Providence College Names ‘Combating’ Racism Award After Slain Youth, Trayvon Martin

Timothy Dionisopoulos, Campus Reform, February 6, 2013

Providence College (PC) has named an award for anti-racist activists after Trayvon Martin, a Florida youth who was shot and killed last year in an incident which embroiled the country in a debate on guns and race.

The Travyon Martin Award for Social Justice will be given to one upperclassmen and one faculty member at the college who have illustrated a commitment to combating racism and promoting social justice.

According to an email obtained by Campus Reform, the PC Black Studies Program created the Trayvon Martin Award for Social Justice to memorialize all victims of “racism and oppression.”

Although the trial for Martin’s death is ongoing, hate crime charges have not been filed and the defendant George Zimmerman remains at large.

At the time of the incident Zimmerman, who is multiracial, told police he shot Martin, who was black, only after he had been attacked. {snip}

Submissions for the award at PC may range from artwork to political activism, an email acquired by Campus Reform last week reveals. {snip}

Dr. Julia Jordan-Zachery of the Providence College Black Studies Program, who is in charge of the award, told Campus Reform on Wednesday that her department plans to expand the award to include a scholarship in the future.


In her interview with Campus Reform, Zachery said that despite the still undecided outcome of the trial she feels sure that race was the motivation behind Martin’s death.

“If we place his [Zimmerman’s] behavior in context a lot of these times these responses are racially motivated,” said Zachery. “[S]ome people are not consciously aware of what they’re doing but they’re responding to narratives around race . . . . That then leads them to behave in a particular way. So while I can’t speak explicitly for Zimmerman I would guess that this was racially motivated.”

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  • LHathaway

    I can think of one easy step toward ending racism, and to bring diversty, to Providence college. Start a white student union at the college. That’s the very minimum of what diversity requires.

    • concernedcollegekid

      Even as whites become a minority, I believe white student unions will be not be allowed to form in most cases. This is what convinced me of this: I was listening to the radio a little while back and I can’t remember the exact topic they were talking about (it may have been the white student union at Towson) and there was a black woman on the show and she said (verbatim quote) “When whites become a minority, they will still be the LARGEST minority.” Then she went on to say something like “Even as a minority, they will still be IN POWER and have control over the country.” and everyone else on the show solemnly agreed.

      Even as whites become a minority numerically, they will still not be allowed to organize the way other minorities can as long as they still dominate certain areas of society (which they will due to ability). (Of course by this logic, East Asians and Jews shouldn’t be allowed to form groups because they are overrepresented in some areas of society that are considered prestigious but of course if you bring this up liberals will just call you racist and leave the conversation…)

      • cecilhenry

        Absolutely, whites will not be allowed to organize if possible.


        Whites are ENVIED and resented for what they are.

        OThers want to take that and have the ‘white privilege’ they see removed from their consciences.

        White privilege is just an excuse for the jealousy of accomplishments or qualities they don’t have — or at least don’t feel they have.

        • NYB

          The white minorities in Rhodesia and South Africa experienced the same jealous resentment both when they were in power and when they were not in power.
          This is the one thing all whites can reliably expect from non-whites.

          • Triarius

            Yep, we can’t have white groups because we are the majority. When we are the minority the majority will simply deny it, brown democracy.

          • The goal is retribution, punishment and elimination of Whites–look at what has and is happening in South Africa. It’s coming here in time….

          • liberalsuck

            Except here, it will be a little harder to displace us. Lots of whites still have lots of guns and ammo and are growing pissed off all the time more and more. If they do take us out, it won’t be without a fight. I get a feeling you’re going to see more overtly prowhite white people and they will be more defiant. That’s the thing about our people. While we sit back for awhile, we do eventually fight back.

          • Let’s hope so…but, remember, the government and it’s might has and will continue to side with minorities.

            As the military and other federal LE agencies become less White; there will be no govt restraint on ‘taking out Whites’.

        • Stan_Mute

          How could this NOT be the case?

          If YOU were born with diminished intelligence along with everyone in your family, your neighborhood, indeed everyone who looked like you, and there was zero sign this could ever change, that for eternity anyone who looked like you would be intellectually inferior to EVERY other group on the planet, your only possible play is to blame all the others (or single out the one most visibly superior) and claim it a conspiracy.

          Not enough thought is given to this. The reality is Africans are not going away. Nor are they going to improve. In South Africa, thank god they had the wits to dismantle their nuclear program completely before surrendering power to the Africans. But what of the rest of the world where they are found in significant numbers? What of the 40-50,000,000 Africans in the USA? They pretty much HAVE to stick together and hate on whitey to ensure continuation of their comfy lives. If deprived of whitey’s handouts they would VERY quickly reduce to African living standards. Watch “The VICE Guide to Liberia” on YouTube.

    • Hirschibold

      I can think of one easy step toward reducing crime and violence. One George Zimmerman on every corner.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    “Dr. Julia Jordan-Zachery of the Providence College Black Studies Program, who is in charge of the award, told Campus Reform on Wednesday that her department plans to expand the award to include a scholarship in the future.


    In her interview with Campus Reform, Zachery said that despite the still undecided outcome of the trial she feels sure that race was the motivation behind Martin’s death.”

    Does every substandard intellect/faux intellectual black AA pet female prof have a pedantic hyphenated name? Wow, she can read ol’ Zimbo’s mind.

    • The__Bobster

      She doesn’t have to. Eberythin’ beez razzist, nome sane?

    • MekongDelta69

      Dr. Julia Hyphenated (and all the rest like her) believe in the “Guilty Until Proven… Guilty” Theorem.

      Another one of her ‘sisthren’ said it best while testifying (i.e. shouting) before Congress…

    • Black Studies

      Dr. Julia Jordan-Zachery,
      associate professor of political science
      and director of black studies program;

      Teaching at PC since 2008


      Public Policy
      Political Rhetoric

      Selected Courses Taught:

      Women and Politics
      Urban Politics
      Race, Gender and Public Policy
      African American Politics

    • In the creation of this award, named for Trayvon—the Providence College supports a black attacking another on the claim that George Zimmerman provoked the attack by following and observing Trayvon’s suspicious actions.

      It sounds like there is a redefinition of ‘provocation’ that enables blacks and minorities to attack first.

      Frankly, if anyone was attacking me like Trayvon attacked Zimmerman–and I was carrying, I’d defend myself as well….regardless of race.

      Zimmerman’s defense needs more financial support….or, guaranteed, he will be railroaded and WE will all be less safe from violent criminals like Trayvon Martin.

  • falsedawn

    “If we place his [Zimmerman’s] behavior in context a lot of these times these responses are racially motivated,” said Zachery. “[S]ome people are not consciously aware of what they’re doing but they’re responding to narratives around race . . . . That then leads them to behave in a particular way. So while I can’t speak explicitly for Zimmerman I would guess that this was racially motivated.”
    While I’m a hard marker, I give the above an 85. It’s got a good beat and it’s easy to dance to.

    • MekongDelta69

      You mean somebody else remembers American Bandstand?!! Haha

      • falsedawn

        Yep, It was a good show. Everyone was White and everyone acted like a lady and gentlemen. I guess if anyone acted like a nut, they’d have thrown them right out. Plus, of course, they could really Lindy.

  • 48224

    LOL….they should name an award after OJ Simpson as well. It shows everyone their mind-set.

    • blight14

      I concur, the ‘OJ Simpson Community Service’ award…….

  • MikeS

    If whites were truly the racists that blacks make us out to be, then there would be more awards than there are students at that school.

    • TheCogitator

      If whites were the racists we are made out to be, there wouldn’t be any blacks, because we would have wiped them out.

      • MikeS

        a long, long time ago

        • Ron Cheaters

          Natural selection tells us to stop sending money to africa where they breed like flies.. yet they are constantly in conflict and dying of famine.. if there is a God.. he’s wondering why we interfere.

      • liberalsuck

        even if whites in the old days were so racist, wouldn’t they have just deported all the blacks?

  • The__Bobster

    Will the name of the award be changed when the truth about Treeboon finally comes out?

    Nah, they’ll just bury the truth and carry on as usual, like they did with MLK.

    • Stan_Mute

      “When the truth finally comes out”? Are you serious?

      When has the “truth” about Trayvon Martin ever been unavailable to anyone with an IOTA of unbiased intelligence?

      And just when do you think those (think MSM and liberal “intelligentsia”) will EVER admit the truth?

      Where have you been the last 50 years?

      • Garrett Brown

        Yah… I never really understand Bobster’s posts. The truth is out, Amren themselves made a video with Mr.Taylor exposing the truth of Martin. Is he being rhetorical? Presumptuous? I don’t understand him lol. The truth is out about Michael Luther king as well. Does he mean mass media’s coverage on it? that will never happen.

  • cecilhenry

    Comical in its absolute ridiculousness.

    But you know what they say:

    first time around its tragedy, second time around its a farce.

  • Daisy

    I am once again feeling shame for the irish; Providence is a traditionally irish-catholic dominated school. Shame and disgust and anger!

    • SintiriNikos

      Is it, or is it another Notre-Dame? Honest question. Because Notre-Dame to me is not about Catholicism.

      • Daisy

        My mother’s whole family went to Notre Dame. I’m not a fan of catholicism for a couple reasons. I’m atheistic and disgusted by the notion that men alone could mediate the word of god. But I don’t get what you mean. I see Providence’s folly here as an expression of the irish tendency to want to ennoble blacks which stems from their anti-WASP legacy.

  • Earl K.

    They’d be better off calling it the “Whitey be Out to Get Me” award.

  • Katherine McChesney

    How appropriate…naming an award after a thug. Blacks never cease to amaze me….errr, entertain me.

  • Some Guy

    I would rather see it named after Genelle Conway-Allen, the Fairfield CA 13 Year Old who was just killed by a negro beast. She was found naked in a park. Another name to add to the list killed by diversity.

    • Joseph

      Yes, where are the nasty white “Women’s Rights” hags on this atrocity? Perhaps having fantasies about black men.

      • Triarius

        Not a chance, most are lesbians and the ones that are not tell their daughters to avoid Goys and Schwartzes.

      • Daisy

        You overestimate the number of *white* women’s rights people who hate their own race.

    • Xerxes22

      There hasn’t been much coverage by the news media of this guy’s arrest. Gee, I wonder why?

    • Triarius

      I was waiting for a Channon Christianson one from U of TN, among others.

      • SintiriNikos

        I think you mean Channon Christian, Triarius. Not to be picky.

        RIP as well to Christopher Newsom

    • StillModerated

      Do we need to tally up 6 million victims before we can build a Victims of Typical Bantu Behavior Memorial? Or should we begin now?

      • SintiriNikos

        Much, much more than 6 million if you even wanna be part of the victim discussion. Your life is but a fraction of the worth of theirs, you realize that. For example, the Armenians, as united and tight as they are, does their Genocide of 1.5mil get anywhere near 1/4 of the exposure? 1/400th perhaps

    • SintiriNikos

      May the earth rest lightly on her. May God forgive her sins and bless her. I hope the beast that killed her is tortured in prison.

  • MekongDelta69

    They should name it the “George Zimmerman Award For Street Justice“.

    Oh wait – nvm – this is a college…

  • humura

    One hopes that the university Hispanic Studies Dept. can name its THE GEORGE ZIMMERMAN ANTI-CRIME FIGHTING AWARD.

  • splitsing

    Wasn’t Trayvon’s twitter handle “@No_Limit_Nigga”? I propose a “@No_Limit_Nigga” award for best dead bantu. I suspect that there will be many candidates in 2013!

    • StillModerated

      Good bantu; not dead bantu!

  • ncpride

    Too bad someone…anyone at this college will not intervene at this utterly absurd nonsense to keep them from becoming the laughingstock of the country. Just read the comments section. What a total embarrassment.

    • StillModerated

      I predict alumni donations will drop like a stone from the stratosphere.

  • whitney5158

    I expect about now is when we start being inundated with hoardes of little trayvons and trayvonettas…

  • Luca

    They are acting a bit hastily here. If they could just wait another 72-hours or so they’ll have another black martyr, who will probably be hunted downed and shot like a dog after being racially profiled by the po-lease. Yes, Christopher Dorner, the rampaging cop killer still on the loose, who was driven to madness by the “N-word” and social injustice. Unless of course Eric Holder grants him immunity in return for information leading to the arrest of whoever called him a “N***r” in 1st grade.

    • bigone4u

      The comments on this website are often edgy and satirical. This probably helps keep race realists’ anger in check. Anyway, your comment is one of the best I’ve seen here and there have been many excellent ones. What makes yours so good is the last sentence “information leading to the arrest of whoever called him a “N***r in 1st grade.” Holder really is capable of almost anything.

      • Snark is my coping mechanism for all this madness. What would Voltaire have been without his Paris? You either make fun of an insane place or you let it drive you crazy.

    • liberalsuck

      None of the people that blacks embrace are/were hardworking, pure, honest, law-abiding, ethical, selfless, etc. Many were/are anti-white, thugs, drug users, pimps, charlatans, communist plants, etc. We worship George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Regan, Ben Franklin, Patton, etc. They worship MLK, Rosa Parks, cop killers, Malcolm X, blacks who killed whites, etc. What does that say about them?

      • StillModerated

        I like to go back a bit further than the Founding Fathers. I’m partial to Charles Martel, El Cid, Thomas Becket, Alfred the Great, Francis Drake, Alexander Nevsky, Owain Glyndwr, Guy Fawkes, Vlad the Impaler, Alexander the Great, Cincinnatus, and Saint Policarp.

  • Joseph

    Feel the love.

  • libertarian 1234

    Ben Shapiro wrote a fairly good chapter in his book about this incident. It was a clear case of self-defense. There’s no question about it. Witnesses and evidence support it and two lie detector tests given to Zimmerman by the police showed no deception. He passed both of therm. It’s an open and shut case of…not stand your ground, though that would fit also….but ordinary self defense.

    Yet, I don’t think I’ve read of even one single black who isn’t screaming hysterically that Zimmerman stalked and murdered Martin simply because he was black. And that opinion is shared by the entire black community from what I can determine up to this point, as well as the CBC, every black talking head on t.v., and Sharpton who threatened to give the nod for the black mobs to riot if Zimmerman wasn’t arrested.

    The evidence is so overwhelming for justifiable self-defense any fair-minded jury couldn’t possible find Zimmerman guilty.

    And if that proves to be the case, we’re going to have mobs of blacks who will be screaming through the streets after the verdict is read, stupidly shouting for “Justice for Trayvon,” because they’re delusional and filled with hate, just as they were when they applauded the acquittal of O.J. Simpson.

    And, since the feds and Florida state government know this, I think we’re going to see them try by hook or crook to convict this innocent man any way they can, just to appease a bunch of hateful, delusional violent nutcases, just like the one they are trying find in the West right now. The way he thinks and the way the black mobs think could correctly be called “typically black.”

    • liberalsuck

      What makes you think they won’t throw Zimmerman in prison just to appease these hateful, illogical, entitlement-minded parasites?

    • PesachPatriot

      This is a very good post…the reason it has taken so long for an apparently open and shut case of self defense to go to trial is that the government was hoping many of the blacks would forget about it and become engrossed in the next big rap feud or basketball star or whatever. I’m sure the florida state government is trying to put a lid on this thing and planning for potential riots. If rioting occurs it will probably be in south florida…the northern part of the state is full of heavily armed “rural americans” who will defend their property without hesitation…when the trial happens this summer most of the wealthy snowbirds will be back up north. This leaves large, expensive homes crammed full of nice goodies vulnerable to looting. Southern florida is also full of unarmed northern liberal transplants who will be caught with their pants down. I hope I am wrong and nothing comes of this and the trial is resolved uneventfully.

  • whiteyyyyy

    It’s been more or less proven this kid was scum,but their honoring his death? Sick country.

  • LHathaway

    The only way for the university to ‘not be racist’ is to have a white studies department offer an achievement award for Zimmerman. The university isn’t interested in being neutral, apparently.

    • Ron Cheaters

      Zimmerman over-achiever award

  • SmithandSmith

    Does anyone else find it odd that racism, which all we know, is nothing but a feeling, is worse than things like murder and rape and theft?

    • Stan_Mute

      Infinitely worse! Killing a thug criminal got GLOBAL media coverage while the poor innocent white child above, with her “Hello Kitty” backpack, didn’t make it out of Northern California. I’m not sure it even made news in SFO or Oakland.

      That story has completely ruined my day. I cannot begin to imagine the HORROR that child suffered before her death. Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” brought to our most innocent and precious children at home.

      I think I am going to be sick.

      • SmithandSmith

        The only thing that makes me happy is knowing that one day, they will get theirs. They think they can just do whatever they want to us but that’s not gonna last. The only thing saving them right now is prison.

        Prison doesn’t scare them but it scares us. Once that threat goes away (when the system collapses), we won’t be sitting idly by should one of ours be attacked. It’ll be a dawg eat dawg kind of “America” and then the non-whites will be put in their proper place.

  • bigone4u

    What’s next? How about a Trayvon Martin Parkway in every major American city. It’s coming. It will cross or run parallel to Martin Luther King Blvd. In Trayvon’s honor there will be large numbers of shootings every year on his street. It’s a black thang.

  • Ron Cheaters

    Who would want to win such a hollow reward?

  • race war

    Fired ex- LA cop Dorner on a killing spree is also a new folk hero for blacks who are tweeting support non-stop calling him a major black hero like white killer OJ Simpson. All blacks of high profile are worshiped are the same sorry ilk including MLK the fame preacher sex pervert who loved white hookers and the Rosa Parks joke with the non-challenged media pic of the business dressed white male behind her on the bus when in fact white collar males never ever rose buses. And dont even mention Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton scam shakedown artists.
    Mandela is a joke spending 35 yrs in prison as a troublemaker white hater who had 20 illigit kids and lived a pimp life like Malcom X Little pervert in Omaha befor he got hooked up with the the Georgia cotten picker Wallace Fard aka Elijah Mohammed joke.

    The Treyvon Martin thug is typical of bent inferior genetic low IQ mentality that gives these scum more reason to hate to justify committing more violent crimes against whites.

  • A Reader

    Somehow, combating homosexuality or street gangstership is prohibited, but the school will indoctrinate young kids to combat racism, as it was a crime to have racist thoughts.

    A while ago, I read an article (in a British newspaper) that argued that white children of preschool age are already racist, and, therefore, must be “cured” from this “flaw” of character. Compare this attempt to violate innocent kids’ personalities for a political reason with the “Liberal” hysteria when a pastor suggest that gays need counseling in order to help them to overcome their homosexuality. No one, according to “Liberal” propaganda, should be allowed to change personality of another (so don’t you even try to talk guys into heterosexualism), but turning white children into “aracial” morons is pretty much “mainstream”.

    This double standard is a clear indication of anti-white hostility in the “Liberal”-controlled public education system.

  • HamletsGhost

    So, some no-talent professional whiner at taxpayer’s expense has “feeling” and “guesses” and that’s good enough for her to set up an award for a junior thug-scout turned into worm food.

    Hope this is all getting written down. Future historians will have trouble believing how low we go unless we document it.

  • Unperson

    The Travyon Martin Award for Social Justice will replace the award previously known as The Nat Turner Endowment for Promoting Inter-Racial Understanding.

  • IKantunderstand

    We have now officially passed up Orwell. We are not consciously aware of what we are doing.We are responding to narratives around race. That leads us to behave in a particular way. Why, the way we respond automatically to wanting to kill a Black attacking us, is not addressed by Dr. Jordan-Zachery. Apparently, our brain washing is not complete. We must submit to Blacks attacking us with no show of defense. Only then, will we be (maybe) designated free of racism, the most powerful approbation conferred on any White person, even exceeding beatification, (and harder to achieve).

  • thoughtcrime1933

    I think that a Carr Scholarship should be made available as well, as in the Carr brothers who committed…I mean were martyred through being prosecuted for the Wichita Massacre. Even better would be a Scholarship AND a renaming of all the wings of student halls to the names of the killers (I mean racial justice freedom fighters) of Channon Christian and Chris Newsome.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    This is really head-scratching. I can see this happening at the University of Miami, but not PC. PC has one of the most conservative student populations out of any school in the country. It’s a very buttoned-up, academically strong school and also one of the whitest.

    That just goes to show how far left colleges have become. When even the most conservative school is doing this magic negro crap, you know our country is screwed. How the hell can they ASSUME it was racially motivated? If it was a black on white crime do you think they’d ASSUME it was racially motivated? No. It would be called a “random attack”, get minimal coverage and the country would move on.

  • ograf

    Who says it was a racist shooting anyway?

  • zimmerman was not white

    They still try to indirectly and directly trick the masses into mind wash that Zimmerman was white when in fact he was more black than white in his mixed race heritage plus plenty of red hispanic race in him.

    The whole thing backfired on the media and blacks and they still are reeling and trying to figure out how to save face but shot themselves in the foot. Its hilarious to watch their 2 bit con act fail badly.

    They believe although that if you tell a lie long enough it will make it true but it is not working here and he was protecting white property but black property too since the paternal of Martin lived in the same complex. Sharpton Jackson Winfrey and Obama look stupid as hell.

  • SintiriNikos

    The prize is a set of gold grills, a hoodie, some XXL size jeans to be worn at the knees, a bag of Skittles, Arizona ice tea, weed and some tools to break locks. Trayvon was a thug who fortunately was wasted before he could kill a White person.

  • josh

    How despicable! Why let these savage baboons indulge in idiocy like this?? Damn their worthless hides. The Trayvon Martin Award! Sounds like a joke from Chris Rock.

  • PesachPatriot

    I wonder when a women’s studies department on a college campus will dedicate a lauren tanski or brittney watts scholarships….i’m guessing probably on the fifteenth of nevruary….Trayvon was inside a gated community after dark, where there had already been 8 break ins by the usual suspects…if he had simply asked Zimmerman to escort him to the front gate he would still probably be alive today, but he just had to keep it real(stupid) and start a fight for no reason with a legitimately concerned homeowner. I am not looking forward to the trial this summer….

  • mrcan

    the colleges are being bullied by the radical left and the race baiters. big mistake of the dean to even allow this award in light of the fact that it is an ongoing criminal case.
    George Zimmerman, who appears to be innocent of a crime deserves his day in court and the radicals and the MSM are making a martyr out of Trayvon.

  • mrcan

    does peru have extradition? if not Zimmerman should be on the next plane outta here.