Why Are Liberals Afraid of Black Conservatives?

Wayne Dupree, Washington Times, April 14, 2013

Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman are heroes  Their strength and conviction to free blacks from slavery are a testament to what happens when individuals think more of their community than themselves and are willing to risk everything for a cause greater than themselves.

In comparison, modern black “leaders” like Jesse Jackson Jr. and Al Sharpton are tiny and self-serving. They don’t serve black Americans or champion freedom and liberty for all. They champion liberal politics and ideology, and that’s odd; liberals want to see blacks tucked neatly into the roles of their design.

Liberals can’t abide a black person who leaves the black plantation of poverty and handouts to stand on his own two feet; they treat with contempt a black man who turns his back on their free money to work hard to make a good life for himself and his family. How dare these dissidents show the black community what they can do with their lives if they walk away from poverty and work to better themselves?

Too many liberals think they have the black race all sewed up, and it just paralyzes them to hear of black conservatives.

What they hate is that there are thousands of conservative blacks continuing to talk, continuing to make noise, continuing to be rebels against the liberal plantation that is the Democratic Party.


Be advised, there are lot of black conservatives. The “main street media” have done all they can to not give them a voice or to let them be heard. They try as hard as they can not to mention the existence of black conservatives at all, unless it is to take the opportunity to denigrate them.


Let’s be honest for a change. Black liberal voters do not have a clue that it is the Democrats who keep them in “social welfare hell”; their promises are delivered not with opportunity, but with a social welfare check.


This all leads us to ask whether liberal, Democratic black leaders—men and women like Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Al Sharpton, both Jesse Jacksons, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, the entire Black Congressional Caucus—are actually championing the black cause like Tubman and Douglass before them? Do they care about a cause greater than themselves, or only about their self-cause?

The evidence says the latter. Little has been done by the Democratic Party to uplift the black populace; two generations of their policies has left black America devastated. Little has been done by popular black leaders to uplift the black populace. They accuse Republicans of racism and demand entitlements, but what have they done for the black community? What happened to the thirst for knowledge and education that drove black parents to send their kids past a gauntlet of furious mobs, state police and angry politicians?

We demanded entry into the universities. Did liberal professors really think we wanted in because we needed black studies more than we needed math and engineering degrees? When did fulfilling the dreams of our grandmothers that we study hard, get a good education, and succeed in business and academia turn into “Uncle Tom-ism”? How did we let Democrats convince us that the path to our future was welfare and minimum wage for the black masses, and riches for our “black leaders”?

Far from uplifting us, progressive liberals have pursued policies that have systematically destroyed our families, the foundation of prosperity in healthy societies. They’ve encouraged our young people to denigrate the Christian religion that was at the core of our civil rights struggle and the identity of our communities, and in the process led them to hate and prey on their communities. They make a mockery of the Constitution, they tell us that it’s okay to despise work. Instead of hope via job programs, they pedal welfare programs.


Black conservatives aren’t traitors to our race, as liberals would like you to believe; we’ve swallowed the red pill, stopped drinking the koolaid, opened our eyes and seen what’s happening to us. So is it so difficult to understand why black Americans are starting to look to conservative principles that champion job growth, preservation of Constitutional rights, and personal responsibility?


Liberals are afraid of black conservatives. Black conservatives mean the end to their rhetoric and threaten to shatter the chains of dependency. Harriet Tubman said, “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more, if only they knew they were slaves.” If only Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman were here now to stand with Allen West, Carson and Sowell.

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  • David Ashton

    Leave “black conservatives” alone. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Let them get on with it.

  • There is no such thing as a BLACK Conservative, they are like unicorns, just a myth……When the rubber meets the road iit is always black on black

  • Liberals are afraid of black conservatives about as much as I’m afraid of a mole hill in Mozambique.

    • liberalsuck

      Liberals aren’t afraid of black conservatives. If they were, they would scorn, attack and blacklist black ‘conservatives’ the same way they do when white conservatives say and do the same things.

      • George

        Liberals ARE afraid of conservatives of color.

        Such specimens put the white liberal left in a terrible catch-22. They seek to embrace blacks (at a safe distance, the urban plantations are kept well outside their gated communities) and control them. But the whip hand must remain out of sight. So they can’t ‘blacklist’ black conservatives, as it would mean disavowing diversity.

        So, they do the next best thing. They let their black buddies bleat about ‘sell outs’ and ‘Uncle Toms’.

        They know they can’t face the challenge of disagreeable diversity directly. That’s what scares them.

  • The__Bobster

    Be advised, there are lot of black conservatives. ….

    ……..which is why 96% of the spoonies voted for the most liberal man in the Senate.

    • Johnny Clay

      I heard a lot of anti-Obama rhetoric coming from blacks on talk radio, but I guess when the rubber hit the road, they didn’t walk the talk.

  • The__Bobster

    Did liberal professors really think we wanted in because we needed black studies more than we needed math and engineering degrees?

    No, liberal professors knew that you didn’t have the intelligence to get degrees in maff or injuneerin’. You also wanted degrees you didn’t have to work hard for, since all you really want is a make-work AA gubmint job.

    • George

      You’re right to a point, Bobster.

      The growth of Victimology has, however, siphoned off a large proportion of the talented tenth. If A Masters of Social Work/Negro-management Studies programme weren’t offered, those individuals who sought higher education would, in consequence, study programmes of greater utility. Most, agreed, are completely incapable of studying higher mathematics or engineering, but a few are, indeed, able to do so. More would be capable studying business management, most of which is monkey-see, monkey-do, anyhow. They are currently self-selecting or being pushed in to Blame Whitey Studies

      Ask yourself: is Dupree correct in stating that a degree in Racist Black Anger is less helpful to society, the black community, and the individual in question than would be a degree of real value? What should they study? Flashmob 101 or Accountancy?

      • MadMike

        Negro Management, sounds like Plantation Politics to me.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    It’s not the libs I’m concerned about, it’s the craven white cons who fall all over themselves to promote the latest flavor-of-the-month “Black Conservative.”

    You are never going to convince leftists that you aren’t racist, so why keep trying?

    • Liberalsuck

      That’s why I’m getting tired of the conservative movement today worshipping blacks and black males. Oh, they’re so tough…yet they need a black man to speak their message? When will they learn?

      • Simple, the Republicans want to use them to get the black vote from those who want an alternative to the “slavery” of the Democrats.

    • thats the same thing I say, these neocons disgust me more than the libtards.

  • MobyWhite

    There are no black conservatives.

    None are disavowing integration, black privilege, affirmative action, the White language, White medicine, White institutions, White wives.

    A true black conservative would have made it back home to Africa by now.

    • Liberalsuck

      The black conservatives take white people’s money by saying things they’re too chicken to say.

      • Anon12

        What is that black guy’s name who has a radio talk show? He got out of the POTUS race because of his cheating on his wife….it is on the tip of my tongue…..oh well, he sure says all the things a White man cannot say (which is allowed in our upside down America of today) and he turns my stomach as White conservatives fall all over themselves praising him……I notice he sure has a self inflated ego as most blacks do…..

        Oh, his name is Herman Cain….

        • Liberalsuck

          The thing is, the same neocons were lambasting Ron Paul for his policies saying “oh, they will never work”, yet when Herman Cain says something that I’ve heard your average white economist or business person say, suddenly “Wow, he’s smart. I like him!!! He left the plantation!!!!” (the cycle repeats itself)

        • Integration Anxiety

          I got a funny one for you. On Bill Maher’s show the other night he had a woman (East Indian or Middle Eastern roots) who is championing and lobbying for better pay amongst American restaurant workers. She told Maher that Herman Cain was behind legislation to keep workers’ pay at a stand still for the last 18 years. Maher, who really made himself look stupid, expressed shock that Cain would be so greedy and as evil as the other corporate types out there, since Herman is “a person of color, not from a rich family and all.” That’s all I needed to hear on that topic. To the libs, I thought we are all just people, no difference in race and culture and what not. Well if they really believed this, then why would it surprise them that a black guy would act like that? A White man would do this. A Jew would do this, but blacks simply aren’t capable of greed? Oh okay. Tell that to the criminals in the ghettoes who shoot one another for a pair of sneakers. What a buffoon!!

          • PesachPatriot

            I’m pretty sure greed is the human emotion that goes across all lines of class, color and religion….I used to find Bill Maher kind of humorous when I was younger, but I’ve been pretty sick of him since he started making a hero out of trayvon. If it makes you feel better he had a bunch of his money invested with lehman brothers when they kicked the bucket during the small global economic hiccup a few years ago. Mr. Cain and his 9-9-9 economic policy reminded me of President Camacho from the movie Idiocracy. By african standards mr. cains greed is fairly petty, mobutu sese seko of zaire sold off billions of dollars of valuable natural resources(gold, copper, diamonds, platinum) deposited the money in swiss banks and let his subjects starve and die of aids.

        • Every one is always talking about what a great job Cain did for Godfathers Pizza…if he done such a great job why is there not one on every corner il in every city like there is a Papa Johns and a Dominos??????

          • There are only a scant few Godfathers Pizza locations in St. Louis, but they’re all in parts of town where I wouldn’t go for pizza or anything else.

    • NeuBismarckian

      Thread winner.

  • JohnEngelman

    Liberals can’t abide a black person who leaves the black plantation of poverty and handouts to stand on his own two feet; they treat with contempt a black man who turns his back on their free money to work hard to make a good life for himself and his family.

    – Wayne Dupree, Washington Times, April 14, 2013

    That is not the way liberals respond to Barack Obama. To the best of my knowledge it is not the way liberals have ever responded to a successful black person.

  • pcmustgo


    I agree with the race realists, time to drop the Andrew Breitbart act of “democrats are more racist” and admit some forms of “racism” are acceptable. And Blacks and other non-whites are the real racists anyways.

    It’s not racist if it’s true.

    The Republican party crowd is just super-confused about Race. They don’t get it. They don’t know how to talk about it.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Actually they turn a deaf ear when I mention it to them. They’re scared to mention the differences. I’ve stopped trying to reason with them.They just go on looking for ‘tokens’ to represent them. I’m finished with cowardly Republicans. And I just learned that Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker are about to betray we gun owners in Tennessee. I saw Lamar in March at a meeting. He nearly broke his arm slapping himself on the back for some dubious claim like fishing rights. Our governor is betraying us over obamacare.

    • RebelliousTreecko

      Actually, the truth is racist sometimes.

      An idea or statement doesn’t become true or false just because people see it as racist or hateful.

  • JohnEngelman

    Republicans will need to do more to win black votes than tell black voters that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. They already know that.

    Most blacks also know what most low income whites have still not learned despite bitter lessons since the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980: economic policies that benefit rich people seldom benefit them.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      We’ve been over this with you. Any economic system which rewards success, hard work, innovation, and intelligence will naturally favor “the rich.” Why should those who contribute to the economy (whites) be forced to carry those who don’t? (NAMs)

      • JohnEngelman

        Tax cuts for the rich mean tax increases for the rest of us, cuts in programs that benefit us, and/or more national debt.

        A high rate of unemployment, which is influenced by few restrictions on immigration, relieves employers of the need to compete for employees by treating them decently and by giving yearly raises that beat inflation.

        • IstvanIN

          I am not rich, and never will be, but I KNOW FOR A FACT that confiscating the wealth of the rich will not make me rich, it will just make them less rich. There is a lot wrong with our economy, but low taxes ain’t one of them.

          • PesachPatriot

            This is a good point. Our main economic problem is not a lack of revenue, it is overspending on the dumbest things imaginable. If the US government seized all the assets of the richest people in the country like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump,etc…there would only be enough money to run the government for about 6-8 months….the rich people who had their assets seized wouldn’t be sticking around to provide jobs or innovation any more. You can only seize assets once, and most rich people are smart enough to keep a decent amount of their net worth in the caymans, hong kong, monaco, switzerland or dubai where uncle sugar can’t get his hands on it. Many rich people have already pulled a decent amount of cash from our banking system and have it stashed in duffel bags and mattresses, and the really smart ones bought shiny yellow objects and then promptly lost them in tragic boating accidents.

          • MBlanc46

            When talking about our main economic problems you might have mentioned the export of tens of millions of jobs to Asia.

          • PesachPatriot

            Sorry I missed that…definitely an important factor….my post was mostly about our official national budget problems. Disclaimer here in that I’m not much of an economist and much better at history….the basic facts of the market today mean that anything, whether auto parts, clothing, computers or furniture will be cheaper to produce in low-wage countries with no environmental laws, OSHA, or government healthcare programs. Our politicians both r and d seem to be practicing “voodoo economics” where if we all close our eyes and wish really hard it will be 1955 again and america will dominate the world in manufacturing and our currency wouldn’t be in trouble. I think the best way foward is a renewal of agriculture as a pillar of the american economy. There are some 6 billion hungry mouths to feed outside the US and there is still lots of undeveloped agricultural land here, even with everything that has been lost to suburban sprawl during my lifetime.

          • MBlanc46

            But even our agriculture and forestry get sucked into globalization. Those products get exchanged for foreign manufactured goods. I don’t see any way out as long as those who now control our economy continue to control it.

        • George

          Sorry, John. Your second paragraph passes muster, but the first is completely erroneous.

          I’m not one of them, but the wealthy are already paying a disproportionate share of tax in the US.


          Thos earning $200,000 or more per year earn 28.2% of all income. Yet they pay 52.2% of all income taxes. Those earning $50-200,000 earn 50% of the nation’s income, but only pay 41.1% of all income taxes. The bottom group ($0-49,999) earns 22% of the income and pays only 6% of all income taxes. Long story short, the top bracket pays 22% of their income in income taxes, whereas the bottom bracket pays 3.6%. This is not at all fair.

          The ‘rich’ are already over-taxed. Those ‘programs that benefit us’ are part of the welfare/entitlement system that we’re all screaming about here. When one of us goes on a rant about Head Start, or EFT, or school lunches, or busing, or Sec. 8 housing, or, indeed, just about every social benefit given disproportionately to blacks, we are saying that GOVERNMENT SPENDING IS THE *CAUSE* OF MOST OF OUR PROBLEMS!!!!! It removes individual incentive to work and excel. It gives the opportunity for do-gooder Marxist social programmers to intrude on our lives and enter in to the private sphere.

          • JohnEngelman

            Since 1980 real after tax income for over half of the United States has declined. I do not think that is because most white blue collar workers have become lazy. Real after tax income for the richest one percent of the country has risen dramatically.


            Increasingly they raise profits not by increasing the number of their customers, but by cutting pay rolls and pay checks.

            During the Eisenhower administration the top tax rate never got before 91 percent. What was so bad about that? For most Americans those were good years.


            How have most white benefited from Republican tax cuts for the rich?

            I mention whites not because they are the only people I care about, but because I suspect that they are the only people you care about.

          • David Ashton

            The question is how wealth is obtained, by hard work and production at whatever level, or by parasitism through financial manipulation, welfare scrounging, promoting vice or committing crime.

            It is a mistake for white race “realists” to attack black conservatives or blacks who through honest work, often against difficulty, have done well for themselves, either because they happen to be black or because they are reluctant to describe their own people collectively as inferior.
            There is no need to annex them as tokens to a “Republican” cause or to isolate them, along with the “liberals”, so that no-one is on their side. Just let them say what they think, especially about black criminals and scroungers, and dishonest “Democrats”. Our enemy’s enemy is not our enemy.

          • JohnEngelman

            The way capitalism is supposed to work is someone will invent a widget. People want to buy the widget, so the inventor hires a lot of people to make and sell the widget. The inventor, the customers, and the employees benefit.

            Increasingly the way capitalism does work is business executives will rise to the top, fire a large percent of the work force, and give the survivors more work without more pay. Then the business executives will give themselves raises.

            The employees who lost their jobs suffer. The employees who stay suffer. The customers are served by employees suffering a lot of stress and low morale. The executives and stock holders benefit.

            Or, financiers will manipulate money in ways few other people benefit from or even understand.

            The term for that is “vulture capitalism.” I do not think it is worth defending.

          • Mark

            You sound more and more like V. I. Lenin. Evil capitalists, suffering proletariat etc. There are plenty of “red” countries throughout the globe. Either shut up or move there. We already have enough traitors here trying to change our Country into a communist utopia.

          • JohnEngelman

            Lenin was a totalitarian dictator. I do admire Karl Marx. I think he had valid insights about the economy and made serious mistakes about sociology and social psychology.

          • David Ashton

            Do you agree with his surplus value theory, and increasing proletarian immiseration, which were major “insights about the economy”?

          • JohnEngelman

            Karl Marx said that a natural tendency of capitalism is to produce wealth while reducing the standard of living for most people. I do not believe the terms were in existence back then, but if they were he would have said that the per capita gross domestic product goes up while the median income in constant dollars goes down.

            For several decades the economic policies of John Maynard Keynes counteracted this tendency by increasing government spending and employment paid for by high taxes on the rich. As the policies of Keynes are being scaled back the tendency described by Marx is once again becoming apparent.


            Newly released data on corporate profitability for 2012 show the continuation of historic levels of profitability despite excessive unemployment and stagnant wages for most workers…

            We now have an economy built to assure high corporate profitability even when it’s operating far below capacity and when most families and workers are faring poorly. This is further evidence that there is a remarkable disconnect between the fortunes of business and those best-off (high income households) and the vast majority.

          • PesachPatriot

            Marx wrote some pretty interesting books, but the man never held a real job in his life….all kinds of crackpot theories sound great between friends at some hippy drum circle in the woods in vermont, but they don’t work in the real world….Karl Marx would have bankrupted a small pizza place, mcdonalds or liquor store if he would have been the one in charge of it.

            People who have never run a business in the real world probably shouldn’t be trying to seriously fix the entire world’s economic problems…..the worst excesses of western capitalism in my lifetime were the exxon valdez spill in alaska, the BP oil spill and the GFC of 2008 and the current illegal immigration debacle…bad things to be sure, but far better than chernobyl, gulags, the air quality of smolensk and the produce and meat sections of the former soviet union. Most emotionally healthy people can deal with the ups and downs of the economic cycle in western societies….i’d rather be fired from jobs due to business failures a few times in the course of a lifetime than have the NKVD knock on my door because someone reported me for reading forbidden literature.

          • JohnEngelman

            Businessmen are often ignorant of anything not pertaining to their companies. I think we need more political scientists in politics. What they have learned academically will enlighten their political decisions. What they learn from practical politics will enlighten their political theories and make them more knowledgeably if they return to the academy after their political careers.

          • David Ashton

            Excluding cheap imported foreign labor and its dependents for certain activities (e.g. ticket clerks) encourages automation, and to some extent makes classroom education more efficient.

          • Anon12

            I mention whites not because they are the only people I care about, but
            because I suspect that they are the only people you care about.


            Who are you trying to kid? You do not care about any White person and you know it…….I also side with George…I DO care only about my race. The White Euro race.

          • JohnEngelman

            Sorry, John. Your second paragraph passes muster, but the first is completely erroneous.

            – George

            This was my first paragraph: Tax cuts for the rich mean tax increases for the
            rest of us, cuts in programs that benefit us, and/or more national debt.

            What did I say that is not true?

            Why are you in such a hurry to blame immigrants for our problems while absolving rich whites?

        • Mark

          Last I checked the top 1% pay almost 50% of the income tax while the bottom 47% pay nothing. Don’t you think the 1% should get a tax break occasionally, JohnEngelman?

        • Michael_C_Scott

          What about the US government just spending less money? Tax cuts shouldn’t mean anything other than Egypt and Israel get smaller checks in exchange for not fighting each other.

      • Anon12

        Yes, don’t you get really tired of this Engelman guy on here….He is anti-White to the core and always has been if you have been reading his posts for any amount of time…

        • Katherine McChesney

          I wish he would go on permanent vacation. Perhaps with obama. Soon he’ll be touting him as a good president if he stays here much longer.

  • NYB

    The test of whether a black is a conservative is whether he wants to live among his own and distance himself from whites in his private life.

    A black conservative should be a black segregationist. That’s ok by me. Things are better with voluntary segregation.

    • Liberalsuck

      Many of those high profile ‘black conservatives’ showed their true colors in 2008 and many since then want to unite ‘black conservatives’ but don’t want white conservatives to be in favor of race. The only difference between a ‘black conservative’ and a black race hustler is how they get our money. The black race hustlers get their money by calling us racists, the black ‘conservatives’ get their money by saying things most whites are too afraid of.

      • Anon12

        So true! This has happened time after time. I was wondering when someone would say it….there are NO black conservatives and never can be. They are only going where the money is and to make Whites “think” that not all blacks are against us…works like a charm for the delusional Whites out there. And there are plenty of White “conservatives” who fall for it every time.

  • bigone4u

    According to liberals, liberals are never racist, but conservatives are always racist. Thus black conservatives are traitors to their race who must pay a price for treason. It’s a simplistic view of the world but it’s the liberal view: Blacks must be liberal or they are traitors, sell outs, or Uncle Toms.

  • Wayne Dupree wrote a good piece, but I do not believe that “Too many liberals think they have the black race all sewed up, and it just paralyzes them to hear of black conservatives.” There is no mass defection, and probably never will be.

    Almost all black conservatives eventually out themselves as being closet liberals after a distinguished career as a quasi-conservative.

    Blacks in the past were generally social conservatives, that was until there was money to be paid (for spreading legs or saying you were a farmer who couldn’t farm). I think very few are conservative anymore.

    One thing he didn’t mention, was that blacks need the government programs that have been developed almost specifically for them to compete with white America. And that is why they will almost always side with their liberal leaders with their hands on the purse strings

  • Wayne

    Earth to Republitards, Earth to Republitards. Blacks are 13% of the US population, maybe 6% of the electorate. Forget about the black vote, it is nothing but a time and money sump. Western style freedom does not appeal to them. Concentrate on you base. Earth, out!

  • brengunn

    It’s a bit much to blame liberals for all the problems in the black community. I imagine these problems would be just as prevalent in conservative societies. Remember, there is no welfare in most black countries and they suffer from the same problems,in fact, the problems might be even worse were there no welfare at all.

  • The Ice Queen

    Conservatives get googly-eyed and act like they struck gold when they find a black conservative, tripping all over themselves and gushing about it, as if to say, “Look Ma! No racism!” It’s so undignified and embarrassing. It won’t make a bit of difference anyway. And for all the things that black people can’t do or won’t do, one thing they can do is see right through white people like we were a sheet of glass. Never grovel. Never.

  • IstvanIN

    Sure there are black conservative, there is also water on the moon, but I wouldn’t go swimming there.

  • LHathaway

    “Republicans will need to do more to win black votes than tell black voters that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. They already know that”.

    They already know that? What, maybe 10% know that. Would be interesting to see how many whites know that.

  • Seek

    This article is typical useless Tea Party rubbish that casts blacks as noble suffering victims, only this time of white liberals, instead of as the victimizers of all whites that they really are.

  • heretic

    Black conservatives are not the solution to america’s problems. It is actually comical to see white republicans practice “affirmative action” in trying to build up people like Ben Carson. Republicans need to stop playing into the white liberal’s hands.

    • whatever

      who said they were but who would you prefer? black liberals or black conservatives?
      black conservatives or white liberals? beggars cant be choosey.

    • Anon12

      The White conservative gleefully takes credit for the Civil Rights Movement, freeing the slaves and love MLK. That is all we need to know about these traitors to our race and nation.

  • white liberals are the problem

    White liberals are the real problem and most of them are faggots from the hippie left over Woodstock generation.

    • a multiracial individual

      White liberals are bundles of sticks?

  • MBlanc46

    Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do not champion “liberal politics and ideology”. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson champion themselves. To the extent that there are any liberals in the straw man sense that “liberals” is used here, they don’t pay the slightest attention to Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, and Allen West. Well, okay, they pay attention to Allen West in order to poke fun at the wackazany things he says. This author has demonstrated that he can assemble the parts of the conservative rhetoric kit in grammatical sentences, but there’s not an iota of analysis here. It’s a total waste of bandwidth.

  • ImTellinYa

    There are very, very few actual Black conservatives. Maybe none. I can’t think of any. The vast majority of them are affirmative-action parasites who have chosen a different host from the usual.

    Same with “Hispanic” conservatives. Their gig is just to put a “diverse” face on a Republican Party that is run by extremely stupid and cowardly White people. The very concept of “Diversity” is just another Leftist fantasy and lie calculated to destroy Western Civilization.

    True conservatives will reject the pernicious doctrines of Diversity and Multiculturalism that represent a hostile invasion of third-world savages and the elevation of these enemies over Whites.

    To the extent to which the Republican Party kowtows to Diversity and the affirmative-action parasites that come with it, is the extent to which the Republican Party betrays its overwhelmingly White constituency.

    We have no friends in a Leftist government that is the enemy of its own country.

    • If there are any real black or Hispanic “conservatives,” it is only because “conservatism” has morphed from a concrete expression of a given group of people to a pure abstraction. Even at that, there are exceedingly few blacks who actually believe in conservatism in the abstract form; most are hangers-on looking for quick celebrity and fame.

      If conservatism was understood in the concrete form of ethnocentricism, then “non-white Conservative” would be an oxymoron.

  • Liberals are afraid and seek to destroy ANYONE who thinks and sees liberalism as bondage.

    Critical thinking and questioning them IS the treat to liberals and democrats..

  • Hunter Morrow

    There is no such thing as a “Black Conservative” They talk the talk and when they have to walk the walk they vote Democrat, speak Democrat, legislate as though they were Democrats. Because that is what they are.

    Look at Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell. GOP-tards were tripping all over themselves to get one or both of these people to run as a Republican…and then they voted for Barack Obama! Twice!

    What a con job! You get all the money and attention and speaking opportunities and the same sort of Affirmative Action gigs of “Look! We have blacks, too!” in the Republican machine. Then the blacks just speak, act, legislate and vote Democrat.

    If you are a black in the Democrat party, wow. You’ve got 20 times the competition. You might have to work hard and have merit to stand out. As a “Real Live Black Republican” however, you can work the carney trick and bilk them for money and jobs for as long as you please.

  • Liberals have as much contempt for their pets as everyone else does, they live in multicultural conurbations full of their ‘diversity’ but their favourite hangout spots are largely whites only.

    Those of us lower down the ladder who object to the mass displacement of ourselves to make way for diversity are seen as “racist”.

    Though it is taboo to mention gun crime and its relationship to, erm, ‘coloured’ people they seem instinctively to stay away from Afro.and Pakistani communities when they have the opportunity to interact with them every day.

  • Funruffian

    “Let’s be honest for a change. Black liberal voters do not have a clue that it is the Democrats who keep them in “social welfare hell”; their promises are delivered not with opportunity, but with a social welfare check.”
    Welfare hell my ASS!!! These welfare spongers live better than some Working class Whites and Mexicans due to their entitlements, AA laws and Race cards. I don’t fully agree with this article that Welfare keeps Blacks down. Blacks keep themselves down with or without welfare. If welfare began as a handout to give Blacks a second chance why is it that they cannot evolve beyond their own squalor. This article sucks and i will denounce it at once. It’s all nurture and no nature. It blames a system assisting the Blacks, but doesn’t assign the blame where it is deserved.

  • Funruffian

    “What happened to the thirst for knowledge and education that drove black parents to send their kids past a gauntlet of furious mobs, state police and angry politicians?”
    Answer: Because they are the furious mobs that do not have a thirst for knowledge and education.

  • truevoice4real

    · Let’s take a step back and examine
    the Black face of the GOP in relation to how the GOP treats other Black
    faces…in other words let’s deal with current events…

    The GOP is still engaged in their voter suppression drive..

    The GOP , do you know these people..??

    Shaun Winkler , James Russell , Loy Mauch , Harry Berram , John Abarr , Billy
    Roper , Harriet Paletti , Brian Culpepper , are just a few racist in the GOP
    that have run for office as openly white supremacist..

    The tea party was used by white supremacist groups as a
    recruiting tool..

    The GOP has done everything in their power to bring down
    President Obama…

    The GOP , with the help of some useless Black conservatives ,
    tried to convince MLK was a republican and that we should vote for republican
    based on that lie…

    The Black unemployment rate is much higher than white
    unemployment due to the white backlash of Obama being in office…Black
    unemployment has always been higher but some CEOs have gone on record saying
    that if Obama is elected they will fire people …who do you think they will fire

    The racist tea party asked businesses to stop hiring people in
    an effort to make Obama look bad…who do you think will be the last to be hired
    in this scenario…??

    Ronald “I support Apartheid” Reagan said that MLK
    ” had it coming to him” after King was assassinated and of course Reagan and the GOP supported

    Several republicans cheered the demise of the 9th ward during
    Katrina stating that “God did something that none of us could do”

    You have a party that not only practices intense racism but
    admits it and is proud of it..Therefore how can anyone expect Black
    conservatives to continue their blind loyalty to the GOP…

    To think that anybody liberal , independent , conservative or
    whatever is remotely concerned about Black conservatives…You idiots have NO
    POWER..You can’t even get more than two Blacks elected to congress and let’s be
    real about this..it was because of the election of Obama that inspired a few
    Black conservative to run for office..Black conservatives have no respect in
    the Black community nor do they have any respect in the white
    communities…What do Black conservative stand for ..???..racism and

    It is no accident that the GOP receives less then 30% of the
    Asian and Hispanic vote…It is also no accident that they receive less than 10%
    of the Black vote…

    The real question and real paradox is …why do Black conservatives ignore and
    support the GOP when their racism and stupidity is so obvious..??

    Here’s another question…

    What has the GOP done for the country in the last 13 years….or
    more to the point what has the GOP done for Black people in the last 30