Black Jobless Rate Is Twice That of Whites

Michael A. Fletcher, Washington Post, December 14, 2012


But this stubborn fact remains: The African American jobless rate is about twice that of whites, a disparity that has barely budged since the government began tracking the data in 1972. In last week’s jobs report, the black unemployment rate was 13.2 percent, while the white rate stood at 6.8 percent.

Discrimination has long been seen as the primary reason for this disparity, which is evident among workers from engineers to laborers. But fresh research has led scholars to conclude that African Americans also suffer in the labor market from having weaker social networks than other groups.

Having friends and relatives who can introduce you to bosses or tell you about ripe opportunities has proved to be one of the most critical factors in getting work. Such connections can also help people hold onto their jobs, researchers say.

“It is surprising to many people how important job networks are to finding work,” said Deirdre A. Royster, a New York University sociologist. “The information they provide help people make a good first impression, get through screening and get hired.”


Several studies show that black workers tend to lack these connections.

In her research, Royster followed the experiences of a group of similarly situated black and white men, all graduates of the same vocational school and who sought jobs in the same areas. She screened the men for things that might normally affect their employability: values, work ethic and performance. It turned out that the white men did much better getting jobs, which she said grew in part from their access to a more robust network of contacts.

“It just happens to be the case that if you are a white guy you are more likely to know people who have access to a certain set of jobs,” she said. “It has to do with becoming part of a network of reciprocity.”

Recent research also shows immigrants have active networks that help new arrivals navigate the country, and trading information about jobs is an important part of that.

That is one reason that Hispanics—more than a third of whom are foreign born—have lower jobless rates than African Americans despite, on average, having fewer educational credentials.


Researchers are quick to add that bias—both conscious and unconscious—continues to be the most significant obstacle confronting black job-seekers.

The racial gap in the unemployment rate defies educational attainment and occupational endeavor. African Americans with at least a bachelor’s degree had a 7.1 percent jobless rate in 2011, while the white rate was 3.9 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Similarly, black workers with only a high school education had a jobless rate of 15.5 percent, while similarly educated white workers had an unemployment rate of 8.4 percent.


The 2-to-1 gap in the unemployment rate is one of the most pronounced signs of the presence of discrimination in our society,” said William A. Darity, a professor at Duke University. “That disparity, I think, is an index of discrimination.”

A 2009 study published in the Journal of Labor Economics, supported that point. After examining more than two years of personnel data from a large retail chain, researchers found that white, Hispanic and Asian managers tend to hire fewer blacks and more whites than did black managers.

In addition, racial audit tests of employers consistently find that when identically credentialed people apply for jobs, whites are much more likely to be contacted for an interview and hired.


Although the disparity is clear and long-standing, many Americans do not view it as a problem. Polls have found that the vast majority of whites think blacks have equal opportunity in the job market. Similarly, huge majorities of whites say in surveys that they do not make negative assumptions when they encounter someone of another race.


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  • Triarius

    Considering the average IQ of blacks, the number of blacks with RELEVANT college degrees (or the amount that is actually literate), no criminal record, and a GPA and/or standardized test scores that are not the bare minimum, I’m willing to bet that blacks are vastly overrepresented in the workforce. My experience leads to this. The number of incompetant blacks I have met in the office could fill an auditorium while the number of competant ones that can do their job without constant supervision I can count on one hand.

    • Slayer88

      They are certainly overrepresented in government hiring….

      • The__Bobster

        A lot of government agencies are race-audited on a regular basis and are found to be “grossly deficient” in minorities, even though they look like the casting call for a Tarzan movie.

        It seems that the Ubangies have discovered that by not checking the “race” box, they are automatically counted as White. So naturally they refuse to do it, knowing it will result in more of them getting hired.

    • The__Bobster

      Only 2% of the Bantus have IQ’s high enough (>115) to do well in college.

      • nobody

        Come on Bobster, I read your comments frequently and I thought your statistics would be a little bit better than that. 2% is way too high of a number.

    • Michael Alan Prock

      Considering an IQ of 75 or less as being unemployable…
      Black Civilian Labor Force = 18,426,000
      Percentage of Black Labor Force with IQ 76 or above = .82 x 18,426,000 = 15,109,320
      Total Black Employment = 13,994,000
      Employable Black Unemployment Rate = 7.4%
      All things considered, US Blacks are doing pretty good and have the highest standard of living of Blacks anywhere on Earth.

    • John

      Imagine what the true unemployment rate for Blacks would be without the artificial charade of affirmative action forcing Whites at gunpoint to hire Blacks.
      Likewise, imagine how much lower the White unemployment rate would be without the deleterious effects of affirmative action and without a government that not only completely ignores its immigrations laws, but actively works to undermine the White citizens in our own country.

    • saxonsun

      You are correct. It’s easy for anyone to notice.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    The only reason blacks aren’t at full employment is because of unearned racist White privilege. Obama can do more for justice and equality by firing a bunch of Whiteys and making room for more deserving Diversity.

  • StillModerated

    African Americans also suffer in the labor market from having weaker social networks than other groups …

    Don’t let the Crips and Bloods hear you calling them weak!

  • Alex

    Anyone who has ever worked with blacks knows why they have the higher unemployment rate : piss-poor attitudes, lack of basic social and communication skills, gross incompetence and an inability to stay focused on the task at hand.

    If it wasn’t for affirmative action enforcement and a few professional sports jobs they would certainly have no gainful employment (not like they contribute much anyways in sports and a.a. jobs).

    I remember when I worked at a large construction company that was working on the Dan Ryan expressway, the blacks went to picket at the company headquarters (led by one of their ridiculous, scamming, hustling preachers) because all of the work crews were overwhelmingly White with a lot of Mexicans, but hardly any blacks and the Dan Ryan goes through almost all black neighborhoods except for Bridgeport and Chinatown. The company had to hire a few of the natives and the days the applicants came to apply, more than a few were smoking marijuana outside and one of the secretaries told me she found a rope used for heroin in the bathroom. The funniest part though was that the few who were hired complained that the work was too hard and dangerous and that they wanted easier, safer jobs.

    • The__Bobster

      In Philly, the professional picketers are just paid to go away. Do we really want them constructing our buildings?

    • i am

      “… and an inability to stay focused on the task at hand.”

      If the task is bullying whites, they seem to stay focused.

      • Skincognito

        Or holla’n at White girls while on the clock.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    In addition to low IQ, there’s the fact that huge numbers of blacks quit school without acquiring any marketable skills. There’s also the fact that a felony conviction is usually a serious barrier to employment – most temp agencies won’t place ex-cons. Finally, the entitlement mentality common among blacks really puts off employers, who rightly conclude that it portends an unreliable troublemaker.

    • John R

      I have news for you, Michael-C-Scott, there was a study done that showed even Whites WITH CRIMINAL RECORDS had a lower unemployment rate than blacks without. No, I think it comes down to the poor attitude of most blacks.

      • gemjunior

        Michael C Scott has said the same thing you are saying here. He isn’t disagreeing.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Their low skill levels also mean they are competing with illegal aliens to a much greater extent than whites are.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Whites who drop out of school are frequently in the same boat. One friend’s son dropped out at 15 with no marketable skills. He wasn’t stupid, or even a screw-up, he just wasn’t interested in school. He ended up competeing with illegal aliens for unskilled construction work. When the construction industry died, he ended up doing seasonal landscaping at a golf course. In the winter, he shovels snow. That isn’t the sort of work I’d want to be doing if I was still 28.

            I told him and told him to stay in school because I didn’t think anyone was going to pay him to smoke cigarettes, play computer games and listen to music or goof around on his skateboard. He’s never been able to afford to move out of his parents’ house.

      • nobody

        A good friend of mine got into an altercation with a black guy and he ended up stabbing this colored gentleman in the chest. In his defense, it was basically his only course of action at the time. He did a little over 1 year in prison for this “crime”. When he got out it took him about 1 month and he had already found a decent and respectable manufacturing job. Aside from random jokes “look out he has got a knife” he has never had a problem there. This friend of mine has actually recently enrolled in college and no doubt will find better employment once he graduates. If he can do it they can do it. The only thing holding these people back are themselves.

  • veritas_lux_mea

    I swear there must be some agency or foundation somewhere whose sole job it is to come up with “reasons” for racial disparities in everything. This is the 1,000,001st different one I’ve heard and it’s damn creative.

  • Bill

    I wonder why it is that all folks here, and so many other common, normal, everyday Americans can put a finger firmly on the reason blacks are so unemployable, while the so called smarter than us crowd can never seem to grasp it? No, actually I don’t wonder. It’s called indoctrination to the point of blindness to reality. The same result would be achieved by shocking the rat in the skinner box every time he got it right, and then wonder why the rat never seems to get it right anymore.

    • i am

      Most of the people that can’t see why blacks are unemployed work for a government funded job that doesn’t have to actually produce something that someone would willing pay money for. If these smarter [sic] liberals actually had to run a business that sold a product or service to people who don’t get their money from welfare, they would be on the street in a short amount of time if they hired blacks. That’s if they didn’t end up in an empty field with a knife in their back.

    • Terry

      Of course everyone knows, but they just don’t want to say why. It would make them racist.

    • Joseph

      I think that the Skinner-Box analogy would be more like: liberals and their beneficiaries get a food pellet every time they press the “discrimination bar” in the box. They have learnt very well how to get a reward. Acknowledging the obvious gets them an electric shock.

      • Joseph

        Remember: the liberals built the box. Nature would be electrocuting these parasites.

  • Hersh

    Blacks do a lot of networking to help other blacks get government jobs.
    We are having a lot of work done around the house because of damage from the storm and we’re using Home Depot to contract the work, i.e., a large company and a large local landscaping company to remove huge trees. Have not seen a single black worker. (This is New Jersey.) Plenty of immigrant workers. If Home Depot was doing these jobs directly, they would have to have some black workers on every job to keep the government off their back but they subcontract and the subcontractors obviously do not hire black workers.
    If the news media cared to know why black unemployment is so high, they might try to find out why immigrant workers are preferred over black workers. The reasons are probably very sound reasons.

    • The__Bobster

      Congoids hired by da gubmint are told to go into their churches and start recruiting.

    • Howard W. Campbell

      With SOME of the immigrants you can teach them English, you don’t need to teach them a work ethic. Yes, there are some blacks out there with a great work ethic, but there are never enough to satisfy the quota queens. A small business owner doesn’t have time for somebody with an attitude of entitlement (whatever his race).

      The only black I have ever had work on my house was part of a 3 man crew to install replacement windows a few years ago. I bought all three of them their own pizzas from a local place and provided everyone with soda, coffee and water. But I made sure to stay out of earshot so that Jamal (or whatever his name was) didn’t know anything about me.

      If you look at the military, the jobs in rear have very high levels of minorities. Granted, you need 7 people to support each man pulling a trigger, but even the tougher support jobs (or the ones that require high ASVAB scores) tend to be dominated by whites. (I don’t think that Indians or Hispanics necessarily run away from infantry type jobs though).

      Just curious, when you see the electrical crews restoring power to areas hit by hurricanes or other disasters, how many blacks do you normally see 30 feet in the air?

      A few years ago, I read an article about the man listed in the web site below. Greg Calhoun went from being a bag boy to the owner of a chain of grocery stores.

      What happens when blacks who are successful refuse to deal with incompetents.

      • Hersh

        I don’t believe I’ve EVER seen a black person on a crew restoring power. The local electric company serves a big swath of the state so its not like their crews would be localized and thus explain the lack of black workers.
        Interesting about the grocery store business in Birmingham. The lack of major grocery stores in black areas is one big glaring indicator that something is pathologically wrong in those communities. Everyone has to buy food; a densely populated area should attract stores that want to sell a lot of food. But you don’t see major supermarkets in black areas. They’ve made the calculation that they cannot make money in black areas so let the black people who live in those areas get themselves out of their neighborhoods to buy food. The government is incompetent to run supermarkets or there would no doubt be humongous government operated supermarkets in those areas, just like the state puts the sports arenas and performing arts centers and state universities in the black areas to force money in. (A huge disservice to the public who might want to go to an event or attend university.)

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Blacks burned down the supermarkets (and then shot at the firemen) in may of their areas in the 1960s race riots, and then proceeded to shoplift and prey upon the employees and other customers at the ones that remained in the following decade. Insurance costs are simply too high for the big chains to operate in heavily black regions.

          The long and the short of it is that everyone has to eat, but not everyone rapes shoppers in the parking lot at knifepoint after dark.

          The slack has been taken up by immigrants – frequently Assyrian Christians – operating small grocery stores, but due to economies of scale, prices are higher than at supermarkets. Why foreigners? They don’t know much about US blacks, and are drawn to those areas because government has declared them “enterprise zones” with reduced taxes, in order to attract businesses. Returning to the insurance question, I suspect many of the smaller outfits carry only minimal coverage.

        • nobody

          You can’t open a store in a black neighborhood unless it is some corner store that only sells candy, fruit flavored sodas, blunt wraps, and cheap malt liquor and high gravity beer. It turns out they like to steal stuff. I used to work as a meat cutter in an “urban” type of supermarket. I can’t tell you how many black shoplifters that I caught trying to steal meat, I even had to chase a few down and stop them myself. Trust me, they don’t like that. One time I watched from the back as a morbidly obese black woman shoved packages of steaks and pork chops between her enormous disgusting thighs and tried to walk out. I informed a manager but I didn’t attempt to stop her myself, I was NOT touching those packages. I would have quit and walked out first.

          • MawellAxel

            yep! This is also why the department stores in downtown areas of all cities have closed. Their losses due to shoplifters were ENORMOUS!

      • Also, you don’t see any blacks as part of the volunteer crews helping out after disasters. Are there any black Red Cross, United Way, or Salvation Army volunteers? I’ve never seen one.

        • nobody

          They are generally too busy looting after natural disasters to help with the clean up. I guess removing all of those goods from every store they come across could be considered assisting with the clean up effort.

        • Joseph

          You can’t be expected to help if you’re a perpetual victim.

      • MawellAxel

        I have seen blacks in positions up and down the ladder. None ever had a good work ethic, not a one.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        The Calhoun story is interesting because it means the black Birmingham officialdom has progressed from shaking down whites to shaking down other blacks. The best thing Calhoun could do is simply stop taking calls from the greedy parasites on the City Council.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    Another reason black fare poorly in holding a job is that they think nothing of missing a day at work and not bothering to call in. They just don’t show up for a day or two and then come back as if nothing is wrong. I can’t imagine doing this, but I’ve seen it time after time.

    • i am

      “They just don’t show up for a day or two and then come back as if nothing is wrong. ”

      Then they give some B.S. excuse and expect to get paid for their time off.

    • nobody

      LOL nonsense. Black people don’t work.

  • John R

    OK. Let’s see: Blacks suffer high unemployment because of racial discrimination? OK. Or, is it because of lack of educational opportunities? Or, because the factory jobs that Whites used to have are no longer in the inner cities? Or, is it because their schools are inferior to the ones used by Whites in the suburbs? And now we see that even Third World immigrants have less unemployment than American blacks? Why? Because of the social networks that Whites and Hispanics enjoy? UGGHHHH!!!!! PLEASE! When will the excuses EVER END!?

    • gemjunior

      It is really, really disgusting, disgraceful and shameless. It’s hard to believe the liberal whites and blacks continue to bleat out all the excuses you’ve listed (good comprehensive list, BTW) and just rotate them because they don’t have the creativity to make any new ones. So we get the same tired stories over and over and are expected to believe it? I want to laugh but it isn’t really funny.

    • i am

      Originally one black tribe in Africa attacked and enslaved another black tribe: The smarter black tribe enslaved the dumber black tribe. When the smart black tribe attacked, the dumber fat lazy blacks that couldn’t get away were caught and turned into slaves. Out of these captured slaves, they kept the better black slaves for themselves and sold the extremely lazy and stupid blacks to white traders. The British and French took the best out of that lot, and the rest of the garbage was brought to the U.S. This is why the U.S has the lowest grade of Negroes on the planet. Add to the fact that U.S. allows them to reproduce at an exponential rate, and you can see why we really have a problem with blacks here.

      • Luca

        “…allows them to reproduce..” Hell, they encourage them and pay them to do it.

      • Joseph

        The multiplication is *a* problem but the REAL problem is the importation of mud-hutters from all over the planet, not least of which is to the south. White/black RATIO has been pretty constant. White/every-thing-else is what’s killing us now. We could’ve continued to manage the 89/11 ratio but not a 66/34 soon to be 40/60 ratio of refugees from nowhere.

  • bigone4u

    Although I haven’t read it and I refuse to do so on principle, as a professional economist I can safely say that the Journal of Labor Economics study referred to does not necessarily support the conclusion that whites, Hispanics, and Asians discriminate against blacks. It does support the idea that blacks favor their own, i.e., discriminate against whites, Hispanics, and Asians. When blacks do the hiring, blacks get hired.

    • Capricio

      Note that the study did not mention whether or not Hispanics hired Hispanics at higher rates than whites or Asians, nor did it mention whether or not Asians hire Asians at higher rates than whites or Hispanics.

    • John Bonham

      How many days does the new business stay afloat ??

    • Joseph

      That is only because they bring vibrancy and cultural richness to the workplace.

      • MawellAxel


  • gemjunior

    Oh how long do we have to play this game? How many excuses are these “intellectuals” going to search for other than the truth when it comes to blacks? How long will they continue to seek “answers,” wandering aimlessly through piles of studies about environments and nutrition, lead paint, uneducated teen parents, blah blah blah? I’ll tell them why whites have access to more jobs through networking – it’s because almost all whites work, so they can actually form groups of whites who works. Blacks don’t have that, so when they want to work they are at a disadvantage. Those who WANT to work and better themselves are so rare that they don’t have enough bodies to form networks, there simply aren’t enough. However, if a black man wants to get on welfare – boy is he in luck. The other black men on welfare are very knowledgable about where to go and who to see, what to do and when to do it for maximum cash. It’s no longer that easy to use this discrimination bullshit – more and more white people are seeing through it faster and more clearly than they ever did before. Black men don’t have to network to get a job. There are whites running after them, cajoling, coaxing, begging them to take jobs that many white men would kill for. And they turn their noses up at these jobs as not good enough for them. Unless of course they perceive they are not wanted like the FDNY. Then they are absolutely DESPERATE to have those jobs, and will regale TV News reporters with sob stories of not being accepted bbecause of – say it with me – “the color of mah skin” when no actually it’s your tendency to rape, slash, beat, burn, and murder.

    • nobody

      I recently applied for a job at a very well known national business. I had an interview, met the manager, dressed the part, I did everything right. I even took one of those stupid 10 page “personality tests”. A good friend of mine has worked at this company for several years, 3 I believe, and he even put in a good word for me. Well about a week later he tells me that they hired some black guy instead. Two weeks after they hired him they found out he lied on his application and actually had several felonies on his record, not only that but he was recently released from prison for cocaine trafficking. They of course fired him, but he made some kind of threats about coming in and shooting up the place so they had to have an actual police officer there every night for a week. True story. Had they hired me they would still have a dependable hardworking employee, instead they got death threats and had to start the interview process over to once again fill the position.

    • Joseph

      I think that a fire-department’s primary concerns would be the tendency to steal, fail to report for work, screw up equipment and procedure, and file false discrimination suits upon sanctioning for any of the foregoing qualities.

  • i am

    In last week’s jobs report, the black unemployment rate was 13.2 percent, while the white rate stood at 6.8 percent. …
    Discrimination has long been seen as the primary reason for this
    disparity, which is evident among workers from engineers to laborers.”

    Discrimination is the primary reason why there is a two-to-one difference in unemployment. If there wasn’t discrimination AGAINST WHITES, there would be at least a ten-to-one difference in unemployment.

  • Skincognito

    “Job networks?” It’s called the f$&@in phone book. I rambled in my younger years, and ye ol yellow pages, along with an eager stroll about town, never failed me when searching for work in a new city. What an unreasonable notion, especially considering the significance of informal street knowledge, gossip and kinship networks in da hood.
    Americanists still argue that the removal of the lash temporarily reduced black productivity in the Reconstruction South. They never (to my knowledge) juxtapose the black chappy of the late-19th century to the thug of today. Conspicuously little has changed.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      The phone book doesn’t cut it. We already know the most foolproof place to hide anything from blacks is to put it in a book.

      • Joseph

        ‘Tis true; they’ll call information every time before looking up a number, though probably not about employment.

  • Luca

    Is anyone counting how many just plain don’t want to work??? Let’s get a head count on that one Mr. Fletcher.

  • maxonepercent

    Why would they work when they can just sit around and collect welfare?

    • whitney5158

      Can’t start your day with a blunt and a 40 if you are expected to go and work for The Man all day…

  • TheCogitator

    What a bunch of nonsense. The advantage a white person has is that he is more likely to know someone who actually has a job, and can put in a good word for him if they are hiring.

  • paleolibertarian white guy

    Before minimum wage laws were enacted, blacks were employed at the same rate as whites. Only that was because they would work for lower wages that whites. They were paid their true value.

    As economists frequently point out, minimum wage laws, unions are the most insidiously racist laws, as they price blacks pretty much out of the workforce. It’s not just a race issue, but an economic one as well. If there were no minimum wage laws, then none of this would be an issue.

    Sadly, just as whites were responsible for bringing blacks here in the first place, they were also the ones that lobbied for the first minimum wage laws, as they didn’t want blacks under bidding them on the lowest jobs possible.

  • LHathaway

    No one lists the real reason, even on AmRen (and naming the real reason can get yer post removed from AmRen). They simply don’t want to work and instead receive benefits. Sure, their job opportunities may not be as promissing as it is for many whites, but the real reason is the are choosing not to work. Let’s compare the black/white reate for receiving socail services and for being ‘disabled’. The figures here are not including everything.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      You’re right there; the SSDI disability claims skyrocketed after welfare reform passed in the 1990s, as welfare clients switched so SSDI. Due to typical low African IQs and the psychiatric disorders common among heavy drug users, these claims were accepted.

  • In last week’s jobs report, the black unemployment rate was 13.2 percent, while the white rate stood at 6.8 percent. … Discrimination has long been seen as the primary reason for this
    disparity, which is evident among workers from engineers to laborers.”

    Right, there are few engineers because of discrimination. I guess that’s also why there are so few black physicists, brain surgeons, and actuaries.

  • MAJ

    Blacks have double the unemployment rate (the number is a sham, by the way – it’s higher than 13.2%) as Whites because they are basically unemployable. As liberal idiots try to come up with Reason #10,000,000 for ongoing black failure, it’s quite obvious.
    Inherent low IQ and limited education and the reasoning skills of a 10 year old White will not be beneficial to a private employer looking to make a profit.
    America is the greediest country on Earth – believe me, if blacks could provide companies and small businesses with the brains and innovation and work ethic to generate growth and income they would be hired even if they were blacker than the proverbial Ace of Spades.
    It is amazing to watch White brainwashed liberals ignore what is so apparent.

  • John Bonham

    Bull !! They like it just the way it is… In fact, I think that Obama is making it this way by not
    helping them … Reason ?? Why work when you can sit on the porch with a 40oz shootin’ the crap with others not working, and wait for a pay check that is probably close to the same as if they actually had to work for it .. Am I wrong ?

  • HamletsGhost

    Blacks don’t suffer from unemployment. They suffer from unemployability.

  • Joseph

    “Having friends and relatives who can introduce you to bosses or tell you
    about ripe opportunities has proved to be one of the most critical
    factors in getting work.”

    Many of their friends and relatives are undoubtedly in the slammer because of “selective enforcement, prosecutorial discretion and racist sentencing”. So, again, I’m sure it comes down to white privilege, one way or another.

    • MawellAxel

      I have never gotten a job because a friend or neighbor told me about it or recommended me.

  • ageofknowledge

    But they have the criminal connections they made from their streetgang membership and time in prison so that should count for something right?

  • MawellAxel

    At the company where I work we had a black AA hire that was ALWAYS late. By an hour or more. A white employee would never have lasted as long as he did. Even still, he STILL could not make it by under affirmative action standards.

  • MawellAxel

    blah bla blahhh…”social network” bla bla blahhh “refer friends and neighbors” blah blah blah…. So here is the scenario that the author would like to see : an incompetent, lazy, unproductive black employee who has a record full of disciplinary actions and is one step away from being fired says to it’s employer ” ahhs gots a frayn who bees gittin outta da prison an you gawn be hire him or eyes gawn CUT yooz!”

  • MawellAxel

    go top any college campus in this country and film any student union or college event for a period of time. You will notice that everything goes along fine until blacks show up. Then there’s cutting in lines, fighting, loud hooting and hollering and general childish attempt to be the center of attention. They act like animals. Really, someone should film this, the contrast is extremely striking.