Attacked at 19 by an Air Force Trainer, and Speaking Out

James Risen, New York Times, February 26, 2013

After her Air Force training instructor raped Virginia Messick, a young recruit, he told her it was fun and they should do it again, she remembers. Then he threw her clothes at her and ordered her to take a shower.

Ms. Messick was unable to move, cry or scream. She was a 19-year-old from rural Florida, in her fifth week of basic training at Lackland Air Force Base, and she had just been assaulted by the man the Air Force had entrusted with her life.

After the April 2011 attack, Ms. Messick completed basic training, following orders from the instructor for nearly a month more. Afraid of the consequences, she did not tell anyone what he had done. “How am I supposed to go about reporting something,” asked Ms. Messick, “when the person I’m supposed to report to is the person who raped me?”

Now, after leaving the Air Force, Ms. Messick is the first victim of a still-unfolding sexual assault scandal at Lackland to speak publicly about what she has endured. Since accounts of sexual violence at the base began to surface in late 2011, it has emerged as the largest such episode in Air Force history.

Ms. Messick, now 21, is one of 62 trainees identified as victims of assault or other improper conduct by 32 training instructors between 2009 and 2012 at Lackland, a sprawling base outside San Antonio that serves as the Air Force’s basic training center for enlisted personnel. So far, seven Air Force instructors have been court-martialed, including Staff Sgt. Luis Walker, now serving a 20-year sentence for crimes involving 10 women, including Ms. Messick. Eight more court-martial cases are pending. Fifteen other instructors are under investigation, and two senior officers have been relieved of command.

Virginia Messick and Luis Walker

Virginia Messick and Luis Walker

While Air Force officials say they have taken steps to better protect their most vulnerable personnel, including appointing a female commander to oversee basic training and tightening supervision of instructors, critics say they do not go far enough in addressing an issue across the military: a high rate of sexual assaults that are often not reported because women fear reprisals. None of the victims at Lackland told Air Force officials of the attacks, and the episodes came to light only when a female trainee who had not been assaulted disclosed what she knew.


While more than 3,000 sexual assault cases were reported in 2011 throughout the military services, Leon E. Panetta, the departing defense secretary, has said the real figure could be as high as 19,000. The Defense Department has found that about one in three military women has been sexually assaulted, a rate twice as high as that among civilians.


Several female recruits said in recent interviews that they feel safe under the new system, in which instructors no longer have sole oversight for a group of trainees and a buddy system has been instituted. “The scandal was kind of in my mind when I signed up, but I haven’t had any problems,” said Chanler May, a 19-year-old from Texas.

But Ms. Messick is skeptical. “It’s not like anything has really changed,” she said in an interview.

Identified by the news media during her assailant’s court-martial only as “Airman 7,” Ms. Messick suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. She said she decided to speak out because she believes doing so will be therapeutic, and she hopes to help change how the military deals with victims of sex-related crimes. {snip}

When she joined the Air Force in March 2011, Ms. Messick was excited to leave her hometown, Baker, Fla. She was assigned to an all-female “flight”—a training group—overseen by Sergeant Walker. About 25 percent of those in basic training are women; the Air Force has the highest proportion, 19 percent, of women on active duty in any of the services, Pentagon statistics show.

Ms. Messick recalled that her group rarely saw any supervisor other than Sergeant Walker. He quickly began to single her out for special treatment.

He repeatedly allowed her to use his office computer to check her e-mail, a violation of basic training rules. On one office visit, Sergeant Walker grabbed her and began to grope her, Ms. Messick said. She demanded that he stop. “He said, ‘I swear it won’t happen again,’ ” she recalled.

But not long after that, Sergeant Walker ordered Ms. Messick to deliver towels to an empty floor in the trainee dorm. There, she said, he raped her.

Afterward, Ms. Messick tried to cope in silence. In May 2011, only a month after the assault, she impulsively married a friend in the Air Force. “I think I was trying to find some kind of protection,” she said. They divorced just months later.

But later that year, while she was in an advanced training program in Mississippi, a friend from basic training contacted her, reporting that Sergeant Walker was sending explicit photos of himself and demanding that she do the same. In the process, he had threatened to ruin Ms. Messick’s military career. Ms. Messick said she told her friend that the two had had sex, but did not describe it as rape. When Air Force investigators looking into the instructor’s conduct tracked down the friend, she told them about Ms. Messick.

After two and a half hours of questioning by the investigators, Ms. Messick said she provided a “watered down” version of the episode with Sergeant Walker—acknowledging they had sex but refusing to offer details. “I was scared to death. And I kind of blocked out what happened,” she said. “It took me a long time to say the word ‘rape.’ ”

But in testifying at Sergeant Walker’s court-martial in 2012, she recalled, she faced the instructor and accused him of raping her. Lt. Col. Mark Hoover, an Air Force lawyer involved with the Lackland prosecutions, does not dispute Ms. Messick’s account. But because she had not disclosed the rape in pretrial interviews, Sergeant Walker was only charged in her case with a lesser count of engaging in an unprofessional relationship involving sodomy and sexual intercourse.

In July 2012, he was convicted on 28 counts, including rape, sexual assault and aggravated sexual contact involving 10 trainees. {snip}


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  • Lewis33

    “62 women were sexually assualted at…” Guess what 90% of their attackers have in common?

    • Jarr

      That they’re all white?

  • The__Bobster

    White parents should never allow their daughters to join a military where predatory burrheads will be their drill instructors.

    • Daisy

      Are you really gonna start this thread off by implying that most of the rapes/sexual assaults in the military aren’t being committed by white men? Gimme a break.

      • newscomments70

        Yes, I think we are actually…mainly because it is true.

      • Do you really, honestly believe that rape stats are different in the armed services than in civilian life? If so, please explain your reasoning. Of course there are more White men in the armed services, so of course there are more rapes by White men. If you factor in the percentage by race, I’d wager a years pay that minorities are over represented, just as in the public sector. Anyone know if or where such stats can be found?

        • Daisy

          I have seen various articles that expressly assert that rape rates are higher in the military and have heard this from several ex-military women. More white men have been in higher positions and thus are able to abuse the power. Question Diversity has suggested that more white males perform combat duties and that would increase the rates from a number of angles.

          • HamletsGhost

            Time magazine ran a front page piece about rape in the Army back in 1996. They even noted that most of the men accused of rape were black men. In fact, few of the accused were officers (white) and almost all were sergeants (black).

          • Daisy

            There were also numerous stories about West Point, the Naval Academy, and the military in general, especially about active duty abroad incidents where most assaults take place. The 90’s West Point scandal involved white higher-up males abusing power. I have heard from military women that black men in power will also harass and abuse.

          • The__Bobster

            West Point is different from the general military. There is a far higher percentage of Whites there. Don’t compare apples to oranges.

          • Rapidrunner

            Actually, I read that article and it said that most mes “accused” of rape were Black men. You failed to mention the fact that this same article stated that many of these men were often falsely accused and these accusations were often recused by their accusers. The same article went on to say that the majority of men who were actually committing rapes were White.

          • newscomments70

            You read liberal propaganda. Even the FBI lies about race…have a look at the “Caucasian” men in their most wanted lists. Almost all are hispanic. Do you have a link to that article? I am quite sure that you don’t.

          • Walla Walla

            Perhaps you should ask Hamlet’s ghost for the link since he is the one who first mentioned the piece.

          • Djangotamer

            Let me guess..”din’t do nuffins”-right?

          • josh

            OMG! Who could belive such idiocy.

          • burr rabbit

            White on white voluntary sex and rape are 2 different things but how many white males rape black females in the military? But maybe the white female and black male in the case in question is an apparition? Just stick to the facts and stay out of left field.

          • ATBOTL

            You don’t understand much about the military. White men in combat arms have little contact with women. Blacks are working in the non-combat jobs where all the women are. Furthermore, blacks are strongly represented in the lower level positions of authority where they have direct supervision of young females.

          • Daisy

            Contrary to what some think, I have followed the issue of sexual assault in the military since the 90’s, both in the media coverage of it and to a lesser degree through having many friends in the military. I have both read and heard that the incidence of sexual assault is much higher in active combat zones. Women are support staff in many of these situations, and there are minority males in combat as well.

          • Daisy

            I knew a white man who translated at Abu Graib and wrote a book about it, appeared in several documentaries, and reported to me that while on duty guarding female prisoners male soldiers would ask to be allowed into their cells to rape them. I didn’t ask what race they were, nor how many approached him.

          • Dan Reardon

            Maybe this so-called expert friend of yours could educate all of us on why so many Blacks have been involved in gang raping young Japanese girls while serving in Japan. Or were they all just falsely accused by a racist media?

        • DK

          You are probably right about %s, not very certain simply because of the other factors such as men in military being hungry for sex etc. In spite of all that about %s, fact is, %s are of interest to academics, journalists, arm chair analysts etc. The real worry is always the number of rapes and who’s committing the most, not which group is over-represented % wise. For example, if out of 10 rapes in an area , if 8 were committed by whites and 2 by blacks from a group of 1000 Whites and 4 Blacks, people will and should be worried about Whites. Why ? Because absolute numbers matter. By even arresting all Blacks, you are still not arresting the crime very much. In the above example, 50% of Blacks were rapists while only 0.2% Whites were. Now if you tilt the scales to have 50% Blacks commit 50% rapes above i.e. 5 rapes by 2 people, or make it worse then the group which the women should be worried about starts to shift. So impact is really determined by % of total rapes a group is committing, not what % of that group are rapists.

      • Vyncennt

        Even with not one shred of evidence, I will assume this. It is the norm, not the exception, if statistics have any bearing on the matter….

        Would you care to share why you believe that white men commit rape as often, or more so, than black men?

        • Daisy

          I don’t know if they do moreso in society at large but I have heard the military does indeed have a higher rape/sexual assault rape. This has been exposed in the media since the 90’s but it continues to go on. There are more white guys in it and they have generally held higher status positions hence my deduction.

          • Vyncennt

            “I don’t know if they do more so in society at large but I have heard the military does indeed have a higher rape/sexual assault rape”

            You don’t know if blacks commit rape more often than whites in society at large? You really don’t know? Or are you being disingenuous?

            Blacks make up 20% of the US Army (Hispanics 11%… other 5%) and whites the remainder. If you can show me where white men have committed at least 74% of the rapes in the US Army, I’ll bow in defeat.

          • Daisy

            I care about rape committed by white men and black men of white women. White men so rarely rape black females that the incidence is only relevant to compare to black men raping white women. I’m not particularly interested in rape committed between blacks so I don’t know very much about it, even as I consider it evil as well. I reckon black men overall commit more rapes but I truly do not know for certain.

            brengunn is right in that I meant the most as in a majority of rapes are committed by whites and as for proportionality, *if* that of white men is equal or higher that may result from the proportionately higher number of higher-ranking white men, but on that point I’m also uncertain.

          • newscomments70

            ” I truly do not know for certain.”
            We rest our case.

          • Vyncennt

            There is no one here (I’d hope) that supports rape in any manner, Daisy. Most, I’d like to think, would happily beat to death any rapist they’d encounter. The fact is, there is undoubtedly a rape problem in the military, but it is not a “white” problem. It is a “rape” problem. A command structure problem, perhaps.

            This is not a feminist web site or forum…it is a race realist/white nationalist website and forum. This doesn’t mean we don’t care about those issues. It simply means this may be the wrong venue for them.

            What you have done, a bit foolishly I might add, is inject the word “white” into one of your personal agendas in order to frost over the fact that the issue (in this particular case) is not actual racial in nature.

            That being said….let me soften up a bit and allow this:

            Any man, white or otherwise…no…ESPECIALLY white…that rapes a woman is no man I’d permit in my community. I’d prefer to live next door to a law abiding black family than a lily white blue eyed rapist (of course, “neither” would be the optimal selection!)

          • Daisy

            The reason I injected the word ‘white’ into my original post is because a) I still think more of the rapes are committed by white men based on how many more white men are in the military compared to blacks and hispanics, and on the proportion of them in higher ranking positions – they have more power to abuse AND to allow underlings to abuse. b) with that power they then enable and license minority rapes of white women as per the article’s focus. A hispanic man raped a white woman in the Air Force and you’re telling me his white superiors couldn’t redress it, lest they be run out or demoted, etc.? Try to get your story straight – on the one hand men are saying feminists are tyrannizing white men through their pro-woman policies but then on the other you imply they would take the side of a hispanic perp over a white female rape victim. I have fought on the front lines of this war of minority attacks against white women. In the military It is no less the fault of white men than ‘the feminists’ that it is open season on white women by ‘diversity.’ In this context I simply find more fault in white male sexism, plain and simple. White men give the green light when they indulge in their own sexism and misogyny towards white women, and all the non-white ethnicities notice it and run with it. In fact, they count on it.

          • Vyncennt

            “I still think more of the rapes are committed by white men based on………..”

            Seeing as I can not find any reliable demographic data on rapes in our military, I can no longer argue for or against your point. Without that evidence, I would have to concede that you have just as much of a right to your suspicions as I to mine. If you find any interesting data, please post it.

            ” they have more power to abuse AND to allow underlings to abuse”

            I would be careful pursuing this line of reasoning. White men hold majority positions of power in many areas (for now….sigh) and do not abuse this power to commit or condone rape. Be careful of using a limited set of variables to predict results.

            “you’re telling me his white superiors couldn’t redress it, lest they be run out or demoted, etc.”

            Again, I have no direct experience with this and must rely on similar observations, but….yes….I could believe that a white superior, already strongly coerced to not report rape in general, would have an even more difficult time accusing a minority. Minorities are not to be prosecuted by whites, guilty or not. This, I believe, we could agree on?

            ” Try to get your story straight ……………………………………………………….”

            This “paragraph” confused me a bit. Were you still responding to me? That accusation didn’t seem to apply to anything I wrote nor does it describe my typical content.

            “It is no less the fault of white men than ‘the feminists’ that it is open season on white women by ‘diversity.”

            Although other men on this forum may give me the evil eye for this, I may have to agree with you here. I have no love of modern feminism…let’s make that clear up front…but to imply that men, white men no less, are physically or emotionally unable to control themselves from raping women simply because they are in close proximity for an extended period of time…. That is how Muslim men act. That is also their argument defending those actions. We should never adopt any behavior or mindset of the Muslims. Ever.

            “White men give the green light when they indulge in their own sexism and misogyny towards white women, and all the non-white ethnicities notice it and run with it. In fact, they count on it.”

            This statement I have to completely disagree with. Minorities are not mirroring white male behavior when they act as they do. Minorities detest white male behavior, and the majority of the time, practice their attitudes toward women in an entirely “white free” environment. You are using white males as a scapegoat for minority behavior, and that’s simply not accurate, and definitely not fair.

          • josh

            Your deduction is typically stupid. Why–when the atrocities of blacks & mestizoes and god knows what other trash is in the army–when these atrocities are just a tiny bit brought to light,idiots like you immediatley default to the WDIT(whites do it too) mode. I have not a shred of respect for you or your “mind” so dont go crying about boo hoo white men are mean to white women(if by some miracle thats what you really ARE). You are a stupid ass.

        • brengunn

          Even with not one shred of evidence, I will assume this.

          Theories proposed without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.

          Would you care to share why you believe that white men commit rape as often, or more so, than black men?

          That’s not what she said. White recruits may well commit the majority of rapes but still have a lower proportional rape rate than black recruits.

          • Vyncennt

            “Theories proposed without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”

            This is true, but only to a point. Hard and immediate evidence may be necessary in a court of law, but when dealing with the general public, I’d propose that statistical likelihood would be a sufficient substitute.

            As to why I responded to Daisy with that inflammatory statement? I simply responded in the same manner as Daisy posted. An assumption without evidence.

            “That’s not what she said. White recruits may well commit the majority of rapes but still have a lower proportional rape rate than black recruits.”

            The proportional rate is all the really matters on this forum, especially when comparing populations with differing total numbers. I don’t believe this website, or its forum, is dedicated to military rapes. It is dedicated to behavioral differences in the races, the direct effect of those differences in our every day lives, and the discussion of solutions to those differences.

            Where, exactly, does accusing white men of the majority of rapes in the military satisfy any of those criteria?

          • brengunn

            It is dedicated to behavioral differences in the races, the direct
            effect of those differences in our every day lives, and the discussion
            of solutions to those differences.Where, exactly, does accusing white men of the majority of rapes in the military satisfy any of those criteria?

            A lot of posters here and on other realist sites have a rather idealised view of white people. This idea that whites can only create societies that are safe, suburban and sinless is ridiculous.

            Statements about predatory ‘burrheads’, give a misleading view that blacks are the sole problem, they are also based on bigoted selection bias. By mentioning the white rape rate, you encourage a much more honest and comparative discussion, which cannot be shot down as easily with accusations of racism.

            There are racial differences, that much is obvious, to us at least. Main stream thought will only come round with cogent, accurate arguments, certainly not with one sided statistics and racial name calling.

          • Vyncennt

            “A lot of posters here and on other realist sites have a rather idealised view of white people. This idea that whites can only create societies that are safe, suburban and sinless is ridiculous.”

            Whites, as a whole, do seem to create societies that are safe, (often) suburban, and (relatively) sinless. There are no absolutes, of course. I’ve run into quite a few white scumbags. Blacks, on the other hand, appear to break the “no absolutes” rule easily as they seem unable to create or maintain any semblance of a successful town, city, state, or country.

            “Statements about predatory ‘burrheads’, give a misleading view that blacks are the sole problem, they are also based on bigoted selection bias.”

            Of course they aren’t the whole problem. To find the vast majority of our countries blight, you must add in the Hispanics to the mix!

            “By mentioning the white rape rate, you encourage a much more honest and comparative discussion, which cannot be shot down as easily with accusations of racism.”

            Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find a discussion that cannot be shot down with accusations of racism.

            “Main stream thought will only come round with cogent, accurate arguments, certainly not with one sided statistics and racial name calling.”

            I’ve made the same arguments myself. I don’t believe I was name calling? A bit confused….

          • brengunn

            Of course they aren’t the whole problem. To find the vast majority of
            our countries blight, you must add in the Hispanics to the mix!


            Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find a discussion that cannot be shot down with accusations of racism.

            You’re right, the conversation is extremely stifled at the moment with no room for dissenting opinion. However, one day that will change and when it does, I believe that a moderate approach based on facts will win the argument, not emotional anti-black rhetoric.

            I don’t believe I was name calling? A bit confused….

            No, not you personally. I meant the general tone and language that is often used is counterproductive, because it’s emotional and sometimes quite vicious.

            Some of the name calling I find quite funny, they often make me laugh. Some is bitter and twisted and leave me feeling kind of ill. Both kinds probably scare people away.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            What are some of these other realist sites? I’m getting bored here….White man cannot live on AmRen alone.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            The problem is unisex military service. It is a disaster waiting to happen. Add Bantus and Meztizos to the mix and the risks increase exponentially.

      • GM (Australia)

        Sadly there are also major problems with sexual misconduct in the Australian Defense Academy, probably 98% white. The real problem is the insane desegregation of the defense forces, male/female/ethnic. Can any woman realistically feel that she is going to be “left alone” when surrounded by young testosterone fueled trainee military personnel, especially if they are black or Muslim.

        I do feel sorry for the victim and Walker certainly deserves his jail time both for his evil crime and betrayal of trust.

        • Alex

          You hit the nail on the head. Men and women have no business together in the basic training environment. It simply lends itself to situations like this and they will never end.

          You bring up the issue of military women (at least in the Army) , they are a certain type and it is usually the kind of woman who wishes she was a man. They ignore some of the natural facts of their biology because they want to be seen as being as tough as the guys. This ignorance can cost them dearly and shame on the DoD for pushing their twisted social engineering agenda. (By no means am I saying this young lady merited this rape)

          When I was in the Army they did the quarterly sexual assault briefs and it was just one big pc brainwashing session.The real issue that they did backflips to avoid was the obvious that if you force the sexes together in certain environments bad things will happen.

        • DK

          Really? In a 98% White military, by your own claim, the other 2% is the really worry ? This is not real world like a country of 98% White and 2% Black people where the 2% could still have some significant affect. This is military we are talking about, very tightly knit, almost like prison. And just like prison, ethnic bonding runs deep in the military and perps of a different ethnicity aren’t forgiven easily, if at all.

      • Bob

        You might want to go back a few years when a bunch of DIs went to prison over rape. All of them but one were black.

        BTW, all gang rapes are done by blacks. Look up the FBI statistics sometimes, White rapes of black women: zero. Black rapes of white women: about 35,000 a year.

        • Daisy

          “all gang rape are done by blacks.”
          Simply untrue.

          • Bad_Mr_Frosty

            Please find me some statistics to back that up. Yes, gang rape is a black or muslim crime. The closest thing to a gang rape by White men I have ever heard of was a woman getting too drunk at a college frat party.

            Your personal experiences with some apparently predatory White men has really screwed up your perception of reality. You hate White men, why? Why can’t you admit that there are evil men in every race, but overall White men have treated their women better than any other race? We invented chivalry, we invented contraception, we invented modern birthing techniques that have drastically reduced death due to childbirth. Muslims treat their women like garbage, Chinese kill them when they are infants, blacks beat and kill their women, latinos have “machismo” culture. Traditionally, in America, rape was a capital offense. Why do you hate White men?

          • Daisy

            The white men I grew up swimming with were the most angelic and self-controlled males I’ve ever seen, so my image of white men is hardly defined by what was indeed a nasty streak of predators. I associate my own ethnicity of northwestern european men as the best in the world *overall.* The worst experiences I had were not with men of my own ethnicity, and the one northwestern european hard core psycho i encountered was raised in Saudi Arabia and was a social freak, however indulged he was in his sicko treatment of women by a bunch of f** jesuits at the first college I attended.

            I still refuse to give white men of any ethnicity a free pass though, and maintain that gang rape is not the slightest bit beyond them, although it does seem to be less commonly committed by them.

          • Bob

            I’m going to repeat this until it penetrates: check the Uniform Crime Reports. White rapes of black women: ZERO. Black rapes of white women: 35,000.

          • Daisy

            The issue was not white-on-black rape, but the rape of white women by whites and blacks. I agree that white men so rarely rape black women that it’s statistically irrelevant, but that hardly excuses white men’s attacks against white women, and their indulgence of black and hispanic men’s attacks against white women.

          • josh

            You’re dingy.

          • Daisy

            White men do commit gang rape. I doubt their rates are nearly as high as those of ‘minorities,’ however, I also know that white males are for more likely to get away with it. I’ve known several women who have been targets and have read about many others. An Israeli friend I had was abducted at 16, and gang raped for three days by three Israeli men, all ‘caucasian’ although maybe north african, I didn’t ask. It was a national scandal; they knocked her teeth out, raped with various instruments various orifices, etc. A friend of a friend was gang raped by white frat boys and spent a year in a mental hospital; I never got the ethnicity of the perps, although I’m suspicious more were italian. The victim had blonde hair and blue eyes and was said to have been a beautiful girl and no, I don’t think she was misinterpreting what happened. A ‘feminist lawyer I know was raped by her grandfather, father, and brother at various times in her childhood. She wasn’t from my ethnicity but was caucasian. The recent Steubenville, Ohio rape scandal involves numerous perps of both the black and white race. Read on the real life incident dramatized in the movie The Accused:

            Don’t blame me, the messenger.

          • yea rite

            Daisy is a liberal either a white liberal male homo or black male or maybe a white dancing dyke Ellen type.

          • Daisy

            I got run out of a job in the lower working class where blonde and redheaded women were being targeted by everyone, even though I had the longest hair in the whole workplace, down to the middle of my back, three black men were able to run me out as I was being labeled a ‘lesbian’ for walking with too much independence, and like a state-ranked athlete, and for failing to genuflect to white male supervisors. One 6’4″ black guy kept grabbing and shaking another blonde white girl and redheaded me; a polish white male asst. manager was friends with him (and he only beat on white girls)! He was mad I refused to flirt with him.

            Another black guy was outraged I wouldn’t date him and both physically/sexually and emotionally harassed me; another one was content to just emotionally harass me. Two of the four white male managers fed right into this abuse of white women. The other two couldn’t do much even though one was fairly sympathetic and the head manager. Selfish white-woman-hating white men do not help the cause of white rights; fomenting hatred towards white women whether lesbian, bi or straight is unforgivable.

          • Katherine McChesney

            I think she or he is a DWL.

          • Daisy

            I don’t even know what ‘DWL’ is and have meant to ask. I am a fair, white female, plain and simple. It’s pretty shocking how white people will turn on one of their own when blacks or hispanics attack. So if I were a lesbian black male violence towards me would be OK?

          • rebelcelt

            You seem to know a lot of rape victims.

          • Daisy

            We all know a lot of rape victims whether we realize it or not. Only one I mentioned above did I know through social interactions.

          • Gunrunner1

            Sadly Daisy, you are full of it.

            Blacks rape both world wide and in the military far more than any other race. Further, they gang rape far more. Just two years ago the USA almost lost its base in Okinawa because three filthy negroids decided they would gang rape a 12 year old Japanese girl who weighed about 75 ponds. The Japanese were so outraged that hundreds showed up at the base bearing rakes and Swords. Frankly, as base commander I would have given them over to the people as reparations. Also, the stats cited are accurate. In 2007 35,000 interracial rapes were recorded by blacks on Whites, less than 10 (0%) by Whites on blacks. I also remind you of the famous words of Eldridge Cleaver:

            “I started out practicing on black girls in the ghetto where dark and
            vicious deeds appear not as aberrations or deviations from the norm, but
            as part of the sufficiency of the evil of a day. when i considered
            myself smooth enough, i crossed the tracks and sought out white prey. I
            did this consciously, deliberately, willfully, methodically.” “rape was
            an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that i was defying and trampling
            upon the white man’s law, upon his system of values, and that i was
            defiling his women…i felt i was getting revenge. From the site of
            the act of rape, consternation spread outwardly in concentric circles.

            I wanted to send waves of consternation throughout the white race. I
            know that the black man’s sick attitude toward the white woman is a revolutionary sickness: It keeps him perpetually out of harmony with the
            system that is oppressing him. Many whites flatter themselves with the
            idea that the negro male’s lust and desire for the white dream girl is
            purely an esthetic attraction, but nothing could be further from the
            truth. His motivation is often of such a bloody, hateful, bitter, and
            malignant nature that whites would really be hard pressed to find it flattering.”

          • Daisy

            I am well acquainted with Cleaver’s ‘work’ and have read some of his books. It should be a lesson to pro-whites that blacks overcame their internecine gender strife and divisions to become such oppressors of whites. Both black men and women united in attack against white people and I personally think we should parry their solidarity. I studied Huey Newton, the Panthers, Davis, Cleaver, et al and found that they put aside their issues with one another as Men v. Women whenever it came to Black v. White. I simply reacted to Bobster’s attempt to portray the violations of white women in the military as only perpetrated and orchestrated by minorities.

          • ATBOTL

            They only did that under the framework of women submitting to male authority. There is no place in black nationalism or Zionism or Chinese nationalism or Islamism or any other kind of non-white nationalism for women who attack their own men like you do.

          • Bob Wallace

            Absolutely true. Look at the FBI statistics, which you will not do, since it interferes with your fantasy world.

          • Bill

            Excuse us for not taking your word. Please provide verifiable stats from a reliable, unbiased source to confirm your throw away statement. Gang rapes are predominantly done by blacks in this country, with hispanics coming in second. Gang rapes by whites are much more rare. Whites do rape, as all ethnic groups have criminals among them, but blacks are by far the most criminal ethnic group on the face of the planet, everywhere, world over.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            It’s our own fault for holding them up as “equal” to us in humanity instead of treating them with the same caution we would any other dangerous animal.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            ALMOST all of them..

          • josh

            Why defend the blacks that have done such crimes?? I guess the Israeli Internet Defense Force has struck again. Either that or you’reA)Buh-lack B)A pea brained nitwit with a mulatto weffare chile. C)A white c*nt law student!!

          • Katherine McChesney

            Daisy…I believe you are a DWL – disengenuous white liberal.

          • Daisy

            Katherine I can assure you I am the most outraged white anti-liberal on this whole site, or that I have suffered more for having white skin, gold hair and an anglo face – at the hands of ‘diversity’ – more than anyone on here. It would not be wholly inaccurate to describe some of my leanings as progressive, but liberalista I am not.

          • Cali

            Daisy. When I discuss and think about these issues I look at population statistics. My interest in this subject is do to previous situations in my past and when discovering so many facts, I could not believe I had been so ill informed. Don’t fool yourself. If you pull up at a convenience store and there are 10 blacks, leave. If you pull up and they are 10 whites it does not mean your safe but statistically you are much safer than the later scenario.

          • Daisy

            The scene is…

            1. 1990’s Georgetown, Wash. DC. Black male verbal and sexual harassment , including groping, and actual rape of white women are commonplace. An attractive young fair haired female can barely leave the campus to venture into downtown without hearing sexual verbal violence from black men. One night around 10:00pm on a Friday with families wandering around downtown near a main intersection, three black men crossed the street some yards in advance of me for the sole purpose of grabbing my butt, bellowing “F you b****” when I told one to keep his hands off me. I always dressed very modestly, purposely so as not to call sexual attention to myself. After 11:30 on any given night, rape by black men was a constant threat. What was the average Georgetown male’s reaction? “You shouldn’t have been walking alone.” All I heard was blame from white men for a bunch of animals purposely invading our part of the city to terrorize white women. It was simply unfeasible to expect or desire constant accompaniment. One night when I was renting an apartment alone my junior year a classmate who was majoring in the same discipline turned a ‘study’ session for an exam into an opportunity to assault me seriously. Not only did he use the hierarchy of white men, including two of our professors, running the admin and department to bully me, he also exploited the fact that I was utterly cornered as running outside was so dangerous for white women late at night, which is why I allowed him into my apt.(which opened onto an alley) to begin with instead of suggesting we meet on campus (no one starts studying in college until around 10:30pm). Someone had been stabbed just a few blocks away. White men attacking white women directly and fomenting and getting off on white women being attacked by black men.

            2. On this thread I’ve already described an experience I had working as a server in a restaurant where two white male managers actively encouraged black male violence and aggression towards me.

            3. I’ve also described on another recent thread surviving three months living in temporary housing with a hispanic crazy woman in a black section of an otherwise upscale NJ suburb of NYC. At one point I had to take the problems with this nutcase to the court and the cops; the blue eyed, white male cop directly encouraged the hispanic nutjob’s aggressions towards me, even as the court – a female white judge – totally ruled in my favor on three occasions related to one incident. Cubana went in crying and faking hysteria and the white male cop just thrived off of it; I had my court papers and maintained a calm rational demeanor but apparently even white male cops will take a POC’s side against his own female when feminine theatrics
            are at hand. She was younger but not significantly prettier at all, and overweight!, but my inability to suck up or even emote – when it wasn’t needed – placed me in the unsympathetic white woman category. Cubana had been indirectly threatening me with hispanic male violence and had purposely exposed me to incredible danger specifically as a white women.

            Too many white men will sell out a white woman whenever their precious male egos need stroking; indeed, many plan on that exact result.

      • Wayne

        As a retired military officer. I can personally attest to the fact is that White males BY FAR are responsible for the most military rapes. You are correct.

        • newscomments70

          That sounds like garbage. Do you have any proof of this? Show us a link to statistics, otherwise I assume you are a troll.

        • Get real

          TROLL !

          • Peoplesjustice

            Loser. You don’t even honor the voice of experience. Heaven forbid that a person should speak the truth or have integrity. It is people like you, “Get real”, who are ruining our society and making all the degradation possible. It it is you who needs to get real, fool.

        • Barrack Osama

          As your father, I am truly disappointed in you son.

        • arlington

          Where are your stats to back up this lie? If anything it is the white male who protects the white female from being raped in the military. The military is careful using race in their secrecy of reporting rape crimes and why individual white females need to report this to civilian authority to get the truth out who is doing it as if whites don’t already know. Same rate as in civilian society of course.

        • Bob

          Liar and troll.

          • Peoplesjustice

            It is you who are the liar and troll, Bob–a real troglodyte, who cannot bear to hear the truth from one who knows first hand. Boy, there sure are a lot of ignoble losers on AmRen. I am very disappointed in the low quality minds I see expressing themselves here. So totally opposite to what Mr. Jared Taylor represents.

          • newscomments70

            How do you know that Wayne is even real? Anyone could make this claim. If Wayne really were a military officer with proof of his statement, you could have your rant…but he has not provided any such proof. Several people have asked him for statistics but with no response. “Wayne” is most likely a fake who is posting fictional hearsay. I’m sure you could find many white military rapists in fictional Hollywood movies…but that’s it. I’m sure there are some white rapists, but the vast majority are black. I invite you to provide proof that I am wrong, but you have none.

        • Vyncennt

          Please provide us with some evidence. I attempted to find these numbers myself but could find little published.

      • White Burns Bright

        Why wouldn’t we imply that most of the rapes and sexual assaults are committed by blacks and other minorities? Are you actually going to convince me that blacks in the military somehow behave differently than they do anywhere else on the friggin planet? I assume you don’t understand racial crime statistics and pity your naiveté and lack of honesty.

      • Anon

        White men do not, as a general rule, commit aggravated rape of this sort. What feminists call “rape” is usually normal sexual behavior that is, months, years or even decades later, is re-interpreted as rape in the wake of a failed relationship. That is 90% to 99% of what YOU probably consider rape.

        Dragging someone behind a car at knifepoint, beating them, stabbing them, spitting on them, often pouring bleach down their throats to try and destroy DNA evidence and then dumping the body in a landfill…you know…REAL rape.

        That is exclusively a non-white thing.

        I hope you never have cause to compare the two.

        • Vyncennt

          “What feminists call “rape” is usually normal sexual behavior that is, months, years or even decades later, is re-interpreted as rape in the wake of a failed relationship”

          Be careful when making such broad statements, my friend. Refusal to acknowledge bad behaviors of our brothers brings us closer to the mentality of those we despise.

          The feminists have undoubtedly blown sexual issues out of proportion but that does not mean that all sexual issues are non-existent. The truth lies somewhere between.

          • Persona Non Grovel

            Excellent point. I stated as much when a poster on another article discussed the over saturated media coverage of the white elderly man who slapped the black tot on the airplane. Yes, the media overplayed that. But the villain is the white man of 60+ years slapping a baby. That is the bottom line. If we lose sight of that fact, we become more and more like those we hate.

        • Peoplesjustice

          Forcing yourself on a woman who does not want to have sex with you, or on an unconscious women, is rape. Period. Forced sex is always rape. It is a violation of the person’s free will, integrity and sovereignty. Women are sovereign to their own bodies just as you are to yours. If you are horny, go masturbate. Nobody has the right to use another person against their will. Sorry to see rather too many apologists for rape here at AmRen. I guess you all are going to have a hard time making white babies when you have so little empathy and respect for the humanity and intelligence of white women.

      • Donald

        I’ve been reading your obsessive feminist rants the last few weeks and little do you know that you just admitted that women indeed don’t belong in the MILITARY.

        Oh the irony !

        • Daisy

          The motive for my seeming compulsion to challenge these extravagant expressions of sexism pivots more on race. When white men and people try to disempower white women by degrading them and justifying (or denying) their rape, black predators sense this and feel emboldened and even licensed to attack. I’ve seen this dynamic in my own life and in attacks against other white women. I rarely start the ‘ranting.’ .

          • robinbishop34

            The men who invented feminism are the real ‘sexists.’

          • Vyncennt

            Daisy, you need to let go of the assumption that white men intend to dis-empower women. This is feminism run amok. We want nothing but the best for our women.

            Spend your life looking for insult, and you’ll find insult. Similar to cries of “racism.”

          • Peoplesjustice

            I don’t think Daisy was referring to all white males wanting to dis-empower women–just rapists.

          • fakefakefake

            get lost faggot

          • brengunn

            get lost faggot

            Such wit!

        • Peoplesjustice

          Daisy’s comments are hardly “feminist rants”. Like she said, don’t blame the messenger. I would never encourage any young woman to join the military, but, on the other hand, what the hell is wrong with so many men with so little self control or moral center? I think it is probably true that black military men commit proportionately more crimes than white military men, but the white men obviously do it, too. Let’s blame the perpetrators and not the victims. It is always the perpetrator who chooses to commit the crime. How about a little manly self-control, protectiveness and taking responsibility for one’s own actions? BTW, a woman does not have to be a “feminist” to be a free, thinking and dignified individual. In fact, the very term “feminist” is really kind of passé.

          • Vyncennt

            “on the other hand, what the hell is wrong with so many men with so little self control or moral center”

            Again, I may be breaking ranks with my male brethren on this issue, but I agree. How can I, as a proud white male, have anything to be proud of if white men can not control their primal urges. We argue here on AmRen that one of white men’s most prominent qualities is self control. There cannot be self control and rape at the same time. That is simply hypocritical and true white conservative men need to denounce these overgrown babies and cull them from our herd.

            ” BTW, a woman does not have to be a “feminist” to be a free, thinking and dignified individual.”

            I think most of us here would acknowledge the difference. We raise a critical eyebrow to content that may be suspiciously close to feminism because feminists have begun to act much like the entitled minorities that we despise. It’s possible that make us a bit sensitive to comments that ride that fence.

      • frank

        Sounds like a white homo pos imposter.

      • ATBOTL

        Why is this troll still here?

      • josh

        In OUR servuces,hell yeah. Why are you so stupid Daisy? You’re just the type of birdbarined nitwit that wants men and women to do training together…but when the bill for this idiocy comes in you will never think you’re wrong.Dumbass.

      • Cali

        Research (really research) your crime statistics, and then get back with us on that question.

      • Dan Reardon

        Are you going to blindly ignore the fact that a White woman’s chances of being raped by a Black male are much higher than an assault by a White male?! Give me a break!

      • American Patriot

        Considering the frequency of negro assaults on White women in the civilian world and adding in the aggressive vileness of any negro who gets handed a bit of authority over Whites, I would say yes the likely colour of DI rape at Lackland is black/brown.

  • I say, “So what?” Ask Jessica Lynch what’s going to happen when a young female is a POW.
    You would think that these retired generals, pension secure, would at least spill the beans on how they were forced to pray to the diversity god so they can get that extra star.
    Racial quotas in the military academies are crimes, but nothing is done about THAT.
    These sexual assaults are merely just additional crimes that the american public cares little about.

    • dd121

      You must have never been in the military to look at this so abstractly. The difference is, Jessica Lynch was raped by the enemy; these women were raped by Americans who were their superiors and who they answered to, that’s “So what”.

      • Actually genius, BEFORE I became a commissioned officer, I made E5 in just 31 months, and I went in as an 18 year old E1 with zero college credits.
        “The enemy” is the liberal establishment that first, allowed these women into postions they are unqualified for, and second, the conservatives who showed no backbone and allowed it.
        How many superiors in the military have their positions due to a quota?

        • dd121

          Thank you for your service, sir. Did you bump your head when you jumped out of the airplane? Maybe Tricare covers that.

    • 8uhb

      from Jessica Lynch’s wiki:
      “Lynch does not recall any sexual assault and was “adamantly opposed to including the rape claim in the book,””

  • Lewis33

    The author, James Risen has said “Complicating matters further, some analysts say that Ayatollah Khamenei’s denial of Iranian nuclear ambitions has to be seen as part of a Shiite historical concept called taqiyya, or religious dissembling. For centuries an oppressed minority within Islam, Shiites learned to conceal their sectarian identity to survive, and so there is a precedent for lying to protect the Shiite community.” It does sound familiar James…

  • josh

    20 years?How about 200?Putting white gilrs under the domination of black & mexican males…what do these retarded morons EXPECT to happen?

  • dd121

    In fairness to the white officers, if one of them had come forward and reassigned the black DIs because they were likely to commit violent acts against white female recruits, what do you suppose would have happened to his career?

    • Johnny Clay

      The officer’s career would be harmed because he’d be a “ray-sist”.

  • bigone4u

    As a resident of the San Antonio area (nickname: Military City USA due to all the bases and military retirees), I know something about the military culture. Is there a massive amount of consensual sex in violation of the rules? Yes. There is consensual sex in our universities, businesses, churches, high schools, and the military due to the anything goes sexual mores of the day. Interracial sex? Absolutely, and it’s consensual. Rape? As in he threw me down and forced me. Not so sure, regardless of what the pictured witness says.
    False accusations of rape (Tawana Brawley et. al.) by women is a huge problem in the USA. I think I’ve read that even the FBI claims that 20 percent of men in prison on rape charges are innocent. It would be higher but many DAs refuse to prosecute. At the university in San Antonio a professor was accused of rape by a female student, but the woman very feminist DA refused to prosecute because the sex (interracial: white male, Hispanic student) was clearly consensual, if a bit drunken.
    My bottom line is that the military’s rules on adultery, which result in imprisonment for something that is not a crime in civilian life, should be repealed. If men can’t pursue women, then expect them to pursue men, and that’s not good. By the way, most of the rumored military sex that is not prosecuted by the military is woman having sex with woman. We can’t put lesbians in the brig, now can we. Not in Obama’s Amerika.

    • I’ve read that even the FBI claims that 20 percent of men in prison on rape charges are innocent.

      Yet I was deemed the paranoid one right here on AR for my lifetime habit of getting these matters “on paper.”

      • Daisy

        You’re outdated too as the wrongfully convicted men likely didn’t have DNA testing to exonerate them. I’d also wager that most of them weren’t victims of accusations by dates, and that their numbers are lower than the FBI posits. Have you ever considered that your civil contract could be turned against you by a prosecutor…he doth protest too much, etc.?

      • bigone4u

        From reading the local SA paper, I think most of the charges were not rape anyway. The men were charged with fraternization or adultery or some such, where the sex was consensual. People tell me that the young female recruits throw themselves at their supervisors, hoping to get special treatment. Believe me, there is lots of lesbian sex of this type too, but the military ignores it. PC is going to destroy a great fighting machine.

    • Daisy

      I have a military guy friend who oversaw Hussein and Chemical Ali’s detainment in Iraq. Shagging is completely common and co-habitating is even allowed between couples so your take is pretty outdated. BTW, the FBI also reports that a much bigger percent of rapes and sexual assaults committed are never prosecuted.

      • bigone4u

        The old saying that prosecutors will indict a ham sandwich makes me wonder about the real meaning of your last sentence. Rape accusations of the Tawana Brawley sort and the next morning hangover sort should not be prosecuted in my opinion. I counseled a female student who was raped by a black male at knifepoint. He broke in while she was sleeping and repeatedly anally raped her. As far as I was concerned he and his cohorts deserve the death penalty, regardless of their race.

        • Daisy

          The FBI stat I’m alluding to was gathered via interviews and from other sources and modes of investigation. The grand jury didn’t indict on Brawley’s behalf and in fact I’ve been told by numerous city prosecutors that they still tend to refuse to indict any sexual violation offenses that take place between of age acquaintances.

        • brengunn

          The thing is though, most rapes aren’t those types, where a masked man breaks into a dorm and rapes a student.

          Most victims are raped by acquaintances and the rapes are mostly non violent with threats of violence or with minimal violence.

          Everyone agrees that the masked man rapist is evil but not everyone is sure about the other rapists because it comes down to whose word can you believe, the man or the woman. You seem to favour the men but I would favour the women. The evidence has to be the most important thing.

          • bigone4u

            I favor evidence “beyond a reasonable doubt.” At the university I worked at in EVERY SINGLE CASE, a woman’s word was accepted as truth over a man’s word. Feminism teaches that women always tell the truth, which is BS. I know because I was a victim. Luckily for lots of men, the local feminist DA did not indict in even one case that the university threw her way. BTW, the university according to rumor smooths over rape accusations against black student athletes. So, the pecking order is women over white men, but black athletes over women. It’s insane.

          • brengunn

            Feminism teaches that women always tell the truth, which is BS

            Of course they don’t. Unfortunately it’s common enough to make these type of cases difficult to charge.

            So, the pecking order is women over white men, but black athletes over women. It’s insane.

            Tragic, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

          • Daisy

            At the first university I attended the man’s word was believed in almost EVERY SINGLE CASE. The administration was actually found to be directly liable for some of the sexual assaults committed by students in the courts of DC, and it was a nationally known, ‘most competitive’ university. The asst. dean of students actually told me that a male student couldn’t stalk a female as all females want male attention, and further, that it was some freshman girl’s responsibility to fend off “300 out of 400 male students who’ve never been around girls before” in the dorm. To get in some woman’s bed uninvited and grab her breasts repeatedly wouldn’t even get him suspended by school by-laws.

            If colleges went in the opposite direction for a bit it was an unfortunate but understandable reaction to what for an entire era was a virtual rapefest on US campuses.

            Still, what outrages me is not the situations that are gray; it’s when it’s g******d obvious that the woman wanted nothing to do or from some assailant. I’d like to hear one guy on here admit that some men will rape a woman because he just couldn’t bear up under the competition. She was cuter, smarter, stronger in some way(s) than he was. Sometimes it’s just so obvious if we simply approach the equation with a balanced view of men and women, instead of assuming men are superior and all women crave male validation. But that would be to admit that rape is a crime of power which seems anathema to so many. Fact: more rape victims on college campuses are overweight. Since when are chubby or fat women the sexiest?!!! No, it’s just that psycho rapists assume that because they’re desperate so is some girl whose weight issues usually have nothing to do with desiring sex or male attention. Often it’s probably just the opposite.

          • bigone4u

            Normal male sexual satisfaction is enhanced by a willing enthusiastic female partner. There is something seriously wrong with guys who administer date rape drugs or who push themselves onto someone, such as the crawling into bed incident you mention. One white female student I knew well years ago told me she had sex with an Hispanic pest to make him go away. He had to promise that after that one time he would not pester her anymore. This may encourage male pests if such acquiescense is common.

            As to your observations about chubbies and fatties, Professors Ogas and Gadam in their book state that fat porn is one of the top 5 genres in popularity. Many men secretly desire larger women, but everyone mocks them for it, so they turn to fat porn. The classic term for such women is Rubenesque, after the painter Rubens who saw beauty in larger females.

          • convairXF92

            Back in the ’80’s MIT had a brilliant female aeronautics student from an astronaut family. Obviously, she was dead-set on a career in the aero field. Her dedication angered male MIT acquaintances (not Aero/Astro and not her competitors) so much that they said, out of her earshot, that she really needed to be raped, to be brought down a notch or two.

            MIT didn’t have rules against sexual harassment until the early ’80’s, IIRC.

            Daisy, would you be willing to say what school you’re talking about? I didn’t notice “courts of DC” at first reading: my first guess was Dartmouth (Animal House), but the “300 out of 400 male students who’ve never been around girls before” suggested a hardcore nerd school, not so much an Ivy. Believing a man’s word over a woman’s sounds like the 1970’s-era MIT administration, as well as the view that if a woman gets assaulted–especially in a mixed-gender dorm–it’s tough-o for having chosen a male-oriented environment in the first place.

          • Daisy

            Georgetown University was the school, and you’re right in sensing that it was way below the norm even for the late 80’s through mid-90’s period during which I attended it. I happen to think that the 80’s-late 90’s were extreme in general in the US for non-stranger rapes which proliferated on campuses. I had a friend who graduated from MIT during that period and observed that Engineering was the only really sexist department.

            And posing some challenge to males – and females for that matter – in below average environments like Georgetown was integral to why it was particularly hellish for me. I’m also bitter because part of that hell was being stuck in ‘The Chocolate City’ of DC where black men would come into the neighborhood, without access via any metro subway b/c there is no stop in Georgetown, and terrorize white fair women especially, yet the white men of Georgetown seemed to exalt in this.

  • pcmustgo

    He looks Mulatto

    • pcmustgo

      She’s super pretty too

      • bigone4u

        To you she’s pretty, to many black and brown males she’s just another white ho to either impress with “muh dik” or to harass. But I feel compelled to ask: If the sex was consensual, would you still find her pretty? I wouldn’t.

    • Katherine McChesney

      His name is ‘luis’, clearly hispanic. Perhaps he’s the offspring of a Mexican and an American White.

  • IKantunderstand

    Now that women will be allowed into combat, I’m wondering what court they will sue in , after they have been captured and raped? Do they they seriously think that suing the enemy will get them anywhere? Or, will they sue the U.S. for callously putting them on the frontline, when all the while the Gov. knew this would happen, but for some inexplicable reason, they did not. Gimme a break. While we are at it, I see no reason why the handicapped can’t be sent to the fronline either. Or, the elderly! This country is more interested in their so-called “egalitarianism, than in winning wars. Personally, I won’t be satisfied until RuPaul becomes a four star General.

    • C_C_Conrad

      We should always put the defectives in the military. Why should we continue to send our best off to die and leave the 4-F’s at home to make another generation of defectives?
      Jack’s War

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Women and nonwhites in the US military: two brilliant ideas only liberals could come up with for destroying something that wasn’t broken in the first place.

    Ms. Messick, now 21, is one of 62 trainees identified as victims of assault or other improper conduct by 32 training instructors

    Are they going to release photos of all 32 of the training instructors? I would like to see a panorama of all the mug shots.

    • Michael Mason

      It would be similiar to a panorama of the players in the NBA

  • anmpr1

    In the mid 70s I was at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio. Fort Sam trained the medical corps, so there were a lot of women soldiers around. It was very common for these young women, many white, to go off to hotels for the weekends with NCOs, many who were black. Being a naive kid at the time, I couldn’t believe that so many white women would so willingly roll around with blacks. In fact, it seemed that many preferred the blacks over white soldiers.

    I finally made it to Germany. There it was more of the same, only this time a lot of German girls hooked up with black soldiers. And these were not Tiger Wood types either, but street thugs in uniform.

    My point? I wonder why these men had to “rape” their women subordinates? The one’s I saw back then were pretty willing to give it up. Maybe things have changed in the service. I don’t know about the Air Force, so that could be different.

    • C_C_Conrad

      I was in the USAF at this time. I am not sure what the white women were doing in this regard, but the broads in Germany were doing just as you report here. I guess that this is the reason that I care so little about what happen to them now.

      • Daisy

        I’ve heard german women go nuts over black american soldiers. anmpr1: rape is a crime of power so trying to figure out why any man who can get sex commits it has a limited utility.

        • bigone4u

          At the university I once counseled a young engaged white couple. He wanted to break it off with her because she had casual sex with a black guy. This is two weeks before the wedding she cheated. They got married anyway, but fortunately had no children before divorcing a few years later. If you are a white male, you might casually ask your lady if she’s ever done a black. If so, bad marriage bet I would say.

          • Howard W. Campbell

            Fortunately, my wife had minimal contact with the undertow until she was an adult. However, her parents grew up in a city that was destroyed by the Gibsmedat crowd. If she had told me of any contact with a male of this species beyond a handshake, the courtship would have been over right then and there. As far as I am concerned, any white woman who WILLINGLY hops in the sack with one of them falls in the category of irretrievably damaged goods.

          • LaSantaHermandad

            IF you want to know what’s yet in store for Whites, read “Into the Cannibal’s Pot ” by ILANA MERCER. Her descriptions of the atrocities being committed against the Dutch farmers and their loved ones in SA are horrifically upsetting; gang rape of old women, young women and even toddlers, murder, mutilations of victims and immolation are increasing. Mercer also makes comparisons with the steadily increasing Genocide being perpetrated against Whites here and what she tells us is a harbinger of what it to come soon.

            She also describes the Knoxville murder and the details of what was done to Channon and Christopher are identical to many of the horrors of SA. A Bantu activist was on You Tube predicting the murder of the Whites he described the killing of the men, the burning of the children and the rape of the women. He made a prediction that they would rape the ” White whores” repeatedly until their last breath is drawn. Sound familiar?

            Her descriptions of the disarmament of SA Whites is exactly what is in the works for us. Buy it, read it and pass it on.

          • LaSantaHermandad

            And I think a prospective mate male or female have every right to know that.

        • newscomments70

          I have heard that this is exaggerated. When I spent time in Germany, I did see some trashy looking German women with black soldiers, but not too many. Most of the German girls I knew pursued German men. There were no cultural or language barriers…seems like the best idea. One German woman told me that there is a certain “type” of German woman who goes for the black soldier. They are usually promiscuous, overweight, and often they bleach their hair to look as blond as possible, albeit artificially. I also knew a black soldier and asked him about this. He replied that most German women want nothing to do with him. Some hispanic men told me the same.

          There are women of all races who will sleep with anyone. You find them in bars, drinking, doing drugs, etc. they are often covered with tattoos and piercings. This does not represent the mainstream though…the silent majority, if you will.

          • Katherine McChesney

            My uncle was stationed in Germany. Before asking any German woman for a date he said he and his friends would test them to see if they had dated blacks. They would ask them to count to ten…if they said “one, two, three, FO” this was their clue not to date them.

          • newscomments70

            Sometimes naive girls can make mistakes, but a whore is pretty easy to spot.

    • bigone4u

      Many of the cases against the men involved consensual sex with a subordinate, which is against military law. Most of it was not rape, thus supporting your observations.

  • The Ice Queen

    When I was in my early twenties a good friend of mine who was in the military told me, “The military is no place for a lady.” He didn’t elaborate, but the look on his face and tone in his voice told me some unsavory things go on. Not that I wanted to join, mind you.

    While on the subject of women in the military, I do not think women belong on the front lines, in combat, in mixed company, or supervised by males in the military. I guess that leaves few military options for women in my opinion, but I’m a firm believer that men and women are wired differently, and if any place those wires get crossed in the wrong way, it’s the military.

    I’m jumping around here, but my dad graduated from the Lackland Air Force Base in 1949. I found a picture of his graduating class, and noticed something curious; most of the grads were white, and all the Sergeants were black. I thought that in 1949 discrimination was so rampant that no black man would ever be given authority over a white man. Apparently not. My dad passed away, and I never asked him about it. Do any of you guys in the military have an idea of what the military was like as far as race relations were concerned at that time? The picture of the white soldiers and black sergeants seems incongruous to everything I learned about race in history class.

    • brengunn

      The military is no place for a lady

      The military is full of men who want to kill people. They’re pumped up on testosterone and have anger issues. It’s no surprise when they rape at twice the rate of society.

      Strange though, that this is so prevalent in the Air Force, as I thought that was more female friendly. My sister is a high ranking officer and I’m almost sure she started her career on that base, she says the Air Force is a great place for a woman to work.

      • The Ice Queen

        Maybe it varies with time, branch, and place. My friend was in the Army in the early 80’s at a base in the South. I can’t remember what state or boot camp off hand. Maybe some branches and bases are worse than others.

        • brengunn

          I don’t know how many bases are in Florida, I’m sure she started there. If anything you would expect it to have been worse back in the day than it is now, what with the societal change with regards to women and sexual crimes we’ve had.

      • BannerRWB

        “The military is full of men who want to kill people. They’re pumped up on testosterone and have anger issues.” – Nothing like an ill-informed generalization to clear things up…

        • Daisy

          I’ve read and heard that war and increase in the incidence of rape go hand in hand. Stress and rape are related; more violent crimes happen at the wee hours of the morning as cortisol levels rise, rape being one of them. The military is also a traditionally male bastion and that ethos contributes to a heightened sense of entitlement in men.

          • Djangotamer

            “heightened sense of entitlement”?! How many womens’s studies classes have you been taking? If anything, women have a FAR more entitled attitude these days; the current indoctrination machine constantly telling them that they “deserve it all”. Most men understand that they have to pay their dues for what they want-military included.

          • Alex

            That entitlement is especially bad in the military.

          • Katherine McChesney

            I think Daisy is the kind of woman who studies situations closely to be able to scream sexism against males, any and all males. She’s working everyone up to create internal strife here. She is the kind of woman who is a troublemaker.

  • C_C_Conrad

    There are a few things that come to mind here.
    1. The report does not say that all of the attackers were non-whites.
    2. White women fought tooth & nail for “equality” under the guise of “Feminism” thus separating them from OUR protection.
    3. A very large percentage of white women work side by side with the anti-whites to make the cesspool that they now find themselves in. If I had given any of these women a flier that said, “Love Your Race” to any of them, before or after the attack(s), what do you think they would have said to me? Something like “Die & go to hell you Nazi.”
    4. Women love to brag about how “strong” they are, but if someone breaks into their house they want to sell the house & move back home with mommy & daddy.
    5. Shouldn’t someone tell the women that have so willingly turned away from their race and their men, that this is the bed that they have made for themselves and that they now have to lie in it? Next to their dusky paramour?!
    Jack’s War

    • bigone4u

      You state the truth quite effectively. MGTOW = Men Going Their Own Way. It’s a movement that’s becoming more popular as American women turn against white males.

      • C_C_Conrad

        I think that women are easily moved by their emotion, therefore they are more easily moved by the Leftist emotional propaganda. Of course this creates the male – female disconnect. The part that I cannot understand is why white women cannot see that they are the number one target for black attackers of all types.

        In the end white people that are loyal to their race will be forced to go their own way and leave all of the others behind.

    • brengunn

      Are you saying white women deserve to be raped by black men, because some women supported desegregation?

      I have to say, I’d question the kind of ‘protection’ someone with your logic would give to any woman.

      • GM (Australia)

        I don’t think anyone is using the word “deserve”. These sexual assaults are just the natural consequence of women being put into an unnatural occupation, i.e. that of being a soldier. Just another disasterous consequence of the so called feminist revolution.

        PS. Do Muslims, Asians or Africans have women in their defense forces?

      • C_C_Conrad

        Well, let me put it this way. If I tell someone “don’t stick your finger in the fan” and they ignore my council and stick their finger in the fan, do they deserve to get their finger cut?

        White women have REPEATEDLY ignored good council and have embraced every Liberal anti-white theory offered to them. I have had more women tell me to “die & go to hell” after offering them a pro-white flier than I can count. So what am I supposed to think, feel or say?

        White women have DELIBERATELY cut themselves off from their natural protectors so nature will have to take its course.

        • brengunn

          White women have DELIBERATELY cut themselves off from their natural protectors so nature will have to take its course.

          You’re a callous man. A difference of opinion, even telling you to ‘go to hell’ and hurting your precious feelings is no justification for rape. Again I say it, what protection could you offer a woman when that protection is subject to obedience.

          • C_C_Conrad

            You are confusing my statement. A woman does not deserve to be raped because she disagrees with me. But their willing acceptance of & association with the anti-white forces has placed her (and other) in the situation where rape by the blacks that hate her is a natural outcome. And you are right, I am a callous man, and we will ALL need to be callous if we are going to survive the future that has been made for us by past generations.

            Even Jesus said – “Let the dead bury the dead.”

          • Daisy

            This thread is a study in the callous willingness of white men to indulge ‘minorities’ abuse of white women. I am a white woman who never had anything to do with various black men who were nonetheless allowed by some white men to attack me. I have never wittingly indulged diversity hatred of white males, no matter how angered, betrayed and hurt I was by some of them, at times particularly by their ‘race treachery.’ If anything the damage done to me by white-woman hatred has only caused me to forge a greater sympathy and solidarity for the white men who are also under attack and betrayed by diversity’s genocidality.

          • C_C_Conrad

            I hope that we can one day heel the damage done by our enemies.

  • brengunn

    I don’t believe it! Surely, if it was a black man that raped her, he recorded it on his cell phone and put the footage up on ‘World Star’ for his friends to see!

  • cecilhenry

    Women don’t belong in the military serving with men. Period.

    This is why. Fighting is no joke.

    • Michael Mason

      Destroying gender roles is at the heart of Marxism. In fact, during WWII, the Soviet Union adopted this concept and allowed women to serve in all branches of their armed forces.
      Erich Hartmann, a German aviator and the highest scoring fighter ace of all time, with 352 confirmed enemy aircraft shot down, said that Soviet bombers were easy to shoot down because many of them were being piloted by women.

      Testosterone is a requirement for having an even balance of focus and aggression situations such as combat.

  • libertarian 1234

    “After the court-martial, Ms. Messick said she felt lost. …….she went back home to Florida, but her PTSD grew worse. One day she smashed a vase and used the broken shards to slice her hands. “I just wanted to stop hurting,” she said.”

    She was sexually abused and is falling apart. I’m not minimizing her trauma, but what on earth would these women do if they ever got their wish and were assigned to a combat unit that was over run by the enemy, which happens frequently?

    And Old Banana Nose, Panetta, says 19,000 women have been raped, yet he opened up combat roles where they could well be raped in even greater numbers and killed afterwards, not only by the enemy, but by the same types who are doing the raping now.

    And Panetta isn’t the only radical leftist. These new brass nowadays, like Gen. Casey, who thought the greatest tragedy of the Muslim massacre would be if diversity was set back in the military…..not the people who were murdered…… comprise the vast majority of the military leadership by design, starting with Carter, accelerating under Clinton and REALLY deteriorating under Obama.

    Whether it’s their desire of diversity above all else, or homosexuals allowed to serve openly, or women in combat roles, they are exhibiting a level of incompetence that is reducing the US military to what is common in a third world banana republic.

  • Pelayo

    This whole thing of inclusion of women in combat is a sure indicator of the end of America.

    Women deserve preferential treatment because they are the source of of the nurturing of our progeny; ergo the continuation of our race. We must protect our wonderful women from the scum that we’ve been unwillingly cultivating in our society for the last 150 years.

  • PesachPatriot

    This is just awful….I had lost faith in religion, politicians, green pieces of paper and human decency a long time ago but I always respected the military that defends america. I guess Winston Churchill was right when he said the war between the states was the last war fought between gentlemen. I wish america’s great military heros like washington, winfield scott, andrew jackson, lee, grant, custer, pershing, patton and eisenhower were around to properly punish this miscreant.

  • LHathaway

    a buddy system. . . who knew That’s what it would take to keep white girls from sleeping with colored men?

  • Michael Mason

    That bastard who disrespects the uniform should get a date with the firing squad for what he did to a white woman.

    • American Patriot

      a firing squad is too honorable for his sort. A no drop hanging would better fit his crime.

  • bubo

    Who would imagine that putting blacks and browns in charge of young white women would lead to this sort of situation?

    Girls that join the Air Force are usually pretty high achievers. They shouldn’t have to deal with sexually deviant blacks and browns on a power trip.

    At the opposite end of the spectrum we have the Army. Every white woman that joins the US Army discharges with a mulatto baby.

  • A black using his position of authority to sexually abuse a woman. No way!

  • Jake

    You have to wonder about the armed forces these days. Even just being on base in the USA is dangerous with rapists and Muslims going on a killing spree.

  • surprise surprise

    Who is surprised? Are these rejects still using the excuse lie that white slave masters their black female slaves 400 years ago to justify all this and most of it being covered up? Why hasn’t Opoopa or his Kardashian media ho wife never said a word? He sure mentioned his boy Treyvon though. Nice media j e w trick to use womens liberations rights and civil rights at the same time over the past pc decades to reduce the natural white male protection so these apes could have a free go at it with da white bitch? They never would have attempted that 30-40 years ago or been swinging from the nearest oak tree. Everything going their way now and the skinny half ape in the WH is seeing to it plus stealing trillions in free cash bankrupting this place in short order as if that was unexpected.

  • You know, some women can grasp the fact that a female 40 year old colonel, and a 40 year old housewife married to a colonel, will both live in a similar house and have a similar bank account.

    The true difference? Career military women will unlikely have children.
    Geraldine Pratt May, first female Air Force colonel. She left no survivors, probably made headlines waaay back when, but where’s her legacy now?

  • SLCain

    Women should not be in the military. And whites should not be placed in positions where they are under the power of blacks. A healthy, sensible white society knows these things. A dying white society does not.

  • Dea Whyte-Mansburton

    TNB will out…

    At least SOMEONE in our armed forces STILL isn’t GAY.

  • Strider73

    A major part of the problem is legal. Local police & prosecutors have no jurisdiction on military bases. So if a rape or other crime happens on base, the victim can only report it to her superior, who can ignore the whole thing if he chooses. This is doubly true when the perpetrator is in the same unit. Imagine being forced to work with your attacker, with the commander taking the attacker’s side.

    Local law enforcement must be allowed to investigate and prosecute on-base crimes if the command structure refuses. If a conviction results, everyone in the chain of command who tried to sweep the crime under the rug should be court-martialed for dereliction of duty, if not as accessories after the fact. Torpedo some careers and the other officers and senior NCOs will get the message.

    At my first USAF duty station (c. 1980), the most prolific drug dealer was the wing commander’s teenaged son. The MPs busted him multiple times, but could do nothing but release him to his father’s custody. He never dealt off base, because if he was caught there he couldn’t hide behind his daddy’s eagles.

  • JohnEngelman

    We need to restore the barriers that used to exist between men and women in the military. Women should not be trained by men. They should not be in combat. They should not be anywhere near a battlefield until the enemy has been decisively defeated.

  • Aaron

    It was way worse when I was in the army. And that was just a few years ago.

  • Peoplesjustice

    So, why are so many “men” in fact criminals and have so few qualms about harming those under their authority and weaker than them–women, children? Whether in the US military or the Vatican, so many men just do not seem to have a moral core. Why is that? I am not saying all, but very many. I would like to hear some serious attempts to answer this question. Women can be evil too, in other ways, but not usually to the same degree of seriousness, e.g. women can be viciously catty and manipulative, etc., especially toward other women. Is it just that people generally are so very messed up and evil, but men have more power, so some part of them thinks that might makes right? I have noticed that nowadays most people seem to have much weaker consciences than they perhaps had in the past….

    • Strider73

      I have noticed that nowadays most people seem to have much weaker consciences than they perhaps had in the past….

      “We’re all part monster in our subconscious. That’s why we have laws and religion.” — Leslie Nielsen to Walter Pidgeon, Forbidden Planet

      The leftist elites and their MSM allies have over the last 50 years succeeded in virtually outlawing the practice of religion, which is the inner restraint on the “monster from the id” in all of us. (The law is the external restraint, invoked when the inner one fails.) Small wonder, then, that consciences have withered — especially among blacks, whose impulse control has always been weak. Add in the collapse of the black family courtesy of the welfare state, and we get even closer to the pre-apocalypse Krell.

  • Charles the Hammer

    What’s the point of being a —— if you can’t act like one?

  • Gunrunner1

    Dis is just stereotyping and sheet….now where da White wimmins be, cuz they be loving diversity!

  • Katherine McChesney

    I hate to say it but she brought this on herself.

    • Dk

      That’s a classic.

  • American Patriot

    This piece of crap should have been hung with no drop. Prison is just a waste of taxpayer (White) money.