are a start, not a strategy for success. That path would probably change many times. It’s what successful groups have done to start a movement, particularly those with no money, like us. As they grow, their strategy changes. At first, it’s chipping away at a mountain with a butter knife, I know, but eventually, we’d have a bulldozer, then larger equipment to help us get through the mountain. At least it’s a beginning at fighting back. All of us would feel better if we were accomplishing something. On the list are things each one of us could do individually since we have no coordinated effort. Nothing representing us. Doing these things doesn’t mean we couldn’t do what you suggest in the future.
            The most important thing right now is stopping non-White immigration. It would give us more time as a majority and fewer non-Whites to deal with. Do we want to wait until 20-40 million more enter the country, not counting non-White births? We don’t have much more time.
            Yes, our politicians are corrupt, that’s why I suggested that we threaten them with not voting. That’s the only thing that gets their attention, besides lobbyists with gifts and money. It’s under their jurisdiction to stop non-White immigration, so it is political. I am not as pessimistic as you regarding getting our legislators’ attention. Hit them where it hurts most and that’s votes. The problem is not enough followers; although, we really don’t know how many we have. Considering AmRen, alone, there might be many more pro-White readers than posters. Same with TOO, CofCC, TPC, and others.
            Some suggest forming White territories, or declaring a section of the country as our own. How would that be accomplished without political intervention other than taking over the country as you suggest?
            I think a civil rights organization is imperative.
            If you don’t put your foot on the gas, your car is going nowhere.

          • Morris LeChat

            you have the soldiers frag their officers and do it. Frag up the chain of command, all the way to the top. Then you have the revolutionaries forcibly conscript a group of white elders as policymakers and consultants. WE have a president that is meeting with ILLEGAL aliens, and refusing to meet with ICE officals. What more justification do we need?

          • [Guest]

            “Now” is approximately half a century past.

        • [Guest]

          Imagining that some great sleeping giant will awake and make everything all right is like lying in delirium on your deathbed thinking about miracle cures.

          We gain nothing by pretending that the white nations can survive. The case is terminal, and at this point even the will to live is no longer there.

          When the war is lost, the best approach is to develop a strategy for enduring the loss with the fewest casualties and the least pain while perhaps preserving a certain degree of dignity.

          • hastings88

            Guest, you are obviously one of our trolling overlords. We’re not listening to you.

      • George White

        I agrre. Not only that but whitey is locked and loaded. The DHS didn’t buy billions of hollow points for nothing. People HAVE awakened.

      • Tucker

        Morris, I often wonder if the majority of these kinds of negativity promoting comments are being made by trolls from the camp of our enemies – who are waging a sort of psychological warfare method against Whites who are race realists.

        The idea is to demoralize our people, to sap our energy and to reduce and suppress our resolve and determination to fight and to defeat our enemies and to survive as a people – by making us think that we are already finished, and therefore, there is no point in resisting.

        Who was it who once said, that the perfect victory is to be able to defeat your enemy without your enemy even firing a single shot? This is what I suspect is going on, to a large extent. This is why the enemy controlled media will go out of its way to rub our faces into these high profile celebrity White females, who are drop dead beautiful – and who decide to hook up with some IQ of 80 black guy. The media just can’t seem to get enough of this theme; over and over and over, they will scour the planet to find these revolting and nauseating combinations and then literally bomb-bard us with images, interviews, endless gossip stories, and always they will gush and cheer and celebrate these examples of White racial genocide and present them as the greatest thing since sliced tomatoes.

        By the way, this race mixing garbage is what drove me to stop watching TV. I also have noticed that the AM/FM radio announcers also began to use the air waves to push these race mixing ideas, and I have even heard modern Country & Western songs which have lyrics that are promoting white-black race mixing, which we can all thank Sumner Redstone (owner of CMT) for, I would guess. So, I quit listening to radio and now I listen to select radio podcasts and nothing else.

        Demoralization, 101. That’s what the enemy is doing. Be on the lookout for it, and don’t let it sap your energy or desire to fight and survive, folks.

        • Morris LeChat

          Yes, I feel the same way. Look at what we still have. We are STILL the majority. The thought that it is inevitable we will lose it all is being sown in order to paralyze us. Some on our side have fallen for this and out of bitterness keep repeating this. It is their thought that more pessimism is needed to motivate people into action. I believe the opposite is true, too much pessimism will make people become fatalistic and inactive. WE could take this country back tomorrow, TOMORROW. The left is mostly made up of weaklings and COWARDS. The ghetto residents will behave once they realize their EBT cards will be cut off if they don’t. Think about that, they hordes that people are so scared of are totally dependent on us. WE should be calling the shots.

          • [Guest]

            >>>…We are STILL the majority.

            Who is “we,” Morris? Are you referring to white people? As I mentioned above, this nation has become a cesspool WHILE UNDER THE CONTROL OF WHITE PEOPLE. A nation created, built to greatness, and held together by white people has turned itself into a sewer. Now that the white population is down and will continue to decline in numbers, strength, and power, by what magic could it possibly turn around and once again put the interests of white people first?

            Holding out false hope is an act of desperation.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            This nation hasn’t been under the control of White people for several generations. We do not control the media, the government or academic institutions, which are all decidedly anti-White.
            A good reading of Professor MacDonald’s Culture of Critique will open your eyes as to what we’re up against.

          • Morris LeChat

            white people are still the majority

        • [Guest]

          >>>…I often wonder if the majority of these kinds of negativity promoting comments are being made by trolls from the camp of our enemies – who are waging a sort of psychological warfare method against Whites who are race realists.

          On the surface, Tucker, I might seem to fall into that category. But the truth is that I am white and I have been racially aware since my teenage years (when I first encountered nonwhites). Over the years I’ve seen things go so far in the wrong direction—with no more than a timid little mumble of opposition—that I see no hope whatsoever. None.

          It’s obvious that very few white Americans have any racial awareness or concern for white interests. We’ve become a weak-kneed, limp-wristed, prissy lot.

          It does no good to pretend that salvation is just around the corner. It isn’t.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            It’s obvious that very few white Americans have any racial awareness or concern for white interests. We’ve become a weak-kneed, limp-wristed, prissy lot.

            Maybe YOU are weak-kneed, limp-wristed and prissy but there are PLENTY of us who aren’t, are racially aware and will fight to the death against the tyranny of this evil government to protect ourselves, our children and our elderly.

            Speak for yourself. You do not speak for me or any member of my White family.

            Anyone else here who thinks Whites, with “few exceptions” are a prissy lot?

          • [Guest]

            I am, of course, referring to white people—and especially white Americans—as a whole. This country has become a stinking sewer and is becoming more foul by the hour while overwhelmingly white and under the control of white people. We’ve either participated in or tacitly consenting to our own destruction.

            Chest-thumping tough talk aside, that is the stuff of weak-kneed, limp-wristed, prissy people. I don’t like it either. But it’s true.

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          I am seeing this more and more on pro-White sites and I agree that they seem to have been infiltrated with trolls who are striving to demoralize us by claiming we Whites have NO chance of saving our race so why fight TPTB? They hold all the cards and there is no chance or hope for us. It is indeed demoralization 101

          We should just roll over and die and let our enemies win because they have conquered us and it’s over.

          At the moment, we still outnumber them and their empty, false rhetoric is being exposed for what it is.

          This may not end well, but I and every single member of my family, many ex-military officers, will go down fighting with everything we’ve got.

          • [Guest]

            There are no ranks of racially conscious white people, Quinn. Granted, there is a tiny minority of rightfully malcontent people posting anonymously on a few websites and on rare occasions speaking up in person when the conditions are just right, but that does not constitute an army.

            When a war has been waged, with almost no resistance, and the enemy has won in a rout, it accomplishes nothing to mutter “I will never surrender!”

            I wish none of that was true. But it is true.

          • François

            I guess some people are becoming a bit scared, when they see things like what the EDL did, last week. So they will try to make us believe that the battle is already lost, right when we are getting ready for change.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        If you think that you’re beaten then you ARE!
        This is not a key to victory.

        I read about the French soldier today. I went to the “Marseilles” and read the words. With the exception of the mention of the “soldats” of the opressive aristocracy (replace that with les Musulmans et les Africains) they are as appropriate today as they were in the late 18th Century.

        The French military should immediately begin discharging all Muslims from the army making sure that they leave without weapons.
        Peuple de France,
        Get in groups and sing that anthem, own it and then start taking care of business.
        To the rest of Western Europe, take heed and be ready to take back your country,

        • Morris LeChat

          excellent point. we are far from beaten. We still have an overwhelming advantage, we just lack the will to do what we need to.

          • François

            The war isn’t over. It’s finally getting started.

      • [Guest]

        Just where are you seeing evidence of this new consciousness, Morris? I see absolutely nothing of the kind. Nothing.

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          In the comments section of msm papers — before they’re taken down.

          • [Guest]

            Yes, I’ve seen those too. And I’ve added many comments myself. Those articles are linked at places such as American Renaissance. Visitors to such sites then flood the comments section, often posting under several different names to make our numbers appear greater. (And, yes, I’ve done that myself and seen others confess to doing it.) Most of the comments you’re referring to are not from the general population but from visitors to sites such as this one.

            Okay, that’s our side flexing its muscle. On the other side, we have the federal government and government at every level, corporations, all of media, all of the sports and entertainment industries, education at all levels, social and peer pressure, the words and actions and voting power of the entire (rapidly increasing) nonwhite population, and a large percentage of the white population.

            So post away.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      It’s emotionally easier to just give up. Istvan is a coward, he will fall to his knees and lay his neck on the chopping block for the followers of Allah.

      Fine with me, we don’t need people like him when we rebuild the West.

      • IstvanIN

        You may disagree with my assessment but personal attacks are unnecessary. How many Muslims have you dispatched today?

    • Korpiklaani

      If we go down, then I say we detonate every nuclear device on the planet. NEVER forget White Men hold the fate of this world in their hands.

      • IstvanIN

        I agree, let them build their own world, leave nothing of ours behind.

        • François

          No, target the home countries of our enemies! Eradicate them!

    • [Guest]

      I would dearly love to believe that you’re insanely pessimistic. But I see no indications that the Western world is going to revive. I see no means of it happening, and what’s most important is that the will doesn’t even seem to be there.

      I think it’s obvious that the patient has entered his deathbed.

  • David Ashton

    Collective suicidal insanity.

  • I Slam Islam

    That’s right. Don’t wear your military uniform, or a short dress, or a cross or crucifix, or go outside without a hijab, or operate a wine shop … you might offend members of “other religions.”

    Sounds kinda like screwing in a light bulb by having four blokes turn the ladder for you.

    How about sending them all back home instead?

    • Talltrees

      One day, so angry, I purchased the largest cross I could find to wear around my neck and also attached one to my car. I wanted someone to say something negative to me. Fortunately, for them, no one did, yet.

      I must get a “White Pride” shirt.

    • norton

      wasn’t the victim not even in uniform? Help for Heroes shirts are available to the general public…

    • George White

      Exactly. Say “Merry Christmas” and get your head chopped off. SEND THEM BACK!!!!!!!!

      • François

        Let’s not forget that in the West, there are a lot more of us, than Muslims. If they start chopping off heads, we could start cutting throats and gouging out eyes.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Buchanan had a memorable line on the Gang of Eight atrocity a couple of weeks ago:

    “With the immigration bill granting amnesty to 12 million illegals, an open door to their dependents and a million new immigrants each year, almost all from the Third World, America in 2040 is going to look like Los Angeles today. Yet, it was in L.A. that [Harvard sociologist Robert] Putnam found social capital at its most depleted and exhausted.”

  • joemcgee

    When I ask people this, I ask, what is Plan B when these illegal alien kids get out of school and can only get a job doing what their parents do, which they’re not going to do? How do they think these kids are going to react when they’re “educated” here and have been told all their lives they have the same capapbilities as Anglos and they get into the job market and that is’t the case at all. I assure people these mexican kids aren’t going to be happy campers when they’re finally faced with reality.
    Finally, I have a letter to the editor that might be published in the local rag (Asbury Park Press) defending Mr. Buchanan. I’m rsponding to a letter that was written taking him to task as a racist and insinuating that his column shouldn’t be printed. So, we’ll see if they put my letter in in a day or two.

    • Freey’all

      Are you in NJ? I’m looking for locals to network with and have been doing so with pro-whites here in the northeast.

    • George White

      Uh…in Los Angeles they run the show. If there are jobs to be had, they get ’em. Every time I get a parking ticket, it’s a fat latina writing it. And they make 40K a year and a fat pension. They SUCK.

      • bigone4u

        Ditto much of Texas. They run the show.

      • joemcgee

        Off topic a bit, but even if these mexican women are a bit attractive when they’re extremely young, their beauty fades before they’re even midway into their twenties. Like you say, “Fat latina.” Is there any other kind?

        • Unperson

          It’s called the “10 Pounds a Year Rule.” By around age 40 they achieve complete sphericality; approx. five feet whether measured vertically or horizontally.

      • Greg Thomas

        Yes, it seems as if every cop here in So Cal is an anchor baby.

    • [Guest]

      >>>When I ask people this, I ask, what is Plan B when these illegal alien kids get out of school and can only get a job doing what their parents do, which they’re not going to do? How do they think these kids are going to react when they’re “educated” here and have been told all their lives they have the same capapbilities as Anglos and they get into the job market and that is’t the case at all. I assure people these mexican kids aren’t going to be happy campers when they’re finally faced with reality.

      The reality is that they will face no rude awakening because the standards decline to suit the employment pool.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    how do we think this experiment is going to end?

    And has anybody ever questioned whether we should be “experimenting” with the lives of millions of people in the first place?

    For every experiment, by its very nature, must have either a positive or negative outcome, and the prospects aren’t looking very good for America right now.

    We had already been sailing along rather nicely for almost 200 years before Teddy Kennedy and his ilk decided to monkey around with what wasn’t broken in the first place. The result is the disaster you now see before you.

    • Gwynn Ap Nudd

      Bingo. In his famous Portland “Whites are going to be a minority” speech, Clinton refered to all this as an experiment. And he admitted that it might not work. Who the hell are these people to turn us into guinea pigs and hold our Nations hostage?

      • IstvanIN

        In an experiment you usually have a control group. In the case of the US, let’s say California, NJ, NY and Florida, are the experimental states. Maine, Minnesota, Washington and Oregon are the controls. Now that we KNOW for a fact that the experiment is failing miserably the government is dropping refugees into the control states to make sure the whole thing goes under.

    • bluegrass84

      More like Emanuel Cellar and his ilk but yes, well said.

      (it was also known as the Hart-Cellar act)

    • rickarroyo

      “Why are we taking this risk (with out country)” is something Buchanan has asked numerous times before. I find myself wondering the same thing. As Enoch Powell once said, “The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils.”

      The simply outrageous thing is that the tens of million who have poured into our country since 1965 could have *easily* been kept out. Japan and South Korea are not being overrun with hoards of aliens and there’s absolutely no reason why historically white nations couldn’t have done the same thing.

  • Morris LeChat

    The experiment will end with new white homelands established and the rest of the lost territory will be disaster areas. Once the white taxpayer is removed from the equation of their budgets, the lands that the immigrants have stolen will fail. Remember everyone, it is the white man that invents all the new technologies. Right now there is something on the drawing board that can depopulate whole areas from outer space. Once these untermensch have had their day and forced a retreat of whites, we will just take back what we lost, no tears will be shed, it will be just like cutting the grass.

    • Ted

      I get your point, but there’s no need to get fancy with the technology. I’m particularly fond of the daisy cutter myself.

      • Morris LeChat

        They’re rather expensive, and one needs control of the airspace to deliver them, which means an outright war. No, a satellite that they can not reach is the way to go..

    • [Guest]

      >>>…Right now there is something on the drawing board that can depopulate whole areas from outer space.

      I don’t like the truth of the situation either, Morris. But retreating into the realm of sci-fi/fantasy doesn’t help matters. Your comment sounds like something I’d expect to hear out of the mouth of Louis Farrakhan.

      • Morris LeChat

        not science fiction at all.

  • NYB

    Don’t forget Mohammed Merah, the born-in-France Toulouse terrorist, who friends said identified “more with Islam than with France”.

    How many examples are needed to connect the dots.

  • jimh19

    “Birds of a feather flock together.” It’s nature, stupid!

  • MikeS

    Real American citizens acting in unison will be the ultimate cure for what ails this country.

    • Morris LeChat

      so many of us are just waiting for the signal. If the boys in the military acted now, much could be accomplished with little bloodshed. A quite coup d’etat followed by marshall law would be the way to go. Of course, military are not usually good at running things, but they could forcibly draft many of the conservatives, such as Buchanan or JT as a “quorum” of white elders to run the country for twenty years or so.

      • MikeS

        Same here. I’m just waiting for the light to turn green.

    • Morris LeChat

      I think that if white males did retake the country, that obsamma should be stuffed, or treated with wax as Lenin was, dressed in a jockey outfit with his hand holding a ring, and put on display in washington. The white house should be burned to the ground and a new residence built.

  • Anon

    “How do we think this experiment is going to end?”

    That’s what I keep asking myself and others. Sometimes I end my posts here with “it will end in tears”.

    Where in the world have we ever seen Africans not being an underclass in society?

    Where in the world have we seen desegregated schools, where white parents are ok with their children in the same school as black children?

    Where in the world have we seen a mixed neighborhood that doesn’t result in white flight?

    Where in the world has the “achievement gap” been closed?

    Where in there world is there a country with a sustainable full-coverage welfare system and open borders for mass third world immigration?

    Where in the world do blacks or Amerindian Hispanics have a low crime rate?

    Do people really believe we’re all going to be singing kumbaya when this is all over? Certainly if you look at what’s happening with ammo sales since November, I think many people here are not expecting a wonderful round of hugs and kumbaya.

    • Nathanwartooth

      “Where in the world have we ever seen Africans not being an underclass in society?”

      It’s literally impossible.

      The higher IQ group always does better than the lower IQ group. Since Africans have the lowest IQ in the world, they are a permanent underclass in the world.

      • George White

        To be fair, black folks were much better off before the liberals destroyed the black family with welfare. Blacks used to have a much lower rate of illegitimacy and they had a good family structure, but liberals wanted to “help”

    • [Guest]

      You’re right, Anon. It WILL end in tears … and worse.

      Concerning ammo: Other than direct personal safety, exactly what purpose does it serve for us to be armed? Who do we propose to shoot, and—assuming we hit our target dead center—in what way will our bullets revert this country to its condition in, say, 1950?

  • HJ11

    The “West”? Of course, what Pat means is “White nations.”

    I, for one, don’t use the squish word West to mean White nations. No insult intended toward Pat and I wish he had become president and I’m glad he’s on our side. My only complaint with Pat is that he had no children.

    • HJ11

      Of course, Pat can still have children. In our species, males can do this just about up until they die. I really hate to see good whites, such as Pat, without passing on their DNA code via children.

      Nature says that passing on your DNA code is an individual responsibility, and not the responsibility of married couples as too many humans say in their artificial morality.

  • What we’re seeing is a patriarchal society reasserting itself on an international scale. Western culture has become feminized and weak. Sweden is one of the most feminine cultures in the world and is the most ripe for the reestablishment of male dominance. I hate it — it’s not fair or even for the best — but this is how evolution works. There have been studies of tribes which lost their men to a war and were, for a time, run by widows, but eventually either the male children grew up and asserted themselves, or men from other tribes moved in and conquered.

    • Martel

      This level of femininity is unnatural and nature will reassert itself as you say. Politically correct males need to be mocked or defined as feminine to ease the transition.

      • George White

        Slaughter would be more efficient.

      • bigone4u

        Martel, you have the right idea as would be effective even 20 years ago. Today, young males seem to revel in their “metrosexual” identity. WND.com reports today that the government has now decreed that asking a woman for a date is sexual harassment. Obama’s team is doing all it can to exterminate masculinity. The goal is to completely reorder gender identities into an amorphous blob in which masculinity is gone, merged into femininity.

        • Martel

          They can try to exterminate masculinity, and due to the adaptive nature of humans it may seem to work, and males will be able to adopt behaviour which is alien to them, but
          human nature can only be suppressed for so long.

          In the first relationship I had, I completely altered my behaviour to please the girl i was with. Many young males do this, and they can do it only for so long until they reject it completely (hence # marriages are down). This is the same on a societal level, we are only waiting for the right ideology(too deflect the intrusive ideology of Frankfurt Marxism and the scorn of their politically correct followers) and the right leadership.

          Its the same with women, males who don’t suppress their testosterone will always do WELL in comparison to societies standards on looks, behaviours, etcetera. In other words, they will get more women then you would expect if you compare them with popular standards.

          Women remain women, men remain men, it doesn’t matter which ideology dominates.Humans only tolerate going against their nature as long as they believe in its rewards, this belief must die.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            Whites tolerate going against their nature when their jobs and reputations are threatened with ruin. We are openly discriminated against in the job market and workplace and must toe PC lines lest we lose what little we have.

          • Martel


          • bigone4u

            Henry Makow addresses these issues. I was just reading his new post on why General Motors hates heterosexuals. The attempts at brainwashing men into femininity and women into masculinity never stop.

        • connorhus

          The problem is from my observations they are NOT altering everyone’s identities. The White Men are constantly attacked and forced to act under different rules while the Blacks are given a pass. From violence to sexually harassing women, the Blacks get away with it while the White Men are served up on a platter for sacrifice.

          • bigone4u

            I was one of them who refused to toe the PC line at the university. Like you say, blacks are given a pass and so are Mexicans.

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          This only applies to Whites, i.e., White males labeled as feminized.

          It is the goal of the totalitarians to atomize and destroy Whites down to the most base level, mother against child, children against parents, women against men, fathers as authoritarian and detrimental to normal families. It’s sick and twisted and unfortunately, it’s working.

          This, of course, does not apply to non-Whites, especially blacks males who are portrayed by the media as strong, virile, honest, intelligent and far more desirable than feminized White males.

          This anti-White agenda must be hammered away at mercilessly and any nefarious and criminal anti-White activities constantly exposed.

          • bigone4u

            I agree with you. It’s aimed at whites, while black and Mexican masculinity is glorified.

  • This is NO EXPERIMENT! It is an attack! An attack by a hostile alien invader that wishes to Genocide the White Race.

    The Counterattack will come swiftly, after people realize they have been attacked and that none of this is coincidental or unforseen.

    It was planned from the beginning, and is about to end. The ending will be FAR DIFFERENT from what the planners envisioned in their pathetic tiny “brains”!

  • Korpiklaani

    I vote, it ends with shots being fired.

  • All Seeing Eye

    In the last 125 yrs, the Western IQ has gone down 14 points. Another blessing of diversity and the inevitably resulting multiracial individuals with their muted natures.

    • François

      That doesn’t mean that the IQ has gone up in places such as Haiti.

  • bigone4u

    If all immigration were to cease tomorrow (my preference) whites will still be dealing with the mess created by the Die-versity and Multicult traitors for the next 100 years or more. We are still dealing with the “problems” created by slavery since Lincoln was not around to see those problems shipped back to Africa. Since whites have run out of places to run, the only logical step is a white homeland. My preference would be the 48 lower states for whites, Alaska or Africa for blacks (their choice, LOL), and Mexico can take the rest.

    • MissBonnie123

      I agree that a White homeland is our only solution. However, there are too many nonwhites in this country to make it viable to take 48 states back. This, unfortunately, is impossible.
      I urge everyone to check out the Northwest Front. Read their contitution. They have a doable plan.
      A sovereign White homeland is truly our only hope.

      • Angry White Woman

        You are so right, Miss Bonnie 123. However don’t count on too many of our own people understanding how and why the Northwest is better than say, the Midwest or the South, both as physically positioned and strategically as being unable to cut off from the outside. We have ocean access to the rest of the world, plus mountain passes and retreats that can easily be fortified for protection if necessary. Lots of other pluses, including not too many blacks to get rid of to start with. (Mexicans…another story, but take away the bait and they will self-deport.)

        • What are you smoking?

          That’s ridiculous. The Northwest Front is a joke. ALL of those states have voted democrat for decades…and will continue to do so. Anyone who thinks there is even the slightest chance of a Northwest, liberal, egalitarian, democrat-voting, progressive Front working is a no nothing ignoramus.

  • 207

    We have been brainwashed into believing that prejudice is wrong but prejudice (pre-judgement) and discrimination are the basis of survival of all species. “Liberals” ( actually totalitarians) want to destroy the survival of Euro and American civilization and have invented psychological charged words to call people names to destroy their survival instincts: “racist”, “racism”, “bigot”, “prejudice”, “discrimination” etc. They would have you make an even choice out of picking up a bunny rabbit and rattlesnake and petting it. They would say that we do not know that this particular rattlesnake will bite us. Survival pre-judgement from experience or training would tell us that we must make a correct pre-judgement and discriminate to survive.
    The charged term “racism” was developed in the 1930’s and used as a name calling trick to fool people into believing that all people are equal and beneficial to survival. This whole psychological mind trick works because people don’t want to be called names even if the psychological names are just made up. They do not exist in reality.
    Just like the “disrespect” game, people will apologize all day long if called a “racist” or accused of being “prejudiced”. Discrimination is the basis of survival and without discrimination and pre-judgement we will not survive.

    • George White

      Exactly right. The term is a false label designed to make white people shut up and do as they’re told. All of those PC thought crime terms work the same way to turn men into sheep.

  • And throw them into the prisons, the bad prisons; the prisons where weak inmates spend long nights in the shower stalls with the strong and the cruel; and this will introduce the criminal political leaders to the sweet fruits of their labors, to the sweet fruits of diversity!

  • connorhus

    Mooslims, Africans, Feminists all walking around like they own the place smirking away at every White Man they see.

    Whatever the ultimate result I am ready for the final chapter to get underway. Time to get this over with.

  • Barnaby Sutton

    By now we’ve seen the African savage who beheaded the British lad, standing there with meat clever in hand and covered with his victim’s blood. But have you seen his girlfriend?

    Look at this and tell me Britain isn’t finished!

    • connorhus

      Yep that’s 99% of the White Races problem we are only half a race. I praise the few White Women who stand in solidarity with their race but by and large most of the White women have totally embraced multiculturalism promoted by Feminism. Until we eliminate the feminist we cannot be a whole and united race.

      • Korpiklaani

        I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, in the end, it will have been our own women that sealed our fate.

        • Austin Healy

          Its scary that I find myself agreeing with you but I can’t find an alternative, realistic view. Some of the ugliest blacks on the planet like “Snoop Dog” with gorgeous white women all over them. I’m not kidding, I truly don’t understand this sickness. It makes no sense!

          • Korpiklaani

            See my post above.

          • Ella

            Around 10% of White women marry outside their racial group (not 50% plus). You just notice the mixed race couples more in bigger cities. Also, we’re probably seeing the ‘younger people’ doing it more often than the older generations so the young make up a larger percent of biracial marriages/live-ins. Where I live, it’s hard to find White males available -low availability of White men in our flooded minority cities (Sad). Overall, I think the younger are more gullible and “brainwashed” from the liberal education system. They also stereo-type Black males as “athletic”. They see it as “so new and cool” but don’t foresee their children to be very different from “Mom.”

          • connorhus

            Ya know I hear that 10% (or whatever low number) quote from women quite often but I say it is a lie. I by no means live anywhere that could be called a city and I see it everywhere. Perhaps you are forgetting most Black men don’t get married period these days. A white woman marrying a Black or just shacking up and having a mixed race child is the same thing. Even just casually dating means they have left the racial solidarity of Whites behind.

            I am betting the intermingling of White Women with Black Men (Marriage or not is irrelevant) is well above 50% and all due to Feminist pushing it as the thing for these girls to do.

          • nobody

            I don’t know one white girl with a mixed child who isn’t a single mother.

          • connorhus

            I also see plenty of grandparents who have the mixed race grandkid in tow after they got saddled with it.

          • Korpiklaani

            Hey, I was raised by my Grandpa, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

          • connorhus

            Understandable. Nothing wrong with being raised by grand parents at all. I was simply pointing out how many grand parents I see with mixed race grand children in tow. It is staggering.

          • nobody

            To tell you the truth I feel really bad for them. They probably did their best to raise a decent child and steer them in the right direction. They likely had very high hopes for the future of their kid. Then they brought home a black guy, got pregnant, he left, and now the grandparents worst fears have not only came true right before their eyes, but they are also stuck raising a grandchild that looks and behaves in ways that are completely foreign to them. I can’t even begin to imagine. Not only are your unique white genes gone from the Earth forever, but you also forced to raise what is basically your demise personified.

          • Korpiklaani

            From what I’ve seen your more likely right then they are.

          • Jefferson

            If over 50 percent of White women were getting impregnated by Black men, The United States would have already become a majority Nonwhite nation many many decades ago.

            So you are telling me over 50 percent of White women in Utah, Iowa, Oregon Idaho, Nebraska, North Dakota, etc are dating Black men ? When those states do not even have a very high percentage of Blacks.

          • connorhus

            No I am not saying that in actuality. In places where there are no Blacks it doesn’t happen of course but those places are shrinking fast.

            Wish there was some way to protect them.

          • Jeff Stencil

            Several studies have shown that less than 3% of whites marry outside their race, yet we have to live with the lie of 10%, or 30%, or 50%. What is the agenda behind these false statements, even when the authors are purportedly on “our side”?

          • Ella

            It is all about how you collect stats. I live in a mostly Brown city/State so I see more same race marriages than mixed types where you might see more in CA, WA and up North? Again older people have same race marriages more so. They’re accused of course being racist. You have some good points. Well, I married White and am White.

            I had some problems dating Norwegian/Nordic men who preferred Asian women -what a slap in the face. (I’m not ugly, overweight or a drunk! I’m still a little pissed about it.)

          • Jefferson

            Nice try, but Snoop Dogg’s wife is clearly Black and would never be mistaken for anything else.

          • François

            Snoop Dog is a celebrity with lots of money, so he of course has a lot of women around him. If he was just as ugly and skinny (and talentless!) as he is, without the money and fame, things would be very different for him. But do we need to ask ourselves, WHY the MSM makes raises Blacks like him to demigod status…?

    • Austin Healy
      • KenelmDigby

        “A picture is worth a thousand words.”
        We need to duplicate and post these pictures millions and millions of times. We need to saturate the White world with them, absolutely everywhere. Every street corner, every school, every roadside, every lampost, every wall, every shop-window. Saturate everywhere. Saturate for 10 years, 20 years, 50 years a century. Saturate the way advertising brands saturate.

        • David Ashton

          At the very least it would make a change from picture after picture of the white girl together with the black male.

        • bigone4u

          If I were still a professor I would post the pic on my office door and dare the administrators to make me take it down. I really like your idea.

    • Austin Healy

      There are very few things I do not have the rational intelligence to understand but this is one of them. If I lived to be a thousand years old I would never ever understand how any white woman could be remotely attracted to anything as ugly as that African. Look at him!

      What kind of sexual perversion combined with mental illness could possibly be at work here? I DONT GET IT!!

      • Korpiklaani

        I see it everyday in St.Louis, and the surrounding area. I say some pretty messed up stuff to any interracial I see, and when I say messed up, I mean MESSED up. I have my C.C.P. but most of the time I open carry, I love seeing the hate that black men have for me, their eyes don’t lie, the white girls they are with stare with daggers as well. Real soon we’ll see whats up.

        I can’t wait till the economy collapses….

        • connorhus

          Notice our comments about the White women with Black men was deleted below. This site is actually helping to promote the racial mingling.

          • Korpiklaani

            Try posting about Jews…

        • connorhus

          I am not far from your location Korpiklaani. In fact I had to make a run into Florrisant today and you are 100% correct. These Black men view the White Females as a direct strike against White Men and will stare daggers at you when you give them the look of disapproval back. I open carry as well and have the same reaction as you in the St. Louis area many times.

          • Korpiklaani

            Blacks think all white men are punks, when they run into a White man that they realize is still a man they get infuriated. Most blacks don’t think whites have a right to defend themselves. Most young black men REALLY LITERALLY believe they are God incarnate. I hear them call me “pinky” “cave monkey” all the time, they say the sun kills us. How do these white women NOT pick up on the hostility?

            I really believe the majority of white women believe black men are some sort of demi-gods, I’ve heard white women say things like “Black men are the original man” “Blacks are sexual stallions” You’re just jealous no woman wants you” “white men are creepy”.

            In my personal life I’ve been passed up by white women for back men so many times that I have given up trying to find a relationship with a White woman, they seem to hate me anyway. My whole life White women have put me down. My mother was a prostitute, and a drug addict, at one point in time I held hope that not all White women were like here, anymore I’m not so sure. I have a current relationship with a peruvian girl, but it won’t go anywhere. This is the only subject that depresses me.

          • connorhus

            I don’t know how old you are but I found the cut off for finding women who were not tainted by the Multi-Cult/Feminist disease ended up being roughly born in the mid 60’s or earlier. I know it doesn’t do the young men any good at all to know this.

            I seriously feel for the young White Men these days. I saw the tragedy play out so many times at work. The White boys were harassed, slapped down, if they made a move the women would complain about them all the while the Black Men could do anything and not one complaint was ever aired. They positively harassed these Girls until they gave in.

            I would do everything I could to play wingman for these young White Men and I like to think I did some good and helped a few. I am not a small guy even if I am getting a bit old now and I stepped up many a time trying to show Whites could in fact stand up for each other. I like to think it made some small difference.

            What got me was the more I pointed out the White Female Feminist traitor activity and the more those women foamed at the mouth and complained the more popular I got with many of them as well. They would group up and call me a caveman but the minute one could come on to me alone they were all over it. I just never could get the young White Boys to see through the fog and step their game up.

          • Korpiklaani

            I’m only 23, 24 in a few months. In my experience White men have more solidarity amongst themselves than White women do. That includes racial solidarity, the only kind of solidarity Women have amongst each other is gender solidarity that goes out the window when an Alpha male is up for grabs.

          • Martel

            If white males would have more solidarity, feminism would not work at all. The most headstrong enforcers of feminist ideology you will encounter normally, are “mangina’s(latin)

          • Korpiklaani

            They are the ones who end up as cuckolds, I’d rather die first. Trust me, amongst the younger generation we are all but through with the double standards of Feminism. When the bottom drops out of the economy the Leftist coalition of everything that will get my post modded will fracture. Where will these feminists and “manginas” run two when all the police are laid off, and the troops stand down because they didn’t receive a paycheck? Just like the Russian troops in the Soviet Union.

            When civil unrest pops off, the U.S. will descend into the 8th level of hell, upon where the race traitors, commies, and their little rainbow coalition will come face to face with the REAL White Devil they like to spout off about all the time.

          • connorhus

            I see they are getting sneakier and the missing replies are not now listed as even ever being there in this reply thread.

          • connorhus

            OH I don’t know I see plenty of White Men cutting each other’s throats and playing the Mangina role.

          • Martel

            Yes that is what i meant, too many mangina males attacking males but the last months i feel there is a swing towards masculinity (not in the media obviously)

          • Martel

            We definitely can use every experienced white man as wingmen, pushing girls towards white guys. Black males do the same, I had a teacher who in his best seductive voice asked a young white girl: Have you ever been with a black man?

            They are very loyal towards each other on a racial level.

          • Korpiklaani

            Hear! Hear! I really do wish I knew my Dad better. I’ve only met him a few times, he’s seems like a really cool guy though.

          • bigone4u

            I have observed Mexicans harassing white girls to no end, just as the blacks you observed.

          • connorhus

            I have seen that as well but the lighter the Mexican the less they get away with it. Hispanics do not seem to have the fear of reprisal factor with HR and coworkers that Blacks do.

          • Martel

            When I was a teenager, i remember a white girl yell “white boys are ugly”. it wasn’t uncommon. It makes me sick you had to go trough that.

            I really enjoy your posts though, keep it up

          • Jefferson

            [QUOTE] I really believe the majority of white women believe black men are some
            sort of demi-gods, I’ve heard white women say things like “Black men are
            the original man” “Blacks are sexual stallions” You’re just jealous no
            woman wants you” “white men are creepy”.[/QUOTE]

            If that is true, than don’t blame White men for flocking to Asian women.

            [QUOTE]Blacks think all white men are punks[/QUOTE]

            Liberalism has turned most White men into punks. The tough as nails White alpha male is becoming an endangered species.

          • Cannot Tell

            Hang in there. You sound like a hard working, educated young man. I’m sure a nice white woman will take notice of you soon.

          • Surely you could find a nice northeast Asian gal.

          • Korpiklaani

            I’ve been seriously considering it, at 24 I’m wanting to start settling down with some one.

          • François

            It is quite possible that he could, and some of them are attractive, but genetics being what they are, their kids would look a lot more like her, than like him.

      • Kathy M

        Trust me, I don’t understand it either and I’m a woman! If you noticed that video of Jared when he was editor of PC magazine, you can see how handsome he was. He is what women like me consider a real catch — handsome, highly intelligent, good sense of humor, and a gentleman. Compare and contrast that with the African savage pictured above.

        Like I said, I don’t get it either.

        • bigone4u

          By coincidence I googled “why are white women attracted to black men” earlier tonight. The results I read are interesting. Too many women do not value the qualities you in your wisdom describe Mr. Taylor as having. Today’s woman seeks to break every taboo, from interracial sex to lesbianism to doing amateur porn. One of my students told me that she couldn’t figure out why she was attracted to only “bad boys” that she knew would beat her and leave her. I believe the girls are brainwashed in school to view the totality of their lives through breaking sexual taboos.

          • connorhus

            I think you are right Bigone4u, except I also think the Feminist media does a fair bit to push just what these girls should view as being “bad boy” and “Attractive” and in fashion.

    • Korpiklaani

      It was a woman who looked a lot like her that stabbed me when I pulled her black buck off of her after he smacked her bloody, and taught him a little respect. I see more blonde white women betraying their race more than any other woman.

      • ms_anthro

        The majority of blonds I see doing this are bottle blonds. Try not to hate your Nordic sisters for the actions of a few degenerates. We’re not all like that. I’m sorry that happened to you.

      • George White

        Thank the media for this. Years and years of constant brainwashing take their toll.

    • robinbishop34


    • Thoroughly depressing.

      So far, I have seen many of my “friends” spout out John Lennon’esque trite statements of ‘wisdom’ like:-

      “we should not ‘rise to the bait’,
      “we should ‘come together and be stronger and not let them win”,
      “immigration has nothing to do with this happening”,
      “I’m just glad it hasn’t affected me. I don’t care who runs the country as long as I remain okay”
      “Que the racists and bigots coming out blaming all people with different skin colours for what is the actions of two sad and lonely men with nothing else in their lives”
      “The undesirables (meaning us) will be boosted by this, the BNP, UKIP and other swivel eyed loons, how depressing”

      And no, I am not kidding. I am not making those up.

      Now I go and see that some very attractive white English girl dated (and probably more, given that it was Essex) one of these interlopers. Sickening.

      Can I tell you that Britain isn’t finished? No, not really. Only a miracle and divine intervention can save us now.

      There will no doubt be a few of us that remain, a pocket of resistance, but the rest are willingly putting nooses around their own necks and the necks of their offspring.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      Our women are betraying us seemingly at every turn.

  • Anon

    “There are many, many (verses) throughout the Quran that says we must
    fight them as they fight us. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. I
    apologize that women had to witness this today, but in our land women
    have to see the same. Your people will never be safe.”

    And here we have the primary problem I have with conservatives, even so called “paleo” conservatives. Buchanan adding this is a subtle blurring of two issues. Non-whites, especially muslims are not supposed to be in white lands. Their presence here is wicked and they do great evil here. But the inverse is also true and Buchanan here subtly suggests that it is not by taking a legitimate declaration of war from a wronged people and lumping it in with their invasion of white lands. Because, in point of fact, this scumbag is absolutely right….quran aside I mean. Whites have no business being in these foreign lands. Our presence there is wicked. And we are doing great evil there. And that practically begs for war in response.

    By blurring the distinctly different morality of both situations, Buchanan is also covering up the all important question of WHY. Why are whites invading muslim lands, murdering hundreds of thousands of people, that, while far from innocent, really have absolutely no relevance to us or our way of life. And that question is answered with a single word….Israel.

    It is far outside the self interest of whites to be anywhere near the middle east unless, in fact, these people are such a great threat they might spill out over their lands and invade ours. In that case, might I suggest every last one be wiped off the face of the earth with nuclear weapons? That is what they are for, after all (and don’t kid yourself…that is EXACTLY why they were invented).

    It is, however, in the jews self-interest….however, that interest is aggressive not defensive. It would be one thing if they faced an actual threat (which they have not for decades now) and calling in their treaties with us for united defense. But that is most definitely NOT what is happening. Instead, they have violated every condition of Israels existence and seeked to expand via warfare…..something well outside their means to do safely….except, through control of OUR government, they involve OUR military and leave US to experience the backlash. This is literally why Obama is in office. It was choose the communist jackass or go to war with iran. The republicans made it perfectly crystal clear over the last decade that it was this choice and no other. The country chose Obama. It has been horrible. But maybe not as bad as the alternative. These wars of aggression have bankrupted us, and given us NOTHING in return, especially not security.

    Buchanan is part of the problem. He’s nowhere near as bad as the trotskyites posing as conservatives these days but is proof that there never even was a time where conservatism was a good faith movement.

    Instead, we are given a choice….communism or fascism. Communism at home under Obama or the fascism of an aggressive totalitarian, “homeland security” oriented state that is permanently at war for the interests of another country that is, quite frankly, evil.

  • I speak of the need for a Teddy Boy revival. Why not? If the authorities won’t put an end to this insanity, then real English males need to put together an irregular army to patrol the streets. Even better, the Teds should go into black/Muzzie neighborhoods and rough ’em up a bit.

    • Will

      Yes, roughing ’em up while listening to the music of Gene Vincent.
      It be like a scene from the film “A Clockwork Orange” but with Teds and cooler music.

    • rightrightright

      The EDL had a 7,000 strong rally in Newcastle yesterday. The raw material is there. Note how relaxed and good natured they are, particularly when compared to the comportment pertaining to a muslim street protest.

      Some of the oaths they yell are perhaps a touch crude, but then nobody gets beaten up or beheaded by rude words.


      • Morris LeChat

        well, it’s starting, and nothing can stop it now

  • MikeS

    This piece was on another site and is a good read:

    “The topic I want to cover today will likely raise many feathers. It
    involves the White Genocide, but because Whites are in the basic sense
    of the word a minority – certainly so against the number of Blacks,
    Hispanics, North Asians, South Asians and Middle Easterners – voices of
    non whites who exist in far greater numbers will ultimately sound
    louder. It is no different from providing proof of anything that
    challenges an established doctrine – the voice of the sane is doomed to
    get outbleat by the million times amplified bleat of the sheeple
    whose numbers are incomparably greater. Still, I wanted to share my
    thoughts on the subject of race and see what your thoughts were in the
    light of the arguments presented by me, a white person.

    We are being told by the proponents of multiculturalism (liberal
    sheeple plus the hoards of immigrants who benefit from it by leeching on
    working class whites who pay for their social benefits) that under the
    skin, we are all the same, that race doesn’t matter. I’m here to tell
    you that race does matter.

    This is not an opinion, this is a verifiable fact. All one needs to
    do is take a closer look at places in which the transformation from
    having been predominantly white to having seen an increase in non white
    population has already taken place. There are towns and cities that fit
    that requirement in perhaps the best country to use for an example – the
    United States of America. Take Detroit for example.

    White Flight

    One thing that is commonly understood but not commonly talked about
    is that once the non white population reaches a certain level in an
    area, whites can no longer stay there and move away. It does not work
    the other way around though.

    You will not find many people who specifically seek out predominantly
    black, predominantly Hispanic, or predominantly Muslim neighborhoods
    when house hunting. It is by the same metric that one could ascertain
    that most desirable neighborhoods where people would like to buy a house
    if money was not an object would be white.

    If someone offered to buy you a house worth up to three million
    dollars anywhere in America, would you choose it to be in a place like
    Detroit where whites are a minority? Or if you’re a Swede, would you
    choose it to be in Husby where Muslims are a majority? Or if you’re
    British, would you choose it to be in Brixton?


    It is interesting to note that white immigrants to North America from
    countries like Ireland, Germany, Poland or England assimilate easily
    and quickly become productive members of society. Yet if you compared
    white immigrants of a few years to blacks who have been in North America
    since the colonial times, you’d find that many of the blacks were still
    at the margins of society.

    Liberal Hypocrites

    I believe it was Joseph Sobran who said:

    The purpose of a college education is to give you the
    correct view of minorities, and the means to live as far away from them
    as possible.

    The hypocrisy of our societies is so perfectly reflected in that
    quote, I can’t help but shake my head and at the same time admire the
    genius of its author. We go to colleges where we get indoctrinated with liberalism and use the education acquired to earn enough money so we can afford to live as far away from minorities as possible.

    Best part of this is that the very people who indoctrinate us into
    embracing multiculturalism live from the minorities the furthest. Just
    about every politician in Zio indoctrinated countries, every liberal
    journalist and every teacher has fed us with this mantra of racial
    integration ad nauseum, but just what neighborhoods do they live in? Do
    they send their children to schools with mostly the Bangladeshis? Do
    they invite Nigerians to their dinner parties?

    That’s right, my white friends. They want racial integration for us,
    while they send their own children to private schools and live in
    exclusive suburbs. They tell us that racial diversity is enriching and
    empowering, yet you’d be hard pressed to find any multi racial
    organization of any kind that doesn’t suffer from racial frictions.

    That’s why we are faced with the ever growing need for all kinds of
    racial watchdog groups to regulate and control racial diversity. Where
    is the empowerment in something that needs to be supervised and
    regulated in order to keep it under control? Not a day passes by without
    there being news of racial frictions happening somewhere in the
    country. How could that be a source of strength?

    Author Jared Taylor suggested:

    If poor white Americans were pouring across the border to
    Mexico by the millions, demanding that their children be educated in
    English, insisting on welfare, demanding voting rights for aliens,
    celebrating the 4th of July rather than Cinco de Mayo, even talking
    about tearing down the statue of Santa Ana – could anyone trick the
    Mexicans into thinking that this was cultural enrichment?

    Seems like across the world, only whites are expected to practice and
    celebrate racial diversity. As if there was anything cheerful about
    watching your own race dwindle and get dispossessed.

    Whites Build Successful, Desirable Society

    I dare anyone prove me wrong on this one. With the exception of
    Japan, it is whites and whites only that have a proven track record of
    building successful and desirable societies. You won’t find millions of
    people lining up to immigrate to Guatemala, Pakistan or Kenya. It is
    only the societies built by white people that millions want to
    desperately immigrate to. Many non whites even risk their own lives to
    come and live in a society built by the whites. And the movement is
    always one way – from non white societies to white societies.

    Taking all that into an account, a rather undeniable assumption could
    be made that every desirable place to live, work or go to school is
    desirable because whites made it that way. Based on that assumption, a
    further rather undeniable assumption could be made that it should be in
    utmost interest of all non whites, whether it be Blacks, Latinos,
    Muslims, Asians or whatever other ethnicities there are, that the
    genocide on white people does not progress according to the plan. You
    need whites more than we need to preserve our own race.

    The Legacy

    This however encloses the whole circle I opened earlier whereas once
    non white population in a given area or institution drops below certain
    level, the attractiveness of that area or institution diminishes with
    it. That is why you wouldn’t want to buy a house in Detroit or Husby if
    you could own a house anywhere in America or Sweden.

    It is a brute, biological fact that race does matter and non whites,
    after leaving a place made shitty by non whites and settling in a place
    made great by whites, when grown in numbers, will devalue the place back
    to the level of the place they had escaped for that very reason.
    Wishing that it wasn’t so or pretending that it’s not the case will
    plain and simple change nothing on the that fact that that’s the way it
    is. Therefore if mass non white immigration to white countries is not
    stopped, our grand children will inherit countries resembling third

    Whites are outnumbered, so have at us if you’re not too busy leeching.”

    Vincit Omnia Veritas,


  • George White

    As always PB nails it. I wish he had been POTUS.

  • Wicksteed

    Buchanan unfairly pins the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act on democrats. But a greater percentage of republicans voted for it than democrats.

    ” In the senate, 52 Democrats voted yes, 14 no, and 1 abstained. Of the Republicans, 24 voted yes, 3 voted no, and 1 abstained.[7] The House voted 320-70 to pass the 1965 Immigration & Naturalization Act with 202 Democrats voting yes, 60 no and 12 not voting, 117 Republicans voting yes, 10 no and 11 not voting.”

    • libertarian 1234

      Our main problem is politicians in general. For the most part they’re so divorced from the real world they make decisions based on the only experience they have, which has always involved a protected lifestyle.

      How many of them right now have never known the real world, having gone to school, then into politics or professions where they amount to a privileged, protected class? They’ve been protected from the harsh realities by their lifestyles, just as the many wealthy ones have been protected by their wealth.

      If this system had been based on referendums, letting the people vote on the most important issues, instead of the lie of “representative” government this country would be totally different, and we would not now be flooded with flakes, oddballs, haters and criminals from the third world, nor would we be discussing whether homosexuals can marry or join the military or Boy Scouts where they are imbedded with same sex individuals whom they find sexually attractive.

      This system is not only corrupt it’s too late to straighten things out unless break-up occurs.

      • jane johnson

        I think that congressional term limits might help puncture the beltway bubble. People like Charlie Rangel and Nancy Pelosi have been in D.C. way too long; they and their ilk should’ve been out on their arses decades ago. A Congressional White Caucus would be nice, too. First, we need to get rid of the entrenched career politicians, and since the ship of state might as well be in drydock these days for all the good our elected officials are doing us, let’s call it barnacle removal. Once the hull is scraped clean, we can see if what’s left is worth saving. Maybe then we can send people to Washington who will find strength in numbers, and form an alliance that truly represents the interests of white Americans. I don’t know how we could force term limits on Congress, maybe start with petition drives at the state, or even municipal level. Robin Williiams nailed it when he said,”Politicians, like diapers, should be changed often, and for the same reason.”

    • ho ho

      ya mean stop bein the loyale abused dogs of Zionists,for Jesus sake but most of all for your souls sake.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      A highly misleading post. The Democratic Party of 1965 was still largely the party of Southern Democrat types like Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond types, before they switched. The Republican Party of that time had many northeastern liberals Jacob Javitts and Nelson Rockefeller. The parties were in the process to flip ideologies but were just getting started.

  • I live in Africa and have been quoted as saying that this is in fact normal behavior here. Our farmers are murdered daily our women are unable to walk in the street. Our children have to share classes at school with men 4 or 5 years older as these brethren are now called “learners” and are entitled to remain in schools indefinitely. Keep in mind there is no chance of graduation. The world continues to feed and clothe the African who gets by with the cry of ” victim of slavery” and very little else. My call has been to stop feeding Africa because this will force the people to work and grow crop, something that is not required now so there is plenty of time for tribal fighting and war. The African man would be forced by the women folk to provide as opposed to being able to run amok fueled by western food that the west is hated for anyway.
    The fact that the world has not recognized the peril of the white South African is as simple as they have allowed Robert Mugabe to eradicate entire nation of people who opposed him in Zimbabwe. If America has no vested interest in our woes it is likely we will be eradicated from this land. People of the USA stand up and use your power to stop despotic little African dictators from going unpunished. I am a white African and we have no place to go.

    • WhiteGayMale

      I feel great sadness about your situation. My fear is that whites in the United States may be facing the same future.

    • nobody

      If it was up to me my friend we would trade every black African American in this country for every white South African in your own.

      • Tired

        Absolutely. Our brothers and sisters in South Africa hold more connection to us than any African American ever will.

      • And believe me many will take the deal. We are starting to feel that a fight may be a better situation than the status quo we are living with.

    • Bossman

      Can you not immigrate to Canada or Australia? That should not be too difficult to do.

    • You SA Boers could stay here in Colorado with us.

    • François

      I feel for your people. As you say, “stertke!”.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    This came in an email. I can’t testify to its authenticity but at least it IS humorous; something we could use in the totally humorLESS world in which we have been forced to exist.

    Jiggs McDonald, NHL
    Hall of Fame broadcaster speaking in Orillia ,
    Ontario , says, “I am truly perplexed
    that so many of my friends are against another mosque being built in Toronto . I think it
    should be the goal of every Canadian to be tolerant regardless of their
    religious beliefs. Thus the mosque should be allowed, in an effort to promote
    That is why I also
    propose that two nightclubs be opened next door to the mosque, thereby
    promoting tolerance from within the mosque. We could call one of the clubs,
    which would be gay, “The Turban Cowboy”, and the other a topless
    bar called, “You Mecca Me Hot”.
    Next door should be a
    butcher shop that specializes in pork, and adjacent to that an open-pit
    barbecue pork restaurant, called, ” Iraq o’ Ribs”. Across the
    street there could be a lingerie store called, “Victoria Keeps Nothing
    Secret”, with sexy mannequins in the window modeling the goods.
    Next door to the
    lingerie shop there would be room for an adult sex toy shop, “Koranal
    Knowledge”, its name in flashing neon lights, and on the other side a
    liquor store called “Morehammered”.
    All of this would
    encourage Muslims to demonstrate the tolerance they demand of us, so their
    mosque issue would not be a problem for others.”
    Yes, we should
    promote tolerance, and you can do your part by passing this on.


  • WhiteGayMale

    Pat Buchanan is a national treasure. And of course, he speaks the truth, as always. What a shame that so many white Americans have so little regard for our history and our culture.

  • KenelmDigby

    I’ve got a very strong hunch that the ape who murdered Lee Rigby originated from one of the Nigerian tribes that captured, ate and sometimes sold other blacks into slavery.
    It’s just something about the ‘natural’ bullying, swagger and big-build – I just KNOW in my bones that his ancestors were slave raiders, traders and cannibals.
    Saying all that, don’t you think that this murder resembled more than anything a human sacrifice rather than anything else? The whole idea of shedding blood and pouring it on to the ground as a libation for the gods, the triumphant display of the red-bloodied hands, the ritualized chanting, all of it evokes the dark atavistic gods of his homeland – and the mass orgies of blood-letting (in the 19th century the Benin chiefs would slaughter hundreds of captives at a time) of his not too distant ancestral past.
    In all probability he is the direct descendant of a voudoun priest. The ritualistic behavior, engrained through countless millenia is so strong as to imprinted in his DNA.
    And the British Labour party has made it its bounden duty to swamp Britain with these savages.

  • MartelC

    the bbc is gushing over with stories of muslims who are ‘living in fear’ liberals can’t wait to ‘stand up’ for them.. ANYTHING that helps destroy the west is ‘good’.
    Remember to the hostile elite, these are features, not bugs.

  • Tired

    It isn’t. It will end with brother attacking brother, parent attacking child, town against town, and friends against friends. I despise how it has come to this and can only sit back and watch.

    My own family is very close, but as soon as I voiced opposition to a sister’s date with a Dravidian man, I was attacked every which way you could without physically hurting someone. The diversity religion goes deep, very deep.

    I come closer and closer to the horrifying conclusion that a mother within the diversity cult would sacrifice her very child if the diversity cult called for it.

    • Martel

      Oh mothers do that all the time. They condone their child getting pestered and bullied in elementary school if they are convinced they cannot criticize the culture of the bullies.

      • Korpiklaani

        I had a habit of picking up hard heavy objects, and smacking peoples heads open in middle school. I only made it trough 2 years of High School before they sent me to a “behavior problem” school, but not once, EVER, did I start or instigate a violent encounter.

    • connorhus

      Many mothers and fathers sacrifice their children on the alter of diversity daily.

    • MartelC

      movies encourage white women to do just that – like the one about the 300 lb football player adapted by a white couple – the mother blows off her own kids… and that is one of the few times a conservative christian family was portrayed as ‘positive ‘ by hollywood.. not hard to figure out why.

      • Tired

        Exactly, but people look to these movies for guidance. They talk about how heart warming it is, but I find the movies full of propaganda. Needless to say, I don’t watch a lot of movies anymore…. My family and friends watch it and eat it up like hot cakes.

        Often times, it feels as if the house is on fire and you are the only one alarmed, but you can’t walk away.

        • libertarian 1234

          “Often times, it feels as if the house is on fire and you are the only one alarmed, but you can’t walk away.”
          Those that fall for the propaganda can only be re-programmed if there is an equal machine in play that creates scenarios which are designed to tell them the truth in an emotional, story-telling way, plus it’s also necessary to have control of the main organs of communication that constantly report facts and not agenda slanted news.
          Short of those two important advantages, our only option is to wait and watch, because the rainbow scenario is a lie and will come apart on its own eventually. It will accelerate its decline if it is helped along with hard financial times that force people into a mode of reality.
          We’re seeing it in its initial stages of unraveling with riots, murders, fighting, terrorism, and racial conflicts, and an economy that is severely weakening.
          The incident involving the murder of a soldier in London by home-grown blacks does more to accelerate the multicultural decline than almost anything else.
          It will get far worse before we reach critical mass, and when it arrives the dupes now falling for the propaganda will either have to fight or die.

    • libertarian 1234

      “I come closer and closer to the horrifying conclusion that a mother within the diversity cult would sacrifice her very child if the diversity cult called for it.”

      She would, of course, just as the Jonestown Cult stood in line waiting to drink the cyanide-laced Kool-Aid with their children, and the Heaven’s Gate cult killed themselves, because the mother ship failed to arrive to take them to Jupiter.

      The diversity cult is only one more deranged bit of propaganda that preys on the minds of weak fools.

  • Dave4088

    “The immigration bill……….may write an end to more than just the Republican Party.”

    I bet dollars to donuts Pat is referring to the white race. If whites, both on the right and left, don’t jettison their silly, Marxist derived abstractions and quaint fictions about race then we will disappear from history at the close of the 21st century.

  • PJB writes:

    Behind this vision lies an ideology, an idee fixe, that America is not a normal nation of blood and soil, history and heroes, but a nation erected upon an idea, the idea that anyone and everyone who comes here, raises his hand and swears allegiance to the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights becomes, de facto, not just a legal citizen but an American.

    QD responds:

    Unfortunately, that was an ideology shared by two Republican Presidents that PJB worked for and still makes excuses for to this day.

    • OhOh

      Unfortunately we all have faults…Friends of J.T. also make excuses for his rules on the JQ question…Loyalty,even misplaced,is still a respectable trait.

    • oh oh

      Your buddy deleted my comment to you…unfortunately,you approve.

  • MartelC

    Right now, muslim ‘leaders’ are ‘condemning’ the attack – they know how to play the game – but in the near future, when the demographics shift a little more… , as with the riots in sweden, they will riot and protest when Muslims who perpetrate these crimes are shot by the police (as many minorities do when drug dealers are shot)

    unfortunately, liberals can’t wait to jump on their side, to show they are marching with the new ‘mlk’s ..

    • libertarian 1234

      “Right now, muslim ‘leaders’ are ‘condemning’ the attack – ”

      They’re FINALLY doing that because of repeated, consistent pleas by the white, leftist weenies who know it’s necessary in order to mollify the easily duped white types in the general population.

      The rainbow utopia crowd and those whose primary purpose is in holding on to their power and wealth desperately need help in maintaining the defense of their multicultural schemes, because they’ve been in danger of unraveling for quite some time now, and it was apparent that silence from Muslims in general made it obvious they actually agreed with the horrors taking place in the name of advancing their demented religion.

      Any sentiments expressed by the purveyors of Islam is a sham.

  • Hal K

    It is just not correct to say that since 1965 immigration policy has been run by people who detest America. The Democratic and Republican parties have been sharing power more or less equally. The Republican Party has had ample opportunity to change our immigration policy, and they have chosen not to. If you dwell on what liberals have done then you miss the point, which is the the GOP does not explicitly represent white interests, and this is why they have let whites down on things that matter, like immigration policy.

    • yes! and any IMPLICIT representation of white interests by the GOP is a LIE. You could argue that amren and sites like it are a major factor in creating the false impression that the GOP is actually representing whites. So many people here seem to believe that being rightwing is being anti-immigration. How absurd. The last two GOP leaders (bush and romney) publicly praised mass immigration and bush even denigrated the work ethic of americans in comparison to immigrants (see the mother jones interview from the 90s). At least the Dems would give americans more unemployment, slightly better social safety net etc while they (and the GOP) sell our jobs out to immigrants. Better than nothing, which is what the GOP offers.

      Would the GOP stop mass immigration? No! Look at the proof: Arpaio in Arizona has tried to do something about stopping mass immigration. But federal judge Snow just quashed arpaio’s efforts. Who appointed this treasonous judge Snow? Bush did! In 2007.
      So why is amren constantly pushing the GOP as being the ones on our side? Is amren being paid by the GOP to do so?

      • Hal K

        American Renaissance is explicitly pro-white. Your point about AmRen giving a false impression about the GOP doesn’t make any sense.

        AmRen doesn’t push the GOP as being on our side.

        You need to start thinking outside of the left-vs.-right box if you really care about white interests. Neither the left or the mainstream right represents white interests explicitly.

        It is true that the GOP harms white interests in a variety of ways, but that doesn’t mean the answer is to go to the Democrats. The answer is to break through the wall that keeps white identity politics out of the mainstream right.

        • you wrote:

          The answer is to break through the wall that keeps white identity politics out of the mainstream right.


          Why not break through the wall that keeps white identity politics out of the mainstream LEFT? I see NOTHING that the Right offers us. The Right is all about the upper class, even more than the Left is.

          The left at least offers more pro-worker policies. Besides, the whites are mostly already on the side of the GOP/Right. And what has that gotten us? Nothing. Use the power of the white majority by amassing its power into a single party. Go to the other side and change it.
          But before solutions must come understanding.

          The answer is to first of all uncover the truth. Outline the principles of true politics.

          To wit:

          1) Democracy is the ultimate goal–all solutions must come from a united majority bloc and must come from the bottom up. The Wisdom of Crowds etc; 2) Democracy increases as the size of the political district decreases (cities more democratic than states; states more democratic than federal govt); 3) all mainstream institutions are corrupted by Big Money. NO mainstream institution is going to be on the side of the majority–academic, education, govt, corporations, entertainment–all these are controlled and molded and shaped by the rich; 4) democracy increases with homogeneity and decreases with heterogeneity. Only a united populace can fight the plutocrats and their invading armies of foreign cheap labor.

          Understand these principles and spread them. Let the solutions rise up from the grassroots. But before solutions can come, understanding of reality is required.

          • Why not break through the wall that keeps white identity politics out of the mainstream LEFT?

            Because the “mainstream” left has been building that wall.

          • but what controls the mainstream left? I guess you are going to tell me that liberal professors and hollywood and liberal politicians etc control it, right? Wrong. CULTURE controls them. And culture controls you and all of us. Wake up, Truman Burbank, and see your strings above you. Not to get all “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” on you, but we need to apply the lessons learned in sociobiology to real american politics. And that road starts with understanding how culture controls behavior. Then understand how culture is molded and what forces mold culture.

          • Freey’all

            No, QD, the “mainstream” left *and* right have been building that wall. Neither side is the slightest bit innocent, they are both purely mercenary and basically resemble each other. The neo-cons and the liberals have way more in common agenda-wise (much of which occurs organically but not entirely spontaneously) than they like to admit publicly, and not it is not all tribe-designed and engined although largely so.

          • Hal K

            Why not break through the wall that keeps white identity politics out of the mainstream LEFT?

            We need to think in terms of what is practical. The mainstream right is closer to white identity politics than the left is. The mainstream right goes up to the wall that separates white identity politics from the mainstream. The implicit pro-whiteness of the GOP is insufficient to protect and advance white interests, but it is still closer to white interests than the left. The left is organized around nonwhite and feminist identity politics. If there is going to be a breakthrough it will be on the right, not the left.

            and what has that gotten us? Nothing

            I agree. All it has done is give whites the illusion that their interests were being represented while doing nothing about the one thing most harmful to their interests, which is demographic displacement by nonwhite immigration. Mainstream conservatism has been used to keep white solidarity suppressed, but the answer is to fix mainstream conservatism, not to run over to the side that is even more anti-white.

            Democracy is the ultimate goal

            I disagree with you there. The goal is the introduction of explicit white identity politics into the political mainstream. All groups have explicit identity politics in the mainstream right now except for whites, and that has to change.

          • Talltrees

            Do you have any thoughts on how to achieve this goal? Specific actions. What could we be doing right now.

          • Hal K

            Pro-white activists should focus on the conservative establishment instead of liberals. When they demonstrate, it should be against mainstream conservative institutions, like the Heritage Foundation. When a mainstream conservative publication like the National Review fires people like John Derbyshire there should be demonstrations against it.

            I would like to see the creation of blogs and other types of online publications dedicated to exposing the hypocrisy and wrongheadedness of mainstream conservatism on racial issues. Even while they blame liberals for every racial problem they are still slaves to anti-white political correctness. I write about this all the time in my comments.

            People could try to join their local Republican Committees to push an explicitly pro-white agenda, but they might not get very far. People have been kicked out for trying this.

            There is also a more “negative” strategy, which is to form explicitly pro-white parties whose sole purpose is to pressure the GOP to embrace white identity politics and, if it doesn’t do this, to hasten the collapse of the GOP by drawing away white votes. There is a very good chance that the GOP will collapse regardless because of demographic change. It is the introduction of white identity politics into the mainstream that matters, not the survival of the GOP.

          • Talltrees

            There is a White political party “American Freedom Party;” however, don’t think many know about it. Merlin Miller ran as president on the ticket last election.

          • political parties are not the answer. The answer must come from the bottom up. The answer is finding and spreading the truth about how politics really work in the western world. And that centers around the 4 principles I outlined above.

          • Hal K

            They stopped being explicitly pro-white. The last time I looked at their website I didn’t see anything explicitly pro-white.

            Other than that, the AFP is a good example. There doesn’t have to be just one pro-white party in order for them to be effective. My impression of the AFP is that its leaders have the mindset that they actually want to win some elections, but there is no need for this.

            By moving away from explicit pro-whiteness, the AFP went in the wrong direction.

            Having candidates at the presidential level need not be the priority. Pro-white parties could act as spoilers in local elections. If you could convince enough whites in a local district to vote for your party instead of the GOP candidate (e.g. for the county council), then this would get their attention, and it would have a ripple effect.

          • Talltrees

            It’s frustrating, each pro-White group blames the cause and solution to our dispossession differently; however, the ultimate goal to preserve the White race is the same. These disagreements are getting us nowhere.

            It appears the only group growing and taking action is The Political Cesspool (radio). Its target, White European Christians and thinks secession is the answer. Taking over the country, seceding, grabbing the Northwest? Is this realistic or just dreaming?

            James Edwards says:

            “We’re currently positioned to take an incredible leap forward. I have been in discussion with two major public relations firms that seek to work on our behalf. Without having to change our signature issues whatsoever, these firms have offered to help secure for us more prime time national media exposure. They will also act as our representatives when the usual suspects launch their customary baseless attacks, such as the one hurled at us earlier this month by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.”

            They are fully aware of what they are up against, but at least have the courage to do something. Thirty something James Edwards is turning out to be a leader.


            We have experienced many black and White issues over the years, so it’s difficult to understand that Whites do not have ‘White Identity.’ Blacks certainly reminded us a zillion times that we are White. I see “White Flight’ as a product of ‘White Identity.’ In my circle, many complain about minorities and massive immigration of non-Whites. A survey might lead us to more understanding.

            Posters who do openly identify as Whites on pro-White websites are not speaking up. Their lack of voice doesn’t match their concern. How do you account for that?

            You gave sound suggestions; although, I doubt anyone will pick up on them. I’m not sure those who read and post on the various pro-White websites will be part of our solution. For some reason, “It will not work,” mentality is at play.

          • Hal K

            Posters who do openly identify as Whites on pro-White websites are not
            speaking up. Their lack of voice doesn’t match their concern. How do
            you account for that?

            They are not speaking up publicly as leaders, but they are speaking up anonymously on websites and contacting their members of Congress. There aren’t enough explicitly pro-white organizations to join, especially moderate ones. The CofCC is the only example I know of.

            It takes extra courage and resources (or lack of other commitments) to be a pro-white leader. Many whites would lose their marriages and/or jobs if they tried this. Many have children and don’t want their kids to have to grow up without a father around.

            I never thought of The Political Cesspool as an organization. They don’t have members, do they? It would be great if they could break into the mainstream, but that is not the same as being a membership organizations.

            What about my anti-GOP strategy? It is negative, but the GOP isn’t pro-white, and as long as it suppresses explicit white solidarity we would be better off without it (the GOP). Just think of the possibilities that would be opened up if the GOP collapsed. If pro-white parties played a role in the (hypothetical) collapse then that would be all the better, because then people would be thinking seriously about letting white identity politics into the mainstream after the GOP collapses.

          • Talltrees

            The Political Cesspool survives on donations if you want to call those donating, members. It sends a weekly newsletter Saturday mornings with content related to the evening radio broadcast.

            Not too long ago James was approached by a large donor offering to pay for the entire broadcast indefinitely. Unfortunately, there was a catch which James said would be a compromise on issues; therefore he declined.

            Moved to a larger studio with additional capabilites to reach a larger audience. Europeans and Australians are tuning in. Access is through the TPC website.

            No doubt the Republican Party needs conservative competition. Would like to see all its members thrown out. I do believe there might be a few on our side, but fear speaking up for obvious reasons.

          • Talltrees

            Yes, we need an activist type membership organization. Now that TPC hired two public relations firms, it might grow into one. Let’s hope; although, a professional name is necessary. In my opinion, lawyers are necessary due to lawsuits from ACLU, SPLC, NAACP, and others with respect to what James might say that is blown out of proportion.

          • Talltrees


            Conservative party for Whites.

            “The American Freedom Party is a party that represents the interests and issues of White Americans and all Americans who support our mission..”

            “A Nationalist party that shares the customs and heritage of the European American people.”

            “We are Constitutionalists and Nationalists who want to stop the immigrant invasion and cultural Marxism, and preserve the best traditions of America by putting America first!” Merlin Miller, Presidential Candidate 2012.”


          • Hal K

            Thanks for pointing those out.

          • um….did you read the last part of my post above? I specifically addressed your question. I think! Or do you have a more specific question?

          • Talltrees

            Too general. Looking for step by step plan.

          • I am taking my first step. I spread the ideas I think are correct. It all starts with the spread of ideas. The ideas are based on the ones I enumerated above.

          • Talltrees

            When will you give us the other steps?

          • the solutions will arise from the public. I just spread the knowledge I have. If you agree with me, spread it, too. If not, do as you please.

          • Talltrees

            I had been trying to get others here to open up, offer solutions, and clear steps we can take. You contributed. Thank you.

          • Freey’all

            I’m declaring that the only way we’ll see a real breakthrough is by enabling some type (I’m not suggesting total) of unity between the left and the right. John McCain was wrong when he miscalculated that some democrat women were disaffected and disgusted mainly be sexism in the democratic primary in ’08; more were outraged by the combination of anti-white racism and sexism, but the racism was the key pivot. I know this because I was one of them as were tons of my friends, all from different demographics. I mention that event just as an example of how feminist witch-hunting is holding our movement back. We could turn the majority of white democrats behind us if we stopped being so dogmatic and puritanical and indulgent of elitism.

          • Hal K

            Could you clarify where you are coming from politically?

            What movement do you think is being held back by feminist witch-hunting?

            Who do you mean by “we” when you say e could turn the majority of white democrats behind us if we stopped being so dogmatic and puritanical and indulgent of elitism.. What do you mean by indulgent of elitism?

            I don’t agree that left-right unity is the key. Any time you hear “bipartisan” in the context of legislation you know someone is trying to screw over the white middle class. Bipartisanship is what brought us the immigration “reform” bill.

            The whole political culture needs to change so that explicit white identity politics can enter the mainstream. You don’t get there by pandering to the current dominant politically correct sensibilities.

          • Freey’all

            I come from the heartland of Europe; I am celt and german. In America, where my family has lived and labored and fought for generations, I am White.

            This movement – the pro-white one – is held back by feminist witch-hunting. It is the ultimate red herring; it wastes our time, which is our most precious and dear resource as our racial clock ticks, and it unnecessarily divides us. It also distracts us from fighting our very real enemies.

            Elitism means many things, but here mostly class and IQ snobbery. This fixation and greed and zero sum game strategy disables growth of pan-white unity. I don’t believe this unity will come from within the confines of the present party system which really has only served to divide whites specifically. We are the current political system’s scapegoat.

            White identity politics will enter the mainstream and indeed, come to its rightful place if we stop pandering to the puritans, elitists and fascists amongst the pro-white camp. I refuse to call what we have a true movement as nothing is moving except words, most of which are uttered (or typed) behind fake identities to other virtual cyber-personae.

            It’s time to get real, people, about who and what we are. We are pro-white, not pro-rich vs. poor, nor pro-man vs. woman, nor pro-straight vs. gay.


          • Hal K

            I never thought that “feminist witch-hunting” was such a problem for the pro-white movement. You hear about the “Manosphere” and the game advocates, but that is just one component of the “dissident right.” I don’t think AmRen, for instance, gets into gender identity politics.

            I just don’t see what the problem is. Are women telling you they would join some pro-white organization if the people weren’t so anti-feminist?

            We need to try to be a coalition to the extent possible, and not say that “so and so” is the problem. That seems to be what you are doing.

            The feminist-nonwhite alliance is very strong. In my opinion the way to weaken that alliance is not to pander more to feminists. What is needed instead is mainstream pro-male advocacy. Men are taken advantage of under our current laws. We have anti-male affirmative action and set-asides. This undermines the ability of men to head traditional families, and we need traditional families now. The list could go on. If some women don’t like that, then they are free to find (or better yet, start) a pro-white organization that is more sympathetic to feminism. For me individually, though, the truth is that we need to move back towards patriarchy. I don’t make a big deal about that, though, since it is not my main concern.

          • Freey’all

            People get into gender identity politics on here constantly. People hunt down ‘feminists’ pretty regularly, blaming our present disaster-status situation on a movement that doesn’t even exist anymore. Some men even call to have ‘feminists’ sacrificed to diversity without any provocation and without any definition of what this mythical creature even is. Many men here don’t realize that affirmative action really promoted racial diversity mainly; I know various white women who’ve lost their jobs to black women so that a company could check both boxes at once, and because white women were actually not protected by AA no matter how much paranoid white men try to say they are. It’s a blurry line but overall it has equaled destruction for whites.

            I agree that we’d be better off forming broader coalitions, although with the caveat that I think we need to network and at the least watch out for one another. Way below Istvan posts about how the british government is now imprisoning citizens for criticizing the muslim attack on an innocent soldier. That is happening in the US but under the guise of various big corporation/big government ‘benevolence,’ like the Patriot Act and
            the Big Pharma/statist alliance. People are being imprisoned, and interned and usually drugged, just like dissidents were in Soviet Russia. Even for those willing to risk harassment along the lines of IRS persecution of the Tea Party, for eg, there is still the very real possibility they will be arrested. British police took the critics of the islamic attack from their houses in the middle of the night. This type of silencing and punishment is happening here and forms a real threat to pro-white activists. Google Susan Lindauer just for one example. I can give you others and further illuminate the mechanics of this Hitler-esque repression if you can’t. In this incipient activist phase which I am starting and hoping others will in their own ways, we need to watch each other and network to do that.

          • Hal K

            Many men here don’t realize that affirmative action really promoted racial diversity mainly

            It’s funny you would say that, because lately someone has been posting replies to my comments on other sites saying that it is mostly white women who benefit from Affirmative Action.

            I know for a fact that there are contract set-asides for women. To the extent that we have women in our police forces, women in the military, etc., it is a sign of some form of affirmative action. It is well known in academia that it is easier to get an academic career if you are a woman (in the technical fields at least).

            There is Title IX, and now our elite wants to extend this to STEM education. Feminism hasn’t gone away by a long shot. On the contrary, it is in charge of our society now, along with anti-white political correctness.

            I look at Infowars sometimes and read about those things you mentioned. Those things are also troubling, but anti-white political correctness is my main concern.

          • Freey’all

            Your last paragraph is deeply troubling. You’re more worried about anti-white political correctness than you are about the people who question it being interned, arrested, etc.? I know a woman on here who refused to participate in white privelege reeducation classes in her job, for which she got fired. She then went to the press and wound up being harassed by the state as she worked afterwards in the same county/state that the job at a wealthy university she was working for was in. She also was criticizing the anti-white PC dogma in a field that’s very clubby. Some of the harassment included being arrested and falsely accused of criminal charges.

            There are other even worse stories. This is war. If you want to just fight it on here by preaching to the choir then I can’t convince you to care, but I will say that rhetoric is nothing without action. You’ll only fight PC by backing those who make stands publicly.

            This message goes out to everyone here on Memorial Day. We cannot afford to lurk in the cyber shadows anymore. Think of all the men, and women too, who’ve lost their lives fighting so that we could be free. Heed the call. Honor their bravery and sacrifice. They wanted us to have a better life. My personal life inspiration is my cousin, a big tall redheaded guy who came home from Viet Nam after loading Agent Orange during his tour. Within 18 months he was dead, just after he and his young wife had adopted a baby. The cancer had sterilized this beautiful man before he even knew he was sick. Dead man walking.

            Heed the call, Hal. Better people than you and I have.

          • Hal K

            I did look up Susan Lindauer, and she wasn’t a pro-white activist. The Tea Party is not explicitly pro-white either, and you mentioned them.

            The problem is that you are combining different things here. You aren’t just concerned about tyranny against pro-white activists. You are also concerned about government abuse of power in other situations.

            If you think abuse of power in and of itself is the biggest concern, then we disagree on that. Anti-white political correctness is a much bigger problem. That is what is making whites lose their countries everywhere.

          • Freey’all

            This will likely get deleted but…Lindauer was criticizing the same forces, the Israeli Lobby, which have helped design and institute anti-white policies. They’re not totally divisible Hal, at all!

            She’s just one example. How about the other one I mentioned…and I have other stories of tyrannical government overtly punishing whites who question anti-white policies, believe me. More will happen as some of us actually unite, form advocacy groups and publicly take stands. We’re being watched and read almost as we type here, by SPLC and big government’s various anti-white minions. The Patriot Act is now defining domestic terrorists as anyone who ‘intimidates’ any certain ‘demographic,’ or who could be interpreted to be ‘enabling in any way’ domestic terrorists.

            Read the bottom thread about citizens being arrested in Britain in the middle of the night. It’s happening here too! The latest update I’ve heard is an 85 yr old lady was arrested for shouting to a mosque that they should go home.

            If she can risk arrest then I want to know why my healthy virile white men cannot.

          • Hal K

            The 85 year old lady example was in the UK.

            I just did a Google search to find out more about the Patriot Act. The ACLU has a page on it, ‘How the USA PATRIOT Act redefines “Domestic Terrorism”‘. It doesn’t say anything about “enabling in any way.” Where did you get the idea that it identified people as terrorists who “enabled” in any way terrorists?

            What the Patriot Act does is reclassify civil disobedience as terrorism. I guess we already knew that the establishment only allows their left-wing pets to get away with civil disobedience anyway.

          • Freey’all

            I read it in a book about the Patriot Act in one of the best county libraries in the country.  I’ll get the name for it and post it.

          • connorhus

            Feminism and Feminist have been attacking White men for decades. Allying with every minority group they can find to help them loot the White Man and pass biased legislation that promotes every other race/gender combination except White and Male.

            And now you want to say Feminism is dead and the Right should embrace those biased laws and legislation that do nothing but give Women and Minorities a tilted playing field? So Men should cut their own throats so Women will stop betraying their own race?

            Sorry I don’t think it works that way.

          • Freey’all

            This is an example of what typically happens when the gender identity politics wars start. I or some woman says something, and some man responds to something I or she didn’t say. Where did I say we whites should embrace AA? I said just the opposite yet you twist it to fit your agenda, which seems to involve mostly witch-hunting feminists.

            Our entire race’s survival is at stake. Now is not the time to project oneself, but to seek common cause behind a common goal. We are white, plain and simple, and the federal government is destroying us, our most basic rights and way of life. Try to listen. It doesn’t work the way too many men on here want things to. Women’s input matters no less than men’s and no more. Together we stand.

          • Sangraal

            Freey’all, for what it’s worth, I think you’re on the money here.

            Unite along racial lines, across sexual/orientation/petty statist national etc lines.

          • Freey’all

            Thank you, Sangraal. At times it seems too many on here want to win the battle of being right, not the one of being White. I keep posting though knowing that at least some of us have the character to grow and truly help each other.

          • Bossman

            Pro-White cannot be a single-issue movement in a country as diverse as the USA.

          • François

            Thank you. That was very well put.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            Democracy is not the ultimate goal. Democracy is mob rule, the founding fathers understood this and instead set up a representative republic. This is what has been hijacked by enemies of Whites.
            I agree that neither the right nor left supports the explicit interests of White Americans and, in fact, usually work against our interests.

            Big money IS a problem, but worse is the ethno-centric nature of the genocidal anti-Whites who control the media, government and academic institutions — that is the real problem

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    It would be useful to have seen Mr. Buchanan develope how Europe came to the same basic practice and worse while still being of peoples and cultures that do have the links of blood and soil.

    He and most of you will disagree with me, but I argue that it is Christianity that created this possibility so that when the historical conditions arrived (namely the depopulation of Europe through civil wars, mostly of Christian cause -(oh yes)) non-white, non-Europeans had to be brought in to rebuild (post WW2 fact). This was a predictable outcome BECAUSE Christianity takes the believer away from his relationship with his land and seeks to convert all living humanity (the reason for missionaries going worldwide; Jesus can’t return until everyone has been witnessed to). I can’t easily prove this to anyone. It ought to be obvious.

    • connorhus

      Christianity is not completely responsible. Only a combination of Christianity, Feminism, Communism (Socialism), Capitalism and cheap energy can create what we see today. Christianity was around long before the other three and by itself it never produced what we are seeing today. It took a multitude of tools to create this and importing cheap labor of races of men enamored with the White Woman benefited many different ideologies is some way.

      It would not have been possible on the scale it was done without cheap energy however. No matter how many bleeding hearts or hating Feminist pushed it.

    • Bossman

      What existed before Christianity? It was Greco-Roman civilization, something that would eventually not work out for Europe.

      • François

        What about the Celtic civilisation? The Goths? Other pre-Christian European civilisations? And if you want to go very far back, the Indo-Europeans?

  • DigDeeperintoThatBagelandLox

    Joe Biden recently announced his belief regarding what group has been at the forefront of mass-immigration/open borders. Why no discussion on Amren? Yes, the Muzzies have to go, one way or the other, but the ROOT of the problem, the people who have made this happen (in every Western country) must be exposed. They must also be dealt with. White Western people deserve their own countries. Get to the root of the problem.

    • Actually, the root of the problem lies somewhere within the minds of White men who would sell their souls and their people out for thirty pieces of silver. Whether or not the blame game is relevant at this point is up for debate. But one thing that isn’t up for debate is that unless we figure out why White people so easily fall for sympathetic pleas for universal equality, then we are doomed to continue a vicious cycle.

      • unadorned


        • yoyo

          Up urs too ya fake heathen!

      • yoyo

        B.S!! Its not up for debate because its not allowed here!! Why respond
        when the closet semite that controls the debate here removes the
        comments they dont like.The conversation here is rigged!!….you would
        probably likely blame the little White girls who get groomed for sex
        slavery by 20 to 50 year old muzzies as well.

      • ho ho

        J.T. is to blame!!

  • Albert Rodds

    This will go on to in inexorable end. Most people (The main stream) will do nothing until it affects them. Something bigger than 9/11 which mainly affected one location.

    • MartelC

      the end result of 9/11 was INCREASED muslim immigration.. see, that will make them like us.

      Once you understand the ‘goal’ is to wipe out the west, the strange behavior of our elite is not so strange…since 1789 they have believed the ‘old order’ has to be eliminated for paradise on earth in their ‘we are the world’ utopia ‘brother/sisterhood of man’ to ensue. Anything in the way is ‘worth the price.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      The media will do nothing until something bigger than 9/11 happens in one location, Israel.

  • David Ashton

    The (supposedly “right-wing”, but occasionally good) “Daily Mail, May 26, reports a 61% opinion poll Yes vote to the question: “Do the actions of the EDL make more attacks [i.e. murders by Muslims] likely?” As you will note, the cause and effect were not put the other way round. This English animal is naughty, when attacked it defends itself.

    • IstvanIN

      So 61% believe the British public have no right to protest their own genocide?

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      I believe no opinion polls conducted by the media. I assume they have my # number and name and will be happy to share any information about my opionions with government agencies. Anyone calls from a newspaper asking my opinion about anything gets nothing but a slammed receiver in response.

  • The immigration bill moving through the Senate, with an amnesty for 11
    to 12 million illegals already here, and millions of their relatives
    back home, may write an end to more than just the Republican Party.

    Why should I care what happens to the GOP? The GOP is anti-worker, pro-immigration, anti-white, anti-male, pro-plutocrat, etc. They are evil. You could certainly say the same about the Democratic party, except perhaps not as bad in the anti-worker area.

    The real issue is that again and again paleocon, anti-immigration, pro-white male sites like amren go beyond their core mission and become pro-GOP sites. The GOP is not on our side. Why is it that sites like amren seem to be crypto-GOP sites? The GOP is not on our side. Never was, never will be.

    • You need to come off the ledge.

      If the Gang Bangers of Eight bill gets some sort of yea or nay vote in both chambers of Congress, take note of who disproportionately votes yea and who disproportionately votes nay. Take special note of party and geography.

      • um…I don’t think that is going to work. The senatorial voting districts are too large and factionalized for voting on this issue to matter.

        • Freey’all

          ps. the plutocrats are anti white male and female and we’d all be better off understanding that.

      • Freey’all

        No he doesn’t; he needs to pull more people right onto it and into a revolution which will never happen under the auspice of the right.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        Take special note of the money trail. “Donations” can easily find their way to a pol’s opponent if large donors aren’t pleased with the direction of his vote, all it takes is one phone call. Exposing skeleton’s in one’s closet, with help from a complicit media can also work wonders. You can ask Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts why he changed his mind at the last moment on Obamacare.

    • MBlanc46

      Both parties support globalization. They support it for the same reason: Their paymasters, the global economic elite, want it. Their stances aren’t identical–the Repubs favor export of capital a bit more and Dems favor importing Third World labor a bit more–but the outcome will be pretty much the same whichever party is in power. It’s as delusional to think that either party gives a flying fig about ordinary working people.

  • Yale2001

    Pat is right on the money, as usual. Unfortunately, we don’t have leaders with enough balls to change anything. We need real men in charge. Good common sense would do our country so good. We will keep helping our enemies pursue their goals and making the good guys suffer and become the scapegoats.

  • Robb

    How odd. My local paper says the man was “slashed” to death. Nothing about being run over and beheaded. Nothing about the attacker being a muzzie. Nothing about the victim being a British soldier. How odd.

    • IstvanIN

      It is a cover-up, or perhaps a down-playing, of the incident to keep the public in the dark.

      • Sue

        I agree. Then there must be fear in there somewhere from British citizens. It’s a good thing.

  • Gereng

    It will end, of course, in the destruction and disappearance of white, Christian America. We are committing race, cultural and finally- national suicide. In short we are handing over our country and the birth right of our children, In fact we are subsidizing an invasion of hate filled alien peoples and no one is willing to do anything to stop it. Certainly not our so-called leadership.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      “We” are not doing this; it is being done to us by those who do not consider themselves whites and who have a genocidal plan to destroy the white race.

      Was the destruction of White America via massive 3rd world immigration ever put to a vote of the people? I didn’t vote for this, did you?

  • IstvanIN

    here is more proof that things do not look good: http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/Britain-police-Muslims-arrests/2013/05/26/id/506441


    • Freey’all


      Taken in the middle of the night. Our Patriot Act actually reads very similarly and allows for arrests under similar very broad criteria, which can be redefined any time the federal government wants to issue an edict. These classified letters cannot even be read by many congresspeople; the citizen(s) being ordered to obey them isn’t allowed to even see it.

      Please re-read all my posts upthread and consider joining or at least networking with me and some pro-white advocates in the area, the tri-state one.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      yes, very scary article, from the Police State of Orwell. While muslims freely scream in the streets of white homelands “death to infidels” and burn,loot and riot because they’re misunderstood and oppressed.
      We must make sure we target the real enemy, those who opened up the floodgates of white homelands.

  • christopher mahoney

    Pat is The Man. It’s amazing he hasn’t been arrested, droned, audited, or sent to a FEMA camp for re-education. One can only hope that McLean remains a Drone Free Zone.

  • eldonius

    Here are the findings in Canada,s largest city.

    White racism is keeping the black man down

    No other possible reason. rinse and repeat


    • Bobby

      Isn’t it mindboggling? The Canada public is being fed the same leftist treasonous, nation destroying poison that the American public was fed and is still being fed.

  • potato78

    Too late.

  • Bobby

    Pat, could you please specify more accurately, exactly who it is that is not waking up when you use the term “the West”.

    • Bossman

      The “West” is the term that historians and educated people use to describe white nations in general. It all began with the Greeks, who decided that everything east of them was Asia and non-European.

  • Webby

    “…how do we think this experiment is going to end?”
    I can assure you, while many big mouthed people have strong opinions, very few of them actually “think”.

  • Fed Up

    What in the name of hell is wrong with [formerly] White European nations? I just returned from a two-week trip to Europe. I was shocked, repelled and disgusted by the huge number of Africans, Asians and Muslims found everywhere? It would seem the U.S., Canada and the European nations are bound and determined to commit a form of cultural suicide. By inundating themselves with a tsunami of third-world immigrants.

    Give it 40 to 50 years, and we might as well never had had a European White culture. They are rapidly being submerged by third-world primitives in every city I’ve visited.

    • Bossman

      This is the result of colonialism and international agreements. Had Europeans not gone into Africa and Asia, there would be not much of those people entering Europe now.

      • shmo123

        Rubbish. They’re allowing them in–otherwise they wouldn’t be there.

        • Bossman

          What do you mean by “rubbish”? Millions of non-whites were bred to believe that the United Kingdom was their mother country during the days of colonialism. Most of the non-whites entering Europe these days are from the former colonies of France, the UK and Spain.

          • Bardon Kaldian

            Nonsense. There are blacks and Arabs galore in countries that had never been colonial powers- Austria, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland,..

          • Ella

            Sweden/Finland had a small part in colonizing the New World, called Swedesboro and gave birth to the log cabin in America. Sweden had Saint Barthelemy in the Caribbean too. I think Germany and Sweden both had 1-2 colonies in Africa around 1800’s. It does not justify an invasion though; if it does, we should invite 90 million Germans and Swedes currently to move here. The elite will use any justification to smear us as Germanic origin countries.

          • Bossman

            They only have to enter one former colonial power country and then all of Europe becomes open to them because of the European Union.

          • shmo123

            It doesn’t matter whether from former colonies or not. Those countries are under no obligation, moral or otherwise, to let any of them into the mother country. They chose (particularly Britain) to enact those policies after WWII, and are now reaping what they’ve sown. It would be impossible for any former European colonial power to allow unrestricted immigration from any former colony; they’d be swamped in no time, and the political, social and economic burden would be untenable.

    • HJ11

      White nations have become the path of least resistance for a better life for the dark masses of humanity. All they have to do is get to White nations and they can push Whitey around, because many Whites haven’t realized that their ways work for Whites and White nations, but fail when such nations have millions of non-Whites.

      Too many weak seed White “leaders” are absolutely paralyzed and incapable of resisting the invasion of our formerly White nations.

      So, how do we switch to being able to resist the invasion?

      First, we must realize that not all humans are the same and that humans aren’t fungible.

      Second, we must realize that the only right we have to any land that we are on is the right to fight those who want to take it away from us and that, yes, it really is the law of the jungle. Be strong, or lose out.

  • Frank Wheeler

    The West is the flower of mankind and the non-West wants those benefits as well. Once we have opened the flood gates and rolled out the red carpet for the turd world to invade the West there is no going back. Once groups of people get enfranchised there is no going back to the “good ole days”. Political Correctness is the perverted fruit of our own creation. This malignant ideology is the root of our destruction.

    The West may not ever wake up because we are too busy in bed pressing the snooze button.

    • HJ11

      “The West” means White nations.

  • HJ11

    Some folks seem to wonder how it is that we keep electing such weak seed Whites to political office who are helping send Whites to the back of the bus.

    The answer is simple: These weak seed White politicians will take anti-White positions and then take, say, by way of example, pro gun positions and they confuse the White vote.

    This will continue until we Whites put our Whiteness as our number one position that trumps everything else. If a White politician does anything or says anything that is even remotely anti-White, we need to vote him out of office no matter what good things, that we may agree with, he says or does.

    This is what other races do all the time. Their number one concern is always for their race.

  • drdeeselixir

    Yes, Whites in Western nations are at last awakening. Here in the UK you only had to have noticed the difference in the Internet comments section of UK newspapers like the Daily Telegraph in the last two years or so to be aware that large sections of the British public have finally awakened to the poisonous Cultural Marxist/Left/liberal policies of pro-multiculturalism/mass immigration & political correctness that have been destroying Western Civilisation.

    And now following the Woolwich, London terrorist attack on the British soldier, the Left/liberal Establishment brainwashers are in complete denial at present, desperately trying to pour water on the conflagration that they themselves have created, foolishly stating that, ‘there is no clash of Civilisations’ & complete tripe such as this, which only goes to show that, yes, these vile liberal/Leftist Cultural Marxist creeps are worried. Very worried, indeed. And so these traitors should be for, we, the people are many, and now that their brainwashing lies have been rumbled, they are not feeling so brave or omnipotent. Be confident, spread the Truth and watch us grow even further.

    • edie

      i’ve been hearing that for 20 years……………… whites are awakening………

      not sure i believe it

  • status quo

    Buchanan is asking a rhetorical question and knows it was racism in London and elsewhere. Do blacks need prodding like converting to satanic verses to kill whites? The filmed rationale was amazingly arrogant from untimid cocky murderer. He knows full well professor Obama is giving the signal and allowed Benghazi to happen to equal the bin Laden deal in his terrorism 101 class. What Buchanan maybe fails to realize is Obama is a politically correct jihadist terrorist and wants terror to be equally distributed amongst muslims and christians. Buchanan knows this is a race war not just religious war too but wast that the point of slavery? Its all happening now. Beware of the black panther muslim killer. It can only get worse. Continuation of the Crusader Wars are not an option now even as the older strapping WH muslim socialist tightens the noose.

  • HJ11

    Here, as on other boards, I see many saying that they hope Whites will “awaken.” I’ve written as much myself and my criticism is now aimed at myself as well.

    Why do we say we hope “Whites will awaken”? Are we really saying that we’re looking for cover? That we will be brave, when we can hide in the White crowd and let others take action so we can slink off to the shadows if they take any heat?

    The herd never awakens en masse. It just follows individuals–leaders–who through the strength of their personalities and their boldness and the message they bring help others to get behind them and their bold message.

    It begins with the individual taking action. I am an individual. So are you.

    • [Guest]

      You make a good point, HJ.

  • scTruth

    Time for a white revolution to take our country back. Sadly, not enough with the courage to do the right thing.