Anti-Racism: An Industry in Decline

Damian Thompson, Telegraph (London), April 12, 2013

Like coal mining in the Eighties, the anti-racism industry is in decline. Governments can no longer afford to subsidise “diversity workshops” for which there’s no demand. Especially from young people.

On both sides of the Atlantic, teenagers and students are giving the finger (as they might put it) to the hypersensitive race relations ideology drilled into them by their teachers. They laugh at jokes that, a decade ago, would have been regarded as racist. If, after a few drinks, one of their friends crosses the line into ethnic stereotyping, they’re more like to argue with them than to notify the campus police.

The disintegration of traditional anti-racism was brought home to Americans this week when Brad Paisley, a young country music star, and LL Cool J, a black rap artist, released a song entitled Accidental Racist. In it, Paisley clumsily tries to explain why he’s attracted to the Confederate flag. He sings: “I’m proud of where I’m from but not everything we’ve done/And it ain’t like you and me can rewrite history.”

Cool J replies: “Just because my pants are saggin’ doesn’t mean I’m up to no good /You should try to get to know me, I really wish you would… If you don’t judge my gold chains/ I’ll forget the iron chains.”

Cue melodramatic gasps of horror from progressive columnists. But what’s interesting is that most fans of Brad Paisley and LL Cool J (and there isn’t much overlap between the two groups) aren’t offended. A white singer takes grudging pride in the Confederate South? A black singer makes fun of his own sagging pants and refuses to harp on about slavery? Cool. Or at least, like, whatever.

This nonchalance confuses the elderly activists who, until recently, lumbered from one workshop to another, pocketing wads of cash in the process: “racial sensitivity” doesn’t come cheap.

I put those words in quotation marks because these bores did nothing to promote harmony. On the contrary, ethnic minorities were taught to be ultra-sensitive towards unintended slights (as opposed to real racism, which they didn’t need lessons in identifying).

As for white people, it was all about guilt-tripping. Chief executives booked themselves on reprogramming courses, patting themselves on the back. (One of the benefits of austerity, in my opinion, is that firms can no longer afford these feelgood exercises.) In schools, lessons focused relentlessly on race, with risible results. “Our English teacher would read poems by black authors in a Jamaican accent,” recalls a young colleague. “No one could keep a straight face.”

This readiness to mock pompous anti-racists isn’t evidence of hard prejudice. Old-style “racialism”, as it used to be called, is pretty much dead, in the sense that fewer and fewer of us are interested in the colour of people’s skin. The word “darkies” is antiquated as well as nasty. On the other hand, if young people of any background want to tease members of another group for its annoying or anti-social habits, then they go right ahead. And if they feel threatened by aggressive behaviour – for example by Islamists trying to segregate men and women at London University, as happened last month – then they won’t be silenced by right-on quangos.

I’m not denying that, in the heat of the moment, horrible things are said. This is what happens in a (mostly) colour-blind society that allows free speech, as opposed to one governed by the phoney etiquette of the grievance-mongers. But, in the words of the song, racism is increasingly accidental rather than intentional. Surely that’s progress.

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  • NYB

    “One of the benefits of austerity, in my opinion, is that firms can no longer afford (racial sensitivity training)”

    If belt-tightening is a catalyst for social change, then we should welcome austerity. A sharp decline of wealth will be our savior.

    • The__Bobster

      Fixed it.

      “One of the benefits of austerity, in my opinion, is that firms can no longer afford (racial minorities)”

  • PBL

    Dear Damian:

    Just wait for the tipping point. When whites become the minority in their ancestral homelands, then it will be open season on us. Zimbabwe and SA are just warning shots from diversity present, the harbinger of diversity future.

    • NorthernWind

      I have to disagree. SA and former Rhodesia are not what will happen to us. Both of those countries went to hell because they were coerced by Western countries. When the ideals of multiculturalism and diversity fall from grace in the West there will be nothing to coerce us to submit. Whites in SA were already a minority and if they used military force to stay in power then the US, Britain, Sweden, whatever other country would stop trading and embargo them. The U.S.A. would probably have funded and given arms to insurgent groups. Who’s going to embargo Europeans when they decide to stand up? The economy at that point will already be so horrible that an embargo wouldn’t help at all anyway.

      • Eagle_Eyed

        Given the growing Latin influence, I think Brazil is closer to reality.

        • MBlanc46

          For a lot of reasons, both economic and racial.

          • Liberalsuck

            I can see the future of White Americans thinking more like White Russians or White South Africans. The blacks/browns hate us, but they will mostly be fighting each other for power and resources. Meanwhile, the Chinese (and Russia) will be busy buying up property and resources here while the slaughter is going on.

  • MobyWhite

    This is a false flag operation, agit prop full on.

    They are saying the White youth aren’t on board the anti racism juggernaut just to demand we “do more” to punish the White youth by grinding them under the wheels of anti racism.

    “We’ve come far, but we can’t backslide now!”

    Look for technology to rescue anti racism- chip implants in the name of democracy will zap you into “changed attitudes and corrected behavior” every time you see a Diversity and don’t immediately start apologizing for your racist White privilege and pledging to “do more” even if it cost you, especially if it costs you, your beautiful White daughters.

    NOT giving your White daughters to black buck Diversity Moloch is a hate crime.

    • brengunn

      Can’t you just take the article at face value rather than seeing it as a trojan horse for more anti-racism nonsense. It was published in a conservative broad sheet it has no agenda other than what is stated.

      • MobyWhite

        You trust them?

        • brengunn

          I see no reason to believe that they have any other intentions or that their opinions are not what is stated in the article. I suspect their feelings are maybe not as hardline as yours, hence your distrust.

          I happen to agree with the article, I don’t mind a certain amount of ‘diversity’ but I don’t want to be apologising to people who are privileged to live in Western Europe.

      • rightrightright

        The Telegraph put up two articles yesterday, each suggesting that the horror of Boston was perpetrated by white supremacists etc and implying it was racist to suppose muslims might have had anything to do with it. Neither article permitted readers to comment, which is unusual. Given that it is not known yet who set off those bombs, why speculate about a new Breivik or McVeigh yet frown upon mention of islam? The newspaper has been nobbled.

        • You are wrong. Are you a liar?

          The Telegraph has reported the Boston bombing honestly. It has reported that the type of bomb used is familiar to those used by Muslim Jihadists, while also reporting that there is some speculation about whether the terrorists are Muslims or Americans.

  • David Brims

    This article is garbage, the Anti Racist, Multicultural Inquisition is very much alive in the Peoples Republic of Britain.

    • NorthernWind

      Yeah, in the government maybe… It is imposed on the people, not embraced by them.

    • sbuffalonative

      I’m sure it is but it’s likely becoming increasingly difficult to manage. You can’t please everyone and the demands for concession are probably becoming more obviously ridicules. Muslims will be offended by anything and everyone and people will begin to see through their ‘blame and change’ game.
      Hopefully, someone’s going to scream, ENOUGH and put an end to it.

    • Morris LeChat

      change ALWAYS occurs from the bottom up. WHat you need is patience and faith.

  • Dirty Dirk McGirk

    “If, after a few drinks, one of their friends crosses the line into
    ethnic stereotyping, they’re more like to argue with them than to notify
    the campus police.”

    The very thought of anyone notifying the campus police to report ethnic stereotyping is beyond horrifying.

  • bigone4u

    Darker people when mixed in with whites suck the creative energy out of whites while dragging whites down. A liberal like the writer of this article believes that integration and tolerance are good things. He takes it for granted that we’re all on board with that perspective. I’m not. While lamenting the horror of the word “darkie” he says not a word about the crime and degradation that the darker peoples have brought to once-glorious Britain. I don’t know about Britain but the social engineering designed to degrade the country continues apace in Amerika.

    • potato78

      “Darker people when mixed in with whites suck the creative energy out of whites while dragging whites down.” has a very good point.

      “negative energy” = “negative chi” causes Yin-Yang chaos

      • Katherine McChesney

        Don’t get John Engleman started on that Chinese hocus pocus.

  • The__Bobster

    Like coal mining in the Eighties, the anti-racism industry is in decline. Governments can no longer afford to subsidise “diversity workshops” for which there’s no demand. Especially from young people.

    Maybe the $PLC and the ACLU can open branches in the UK.

    • Liberalsuck

      Maybe the UK will bar them entry into the country. I can only hope!

  • brengunn

    Personally, I welcome this, as the culture of guilt and endless apologies is one of my main problems with multi-racialism.

  • David Brims

    Only the other day, a darts commentator Martin Fitzmaurice made a couple of jokes ” What eats bananas and is black ? answer, half of London !!” and ‘ What’s the difference between Pakistani immigrants and ET ? answer, ET goes home !!”

    There was a media storm, he had to resign and his career is now in tatters. So this article is not telling the truth.

    • Howard W. Campbell

      Granted this is probably the truth, but in the past on a couple of MLK days some radio DJ’s were fired for making the comments about breaking out the Fried Chicken and watermelon. I was making variations of these jokes in middle school. (Long before we were stuck with the day to honor the fraud that is MLK. I personally celebrate Edgar Allan Poe & Robert E. Lee’s birthday instead).

    • MBlanc46

      In fairness, the article was talking about young people sitting in the pub, not television commenters.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Accidental Racist. Stupid song, stupid idea, stupid people who sing it. Just marrying the rap community with the low class country music business. It will probably win an award. Thanks to stupid white people.

  • I met a SPLC street greeter in Chicsgo this week. I had him laughing about racial realities and the lack of “poverty” in the Southern Poverty Law Center. I told him I hope he was being paid very well.

    I encourage others on our side to be positive and use a sense of humor. We’re going to make it through these times. We’ve been through worse.

    • MBlanc46

      Anger is easy for them to deal with. Good-natured realism renders them speechless.

  • Unperson

    I’ll believe the “anti-racism” business is in decline when I hear about even ONE of the many, many “anti-racist” orgs, in UK or anywhere else, shutting their doors. To my knowledge, this NEVER happens. The number of adherents such groups have may fluctuate, but the groups themselves only ever goes up. As long as somebody somewhere can make a living by publicly proclaiming their moral superiority over “racists” like us, their org will not suspend operations. The rewards are too great for them to quit. Under current market conditions, “anti-racism” is just too sweet a racket.

    • Liberalsuck

      It’s slowly crashing, but not quick enough. There is still a lot of money to be made push anti-white agendas. Yes, you are right on that. However, the money for doing this will either dry up, or white people’s collective willingness to tolerate this bullying will dry up…eventually.

  • Morris LeChat

    the truth is indestructible, it is the rock of ages, it remains when all else is gone. The truth about race is like a rock that is emerging as the tide of elitist, politically correct driven fallacies about race has receded. So many fools throughout history thought their will was stronger than the truth. The liberals are just the latest bunch.

  • SirMe

    Not sure about that one, the young people are far more hypertensive about race, have you actually tried to speak to one about racial awareness? You will be almost killed.

    • Liberalsuck

      I think the problem with lots of whites is they are cautious when another white person speaks about race. They don’t know if they’re being set up or what.

  • Simon z rabbit

    When society is based on a big lie. We should not be surprised that hypocricy governs all our social relations. This article is evidence of that.
    Yes young people in the intimacy of their friends and family say things that would make an anti-white lynch mob bay for their blood if they repeated it in public. And if one of their friends did repeat it in public their other friends would disown them and side with the lynch mob.
    This is no different than the Soviet Union pre-Gorbachev, everybody knows the system is a bit of a joke. But the system still has power and is to be feared.

    • Liberalsuck

      The system is started to unravel. Whites everywhere are starting to wake up and speak out. Within a generation, the majority of whites will be so prowhite and racially awake that they will make our grandparents and great-grandparents racial views seem tame by comparison. The pendulum has been pushed so far on the anti-white leftist side that it will, eventually, swing far over to the prowhite right side.

  • mike5586

    “Old-style “racialism”, as it used to be called, is pretty much dead, in
    the sense that fewer and fewer of us are interested in the colour of
    people’s skin.”

    Really? Because I’ve noticed the exact opposite happening as a result of the blatant discrimination against whites by the government and other private institutions. It’s only getting better (or worse, if you’re the writer of this article) and better.

    Bring on the crazy anti-racists and progressives I say, they’re walking advertisements for our cause.

  • Ralph

    What justly undermines the “anti-racism/ anti-raci$m” position is the wobbly sense of the
    word r a c i s m. Nothing factual or scientific can be racist; and nothing racist can be
    factual or scientific. If this precept is honored, the whole $how is forced back to the drawing boards and back to a stipulation of facts. Then, from a scientically informed discussion, some
    consensus might arise as to what sentiments, values, and policies are unacceptable and which
    are within the realm of decdent disputation. As a society, we are not yet even at the starting line in this task. Will we ever be?

    • David Ashton

      Possibly (hopefully) the particular boo-word “racist” will lose its force as well as its meaning, which is nearly the case with “fascist” (unfortunately), and certainly the case with “bolshie”.