Black Students’ Learning Gaps Start Early, Report Says

Teresa Watanabe, Los Angeles Times, February 26, 2013

African American public school students in Los Angeles County demonstrate significant learning gaps by second grade; those gaps widen with age and lead to the highest school dropout rate among all races, according to a report released Monday.

Black students are far less likely to take the rigorous college preparatory classes required for admission to California universities and miss more school days because of suspensions than their white counterparts, according to the study by The Education Trust-West, an Oakland-based nonprofit advocacy group.

Only one of every 20 African American kindergartners will graduate from a four-year California university if current trends continue, according to the report, which compiled data on academic achievement, suspensions and the psychological conditions of 135,000 black students in 81 public school districts in L.A. County.

“What we have in this state for African American students is a school-to-prison pipeline, where they are more likely to go to prison than college,” said Arun Ramanathan, the group’s executive director. “We need to forcibly intervene as a California community to prevent this from continuing.”


Franklin Gilliam Jr., a UCLA professor of public policy and political science, said that early childhood support was “the single most important thing you can do” to give black children a solid start.

The report, for instance, cited research findings by the Rand Corp. and Children Now that found African American toddlers were less likely than their white peers to have books at home or be read to everyday. The report also cited 2004 Rand findings that only 13% of black children attended preschools with teachers who have degrees in early childhood education, compared to about 41% for whites and Asians.


Thomas Saenz, president of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, added that racial profiling in tracking students into low-level classes and other examples of “unconscious bias” bedevil both Latinos and African Americans, underscoring the need for the communities to work together. He also urged protests against moves to eliminate race-based data collection.

The report found that African American students are doing well in some school districts, particularly those with higher concentrations of other races. In the diverse Culver City Unified School District, more than two-thirds of African Americans are at grade level in reading and math, and 88% graduate. Officials there credited more counseling support, a culture of high expectations and targeted actions to support African American students, such as focus groups and teacher training on diversity.


In Los Angeles Unified, about four in 10 African American students perform at grade level in reading and math, two-thirds graduate and one-third complete college-prep courses.

“Whatever adjective is worse than bad, this is it,” Gilliam said about the plight of black students. “We’re concluding, either explicitly or implicitly, that these are throwaway kids.”

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  • MekongDelta69

    Black Students’ Learning Gaps Start Early, Report Says

    Yeah – at conception

    • ah ya beat me!!!

      • MekongDelta69

        See what happens when you spend too much time trying to edju-ma-kate those people over at CBS Baltimore!

    • Uh-Oh

      I disagree. I think they started somewhere around 100,000 BC.

      • Melanie

        Seriously, I agree. I really believe they are behind as a race on an evolutionary scale, and the only reason there are (relatively) gifted blacks in America is white genetic admixture. None have been innovative on the level of a Newton, or Hawking, Einstein, Teller, etc. There are no black explorerer/discoverers such as Cousteau, the first astronauts, the polar explorers, etc. White males are the ones who have the factor which impels them to risk life and limb for the sheer sake of advancement of knowledge. Whether it’s plumbing the ocean’s abyssal depths or outer space, it’s white males who are always the first (and often the only) ones to take that deliberate step into the unknown. No matter who may follow in their path, the path is blazed by white males.

        • Uh-Oh

          One of my sisters used to say that they aren’t a total write-off; that black people might be good for “pushing things” and “pulling things” — preferably outside — but we’ve been trying to get them to do that for the past century to no avail.

        • ImTellinYa

          Even the much vaunted northern Asians with their marginally higher IQs than Whites have never been particularly innovative or socially advanced. The entire history of Asia has a much more brutal level of tyranny than the European. Asians invented a good many things, but never really developed them in pre-modern times like the Europeans did. The development of gunpowder weapons and highly-sophisticated sailing ships by Europeans is an unbelievably interesting story. The North Asians had all the same pieces in their hands, but did relatively little with them. Regarding the European guns and ships it was a story of constant little improvements, unceasing little tweaks and then sudden massive breakthroughs. Only among Europeans did that kind of thing happen.

          Even the modern era Asians have invented virtually nothing of fundamental importance. They are very good at taking White inventions and improving them in some respects; especially in manufacturing techniques, but even today the inventions and innovations are still coming almost exclusively from Whites.

          That’s not enough though. We need to rediscover our skills at fighting. We used to be insanely good at that. I just read a book about the Siege of Malta in 1565. “The Great Siege: Malta 1565” by Ernie Bradford. Back then Whites could and would fight. The liked it. There was no sissified handwringing about “nuances” and “moderation” and “White guilt.


          Hell, read about the Battle of Midway. That was within living memory.

          • anonymous

            I agree that we have to learn how to fight again. We need to reconnect with our barbarian warrior roots. At the moment, we’re too soft and civilized–the result of decades of peace and prosperity. That makes us easy targets for every black flash mob looking for some no-risk entertainment on the street. Unfortunately, it takes hard times to produce hard men. Whites are going to have to undergo a trial by fire to make that transformation.

          • jay11

            I also wonder about the fighting prowess of most whites today. Some of our best are in the armed forces right now, but the pool at large to draw effective fighting men from is so small now. Most white males I know under 30 are feminine, everyone’s-a-winner, emotive pansies who are more worried about fashion trends, their lattes, birkenstocks and Tibet (to impress the chicks, of course).

            Really consider this issue well: if America was ever in a new war that required the draft, can you imagine the ‘strength’ of a ‘diverse’ military full of hipsters, welfare crack babies, little asian geeks, shifty mexican illegals or barely legals, emotional arabs, entitled women looking for daycare centers close to the battlefield (and maternitiy leave) and limp-wristed commanding officers? We won WW I and II only because ‘Unity’ and not ‘diversity’ was our strength then.

          • Melanie

            Great post. Someone has called it the “Hercules factor” (can’t find who first said it to give due credit), a quality exclusive to white males. It’s the quality which made them sail into the unknown, take that “first small step for man, first giant leap for mankind”, subject themselves to cramped, dangerous conditions in the first small “bathyscopes” in order to explore the mystery of the ocean abyysses, risk life and limb at Kitty Hawk and in Lindbergh’s flight across the Atlantic to Paris, climb Mt Everest “just because it’s there”, undertake to sail non-stop solo round the world in the days before GPS and sophisticated electronic back-up, auto-pilot, etc (Robin Knox-Johnston holds the record, in a humble wooden boat called “Suhaili”), and so much more. The history of discovery and exploration is the history of white males. Even today, the most extreme sports, the life-risking ones such as tow-in surfing, are completely dominated by white males. The males of no other race (and to make no mistake, this story is not only of whites. it’s of white males) have combined just that spirit of physical adventure and calculated risk, along with the intellectual acumen to further mankind’s knowledge along the way.

          • concernedcollegekid

            Well said.

          • MikeofAges

            The problem is, all of these breakthroughs may mean nothing if “whitey” disappears. No guarantee any of the advances associated with people of white European descent would survive the demise of the white race. East Asians are capable of sustaining them but whether they would do so over a long period of time is unknown. Most of the world is more comfortable living under feudalism, fascism or anarcho-tyranny than under the deliberative processes of republicanism or even enlightened monarchy.

            There was a television series called “A World Without People”. I wonder how “A World Without Whitey” would play out.

          • Melanie

            I have considered that with the extinction of whites, so would also eventually go our knowledge, discoveries, inventions, etc. Actually, knowing that makes me feel a measure of revenge. If whites are genocided out of existence, those remaining will get the world they deserve. Whites wouldn’t want to live in that world anyway-it’s other races clamoring to live in white societies, not vice versa. If whites are genocided into extinction, those remaining will create the societies they presently create, from which they choose in large numbers to escape. But there won’t be any whites to create havens from the chaos and misery.

            I have no wish to see whites genocided into extinction, seeng as that I am white. Whites are a global minority, smaller and smaller with the passing years. We are apparently, in the eyes of the PTB, less deserving of saving from extinction than some tadpole in a mud puddle. Once we’re gone, if we don’t get our act together to stop this, our particular attributes-and I don’t merely mean blue eyes and blond hair-will go with us. The attributes which have allowed us to create the most successful civilisations in history will also go. Those who remain, will deserve the world they get, the only one they’ve ever shown themselves capable of creating. I wouldn’t want to live in their world. THEY don’t want to live in their worlds-they come to ours.

            Other races who wish for the extinction of whites need to remember that old saying about being careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

          • Michael Mason

            I can’t say it seems like they wood.. Look at North Korea. White countries are the only thing keeping North Korea from dropping nuclear death on any of it’s neighbors that refuse to convert to communism. Without us and our deep philosophical value of morality, patience, and diplomacy to be a shinning example to the world. Asians’ countries would decline, not because of lack of tenacity in science or technology, but because they’d always be getting into wars with each other.

          • cadmium

            I agree except I think the extreme sports are an outcome of an indulgent, mindless society, a dumbed down, base-level version of this higher form of risk taking, a primitive or fake version of it, or perhaps just a version of it without any intelligence involved, just the adrenaline and celebrity or social status. They actually really annoy me. Because in some ways they reflect how degraded and superficial modern culture is.

            The motives behind Darwin’s adventures or the guy who worked out latitude I think it was, dangerous journeys for real scientific advancement, or even just seafarers searching out new lands to support their peoples, there is honour and genuinely respectable motives behind the behaviour.The risks mean something.

            At the point where a man is just risking his life in mindless fashion for thrills … maybe it can be argued those genes are still useful if combined with some brains in offspring, but I tend to wish suitable consequences on people who don’t respect their lives.

          • Melanie

            Perhaps it’s a combination of things-there are fewer new worlds to conquer which require physical risk (though the seas are still largely unfathomed, and outer space still awaits more discovery), and these days the bureaucracy is a huge obstacle-either the government has control, and the huge amounts of funding required, or private corporations could fund such work, but won’t if they don’t see the percentage in it. So that certain factor in white males gets expressed in other ways-extreme sports, etc. Even then it’s not totally futile, the Austrain who made the parachute jump from the limits of the earth’s atmosphere (at least, it was from very high!) contributed to our pool of knowledge. Even in the old days, some men did their deeds for the sheer adventure, such as Joshua Slocum, first man to sail solo round the world (though not non-stop–that honor belongs to Robin Knox-Johnston). He had a wife and family, but that “Hercules factor” impelled him to do what he did.

            I do know what you mean about some of the activities which are included in “extreme sports”-it seems to me that it’s not so much the futility of the sport, in that it adds nothing to our knowledge pool, as the culture which grows up around some of these sports-a negative, or a regressive culture.

            Well, the main point is that it’s always been white males who have blazed these paths, and no matter who comes behind them, the best they can do is get credit for the being the “first woman” or the “first black”, which in my opinion is hardly a worthy distinction. The first is the first, period. The first-the white male-showed that it could be done, took the unknown risks, etc.

          • Dan Reardon

            Uh oh! Engleman’s going to come over here blubbering his nonsense soon.

          • Michael Mason

            And yet we know find ourselves in the cross hairs of destruction…

        • Yea, it comes from the Southern white DNA. In South America it comes from the same place, white Spanish DNA.


      Free milk, free lunches, free breakfasts, pre-school, one-on-one teaching, midnight basketball, lowered passing grades, etc. and nothing works. This is why public schools and universities are encouraging white girls to date blacks. Ever notice all the white girl cheerleaders cheering for black teams. Obama did not get were he is from his father’s DNA, it was his mother’s superior white DNA. This is why he hates white people, all white people..

  • Tim

    “Alfa Romero`s show a distinct need for extensive repairs by their second year, require more money devoted to those repairs than other vehicles, for each following year, but will still be much more likely to suffer an engine failure in spite of a lifetime of preventative maintenance…” Now did you want to continue to buy stock in them?!?! No, I didn`t think so!

  • pcmustgo

    I would imagine the gaps between the children of educated whites and lower class whites also start young. I grew up in a small white town and there was clear and obvious social/economic class divisions among the poor, middle and upper classes, with poor kids being in learning disabled classes, middles in the middle and the children of affluent educated types doing the best, in advanced classes. Almost to a T.

    Upper middle class/educated whites have a CULTURE of learning and reading. Kids emulate their parents. If they see mommy watching the news, they watch the news. Generally. If they see mommy watching Jerry Springer, they watch that.

    What sickens me the most is that people seem to think learning comes from schools… I am mostly self-taught. It angers me to see them deny that genius and joy of learning comes from within a person and from within a culture and from without school. Real nerds ENJOY learning- on their own. Not just in a classroom.

    It is NOT the schools job to create geniuses and bright people. Nor is it possible. The best they can hope for is to teach reading, writing and arithmetic.

    • Nathanwartooth

      It’s also because your income and IQ are closely correlated.

      If you see someone who makes a lot of money you can reasonably assume that they are intelligent and their parents made good money and were smart also.

      Of course no correlation is 100%. There are affirmative action cases and sports stars where it’s obviously less correlated.

    • Ulick

      I completely agree with you that real learning happens more outside the classroom than within it, and I agree that starts with the individual. I’ve read more and learned more post-college than within college. That’s mainly because I love learning.

      I don’t spend much time singing, though, and that’s because I know I suck at it and no matter how much I practice — I’ll still suck. We give up on things we don’t have a natural talent for and are drawn to things we do have a natural talent. This, instead of not enough money being spent or institutional racism, better explains why black homes have less books and black kids drop out of school at such a high rate.

    • MBlanc46

      Schools can do more than that. First and foremost, they can provide the tools for self-education .Perhaps you picked that up on your own. I’m very appreciative of my education for having put me in that situation. What the schools cannot do is overcome socioeconomic divides, whatever their ground. Social engineering should be kept out of schools to the greatest extent possible.

      • Melanie

        But socioeconomic divides aren’t necessarily the primary factor in academic achievement, either. I believe a previous poster referred to a study done in which black males of high-school age from two-parent, upper-middle-class families (often both parents having degrees) had lower academic scores than white males of the same age from lower socioeconomic level families. Not only was there a discrepancy in academic scores, but the black males had higher school drop-out rates and higher crime rates, even though coming from economically-advantaged families. IIRC, the study compared black males from families in the “bourgeois” majority-black Primce George’s Co to white males from poor West Virginian families. I have the study bookmarked, but it’s amongst a lot of footnotes in another article and I haven’t been able to dig it up again. If anyone knows the study to which I refer, or could find it, I’d be grateful, because a few people have asked for it.

        • mlowejazz

          There’s a study also done on Shaker Heights by a Dr. Ogbu that states the same.

          • Melanie

            Thanks, I’ll google that.

    • concernedcollegekid

      I have a story that pertains to this. Sorry in advance for tooting my own horn, but I taught myself how to read. Before I started kindergarten, my parents read aloud to me while I sat in their laps, and they would always ask me if I wanted to learn how to read on my own, and I always said no. They weren’t sure why I always said no considering how much I loved being read to but they figured I’d get taught in kindergarten.

      Anyway, when my mom met my kindergarten teacher for the first time, my teacher congratulated my mom on having taught me to read so competently. At the beginning of the year the kindergarteners had been tested in reading competency and I had qualified to be in the “advanced reading group”, which only had the four best readers in the class and in which we read harder books. My mom was shocked and said “We never taught her how to read.” My teacher said “Are you serious? She’s ahead of almost all her class.”

      So, I don’t remember doing this, but my parents concluded that I must have taught myself to read by following along in the books they read aloud to me.

      Again, I don’t want to toot my own horn. But if a person has a certain level of intelligence, you don’t have to force him or her to learn. You basically can’t prevent him or her from learning. If someone is given the resources to learn (books, internet) and not learning, then I really think there’s no way that person can be that smart. Smart people just learn. It’s what they do.

      • Melanie

        Neither of my parents were readers, as in for fun or pleasure. I taught myself to read before first grade (didn’t go to kindergarden, pre-school, etc). I was the second oldest (oldest girl) of 10 kids, from a working-class family, and almost all of us were self-starters regarding reading. Our parents didn’t read to us much, except the Bible at family altar. I remember my dad acquiring an old set of encyclopedias-that was some of my favorite reading material. I still have that old set! It’s still interesting to read through it and realise how much the world has changed since publication of this set, and especially how much information has become censored or self-censored since then.

        • concernedcollegekid

          Maybe if your ancestors invented a written language, it is easier for you to learn to read with little effort? Just a thought.
          I went to high school with black kids whose “reading tutors” had to give them BOB books. They had trouble with those, and could not make head nor tail of chapter books. They had somehow gotten all the way to high school without knowing how to read practically anything.

          • Melanie

            True, and then that in itself ties into the more advanced white general IQ. Our ancestors’ IQ must have already been in advance for them to even able to conceive of such concepts as written language. Negros have been artificially shoved into an evolutionary era for which they’re not ready (ie, haven’t evolved on their own enough yet to deal with). Their children are regressing to the mean, which means the few hard-won advances are already being lost-simply because as an evolved race, they just hadn’t reached that stage on their own and were artificially propped up by whites. That’s going to become more difficult, if not impossible, as their children regress and technology advances. The only thing they have going for them are the few with just enough white admixture to allow them to shine amongst other blacks (never amongst the most intelligent whites-the Hawkings, etc). That may be one reason (amongst the many, all detrimental to whites) that the PC pushers push so hard for miscegenation, though thankfully, in spite of media propaganda, the amount of real race-mixing between whites and blacks is miniscule. Statistics show that whites still overwhelmingly marry whites. And for whatever little good miscegenation would do for blacks, it is ruinous to whites.

    • Felix_M

      It angers me to see them deny that genius and joy of learning comes from within a person and from within a culture and from without school.

      Were any liberal to admit that he’d be acknowledging what so many of us already know: Those expensive government programs to promote academic achievement among disadvantaged yout’s is a waste of money and just so much make-work.

  • “unconscious bias” What’s next? “invisible bias”? “nebulous bias “Phantom bias”? “i can see it but you cannot see it bias”? “hit and run” bias

    • a multiracial individual

      Invisible and non-existent look VERY similar

    • Viv Jasper

      Don’t forget “imaginary bias.”

      • Ludwig von Drake

        and then there’s jes-plain-dummerna-box-a-rocks bias

    • JohnEngelman

      Unconscious bias is like the Emperor’s New Clothes. No one can see it but everyone assumes that everyone else can see it, and is afraid that they cannot see it.

      • Ulick

        And if you deny it’s existence, it’s because you’re a racist.

  • Thomas Saenz, president of the Mexican American Legal Defense and
    Educational Fund, added that racial profiling in tracking students into
    low-level classes and other examples of “unconscious bias” bedevil both
    Latinos and African Americans, underscoring the need for the communities
    to work together. He also urged protests against moves to eliminate
    race-based data collection.

    Okay, can we apply this to crime statistics and IQ stats?

  • The__Bobster

    For a ninny, kindergarten is as good as it gets. It’s all downhill from there.

  • The__Bobster

    Only one of every 20 African American kindergartners will graduate from a
    four-year California university if current trends continue…

    Based on their IQ’s, even that number is far too high.

    • So CAL Snowman

      In another 10 years there won’t be any african americans in california so they won’t have to worry about it!

      • Jefferson

        I wish that was true, but unfortunately it won’t be. There are still far too many cities in California that have a high percentage of Blacks like Long Beach, Inglewood, Compton, Vallejo, Oakland, Richmond, South Los Angeles, Sacramento etc.

        All of those California cities I have mentioned have double digit percentage of Blacks.

      • brengunn


      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        There won’t be any Whites left either.


        • Jefferson

          The neighborhoods in California where the average household makes over one hundred thousand dollars a year or close to it, will still be predominantly White with a size able Asian minority sprinkled in.

          High income neighborhoods in California will NEVER become predominantly Mestizo.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Jefferson: $100,000 doesn’t go very far in California, especially if one wants to live in a safe, White area with good schools. I would say minimum of $200,000 to escape diversity — that plus the cost of a private school.

            I agree with your last statement, although the Feds will shoe-horn in Section 8 housing all around the edges as much as possible and bus kids from the projects into YOUR White kid’s school. A good indicator is to go to a local elementary school at the end of a school day and see what comes streaming out.


          • jay11

            I also pay the ‘diversity tax.’ It is a hugely insane amount of money and prevents me from building much for the future. At leasy my family and I are safe, for now……

    • “Four-year California universities” aren’t all Berkeley. I am told that most of the Cal State-(fill in the blank) campuses are barely harder than average high schools.

      • So CAL Snowman

        I think you were misinformed as the Universities DO NOT reflect the Mexican diversity found here. It depends on the school and the degree. An engineering degree from Cal Poly San Louis Obispo is much tougher to attain than a Chicano studies degree from UC Berkeley. Most of the Cal State Universities are majority White/Asian and are pretty good schools overall. Just because our state is filled with low IQ, illiterate peasants, doesn’t mean our universities are crap.

        • Except Bon from the Land of Babble is my source.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Unfortunately, I’ve see many barely literate, low IQd types readily accepted to the CSUs. I always think of the CSUs as a pressure valve for the UCs — because of the constraints of Prop 209.

          Students who have over a 3.0 GPA get automatic admissions to the local CSU. There is a MASSIVE effort to push 90-average IQd Mexican students into college, to not do so is racist and because the LIE “IQ is meaningless” is accepted as axiomatic throughout academia, every excuse imaginable is used when Mexican students fail or drop out — dumb teachers, racist textbooks, oppressive White system, etc. (yes, it gets old).

          In Los Angeles, the CSUs DO reflect Mexican diversity. The vast majority of Mexicans do not qualify for the UCs, thanks to Prop 209. Berkeley is often rated as the #1 public university in the US — a distinction the UCs wish to keep and will ONLY keep if Prop 209 is kept in place.

          Top 10 Public Universities (US News and World Report)

          #1University of California–Berkeley
          #2University of California–Los Angeles
          #3University of Virginia
          #4University of Michigan–Ann Arbor
          #5University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill
          #6College of William and Mary
          #7Georgia Institute of Technology
          #8University of California–Davis
          #8University of California–San Diego
          #10University of California–Santa Barbara

          Five UCs are in the top 10.

          Demographics of LAs CSUs:

          Cal State Northridge:
          White American 29.2%
          Hispanic American 30.2%

          Cal State LA:
          White: 9.1%
          Hispanics: 58.9%

          Cal State Long Beach:
          Asian American: 22.4%
          White American: 24.4%
          Hispanic American: 33.3%

          UC Berkeley:
          Hispanic/Latino: 8.9%
          White: 24.3%

          According to CSUNs own description: “The university draws its freshmen from the top one-third of California high school graduates. CSUN’s admissions program is rated as “less selective” in most major fields.”

          It also depends on the program, of course. In my experience, most of the barely literate students who are accepted to the CSUs major in social work or ethnic studies.


          • Ted

            Here, I fixed the stats for you;

            Demographics of LAs CSUs:

            Cal State Northridge:
            White American 29.2%
            Hispanic Invaders 30.2%

            Cal State LA:
            White American: 9.1%
            Hispanic Invaders: 58.9%

            Cal State Long Beach:
            Asian Invaders: 22.4%
            White American: 24.4%
            Hispanic Invaders: 33.3%

            UC Berkeley:
            Hispanic/Latino Invaders: 8.9%
            White American: 24.3%

      • MikeofAges

        Been there, in the California State University system. The unfortunate reality is that all four year education is too often either vocational or, for many of the students, serves as kind of an advanced community college.

        Not to mention, few people know what really goes on at the undergraduate colleges of the most elite universities. Back in my day, and I am in a position to know although I never personally attended one of these, for many students, changing majors every terms and constantly dropping classes was a way of life. When these people graduated, they still were able to draft behind the “big rigs”, the high performers these institutions build their reputations on, and generally managed to establish credible careers.

        Understandably, my contact with these institutions has been very limited in recent years. I can only imagine the situation has become somewhat better with the increase in population. But keep in mind, the high performers are not the ones who need selective colleges. The lesser lights are the ones who benefit.


        • newscomments70

          I’ve had business with some black colleges in the midwest. Some of the “phd’s” could barely read nor speak intelligible English. They were never hateful nor rude; they were always polite…but they were barely literate. I’m sure different institutions vary, but that was my experience.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Yes, so true, in my experience as well in the public schools. Many black Ph.Ds in education are barely literate, Hispanics with “super,” multiple degrees too– and there are MANY of them in power positions such as assistant or area superintendant, principals, directors of curriculum, inclusion and diversity or instruction. I believe such positions in my school district were created specifically to employ black/Hispanic Ph.Ds (where else to put them?). Even those who don’t have Ph.Ds or can’t pass certain tests are shoved in as “acting” directors until they can pass the necessary tests and/or coursework — while Whites WITH all the necessary requirements are passed over.

            These are positions that pay in the area of $140,000 + and require little to no work from what I can tell.


          • Felix_M

            Many of those in well-paid positions of management have an Asian or white person behind the scenes to do the actual work.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            You took the words right off of my keyboard!!

            I forgot to add that critical part — a lesser-paid White or Asian in a subordinate position who does all the writing, makes up all the talking points, does the research, etc. I’ve seen this a number of times.

            Would that Whites refuse these types of positions — ditto for appearing in TV commercials that portray Whites as idiots, fools or dolts.

            But, as they say, money talks and for Whites who are discriminated against in the workplace, anything to pay the bills (and taxes)…


          • newscomments70

            That is called, “intellectual slavery”. That is very common in South Africa. The white or Asian does all the work for the black administrator…who does nothing and makes 4X their salary. We have it in every country with “diversity”.

          • Rebel Rebel

            Usually , it is White men who have Asians and Blacks performing the behind the scenes tasks.

          • a multiracial individual

            Doesn’t a person need to possess a reasonable command of the English language to research, and write a dissertation?

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            One would think. But, after reading Michelle Obama’s thesis from Princeton, one would be wrong, LOL!!

            Steve Sailer writes:

            The Obama camp has now released Michelle Obama’s senior thesis at Princeton. So far, I’ve read the Dedication and the first couple of pages of the Introduction, and that’s plenty. You’ve got to be impressed with how ruthless Senator Obama is — he’ll humiliate his poor wife by releasing her semi-literate college graduation maunderings just so he can say,’ Let’s move on.’

            Steve Sailer goes on to say the thesis is “creatively punctuated” and writes that “prose isn’t her strong suit.”

            No wonder she was keeping it under wraps until after the election!! (Thesis was released on Nov. 5, 2008):

            Attempts to retrieve the document through Princeton proved unsuccessful, with school librarians having been pestered so much for access to the thesis that they have resorted to reading from a script when callers inquire about it. Media officers at the prestigious university were similarly unhelpful, claiming it is “not unusual” for a thesis to be restricted and refusing to discuss “the academic work of alumni.


            Read it here if you’ve got a strong stomach:



          • a multiracial individual

            I have been trying to find a copy of Shaq’s dissertation.

          • concernedcollegekid

            Oooh that’s legitimately cringeworthy. I bet the libs won’t be waving that one about…

          • Joshua

            Actually, it is a solid thesis for an undergraduate student. She was 22 at the time.

          • Saul

            I am not a fan of the first lady or her husband for that matter, but I agree with you on this one.

          • jay11

            So true! Where I’m at, the superintendants are ALWAYS black or latino, and none of them ever seem to last more than 1-2 years. We’ve had a revolving door in the last 6 years with four different ones.

            I have always wondered how a foreigner can come to a new nation and be given a position of great power just like that. I can never imagine immigrating to Mexico or China or wherever and being given control of a city’s school district, no matter what hoops I jump through. Can you?

            The latino ‘leaders’ that seem to populate every eschelon of leadership above me always seem to have heavy accents and poor English skills to boot! I applied twice for principal training programs, and both times I went in for interviews and I was the only white face in the crowd of applicants. Except for white females, I have NEVER seen a new white male as a principal.

          • America First

            Are you from upstate New York? You’ve described exactly the situation here for the past twenty years.

          • William

            Both of your stores sound skeptical.

          • MikeofAges

            The HBCUs admit large numbers of students with limited qualifications and low test scores, along with many students with normal qualifications. I apply the term “survivors” to those who succeed there. In spite of what people think these institutions do offer upper division classes where there are students who perform comparably to students at other institutions in subjects like chemistry, physics and mathematics as well as in liberal arts subjects. Obviously not the norm, but the norm at selective colleges may not be what you think it is either. Too many people idealize selective and elite colleges while turning a sharp and critical eye on less selective public institutions.

    • Paleoconn

      Absolutely. You can thank racial preferences for that (I’m beyond using the polite term affirmative action).

  • So CAL Snowman

    “The report found that African American students are doing well in some
    school districts, particularly those with higher concentrations of other
    races.In the diverse Culver City Unified School District, more than two-thirds of African Americans are at grade level in reading and math, and 88%

    Ah yes Culver City, the scholastic and economic giant of Southern California. When we think of success and progress we think Culver City. I find it amusing that African Americans do well in schools with higher concentrations of “Other races” = non White mostly English LEARNERS! It does not come as a surprise that the only place where blacks show any sign of an educational pulse is in a district that caters to the lowest common denominator! With standards that low I think there are a few cockatiels and african greys that could make the grade.

  • The__Bobster

    Thomas Saenz, president of the Mexican American Legal Defense and
    Educational Fund, added that racial profiling in tracking students into
    low-level classes and other examples of “unconscious bias” bedevil both
    Latinos and African Americans, underscoring the need for the communities
    to work together.

    Here we go again, blaming eeeevil YT for their problems.

  • pcmustgo

    Children Now that found African American toddlers were less likely than their white peers to have books at home or be read to everyday.

    Reading to your kids at night- that’s totally a white people thing.

    Leaving TVS and radios and boyfriends blaring into the night- that’s a Black and Latino thing.

    “Bedtime”- you know, an appropriate and set time for the kids to go to sleep- is also a white people thing. “Structure” probably is to. In general, I mean.

    I could totally see those fat welfare mothers eating up all the food that she be allotted to their kids and having their kids go to school hungry even though plenty of food stamps are flowing in.

    Blacks can be viciously abusive and violent to their children. “Stressed out” single black mothers with 7 kids especially.

    I remember a black friend of mine telling me about how her mother wouldn’t give her 15 year old kids lunch money. She was fine with them starving. Granted they were teens, and their family was all about making the kids grow up fast and earn on their own, but still.

    • pcmustgo

      Of course, she spent her extra money buying her (sexually abusive to the kids, had a thing for young girls) live-in boyfriend gold watches, cars, etc. He worked, but was not expected to pay bills or pay rent or contribute. He was sort of her boy-toy.

      She had 4 kids.

      These are people who were able to move-in to our lily-white suburb. Lived not too far from me.

    • Children Now that found African American toddlers were less likely than
      their white peers to have books at home or be read to everyday.

      And what does a parent reading to his or her child have to do with that child learning how to read? True reading and literacy goes way beyond just pure imitation, being educated in phonics is the crucial element. It’s like learning how to drive: You can watch someone drive a car all you want, but you’ll never really learn how until you actually drive the car yourself.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        This. Parents reading to their children probably does help, but it’s not vital. My mother never read to me, and yet I read anything I could get my hands on as a child (and still do). If there was nothing left in the house to read, I would even read the backs of cereal boxes and shampoo bottles, simply because I loved reading.

        With a child who isn’t interested in reading and is probably terrible at it, it isn’t going to matter how much his parents read to him; he’ll never do it on his own (at least, not without coercion).

        • True, but we didn’t learn how to read, properly pronounce or grok the proper definition and usage of “onomatopoeia” or “hagiography” or “lumpenproletariat” because our parents read to us when we were two or three years old. It was because we learned phonics then later discovered Sam Francis.

    • Johnny Clay

      I grew up in a white, basically redneck, community where people that read were made fun of and were told “you think you’re better than everybody.” Even some teachers criticized the readers because they “read too much.” Many of these peoples’ parents couldn’t be bothered to read the back of a cereal box at breakfast in the morning.

      • JohnEngelman

        I bet that community was still safe to be in after dark.

      • kai

        I grew up in a PC, diverse, multikult area, went to a top 3 public school system in the country, with “educated” teachers and yet I was told the same thing! I wish I had heard it from white people in a white (likely safe) community instead of from deluded liberals in a violent cesspool of minorities. I never received a word of encouragement from my teachers, was told that I was acting like I was “better” than everyone else because I could, and loved to, read. Of course, I learned next to nothing at school. I may be able to read but i still to this day cannot do the most basic math. I did learn the most valuable lesson of all, that minorities hate whites, and to stay as far away from them as possible at all times. So I suppose it wasn’t a totally wasted 12 years.

  • bigone4u

    Lower black IQ = learning gap. The idea that another government program can close the gap reminds me of the children’s rhyme, “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men cannot put Humpty Dumpty together again.” But liberal educators are living in a child’s fantasy world anyway.

    • libertarian 1234

      “But liberal educators are living in a child’s fantasy world anyway.”

      I’ve never seen such a coterie of incompetent fools in my life as liberal academics.

      There was a news story on this site a few years ago concerning a study group comprised of academics that evaluated wealthy blacks and poor whites and they were beside themselves with astonishment that poor white kids did better academically and on tests than wealthy blacks.

      As we all know, they put their heads together years ago and came up with one of their universal truths that lack of black success and accomplishment academically is due to poverty, and they write literally tons of articles on the subject.

      They made their study, thinking they would have the necessary support to prove their hare-brained theory, but the results made them look like even bigger fools than before.

      As I recall…instead of admitting there was an obvious difference in intelligence….they finally concluded…in so many words…that it was one of the mysteries of life.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Just tested a black high school student the other day. Not a thug, he was a very nice kid, seemed mature and was very polite. Yet, he still scored in the borderline MR range IQ wise. On average blacks just do not have high IQ’s and it explains a LOT. I truly believe that some day maybe 100 years from now when we know more about genetics, that this will be conventional wisdom.

    • a multiracial individual

      I don’t mean to intrude, but I thought IQ tests were illegal in school.

      • ncpride

        Apparently not. We were informed a few weeks ago that all 6th grade students at my son’s Middle School would take an IQ test. We’ll get the results in the spring.

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          Do you know the name of the company that will be administering the test? I’ve been looking for a reliable IQ testing company to get myself tested with, but all I’ve been able to find are those terrible online IQ tests where everyone scores 145.

          • ncpride

            Looking back at the email sent to all parents, the test the kids took was called InView, and was decribed as ‘similar’ to an IQ test. I’m pretty sure the purpose is to identify gifted kids to place in their AG classes. Not sure what company produces this particular test, but a quick google search tells me there is little information about it.

          • MikeofAges

            Everyone scores 145 because everyone you know has a 145 IQ. I took one of these as “joke”, did it as fast as I could and got the same score I got on IQ tests I took when I was 17 and 21. Worst moment of my life.

    • JohnEngelman

      It was conventional wisdom before Nazi race theories discredited the widely held consensus in the United States that racial differences mattered.

      • Cherry Bomb

        Asians and now Nazis? How Typical. Goodwin’s Law at work. Where would you lefties be w/o your Nazis to throw in our faces.

      • David Ashton

        True, but only up to a point. Brutal Nazi actions created the hostility. In particular, the collective persecution of the Jews (incidentally acknowledged even by prominent “Holocaust [i.e. mass-gassing] Deniers”) gave extra encouragement, through institutions like UNESCO, to racial egalitarianism, already evident among Jewish leftists before the Nazi era in opposition to US immigrant IQ vetting. Apart from the racial antisemitism which was a cornerstone of Hitler’s personal outlook, there was more freedom of debate and research on racial issues and anthropology in Nazi Germany than usually assumed; see the studies by Christopher M. Hutton, A. James Gregor, &c.

        Until relatively recently this process has continued, and has only decelerated with modern research (which you yourself brandish repeatedly) showing that Jews have a high IQ on average, while a few of them have revived a very much earlier interest in eugenics.

        Nevertheless, both leftists of diverse ethnic heritage and Jews with an ethnic self-preoccupation have used the “Holocaust” to discredit white Gentile race realism, the former using it as an horrific example of where ethnocentrism (“ours” that is) can “lead”, and the latter to turn it into a fulcrum of world history, which actually elevates Jewish ethnocentrism and specifically protects Israel from criticism.

        • anarchyst

          This will probably be censored, but here goes . . .
          There was much more to the jewish “holocaust ™” than is commonly known. As the “victors” write the history”, the complicity of high-ranking zionists with the nazis is not well known. It is FACT that much of the social unrest in pre-war Germany was fomented by communists, anarchists, and other social “groups” of the “tribe”. As a “homeland” had been a part of the “tribe’s” quest for over a hundred-years before WW2 a way was needed to “force” emigration to the new “homeland”. High-ranking zionists collaborated with the nazis to make life “difficult” (to say the least) for members of the “tribe” in order to “encourage” emigration to what was then known as Palestine. As most members of the “tribe” led comfortable, upper-class lives in Germany, there was no real reason for them to emigrate to a barren land. In fact, the “6 million” figure is mentioned in texts of the “tribe” as early as the 1890’s. The actual number of non-combatant deaths in the WW2 European theater of operations was approximately 731,000.

        • JohnEngelman

          Twentieth century acts of genocide are used to discredit race realism and genetic determinism. Nevertheless, these acts were directed against genetically superior groups, such as the Kulaks in the Soviet Union, the Ashkenazim in Nazi Germany, and educated people in Cambodia under the Pol Pot dictatorship.

          By “genocide” I mean real genocide, and not the expectation of competing on equal terms with Jews and Orientals for positions at elite universities and well paying jobs.

          • SLCain

            You disingenuous piece of filth. What about the systematic disenfranchisement of a people from the institutions they built for themselves and THEIR progengy.

            But you have the slavish mentality of a fawning toady, so you wouldn’t care about that.

          • JohnEngelman

            You seem to advocate affirmative action as a means of discriminating against more intelligent Orientals and Jews in favor of less intelligent white Gentiles. Am I right?

          • David Ashton

            I dissent from the first sentence of SLCain’s comment.
            However, intelligence is important, but not the only important factor in cultural life and freedom of association. You might wish to prevent an attack on your family by a more intelligent criminal, for instance. Your interest in Chinese girls was not a response to Rushton & Lynn’s IQ tables, and so on.

          • JohnEngelman

            Intelligence does not guarantee virtue.

          • SLCain

            You are never right.

          • JohnEngelman


            This is posted at the top of every page here, “We welcome comments that add information or perspective, and we encourage polite debate.”

            Read it slowly, until you are aware of what is meant by every syllable.

          • SLCain

            Here’s some information:

            John Engelman is an enthusiastic Obama supporter. Every other comment he makes is vitiated by his own actions.

            As to perspective – it is my perspective – right in this case – that you are a deluded nitwit.

            As to polite debate: virtually every post you make – in addition to being de-fact anti-white propaganda – is dripping with arrogance, condescension and implied insult.

          • JohnEngelman

            Actually I am an unenthusiastic Obama supporter. I think Hillary would be doing a better job.

            On several occasions you have promised to ignore me. Nevertheless, when I click on your profile it turns out that a high percentage of your posts consist of insults directed at me. When are you going to fulfill your promise and go away?

          • SLCain

            Yeah, and Hillary wouldn’t do any of what you purported espouse either.

            I was posting at this site long before you were, you foul toad.

            You go away.

          • JohnEngelman

            Posters like you damage the image of American Renaissance, and make it vulnerable to its enemies.

            If you insist on staying here and posting your hatred, please fulfill your promise to ignore me. I in turn promise to pass over your comments like I step over dog feces on the sidewalk.

          • SLCain

            You ARE one of it’s enemies. And I expect that you have driven many regular readers away from this site. People don’t come here to read about the wonders of socialism, how great the democratic party is, how we should give our birthright away to your favorite pet ethnic groups (actually, they aren’t your pets – you are their pet).

            I have no interest in engaging in a flame-war with you. Replying to you is as tiresome as you yourself are.

            So go ahead, little weasel, have the last word.

          • Cherry Bomb

            Agreed. I too believe regular readers have been driven away by Engelman. I’ve read other posters’ comments, including off-line and privately, that OUR comments are deleted yet his are left to stand.

          • SLCain

            It’s their website, they can do what they like. AmRen is mostly irrelevant anyway. I admire Jared Taylor: he is a lucid and thoughtful spokesman for white interests, and without the baggage of most of the rest of them. I believe him to be a good man too. But perhaps he is ill served by those whom he hires as editors. Anyway, this website doesn’t exactly seem to be setting the world on fire.

            Perhaps AmRen can recruit Engelman to be an editor – I’m sure their readership would go through the roof, easily making life-long readers out of the six or seven people in the anglophonic world who share his particular set of biases, delusions, and peculiarities.

          • MikeofAges

            JohnEngelman SLCain • 31 minutes ago

            “Posters like you damage the image of American Renaissance, and make it vulnerable to its enemies.”

            Actually, no one give a damn.

          • Cherry Bomb

            Make sure you contact Jared Taylor:

  • [Guest]

    What? You mean “African-Americans” don’t just naturally excel at intellectual pursuits?


  • MekongDelta69

    Only one of every 20 African American kindergartners will graduate from a four-year California university if current trends continue…

    Hell – only one of every 20 black kindergartners will graduate kindergarten.

  • Education begins at home. If the mother (unknown father) is a welfare whore who lets its children run wild in the streets, they cannot be expected to actually succeed at school. It knows it can play the race card if they are treated like all other students.

  • Brian

    Is there some kind of intervention that can make them not be black anymore?

    • bigone4u

      Michael Jackson turned himself white. But think of the cost to the taxpayer if all blacks sought plastic surgery for that white look they so much secretly admire.

      • ken

        Most would still be in dire need of a brain transplant from a Swedish donor.

      • Luca

        The problem is not the color of their skin, it’s the content of their character.

  • splitsing

    Sadly, a lot of companies, through whatever misguided PR policy or PC politics, use the same kind of “learning gap” mentality when it comes to philanthropy.

    Just look at AT&T. They gave away around $26M last year to black urban “achievement gap” initiatives. I say gave away, I mean throw away.

    This link here is enough to make any self-respecting white man vomit:

    They want no part of white people and want to be known for their support of blacks.

    I guess from their perspective, no white person ever had a hard time getting him or herself through school.

    • Melanie

      And to think that Alexander Graham Bell, a white man, is responsible for the very existence of their company.

    • Cherry Bomb

      AT&T was mostly likely the recipient of a racial shake-down by Jesse Jackson. “Do as I say or we boycott, with full media support and brand your company as racisss.”

  • APaige

    The U.S spends $8 Billion a year on Head Start (that failed).
    Once again its the number of books? (bad parenting)
    Lack of rigorous college preparatory classes? (make the work harder?)
    Racial profiling by being placed into low-level classes. (It seems that second grade is tough enough)

    • Ulick

      The Hispanic injections is to infer that Hispanics are also training whites because of “institutional racism”. As a result (and as we see in this article) there is the inference that blacks and Hispanics should band together to overthrow white institutional racism.

      • Andy

        I love the fact that it also mentions Asians doing fine.

  • JackKrak

    Wait, let me guess – the answer is MORE MONEY!!!!!

    • josh

      Yes more money of course! But some of that money must go to “sansitivity trainin’! Its so bizarre that blacks who play vicious games like the KO Game are worried about “sansitivity” IDIOTS!!!! Goddamn their black hearts.

    • JohnEngelman

      Rather then spend vast sums of money for more programs that do not work the government should give every school administrator a link to Professor J. Philippe Rushton’s “RACE, EVOLUTION, AND BEHAVIOR.”

      and Mary Morrison’s “Education Fraud in LA Public Schools.”

      • David Ashton

        A good point for once, Yohanan Chinaman!
        Is there a wealthy supporter who could send copies of Rushton’s little booklet to school administrators throughout key states in the same way that in England the Conservative-appointed but culturally marxified National Curriculum Council sent copies of its “race, gender, class” document called “The Whole Curriculum” to every headteacher (at taxpayer expense but without Government authorization)?
        Dream on, I suppose!

        • JohnEngelman

          David Ashton,

          My points are usually good. You are the only poster who has up to now given me a contest, but Sean has been making a positive impression on me today.

          • David Ashton

            Keep on sending donations to AmRen – more useful than your “points”.

          • Cherry Bomb

            What would be a good reason for anyone to donate to this site? So we can pay to read Engelman’s “points?” Uh, no thanks.
            I wonder if Jared Taylor agrees. He should change the name from AR to “Engelman 24/7.” That would be the “truth” mentioned at the top of the page.

          • JohnEngelman

            I laughed out loud when I read that.

          • Cherry Bomb

            I saw where you referenced Tim Wise. You are also 100% oblivious to facts you don’t like or anyone who disagrees with you. Yet AR deletes my posts and leaves yours up.

          • JohnEngelman

            Facts like what? I love facts that are documented using credible sources. I nearly always respond to debatable points, but I try with varying degrees of success to ignore insults.

        • sbuffalonative

          Liberals are the most closed-minded, myopic people I know.
          Whenever you start talking facts to them, their eyes buldge or glaze over and you can see their minds go into defensive/denial mode.
          Giving liberal-progressives the facts does nothing. I have posted any number of mainstream links from government sources about crime and STDs and they have ignored them. But I do keep posting facts and figures, not to change the minds of the person I am debating, but to give other people reading my comments who still have open minds the facts and figures they aren’t getting from mainstream sources.

          • David Ashton

            My experience too, mostly not always. But the “other people” are I agree the best and most important targets. Sometimes the liberal will have a Damascus experience, usually a personal horror or a shock to his imagination.

      • SLCain

        And who is going to be spending vast sums of money for more programs that do not work? The president that YOU voted for. You voted for Obama. You boast about voting for Obama.

        If you are white, Engelman is your enemy,

        • JohnEngelman

          I am the enemy of those who disagree with this statement by Thomas Jefferson which is posted on the top of every page here: ‘There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.”

          • SLCain

            I wasn’t really responding to you. Nor do I read what you write in response to me. I was posting as a service to others here who might be operating under the false impression that you have something valuable to say. You don’t.

          • Cherry Bomb

            I noticed that my comments were deleted but Engelman’s weren’t.

    • Melanie

      And holding brighter white kids back by dumbing down the curriculum for everyone.

  • josh

    THat stupid disgusting Mexican,picking up the black victimization horsehockey. What a piece op…work. I wonder if he’d go back to Mexco and tell the schools they have “unconscious bias” and thats why the Indians and mestizoes leave school at 3rd grade.

    • kai

      We know the reason the girls leave school at 3rd grade is because they’re pregnant…lol.

  • Ronald

    This is surprising. With the success ideologically driven public schools have had in dumbing down public school curricula, one would think the “Black” – White learning gap would have been narrowed by now. Perhaps what is needed is more hard earned tax money so that the educational community can conduct more studies in their never ending effort to determine the cause.


    • Melanie

      They don’t seem to take into account that any measures which might actually work to raise IQ, would also work on white kids, so the gap would remain unless white kids somehow became genetically lower in IQ. I do believe that the diversity cabal is working on that though, by pushing miscegenation. I’m sorry to say that too many white females (though nor nearly as many as the media would have us believe) are susceptible to this. (Statistics show that white women still overwhelmingly marry white men).

  • Hal K

    There is a CNS article from 2010 with the headline “HHS Study Says $150 Billion Head Start Program for Low-Income Pre-Schoolers is Largely a Failure.”

    • JohnEngelman

      Even The New York Times admitted that after four years of No Child Left Behind: “‘The gaps between African-Americans and whites are showing very few signs of closing,’ Michael T. Nettles, a senior vice president at the Educational Testing Service, said in a paper he presented recently at Columbia University. One ethnic minority, Asians, generally fares as well as or better than whites.”

      • Djangotamer

        Why did you include the part about Asians? Most of your posts mention your erection for Asians. We get it-enough already Engelman.

      • Cherry Bomb

        Well, it certainly didn’t take long for YOU to hijack this thread and turn it into your usual Asian Fetish.

        You know, John, I don’t blame you. I blame AR and the moderators for ALLOWING you to co-opt threads and steer them onto your Asian chauvinism.

        • kai

          Why are you surprised? Engleman sounds like a Jewish name, and we all know who’s behind the slobbering Asiphile garbage being pushed onto deluded, deracinated whites! Of course he’s here singing the praises of the Yellow Peril, he wants you stupid goyim to breed with them, to admire and emulate them! It’s a lot easier for them to control “humans” with the mindset of a termite mound than freethinking, individualistic white people, so the answer is to remove the whites. I’d really be interested to know what’s so great about Asians. What have they contributed to the world besides deviancy (tentacle porn, used panty vending machines) and the abacus?

          • David Ashton

            Engelman’s stock reply:
            “I am a Nordic Gentile Christian Episcopalian of European descent.”
            (Just to save him the trouble.)

          • MikeofAges

            Worse yet, there’s another John Engleman who lives on the East Coast and write letters to editors advocating Scandinavian-style social democracy. The John Engleman who posts here apparently lives in California. I have been unable to independently verify his existence, but he must be real since he has shown himself to be very familiar with places where I have lived myself.

          • JohnEngelman

            I was raised and remain an Episcopalian. My father traced our ancestry back to 1600. He found no Jews. My brother had his DNA tested. He found no Jewish markers. I was disappointed.

          • Jefferson

            Don’t be disappointed. If you want to be a Jew, just lie and tell people you are one. It is not like Jews are a Brown race, where if a White person says they are Jew nobody or most people would not believe them because their skin is so fair.

            If your pasty White North Euro butt is telling people you are Guatemalan or Egyptian for example. Than I could see people not believing your claim.

          • David Ashton

            Oh, poor thing! No claim to live in the lands west of the Euphrates then. Still, not as “upset” as when you were excluded from Stormfront, I hope. Someone should give you a blue-and-white Hanky for Hannukah.

          • JohnEngelman

            If I converted to Judaism I could become an Israeli citizen. As a convert I would be more Jewish than an uncircumcised Russian immigrant whose last name is Levitt, but who has never attended a Synagogue service, and whose favorite dish is roast pork with cheese sauce.

        • JohnEngelman

          In any discussion of race gaps in achievement it is appropriate to mention each of the gaps.

        • JohnEngelman

          Most of my pro Oriental and pro Jewish quotes are drawn from articles I found on this website.

          • David Ashton

            So you keep saying.
            Read a few less sympathetic quotes from other websites for a broader perspective.

          • JohnEngelman

            Fortunately, I am not required to agree to a list of tenets in order to be allowed to post here. I am expected to be courteous, and reach expectations more closely than those who flame me.

      • David Ashton

        How about intervention BEFORE birth, i.e. eugenic contraception?

        • JohnEngelman

          I am in favor of eliminating Aid to Families with Dependent Children and beginning free abortion on demand. That would have much the same effect. It should be easy for an unmarried, unemployed and unemployable female to terminate a pregnancy, and virtually impossible for her to raise the child.

  • Fed Up

    Kind of like: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Equating to you can send a black kid to school, but you can’t force him to learn.

    I really believe it to be genetic. The propensity of Blacks to be functionally illiterate. To automatically gravitate to criminal tendencies from childhood on.

  • Luca

    Two liberal taboos not examined during this “in-depth” liberal propaganda piece. The 70% illegitimacy rate among blacks, therefore leaving a fatherless home and the sub-Saharan DNA that almost always leads to a lower IQ.

    As a side note: Why on earth do liberals want everyone to go to college anyway, aren’t they getting enough indoctrination from TV, Internet, Hollywood and newsprint media?

    • JohnEngelman

      In one of his debates with Jared Taylor Tim Wise said that four years of college significantly increased the IQs of black college students.

      • It could be the average IQ of blacks who graduate college are higher than the average IQ of blacks who start college, because a lot of blacks drop out.

        • JohnEngelman

          That is an interesting possibility. Tim Wise did not document his assertion.

          • Djangotamer

            Of course he didn’t. Liberals “feel”, they don’t need silly empirically validated things like statistics or documentation.

          • JohnEngelman

            An unwillingness to accept facts that can be documented and the conclusions that logically come from those facts is a foible of partisans and ideologues on either side of political issues.

          • David Ashton

            Has this ever applied to you?

          • JohnEngelman

            Of course it has.

            Everyone has a tendency to allow their likes and dislikes to influence their judgement of what is true and false. I make an effort to avoid the tendency, however. One should be aware of one’s prejudices.

    • Melanie

      Indoctrination-that’s exactly why. Because unless a person is in one of the hard sciences, that’s all they’re going to get out of a contemporary college education.

  • IKantunderstand

    Yup, it was time to bring this up. Next year it will be be lead paint, industrial pollutants. Then, back to single moms. Rinse, repeat.The constants? They need more money, and it’s White privilege, racism, et cetera, ad nauseum that is the real culprit. It would save a lot of time and energy and money to just admit the truth: Blacks, for the most part, are stupid. It’s not their fault. It’s not our fault, either. I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know what the answer isn’t: blaming Whites and making them pay, to the detriment of their own families. This has to stop. Now.

    • Lead paint was taken off the market in 1978. Each year that goes by, blaming it for blacks’ low IQ gets more and more ridiculous. But even now, in 2013, in the Mayoral campaign in St. Louis, lead paint is a big campaign issue.

      Here’s a hint: If you happen to be dumb enough to consume the scant few lead paint chips that are left, it won’t poison your physiology and will pass through your system IF you consume enough of certain vitamins and minerals. (Can’t remember which ones). BUT…the kind of food you order from a clown’s head doesn’t have much if any of these given vitamins and minerals. The “keepin it real” diet from the 365Black fast feeder isn’t known for its nutritional balance.

    • MBlanc46

      The first step, as you indicate, is admitting the truth. The second step is finding things for them to do that will make them contributing, even self-supporting members of society. How to do either of those I’m sure I don’t know. But unless we do them, things will at best stay the same, and they’ll probably get worse.

      • Rob

        They’re genetically capable of becoming “contributing” members only to a certain extent. Beyond that, there is no feasible solution; as integration has proven to be a complete failure. Either we reinstitute segregation, or it’s back to Africa.

        • Rob

          Or back to Europe for whites, preferably Croatia, Albania, Serbia or Romania. Western whites will fit in perfectly there.

          • Melanie

            Why should whites leave North America? We built everything of consequence on this continent, planned it, designed it, etc. And the rest of the world, especially the third world, knows it, or they wouldn’t be flooding North America legally and illegally. Whites aren’t flooding third world countries. Whites made South Africa the only first world nation on the African continent. Now that whites have been disempowered and are being genocided there, the blacks in power are leveling that country back to the usual African level. They can’t even keep the power running consistently (white juju). Anywhere whites go, blacks will follow, because once they get an inkling of first world life, they want it for themselves, but are incapable of establishing it themselves. This makes them parasites-living on the host which they destroy.

    • JohnEngelman

      Here are the answers: replace Aid to Families with Dependent Children with free abortion on demand; punish criminals with more executions and more and longer prison sentences. Because ghetto thugs will not raise the children who result from their high sex drives they should not be able to beget them.

      A government funded abortion costs much less than a lifetime of welfare payments and activities by the criminal justice system.

      • SLCain

        And the guy you voted for – Obama – and the party you support – the Democrats – would not do any of that. And you know full well they wont, or else you are stupid. So your opinions are nothing but empty vaporings.

  • sickandtired

    You have to WANT to learn. A lot of the kids I see on a daily basis don’t care one bit about succeeding.

  • crystalevans

    I thought black preschoolers went to preschool with teachers that had degrees in early childhood education. It is called Head Start.

    • Melanie

      We call that program “Head Lice” because that’s all most kids ever get out of it. Except, I have heard a white child who was subjected to it, when reciting the alphabet, pronounce “are-ah” instead of “R”.

  • Flypay

    Is not the answer to all of these problems to just lower the standards and requirements so they can achieve a successful outcome. Seems that every aspect of our culture has had the reduction of standards as a means for them to appear qualified for positions such as police, firefighters etc. Just reduce the standards. Simple as that.

    • jay11

      You should see what passes for ‘high school level’ work in urban classrooms all across the land. Posterboard projects where everyone shares the final grade! Students are assigned ‘roles’ in the group such as timekeeper, artist, ‘researcher’ (google, cut-n-paster!), facilitator, etc……

      The youngins’ are so slow these days that teachers are sent to expensive training meetings such as QTEL to try and acquire gimmicks to try to get them to remember ANYTHING. (QTEL is basically a repertoire of classroom games where students do things like moving from ‘station’ to ‘station’, draw on chart paper, ‘jigsaw’ (read snippets of text and teach that to their peer group, etc)

      As I am forced to see/implement these gimmicks by my leftist, POC admins, I can’t help but remember how all of us were taught, without the games, and our generation sustained the greatest civilization on earth!

  • Will

    The underlying biological facts of life relevant to childhood development do inevitably,
    manage to crawl into the topic of childhood development, if around the PC barriers. Perhaps a major reason for Arnold Gesell’s child development research getting disinvited from Yale University was Gesell’s keen appreciation of the importance of biology undergirding observedsocial differences. He found that in Whites, girls are several months ahead of boys inunderlying maturation relevant to early skills at the kindergarten and first grade levels.But a few years later, the most successfully marketed child development scale in America gave no cognizance to gender differences. Might have a tad of relevance to why in a lock step “non-discrimination” early schooling, boys have reading problems at a 4 to 1 higher incidence than girls. PC does exact a price, folks. As for Blacks, they were not
    part of White schools generally at the time much of this research was done ( some
    under expensive film cameras donated by Hollywood–this all about 65 years ago ).
    IF IF some differentiation ( “segregation”?? ) between boys and girls were
    in place in the early grades, there might be fewer casualties. One of the “mum topics”
    in child development has been whether delayed schooling handicaps a child–say, that
    failing to interface with the alphabet and the “See Jane run” primer readers at age six
    or seven or even eight—will amount to a crippling neglect. A key figure in American homeschooling three decades contended that no replicable research had established
    any neglect cost–any price to pay by waiting for surer biological maturation before
    starting mandatory schooling.

  • Heath

    I posted this last week on another post on this website

    These are two articles that I just came across. I was surprised.…...…

    • Dean

      These two young men are not the norm. Yes, they are exceptional, but they represent a very minute percentage of Black people.

      • Jeff

        True. I agree that the young man who scored a perfect SAT score, plays the lead for his music group and is a avid Shakespeare scholar is an aberration. The same can be said for the young Black man who won the Jeopardy teen tournament in an impressive performance. They are atypical (positively speaking) of most Blacks (and many Whites) for that matter.

        • Aaron

          There are brilliant people in every race.

  • anonymous

    Black Learning Gaps START at conception and no education activity can reverse the inevitable.

  • libertarian 1234

    “Only one of every 20 African American kindergartners will graduate from a four-year California university if current trends continue, ”

    Or how about facing reality by going all the way and admitting that only about 1 out of 1000 will acquire university certification if affirmative action halts and they’re required to make it on their own like everybody else?

    • Djangotamer

      Because reality be racist…

    • Melanie

      And of the ones who do graduate, how many of those were just passed through the system to meet quotas? That’s just one reason I refuse to see a black Dr-what are the odds he actually earned that degree, or was AA’d through and had it given to him, to meet that year’s quota of black md degrees?

  • martin stuart

    i dont believe the line that they are not as smart. i really believe it is all parenting. I talk to tables in a restaurant and if the father AND mother are at the table the kids are the same as any other. it is these no parent or discipline ghetto familys that all these problams occur and most welfare trash are white

    • bubo

      Well, all you have to do is change black parenting methods. Should be an easy fix, right? As for your crack about “white trash” on welfare. Well, perhaps you would be more comfortable on the Grio or Huffpo.

    • kai

      Are you white welfare trash? Because you don’t seem too bright yourself. Also, citation needed for your claim that most people on welfare are white (and remember that hispanics are considered “white” by the fedgov). Thanks!

    • Melanie

      You apparently don’t understand the concepts of statistics, percentage, per capita, and rate. There are more whites in the US-app 70%, if census counts can be believed. There are app 12% blacks in the US-again, according to census numbers. Even if those numbers are off, for now whites largely outnumber negros. Therefore, strictly speaking, there are more whites-in raw numbers-on welfare. But the largest percentage of those on welfare are black. Also. whites pay much much more in taxes, more than any other race, and certainly more than blacks-and I’m still speaking in percentages, not just raw numbers-so at least whites, generally speaking, are putting something into the system against the possibility of ever needing to utilise it. Whereas, negros just take, and take. What do you think that app 70% out-of-wedlock rate for black births is all about? The baby daddies stick around long enough to spawn the sprogs, then “Daddy Gubmint” (white tax dollars confiscated at the point of a prison term) foots the bill. Ie, they’re meal tickets, at least until they become old enough to go make another black good or become good themselves, or go to their most common alma mater-NU.

  • odious liberal

    What’s the problem?

  • hastings88

    It amazes me that educators can persist in their mass delusion. They just won’t admit the most obvious reason. We live in the age of the lie.

    • David Ashton

      Sometimes delusions are more frequent, and more dangerous, among “intellectuals” than “ordinary folk”. High IQ is a necessary factor in civilization, but not necessarily sufficient.

  • PBL

    Would forcibly injecting high school dropouts with Depo-Provera (cf. Israel) fit under the rubric of “intervention as a California community”?

  • Why do they always have the black versus white figures to always draw upon. Is not California more brown and yellow today? I thought blacks and whites were leaving the Golden State.

    • jay11

      I want to shout what you said from the rooftops. Liberals need to be continually confronted with their lack of comparisons to the NEW majorities. They need to get to work on constructing the new paradigm: asian and latino guilt! (And asian and latino ‘priviledge’)

  • That’s because even blacks (inherently) know that they are dumber than everybody else so as they get older they basically give up.

    • kai

      YES! And it makes them even more violent and intolerable to be around. Think about it…if you were stupid and knew it, you’d be angry with the establishment lying to you and telling you that you’re as smart as everyone else if you’d just apply yourself. God forbid the schools figure out what blacks are really good at and enjoy, that would be racist! And why the push for everyone to attend college? Oh that’s right, to create lifelong debt slaves and good little workers that have a lot invested in the rotten, corrupt system! What sane, sensible white would pay tens of thousands of dollars for a college education nowadays? No wonder they need to push it on the vibrant diversity, they’re just stupid enough to fall for it…”this degree make me be smart, yo!”.

  • jeffersons burden

    It starts the second they are yanked out of the black hole or in today’s pc age the white hole at least about half the time.

  • Tom Iron

    I was the same as black students. I think I failed every test I ever took in school. As far as I was concerned, the test was completely “unfair.” If they only had asked me the questions i knew the answers to, I’d have done much better. Then again, the tests would’ve been extremely short.

  • • The failure of the one-size-fits-all gov’t education model affects more than blacks, it hurts all who don’t fit the narrow sweet spot of ‘avg student.’

    • Track back to Brown v Board of Ed and consider that the root motivator wasn’t to provide quality education to blacks, but was to screw white people. Then consider the price paid by millions of black students (wards?) who have been denied education strategies that would have met their unique needs.

    • David Ashton

      The imposed egalitarian dogma hurts the majority of both races. Was this an “unintended” outcome?

  • Thor Bonham

    The report found that African American students are doing well in some
    school districts, particularly those with higher concentrations of other

    Wouldn’t be because they actually had to dumb down the curriculum so blacks have
    a chance, could it ?

  • Melanie

    That gap won’t ever be closed because if if they ever managed to move it just a little, it’s not as if whites are just standing still.

  • Bill

    ability to learn is driven by IQ. Since blacks have lower IQ’s, why is it a surprise that their relative inability to keep up with the class starts at the very first class level? Duh. Hard work and diligent studying can overcome to some extent innate ability but that can only get you so far. Blacks are not willing on the whole to engage in behavior which stresses long term planning and goals, hard consistent work, and long hours studying. As an aside, I believe a LOT of black criminality is innate, but in times past they were controlled and much more behaved as a whole. A lot of their current criminality is driven by liberals telling them they are entitled to things, driven by stoking their hatred of whites by liberals telling them events from 200 years ago justifies their hatred today, and by their imbued entitlement mentality….a mentality directly attributed to liberals and self-loathing whites enabling that mentality.

  • puffdaddy

    DO parents have anything to do with this? And does anyone involved in this story note that blacks seem to need other races, specifically White or Asian, to succeed as they seem to be unable to succeed on their own? No. Of course not. Progressives never see the elephant in the room, but they do want more money.

  • Mariner33

    The best solution is “benign neglect”. No government programs based on ethnic, racial bases. No affirmative action, no preferences, no set asides. Transplant Singapore’s justice and penal system.

  • Fr. John+

    You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Can we de-fund this RELIGION that sees non-Whites as the equal of God’s Elect?

  • newscomments70

    In high school, my liberal English teacher made me read, “Flowers for Algernon”. It was about a mentally retarded man who was part of a scientific study. His early life was very harsh. He had a mother who was in denial about his retardation. She tried so hard to make her son “normal” and “smart”, but it was impossible…he was retarded. Occasionally he would memorize something and appear to be “improving”, but the father admonished the mother, “stop teaching him dog tricks. He really doesn’t get it. Stop trying to make him into something he is not. ” The mother would burst out in anger and denial…but she still could not make her son normal. I don’t mean to compare black children to mentally retarded, but they do have a low average IQ. Most should be in basic remedial classes and trade schools. If they don’t want that, they should be sent to work as janitors, etc (no more welfare). That would work. Trying to make them brain surgeons is just not going to happen. It’s sad and exhausting to keep reading articles like this. These liberal educators remind me of the looney mother in “Flowers for Algernon”.

  • Paleoconn

    I’m thinking they start at the jizz phase.

  • jay11

    Well, about 120 years ago, liberal do-gooders thought they should ‘forcibly’ intervene to ‘civilize’ the Red Man. How? By taking his children from him and putting them in boarding schools run by pedophiles and masochists. Didn’t work out so well, did it? So I wonder what sort of ‘force’ the man, Arun something-or-other, has in mind for black kids. Oh, probably taking more money from evil whitey and starting yet more ‘programs’ (money-wasters) to employ more people like him (of her – Ican’t tell by the foreign, exotic name).

    Yet oh, again! Latinos outperform blacks, as do Asians. Isn’t it time for those two groups to step up to the plate and start directing their wealth and efforts to uplift blacks. Obviously, we whites have failed, and 50 years from now blacks will find themselves without the white boogeyman and only Asians and Latinos to mooch off of.

  • Pelayo

    Get a copy of INTO THE CANNIBALS POT and read it. It’s frighteningly prophetic and we need a wake up call. Author is ILANA MERCER.

  • Hooyaadawas

    Eugenism was a Anglo-saxon thing, apparently it hasnt changed since centuries.WASP are still thinking they are Aryen race. But you definitivly know Anglo-saxon are the biggest criminal and genocist even worse than Nazi and you dare playing the victim. Get real!

  • Luis

    ‘We need to forcibly intervene”…

    I thought that elementary and high school were compulsory in every state in the union, ALREADY.

    As ridiculous as the NFL’ ‘Rooney Rule” – in a 70% Bantu league, they still need a quota system for head coaching jobs.

  • SLCain

    To the editors: Are you really such cowardly twerps that you deleted my post suggesting that you make John Engelman an editor for this site? Since you obviously approve of him, why is that so out of line? Since his opinions – advocating socialism, praising Barack Obama and the radical leftists of the Democratic party, supporting tyranical police-state measures, and deriding the founding culture of America and it’s traditions of limited government – seem more worthy of posting than those of many of us, why don’t you bring him on board to give editorial guidance to this site? After all, Ian Jobling did such a great job for you guys, why not appoint a truly worthy successor to him?

    AR is turing this into a worthless irrelevancy. If you can’t tell an enemy from an ally, then who needs you as an ally? Good riddance.

  • anarchyst

    Blacks learn best by “rote” memorization and a “firm hand” to keep them in line. Attempting to teach blacks by utilizing “white” education methods is doomed to failure. Logic, reasoning, and just plain “common sense” cannot be translated into an effective teaching method for blacks.