Census That Revealed a Troubling Future

Douglas Murray, Standpoint, March 2013

Imagine yourself back in 2002. The census for England and Wales, compiled the previous year, has just come out, showing the extent to which the country has changed. You decide to extrapolate from the findings and speculate about what the next decade might bring.

“The Muslim population of Britain will double in the next ten years,” you conclude. “White Britons will become a minority in their own capital city by the end of this decade.”

How would those statements by your younger self have been greeted? The terms “alarmist” and “scaremongering” would certainly have been used, as most likely would “racist” and (though the coinage was in its infancy) “Islamophobe”. Safe to say, your extrapolations would not have been greeted warmly. Readers inclined to doubt this might recall that when the then Times journalist Anthony Browne made far less startling comments in 2002, they were denounced by then Home Secretary David Blunkett—using parliamentary privilege—as “bordering on fascism”.

Yet that widely abused younger self of 2002 would be proved utterly right. The 2011 census, published at the end of last year, revealed the following facts and more. It showed that the number of people living in England and Wales who were born overseas rose by nearly three million in the last decade alone. Only 44.9 per cent of London residents are now white British. And nearly three million people in England and Wales live in households where not one adult speaks English as their main language.

The religious make-up of Britain has altered as well. Almost every belief other than Christianity is on the rise. Only Britain’s historic national religion is in freefall. Since the previous census in 2001, the number of people identifying themselves as Christian dropped by 13 per cent, from 72 to 59 per cent. The number of Christians in England and Wales dropped by more than four million, and the number of Christians overall fell from 37 million to 33 million.

And while Christianity witnessed this collapse in its followers, mass migration assisted a near-doubling in size of the Muslim population. Over the last decade the number of Muslims rose from 1.5 million to 2.7 million. These are the official figures. Illegal immigrants make the real numbers far higher.

Despite being hard to digest in a year, the census story passed over in a couple of days. But this is not an ephemeral story. It is an account of our recent past, our immediate present and a glimpse into a troubling future. Perhaps we passed over it so quickly because few people can bear this much reality.

To study the results of the latest census is to stare at one unalterable conclusion: mass immigration has altered our country completely. It has become a radically different place, and London has become a foreign country. In 23 of London’s 33 boroughs “white Britons” are now in a minority. A spokesman for the Office for National Statistics (ONS) hailed this as “diversity”.

Of course there are numerous claims as to how it all occurred. One—made in 2009 by the former Labour adviser Andrew Neather—is that Tony Blair’s government wilfully aimed to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity” and create what it unwisely took to be a new client class. Another theory, not running entirely counter to this, is that the whole thing was a bureaucratic cock-up which ran out of control under successive governments, only doing so spectacularly under New Labour.

Whatever the cause, the public response has been surprisingly uniform. There have been no significant or sustained outbreaks of racism or violence. Most of us feel absolutely no personal animosity towards immigrants. But—as poll after poll has shown—a majority do worry very much about what all this means for our country and its future. And they are right to worry. For nobody has any idea of where are we heading next.

Successive governments of all parties have spent decades putting off any real discussion of this because they realised what most of the rest of us have also realised—that it is a matter on which control has slipped away from them. When the current government came to power it promised to cut immigration from hundreds of thousands a year to tens of thousands. It has not got anywhere near that target. All our governments intermittently talk about limiting immigration. But this is merely an electoral trick. None does anything, because none believes it can.

We also have a media class which has largely supported this state of defeatism. Instead of addressing concerns, politicians and press rarely bother, preferring to throw expressions of rage back at the public as surely as Gordon Brown did to Mrs Gillian Duffy of Rochdale. This is done—as reaction to the census confirmed—not only in accusations of “racism” and “bigotry” against ordinary people, but in a series of deflecting tactics which have become the replacement mechanism for action. These—all identifiable in the wake of the recent census—start with perhaps the most galling of all: “Get over it!”

Here is the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, writing in the Telegraph just after the census was released: “We need to stop moaning about the damburst,” he wrote. “It’s happened. There is nothing we can now do except make the process of absorption as eupeptic as possible.”

Of course he is right. The dam has burst and the water has flowed merrily for years. But is there not something disgraceful about this hectoring tone? Has it occurred to Boris Johnson that there may be people out there who will not get over it, or do not want to? Has it struck him that there are those who feel a degree of anger that for years the main parties have taken a decision wholly at variance to most public opinion? If not, has it at least occurred to him that there is something profoundly politically disenfranchising about talk of this kind?

If politicians refuse to engage in what they call “blame games” over the past, how can we know that they do not mean to employ exactly the same trick over their current actions in the future? Does this demand to “get over it” not break down one of the key tenets of democracy—some degree of accountability between the elected and the electorate? Continuous mass migration has done far more—more even than MPs’ expenses—to persuade people that politicians cannot be believed.

On the night of the census announcement I was invited as a guest onto the BBC’s Newsnight—the only one on a panel of four (five if you include the presenter) who expressed any concerns or reservations about mass immigration. The others were unanimously happy about it. The onus was therefore on me to explain why there might be any problems. This is not an unusual set-up.

A.C. Grayling—himself a hugely successful immigrant (from Zambia, then Northern Rhodesia)—said of the census, “I think on the whole it’s a very positive thing, a thing to be celebrated.” Bonnie Greer—also a highly successful immigrant—agreed and said, like Boris Johnson, “It cannot be stopped.”

If you have not had the experience then let me tell you that it is fairly hard in these situations, especially when hampered with white skin, to resist the allure of the “get with it” attitude. The temptation to “go with the flow” is stronger than in almost any other argument. And not just because the price for stepping outside the consensus is so uniquely high.

Yet somewhere, lost in the middle of all this hipness and with-it-ness I tried to remember and bring into the discussion a little of the world outside the cosy Central London studio—a world which nobody else present even wanted to put their finger on: the downside of immigration and the people it forgets.

Although immigration has boosted the economy and made Britain a more diverse and in some ways interesting place, it has also made us poorer, drained our resources and brought cultural practices we could happily do without. In January a gang of nine Muslim men—seven of Pakistani origin, two from North Africa—went on trial at the Old Bailey for the sex trafficking of children from the ages of 11 to 15. One of the victims sold into slavery was a girl of 11. She was branded with the initial of her “owner” abuser: “M” for Mohammed. The court heard that Mohammed “branded her to make her his property and to ensure others knew about it”. This did not happen in some Saudi or Pakistani backwater, but in Oxfordshire from 2004 to 2012.

Of course gang-rape and child abuse are not the preserve of immigrants. But as recent child rape-gang cases in the north of England have also shown, there are specific cultural ideas and attitudes that some immigrants bring with them—about women, other races and sexual minorities—which are not even medieval yet. Attempts to impose parallel legal systems, “blasphemy laws”, and other new “norms” of behaviour are subtler versions of the same. But so fearful of “racism” and so in retreat is the core culture that it can barely rouse itself even to point any of this out. What media reporting there is of cases such as that in Oxfordshire is not only scant and periodic, but fearful and hedged with caveats to the point of obliqueness.

Of course none of this ever comes up in any “acceptable” discussion on immigration. Only the good must be dwelt upon. The bad is ignored. But just as surely ignored is the other thing which was missing from our cosy, right-onNewsnight discussion. That is what we used to call the mainstream—the core—what used to be called “our culture”. Again, nobody much likes to talk about this. Amid all the endless celebration of diversity, the greatest irony remains that the one thing no one can bring themselves to celebrate is the thing that allowed everyone here to celebrate in the first place.

But why is it ignored? Is it accident, design, policy or cock-up? Even those of us inclined to cock-up theories of history might recognise that the direction in which the argument has jumped in recent years has a deeply malevolent edge. It brings to mind what Samuel P. Huntington said about “multiculturalism”—that policy made up on the hoof after mass immigration began. In his final work, Who Are We?, Huntington wrote, “Multiculturalism is in its essence anti-European civilisation . . . It is basically an anti-Western ideology.”

Among the staging-posts which allow the argument to get to that end are some of the most intellectually dishonest arguments of our time. All were on display in reaction to the census. They include: “It’s nothing new.” This popular argument goes: “Britain has always been a melting pot of people of different races and backgrounds.”

Such statements are so selective as to be wholly disingenuous. Until the latter half of the last century, Britain had almost negligible levels of immigration. Unlike America, we were never in fact “a nation of immigrants”. And although there was often a trickle of people moving here, including Jews and Huguenots who overwhelmingly integrated into the culture, the simple scale was in a wholly separate league to the mass immigration we have seen in recent years. Roughly 50,000 Huguenots came to Britain after 1681. This was equal to a couple of months of immigration by the turn of the 21st century. The entire Ugandan Asian immigration into Britain in the early 1970s (caused by Idi Amin’s expulsion of Asians from Uganda) numbered around 30,000. This constituted six weeks’ worth of immigration by the late 1990s.

Yet despite these facts, one popular way to ignore the change in recent years has been to pretend that the history is different. Taxpayer-funded institutions, including schools, excel at this argument. It is a way to diminish the problem—most noticeably the problem of integration—by claiming that there is no problem, or at least no unique problem. It pretends that whatever our challenges, and whatever we are experiencing, it is just normal.

Other attempts to dissemble around the facts have been even more outrageous. Most disturbing are those implicit and explicit claims which respond to mass immigration by pretending either that the British do not have a culture, or that what culture and identity we have is so uniquely bad that it should not be mourned when it is destroyed.

Here is Bonnie Greer again on Newsnight: “There’s always this failsafe, spoken or unspoken, that there is a British identity. That’s always interesting to me. I think one of the geniuses of the British—of being British—is that there isn’t this sort of rock-solid definition of identity that an American has.”

It is hard to think of another country where this would be acceptable: your culture has always been like this—it never really existed.

In 2006 Channel 4 took enormous delight in taking a group of white British people whom it clearly believed were racists—including Norman Tebbit—and doing DNA tests on them for a documentary, 100% English?  These were used to prove that all were in fact “foreigners”. Nobody would be so rude as to do this to any other group of people. But with British people, different rules of engagement were deemed to apply. There existed an apparent desire to deny the British—alone of all people—an identity. In the absence of any ability to manage immigration, this is how our public figures have dealt with the issue.

Of course to make this point is to provoke an obvious rebuttal: “Ah! But that is exactly what you do deserve. Do you know what white people did—and the British in particular? You travelled around the world and lived in countries and pillaged them, and tried to erase their local cultures.” Will Self was at precisely this game on Question Time the week after the census was published when he claimed: “Up to the Suez crisis . . . most people’s conception of what being British involved was basically going overseas and subjugating black and brown people and taking their stuff and the fruits of their labours. That was a core part of British identity, was the British empire. Now various members of the political class have tried to revive that idea quite recently without much success.”

Leaving aside the claim by Self (currently professor of contemporary thought at Brunel University) that members of the political class had tried to revive the British empire, in this speech you hear the authentic and undisguised voice of revenge. Demonstrating that such an instinct transcends racial or religious boundaries, and can as easily be self-induced as aimed at others, it suggests that Britain must be uniquely punished for the deeds of history.

The repercussions of this argument are striking to consider. For if this is even partially a spur for the recent transformation of our country and its acceptance, then what we are going through is not an accident, not a mere laxness at borders, but a cool and deliberate act of national sabotage.

If this is indeed considered an acceptable motivating factor then I suppose we must ask: who else can be treated in this way? And what is the statute of limitations? The Ottoman Turks ran one of the longest, largest and bloodiest empires in history. Ought we to treat modern Turkey as a country which deserves to be altered completely? Where should we encourage the waves of immigration to come from? Should the Turks also be expected to take this lying down? When, if ever, would a halt be called? Since all countries, peoples, religions and races have done something terrible in their time, and since most races and cultures are not punished in this way, is it wrong to see anti-Western racism as the motive behind all recent justifications?

Motivations aside, this of course throws up the ultimate question which our politicians remain too paralysed to address: how much longer must all this go on? Are we approaching the end of this transformation? Is change at this pace the new norm? Or only the beginning?

The census provided a wonderful opportunity to address this, and it was, like everything else in this supremely dishonest discussion, wretchedly missed. Perhaps one could put the pertinent question like this: is the fact that “white Britons” are now a minority in their capital city a demonstration of “diversity” as the man from the ONS said? If so, when does it cease to be so? There are London boroughs already lacking in “diversity” because there aren’t enough white people around to make them diverse.

But what levels, after all’s said and done, do the celebrants of diversity want to get to? What is their ideal target figure? Is a ceiling of 25 per cent white Britons in London—or the country at large—optimal? Or would it be 10 per cent? Or none at all? A final, and perhaps harder, question: how—given the concatenation of claims against them—might “white Britons” ever acceptably argue, let alone complain, about such unspecified or unspecifiable odds?

The answer remains for now that nobody can tell us, and nobody can address this. Here is Self again, speaking to wild applause from his Question Timestudio audience:

“The people who line up on the opposition to the immigration line of the argument are usually racists [audience applause] . . . [with an] antipathy to people, particularly with black and brown skins.”

We long ago reached the point where the only thing white Britons can do is to remain silent about the change in their country. Ignored for a generation, they are expected to get on, silently but happily, with abolishing themselves, accepting the knocks and respecting the loss of their country. “Get over it. It’s nothing new. You’re terrible. You’re nothing.”

For what it is worth, it seems to me that the vindictiveness with which the concerns of white British people, and the white working and middle class in particular, have been met by politicians and pundits alike is a phenomenon in need of serious and swift attention.

If any politician feels like an act of humility here, perhaps we could go back to where I started. Just compare the statements derided as cliché which have come from so many working- and middle-class white voters in recent years and stand them alongside the statements of the mainstream political parties. All these years on, despite the name-calling and the insults and the ignoring of their concerns, were your derided average white voters not correct when they said that they were losing their country? Perhaps you do not think they should have said it, or think they should have said it differently, or should have accepted it more readily. But were not the voices that everybody wanted to dismiss, in the final analysis, the only ones which were right?

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  • Pelagian

    “But what levels, after all’s said and done, do the celebrants of diversity want to get to? What is their ideal target figure? Is a ceiling of 25 per cent white Britons in London—or the country at large—optimal? Or would it be 10 per cent? Or none at all? ”


    p.s. I hope British liberals realize that tourism is going to go all to hell. How many tourists visit Karachi?

    • JDInSanDiego

      Same thing is happening here. I saw a commercial the other day from the LA Tourism board asking us San Diegans to “come back and see what you’ve been missing.” No thanks. I live 120 miles from LA and other than taking connecting flights I haven’t been there since 2002 and that was only because I took a week long class there for work.

      • saxonsun

        I saw an article about NYC mayor Bloomberg wanting to lure tourists to areas other than Manhattan. The areas named are heavily non-white. No informed tourist would go to these areas. What a joke.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    If immigration is idiotic in the US, in the UK, which has a much smaller landmass, it’s gotta be idiocy on stilts. There seems to be some sort of madness that has gripped the white race that I don’t quite understand. Do we think that there’s some future technology that’s going to get us out of this mess we’re creating? If so, that’s staking our future on very shaky ground indeed.

    • David Brims

      It’s not madness, it’s Cultural Marxism. East German Bertolt Brecht said ” If the people vote the wrong way, change the people.” This is what Tony Blair did.

      • Felix_M

        In a more sane age, Blair would have been tried for treason and received the appropriate punishment.

        • Extropico

          Tony Blair and Queen Elizabeth signed the Crime and Disorder Act of 1998, which conveniently abolished the death penalty for his treason against Britain.

        • whiteyyyyy

          It could happen yet. Weirder things have happened. Multi-cult for one.

    • The__Bobster

      Whites aren’t the ones creating the death spirals of their own nations. Let’s look for the real cause right within this article:

      “And although there was often a trickle of people moving here, including
      Jews and Huguenots who overwhelmingly integrated into the culture…”

      Ah, there it is.

      • Son of Abraham

        “And although there was often a trickle of people moving here, including
        Jews and ….”
        Ah, there it is indeed, sir.
        You can’t trust those pesky Jews.

    • saxonsun

      I don’t get it either. I’ve been observing the suicide of our race for decades and I knew we’d be in big trouble if this didn’t stop. And here we are.

  • HadEnough

    There is no doubt that this will lead to war. Because Europeans have allowed themselves to be disarmed over the past century, however, there cannot be a spontaneous revolution. There will have to be a military coup. My prediction is that it will occur in France first, with Britain second. When? No sure, but certainly within 50 years for both, though sooner would obviously be much better. As for us armed-to-the-teeth Americans, I suppose some sort of war of secession is in the offing. When more states like Illinois try to get the feds to assume their state pension liabilities (http://www.forbes.com/sites/realspin/2013/02/20/just-say-no-to-federal-bailouts-of-state-pension-funds), then I think eventually even mild-mannered and racially tolerant North Dakotans and the like will say, “Enough.” The movement of humans in this partition will be unbelievable, but if the Indians and Pakis did it in 1947-48, I suppose we can here too.

    • pcmustgo

      At some point, Whites will have to stand up. But I don’t see it around me yet. I see endless white liberal hypocrites trying to appease these peoples and denying the reality of it all.

      • ms_anthro

        Really? I see it all around me. I see it in sold-out gun stores. In the comments sections of newspapers and even the most liberal mainstream media sites. In Youtube videos and Facebook pages that pop up faster than the MSM controllers can take them down. People are waking up and talking openly about saving the white race and traditional American and Western European culture from obliteration.

        Speak out. Don’t be afraid. You aren’t alone, none of us are.

        • Sun

          Yeah? What Liberal mainstream media sites?

          Humor me.

          • ms_anthro

            All of them. Read the comments sections of any major newspaper, American or foreign. Some articles, especially those about black-on-white atrocities and flash mob riots, have stopped allowing comments or close the comments box after a few hours because of the deluge of realist commentary from people who may very well be AmRen readers, but are just as likely to be a member of the enraged silent majority.

            Our people are slow to anger, but our wrath is terrible once we do.

      • OnGuard

        “Then out spake brave Horatius, the Captain of the Gate

        To every man upon the earth, death cometh, soon or late

        But how can man die better than facing fearful odds

        For the ashes of his fathers and the temples of his Gods!

        By Thomas MacCauley, from the Lays of the Roman Empire
        Re. the defense of Rome’s gates when the barbarians were battering them down.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      People in the U.S. used to smuggle arms to the IRA in Ireland. Maybe it’s time to start smuggling arms to the Brits.

    • JohnC

      It definitely won’t lead to war. White people are too spineless to even speak up for themselves, let alone physically hurt someone. Nope, the die is cast, and nothing is left but a bunch of muttering white geezers who will be dying soon.

      • ms_anthro

        Save your defeatism for your liberal cheerleaders, Tokyo Rose. Not all of us are so gutless.

        • JohnC

          Words are cheap. I’ll revise my opinion when I see some blood.

          • ms_anthro

            What’s stopping you from risking your own?

      • Bantu_Education

        I don’t know if you’re anti-white or just a very negative pro-white, but its a common mistake of liberals to think that race-realists are mostly oldies and that given a couple more decades they’ll all be dead and gone. Race-realists are exploding in numbers – more are being “born” every day as the populace slowly wake-up to the criminal cowardice of the traitorous elites. The huge increase in number of comments on Amren is proof of this trend but also the comments sections of the online MSM sites are crowded with angry Amren-type comments despite heavy censorship.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Mods: Why did you take down my previous comment here?

      “People in the U.S. used to smuggle arms to the IRA in Ireland. Maybe it’s time to start smuggling arms to The Brits.”

      Afraid of the truth (or maybe that The FBI is watching)?

    • Tucker

      The white race traitorous elites who decided to join in with the Cultural Marxist alien enemy and who helped them with their White genocide plans must be assigned top priority for “counseling”, once the time for war arrives.

      Oh, and let it be understood that there will be no room for squeamishness when this long overdue day arrives. Cultural Marxism is a deadly cancer and it WILL be cut out of the body of White Western Civilization.

  • Paleoconn

    But the English can get such wonderful curries in restaurants! Diversity has to be good!

    Enoch Powell, the best PM England never had, is rolling in his grave.

  • fakeemail


  • Viv Jasper

    I love England. It’s the land of my ancestors, and my husband is English. It’s sad to see something so beautiful being destroyed. When will this craziness stop? What will it take?

    • R. Hess aka Prince of Peace

      The displacement of European ppl is infuriating to witness. But for me personally, England’s is one of the more tragic. My mother’s family left Hadleigh, Essex in the early 70’s for a better life in the US. My mother is a permanent resident of the US but still a British citizen. She just can’t bear to renounce her blood ties to the nation she left as a child. She is concsious of whats been done to her home country but still idealizes what once was. I am 1/2 British, 1/4 German, and a 1/4 Italian. Being how much of my mother’s family spoke with a British accent, cherished the culture etc, I naturally feel the most affection to that part of my ethnicity. Just as I am disgusted by the displacement of traditional Americans, ie white Americans, I am equally disturbed by the genocidal demographic trends of the UK and the commonwealth countries, not to mention Europe in general.
      My first memory of life is being on a train from Heathrow on our way through the countryside to visit my Great Uncle Ernie and Auntie Doris in the fall of 84. I wasnt yet two and remember little else of the trip. Yet England is in my blood. I AM BRITISH. Not faux paki british, bangladeshi british, or nigerian british. That is not British. They are not British. I AM. Their ppl did not work the soil, develope the language, fell the forest and build the greatest sailing fleet the world has ever seen. Mine did! More than a few of these mutants’ ancestors never devised so much as a wheel. We owe them NOTHING. Zip. Zero. In fact, they ought to reimburse us for our troubles!
      The western political class has hell to pay for their actions. And it makes no difference to me whether their motivation was wild optimism, negligence, or concsious treason. They are all guilty just the same. My only concern is: are there enough lampposts? Our so-called leadership has lapped in luxury as they sold our birthright, in the process destroying nearly all of the fruits our ancestors bequeathed us. And what did they get in return? A few shekels and terms in office. An occasional belly-rub and pat on the head from their masters in media and finance. “Good shabas goy!”
      Unfortunately, none of this will change until YT has a clear understanding of who is most responsible and why. Anything short of this will only send us on more wild goose chases. I’m not into chasing geese. I prefer the tried and true European traditional scapegoat. I trust that our ancestors couldnt have been wrong so many times. Not in 1290 in Britain, not in 1492 in Spain, not in the Czar’s 19th century Russia, not even in that brilliant painter’s Germany mid-last century.
      RIP Oswald Mosley
      RIP Enoch Powell
      Your words have not fallen on deaf ears.

      • Pelagian

        Well you need to read Mike Jones’ The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History.
        It’s not Jewish DNA that has wreaked havoc. It’s those who oppose Logos.

        • Tucker

          Most of the Catholic leadership are fully on board with the White Genocide program, Pelagian. Same goes for the Protestant Church leadership.

          Religion that has zero loyalty to the racial group who practices it is a religion that is the mortal enemy of that racial group.

          I like a lot of what E. Michael Jones has to say, but face facts. Jones is a race denier, just as much as any card carrying Cultural Marxist.

      • JohnEngelman

        “I am 1/2 British, 1/4 German, and a 1/4 Italian.”

        – R. Hess aka Prince of Peace

        By your own reasoning you are not English; you are multi national. You remind me of a drunk man I saw years ago one night in downtown San Jose, California who was yelling obscene insults at some Hispanic women.

        Because I did not think he should have been doing that I walked over to him and asked, “Why are you yelling at them?”

        “They are Mexican,” he replied. “They don’t belong here. This is our country.”

        “Everyone in the United States came from somewhere else,” I replied, “or their ancestors did.” If they came from Mexico, where did you come from?”

        “Portugal,” he replied. Realizing the difficulty of his position he laughed, patted me on the shoulder and said, “You’re all right kid.”

    • OnGuard

      Land of the Magna Carta, declaration of rights of the common man,and model for the US Declaration of Independence, succumbs to Sharia Law! The Archbishop of Canterbury, head of the Church of England, even declared years ago, that Sharia Law is inevitable in Great Britain!

  • Barrack Osama

    White Britons have lived on that soil for thousands of years. A couple of fat-headed, gutless, opportunistic politicians have ruined it all in just a fraction of that time. And for what? Did someone weigh the entire history of Britain against some empty platitudes and say “Yes, it’s worth it. Let’s give our ancestral home to strangers who will never be one with us. Diversity is our strength!”?

    You will never get those people out of there. Even if there is a separation, there will be fighting. It’ll be another Palestine. The only reason any of this madness functions at the moment is the incredible load of money holding it all together.

    • dave

      and remember the Jews are native to that land as well

      • plaintruthforidiots

        LOL. No, the Jews are NOT native to the U.K., they are the CAUSE of all this misery. Get rid of the Jews and we will get rid of the whole insane ‘diversity’ problem, because THEY are behind it.

    • Felix_M

      Then they should hope to bring it on sooner than later.

    • Veritas_lux_mea

      I think you underestimate the capability of a strong-willed government, especially a white one. Such a British government could see every last third world invader out of Britain. Of course it would take 10 years bare minimum, maybe more depending on how many years from now this happens, so they’d have to be patient.

      Here’s how I would go about it. First deport all the illegals and seriously secure the borders. Then deport all non-white criminals. Put them on Royal Navy ships and drop them off on the coast of Africa somewhere if you have to. Also, offer all non-whites, say, a 10,000 pound stipend per person if they leave peacefully and of their own accord. Any brush with the law, even so much as a speeding ticket, will warrant instant deportation with only the clothes on their back. That goes for any non-whites caught rioting, vandalising, etc. I think many would quickly see they have no future in Britain and take the deal.

      I don’t think there would be too much fighting. The invaders wouldn’t be armed, because as soon as the borders are sealed you would be vigilant that no arms are smuggled in. With no guns, they would quickly see the futility in resistance, even if they outnumbered whites. You’re forgetting that it only took 250,000 Englishmen to subdue over 300 million of these people in India and probably even a smaller ratio in Africa. It could be done. All that’s missing right now is the will.

      • David Ashton

        Getting into government is the big problem facing all patriotic race realists, even those who would not put your specific recommendations into their election manifesto. Despite immigration being the big issue, as at the General Election, in our recent Eastleigh by-election, UKIP did well, but did not win in circumstances unfavorable to the Liberal Democrats.
        Unfortunately it could all end in more blood and tears before realism sets in. I am not pessimistic about the final outcome but I now dread to think what can happen before then. Innocent people of all races are likely to suffer undeservedly while the “white” political traitors escape retribution.

        • Veritas_lux_mea

          I looked up that by-election, and UKIP got 27.8 percent of the vote, up from 3.6 percent only three years ago, while all three main parties lost substantial numbers of votes. That’s amazing. Maybe the Marxists’ day of reckoning is sooner than we think. Meting out justice to them should be one of the main priorities when nationalists come to power. A large trial where all their crimes and corruption are laid out in full before the people would be ideal.

          • David Ashton

            I hope this is a good sign.
            UKIP will not put anyone on trial, but the important thing is to get a government that shuts down compulsory multiculturalism, and stops and reverses foreign colonization.

      • Bantu_Education

        “offer all non-whites, say, a 10,000 pound stipend per person if they leave peacefully and of their own accord.”

        That would cost about 100 billion pounds, equal to $150 billion. Where would it come from? Rather than a lump sum, offer free passage and an annuity for say 10-20 years to be paid in person in their home countries.

        • The celt

          we will loan it from the Bank of England,if we can loan it from them too keep them here then we can loan it too send them back.

          • Pelagian

            We need an anti immigrant party that accepts blacks as second rank citizens

    • OnGuard

      You’re correct, diversity is divisive!

  • pcmustgo

    Britons are denied an identity? Whites are….all whites.

    Also, the argument in France and England is that these immigrants come from “former colonies” and that because of colonization, these countries forever have the right to be part of the british or french empire.

    I met a french guy recently, a father… When I brought up the whole Muslim immigration thing in France, he quickly responded ‘Well, those were former colonies… “.

    It’s just a given now that people from “former” colonies should have every right to immigrate there.

    He went out of his way to let me know how much he loves President Obama and how much the rest of the world, including France, now looks at America in so much of a better light now that Obama is president. It’s just so great!

    He. of course, lives in and raises his kids in a rich white people type neighborhood here.

    He’s very wealthy and owns his own business. Wealth shelters.

    • MikeofAges

      Denizens of former colonies? Has anyone noticed, the Cold War is over. There is no battle for the allegiance of the former colonial masses. That’s one big fat ass we don’t have to kiss anymore. And we ought to stop trying.

  • alas

    There is no democracy.

  • pcmustgo

    “I wish I could express myself as well as this author can on so imortant an issue as immigration. I can’t agree with Mr Murray more. I feel that immigration is being used for power,profit and punishment. Those that profit from immigrants are those that hire immigrants and the immigrants themselves, leaving the rest of us to pay for our own dispossession. All of the profits go to those at the top and the communiteis are burdened with all the social,economic and environmental costs. Politicians and ethnic advocates also profit from the power of immigrant votes and use immigration to punish those that want less immigration. I would quibble with one statement, we here in america, are not a nation of immigrants, not yet anyway, we are a nation of citizens that have been betrayed by both parties and the media on immigration for decades. It is hard to express how much anger I feel for those who have enabled this situation. Those in the media like to smear those like me that want less immigration with vile damaging names like xenophobe ,nativist,anti immigrant,racist and bigot , I am supposed to hate all immigrants. What they do not realize is I don’t hate immigrants, immigrants are a symptom, not the problem, if I hate anyone it is my fellow citizen that believes diversity and the destruction of my country is more important than Unity, and that my culture,history,language and morals and values should be thrown into a trash heap or shallow grave. multiculturalism is a 7 syllable word with a 7 syllable defintition. Mul ti cul tur al is m Ge ting rid of white peo ple. This will not end well.”

    Someone posted this on the article comments section.

    I agree. Obama is just one symptom of what’s wrong.

  • So CAL Snowman

    England is smaller in size that the state of Louisiana. England has very few natural resources. The majority of immigrants streaming into England are Muslims from much larger countries that have considerably more natural resources than England. The only conclusion one can logically make is that the quality of life is better on a tiny island smaller than Lousiana, than in a large, resource rich middle eastern or Pakistani/Indian country. So we can conclude that the people pouring into England are FAILURES in their own country and their countries of origin are FAILURES when compared to native White Britons. How can one believe in the idea that “we are all equal” if millions of non Whites from large, resource rich countries have to flock to a tiny resource poor island for a better life?

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      England is far larger than the state of Louisiana. The rest of your post is spot on.

      • Extropico

        Actually So Cal is correct. England is 50,337 square miles, Louisiana is listed at 51,843 square miles, counting some water areas. The entire United Kingdom would be significantly larger than Louisiana.

        • IstvanIN

          And Scotland is largely a rock, as opposed to the more pastoral England and Wales.

  • You have to be an idiot or a white liberal (one in the same?) to think that a mass influx of third world opportunist isn’t going to destroy your country. And you along with it if you are young.

    • plaintruthforidiots

      “One AND the same”…

      How America has fallen…

  • JimmyValiant

    The original article has more anti-white, pro-immigration comments than the correct variety. Let’s help the truth-telling author out.

  • Lewis33

    Wow, 1965 again? Makes one wonder, doesn’t it?

  • David Ashton

    Some of us did see it all coming and consistently and openly warned against it, years before Powell, and continued to oppose it, and have not given up. Murray is a pleasantly spoken and intelligent homosexual and close to neocon/Zionist groups (including “Standpoint” itself) which oppose “Islamofascism”, but to be fair he has never minced his words (no pun intended) over the danger of multiculturalism to national cohesion and freedom of speech.

  • dj2

    Some thoughts:

    1) The UK, probably mistakenly, has reinvisioned itself as part of the American imperial sphere after WW2. As such, they can easily fall into American style thinking without realizing it. Forgetting race for a moment, America is indeed a country built by immigrants – albeit immigration was never at large, steady levels as the myth suggests. So people in the UK might believe this as well, without thinking about it.

    But UK has not been a country of immigrants since the 11th century at least…on the contrary, the British peopled North America and Australia through massive out migration.

    Having said that, even Europe is admitting so many immigrants, to the “American disease” doesn’t seem to be limited to the UK.

    2) The world, everywhere, is basically overpopulated, including the UK, which is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. As energy declines so will the ability to feed and maintain the standard of living for people. Why the UK has any net migration is simply beyond me.

    History suggests that in collapsing scenarious, people will rally around what is reliable…family, community. This does not bode well for the “multicultural”, hypermodern societies that the UK and America have become.

    America at least has space. The ability to have your homestead and the guns to protect yourself. In the UK, they seem convinced that the way forward is massive surveillance.

    It’s pretty sad.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Most Americans are neither immigrants nor the children of immigrants. And the founders weren’t immigrants but colonists who built a society, government, cities, etc. where there were none before. In fact if you think about it, immigrants by definition can’t “build” a country because immigration itself presupposes a country already in existence for the immigrants to come to. Disgruntled Englishmen rebelled from the crown and built this country.

      • IstvanIN

        The founders weren’t even colonists, they were natural born citizens of the several British colonies, “overseas” American born British subjects, who fought for independence.

  • DelmarJackson

    The person that posted it on Murrays article was that rascal Delmar Jackson.
    Join numbersusa and read vdare every day
    Thanks for fighting.

  • Athling

    Most of us feel absolutely no personal animosity towards immigrants.

    In time you will. Grave errors have been made. Once done, these things are almost impossible to reverse without violence on a massive scale. Your villainous leaders have in effect handed over your tiny island to racial aliens. When these aliens gain sufficient numbers and begin exerting their own ways and customs over yours then you will feel the sting of diversity…

    • Guessed Worker

      Britain no longer belongs to the British people. America is close behind.

      • JustaWhiteMom

        What do you mean by that GW? It seems to me that Brits still have more control over their country than white Americans. You seem to think otherwise. I’m just curious why.

        • Certified Diversity Trainer

          It is the principle of territorial conquest. Or another way to think of it is that the parasites will eventually consume the host.

        • ConcernedYoungAmerican

          The only thing the land of my forebears has over us is that they’re still 86% white British (and dropping)—while we’re only 72% white (and dropping). The whites I put my faith into to lead us out of the darkness are the Germans because a growing number of them want a Fuhrer.

          • David Ashton

            Germany remains a controlled society. There is more political hope in France at present.

          • ConcernedYoungAmerican

            I’m genuinely curious why you say so. Marine le Pen? I was just shocked/impressed when Angela Merkel gave her speech stating that “multiculturalism has utterly failed”; and then a poll some weeks later indicated that half the country believed Germany had been overrun by foreigners and 13% wanted a Fuhrer. Enlighten me though!
            By the way, what do you think of the Eastleigh by-election? The British political class is up in arms about UKIP’s surge…

          • David Ashton

            Germany prohibits nationalist parties and much of their literature, and any sign of NS revival only strengthens this approach.
            France is not so bad in that respect.
            Eastleigh is a good sign, if UKIP can consolidate the vote in other areas.

    • Punisher

      I harbor absolute hatred towards immigrants, ALL of them. The day they give me a reason to turn that hatred into action against them and their enablers will cost them dearly. The darkies will find out the depths of many whites’ hatred towards them.

  • Felix_M

    This underscores perfectly why rational people should be alarmed by mass immigration, by it from Pakistan or be it from Mexico.

  • ricpic

    Whites still have too much to lose. Only when economic catastrophe strikes will whites be desperate enough to risk everything in order to take their homes back, which really means to evict non-whites. There is no guarantee they will do it. Because doing it means rivers of blood and a will of iron. Failure to make war on non-whites on the other hand means diversity hell forever. We shall see.

  • Will

    Lets retain a sense of proportion: It is not even mainly the “immigration” of aliens into the
    US that alters the nation into something other than its natural, organic nature. What about
    the “immigration” of alien values and standards of conduct via mainstream media, PC campuses, and very publicly unresponsive “public” schools?.

  • guest

    What’s really troubling is that so many whites have been brainwashed into becoming braindead liberals who allow this mass immigration to happen as well as their own genocide. If they were to fall victim to a crime by these invaders, maybe they would wake up and join the battle to preserve Western civilization. Unless of course they’re too far gone to see how the real world really is. This immigration problem is getting closer to reaching a boiling point and eventually a decision will have to be made – one can either fight for their country and their people, or continue to believe the fallacy that these immigrants are peaceful and will integrate well with us.

    • professor

      “What’s really troubling is that so many whites have been brainwashed
      into becoming braindead liberals who allow this mass immigration to
      happen as well as their own genocide.”

      This is the underlying crux of the whole issue that expands into all racial awareness areas. A massive propaganda campaign that has been going on for many years by whomever one believes is in control. It has infiltrated all levels of information, communication, education including all written and visual medias. This propaganda has now come into the forefront of society and its impact is felt at all levels of social interaction. It is Pavlovian in nature with the training having been relentless, severe, and expertly implemented. Our people intuitively, at a base level, have an understanding that the situation is corrupted but have been softened similar to a prisoner who is senselessly beaten into submission. The best hope for undoing the damage is that the pain level increases sufficiently to awaken those still in the pc daydream. I think that this is occurring now so there is still some hope. Obviously some will not or cannot be helped but others will come to a better understanding of the reality.

      • David Ashton

        The Cultural Marxist “race, gender, class” issues have spread outwards and upwards, and have then been imposed downwards in legislation and propaganda as “equality” and “diversity”. But it could all crumble like Marxism-Leninism in the USSR and its satellites.

  • JustaWhiteMom

    Did anybody notice the remarkable resemblance of this article to a certain 240 words of truth crafted by an old coot from South Carolina?

  • NYB

    An excellent essay, which raises the questions of why is dispossession happening and what is the objective.

    The financial and property elites are behind mass immigration. Like the property owners of Athens and Rome before them, they are filling their empire with slave subjects.

    Their ‘happy outcome’ is to one day rule over a racially stratified underclass of politically disenfranchised drones, who are unable to change their luckless status quo.

  • Pelagian

    It was our own peculiarly white sense of being scrupulously “fair” to the other guy that did us in, in the end. (But don’t blame orthodox Christianity, which drew proper distinctions to its universalism.)

    • saxonsun

      You have the issue pinned down. Our innate sense of decency is killing us.

  • Magnus

    I just don’t get it. The West is in terminal decline, that much is clear. But is it an organic occurrence due to the natural lifespan of civilizations, or is it due to some malevolent influence that we should have recognized earlier or fought off? Is the collapse of our civilization just an inevitable reality or is there something we can do to protect our future as a people?

    I don’t mean to be a pessimist. Really. But articles like this cause me to despair.

    God help us.

  • odious liberal

    Who knew? UK liberals suddendly aren’t too fond of diversity now that taxes and crime are head through the roof.

  • Roger Lee

    “No animosity towards immigrants”? I cannot believe that. There must be some people in London with enough testosterone to feel animosity and hostility and resentment against outsiders who are taking their country away from them. I passed up the opportunity to visit London in the 1950’s. After all, it would always be there, and I needed to save money for school. How wrong I was. Very sad. So, the only way I can visit England is in old movies like “The Dam Busters.” By the way, do you know the politically incorrect name of the dog in that film?

    • David Ashton

      “Don’t blame the immigrants. Get rid of the government.” (Oswald Mosley)

      That dog – Trigger, Digger, Stigger, or was it Colored Gentleman?

    • Pat

      ‘name of the dog’…when shown now it is edited out. As I have posted earlier we have noticed ‘editing’ in The Dirty Dozen and Crocodile Dundee as well, so they are probably ‘checking’ them all.

  • bubo

    What’s the problem? Once they land in Britain they become British. That’s what the leftist media says anyway.

  • When I saw the author was Douglas Murray, I thought and expected it would be yet another half baked ‘neo-conservative’ skirt around the bushes.

    Murray, much like Melanie Philips, and those of that persuation, are very good at talking around issues and missing some of the core points, primarily because they do not believe in them or their gravity.

    However, I must say that Douglas Murray sails a bit closer to the wind than is usual here and does a fine job of presenting “the general situation” in a nutshell, including some mention of the “white British”. Good for you Douglas. I hope you are starting to see the light as to what many serious thinking Nationalists have been immersed in for decades.

    It captures the attitude well: “get over it” – “It is enevitable” – “who are we anyway?” etc. He also seems to have grasped some of the tricks and cons and weasel debates that are used, and thinks that a great deal of the “white British” are being ignored and they are justified in being angry about the transformation.

    “White British”, of course, is the new-ish definition of what used to be deemed the “indigenous” population. Now, the “indigenous” do not exist. They are just labelled a colour. A convenient way to reclassify them as a mere “number”. Where areas can be “such and such percent white”, as though there is no problem with that.

    The question is though Douglas, in the face of this bolshy change, what now?

  • RStans

    The amazing thing is how militarily powerful the white race was when their decline began. And yet, their countries were swamped by wave after wave of hostile non-white invaders. What weapon did these invaders have that turned the tide against the West’s military superiority? A single word: “racist.” We’re witnessing a completely new phenomenon in world history: conquest via a word. The sad thing is that the European peoples never perceived that they were being fired on. They didn’t take being labeled with the word “racist” as being assaulted with a lethal weapon. They were operating under the delusion that “names can never hurt me.” That was a major error. Lethal weaponry should have been countered with lethal weaponry.

    • Bantu_Education

      “What weapon did these invaders have that turned the tide against the West’s military superiority? A single word: “racist.”

      This is so ridiculously laughable it reminds me of a Monty Python sketch “Deadliest Joke in the World”. Everyone who heard the joke died laughing, so the Brits had it translated into German and would broadcast it on loudspeakers to the German troops who would all then die laughing. Reality is stranger than fiction..!

  • kerrysmith

    Standpoint runs a lot of good articles. Too bad it’s so expensive.

  • Jay Santos

    “Only 44.9 per cent of London residents are now white British.” And are those new residents respectful to and appreciative of the country and culture built by the British? In all too many cases, no they are not. Which mirrors what we are beginning to see in the U.S. European Christians have a deep flaw, take a guess from where it begins.

  • Whirlwinder

    When Islam becomes dominant in England, and it appears that it will, then the native Brit population will be slave to Islam and the standard of living will drop precipituously and Brit culture and way of life will be a byword. The beautiful cathedrals will be turned into mosques and Brits will not know their place in the world through history because you will be too busy learning the glories of Islam and their history stops in 632AD or thereabouts. Or, you could get behind the Tommy Robinsons of this world and start kicking Islam out if you want to celeberate English history for very much longer.