Illegal Border Crossings More than Double Since Amnesty Talks Started

Awr Hawkins, Breitbart, April 1, 2013

Reports indicate that since Senator John McCain’s “Gang of Eight” restarted their latest push for amnesty, illegal border crossings from Mexico to the U.S. have more than doubled. It appears those entering the country illegally want to be sure they are here in case a blanket amnesty pronouncement is issued.

As a U.S. Border Patrol Agent who spoke on condition of anonymity made clear, a number of those entering the country illegally are doing so to escape jail time or persecution in their own country: “We’ve seen the number of illegal aliens double, maybe even triple since amnesty talks started happening. [And] a lot of these people, although not the majority, are criminals or aggravated felons.”

Making matters worse, Border Patrol Agents currently face hour and pay reductions which Obama is blaming on the sequester cuts he signed into law in August 2011. This means there is less and less chance of catching illegal aliens as they cross over.


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  • bigone4u

    Economics 101: You want more of a certain behavior you reward it, you want less you criminalize it or tax it. Amnesty is the reward for border jumping, a reward worth hundreds of thousands of dollars (not pesos) in lifetime benefits. Doesn’t take a genius to figue it out, but our “geniouses” in Washington don’t have a clue. And kudos to the Border Patrol agent who told the truth–a bunch of the fence climbers are criminals.

    • Morris LeChat

      At this point, I support any bunch of white men with guns that takes over the government in order to save this country from the destroyers. As long as defining this country as white, and expelling the enemies of whites was their agenda, I’d support them. At this point economics don’t matter, freedom of speech doesn’t matter. At this point, I am fed up with democracy, which is more of a tyranny than most other forms of government have ever been. Imagine stealing a country right out from under it’s people. When they want to do that, you support whoever goes up against them.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Agreed. Nor do I give a rat’s about their views on homosexuality, abortion, or any other issue. I would be a one-issue voter at this point.

  • Morris LeChat

    White Americans need to start establishing a strategy that becomes widely known. There will be no action by Patriots if there is a confusion about goals and strategy and chain of command. White people need to act very soon, or we will find ourselves with our backs up against the wall. Our very lives are at stake. May I suggest that a code name be given, like “D” day, so everyone knows what to expect when action starts, and they all know what they should be expected to do. This is especially important for the patriots in the military.

    • NYB

      Correct you are. Certain words, including ‘Patriot’, now mean one “who rejects the Washington Federal establishment.”

      The strategy, for now, is to assume the attitude that we are living in pre-independence 1775. A Yalta type conference on post-regime change in the U.S. would tip our hands.

      Instead of articulating the strategy, everyone should immerse themselves in the constitution, while working on the grassroots support.

      • Morris LeChat

        DEMOCRACY IS DEAD!!!! When “Democracy” stands for a form of government that VIOLATES the borders and the BIRTHRIGHT of it’s people, THEN IT IS DEAD!!! DEMOCRACY IS DEAD!!! LONG LIVE THE WHITE MALE MILITARY GOVERNMENT!!!!

      • Room101

        Every institution of organized society is preaching to White people paying taxes that we’re “responsible” for all the failures of not-White people, just so politicians can tax stupid White people with accusations of “racism”.

        The Government is going to have to come up with a politically popular end-game for the survivors, if any.
        They control the nuclear Arsenal of Tyranny.

    • Room101

      Why do self-sufficient individuals “need” some ephemeral ‘chain-of-command’?

      Each of us on our own knows the difference between what’s right and what works, and that which doesn’t and is wrong.

      The “liberals” can shoot all the doctors and force We the Taxpayers to buy “health insurance” through the IRS @ gunpoint, but how exactly was delivery of services to the patient/taxpayer improved in a way that will help the newly-subjugated to live?

      All this insanity coming to pass before our very eyes in real time is something to behold.

      • Morris LeChat

        my reference to chain of command was in regards to an armed rebellion. YOu are suggesting we just sit there and let it roll over us

        • Room101

          No chains of command are necessary.
          It’s a huge liability in security and communications allowing government to pin the actions of one hated “racist”-taxpayer criticizing Government to be used as propaganda against everyone as they continue to jail us in giant prisons.

          People know what’s right and what’s wrong. That which is coercive, evil, and enslaving.
          Government, if you will..

    • Grim Jim

      The Northwest Imperative as outlined by HAC from the NWF, it is the only plan that stands a chance! This present incarnation called the USA is not only toast, it is our mortal enemy–see it for what it is!!

      • Tucker

        The Pacific Northwest is literally infested with the most hard core, virulently leftist, Socialist, border-line Communist liberals. Also, from what I’ve read – the Pacific Northwest is also teeming with hundreds of thousands of third worlders – who would have numerical superiority over these states and who would therefore present an immediate obstacle to any hint of a White, Northwest Imperative type of takeover.

        For a glimpse at what happens when liberals, socialists, leftists, and Communists gain absolute political power and control of a state – look at California, Colorado, New York and Connecticut – and you can see that these tyrants will immediately move to enact the most draconian anti-Second Amendment laws in the nation. Already, we saw an attempt in Washington State to sneak a provision through that would abolish the 4th Amendment and force gun owners to let jackbooted thug cops have the right to enter their private residences to ‘inspect’ their firearms and to make sure they are stored ‘safely’, which means unloaded, locked away, and useless for any means of self-protection against an unexpected home invasion or burglary attempt.

        In Covington’s mythical Pacific Northwest – just how would the fantasies in his books have any chance of becoming reality, when the left has preempted the whole thing by making private ownership of the firearms needed to make it happen illegal to own?

        News Flash: The enemy can read Covington’s books, too – and they can use them as a guide on how to most effectively circumvent the very things he advocates. As I’ve said before in other posts, our parasites are not going to simply let us separate ourselves from them peacefully – because we are their source of nourishment, and losing their fang hold on us will spell misery and possibly death for them.

        This is why, no sooner than the November 6th elections were over, these leftists flipped their aggression switch and started coming for our most effective personal defense weapons. They know that physical force is the only option left for White conservative Americans, if we ever hope to get the Cultural Marxist steel boot off the back of our White necks – and they want to nip that option in the bud.

        In my view, it is far better to start the idea of a White ethnostate in an area that is already overwhelmingly White and also traditionally conservative.

        Utah fits this profile. Oh, and our enemies know this – and they are working to flood Utah with millions of non-whites and turn it into a commie blue state, too.

        • Gunrunner1

          I live in the Northwest and I reject your assessment of its population. If Covington has a possible solution and I gather he does based on his experiences in Ireland, then I am willing to listen. Simply saying that it is hopeless because the “Enemy knows all” is defeatist. Guns made illegal? Of course they will, either in answer to an insurrection or because they are Marxist. Disobey the law. We are close to fight or die time. Get on your big boy pants.

        • Colt1911

          Something will eventually need to be worked out with the government whereby millions of white Americans can peacefully seperate into their own geographic territory within the US. There is no alternative to civil war.

        • Bobby

          Now, you nailed it Tucker. Fantastic post, true in all respects. It should be re-read by every person wondering about how far lost the traditional U.S. already is.

    • Tucker

      “Our very lives are at stake.”

      Morris is exactly right. This is a matter of life or death, because anyone in the AmRen community who still cannot sense the raw, festering, ready-to-explode, radioactive and toxic levels of hatred that is now being openly spewed on a daily basis from the Cultural Marxist left and directed at White Males, initially, but also to a slightly lesser degree – at White females, or at least those who have resisted the race mixing agenda and who’ve married White men and had white babies with them and who ‘Stand By Their Men’ – is a lost cause to the White race realist community.

      We need to use the Internet to organize and establish pockets of like-minded Whites, and I believe that the current nation-wide ‘Prepper’ movement is a potentially good place to start. Granted, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of these prepper types who have succumbed to the Franz Boas propaganda line that race is a social construct and that it is ‘evil’ for Whites to do exactly what every other racial group does, i.e.,. think and behave tribally and to organize ourselves along ethnic/racial lines in order to defend and advance our ethnic specific interests. For such misguided, race suicidally brainwashed Whites – I’ve got one idea that might be a powerful and highly effective way to ‘open their eyes’ and bring them around to the realities of race.

      We’re living in a video world these days, right? So, whenever our enemies hand us a video clip that shows them spewing one of their anti-White, race-hate rants – save a copy of it. Repeat as necessary, and believe me, these anti-White race hate rants are as plentiful as sand pebbles on the average beach. Rants by well-known media leftists who are recognizable are the best material. Make DVDs of these anti-White race hate rants and distribute them – or, better yet, arrange for an opportunity (backyard BBQs. etc.) and then sit your White friends down and watch these videos together. Remember, the average attention span of the typical White man or woman these days is, sadly, rather short – so, don’t make DVDs that are hours long, because this will not work on our people – who unfortunately have the approximate attention span of an 8 year old child. Keep the DVDs short, no more than maybe 20 or 30 minutes tops. Do the same thing with the preponderance of TV commercials which belittle and make fun of Whites, and here is a good website to visit that has been tracking these enemy tactics:

      Prepping is, for the most part, a ‘white thing’. Whites who sense something terrible is wrong with our nation, and their survival instincts have kicked in and they are making plans for the dark future that lies ahead. But, many are not able to see that the dark future that is ahead is a future that is coming as a direct result of the destructive racial demographic changes that our Cultural Marxist enemies have imposed upon America in direct opposition to the ethnic interests of White Europeans. I sense that, with some help from the racially awake White community, we can gain allies from within the prepper movement and also benefit from their already-established networking of like minded individuals.

      Lastly, here is an excellent article from Andrew Hamilton that every ‘prepper’ should read:

  • LastBastionOfHope

    This is an invasion we are not allowed to talk about because the invaders are minorities. Imagine a ton of white illegal immigrants invading China/Japan/Mexico while clogging up their resources and demanding they cater to our culture including learning english? The young liberals would be demanding for it to stop. If the invaders are not white, well let them have at it! After all, we clearly owe them for being so mean to everyone 400 years ago. This whole “making up for past dues” is a racist concept. It is tearing the very fabric of this country apart. All I can do is hope that a scientist develops a time machine or a way to reset the clock back to the 1950’s when America was pristine and pure. I regret being born in an era where America is being invaded by hispanics, blacks are allowed to do whatever they want and never get called out for it, and affirmative action keeps whites out of jobs they need. What a terrible time.

    • Morris LeChat

      Yes, it is an invasion, the enemy has taken over our government and has now opened up that gates letting the hordes rush in. This is war, war by the government against the people.

      • LastBastionOfHope

        The best analogy to what is happening now is ancient Rome with the invading barbarians eventually spelling the end of the Roman Empire. Though hispanics may not be attacking physically (in some cases they do), they are attacking psychologically, financially, and via the race card. We should just pack these illegals in a huge rocket and ship them into space. I’m so sick of this BS.

      • George White

        Yes, open borders AND a welfare state at the same time! A stupider scenario could not be imagined.

      • GM (Australia)

        “Invasion”, sure is. This is as good as place as any to post 2 items that are presently on my mind.

        1, It appears that at least 3 boatloads of illegals are arriving in Australia every week now, they are brought in by Indonesian people smugglers. The government’s reaction to this is that the safety of these arrivals is all that matters. No one seems to be saying “Stop the boats” any more. Indonesia is also saying that we should be taking in more refugees. (Someone in Canberra will almost certainly take notice and comply with Indonesia’s request.)

        2, I live in a traditionally white part of Sydney, slightly up-market. This afternoon I was observing a group of children in the 11 – 12 age group on a local school outing. Fifteen were Asian, while only two were white. We certainly are being invaded.

        • saxonsun

          I live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan–we’ve been invaded by illegal Mexicans. Even the nursery school students are almost all Mexican–in a traditionally white area.

  • The__Bobster

    Hey, Xuan Chinaman, do you still say that Obongo has the border under control?

  • IstvanIN

    Reward bad behavior and you get more of it. A universal constant.

    • Jss

      And Americans keep tolerating out right treason from our government. And thus we keep getting more of that to. This flood of Mexicans is no way just immigration it’s an invasion and if we accomodte it the result will be the occupation of much of our country. In a sane nation that would be seen as an act of war.

      Juan McCain wants America to intervene all over the Middle East but also wants our southern border wide open to a horde of hostile invaders. And we tolerate him and all the people like him who are running this country into the ground.

      This country’s future is going from tragedy to farce.

  • Felix_M

    What you reward you get more of. Every parent knows that. Pity the members of the GOP don’t. I’m not going to worry about the democrats. They’re so far gone that there’s no hope for most of them.

  • The__Bobster

    The squat monster invaders know that Obongo has given them the green light and that even if they sneak in at the last minute, he will find some way to amnesty them.

    • Felix_M

      Just like duh-byah did in the ’00’s. The man was a waste of skin. He did more to harm conservatism in 8 years than Teddy Kennedy could have in 100.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        Bush was bizarre blend of self-righteous arrogance and of gross incompetence. But did he do more damage in 8 years than Teddy Kennedy could do in 100?

        No, devastating as most of Bush’s agenda was, Felix, you forget that during the last two years of Bush’s presidency he had given up on “comprehensive immigration reform.” He actually let a determined young Julie Myers, the new head of ICE, conduct a half-dozen raids on companies using illegal alien workers which resulted in deportations of many aliens. Teddy Kennedy would never have permitted ICE agents do do their job, not in 8 years, not in a 100 years.

        Kennedy was an order of magnitude more dangerous than the egregious Bush. I have to defend the 43rd president here because it’s the right thing to do.

        • Luca

          Bush was incompetent and oblivious, Kennedy was focused and malicious There is a difference indeed.

          • Felix_M

            The result from both, nevertheless, is often the very same.

          • George White

            Bush didn’t leave a girl to drown in the lake.

          • Tucker

            Both Youtube and, one of my favorite websites to visit in order to watch a lot of really informative documentary videos:


            have a preponderance of excellent, carefully researched and well documented videos that expose the unbelievably destructive narco-drug trafficking industry that literally permeates the corrupt and criminal infested governments of not only Mexico, but nearly every Central and South American ‘Hispanic’ dominated and controlled government. Many of these documentaries have chronicled the Clinton and Bush Crime Family connections to these criminal enterprises.

            This all stretches back to at least as far as the Iran-Contra scandal where the CIA was found to be smuggling in drugs to the USA that centered around the exposures of the Mena, Arkansas airport being one of their primary off-loading locations, while der Slickmeister was still governor of the state. The documentary ‘The Clinton Chronicles’ discusses this topic and I recommend this video to the AmRen community.

            This is likely the #1 reason why the treasonous, degenerate, despicably evil Bush family – when given the opportunity and authority to do so – have flat refused to secure our Southern border. Clearly, there has to be some connection between their stubborn obsession to keep that border wide open and the massive influx of dangerous, destructive, and enormously profitable narcotics – and my suspicions tell me that their motivation is financial.

            Still don’t believe me?

            Remember when Dubya wanted to authorize Mexican trucks to cross our border and roam around freely on the highways of the USA? Remember how he and his cronies floated the insane idea that the US Border Patrol agents shouldn’t be allowed to ‘inspect’ the contents of those trucks at the border, because, duh, it would ‘slow down’ their deliveries? So, Dubya and his cronies then announced their idea that they would establish special ‘inspection stations’, oh, say, about 20 or so miles deep into Mexico – and they’d have their Mexican (cartel) buddies ‘inspect the trucks’ and then place a little green sticker tape across the doors and then, when the Mexican truck came to the US Border, all our US Border Patrol Agent had to do was to look to see if that little green sticker tape was still intact and if so, he could then paste a big happy smile on his face and gleefully wave the truck through!

            Come on, folks. Just how freaking STUPID do these greasy criminal elites of ours think we are? Want me to simplify it a little, just in case our criminal ruling elite trash have a better estimation of the average intelligence level of the typical American couch potato than I do? Okay, I’ll simplify it.

            What could possibly be stored inside the cargo containers of those Mexican trucks that a corrupt politician who’s family and cronies are on the take might not want to be seen by a US Border Patrol agent? Well, illegal drugs would be at the top of the list, right? Or, what about smuggling in illegal aliens – which is also very profitable, according to what I’ve read?

            Or, how about WMDs of various flavors that could come in handy if said corrupt politicians decided that they needed a staged false flag event inside the USA, in order to get a new war off the ground against the next enemy on the endless list of enemies of a particularly murderous nation in the middle east – who prefers to snooker the US military into fighting and dying in wars instead of fighting and dying in thos wars themselves?

            Hey! Are any new light bulbs coming on over the heads of any White conservatives who are still not savvy about the entire family of Bushes?

            Well, then. Let’s let Glenn Frey take his turn at explaining it:

            Smuggler’s Blues Lyrics – Glenn Frey

            There’s trouble on the streets
            I can feel it in my bones.
            I had a premonition,
            That he should not go alone.
            I knew the gun was loaded,
            But I didn’t think he’d kill.
            Everything exploded,
            And the blood began to spill.
            So baby, here’s your ticket,
            Put the suitcase in your hand.
            Here’s a little money now,
            Do it just the way we planned.
            You be cool for twenty hours
            And I’ll pay you twenty grand.
            I’m sorry it went down like this,
            And someone had to lose,
            It’s the nature of the business,
            It’s the smuggler’s blues.
            Smuggler’s Blues

            The sailors and pilots,
            The soldiers and the law,
            The pay offs and the rip offs,
            And the things nobody saw.
            No matter if it’s heroin, cocaine, or hash,
            You’ve got to carry weapons
            Cause you always carry cash.
            There’s lots of shady characters,
            Lots of dirty deals.
            Ev’ry name’s an alias
            In case somebody squeals.
            It’s the lure of easy money,
            It’s gotta very strong appeal.
            Perhaps you’d understand it better
            Standin’ in my shoes,
            It’s the ultimate enticement,
            It’s the smuggler’s blues,
            Smuggler’s blues.

            See it in the headlines,
            You hear it ev’ry day.
            They say they’re gonna stop it,
            But it doesn’t go away.
            They move it through Miami, sell it in L.A.,
            They hide it up in Telluride,
            I mean it’s here to stay.
            It’s propping up the governments in Colombia and Peru,
            You ask any D.E.A. man,
            He’ll say There’s nothin’ we can do,
            From the office of the President,
            Right down to me and you, me and you.
            It’s a losing proposition,
            But one you can’t refuse.
            It’s the politics of contraband,
            It’s the smuggler’s blues,
            Smuggler’s blues.

            So, let’s do ourselves a big favor – and let’s make danged sure that never again will another member of the Bush family be elected to any position of power or authority over the USA. Same rule applies to these Clintons, because they are every bit as corrupt and dishonest. Both of these families despise the traditional, historic, White European dominant America that every AmRen regular reveres – and that makes these people our mortal enemies.

          • Luca

            The phony war on drugs is like any other war. The enlisted men do all the dirty work, take the hits, do the heavy lifting and get wounded or killed.

            The people who benefit the most from this phony war are the politicians, judges, lawmen, doctors, lawyers and business interests who put up the money for shipments, reap tenfold tax free benefits, and never get their hands dirty. This is one gravy train they will never stop and any busts you see on TV will never lead back to the big shots who bankroll these ventures.

          • kjh64

            “Clearly, there has to be some connection between their stubborn obsession to keep that border wide open and the massive influx of dangerous, destructive, and enormously profitable narcotics – and my suspicions tell me that their motivation is financial.”
            I have always said the same thing. It makes NO sense to me whatsoever that the USA is fighting this constant “war on drugs” yet they refuse to secure the US border which would stop a huge amount of the drugs entering the country.I’ve always said that something is very fishy, that the US government is profiting from these drugs as well as illegals entering the country.

        • Felix_M

          Bush only gave up on comprehensive immigration reform after his base said “No!” twice. If you recall he tried to ram it through a 2nd time after grass roots conservatives melted down the Capitol Hill switch board.
          That the man was so stupid to blow his rapidly vanishing political capital on something that his base was going to hate told me how out of touch with reality he really was/is.

        • Kathy M

          El Presidente Jorge Boosh Calderone and his brother Hosea Emillio Jeb are mexiphiles.

        • George White

          The Immigration Act of 1965 has done more to harm white people than any other single law. We must work to get it REPEALED.

      • saxonsun

        Yes, he extended food stamps to immigrants–madness.

    • Arch

      Reagan & Obama. Both with dismal immigration histories.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    If you have an opinion on “comprehensive immigration reform” [amnesty, legalization] you can find the Washington telephone numbers of your two senators and representative in seconds by Googling “contact your senator” or “contact your representative,” clicking on the link and following a few steps.

    Remember, the young person answering the phone is not your enemy. See if you can make her/him your ally.

    • George White

      Yes, by all means CALL those lousy bastards and give them an earful. Don’t let them destroy this country without a fight.

    • Room101

      It’s “racist” for either of the 2 political parties to dialogue with their enemy, the taxpayers.

  • wattylersrevolt

    It is going to take series of massive catastrophic events to wake millions of Native Born White Americans out of the Trance. I see a full-blown administrative amnesty as the only way to do this. Nothing less than an over-night political disenfranchisement of millions of Native Born White Americans will do it. Amnesty is going to’s just a question of whether to have it pass now or later on. I believe passing it later than now will create a very dangerous irreversible situation of Native Born White Americans.
    Remember what Dorothy said to her doggie Toto:”Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore”. It will take this degree of psychological dislocation to expose all the cornball Americana-Fox News Variety-as a big lie.
    It is very clear now that over the next few months that the Republican Party is going to jettison its Conservative faction. Gay “Culture” 24 hours a day in your face. This will also help speed up the psychological dislocation and anomie. This crucial for a very very nasy backlash.
    The upshot of all this that a polical vacum will be created..politics abhors a vacum..a warning to the Filthy Degenerate White Greeedy Cheating Class.

    • Tucker

      Excellent post and analysis, Watty. Also, according to my estimates – the number of Whites who comprise the conservative faction that the RINO’d GOP is about to jettison is somewhere in the 120 million plus range. That is a huge and dangerous number of voters to give the middle finger to.

      The word to describe what is about to happen is: unsustainable.

      • wattylersrevolt


        Let me get to the heart of the issue:as soon as Evangelical Protestants and Conservative Catholics get out of the war mongering business..then you know that the day is comming soon when the you-know-what is going to hit the fan in the US. These two groups see the Military as the last bastion of Conservative Family Values. Well, the “US” Military is morping into Gay Life Style on steroids. The US Military is now openly hostile to the very group whose teenage sons they have been using for canon foder for decades. As soon as thes two groups get out of the war mongering business, they will start to emerge out of the Trance and see things very clearly. War Mongering promotes race-replacement and homosexual culture and “values”…you really have to be brain-dead not to see this.

  • NYB

    We’re in a long war against a determined enemy.

    The enemy is the banking and financial elites who have decided all white countries must take in millions of Third World migrants every year.

    According to the U.N., net migration from the non-white Third World to white countries is projected to average 2.4 million persons annually from 2009 to 2050. That’s one billion Third World migrants, more than enough to make whites a minority in our lands.

    The U.S.- Mexico border is an important gateway in this racket.

    • NYB

      How did the U.N. come up with the number ‘2.4 million’ annually?

      One million annually for the U.S., one million annually for Europe, and the remaining .4 million for Canada and Australia. The numbers are confirmed by national policies.

      There can be no doubt the unelected bankers are overseeing national immigration quotas, and are keenly against any slowdown in immigration.

  • wattylersrevolt

    .There are no economic,demographic,cultural, and ecological reasons for importing even one nonwhite…and passing the 1965 Native Born White American Annihilating Immigration Reform far as the racial interests of millions of Native Born White Americans go. The only point of post-1965 immigration the most fundamental to steal the wealth of millions of Native Born White Americans and transfer it to Filthy Rancid Slugs such as Bill Gates,Jack Welch and Michael Blommberg whose fortune took a Great Leap Forward when it increased from 21 billion to 27 billion in the past few months. This Great Theft of Wealth apparently doesn’t bother the Old Queens in the Catholic Church..Pope,Cardinals, and Bishops…. they are to busy worrying about what dress to wear at the next party at the Vactican.

    Behind every Great Fortune is a Great Crime..aint dat a fact!!!!!

  • George White

    This is what I say when I leave a message for Senators and Congressman…”Amnesty will only bring us MORE illegal immigration.”

  • Tannhauser

    The barbarians are at the gate. Their goal is Reconquista and their method is flooding our nation and eventually breeding us out. They have and are changing the fabric of a once proud white Republic. Personally, I blame political whores like McCain who have made this possible more than the brown hordes who are only acting in their best interests.

    • George White

      McCain I do not get. What an idiot. Why would he do it? Money? Why would he sell out his own country? Sickening….

      • Room101

        Not surprising that the whole McCain family embraces homosexuality, etc….

        • Jeremy Binder

          The family is way out of touch with most Americans. They don’t live like us therefore they don’t act or think like us. They can’t relate to us. They live insulated lives.

      • Tannhauser

        I don’t get McCain either. He’s already wealthy and has had a long political career, not to mention his age. You would think that he would want his daughter’s offspring to look like him and his ancestors. That he would want to preserve the country pre 1965, hell even pre 1990, but to allow his own racial comrades to be replaced in the nation our ancestors built from nothing to survive. He has nothing to lose really, why not make a stand instead of opening the floodgates. there is no proof that multi culti bs has ever worked on the contrary there is evidence that it is a complete failure. guess the fear of the dreaded Racist tag is more important than his own people. Either that or he is an elitist swine who believes that money and power put him above the rest of us. probably both.

      • VFW

        McCain is a victim of Stockholm Syndrome. This is due to his years of imprisonment accompanied by daily beatings and indoctrination treatments he recieved at the hands of the Viet Cong during the Viet Nam war.

      • Xerxes22

        John McCain could have been a great populist leader and hero.. Instead he choose the dark side. He has always done the bidding of the ruling elite.while in Congress. He may subconsciously hate his country for abanding him when he was a POW in N.Vietnam. Either that or he is just an elitist swine as Tannhauser said.

  • enough already

    White Americans must realise we are second class citizens and this has been going on along time.Our founding fathers wanted this country for white Europeans,their decendents,and not for all this third world nonsence.How they must be rolling in their graves.My family goes back to the 1600’s and it sickens me.

  • Bobby

    Look Mr. and Mrs. and Ms. American citizens. Don’t you get it yet???? It isn’t quite clear to you what the scam is that the phony “gang of eight” are doing, is it? I’ll give you a clue. The border is purposely not being secured, so that when the demographics known as Mexicans/Latinos, gets big enough, they will simply vote how they want to which is open borders, which happens to be the same thing the traitorous senate and congress want in AMERIKA.
    It’s all a snow job on the American citizenry. And if you think, oh my job is indispensible because I’m not a “mere” laborer, NO, Sorry, wrong again. There are visa’s for Engineers, Doctors, Dentists, Computer geeks, Nurses——–and right down to Baby sitters for monied, Hotel workers, and Bartenders,etc. Think this is nonsense? Think again. The goal is the NORTH AMERICAN UNION, which combines the economies of Canada, Mejico, and the good old U.S. of A., with the good old U.S. of A. leading the charge.
    Why should Wall Street criminals bee restricted to the exploitation of AMERIKA, when there are millions of more square miles of land to be exploited and millions of more people to exploit, for bottom line pay. Get ready Mr. and Mrs. Dentist and Doctor, and check what your pay will be by looking up your peers in say, Cuba, for instance. What good is the internet to most Americans, when all of this is spelled out on the net anyway? PEACE.

  • Djangotamer

    Great-all we need are more low I.Q. dysgenic barbarians. We have our own home grown savages; this is beyond reprehensible.

  • Bobby

    Do you know what finally nailed it for me when it comes to how utterly phony, useless, and even traitorous the “gang of eight” and company are? Their own rhetoric nailed it for me. For example, the Senate and Congress talk about the “need” for importing more skilled labor, because, apparently Americans aren’t skilled enough. Allright. Then, in the same breath, these phonies, like the “gang of eight” and indeed the phonies in both political parties, say “we” need work visas and guest workers to do millions of non-skilled jobs. Right IN YOUR FACE, aren’t they? So, Americans, according to their representatives, can neither do skilled jobs, nor unskilled jobs. It’s important apparently to find a foreign hotel sheet changer,etc. These are “our” representatives folks. Afterall, one of the gang of eight, McCain, did say that “Americans wouldn’t pick lettuce for fifty !!! dollars an hour!! And his colleague, Lindsay Graham did say that “americans are bigots and racist”, because they didn’t want foriegn nationals disrupting their jobs and lives and the amount of taxes they’d have to pay for them.These people aren’t nuts, they’re just vile. PEACE.

    • Tucker

      Awesome post, Bobby. You threaded the needle, buddy.

      The arrogance and almost unbelievable contempt these elitist cockroaches have for the people who pay their salaries is phenomenal. If they had even a pair of healthy and properly functioning brain cells in their heads, they’d realize that the level of anger and boiling hot rage that they are arousing within the hearts and minds of the people in this nation as a result of their treason and betrayal – is not going to have a happy ending for them in the end.

      They remind of a small child who deliberately throws a temper tantrum because they subconsciously want to get some ‘attention’, and if a good butt whipping is the only attention they can manage to extract from their parents, then, in a twisted and bizarre kind of way, that’s better than nothing.

  • MikeS

    It’s time to ban all immigration and start shooting the invaders as soon as they step foot on American soil and leave them where they fell as a warning to others. True patriotic American citizens deserve nothing less.

    • IstvanIN

      Capital punishment for all people who enter the country illegally is the only course of action that can possibly stem the tide. The first executions, of course, would inspire many riots among the invaders, as well as by American traitors. A warning, giving the invaders, say 30 days to vacate freely before the penalty would be enforced, might be humane. Anyone born to an illegal alien in this country or to anyone who does not have at least one citizen parent, would lose their citizenship.

    • Room101

      Republicans agree with Democrats.

      “Patriotic” Americans are just “racists”/taxpayers, who use their evil White-Privilege to learn stuff and go out and get jobs and start businesses and pay obscene taxes to government drained away @ gunpoint to fund less-than-worthless-parasite-leeches who are taught from the earliest age to resent and hate the White people who’ve always kept the food on their table.

      That’s pretty much how it works @ present.

      Most White people have been cowed by Government propaganda over the decades like some worthless piece of criminal garbage from a foreign country who doesn’t have the legal right to be here in the first place somehow now has a more morally-superior claim over me, the taxpayer paying all the freight of these foreign criminal-invader-parasites.

      Thanks AmRen for posting ALL the opinions that Government will someday criminalize!

  • Bill

    Ya know, I WISH the North Vietnamese had KEPT that bozo. This country would have been a lot better off………only scab on that reasoning is that we would still have had the drunkard, womanizing, “assistant” drowning Teddy Kennedy here. My consolation is that Teddy is now in hell.

  • NYB

    How curious. The L.A. Times is claiming border crossings are down.

    April 2, 2013 – “Illegal border crossings in the Southwest are now down to levels not seen in 40 years” – says Andrew Selee, founding director of the Mexico Institute of the Woodrow Wilson Center. Author of “Mexico and the United States: The Politics of Partnership.”

    Just in time to be disseminated by news wire services as word of the doubling of border crossings is breaking.

  • nexus

    I just cant talk about this.. I was nearly beaten to death (four days in a coma at Cedar Sinai in L.A.) by some of our wonderful latinos.. i’ll just start screaming, and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to stop.

  • kjh64

    Mexicans know good and well that this “immigration form” is really amnesty.Our government has never enforced immigration before, what makes anyone think they will now?

  • Shattered

    The cultural Marxists are busy grinding America down:

  • Sarah

    It is an invasion but realize it is not a natural occuring invasion. If it was we could resist it. The government is essentially bringing them here by allowing the unchecked flow at the border and promoting U.S. immigration in other countries. So it is the government orchestrating the “invasion”. The lawmakers are not oblivious. The scale of this should make it clear it is intentional. I think it is to displace the white-Europeans in order to dumb down the population so they can facilitate a more global government and economy by elitists but some may draw other conclusions.