Troubled South Africa Debates Impact of White Rule

Christopher Torchia, ABC News, April 12, 2013

Few South Africans have the moral stature of retired archbishop Desmond Tutu, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate who campaigned against apartheid and now laments the crime and inequality that plague the nation two decades after it cast off racist white rule.

“We can’t pretend we have remained at the same heights and that’s why I say please, for goodness’ sake, recover the spirit that made us great,” Tutu said. “Very simply, we are aware we’ve become one of the most violent societies. It’s not what we were, even under apartheid.”

This month, South Africa reopened a conversation over the extent to which the legacy of apartheid drives persistent imbalances in services and opportunities. Some argue that current leaders lean on the past to justify squandered chances to improve South Africa and even invoke the specter of apartheid for political gain.

The fresh discussion began with reported comments by National Planning Minister Trevor Manuel that South African officials should assume full responsibility for the nation’s problems and resist the temptation to continually blame apartheid.

Those include a faltering education system, an uneven record on providing basic services and allegations of corruption and cronyism that drain public faith in the government. The African National Congress, in power since the first all-race elections in 1994, has improved housing for many poor people and presides over a society that is immeasurably more tolerant than its predecessor. But the gulf between the wealthier white minority and the millions of blacks who can’t find work and live in shacks remains wide.

“While wanting to see change happening fast in every corner of the country, we are under no illusion that South Africa will automatically and comprehensively change in only 20 years. That is impossible,” President Jacob Zuma said this week. “The legacy of apartheid runs too deep and too far back for the democratic administration to reverse it in so short a period.”


But the grim reference point of apartheid is fading among younger voters. The general elections in 2014 will mark the first time that the leading edge of the generation born after apartheid, known as the “born frees,” will be eligible to vote. An estimated 3 million young people, or 10 percent of the electorate, with no direct experience of apartheid will be able to vote.

A foundation chaired by F.W. de Klerk, the last apartheid-era president who negotiated a power transition with Mandela and later shared a Nobel Peace Prize with him, said in a statement Friday that Zuma’s references to apartheid are diverting attention from the need for effective policies.

“When President Zuma says that ‘we cannot stop blaming those who caused it,’ he is playing the very dangerous game of making whites the racial scapegoats for the manifest failures of his own government,” de Klerk’s foundation said.


Tutu made his comments Thursday in a Cape Town ceremony to celebrate his receipt of the 2013 Templeton Prize, a $1.7 million award for spiritual work, the South African Press Association reported. He recalled that South Africa was “flavor of the month” at the time of the 1994 elections, as the world saw voters waiting patiently to cast the first ballots of their lives.


White income earners make on average four times as much as blacks, according to a recent study published by the South African Institute of Race Relations, a research center based in Johannesburg.


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  • Q-ship

    Detroit writ large, another black society laying waste to the first world infrastructure built by whites.

    • Morris LeChat

      can it be that the animals are becoming conscious of the fact that they are not human?

  • Bob Willard

    Whites are always to blame in the eyes of black political agitators. Though Tutu (who preveiously called for a white tax) admits that South Africa is worse now under black rule both violence-wise and economically, Tutu still blames South Africa’s problems on the “legacy of apartheid” even though blacks have rules for twenty years now.

    We see the same in America with Detroit being a perfect microcosm. When whites fled the wave of violence that came with the 1967 riot and black mayor Coleman Yound taking power in Detroit in the 70s, whites were blamed for the wave of crime and fledling economy that followed because whites left city and took their tax money with them. Recently when the state of Michigan wanted to appoint an emergency financial manager to help bailout Detroit, Detroit’s black leaders (and Jesse Jackson) agrgued that white intereference in Detroit was racist.

    Literally, in both America and South Africa, whites are blamed for black poverty and crime when whites are in power and when whites are not in power. And whites are to blame when whites self-segregate, when blacks self-segregate, and when both are integratated.

    Why doesn’t some politician have the stones to call these agitators on their obvious BS? Just tell them the truth — people create their communities. If there is more violence and poverty among certain communities it’s because that’s what those communities create for themselves. Apparently, in South Africa, in America, and in points between.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Why don’t blacks put two and two together and recognize that their corruption causes their downfall into poverty and violence. It’s amazing that they cannot see/refuse to see that every country, community, city, county, state run by blacks is destroyed by blacks. Blacks are a curse on humanity.

      • MBlanc46

        “Why don’t blacks put two and two together…” I think you answered your own question.

        • Morris LeChat

          Maff be hard

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

            “Morris LeChat wrote – Maff be hard”

            Sobe spelin

          • IanJMacDonald

            Maff be raciss.

        • Morris LeChat

          they try, but they come up with three, and five, and two and six

      • Tucker

        The real curse on White humanity are the hate-consumed, anti-White Cultural Marxist enemies who destroyed the segregation that Whites had once set up and then who unleashed blacks upon us.

    • Ned

      They know they are at fault.
      They know that they are an inferior race.
      But there is no money in that so they blame Whites for their genetic shortcomings.
      They like to be Whites but they can’t,
      All they can do is hate what they cannot be.

      • Morris LeChat


  • Big Bill

    “White income earners” means whites whose jobs have not yet been taken away. There are large numbers of whites who are destitute and living on charity, but since they are not “income earners” they are not counted.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Well if whites suck do bad, why don’t they let them leave SA? Or give a piece of SA for just whites? Oh that’s right, whites suck but we are the ones who actually produce something of worth in society and that generates money for taxes.

    • brengunn

      Can you imagine, if whites took a small piece of SA for themselves how different it would be? No doubt, they would be deluged with immigration and soon after the same old excuses and howls of racism etc.

      I’m not a segregationist but given the appalling levels of crime, aids and other disasters, I would probably be more willing to join an all white nation in SA.

      • David Ashton

        Orania. You will need to learn Afrikaans and show some sympathy for religion of the Dutch Reformed sort.

        • Not everyone in Orania is religious, I think. Interestingly, a young German immigrant settled there, learned Afrikaans and now feels insulted if anyone calls him a “Duitser” (Afr. for “German”). He also wrote two novels in Afrikaans. On the other hand, German is closer to Afrikaans than English, not as close as standard Dutch, but still.

          • David Ashton

            The Afrikaners are not entirely of Dutch ancestry.
            Orania is much smaller than their people deserve, and its security is uncertain.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          If you recall the article run right on this site a couple years ago, the Orania colony suffers the consequences of its Christianity; they actually soon began outreach to blacks! The article’s author even wrote that this was the overwhelming problem for the Afikaaners and white Christians in general. I repeat it and get mobbed.

          • Oom Paul

            Here in South Africa the Afrikaners in Orania are continually labeled as racists by the media. I think the outreach is maybe more for PR, but that is just my opinion. I do not think any outreach to blacks will rid them of their “racist” label, so it is pointless and silly…

            I actually thought of moving there once, but I think the problem with Orania is it’s location. It seems to be mostly a farming community; well I guess food is probably your first concern when breaking away like that. Don’t know how useful I’ll be on a farm…

  • The__Bobster

    While wanting to see change happening fast in every corner of the country, we are under no illusion that South Africa will automatically and comprehensively change in only 20 years.

    But it did change in 20 years…for the worse. Black rule will do that.

  • robin

    who didn’t see this coming?

  • bigone4u

    A hundred years from now or even 500 years from now, SA will still be a savage land of savages, still blaming apartheid for its failures. I base this speculation on the mentality of American blacks 150 years after slavery and 500 years after their arrival in North America. “Blame whitey” is the easy way to avoid looking in the mirror and taking responsibility.

  • JohnEngelman

    A country with a large black population faces an unpleasant moral dilemma. If it denies blacks equal rights it will deny them to the minority of blacks who perform and behave as well as most whites. It it grants blacks equal rights it will experience the social problems the United States has experienced since the civil rights legislation was signed in the 1960s, and South Africa has experienced since the end of apartheid in 1994.

    • concernedcollegekid

      I’m always conflicted between envying smart black people I know because they are given so many opportunities, and feeling sorry for them because of how they will feel as race realism becomes more mainstream and they realize (if they don’t already know it) that the vast majority of their race does not have much potential for success in first world societies and their kids will always regress to the mean.

      • brengunn

        That is if hey don’t miscegenate, which smarter blacks do in greater numbers than other blacks. I presume this has to do with more socialisation with whites due to the paltry number of blacks in the professions.

        • concernedcollegekid

          Yes, in my experience smart blacks (especially men) are very likely to date and marry non-blacks, simply because they can. But if more whites learn about regression to the mean, more of them might avoid having kids with smart blacks. I mean, I’ve definitely known smart black men I admired and that I think have every right to date any race of woman that’s willing to date them, but I personally wouldn’t take the risk of having a kid with a smart black man because of what I know about regression to the mean. I think as whites become better informed, maybe more will feel the way I do. I don’t think smart blacks “deserve” this I just think it’s true.

          • brengunn

            I’m not sure I understand this regression to the mean theory or fact or whatever it is. I thought this only happens in the super IQs like (for whites) above 160. Surely, smart parents are more likely to have smart kids?

          • MBlanc46

            It means that the offspring of even intelligent parents are likely to be closer to the mean (100) than the parents are.

          • Xanthippe2

            Besides Black males are ugly and the bi-racial kids look odd.

      • Morris LeChat

        I truly do not know any smart black people. I truly do not know any that perform as well as whites. I know many that people make excuses for, I know many many that people have insisted will learn and improve if “given the chance”. I know many that will give a shuck and jive, tell jokes, be entertaining, but never do their job. No matter how much anyone insisted they would learn and improve, none of them improved in the slightest. They have all left the business I am in and gone on welfare or gotten government jobs. In my business, performance is everything. it is freelance. No get requested and hired, no get work and paid. No sell, no get commission. We have had white salespeople at the agency that have been there for years, blacks have the highest attrition rate of any group in that position, the fastest turnover, even when they are selling the best white entertainers-artists. They end up telling the white artists/entertainers to give stuff away for free, free samples, to tother blacks in the hopes of getting future bookings, but are rewarded with nothing, No get up and go, no commission. When it comes to the entertainers/artists, even black clients will insist that the good “white guy” be sent the next time. They produce twice the amount of work as any black we’ve ever had, and of a quality that even half the amount would be better.

        • JohnEngelman

          One of the most interesting friends I have had in my life was a black college professor who taught at Howard University in Washington, DC.

          When I knew him he was getting a PhD in English. He already knew French and German. He was fulfilling his foreign language requirement by learning ancient Greek. He would point to the words, pronounce them, and translate as he went along.

          When I asked, “You are already fluent in Greek and French. Why are you learning a language as difficult as ancient Greek,”

          he responded, “I want to show those white boys what I can do.”

          • Morris LeChat

            The ability to learn languages has nothing AT ALL to do with IQ.

          • David Ashton

            I taught English and History in British secondary schools at all levels for nearly 30 years. The cleverest female pupil I ever had was black of Nigerian extraction. She was a courteous, well-behaved girl, who could write excellent essays off the cuff in beautiful handwriting with scarcely any mistakes. She eventually went to Cambridge to graduate in Physics. Of course, an extremely rare example. My view is that such individuals should lead their own people in their own homelands.

          • Morris LeChat

            yes, the negro that hides their inner chimps usually can bamboozle the weak minded

          • saxonsun

            You are totally incorrect, sir. I am college teacher of English. I know what you only blab about. There are intelligent blacks and I have taught them–and am teaching them at this moment. I too have a student from Africa and she, along with another student, is the brightest in my class.

          • David Ashton

            Well, as a “scientific racist” from college days, I must be an exception to the usually bamboozled “weak minded”, just as Sharon W—- MSc (Camb) was no “chimp”.

          • JohnEngelman

            Nigerian immigrants have the highest levels of education in this city and the nation, surpassing whites and Asians, according to Census data bolstered by an analysis of 13 annual Houston-area surveys conducted by Rice University.

            Although they make up a tiny portion of the U.S. population, a whopping 17 percent of all Nigerians in this country held master’s degrees while 4 percent had a doctorate, according to the 2006 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. In addition, 37 percent had bachelor’s degrees.

          • PesachPatriot

            I was in Advanced Placement English in high school….It would have been very interesting to have had you as a teacher. I always liked history because unlike math where 2 plus 2 equals four the only hard and fast facts about history are the names, dates and places. ….the good and bad of peoples actions can be debated endlessly….is the modern day british school system as physically dangerous as some american schools have become? I hope that you retired before things got too rough. For what its worth I always found the history of the british isles the most interesting part of european history/western civilization classes.

          • Gereng

            The bell curve predicts that some few blacks will excell. Nothing unexpected in an occasional smart one cropping up. The best reason a smart female or male would not want to go back to Africa is the very high probability of being raped (female) and possibly murdered and for a male simply murdered. For both in some back nations, after being slaughtered, eaten.

          • Kathy M

            What a marvelous story. An uplifting tale of an African showing whitey a thing or two. I feel better already. Thanks.

          • Morris LeChat

            foshizzle yo. Blacks like to flap their gums but no matter what language they learn, they never have much to say.

          • Token Finn

            I suppose americans get this argument from mexicans too. They can talk about how their butt needs to poo, mouth needs to eat, penis needs white wimmins and fists need punching in several languages, while american whites talk quantum physics in one.

          • Morris LeChat
          • JohnEngelman

            Is language ablility related to intelligence?

            widely used IQ tests (such as the WISC and the WAIS) necessarily include verbal tests.

            Personally, I do believe that intelligence both consitutes a threshold for language: no cases of individuals with a mental age below 5, the age at which children have acquired a great deal of the grammar of their native language, being able to master grammatic rules, are known. Also, I believe that language does rely on other broader cognitive systems such as memory. Therefore, language and intelligence can never be considered to be completely separate.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Not impressed with your story. How do you know that he wasn’t pulling your leg by ‘translating’ greek? He could have been faking it. I don’t believe this story for a moment.

      • MBlanc46

        Those blacks that I know well enough to be able to form an opinion of their attitudes appear to realize the condition of most of their race. Unfortunately, I don’t know any of them well enough to discuss the question openly.

      • a multiracial individual

        I became very sad when I realized that the difficulties of “my people” are internal. It began when I started reading articles on IQ. One day, I purchased a copy of “The Bell Curve.” I put that book down a different person. I was always told that we suffered because we didn’t get our “40 acres and a mule.” I discovered that economic success is strongly correlated to IQ, not race. The mantra that all college students are told is that, “race is just a social construct.” I have come to see this line of thinking for what it truly is, wishful thinking. I no longer weep over the state of things. People may disagree with me, but I think that realism is the avenue that might lead to the best solutions for everyone.

        “Man will become better when you show him what he is really like.”

        – Anton Chekhov

        • Morris LeChat

          they are nothing more than obsolete farm equipment. They will never become better because they are incapable of self awareness. They lack the ability for abstract thought which is necessary for self awareness. They are not human, not mentally, not physically.

    • Morris LeChat

      John, the “minority of blacks who perform and behave as well as whites” is so small it is not relevant. IT is also the first casualty of a “black ruled” society. They do not exist anymore in South Africka

      • Morris LeChat

        aww, the ever so educated and mature englemean petulantly gave me a thumbs down

    • MBlanc46

      Very well put. There’s no chance of going back to a condition where blacks are denied citizenship. That ship sailed long ago. Our challenge is to allow exercise of citizenship to those who know how to do so, whilst controlling the behavior of the substantial number who don’t. It’s a nearly intractable problem.

      • Morris LeChat

        uhhh, I beg to differ, there will indeed come a day when there will be a white only country, what is left will look like haiti.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          I envision a great northern homeland for our people one day. From somewhere in eastern Europe spreading across the Urals and the Bering Straits, hopefully including Canada and dipping down into the current US. With global warming, perhaps some of the best real estate on the planet.

          But such will be preceded by chaos, bloodshed and dissolution.

          Although gotta say I think the situation in western Europe is approaching a breaking point.

          • David Ashton

            Global warming, if a fact and whatever its causation, will add to a huge extra migration pressure on the white homelands, plus a problem with food supplies all round. Something to anticipate and prepare for in Washington, London, Paris, Berlin….and also Canberra.

    • David Ashton

      Any solutions (apart from adding East Asians to the mix)?

      • JohnEngelman

        Problems cannot always be solved. Sometimes they can only be managed.

  • 1proactive2

    Black South Africans can be very grateful for one thing. While they destroy a once beautiful country, they have decades of blaming whites ahead of them when their predictable savagery and barbarism becomes the order of the day. It works for blacks right here in the U.S. and there’s no reason why blacks can’t benefit from this tragic-comedic blame game while they plunder, destroy, and kill.

  • thurlow

    If whites and white institutions are so bad then Tutu needs to doff that archbishop title of his, renounce the church, renounce Christianity, renounce all awards associated with whites and declare himself chief witch doctor of South Africa, then I would believe him when he said he blames whites. He clothes himself in the white uniform given him, a bantu raised from the gutter, and blames those who gave him a life of luxury and civilization. Disgusting.

    • brengunn

      Did you not read the article? He wasn’t blaming whites for the condition of the country, at least not fully.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Tutu is a fraud.

  • Gereng

    The best thing for SA blacks is to chase out or murder ALL WHITES and Indians!! They are the reason for the current level of insane violence and for every single evil act committed by any black person. SA will immediately become a properous, well managed nation with a thriving economy and running a wonderful top-of-the-line education system rid finally of the terrible racist contaimination presently causing the education system to turn out illiterate, violent morons. They should model their nation on Liberia! Which has always been totally free of white racism.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Hahaha. What a joke. They can’t even manage their lives for five minutes. Their crimes ARE their talent. They don’t need Whites to blame. Their country was violent and savage prior to Whites moving there. Whites are responsible for any successes Africa has achieved.

  • Zimriel

    All this blood is partly on the hands of the Anglican Church, which ordained Tutu and treated him as a hero instead of as what he was – a heretic, who imagined that redemption could be had through a change of government instead of through the metanoia of the individual soul.

    I do appreciate that Tutu seems to be coming around, but I fear that this is only because he knows he’s run out of people to blame.

  • Jim Bob Lassiter
    • MBlanc46

      You’d probably get the same result in any black country in the world if people answered honestly. A significant proportion of blacks (perhaps a majority) are incapable of independent life in the modern world.

    • Morris LeChat

      Jamaica destroyed the Revereware company. Revereware was a very profitable company producing high quality, copper clad cookware in the US. In the 70s, in a strategy to deal with competition, they decided to use aluminum, which was cheaper. They made a deal with mines in Jamaica. The negro government there then put a levy on all aluminum mined there and sent elsewhere. They saw a chance to get “gibs”. This was breaking the Revereware company. They petitioned the US government to nullify contracts, as the terms had been changed by the negros after the fact. For some strange reason, the US government refused to do so. Revereware went bankrupt, closed plants in the US. The name was bought and now the stuff comes from China. Nothing produced today is as good as the stuff produced pre 1968. Never do business with a negro and don’t buy the junk made in china

    • IstvanIN

      The Jamaica article is interesting. Of course Queen Elizabeth is not the cause of Jamaica’s problems, blacks are the cause of Jamaica’s problems. Actually the Queen could be beneficial, in terms of things like honours, knightships, and pageantry, providing a living link with the past, showing how they have moved from being slaves to being industrious, successful subjects, really play it up if they had the ability.

  • brengunn

    Apartheid, like slavery in the US, has enshrined black corruption in the political process by making eternal scapegoats of the white man. There are many parallels between the two countries. Firstly, there is no plurality in their politics, with the ANC and the Democrats being permanent winners. Second, all incompetence and corruption can be layed at the door of white people for their past sins.

    I honestly don’t see any resolution to these situations, only a steady decay. Black politicians have been given the keys to do virtually anything and still be certain of re-election. It’s democracy in name only.

    • MBlanc46

      Don’t see the Dems as permanent winners. We recently had eight years of Bush, with Repub control of Congress for several years. The Repubs have an almost insurmountable edge in the House and will have it for years to come. They will likely gain practical if not formal control of the Senate in 2014 or 2016.

      • brengunn

        I meant in black areas only, not the wider electorate.

      • Tucker

        Not unless the GOP purges every last one of these despicably evil, white race treasonous RINOs and neo-cons out of the party.

  • APaige

    It was not some “spirit” that made South Africa great-it was the fact that the society was built by white people AND used force to keep black behavior in check.

    • Morris LeChat

      when one deals with animals, one must deal with them harshly. The reality is that if they do not fear us, we will fear them.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    “…allegations of corruption and cronyism that drain public faith in the government.”
    Allegations? The corruption and cronyism is flaunted.

  • An estimated 3 million young people, or 10 percent of the electorate, with no direct experience of apartheid will be able to vote.

    And the kaffirs will vote in line with their hatred of the white man.
    All because of the “legacy of apartheid”.

  • K..

    “It’s not what we were, even under apartheid”?? No, it’s precisely BECAUSE of apartheid that SA wasn’t the chaotic hellhole that it is now.

    They’ve only had 20 years on their own. They won’t stop blaming apartheid and the white man for their problems for a long, long time. Millions of American blacks still enthusiastically blame their problems on slavery, which ended nearly 150 years ago. Zuma and his like will keep milking the evil white man schtick for the rest of their lives.

    • Morris LeChat

      We need to airlift all whites out, destroy the white farms and property left behind, let them kill each other for twenty years, then return, destroy the small remnant remaining, and live free there. No price is too high to live in a negro free world

  • “The legacy of apartheid runs too deep and too far back for the democratic administration to reverse it in so short a period.” – South African President Jacob Zuma.

    Doesn’t President Zuma mean the legacy of evolution? And doesn’t he mean in so short an eon?

  • thoughtcrime

    I would like to correct the Revrum TuTu’s statement: “Very simply, we are aware we’ve become one of the most violent societies. It’s not what we were, that’s why we had apartheid.”

  • thoughtcrime

    “The legacy of apartheid…” sounds eerily similar to “the legacy of slavery” to justify black ineptitude, indolence and violence. As always “can’t succeed? blame whitey!”

  • Aaron

    So, a country had a policy, then they ended the policy, then the country got worse. How on Earth is that evidence that the policy was bad?

  • DailyKenn

    Human nature compels us to project blame on others.

    That whites join the blame game smacks of denial, even neurosis; something akin to the Stockholm Syndrome.

  • DailyKenn

    I find it interesting that Japan emerged from the devastation of both Imperial rule and atomic explosions well within 20 years. After dealing with Mao’s brutality, the Chinese emerged as well. Vietnam excels after decades of war and under current repressive regimes. What is it about African nations that they have never emerged in 50,000 years?

    • roger

      no planning ability……. an overpowering urge to constantly preen………low IQ….
      no concept of time management……….etc ad infinitum

      • Katherine McChesney

        no desire…..except to extort money from Whites so they don’t have to work.

  • mike5586

    Ah apartheid. So terrible that blacks continually immigrated to South Africa during it in order to find jobs and food they couldn’t get elsewhere.

    I wonder what crime was like then? Or civilization in general?

    The country is falling apart because blacks are incapable of even maintaining a 1st world society, let alone building them. There is no other reason.

  • Look also at the advantages that South Africa has: gold, silver, diamonds, coal good agricultural land etc etc…

    Hardly a desert. If they can’t cut it there, then….

    • Katherine McChesney

      I heard an Black Foot Soldier say that the gold, silver, diamonds, etc. was in the ground and was supposed to stay there because God put it there.

      Blacks thought processes are sorely lacking.

      • He (god) also put blacks in Africa. They should stay there.

      • Unperson

        Black Africans not only needed the white man to find those valuable items in the ground, and pull them out of the ground, the blacks also needed the whites to explain WHY they were valuable. Extract a diamond from under the earth they’re standing on, show it to them, and they STILL don’t understand why anybody would want it. To an African, sure, a diamond is sparkly, and nice to look at. But since you can’t eat a diamond, get intoxicated from it, or have sex with it, it really just doesn’t hold much appeal or importance for the limited Zulu brain. It’s just more of that “stuff white people like.”

        • Ned

          But if he could trade diamonds for some white wiminz poontang or some Malawi Wowie then diamonds have value.

  • June

    Back in the early 1840s when Tuscaloosa was the capital of Alabama, a group of legislators introduced a bill to ban the death penalty. Their argument was that murder had become so rare that executions no longer had any value as a deterrent. Of course those were slavery times and slaves were subject to nightly curfews and they were not allowed to “roam” about. Owners were required by law to feed, clothe, shelter, and provide medical care even when their slaves were sick, disabled, or elderly. One enterprising man in Tuscaloosa had a large shoe factory that employed disabled slaves who could not walk of do heavy labor.

    The bill did not pass but it was given very serious consideration. The men who proposed ending the death penaly were themselves slave owners

  • Ned

    Remember: Negroes are an inferior race and it has nothing to do with White people.

  • Spencer E

    How long did it take the Japanese to modernize after being isolated for 200 years? 50? Coming back from apartied in 20 years in nothing, but you can change a people.

  • jay11

    “The legacy of apartheid runs too deep and too far back for the democratic administration to reverse it in so short a period.”
    Apartheid wasn’t slavery. No one was kidnapped and shipped thousands of miles away. Apartheid was erected only about 100 years ago as a way to make sure blacks didn’t live or settle in areas where whites lived. To blame this system of ‘separateness’ as if it were some cruel system of chattel slavery is ludicrous. Blacks now control all politics in all areas of S.A. except for capetown. Give’em practically everything, and they still want more.

  • Bobby

    Sounds like the bishop is a realist and honest to boot.

  • Afrikaners used to be the single-largest group of employers of black families in South Africa before 1994. Now, more than 1million Afrikaners are slowly starving to death in dreadful little camps, barred from all jobs under the ANC’s anti-white employment laws. That’s the True Legacy of the ANC regime. History will condemn them widely for their nazi-style ethnic-cleansing laws of the Afrikaners. And many millions of blacks who used to have jobs, now don’t and are also slowly starving to death. What a glorious society South Africa has become!

  • Poor White Problem is a New Form of Apartheid” – economist Rabelani Dagada:
    Even this black economist, Rabelani Dagada this week raised the alarm about
    ‘white poverty” (Twitter @Rabelani_Dagada) writing on April 12 2013 on that ‘the Poor White Problem is a New Form of
    Apartheid’. LINK :

  • anarchyst

    It’s long overdue to repeal ALL so-called “civil-rights (for some)” laws. All civil-rights (for some)” laws have done is destroy freedom of association and have made white males “third-class” citizens.
    Every ethnic group has organizations that exclude all others–except whites. As whites, we are not permitted to form institutions that promote our own interests–“civil-rights (for some)” laws do not permit it.
    A backlash is coming–it won’t be pretty, but is necessary. The best thing that could happen would be for all whites (white liberals excluded) to “go Galt” (look it up). When the economic engine grinds to a halt, the other “preferred” races will see what is happening when whites decide not to “go along”.
    A prime example of white genocide is taking place in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Once, the “breadbaskets” of the African continent, these two countries are being destroyed by black-rule. White farmers have been dispossessed of their land and are living in what amounts to “refugee camps” in their own country. So-called “affirmative action” rules exclude whites from ALL government positions.
    The same situation exists here in the USA–Small Business Administration (SBA) loans are not available for white-owned businesses. It helps to have a minority female (a two-fer) apply for an SBA loan. Being of foreign extraction also helps (a three-fer).
    Our esteemed “attorney-general” eric holder has declared that “civil-rights (for some)” laws and “protections” DO NOT APPLY TO WHITES. Google Channon and Newsome murders to see how “civil-rights (for some)” laws work against white Americans.
    Us whites have been effectively disenfranchised in our own country THAT WE BUILT.
    The U S government will not accord “refugee status” to any African whites, despite clear evidence of persecution in their home countries. Of course, our government welcomes black somalian savages (and others) with open arms.

  • anarchyst

    Despite “apartheid” (actually a system of keeping the normally warring “tribes” from slaughtering each other), there was a large influx of blacks from all over Africa. If “apartheid” was so bad, why the influx of blacks??
    This situation reminds me of the what exists in MY country, the USA. Many foreigners and blacks complain of how bad it is for them in the USA and how “wonderful” their home country is. My response is: “if it is so bad here and so “wonderful” in your home country, what are you doing here?? Go back to where you came from”. . . the look on their faces is priceless.
    Black author Ben Richburg travelled to Africa to find his “roots”. After being recruited to fight in some of the many tribal internecine wars, he changed his stance. He actually was grateful that his ancestors came over as slaves to America. He admitted that his “quest” was a failure. When I am called “racist”, I respond enthusiastically with “thank you for noticing”. I notice the same bewildered looks on the faces of my “accusers”.