Posted on February 8, 2013

Parents’ Fury At School Principal Who Poses with Bikini-Clad Girls in Online Rap Videos Under His Alter-Ego ‘El Siki’

Sara Malm, Daily Mail (London), February 8, 2013

A principal has outraged parents after posting music videos of himself rapping, drinking champagne and partying with bikini-clad ladies.

Emmanuel Polanco, a principal at a junior high school in New York, has been branded ‘ridiculous’ by parents after the videos emerged and spread around the school.

Calling himself ‘El Siki’, the 30-year-old raps about sex and ‘going crazy’ as a voluptuous blonde lies next to him in a bed.

Mr Polanco is one of the youngest principals in New York and runs Junior High School 80 in the Bronx which served 652 students in grades six to eight.

Now many of his pre-teen pupils are said to have taken to calling him ‘El Siki’ after finding his raunchy Spanish-language rap video ‘Me Tele’.

The Spanish lyrics include the lines: ‘Come here, press against me. I’m giving up control, you go crazy. Don’t stop, more, let’s make love.’

Angry parents are calling for action against Mr Polanco, calling him a ‘terrible role model’ for his young students.

‘Someone has to hold this guy accountable,’ Cecilia Donovan, whose 12-year-old daughter Ciara is a seventh-grader at the school, told the NY Daily News. ‘It’s ridiculous what he’s doing there.’

In the music video Mr Polanco is seen in a club ordering champagne whilst surrounded by scantily clad girls.

The video also depicts him ‘gyrating’ on the club’s dance floor and after which the educator is filmed as he lies on a bed next to a blonde woman in her underwear.

Mr Polanco, who has worked in the public school system since 2003, is paid an annual salary of $127,115 (£80,800).

Education officials told NYDaily they are looking into the complaints, meanwhile ‘El Siki’s music video has been made private.