African-American Dressed in KKK Hood on Street Corner Sparks Controversy in Philadelphia

Jericka Duncan, CBS Philly, February 6, 2013

In 2013, no one expects to see a man dressed in a Ku Klux Clan robe mid-morning in Center City, Philadelphia.


The man, who stood on the corner of 13th and Filbert on Tuesday, is not out to lynch or kill black people. In fact, he is black.

Thirty-five-year-old Sixx King says he’s using the offensive symbol to highlight a serious problem: black on black crime.

“We’re bringing awareness to the black hypocrisy, complacency and apathy in the African-American community,” said King.

According to the FBI, in 2011 more than 7,000 black people were killed. King’s sign reads that the KKK killed 3,446 blacks in 86 years, while black on black murders surpass that number every six months.

“All my anger for my ancestors who went through that terror of a Ku Klux Klan hood and what that symbolizes to me, evoked anger,” said Philadelphia Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. “I was angry!”


“You have to sit back and digest his message,” said Jones. “Sit back and understand the mother who was carrying the picture of her child. It’s not a statistic. It’s a human being with a name who will be missed.”


King told me he didn’t intend to offend anyone. When asked if he thinks standing on the corner in a KKK outfit will really make a difference, King said, “I don’t think it will stop someone from killing. But hopefully, it would make that person think.”


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  • a multiracial individual

    White liberals think it is more important to spare minority feelings than save minority lives.

    • Jason

      Well, I don’t care about doing either. Why should any White person today, given what is being done to us?

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Yeah, I get ya. Spent years trying to care, pretending to myself to give a rip, stoking my self hatred fueled compassion but…

        At some point I opened my eyes and saw it. Whenever someone points out a hostile ethnicity’s tear jerking suffering i want to yell at the top of my lungs,

        “I don’t care! I don’t give a rip about the sufferings of your people, whether caused by mine or not. Leave me alone! I have the God given, constitutionally mandated RIGHT to be EVIL. Evil and white. Maybe it’s in my genes so…if you wanna preach to me…maybe best to eff off (insert random racial/ethnic slur)!”

        I don’t care.

        • IKantunderstand

          N-DNA I’m not sure I understand where you are coming from. (Hip lingo from the sixties). First, you say that “Neither I nor my people are all evil”, followed by: “I hate the hate. I have no desire to harm anyone.” And then, we have the pronouncement:”I don’t care…Evil and white”. Seriously, what do you REALLY think? Seems to me you do need a weatherman to figure out which way the wind blows.

      • liberalsuck

        I don’t care either. What’s even more telling is white liberals only get angry when a white person says something ‘racist’ or ‘is a racist’ or does wrong to a black person (even if it is self defense), yet these same liberals are silent when blacks kill each other. We already know liberals hate whites and don’t care when blacks attack whites, but it shows how liberals only care if blacks are suffering when it’s a white person doing it to them. To quote a black conservative’s observation on the double standards, “Are you f—ing stupid???!!!”

        • Joseph

          I actually do care but I have given up more than thinking sympathetic thoughts about people who simply do not want to help themselves. I can’t help those who do not want to help themselves so I will probably continue to have twinges of sorrow about mankind from time to time while I do no more to fight an utterly pointless battle to aid people who reject truth -or are incapable of understanding it. They will have to live by the consequences of their own actions or inactions -just as I do.

    • Joseph

      White liberals think it is more important to spare their own feelings than minorities lives.

  • LHathaway

    The black on black murder problem will only be solved when this nation is committed to ending black on white murder. All murder is wrong. ‘awareness’ of this will take place no time soon. Even in telling the truth about it i have to write the words ‘black on black’ crime.

    • You don’t solve a black-on-black or a black-on-white murder problem by doing anything other than ridding yourself of the black people.

    • liberalsuck

      I concur. Why don’t they tell blacks to stop killing people in general? I’m glad there are blacks who see it’s hypocritical for them to only get mad when a white wrongs them, but they need to be as equally angry when a black harms a white person. Just saying.

      • Renegade

        By your logic, then Whites should be as equally outraged when a White person attacks a Black person. This does happen as well.

      • ograf

        One of the smartest things I ever heard Jesse Jackson say about crime and murder is, ” if it is black on white it is jailtime, if it is white on black it is revolt time, but if it is brown on brown, black on black or white on white it is Miller time. ” A lot of truth there IMO.

  • StillModerated

    The Klan only exists because every chapter is made up of policemen and Hillel trolls. To see a black Klansman would not surprise me in the least — just more Affirmative Action.

    • JackKrak

      Exactly – it’s like those Masai warrior familes in Africa that consist of a mother, father, four kids and nine French anthropologists.

    • liberalsuck

      I bet most of those groups like the KKK and the skinheads are mostly FBI informants or undercover cops. Even in the 60s the Klan had informants in it. Makes me wonder if some of those racial bombings were created by law enforcement disguised as ‘white supremacists’ in an attempt to place more guilt and a sense of urgency in pushing for ‘Civil Rights.’ Ok, maybe I sound too much like a conspiracy theorist, but considering how desperate our politicians and liberals are to get support for their causes makes me wonder.

      • Garrett Brown

        Better to be a theorist than a sheep. My dad believes I’m crazy for thinking Sandy Hook was planned by the government. But look how they’re milking it? Look at the emotionless interviews of the supposed parents of the children. Two days after her six year old daughter died and no tears? That isn’t human.

        • SintiriNikos

          Also, who puts together a facebook memorial page within hours of the tragedy? it all stinks. The way that father laughs and smiles then gets into character before speaking, it’s either disgusting or an act. Either this is a scam, or it did happen but these parents are heartless and are getting a big payola as the gov’s best gun control poster boys and girls.

      • Even people I know who are older and are “veterans” of our movement, people whose minds are given to resist conspiracy theories, think the timing of some of these 1960s “bombings” relative to when civil rights legislation was being pushed was way too convenient. When someone wants a bill passed or needs to fulfill a fund raising target, no telling what they’ll resort to.

        • Luca

          Hitler was accused of this very same tactic in the Reichstag Fire in 1933. He used the fire to prove that Communists were trying to destroy Germany. Many historians think it was much too convenient occurring just four weeks after Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor.

        • SmithandSmith

          You mean like all the mass shootings so they can usher in gun control?

          • Joseph

            That only happens in countries with bad governments run by egotistical dictators with sketchy backgrounds and their lackeys in media and academia.

          • SmithandSmith

            You mean like here in America? The whole thing is all just a bit too fishy for my taste.

          • Joseph

            Hmm… now that you mention it…

          • SmithandSmith

            That’s what your post said. I was merely in agreement.

            egotistical dictators – Congress/Presidents. kennedy went against The Will of The People and bush did and reagan, etc. did and Congress always has and still does.

            sketchy backgrounds – Same. It takes much much more than just a College/Military Background (mccain and amnesty, etc.) in order to qualify for something so vitally important as being a Law Maker. You must have Common Sense, Ethics and Morals but most Importantly and Fore Most, you MUST have a Natural Need to ensure that America and Americans Always come First. (leave non-whites out as I don’t count non-whites as American)

            media/academia – lies on television and lies being told in the schools/colleges.

            Joe, I merely repeated what you said Sir.

          • SintiriNikos

            Yup. And the way they parade the Sandy Hook kids all over the country, at the Super Bowl and other events, and the way the parents shamelessly whore themselves for gun control on CNN almost daily. those parents should be ashamed of themselves. As Ben Shapiro told Piers Morgan, he should be lobbying for banning handguns which are responsible for 95% of gun deaths. Publicity stunts, pure and simple. They have no interest in making anything safer (they live and congregate in the safest parts of the country). They just want a story and have people see them squirt some croc tears on the air. In the media, it’s all about the Benjamins and the Nielsens.

          • SmithandSmith

            I wrote a big long post to QD about “mind control” and how I very much believe that America is not above it but I deleted it.

            As for the handguns, I don’t believe in banning anything ‘cept for things like pornography, immigration, integration and globalization. Hand guns don’t kill people, people kill people! Seriously, guns, no matter the size, can’t do nothing until someone comes along and makes it do something.

            I’m sure you’ve noticed, hand guns were never a problem until things like non-white immigration and freeing the blacks came into the picture.

        • curri

          The 60s Klan was not some sophisticated terrorist org like the IRA. In the Birmingham Klavern , for example, everyone knew who belonged to small group pf violent hotheads -including the FBI. The books that were written about that seem to have been stashed down the memory hole.

      • Joseph

        People are convicted of conspiracy all of the time. It’s just easier for gummint operatives to get away without being convicted.

    • SmithandSmith

      You don’t happen to know that for a Fact do you? Why is everyone so ready to throw The Klan to the wolves may I ask?

    • SintiriNikos

      Yet the $PLC sees them under every bed, as they do Nazis. Their front page has a picture of a Hitlerian salute. I honestly have never run into a Klansman or a Nazi sympathizer in my entire life. to me, they exist only in movies. Yet black supremacist groups are pretty much give free rein.

  • TheTRUTH

    This story makes me feel all warm & fuzzy…

    Seriously though, black on black crime….it’s a bootiful thang!

  • Non Humans

    LMAO!! Clayton Bigsby! LMAO!!

  • Puggg

    A bit curious that people were more offended by his wearing a Klan outfit than more than 3446 black on black murders every six months.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      In the 1920s, Klan membership approached five million yet there was no Nazi-like effort to exterminate the black race or ship them back to Africa. During the Lynching Era (1882-1968), approximately 4,800 were killed with 1/3 of those lynched being White; mob justice was more about punishing bad/criminal behavior than skin color. Of course, few people today would ever admit this.

      • Puggg

        Of course the 1920s iteration of the Klan was anti-black, but anti-Catholic was a strong undercurrent of their organization strength and being.

        Ironically, since you said “Nazi-like,” Hitler prohibited the Klan from operating in Nazi Germany at some point. Not because of political disagreements, but Hitler hated secret societies.

        • Cheri Rodriguez

          You mean he hated secret societies he didn’t control (he loved his SS). Another point on WWII: I’m sure a few Klansmen died on the beaches of Normandy, etc. But it’s not anything you’ll ever see lauded in the movies or history books.

          • Skincognito

            Good point. National Socialist hostility to Freemasonry was largely the cause of the split between the German-American Bund and the Klan. Of course post-war Klan groups reconciled this schism, but the fact remains that Klan activity and ideology has never been “Nazi” in nature.
            I’m Catholic, by the way, hence not a Klan apologist.
            In response to your final observation, along with the Reconstruction Amendments, the integration of our nation’s military killed America as our founders and ancestors knew it.

          • Puggg

            OTOH, I’m having a hard historical read on what the Klan thought of Nazis. Since Nazis were German, it follows that many were Catholic. And since the Klan was anti-Catholic, especially the 1920s iteration of the Klan that was starting to wind down when the Nazis were winding up, I tend to think that the American Klan held the same kind of suspicion German Nazis that the German Nazis held towards the American Klan.

          • Cheri Rodriguez

            Google “Kultur Terror” and then see images. It’s an SS poster from 1944 and how Nazi propaganda portrayed the United States. The Klan/lynching images kind of stand out.

          • Puggg

            I can get why Nazi propaganda would push the notion that the Klan, blacks and Jews were conspiring (?) to squish the Reich during actual war. But I’m more curious to understand their relationship before the war, say in the 1930s.

          • StillModerated


            I a good collection of all sorts of war propaganda. The Germans viewed black culture as degenerate. They had jazz clubs in Berlin. I like the Italian poster showing the American rapist.

          • MBlanc46

            They had jazz clubs, but the Nazis didn’t approve.See if you can find Else Deyk’s “Der Jazz ist tot” or Carl Hannemann’s “Der Jazz als Kampfmittel des Judentums und des Amerikanismus”. They’ve been translated.

          • Sean

            I’m going to add in that the Nazis didn’t have anything against blacks, they just wanted them out of Germany. Not an apologist, merely one who is predisposed to facts, not propaganda.

          • Luis

            Out of the some 300,000 American combat deaths in World War II, only 708 were Bantus. Yet, they’d have you believe the Tuskegee Airmen singlehandedly won the war. Them and the Navaho code-talkers.

            Yeah, right.

          • SintiriNikos

            They also are shown as being prominent in Vietnam (‘fighting Whitey’s war killing the yellow man’) whereas in reality, working-class Whites were overrepresented and blacks underrepresented in pretty much all wars. Including the war between the states that many people believe was fought to free blacks.

          • StillModerated

            Excellent point. In WWII black soldiers dug latrines and did other menial tasks, but all we hear about today are the heroic exploits of the Tuskegee Red Tails — a squadron that scored .57 kills per pilot, while White squadrons earned 2.5 kills per pilot.

          • SintiriNikos

            The Tuskegee story is a lot of fabrication. But you’re right, their exploits ared dwarfed by those of White pilots. In some cases it is the liberal racism of low expectations.

    • Joseph

      The murders are just background noise against the greater crime against humanity of racism represented by the costume.

      -or something like that

  • Garrett Brown

    “they’re not mad enough” Yah, that’s what blacks need, more anger…

    • liberalscuck

      It’s whites who need to be angry at how we are being treated. Angry white men are nothing compared to angry blacks because blacks are more violent and, worse, it doesn’t take much to get most blacks angry. They’ll kill you for looking at you wrong, for wearing the ‘wrong colors’, over a card game, because you’re white and they’re mad that some white guy killed a black person 100 years ago.

  • liberalsuck

    In the original article a passerby says someone should be thrown in jail for wearing a klan outfit, yet it’s ok for the New Black Panthers to stand out there and openly call for killing white people. Such hypocrites the liberals and so many in the black community are I hate to say.

  • Sam

    From this site:

    you can see that in all the history of the KKK, there have been 1,297 lynchings of blacks.

    More blacks are killed by other blacks probably every single month of the year than the KKK has killed in its entire history.

    The pilgrims did it!

    • Sam

      Ah, correction, I was reading the column for whites lynched by the KKK. For blacks the figure is 3,445, in all the 100+ year history of the Klan, which is still about a couple months of black-on-black murder rate.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        What do you call 7,000 black-on-black murders annually?

        (Fill in the answer here. It rhymes with “A good heart”).

        • StillModerated

          A good horse and cart

          A shart?


      • Daisy

        Jim Webb claims in his book on the Scots Irish that more whites were lynched in the south than blacks overall, but he doesn’t name the source. Overall he’s a fastidious researcher but I’ve wondered about where and how he gathers that statistic.

        • SmithandSmith

          That’s because Truth ain’t allowed to be recorded. Mr. Webb probably got his figures from Unpublished Court/Public Records.

  • The__Bobster

    A spoonie hasn’t been lynched in the last 60 years, yet the Zulus still fear the Klan more than Z’at’erius, the felon down the block.

    • Dan

      Actually there was a 19 year old Black man who was lynched in Alabama in 1981.

      • SintiriNikos

        But he wasn’t an angel. He was a cop-killer. Anyway, most of the older lynchings were done on criminals and I see your point. Why did you mention his age, did you think people here would pity a 19-year-old lynching ‘victim’?

        Btw, they named a street after that 1981 murderer who was lynched

        • William

          I was curious about Dan’s Post. He was correct. You are wrong. I just did some research. The man who was lynched was Michael Donald. He had no prior criminal record. He was an innocent 19 year old Black man who was lynched by the Klan in a revenge killing The Black man you are referring to was named was Josephus Anderson. He was the Black man who murdered a White person, not Michael Donald.

          • SintiriNikos

            Apologies, I thought they lynched the killer. May the memory of the innocents be eternal.

          • William

            No problem. Like you, I do not want any innocent person, regardless of race, to be falsely accused of something they did not commit.

    • prowyt32
  • Michael_C_Scott

    Why not just commit no violence at all?

    • Joseph

      You’re in good company.

      “Why can’t we all jus’ git along?” -Rodney King

    • falsedawn

      too late for that idea sir.

  • Don

    I is wearing dis Klan outfits to shows my peepoles dat da klans only murders da 3,000 brothaz. We b killins 3,000 of usses every munff. We gots to stops killin e others and juxt keep killin YT. U feel me gnome sane

  • Luca

    Historically speaking, the Klan was predated by an antebellum group known as the “Patrollers”. These were a vigilante group of southern citizens who made sure that there were no slaves running around stealing after dark, trying to escape slavery or walking about without a written pass from their owners. After the war, since there were no longer any slaves, the notion of freed blacks roaming around spurred on the organization of the KKK. One reason they took on the white robes was to strike fear in the blacks who were known to be deathly afraid of ghosts. They went riding around looking for blacks who were now returning to their feral roots and engaging in murder, rape, drunkenness, etc. When they found such lawbreakers, they’d beat them or throw a rope over a tree. Later they became more organized and resentful of immigrants taking their jobs and Jewish merchants and carpetbaggers making a fortune off the spoils of war and southern misfortune. They expanded their agenda for the overall protection from external threats to southern life. When the Klan rode at night they would stop at many black homes to rest their horses and let them drink. They would tell the occupants that so long as they behaved well they had nothing to fear. Had they been the murderous racists they were portrayed as, they would have had no problem murdering tens of thousands of blacks with little legal response. As in any organization some members took things too far and and administered street justice over small infractions. Those are the kinds of stories that made into the history books and the media.

    • Sean

      That’s interesting, source? I would like to show it around.

      • Luca

        Read the book “Bullwhip Days, The Slaves Remember”. Edited by James Mellon. They have a chapter entitled: “The Reconstruction Era, Sharecropping, Voting and the Ku Klux Klan.” You’ll have to read the previous chapters where the “Patrollers” are mentioned throughout. The entire book is an oral history recorded during the Great Depression when journalists were sent out by the Government to interview elderly blacks who were born into slavery before the Civil War. It should be required reading for all schools, all liberals and all others who have no grasp of “Realism” or real history.

        • Sean

          Brilliant, thank you.

  • Jefferson

    According to The Southern Poverty Law Center, there are only around 5 thousand Klan members left in the U.S, in a nation that has a population of over 315 million people.

    That would explain why I have never met a Klan member in my life, because their numbers are extremely miniscule.

    I have have been to WWE and UFC events that have attracted way more than 5 thousand people.

    • Five thousand…if that. They’re lucky to have a thousand real people, not counting the informants, supergrass and provocateurs.

      • SmithandSmith

        And what happens should a real race riot break out? You don’t really believe The Klan will suddenly appear to make it all go away do you? They won’t. They’ve been beaten and damn near to death but not to the point of changing (I ain’t talking about violence here, just, not including non-whites into our Circle) Thank God.

        As for the infiltration, I find it to be good thing. It’s good to have people who know what they’re doing to be on your side. You’re a bit younger than I am (i saw your post where you told your age) so maybe that’s why I see things differently than you.

        • No I don’t, not with only a thousand or so “real” true blue believers. And also, people talk about “it hitting the fan.” Well, I don’t think there will ever be a singular incident of “it” hitting the fan — Like boiling the frog, I think “it” has been hitting the fan, one “scoop” at a time. We’ll just slowly descend into third world status.

          • SmithandSmith

            There’s more than a thousand “real” Klansman but that’s beside the point. As for the “hitting the fan”, I’ve never said that. I believe it though and I believe that moment will be when all the non-whites and “whites” are no longer able to live for free (welfare).

            As for the descending into Third World Status, we’ve been doing that and I agree with ya, it’ll be that way for everyone but I also believe that it will be from there where Americans and Europeans begin to take back what is Rightfully ours.

            Just curious here, are you telling me that a frog, seriously, would stay there and just boil to death without even attempting to jump out?

    • SmithandSmith

      That’s interesting.

      I wonder what will happen to an Organization that has, for over One Hundred and Fifty Years Now and through Thick and Thin, Stood Tall for their Beliefs and who has NEVER and still DOES NOT FOLD, will fare in the coming “Revelation”.

      The Ku Klux Klan, believe whatever you want but please know this, The Definition of The American Spirit is that of those who Dare to Hold Dearly and Fight to The Death for their Right to be Free. This is us, you and Our Beloved Military who, as “We” all know here, were given to us on a Silver Platter by God Himself.

  • Son of Abraham

    The irony is that 13th and Filbert in Center City is right next to the Criminal Justice Center. The building where blacks go to receive their just-due prison sentences.

  • Sue

    We must stop black on black crime but not black on white crime. The clan makes him “angry” so it’s okay to kill them.

    • Lou

      I think you have misread his intentions.

  • LHathaway

    “the KKK killed 3,446 blacks in 86 years, while black on black murders surpass that number every six months”.

    Weren’t about 20% of those killed in lynchings white? I guess they don’t count. Or in this case, they count as black.

  • SmithandSmith

    “3,446 blacks in 86 years” That’s it? They act like The Klan killed every black person in sight yet all this adds up to is forty people per year and, I’m quite sure, were things like Truth allowed to be told, it was probably far less.

    As for The Klan and people saying they’re all infiltrated, maybe so but I’m betting that when the system crashes and their paychecks start bouncing, those cops won’t be cops, they’ll be Klansmen. Also, we don’t really know what those cops think. Maybe they’re playing cop but feel the same way The Klan does.

    By the way, does no one check their spelling anymore? It’s not “Clan”, it’s “Klan”.

  • bigone4u

    Mr. Sixx King is doing something about black crime. Shouldn’t we? I think on my next trip to say, Birmingham, I’ll dry clean and press my KKK robe and hood and stand on MLK Blvd protesting black crime, while holding the exact same sign Mr. Sixx King is holding. Am I crazy you ask. No, but just for protection I’ll have my invisible rabbit pal, Harvey protest with me!

  • falsedawn

    The Klan is a most interesting subject. Especially the first Klan. The one Nathan Bedford Forrest led. Interesting we Yankees were never told the Klan was a reaction to the Union and Loyal Leagues. I guess it is true about the “victors” writing the history books.

  • What is not mentioned is that the Ku Klux Klan was formed to protect white people from blacks. After the Civil War hordes of blacks went down south and raped and pillaged. White women were under attack constantly. The Ku Klux Klan was formed to prevent that, to protect white people.

  • He’s correct, but he failed to mention that KKK violence pales in comparison to contemporary white on black violence. In the past quarter century, over 4,000 whites have been murdered by blacks in the US, which is 1,000 more than the total KKK body count for its entire existence of about a century and a half.

    • An Australian newspaper puts the black-on-white kill count since circa 1960 at 100,000, or at least it did when it was published. Higher by now.

      • IstvanIN

        4K sounds way too low considering how often you hear about blacks murdering whites and how much the press likes to brush those sorts of things under the rug.

  • lessthantolerant

    Why is blacks killing blacks a bad thing? I see the thinning of this herd as a great aid to humanity.

  • Andres

    I can somewhat understand his motives, but the fact is that Black people do not kill on another anymore than White people kill one another. Most murder is intra-racial and intra-class.

    • Except I keep hearing this canard. All the while, we’re not supposed to notice that while, yes, most black violent crime is a matter of black violent thug against black violent thug, that still leaves a whole lot of black-on-white crime to explain. Within relevant geography, black-on-white crime is way worse than white-on-white crime.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    This is actually brilliant. I support any black who tells blacks to wake up and stop blaming whitey while looking at themselves.

    • SintiriNikos

      true, but I’d respect him more if he took off those goofy glasses and also railed against black-on-White crime. he only seems concerned with the black-on-black murders. I’d like him to speak on South Africa and Rhodesia also, while he’s at it.