Pro-Immigration Congressional Republicans Do Not Perform Better Among Latino Voters

George Hawley, Center for Immigration Studies, February 2013

The Democratic Party enjoys a sizable advantage among Latino voters. It is largely taken for granted that Republicans can earn a greater share of the Latino vote if they support less restrictive immigration policies and legalization for illegal immigrants. This study examines public opinion data from 2006 to consider whether this is the case. The 2006 election is a particularly good year to examine congressional behavior on immigration and the Latino vote because House Republicans passed a strong enforcement bill that year that prompted national protests. They also turned aside efforts to legalize illegal immigrants. This study found that Latinos living in House districts represented by pro-immigration Republican incumbents were no more likely to support that incumbent than Latinos living in House districts represented by Republican incumbents with pro-enforcement records. Supporting more generous immigration policies does not appear to be a way for Republicans to increase their share of the Latino vote.

Among this Backgrounder’s findings:

  • Among House Republican incumbents in 2006 there was a great deal of variation in immigration voting records.
  • Latinos living in congressional districts with pro-immigration Republican incumbents were no more likely to support the incumbent than Latinos living in districts with Republican incumbents with more restrictive immigration records.
  • Adopting pro-immigration policies is unlikely to increase the Republican share of the Latino vote based on these results.
  • There is some evidence that pro-immigration Republican incumbents did worse among non-Hispanic whites, indicating that supporting amnesties is likely to cost Republicans votes among non-Hispanic white voters.
  • These findings are consistent with what occurred after the 1986 IRCA amnesty for illegal immigrants, signed by President Reagan. The Republican Party lost Latino support from the 1984 to the 1988 presidential election.
  • These findings do not mean Republican efforts at outreach to Latinos are misplaced. But embracing a position on immigration similar to that of the Democrats seems unlikely to increase Republicans’ share of the Hispanic vote and is likely to alienate other voters.

[Editor’s Note: The full article is available at the “Original Article” link below.]

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  • Eagle_Eyed

    I’ll say it again. Email this to every beltway idiot GOP consultant there is.

    • sbuffalonative

      Their response will be ‘we need to do more outreach’ as if anything they do will make a difference.
      Reagan’s ‘one-time-only’ amnesty was supposed to be a boon for the GOP. That failed but they’re willing to try again.

      • Jefferson

        What the hell does the Republican establishment mean when they say “we need to do more outreach to Hispanics” ? Free tacos and burritos for any Hispanic voter that registers her or himself as a Republican ? Maybe free tickets to a Reggaeton or Tejano concert ?

        • Liberalsuck

          In all of these ‘outreaches’ to blacks and Latinos do they ever stop and say, “Hey, what are we doing for the white conservative base that put us in power?”

          • Tucker

            Great comment. However, we all need to understand one very important truth about this pandering to non-whites agenda, which is being constantly harped on by the RINO and neo-con factions within the GOP.

            RINOs and neo-cons are liberals who were allowed to worm their way over the political ideological fence – coming from the left – and infiltrate the GOP, where they proceeded to elbow aside as many of the old traditional and far more legitimate Conservative Republicans as possible, take over the leadership positions and then do their best to push the GOP into directions which were guaranteed to destroy the entire party.

            That is precisely what RINO rats like McCain, Lindsey Graham, the entire Bush family, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Marc Rubio, Chris Christie, Dick Armey, Newt Gingrich and the rest of these ‘Gang of 8’ creeps are now trying to do: They are giving advice to the GOP that they know full well will result in the permanent destruction of the GOP and which will give the Democrats a one party, unbreakable dictatorship over America.

            It’s the old Trojan Horse tactic, folks. And, for those who wonder when this ‘worming’ first began and who allowed it to proceed – I suggest that they study the Reagan Administration years. It was during this period of history where these “neo-cons” were allowed to sneak over into the GOP, and the RINOs were clinging to their coat tails.

          • robinbishop34

            “RINOs and neo-cons are liberals who were allowed to worm their way over the political ideological fence – coming from the left – and infiltrate
            the GOP”

            Yes. Most leftists love to use the term ‘neocon’ because it sounds ominous, not realizing neoconservatism has it’s origins in socialism.

          • Liberalsuck

            Which ‘tribe’ do you think those neocons were from?

          • Tucker

            I am fully aware of the answer to this question.

            However, I would encourage everyone to examine how quickly the corrupt white elites decided to jump onto the neocon coat tails and slavishly help them advance their evil agenda.

          • ATBOTL

            The people who run the GOP represent corporate and big money interests. It’s overwhelming support for a leftist agenda on everything but taxes and government regulation among the super rich and corporate executives that is driving the GOP left.

    • Hugh Mann

      Agreed eagle eyed, this is one of the most crucial facts for conservatives to understand. No, they won’t all swing 180 right away, but it makes a difference.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Just put this in your email and tell them to repeat it to themselves 10 times a day:

      “It’s alright to pander to the needs of White people.”

      • Liberalsuck

        I was waiting in line at a fast food drive thru with my mother a few days ago going around helping her do errands. The Republican Party called her on her cell phone and wanted money and she said she wasn’t interested ‘right now’ to the rep on the phone and I could tell she–like many of us white conservatives–was annoyed with them and their inability to win elections. I said, “Well, if they called me I’d have lot more to say to them as to why I wasn’t giving them money and would tell them to quit pandering to blacks and hispanics and quit giving our money to other countries and do something to bring back jobs and quit trying to sound like liberals.”

    • Felix_M

      The same members of the GOP saying that amnesty will secure them votes among Latinos are the same ones who said that Medicare Part D would win them the senior vote for a generation, that Iraq was going to be a cakewalk and that “free” trade was good for America.

      How have all those things turned out?

      • liberalsuck

        The same Latinos that will vote against them because those “white conservative gringos” won’t give them freebies, affirmative action, etc? The same ones that voted 72% for Obama in the last election? The same Latinos that tell us they are going to take over and how they are glad ‘White America is aging and not making anymore babies’ and how they love it? You mean THOSE Latinos?

        • Felix_M

          You see it, and I see it. But, the GOP can’t see it. I’d always said that a leftist was someone who saw what he believed, and now I’m starting to think that among hardcore members of the GOP the same is true.

          • liberalsuck

            I try explaining this to my conservative friends, but they don’t want to listen. I have ones that are so infatuated with Hispanics and get spellbound whenever Herman Cain, Allen West or now Dr. Ben Carson speak. I think, “You know, Ron Paul had good ideas about cutting costs and being America First, but people ousted him.” I even say, “Blacks and Latinos voted against the GOP nine times out of ten. They will never share the same values as White conservatives do.” My acquaintances say, “Well…I think it’s because of the Democratic Party brainwashing them and all the Democrats lies.”

    • bluffcreek1967

      Yes, I think we should but we all know they won’t. The GOP has a death wish.

      “Amnesty and the GOP death wish,”

  • Seriously, people. STOP voting for these fools! Vote for the liberal democrat if you must. The sooner these pansy republicans like Romney and McCain are booted out of office, the sooner we can start the rebuiling process.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Vote for the liberal democrat if you must. Yeah, nothing sends the message to the Republicans that they’re drifting too far to the Left like voting for liberal Democrats. That’ll show ’em!

      • bluffcreek1967

        I agree! We gain nothing by voting for Leftists. Voting for a conservative third party position is the better way to go!

    • RisingReich

      This is not the way to go. Cutting off your nose to spite your face comes to mind.
      Vote 3rd Position or something.

      • Actually, it is the way to go. It’s all about race now. It’s already improbable the GOP will win another election with this outreach strategy.

        • liberalsuck

          Even if they outreached like hell to whites, they’d still lose. As I said earlier, they might–MIGHT–be able to win state, local or county elections where there are a high percentage of rural, patriotic white people, but they won’t a national presidential election again. The only way they’d win a national election is if the white birth rate suddenly rose and they were all conservative or if they outpander the Democrats by offering them free stuff, which would go against why they are Republicans in the first place.

    • bluffcreek1967

      I understand what you are saying, but voting for Leftists is not the way to go. Can you imagine telling your children that when America was as its worst, you helped its deplorable condition by voting for the very people intending to destroy it?! We must be realistic about things, but we must always resist in some form. A conservative 3rd party vote is much better. Even if they never come close to winning, at least my conscience will be clear.

      “Amnesty and the GOP’s Death Wish,”

  • The__Bobster

    Poll: Only 24% of Hispanic voters favorable toward Rubio
    By Steve Sailer on February 26, 2013 at 12:55pm

    I recently asked if anybody has checked whether Hispanic voters, the majority
    of whom are of Mexican background, actually like Senator Marco Rubio (R-CUBA).

    A reader points me to this December survey by Public Policy Polling of 700 registered voters, showing approval ratings for potential 2016 candidates. Among the 90 or so
    Hispanic voters surveyed, only 24% were favorable toward Rubio, while 42% said
    they were were unfavorable. (34% were not sure.)

    Rand Paul did slightly better among Hispanics, 28-39, as did Paul Ryan
    (42-48) and Mike Huckabee (33-39). Rick Santorum, at 24-41, edged out Rubio. Jeb
    Bush, the Great Brown Hope-in-Law Jeb Bush, was at 32-49. To Hispanics, the big
    man among potential GOP candidates was Chris Christie at 52-22.

    • The most “liberal” Republican does twice as well among Hispanics than an actual Hispanics. That proves that Hispanics are in it for the gibsmedat.

    • a multiracial individual

      Cubans and other Hispanics do not like each other. Cubans hate big government (for obvious reasons).

      • Jerrybear

        With the new indoctrinated generation that knows very little about communism, they are swinging the vote over to Dems. It’s now 50-50 for Cubans.

    • Tucker

      The New Jersey water buffalo is not a Republican. He is a RINO on steroids, and a neo-con to boot.

      CPAC refused to invite this RINO to their upcoming conference, which I thought was a great sign.

      Look, folks. It ought to be painfully obvious that the political elites are fully aware of the way they must act, in order to attract non-white voters. They can no longer use carefully worded language that merely hints that they are supportive of anti-White policies and agendas. Thanks to the relentless and never ending drum beat of anti-White hatred being spewed by the Cultural Marxist controlled main stream media, the political elites have been carefully programmed and they all now understand that they must parrot that same kind of anti-White hateful rhetoric and it must not be cloaked under any sort of subliminal language; it must be blatant.

      Do we all remember how Lindsey Graham from South Carolina got up on National TV during the last big battle for amnesty and called the White Southern residents of not only his own state, but all Whites across America – ‘bigots’ for daring to oppose amnesty? Whites are called ‘bigots’ and ‘racists’ if they oppose an elitist agenda to displace them inside their historic homelands and to eventually genocide them into a state of racial extinction?

      May I ask if anyone in the AmRen community knows what the average IQ level is for the White voters in South Carolina – and can anyone explain why Graham has not been thrown out of office yet?

      Same question for White voters in Arizona, with regards to Juan McCain?

  • These findings do not mean Republican efforts at outreach to Latinos are misplaced.

    Uh, yes it does, and this just said why: Amnesty and open borders Republicans gain no Hispanics but lose whites.

    Just my instincts, but I get the feeling that pro-amnesty Republicans actually do slightly WORSE among Hispanic voters than the typical Republican, because some pro-amnesty Republicans are sometimes (though not always) openly opposed to welfare on philosophical terms.

    • Nancy Thomas

      Pro amnesty GOP are also, not coincidentally, owned by the tribe.

      • liberalsuck

        “The tribe?” Whatever do you mean, my friend? Do you mean it’s those “Irish Catholic” or “German Lutherans” who are behind ruining white nations and displacing us by using nonwhites against us? No way. It can’t be true! (Sarcasm)

    • Nathanwartooth

      Yeah every time I see Republicans Hispandering it just reminds me to not vote for them.

      If enough of their base just stops voting, much like they did in the 2012 election maybe they will get a clue.

      • Liberalsuck

        They still don’t get it that the blacks won’t vote for them in large numbers. Now they are drooling over Ben Carson. While I agree with Carson’s views, who says that he’s a Republican? Who says that he wouldn’t do what was best for blacks rather than what was good for America as a whole? Why haven’t these GOP people learned that the ‘black conservatives’ have been showing their true colors lately? When will these white ‘conservatives’ finally get it that this is about race and that these nonwhites hate us and will never side with us? Will it take seeing their kids and elderly parents getting killed by these parasites? Will it take seeing armies of black and Mexicans storming their houses and looting their stuff and killing them? Will it take a South Africa situation to wake them up? WHAT WILL IT TAKE???

        • Wayne

          I can’t believe the Conserviturd Republitards pander for minority votes but rather for the illusion of protection from leftist whites claiming them to be racist. Like a kid hiding behind mommy’s skirt.

    • Jefferson

      Are you saying Republicans who are anti-illegal immigration are in favor of the nanny welfare state ? If anything it is the opposite. whenever I meet a registered Republican voter who is anti-illegal immigration, their main reason for opposing it they say is because if we keep letting in more poor 3rd world illegal immigrants who will leech off American taxpayers, this country will go completely broke and we will have no money left. The national debt will keep swelling even higher if we keep adding illegals and their anchor children to the welfare rolls.

      Being against illegal immigration is actually a very fiscally conservative political view. No real true fiscal conservative worth her or his salt would favor amnesty for 3rd world illegal parasites.

      • Definitely not. What I’m saying is that the reason I think that Hispanic voters might like pro-open borders and pro-amnesty Republicans less than they like the typical Republican is that many vociferously open borders Republicans tend to the libertarian, which also means they would be openly against welfare. This should not be taken to mean that Republicans who have the right position on immigration (“right” according to us) want a big welfare state. You know and I know that to control the cost of the welfare state in reality, we definitely don’t need to import more lifelong welfare clients.

  • a multiracial individual

    Stop wasting your time with the Hispanic vote. Perhaps the GOP will finally realize they need more White votes. Will they do what is necessary to secure those votes? I would not hold my breath. They hate homosexuality too much for that.

    • ConcernedYoungAmerican

      Yep. And as we’ve discussed, the noose just tightens as they alienate young whites and soccer moms.

    • Liberalsuck

      I don’t care for homosexuality or for abortion or for transgender freaks or for using drugs (pot, cocaine, etc), but those are minor issues. I’m concerned about the anti-white stuff going on, illegal nonwhite immigration, that most Americans can’t find work, that taxes are way too high, that our 2nd Amendment is being attacked, etc.

      • ConcernedYoungAmerican

        That’s basically what we’re getting at. The GOP should be the Party of true individual liberty by de-emphasizing social issues that divide whites and continuing to focus on fiscal conservatism, less immigration, and our European heritage. I guarantee you that the Republicans would pick up millions of more white votes that way.

        • liberalsuck

          The problem with Mitt is he wasn’t very aggressive in counter attack ads, just as McCain didn’t seem to be too interested in winning either. Are the Republicans intentionally trying to piss off their base and lose presidential elections?

          • ConcernedYoungAmerican

            I know a lot of whites that were just flat-out pissed with John McCain because he’s been a ‘shamnesty’ Republican since 2006 (I live in California, where amnesty is a no-go for our dwindling white population for obvious reasons). I really don’t understand how he keeps getting elected in Arizona either, as they are on the front lines of Mexico’s invasion (but he sure got grilled in his town hall meetings last week). As for Romney—-honestly, he was one of the worst presidential nominees in history. Nothing he said motivated me besides his rhetoric on China (our biggest threat besides the domestic genocide of our people) and he wasn’t aggressive at all.

            Here’s a theory though–the Republicans want to let Obama drive the country into the ground (including by supporting amnesty) so we can start from scratch. When it all falls apart, the military will be on our side and we can build a constitutional white ethnostate from the ashes of the US.

  • Jefferson

    This does not surprise me one bit. A whopping 75 percent of Hispanics believe government needs to be even bigger than what it currently is.

    Only a measly 19 percent of Hispanics believe government should be smaller.

    I bet if you take Cubans out of the equation, the percentage of Hispanics who prefer bigger government would jump from 75 percent to over 90 percent.

    • The__Bobster

      The young Cubans also love big government and voted for Obongo.

      • Jefferson

        Yes, younger Cubans now vote more like Mexicans. Which is why the percentage of Cubans who vote Republican is vastly shrinking. In the 2012 presidential elections, Mitt Romney failed to even win 50 percent of the Cuban vote. Mitt Romney only won 40 something percent of the Cuban vote, because the older more conservative Cubans are all kicking the bucket. And their Cuban children and grandchildren are a lot more left wing liberal than they are.

        • Liberalsuck

          That’s true. The older Cubans are more Republican with their voting because they lived under Communist Cuba. The young ones don’t know what it’s like. It’s almost like older Jews supporting Israel more than younger Jews or older blacks supporting Jesse Jackson types whereas a growing part of the younger black population–while they are not prowhite certainly–know that Jackson and Sharpton and Farrakhan are more interested in money than helping blacks. In the end, all racial groups are really on their own and it’s really up to them as a race–not the politicians–where their destiny lies.

  • Vyncennt

    The delusion that Hispanics will vote for immigration friendly Republicans hinges on a few other delusions:

    (1) There are a sufficient number of illegal aliens voting.

    Although there are always those who swear our voting booths are chock full of illegals, the true numbers are likely very low. Only illegal Hispanics have a vested interest in illegal Hispanics, yet that brings us to my next delusion….

    (2) Legal Hispanic citizens care so much about the immigration status of their illegal brethren that their vote is heavily influenced by the issue.

    The current states of Hispanic home countries show quite clearly that this level of altruism doesn’t exist…except in white nations. If it did, there would be no need for them to be pouring over OUR borders, now would there?

    (3) Hispanics will accept the idea that being self sufficient trumps leeching off those who already are.

    Why bother even arguing this point. Parasites will be parasites and will hardly vote in anyone who states they should be anything but.

    All of this is irrelevant of course. Smarter men than us have already run the numbers, parsed the polls, and dissected the histories. Hispanics, like their black brothers, will never vote Republican. Republicans are well aware of this. They are also well aware that their personal financial interests, and those of their supporters, hinge on the supply of cheap labor.

    It was never about the votes for the Republicans, unless you believe they’ve lost the ability to perform even the simplest math. It has always been about the wage. Or lack there of…

    • Jefferson

      Even Bill O’Reilly no longer believes that Hispanics are natural Republicans, he mentioned last night on The O’Reilly Factor that 75 percent of Hispanics support a nanny state. That says a lot, because just a few months ago O’Reilly was still ranting about how Republicans have a good chance of winning the majority of Hispanic voters in future presidential elections because of their supposed “conservative nuclear family values”. Which is a big fat myth, because over 50 percent of Hispanic children grow up in a single parent household. That is significantly higher than the national average.

      • Vyncennt

        Bill O’Reilly never struck me as a true conservative commentator, nor one that seeks truth out above all else. He has made a few statements that I’ve applauded, but when I wish to hear (well, read) a voice of reason, I often go straight to Pat Buchanan.

        As to Hispanic family values? Well….

        ….. *giggle* …..

        that’s all I’ve got…

        • bluffcreek1967

          I agree with you on Pat Buchanan. I don’t always agree with the pompous O’Riley. I consider him an intellectual lightweight.

          “Amnesty and the GOP’s Death Wish,”

  • bigone4u

    The rich white business community is behind more immigration since the river waders work for peanuts. Small business owners have more sense. The Repugnicant Party has sold out for cash donations from the wealthy and does not deserve the support of whites who work for wages or salaries or who have small businesses..

    • liberalsuck

      Don’t you mean those people who look white but who aren’t, in fact, white?

      • Jefferson

        Is it possible to look White but not be White ? Is it possible to look Black, but not be Black ?

        • Nathanwartooth

          Yup, sure is.

          Many Jews look very White and people like Rubio are White genetically but have allegiance to the Hispanics.

          Is it possible to look Black but not be Black? Well I’m not an expert on this but I assumed that is why Rahm Emanuel got elected to be the mayor of Chicago. He looks like he might be half Black but he is in fact a Jew.

          • Jefferson

            How is it possible to look White if you are genetically 100 percent Nonwhite ? How does that work ?

            Mestizos and African Americans are not genetically 100 percent Nonwhite. So shouldn’t they look physically Whiter than Jews who are supposedly 100 percent genetically Nonwhite according to you ?

            Shouldn’t African Americans and Mestizos look physically Whiter than Jews because they have more White blood than Jews ?

          • The__Bobster


            We understood we belonged to a minority that had suffered in the past and was still subject to discrimination and exclusion. However, change was coming fast. Jews were quickly becoming accepted into the white majority, and our parents taught us that nothing that really mattered was beyond our reach and we had little to fear as we moved through the world. We were safe in this assumption except, ironically enough, when Rahm was “black.”

            Rahm and Ari had my mother’s skin coloring. Both brothers needed just a few days in the sun to turn the color of café au lait. By the end of the summer the two of them were almost chestnut brown. With curly black hair and a broad, flat nose, Rahm could easily pass for an African-American.

          • Nathanwartooth

            Yeah I am an avid reader of VDare and remember that article.

            I just didn’t know if that is why he got elected or not.

          • Rahm doesn’t look black to me at all. He got a majority of the black vote when he ran for Mayor, because Chicago’s black voters kinda bestowed honorary black status upon him for being Obama’s first White House Chief-of-Staff. And this was WITH former U.S. Senator Carol Mostly Fraud in the race.

            Ironically, as late as the year 2000, Obama “wasn’t black enough” for Chicago’s blacks, when Obama tried to take on Bobby Rush in the Democrat primary for Illinois’s 1st Congressional District.

          • liberalsuck

            I’m sure if a black were running against Rahm that he would not have gotten elected.

          • There was a black running against Rahm. The aforementioned Carol Mostly Fraud.

          • liberalsuck

            I’m more worried about our enemies who look like us than I am our enemies who don’t look like us. A wolf in sheep’s skin.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Just more PROOF that the GOP is nothing more than a false store front in the motion picture that is the United States Government. It you have not figured it out already, the GOP embrace of the the hispancis is just another way to alienate the White race from the political process. The more the GOP embraces the hispanics and becomes the Diet Democrats, the more the White base will abondon it. The GOP is complete and utter non sense at this point and needs to die a horrible death.

    • Jefferson

      The GOP wants to embrace Hispanics, but Hispanics do not and never will embrace them back. The Republican Party lost the Hispanic vote in all 50 states. In some states like New York for example, The Republican Party won only 18 percent of the Hispanic vote.

    • Liberalsuck

      They’re not getting my vote anymore. They might win on state levels or county levels, but as far as the presidency? Forget about it. They’re toast in that regards.

  • dd121

    This is obvious to everybody except the Republican leadership.

  • When Reagan signed MLK Day into law it did nothing to secure black votes for the GOP.
    (Even if it had, it was still wrong.)

    • John

      Millions of White conservatives stayed home when Juan McShame ran in 2006. Millions more stayed home when Mitt Romney ran in 2012. The Republican Party has slowly but surely killed off their base of support! Their renewed pandering to Blacks and Browns is laughable, like a comedy skit.

      Moreover, the Republican Party is deeply loathed by Blacks, Hispanics, Mestizos, Latinos, Mexicans, Muslims, Feminists, LGBTs, and, to a modestly lesser degree, by Asians and Jews. Instead of building on their core constituency of conservative White men and women with traditional American families, the Republican Party has spent the better part of five decades helping the Democratic Party to undermine us, dispossess us, and kill us off, all for personal gain. I was a fool to ever vote for them. I now clearly see that voting has never working to my advantage or to the advantage of my family.
      I think many of us clearly see that now. The question is, what do we do? Who speaks for heterosexual conservative Whites?
      Incidentally, I do not believe in compromise. I never have. I think North America should be 100 percent heterosexual conservative Whites. That’s the ideal from my perspective. What is the solution?

  • IKantunderstand

    Screw the G.O.P. We need a third party!We need a pro White party. We need a pro Second Amendment party. The Repubs are a lost cause. Period. They have sold out, and for no other reason than the opportunity to rearrange the deck chairs on their sinking ship of failed policy and craven stewardship. If we do nothing else, let us do nothing. No votes for them. No filing of income taxes. Join barter clubs. Become part of the “underground economy”. GO GALT.

    • Hal K

      We need a third party that is explicitly pro-white. Its mission would be to draw votes away from the GOP to hasten its demise while educating the public and politicians about the need for white identity politics.

      • Nancy Thomas

        We already have that. But the media will not allow anything but the two “choices” that are already bought and paid for.

        • IKantunderstand

          What do you mean that “we already have that”.? What political party out there has come out and said “It is for White People”?

          • Tucker

            The American 3rd Party, now called the American Freedom Party – started out with a sort of, kind of pro-White platform. However, Merlin Miller (the A3P 2012 Presidential candidate) made some derogatory comments on a radio interview with Kevin Barrett on 09/24/12 which were directed at the White Nationalist community and this caused a considerable uproar within the pro-White circles and was interpreted by many as a sign of betrayal.

            From what I’ve read, the American Freedom Party’s board of directors have had some disagreements over whether their platform should be implicitly pro-White, or explicitly pro-White. This sounds to me like just more of the same old weak kneed, jelly-spined mindset that has plagued the GOP for the last 50 years.

            Frankly, this kind of white racial cowardice and timidity on the race question literally nauseates me. No other racial group adopts this sort of suicidal mindset – and neither should White Europeans. In fact, I am convinced that our racial competitors see this disease of white racial cowardice as their most powerful and effective weapon against Whites.

            We need to take that weapon out of their arsenal, folks. We need to look these enemies in the eye and flatly tell them that their race hustling and race card pulling days are OVER, and that Whites will no longer play the game of unilateral disarmament in the area of pursuing, defending, and advancing our perfectly legitimate ethnic specific interests.

            Therefore, any new political party that will be created must adhere to an explicitly and unapologetic pro-White position, and any aspiring leaders of that party can either grow a spine and embrace the pro-White position or they can find something else to do with their time.

          • bluffcreek1967

            Thanks for your informative comments. I too have looked at A3P, but I have a couple of concerns. Regardless, we need an explicitly white national party!

          • Liberalsuck

            Not so sure even about the American Third Position being successful or pro white anymore. When they interviewed Merlin, he states they are not ‘racist’ and that he does business with people of ‘all colors’ yet he’s not going to keep that secret for too long, being that he’s been on The Political Cesspool and that he’s on ‘hatewatch lists’

          • Tucker

            Its the same tired old wheezing of desperation that we constantly hear out of the RINO’d and neo-conned GOP – whereby these morons are constantly screaming that the GOP needs to have a big tent policy and reach across the ethnic and racial fences to recruit more non-whites.

            Trolling for allies within the camp of your enemies and/or within the camp of your ethnic competition – and trying to recruit non-whites who are at least smart enough to grasp that they are involved in an ethnic identity competition with the dwindling White European majority to determine who will seize the most power, the most resources, and who will become the dominant ruling ethnic group over the USA and all its remaining resources – has never worked and it never will work. All these efforts will do is to anger the White conservative base of the GOP, who will decide to stay home on election day rather than to vote for GOP candidates who stab them in the back.

            If this is what Merlin Miller and his American Freedom Party board of advisers thinks will work for their party, when it has never worked for the GOP – then, I think the American Freedom Party is doomed to fail before it even gets off the ground.

            But, then – maybe that is the goal? And, along the way, of course, if these guys are able to snooker a sufficient number of concerned White European men and women into sending them lots of cash in exchange for offering them ‘false hope’ – a.k.a, the Ron Paul Extortion Express Method, then the Cultural Marxist enemy will have enough time to run out the clock while Merlin and his boys are leading us all down a path that goes nowhere.

          • Hal K

            As for having more than one pro-white party, the more the merrier. It sounds like A3P isn’t really pro-white anymore, which is unfortunate.

            The purpose of having a pro-white party should not be to win elections. It should be to draw votes away from the GOP. In other words, it would just be a protest vote. Our election laws tend to favor two-party systems, and that is not likely to change any time soon. The only way for white interests to be represented is to have white politicians talking about what is in the interests of whites specifically.

            It is important to have an explicitly pro-white option for voters so that if and when (hopefully) the GOP collapses, the stage will be set for white identity politics to enter the political mainstream. If it is clear that whites are voting for their interests as whites explicitly, then politicians (in both of the two main parties, potentially) will be forced to talk about white interests.

    • liberalsuck

      I’m convinced our freedoms aren’t going to come from a political party or an “online petition” or trying to make amends or trying to ‘outreach’ to people who hate us and wish us ill will. They are going to come from the will of the people and that means us and it’s NOT going to be pretty.

  • Hal K

    As maddening as all of the examples of liberal anti-whiteness are, it is mainstream conservatives who are the real problem. They are a very confused bunch. It is in mainstream conservatism that the political spectrum going from anti-whiteness to pro-whiteness breaks. In mainstream conservatism, implicit pro-whiteness gets twisted around into anti-racism directed towards white liberals, resulting in a gap between mainstream conservatism and the racial right that is difficult to bridge.

    • liberalsuck

      I do notice more conservative talking heads pointing out anti-white stuff, but they are failing to realize and overtly point out how bad of a problem it is. The only conservative who has the balls to talk about this is Colin Flahtery, yet there was a hitpiece about him on SPLC chiding WND for hiring a ‘racist’ since he was talking about black flash mobs. Wait again for this ‘conservative’ outlet to fire him to appease the Left and nonwhites.

      • Hal K

        That is a good example. When conservative talking heads complain about anti-whiteness, they do so from an “anti-racist” perspective, which isn’t helpful. If you are against “racism” then you have to be against white advocacy also.

        • liberalsuck

          Most blacks and most Hispanics will view themselves as a distinct racial group and both view whites as the enemy, even if blacks and browns are fighting amongst each other. Most of them will be griping about white people as badly in 50 years as they are now. Don’t waste your time trying to be their friends and focus on our people instead.

    • JohnEngelman

      Mainstream conservatism and the Republican Party exist to advance the economic interests of the richest and best paid ten percent of the country, regardless of the effect on everyone else. If you keep that in mind I hope you will get angry, but you will never be surprised.

      • Hal K

        An alternative view is that the GOP exists to keep the lid on white identity politics. They are generally anti-protectionist, which tends to bolster your argument. I think free trade tends to favor the owners of capital over ordinary workers, even though both lose out in the long run.

        • JohnEngelman

          Before it became easy for corporations to move production to countries with weak labor and environmental laws the Republican Party supported tariffs. Support for tariffs, business subsidies, and the violent suppression of trade union activity were its main issues after the end of the Reconstruction Era.

          If the GOP can exploit white identity politics it will in order to get votes. Nevertheless, the only whites it really cares about are employers, investors, and rich whites in general.

          • Hal K

            If the GOP can exploit white identity politics it will in order to get votes.

            It depends on how you define “can” and “white identity politics.” I am thinking of explicit white identity politics, not the implicitly pro-white politics practiced by the GOP today. Implicit pro-whiteness is enough to get a majority of the white vote, but it will not do whites any good unless it is explicitly pro-white.

            The mainstream conservative establishment is opposed to explicit white identity politics. I would say that the GOP won’t engage in explicit white identity politics, i.e. it refuses to.

          • JohnEngelman

            How do you define “white identity politics?” Do you think corporations and universities should be pressured to hire or admit white Gentiles instead of better qualified Orientals and Jews?

          • Jefferson

            How about eliminate affirmative action altogether where nobody gets a job or gets admitted into a school because of the color of their skin.

            The very concept of affirmative action sounds like something a communist dictator would come up with.

            Affirmative action is the exact opposite of democracy and freedom.

          • JohnEngelman

            I am opposed to affirmative action. Some posters here seem to favor preferential hiring of white Gentiles over Orientals and Jews.

          • Jefferson

            I don’t think any group deserves skin color based preferential treatment perioud, when it comes to jobs and schools. I am however in favor of I.Q preferential treatment. The higher your I.Q is, the more priority you get when it comes to applying for high paying jobs and prestigious schools.

          • Hal K

            What possible reason could you have for making an issue of this on this website except to stir up trouble? Are you white?

          • JohnEngelman

            Not that it matters, but I am a Nordic Gentile.

          • Hal K

            If you think it doesn’t matter, then what are you doing here?

          • JohnEngelman

            Two and a half years ago someone suggested I read Tim Wise’s “The Color of Deception.”


            This is an effort to refute Jared Taylor’s “The Color of Crime.”


            Because it was a feeble effort, I read “The Color of Crime.” I was convinced by Mr. Taylor’s argument. That attracted me to this website. I have been posting here ever since.

          • Hal K

            Taylor’s most recent book makes the point that whites have to start looking out for their own people because if they don’t no one else will. It is odd that you keep coming back to this website and are still on such a different wavelength. I didn’t know that you have been posting here for two years. You seem to be disconnected from the notion of identity politics. You didn’t know what I meant when I said “white identity politics.” Aren’t you aware that our society has identity politics for every group except whites and males? You are still stuck in the leftist mindset that twists everything around to the benefit of nonwhites and to the disadvantage of whites. My impression is that you think you are being neutral, but actually you are anti-white in a subtle way.

          • JohnEngelman

            I do not agree with Jared Taylor on everything. Nor do I believe that I am required to in order to post here.

            I am a race realist and a genetic determinist. I believe that genes are considerably more important than anything else in determining not only ability levels, but personality and character.

            I appreciate American Renaissance because I can read and express facts and insights that are often suppressed in the Untied States.

            I am neither anti white, nor am I a white nationalist, nor a white supremacist.

            I have never argued, and I do not believe, that the problems of the third world, and of third world peoples in first world countries are the result of European colonialism, American imperialism, or white racism.

          • Hal K

            A race that does not protect itself genetically will lose out genetically. We have one-way migration from nonwhite countries to white countries. I suggest that you look up the articles about the Wright Island Migration Model at the Old Atlantic blog (WordPress).

            The same concepts that apply to free trade vs. protectionism also apply to genetics. If you allow open immigration while other countries don’t then your genetic stock will be replaced.

            You have to realize that your “neutrality” approach will never succeed. Conservatives have been trying it for decades. Pro-white advocacy is needed to oppose anti-white discrimination laws. We have no chance of stopping the demographic onslaught from Third World immigration as long as pro-white advocacy is off the table. Your neutral approach will just give us more of the same. We have to change our anti-white culture, and this can’t be done with a neutral approach. You need a base to neutralize an acid, and you need pro-whiteness to neutralize anti-whiteness.

          • JohnEngelman

            I am opposed to the high rate of third world immigration. I see no value in a large Hispanic population, and harm in a large black population.

            On the other hand, I do not agree that whites have different interests from Orientals. Both races benefit from adequate law enforcement, and an end to forced school busing and affirmative action.

          • Hal K

            Whites and Orientals (a term I prefer to “Asian”) do have different interests. Their interest is that they are Oriental, and our interest is that we are white. As Orientals, they will want immigration from Oriental countries to the West to continue, and this is not in our genetic interests as whites. They favor liberal politics in the West. This is because liberalism is an alliance of nonwhites and women against whites and men. Whites and men have no one looking out for their interests explicitly. Again you are overlooking the importance of identity.

            It is clear we don’t need Orientals in the West. It does not serve white interests to have Orientals come here in large numbers and take the top spots in our universities, etc. These universities were created by whites for whites. It is a betrayal of whites to deprive them of the opportunity to excel in all of the fields their forebears created. As Orientals move into the elite ranks of society, they will remain in the anti-white alliance of liberalism just like Jews have done.

            What I suggest be done about this is that we stop all immigration immediately, not that this will happen. If maintaining high levels of Oriental immigration is a condition for getting Orientals to side with whites on other issues, then I say forget it. This won’t work anyway.

          • Hal K

            By “explicit white identity politics” I mean talking about the group interests of whites explicitly. We have explicit identity politics for nonwhites now but not whites.

            Companies, universities, and the government have explicit and official anti-white hiring policies now. What is the point of talking about nonexistent pro-white policies when we still have official anti-white policies?

            The recent study by Ron Unz shows that both Jewish and Asian students are disproportionately overrepresented at the top universities relative to whites, even after adjusting for IQ. This is something that should be looked into.

          • JohnEngelman

            I think the following article that appeared on American Renaissance has more credence than anything Ron Unz ever claimed.


            Asian students have higher average SAT scores than any other group, including whites. A study by Princeton sociologist Thomas Espenshade examined applicants to top colleges from 1997, when the maximum SAT score was 1600 (today it’s 2400). Espenshade found that Asian-Americans needed a 1550 SAT to have an equal chance of getting into an elite college as white students with a 1410 or black students with an 1100.

          • Hal K

            Do you think there should be pro-white quotas? It is not clear where you are coming from, since you seem to be going out of your way to emphasize the abilities of Asians.

          • JohnEngelman

            No of course not. Nevertheless, some of the posters on this website seem to indicate that they would favor pro-white quotas.

  • ricpic

    It’s painfully obvious that Hispanics are comfortable voting Democrat because they get it that the Dems are allies in the war on Anglos.

    • Nancy Thomas

      Of course, and the Emperor exploited this fact brilliantly; Latinos 73%, blacks 95%,
      Asians 76%…..all gangin’ up on whitey.

  • RHG

    The problem for Republicans is that most hispanics believe in big government and lots of freebies- provided mainly by white taxpayers- and they don’t view the Republicans as the party that will deliver. Plus, they see the Democrats as “useful idiots” in their quest for domination.

  • RisingReich

    These idiots currently known as “The stupid party” are really deaf and stupid.

    • Yet, people keep voting for these fake republicans, and what has the GOP really done lately?

  • JohnEngelman

    A high rate of immigration depresses wages and inflates profits. That is the real reason for Republican waffling on this issue.

    • a multiracial individual

      People forget why many of these people are here. Greedy businesspeople who dont want to pay Americans.

      • Felix_M

        And when they’re amnestied, they’ll vote for the government to take the property of those greedy business people.

        Doing well at business only means you do well at business. It doesn’t mean you’re in the least insightful about how the broader world works.

    • Nathanwartooth

      High IQ immigrants reduce the wages of high IQ jobs while low IQ immigrants reduce the wages of the low IQ jobs.

      Do you still think that we should import millions of high IQ Asians or have you figured it out yet?

      • JohnEngelman

        My attitude about Oriental immigration is more nuanced than you give me credit for. I like Orientals and their cultures. Nevertheless, I recognize that all population growth, including that generated by a high birth rate among Nordic Gentiles, has a depressing effect on wages, an inflationary effect on prices, and raises profits.

        The attitude of the rich businessmen who control the Republican Party is not nuanced. They agree with me that a high rate of immigration contributes to the growing income gap. They disagree that this is a problem.

  • Nancy Thomas

    This is OBVIOUS stuff. i work with Latinos and they not only resent whites, but they HATE the GOP.

  • Karen Frances

    Hispanic and Asian immigrants will not vote for Republicans because they do not care about the debt or the deficit or taxes. They do not pay taxes, or, at least, they do not pay much taxes.

    • dj2

      Do you think Republicans actually care about the debt?

      In our debt based money system, total debt must increase to infinity, otherwise the system collapses. If private debt goes down, the government’s must go up.

      Debt has not gone down under any Republican President or Congress.

      In fact, one of the Republicans’ main strategies is to increase government debt through lowering taxes and increasing spending. Best demonstrated under Bush Jr.

      Face it we are not facing a Republican vs. Democrat problem. We facing a problem of political and economic collapse.

  • ConcernedYoungAmerican

    As I’ve stated, I can’t stand either Party, but I’ve already written a thoughtful, fact-based, and pointed letter to my Republican Congressman to torpedo this ‘Shamnesty’ bill.

  • dj2

    Republicans have never represented white people. They have only ever pretended to represent a certain type of white person…conservative, family oriented, business oriented, living in the suburbs and the south/interior of the nation.

    But how do Republicans actually represent the interests of even these white people?

    They allow endless immigration from Mexico, and Asia as well, because the big wig corporate leaders love the cheap labor. They have done this for 40 years now, without any sign of reversing course. They support endless wars in the Middle East…with your children’s limbs and lives to be sacrificed. They employ distracting wedge issues like abortion (which has actually kept the black population from exploding even more than it has), or the manufactured “War on Christmas” to score points among the priests who keep you donating your hard earned money at the pews. They pretend to stand for fiscal responsibility, but they only ever think of lowering taxes on the rich and increasing government spending.

    To any white person here, give me a straight answer…how do Republicans represent your interests?

    • ConcernedYoungAmerican

      I really couldn’t have said it better myself. Put simply, the Republicans went from an honorable Party under Eisenhower to a group of corporate (and thus pro-immigrant) sellouts that decided to waste blood and treasure for Jews, while distracting their dwindling (due to corporate policies) middle class base with Bible-beating platitudes.

    • Libearlsuck

      The Republican Party takes the white vote for granted like the Democratic Party takes the black vote for granted.

  • Felix_M

    I’ve also read where the Tea Party was trying to expand their base among Latinos. Good luck with that. Why not try selling ice to eskimos, instead? It makes more sense.

    Contrary to all the prattling from the GOP, to win over Latinos they need to become big-spending democrats? If that’s what’s required, why bother with them. At a time when carefully using resources has become paramount, solidifying your position with Reagan democrats makes more sense.

  • Token Finn

    All european politicians should read this study as well. Tonguing non-whites and taking the leftist bait of fearing racism accusations is a dead end.

    The mainstream conservative response to this study must be like; “The non-whites don’t like us, huh? If they say that once more, we’re going to give them a massive, swift kiss in the butt! That will teach them!”

  • ImTellinYa

    The GOP is too cowardly to face reality. It isn’t possible for them to realize the fact that they are the de facto party of Whites and that they better start looking out for the interests of Whites instead of betraying them. It’s very, very weird to watch grown men do the very things that will destroy their own country, and to do these things with high energy and enthusiasm. A lot of them do seem a little sweaty and desperate though.

    That homosexual, affirmative-action parasite Obama is the open enemy of his own country along with the other Democrats, but the truth is that almost every White in government today is engaging in self-destructive behavior by destroying the economy, facilitating a hostile invasion of third-world savages and constructing all the trappings of tyranny that we used to fight against.

    I was reading an interview with the founder of Subway sandwich shops yesterday, and he that said in today’s regulatory climate, it would be impossible for him to start a successful restaurant, much less a chain. To start up anything now, you need the kind of massive capital that only the very rich can come up with. The Subway founder started small. You could afford to do that before leftist tyranny became the norm in the 60s and 70s.

    And part of that tyranny is the crime of our elites in destroying their own country. And the worst thing they’ve done is flood the U.S. with third-world savages. In 1960 the U.S. was 90 percent White. Even if we fought among ourselves and took the wrong path from time to time, if the country was still 90 percent White there would be a chance to get back on track and form a consensus because we would still be a homogenous community. But now the very presence of so many hostile nonWhites has created complete gridlock because of the traitors and cowards of our ruling elite; which is still mostly White.

    The lie the Leftist tell about Diversity is so huge. Diversity is not only NOT our strength; Diversity is actually, literally deadly. Our “leaders” will NEED tyranny to get us to accept that kind of lie.

    • Jefferson

      [QUOTE]The GOP is too cowardly to face reality. It isn’t possible for them to
      realize the fact that they are the de facto party of Whites[/QUOTE]

      On the tv show “The Five” whenever the liberal Bob Beckel mentions that most Nonwhite Americans see the GOP as the de facto parry of Whites, all of the other RINO’s on the show like Andrea Tantaros and Greg Gutfeld get uncomfortable and you can see it in their facial expression that they are ashamed of the fact that their party does not have as much melanin as the DNC.

      • ImTellinYa

        Ha ha. Sweaty and desperate. At some point, somebody on one of these shows is going to blurt out the fact that Whites invented the modern world and ALL of its wonders, that they represent the most successful and most free civilization in history (that is until they started aping the ‘values’ of nonWhites), and that Whites have done everything they can for nonWhites. Now it’s time for Whites to start taking back and rebuilding what is theirs by right.

        The reaction to a public statement like that on mainstream TV will be the signal for our new leadership to assemble and actually lead. Of course the country will be immediately plunged into an insane level of screaming and shouting and other manifestations of complete incompatibility between the factions, but that’s what we need right now. We need blunt honest truth spoken loudly and with no “nuance” or “moderation.” The tyranny and pathology of political correctness has to be spit on and shattered. The fear of the inevitable nonWhite tantrums will have to be ignored.

      • liberalsuck

        The only credit I’ll give Andrea is she’s hot, but that’s about it. LOL

  • Madmax

    Pastor Manning has an interesting vlog on this subject:

    • Clytemnestra

      As Whites, the best way to go is to purge the Republiscam Party. And that means by any means necessary. Remember that it wasn’t Harry Truman the Democrat who forced integration on Southern Whites at gunpoint. It was Eisenhower the Republican. LBJ got the help of Republitards not Democrats to pass all Snivel Rights measures and the Not-So-Great Society. Nixon the Republican went one step farther and passed Affirmative Action. Then there’s Ronny Reagan the Republican passing the first amnesty. It wasn’t Clinton the Democrat who tried to pass Amnesty Part DUH. That would be George Dubya the Republican. Why are Whites always so shocked that the “Party of Lincoln” who killed almost a million White men during the War Between The States to free and unleash a bunch of feral African slaves on Whites in general stab us in the back again, and again, and again?

      Lindsey Graham is up for re-election in 2014. The object should NOT be picking the lesser of two evils, because Graham can be counted on to pull a John “Build The Dang Fence” maneuver, act like he’s had a Come to Jesus moment on immigration and thumb his perky little nose at the idiots who fell for the okie-dokie and re-elected him the moment he can.

      The object should be throwing his behind out of office. By whatever means necessary. If taking him out during the Republican Primary fails as it did with McCain then vote for his Democrat opponent. Remember the object is to flush this Republiturd down the toilet back to the sewer where he belongs. Remember the idea is to punish RINOs for past deeds, NOT bribe them to do what is best for Whites. There are too many Anti-White forces with deeper pockets who can outbid us. All we have is our votes. And we can still vote NO – OH, HELL, NO to the likes of Graham.

      The best thing for Whites to do is turn their backs on the Republiscam and become registered Democrats. Return to the Democrat fold and work within the system to do something for working class and middle class Whites. Republicans don’t care where they get their labor. As one turn of the 20th century robber baron famously put it, “It can be a White man, it can be a Negro, it can be a China man, it can be a jackass for all I care.” The modern Republican disdains White votes and wants to replace them with every other vote in the rainbow. Well, the Democrats don’t care where they get their votes, but they value every vote they get. IMO, there is more hope for the Democrats to become a Pro-White party than there will ever be for The Party of Lincoln.

  • Epiminondas

    The GOP is interested in cheap labor. Even if it kills them.

  • bush factor

    That also proves that all illegal aliens in America are not white hispanics but rather the red hispanic type who originated from Asia and of the mongoloid race.

    But thats why they are coming to America at the request of Obama who encourages them to come for freebies and because these non-white hispanic peasants allegedly suffer racism from white hispanics in their own country of mexico and others.

    Technically Obama is lying to them to get them here so he can use them as voters to retain power but they run into the same so called racism problems as in the nations they come from.

    Bush opened the flood gates for 20 million red spics and since 2008 has been MIA. but does pop his head up rarely to proclaim they are his inspiration like his other hero Lincoln.