Latino Groups Warn Congress to Fix Immigration, or Else

Julia Preston, New York Times, December 12, 2012

The nation’s largest Latino organizations warned Congress on Wednesday that they will keep a report card during the immigration debate next year, with plans to mobilize their voters against lawmakers who do not support a comprehensive immigration bill.

At a news conference here [in Washington, DC], seven Latino groups and one labor union were showing their muscle, after the record turnout of Hispanic voters in the November elections played a pivotal role in President Obama’s re-election victory.

Janet Murguía, the president of N.C.L.R., also known as the National Council of La Raza, said the election had been a “game-changer” that conclusively “made the political case for a bipartisan solution” on immigration.

“We have worked to build our power and now we intend to use it,” Ms. Murguía said. “The bottom line,” she said, “is that Latino voters went to the polls with the economy on their minds but with immigration reform in their hearts.”

The leaders made it clear they expect quick action in 2013. They said the president and Congress should take up an immigration bill soon after Mr. Obama’s inauguration in January, with an eye toward completing passage of legislation by August.

The leaders said they would continue a joint campaign they led this year to naturalize Latino immigrants and to register and mobilize Latino voters. They said they would send results from the report card to those voters, to galvanize them during the debate and to guide their choices in the midterm elections in 2014.

“Make no mistake, we will be watching,” said Eliseo Medina, international secretary-treasurer of the Service Employees International Union, which led one of the most extensive Latino voter drives. The report card will show “who stood with us and who stood against us” on immigration reform, Mr. Medina said.


“Failure is not an option,” Mr. Medina said. “Comprehensive immigration reform is going to happen. Whether it will be over the political bodies of some of the current members of Congress,” he said, “only they can decide.”

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  • Puggg

    Okay, but most Latino voters live where an open borders Democrat already represents them in the House and Senate.

    • The__Bobster

      But they don’t stay put. There are invaders in the farthest corners of White America and they are breeding fast.

      • jay11

        Yeah, I see latinos EVERYWHERE now, even in little lonesome towns off the beaten path — in northern climes! I always shake my head in wonder at how there can be so many surplus Mexicans that in the space of five or ten years they can be found almost everywhere now in the dying U.S. of A.

        • Greg Thomas

          There is a surplus because they have been violating our southern border ,
          unhindered, for the past 25 years. There are illegal invading mexicans in every corner of this country now. They will only multiply, as it’s virtually a crime for anyone (including law enforcement) to suspect they might be here illegally.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Every step forward is a step backward for the White community.

  • jay11

    They often use the phrase “fix” immigration. Why are they too scared to say what they really mean? They want amnesty for illegal immigrants. And why are conservatives too scared to call liberals and latinos out on this? Even Mexico fights illegal immigration with walls, deportations etc…
    Latinos that I know are always so happy. They have been told (by their own activitst and also by white liberals) that they are destined to take control of this country in 20 years or so. All they have to do is keep jumping the border fence, help others to do so, and have 3-6 babies a piece put on the public dole.
    Haven’t any of you ever noticed this sentiment among latinos, that of the patient conquerer who is destined for victory?

  • Didn’t the Republican Party learn the 2012 lesson, that it doesn’t matter how much you bow down to them, if you are a white man you don’t get their vote. Someone told me just before the election that the Hispanics were going to vote so against obama that the country would be saved by the conservative, religious hispanics. Ha! They voted for the Kenyan to grab more of our hard-earned treasure and the open door that the democrats promised them.

    • The__Bobster

      Mestizos don’t have conservative values. All they want is to get free stuff from the Gringos and to steal his land, which they mistakenly think is theirs.

      • Liberalsuck

        yet my conservative neocon friends say, “Oh, have a heart with these illegals. They are just providing for their family.” God, the ignorance really gets to me! These conservative whites live in predominately white settings and have never lived around large groups of blacks or Mexicans. They hate white people, want our money, want us to pay all their bills and want to displace us. Why would it not be natural for me to highly resent people like that?

        • saxonsun

          One longs for the days of Eisenhower–he deported millions of these folks.

        • Neocons are a**holes. There’s nothing conservative about them. They hitched a ride on the republican party only to advance their agenda like a tick looking for the juiciest host. To hell with them.

          • GSJ

            Neo-cons are not our friends. They act like they are “conservative”, but stab you in the back in favour of these Aztlan invaders.

    • Xerxes22

      The Republicans never learn. They are as dumb as the Dodo bird and should suffer the same fate.

      • Liberalsuck

        Since they are incapable of learning from their mistakes, I have no sympathy for them and they can push whatever agenda they want without my vote and without my donations anymore.

    • Lou406

      “Didn’t the Republican Party learn the 2012 lesson”

      They didn’t learn in 1988 when Bush Sr. received only 30% of the Hispanic vote just 2 years after Reagan gave millions of them amnesty. The 2012 lesson will go similarly unheeded, as will the inevitable 2016 lesson.

      • No one has forgotten the 1986. We said back then it was only going to make a bad situation worse.

    • Ran, you are so correct. Right now, it’s become a crime just to be a white man. Could Ryan or Rand Paul ever win? Not unless the media gives approval.

  • FIRST, identify ANY politician, especially a republican who broke out in a cold sweat, then shivered, under Janet Murguía’s threat. Thse wimps need to be removed from office.

    Second, we need to find a politician who is not afraid to tell Murguía where she can go, which is back to whatever third world mess she came from. She is NOT afraid to mobilize the latino vote, so where is the white candidate who should do the same?

    • fsagas

      Finding people with balls is tough in this day of age.

      You would be better fit to find cows that fly.

      • Diamond_Lil

        Let’s not give up hope, we have a new, angry generation arising.

        • nobody


  • Let us be honest. There will be no immigration reform despite Obama’s promises . He promised this in his first term and he failed to deliver . The reason is that this issue is not one that affects mainstream America. Most Americans do not know any illegal immigrants and see them as invaders from south of the border than want rights that they are not entitled to.

    • The__Bobster

      You don’t have to know them personally to hate their brown guts. All you need to do is see their masses pushing out average Americans in every facet of their lives.

      • Liberalsuck

        Why do we have to know them all to resent them? Plenty of blacks and mexicans hate us, yet they don’t know each and every white person.

        • The Celt

          Its call instinct,something we Whites are denied.

  • IstvanIN

    Basically they are saying what Achmed the Dead Terrorist says: “I kill you”, and we allow them to come here.

  • David Ashton

    Mexicamerica, here we come!
    Just “problems”, Mr Engelman?

    • The__Bobster

      Yuan would prefer to have America look like China.

      • I would prefer China over Mexico any day.

      • David Ashton

        He just needs to skip across the border to Vancouver.

  • veritas_lux_mea

    So the #1 most important issue for Latinos is getting more of their people into this country? At least we know what to expect from our first Hispanic president circa 2032.

  • mobilebay

    For a country that once produced the “greatest generation” who defended us against far more enlightened countries than the hellhole across our southern border, we’ve become a nation of wimps who can’t stop third worlders from just walking in and taking over. Of course, they are aided and abetted by our own government and urged on by the anti-American traitors of La Raza and the rest of the “Latino” organizations. When we decide we’ve had enough, we’ll elect people who have our welfare at heart rather than the wefare of the criminals who’ve invaded our country.

    • The__Bobster

      The “greatest generation” are the ones who sold us out when they grew older. What was so great about that?

      • mobilebay

        Bobster, the bravery of the “greatest generation” during the war is well-documented. Could you please give us facts about their “sell-out?” Many in my family served then and were they alive now, they would probably take their shovels to the border and start digging to erect a fence and face down the invaders.

  • Bill

    The sad thing is, this will terrify all the RINOs in Washington, and will actually work. But then, “our” candidate was a RINO, which pretty much proves grass roots America doesn’t count any more through the ballot box. It’s all rigged. I wonder what happens when white Americans realize universally that they have no voice, trying to protect their rights and identity doesn’t work through the ballot box, and they have zilch voice in things? Hmmmm. Let me ponder that……

  • Big Lebowski’s Favorite Drink

    Failure is not an option,” Mr. Medina said. “Comprehensive immigration reform is going to happen. If it’s such a sure thing Mr. Eliseo, why are you so frustrated that it hasn’t happened yet? And threatening to use your political power? That doesn’t sound like a very confident plan of attack from la Raza.

    I am with you. I want comprehensive immigration reform as well. In the form of crossing legally, and not sneaking your pregnant “sanchas” over to have an anchor baby. Comprende?

    • George White

      I want reform too! I want the military to go door to door and send that scum back to where it came from.That’s reform we can all live with.

    • John Bonham

      How about changing your views to, NO immigration from blacks, browns, whites, or asians period… Stop ALL immigration for the next 100 years and get all the illegals out of the country ..How does that sound ? I think Mr Taylor has said this time and time again..

    • I remember that the last republican president said we were going to have immigration reform. He tried twice to shove it down our throats and his base shoved it back up his patrician tuchys instead. That was the beginning of the end for him.

      In a time when we no longer have jobs for our own people and the people here legally, it makes no sense not to secure the border, militarily even, and to continue to import poverty into this country. I have no problem with shoot-to-kill orders.

      It really is now become a matter of their survival or ours, and anyone who supports the illegals must be regarded as great an enemy to the country as they are.

    • Greg Thomas

      I want “comprehensive” enforcement of our laws!

  • Diamond_Lil

    Call their bluff. What are they going to do? Take their tamales and go home? I could only hope so.

    • Several years ago, they talked about doing a “day without a Mexican” and how badly it would affect us. I wish they were a day that all illegal Mexicans would stay home. Without illegal Mexicans our hospitals wouldn’t be on the verge of bankruptcy. Fewer Americans would be killed by unlicensed drunk drivers, and without illegal mexicans, many of whose cholo ba**ards are drawing taxpayer provided benefits, our budget wouldn’t now be on the verge of collapse.
      Time for all Americans and the people who immigrated here legally to say to these hordes: No se dejen la puerta golpear las nalgas a ustedes cuando se vayan.
      (Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.)

      • Diamond_Lil

        Completely agree. Can you imagine what the yoof and the cholos would do if there was a Day without the White Person? Civilization as they know it would shut down.

  • Anon

    This is very much a red herring issue. Mestizos aren’t here to infiltrate our country. They have no interest whatsoever in any path to citizenship. They are here to create a new country.

    They really could not make what they intend any more clear. This is not a handful of radicals. It’s millions of people speaking with one voice. In fact, I would say they have pretty much succeeded. And what La Raza is threatening has nothing to do with mobilizing votes and everything to do with secession of those territories from the United States and mexico.

    There is a big problem though. These are not normal people. They are the dregs of the dregs of society. Many of them, from the point of view of their countries of origin, are considered vermin to be killed on sight. There are REASONS for that opinion.

    These are not nation builders. They are nation destroyers. At best, parasites. At worst, a savage horde that will eat itself once it runs out of victims.

    They do not grow food. They don’t mine coal or drill for oil. They do not build homes. If they could, they would live as nomadic marauders, butchering and stealing what they need. But even that isn’t viable as there are not enough normal people to victimize and get the resources they need. And along that line, they are also weak as hell. Sure, a few gangbangers are a problem for the neighborhood that supports them but as an army they are pathetic. Any supply chain would be wiped out in seconds, and that’s (a very big) if they can create one. Starving, they’d be wiped out in short order once we admitted they were enemies.


    What they want far exceeds their capabilities. The traitors in this country would be all too happy to roll over and give them what they want, if it would work. It would actually be grimly amusing to give that land over to them and militarize a new border and watch them starve to death before taking back that land. I suspect the white race is going to be forced to do so by the shear non-sustainability of the situation we’ve created.

    It will be a good lesson to future generations of whites. White supremacy isn’t a choice. It’s a fact. Denial of that fact has severe consequences. In fact, it’s cruel. I suspect, in our lifetimes we will see how cruel it can get.

    • George White

      As harsh as this post is, it is entirely accurate. I can vouch for what you said, since I live in Los Angeles and have the misfortune of working around these people. They really should be sent back to where they came from. They bring nothing to the table. They are here to TAKE, period. If whites elsewhere in the USA actually understood what is happening they’d be up in arms.

      • Diamond_Lil

        I hear you, George, I’m right here in Burrito Land as well. They are on the take for everything and they brag about it openly.

        • Greg Thomas

          I’m also in the heart of reconquista. These people bring nothiing to the table(except squalor) and are here to loot whatever they can get their hands on. If there was any sanity left, massive ICE round-ups would commence asap.

    • saxonsun

      White supremacy is also a necessity.

  • RHG

    “We have worked to build our power and now we intend to use it,”
    Do you need a better example that these people are ” racial supremacists”?

  • bigone4u

    I live in an area that is 80 percent mestizo, although I am in the process of moving. What I have observed is that every Hispanic wants more of them here even though it drives down their wages due to labor supply effects. They want the power so that they can bleed the productive class of whites and some middle class Hispanics dry. Like in Mexico the booty taken by the pirates goes to already wealthy Hispanics, not to the poor, who merely receive crumbs. Everywhere there is a mestizo, there is Mexico. Texas, not just south Texas, is on its way to being little Mexico. An additional problem created by this is the abuse of power, the authoritarian mentality of the Hispanic leaders, who act more like Stalin than George Washington. This country has no bright future, sad to say.

  • Greg Thomas

    More threats from the La Raza Nazis I see. There are two assumptions that can be made from this Janet’s statement. One is that illegal invading hispanics voted. The other
    is that the majority of legal hispanics support this invasion of our country by
    their brown brethren. Either one, if true, should alarm White America.

    And they still have the audacity to claim the reconquista is a fragment of our imaginations.

    • Liberalsuck

      These illegal mexicans will be putting up with a lot of pissed off angry white people and a lot of blacks who hate them, too. Blacks and mexicans do not get along. Whites don’t have the guilt for Mexicans that they have for blacks, which is dying more and more. The Hispanics say “We are a sleeping giant.’ Well, we are a fully awake giant very close and ready to strike hard.

      • Greg Thomas

        The guilt White liberals have over blacks has been transferred to illegal invading mexicans. This is why brown Nazis like Janet routinely condemn White Americans as being “racists” because we demand our immigration laws are enforced against her mexican invaders. She and her cohorts are trying to parlay that black guilt into amnesty for her mexican invaders in order to legitimize their invasion.

        So far, their threats have resulted in our immigration laws being virtually nullified and set aside for invading mexicans. Dreamers have been granted amnesty by obama. Efforts to thwart this invasion have been met with federal lawsuits.

        The Supreme Court recently affirmed that in order for an illegal invader to be charged with identity theft, the feds must prove that the illegal invader actually knew the number they were using (to usurp a job) belonged to a real person. Never mind the fact they assumed an identity that did not belong to them in order to steal a job. This is only a small fraction of the victories illegal invaders have achieved in this country over the past few years.

        Consequently,illegal invaders have become more militant and emboldened in their demands. They believe the federal government is on their side. So far, there is little evidence to suggest otherwise.

        • Liberalsuck

          They are going to find out as our federal government goes belly up and no longer can afford the muscle to pay their soldiers and cops, they will be up against a group of armed whites who are growing angrier and feeling more alienated by the day. The hispanic militants claim they are a sleeping giant. We are an equally powerful giant too, but the difference is we are awake; they’re still sleeping.

          • I hope so. I truly hope so. Our “government” is not the solution. It’s the obstruction to a solution.

      • John Bonham

        Black and Mexicans get along just fine when they’re against whites …

        • Liberalsuck

          That’s just it. They don’t get along with each other. Even in predominately black/brown settings even with whites and/or Asians around, the blacks/browns end up fighting eachother. In prison, the Hispanics will unite with the whites.

  • John

    “Latino Groups Warn…”

    Thank you Presidents Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II for allowing this to happen on our soil and for giving illegal Mestizos a loud voice to issue warnings to Congress.

    Before anyone takes me to task for not mentioning the filthy and despicable Democraps in my castigation of our nation’s chief executives, rest assured, I am fully aware of their roles in facilitating illegal immigration, but the Democraps have never attempted to hide or mask what they are or their treasonous activities. As for Reagan and the Bush clan, they are little more than a collection of Benedict Arnolds to the White race!

    The same goes for John Roberts, Speaker Boehner, and the vast majority of the spineless, race-traitors in the Republican Party. The are looking out for numero uno, and they don’t mind betraying every White man, woman, and child to take care of their own interests first and foremost as we witness daily.

    • I’ll believe our “leaders” are serious about actually fixing the problem as soon as they build a fence between the United States and Mexico.

  • bluffcreek1967

    You Whites better “fix” immigration or . . . . . we will invade your country with millions of our peasant, illiterate Mexican people; we will turn all your clean, White cities into brown barrios infested with Mexican “cholos”; we will force all your official government documents to be written in Spanish; we will demographically reconquer all of your southern border states; we will protest in all your cities, waive the flag of Mexico in your face, and demand that you give each of us who broke your immigration laws the right of citizenship; and we will send over our very own President of Mexico to lecture your congress about how unfair’ and ‘racist’ it is that one of your states dare to deport our people! . . . . Uh, never mind, we’ve already done that.

    • Liberalsuck

      They hate us no matter what we do or say, so why give cave in to them? I will not cave into people who have no respect for my laws and my culture.

    • The Celt

      Is the goverment that stupid to let more in because of threats,do they not realise that more of them means bigger threats and more demands until they decide they are strong enough too start killing White Americans off.

    • 18th and 19th century Americans would have known the property way to deal with invading hordes.

  • sklep

    Latinos didn’t “work” to gain any power they have now. They simply flocked to where the nice things (read: White people-made areas) were and they had the incredible fortune of having the most ignorant and hateful species ever created at their back and call: White leftists.

    White leftists are to a nation’s identity and security as HIV is to the immune system.

  • Lou406

    “”We have worked to build our power””

    Much in the same way cancer cells work to build a malignant tumor, through rapid, unchecked, life draining growth. All of which eventually leads to the demise of it’s unwilling host.

  • This government is now finished. This nation pandered to Zionist groups for a half century while they planned its downfall. It’s so unreal how our politicians allowed a foreign power to control our media, culture, policies, and educational system. Hopefully, our women can finally see why the mainstream media imposed feminist dogma upon them. The Zionists started gender conflict in an effort to lower our birth rates.

  • hastings88

    Is there any doubt that these Latinos are colonizing invaders?

  • archer

    What’s really been going on for the last 40 yrs. or so is that Mexico has been ethnically cleansing their own country by getting rid of as many mestizo’s as possible and dumping them on us. Because this is no longer a soveriegn country in the eyes of the new world order, not since we lost control of our money supply to the federal reserve bandits and entered into many nation killing treaties with the u.n.

    • No, what actually has happened is that low skilled uneducated Mexicans have seen what their fellow low skilled uneducated Mexicans brought with them when they returned to the US and they wanted that as well.

  • William Allingham

    Even the most anti/immigration persons have a sanitized image about hispanics and the books on the subject (based on the bogus data that a corrupt country like mexico yields) only show a superficial vision of the intrinsically rotten culture of mexico. We have to take on account that these are people who are living at the expense of a white society and thus their influence is being mitigated but left by their own means the situation is worse. The Hispanics statistics are just a little (very little) taste of what they really are up to. mexico has many dirty secrets that are too crude even by right wing standards. it doesnt surprises me at all their dishonest position of posing as wretched, humble servants, voluntarily leaving their place for whatever whites would give them and then show their real face of ungrateful cowards with very narrow interests and lust for unearned power, this is the unending drama that the mayans, aztecs and many mesoamerican societies played and which determined their stagnation, i cannot help to think that all of this has a genetic component in their character, their backward way of doing things is absurd to us but not for them the same way a dog cannot see the absurdity of biting the same bone all day long because cannot see itself doing something better.

  • Dave4088

    So now that the sweet, doing the jobs Americans won’t do mestizos have sufficient numbers they are dispensing with their phony, smiling masks and getting down to the brass tacks. And we’re treated to the usual veiled threats if their radical, racially chauvinistic demands aren’t met. Welcome to the third world and America is currently on pace to become a coast to coast Mexico City.

    Normally, comments like those from this brainless latina radical don’t bother me. But the Republicans have been in headlong retreat since the November election and are likely to oblige La Raza in some form or fashion.

  • Hispanics always end their demands with a veiled threat.

  • Shaking in our boots, we are. Nope. Not really. These arrogant lawless Illegals and the traitors, that support them are done. Every day, while Americans languish in high unemployment and forced onto food stamps, our anger grows towards these arrogant lawless Illegals and traitors. Our anger is not going anywhere. It only grows, more fierce. Whatever traitors do for Illegals, is illegitimate and will be undone by American U.S. citizens.

  • PesachPatriot

    I live in a state that is considered a hispanic stronghold…they are young and breeding quickly while the white, black and asian populations of florida are all aging and having fewer children. Dade county is pretty much spanish speaking territory at this point, except for some wealthy beach enclaves like south beach or bal harbour. Broward has already been majority hispanic for a few years now. Cubans tend to vote republican, mexicans and others Democrat.

    I think politically there are big differences between the legal citizens of hispanic descent(who have lived in spanish colonized parts of florida, texas, arizona and california) for centuries and the illegals pouring across the border. The former view the latter as an uncouth rabble screwing up their american dream by starting gangs and ruining neighborhoods. I don’t agree with gangs and violence and breaking the law, but the illegal hispanics live in such close proximity to urban bantu savagery that they have little choice but to form gangs as a way to protect their women and property from rape and assault…they are also the preferred victims of the black thug class since they get paid in cash and are unlikely to report the mugging to the police.

    The number of illegals has declined significantly over the past few years as the economy worsened. A lot of illegals also don’t want or desire permanent citizenship here anyways…they just want to sneak quietly across the border, work for 5 years or so and then go live well in their small town in mexico. A border fence along the mexican border like what Israel has around gaza or the west bank with a big No Mas Trabajo sign would work pretty effectively. Also, maybe issuing huge fines and media shaming of Home Depots and Lowe’s that allow their parking lots to be used as illegal immigrant employment offices. America simply needs to adopt the same strict laws against illegal immigration as mexico has and enforce them.

    On a personal not my father was an illegal immigrant who could not speak english when he got here. He was naturalized in Reagans amnesty in 1986 and it was one of the happiest days of my life when he became an American citizen. Many immigrants, even illegal ones appreciate the greatness of America and the Constitution more than the dumbed down sheeplish libtarded masses who are always castigating and denigrating her as some evil bigoted bully of a nation oppressing the globe to rape other nations of their natural resources…America’s greatness is the kindness shown to defeated enemies…the rebels of the south were allowed to build monuments to their generals, the amerindians were given land and their images placed on gold coins, a ruined europe was rebuilt twice with american aid and countless hungry bellies in Africa and Asia will be full tonight because of the grain and meat produced by white american farmers. It sounds kind of silly but my father and grandparents were both amazed by the glory of the american supermarkets when they first came here…I have traveled outside of america and most americans who have never even left their own state have no idea how much better they have things then the rest of the world.

    • nobody

      Illegals don’t have bank accounts. They are basically a walking ATM if you can catch them before they get to the local crack house or liquor store. At least that is what I hear.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Or else what? You’ll vote republican? Or go back to the hell holes you came from?

    Why don’t you threaten to stop driving drunk and without licenses or insurance? Or threaten to stop claiming 10 dependents on phony tax returns where you get a refund for $$ you never paid.

    As for the commies in SEIU:

    This CPUSA organization should be vetted for its source of funding, whether or not it receives $$ directly from the government and for fraud and illegal activities during Latino vote drives.

    Maybe Allen West should step up to the plate.

    Or else what? No more chalupas for you, comrade.


  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    Everyone here needs to stop using the term, “reconquer” it is erroneous. Mexicans never conquered the American Southwest, The Spaniards did and they were White men.

    • Liberalsuck

      If the Mexicans were capable of taking over anything, why don’t they stay in Mexico and change things? Why can’t they revolt against the small white population there, yet think they can take on a much larger (armed) population here in the US? Very arrogant and short-sighted of them. Then again, that is what makes us better than our enemies. We know we can beat the odds everytime; they think we’re weak. That will be their downfall.

  • jay11

    I had a conversation today with a Mexican man (about 18 yrs old). He’s been here for about 5 years, along with his whole family. Apparenlty he’s legal somehow. He talked about how different mexico would be today if it ‘took back’ what the U.S. ‘stole’ from mexico.
    I tried to point out, in a friendly way, that there were few mexicans living in those lands 165 years ago when the U.S. took control. He was convinced it was a teeming mexican civilization with great cities and a huge population. I tried to explain that there were only about 20,000 mexicans (mostly white ones) in all the land from Texas to CA, but he had a picture in his mind of millions of mexicans in those territories back then.
    I also tried to explain that Mexico only inherited that land from a collapsing Spanish Empire, which had lumped all the land from Central America to Oregon in one big terrirotry, and that Mexico only formally controlled that land for less than 40 years. He wasn’t getting the import of this information.
    I mentioned that Mexicans didn’t colonize those territories in mass numbers because the native Americans (apache et al) were too fierce. He couldn’t believe it. Finally I mentioned that after the brief war, the U.S. paid some 10 million dollars for the land, and that back then it would have been equivalent to ‘billions’ of dollars. He accepted that, so at least there was a start.
    After the conversation, as I walked home passing by one pregnat latina after another, holding hands with their 2-3 toddlers apiece, I realized what my Mexican acquaintance knew better than me: they will own this land, and time is on their side. Liberals rejoice! You are almost finished with your plan to bring the world’s last beacon of civilization down!

  • Everyone send a message of thanks to former president George W. Bush for helping to put us in this mess. If not the worst American president, Bush was easily America’s worst republican president.

  • The narco-terrorist gangs in Mexico, if we don’t secure our borders and expel the illegals, within a decade they will be here.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      They already are. Drug-related beheadings are already cropping up this side of the border.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    “Or else what?”

    If they really wanted to teach us all a lesson, they’d stop working their “essential” jobs and go back to Mexico.

  • A Swain

    I suspect, the intent of Hispanics and Latinos is to keep on lobbying for more of their own to be put forward as main party candidates for Congress and the Presidency. In the meantime, from their perspective, voting for anything non-White is a tactical necessity.

    When one of theirs’ is eventually elected to the Presidency and it won’t be long until that day materialises then we will see exactly what La Raza translates as in the shape of empowerment.

    Blacks along with Whites will be sidelined in every walk of life.

  • ageofknowledge

    They don’t even realize that the more immigrants that flood into these bankrupt immigrant overrun states, the less is available for them. They just can’t put 1 + 1 together.