A New Declaration of Independence

Ram Z Paul, YouTube, October 19, 2012

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  • MissBonnie123

    I love this video. It expresses my sentiments about our peoples’ situation in America. I love the fact that RamzPaul is in the elitists’ faces with his message.

    • BlueSky


      Generation Identitaire – “A Declaration of War” – From the Youth of France – (English subs)

      On YouTube.

  • MissBonnie123

    What we should do is post this Youtube video in all appropriate places to get this message across. This message is short yet so powerful.

  • The most powerful spoken words in that video are “we no longer seek your permission or agreement.”

    No amount of intellect or research analysis can compete with a free mind that wants what it wants, and no longer looks for approval from entities that will never give their approval. Walk the true path of those words, you’ll walk a straight line to the New Independence Day.

  • NorthernWind

    He was on The Unsolicited Opinion radio show tonight. He is a great optimist and I believe him to be correct. My thoughts about the future and his seem extremely similar.

    The European peoples shall live on! Do not despair.

  • razorrare

    Bravo Ram Z  Paul!!!

  • Detroit_WASP

    He did a good video on Halloween last year.  He said, if your neighborhood was too black to pass out Halloween candy, you should probably move.  

    Having lived in Detroit and the burbs next to Detroit, I had to laugh because I knew how right he was.  Black folks bring car-loads of kids to nearby white neighborhoods to trick or treat because they can’t do it in their own neighborhoods.   Too dangerous, and very few pass out candy for fear of being robbed at their front door…or should I say, front doe?   

    Anyway, I never thought of trick or treating as a measurement of a good or bad neighborhood untill Ram Z Paul pointed it out.  Sad but brutal truths.  Thank you, Mr. Paul! LOL

    • anarchyst

      When I lived in  an inner-ring suburb of Detroit, I reveled in discriminating against blacks.  Halloween was especially a good time to discriminate.  The younger the white kids, the more candy they got.  Blacks that frequented my doorstep were given (old) candy from last Halloween (only one piece each for the bantus).   The quizzical look from the bantus (when they saw white kids get MORE candy (from a different bowl) was priceless.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Great video. 

  • razorrare

    moderator…mind explaining what happened to my post, “Bravo Ranm Z Paul!!!” ??? How was i not being ‘civil’?


    We live and breath these ideals daily.  Only a separate homeland of our own here in North America will solve his injustice.  This nation is no longer indivisible but has been two separate nations for a long time.  Already our Government has declared war on us and our nation.

    • newscomments70

      Screw the separate homeland. I want the entire country. It’s OUR country.

  • razorrare

    Bravo Ram Z Paul!!!

  • RisingReich

     Oh yes, let’s ‘civilize’ him.

    You’re right.  It’s not his style, nor is it necessary.  He sometimes wears suits, if you watch other videos.  Just listen to his message, and spread it around, and stop the hand wringing about being ‘clean cut’ or ‘civilized’ or whatever.

    All these hangups explain how we got here as a people in the first place.

    • HighandMighty

      There is another video worth watching. It is called “Voices Without a Vote”. Watch it on You Tube.

  • Barrack Osama

    I’ve been subscribed to ramzpaul for a while now. If there’s anything that pisses off a liberal, it’s a conservative who’s funnier and more subliminal than they are.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    I like the spirit of it, but I think that claiming to be Americans and seeing something of value in that is probably a problem since being American is too easily defined as a historic series of waves of “diversified” immigration.   In the final phases of the struggle, I doubt that claiming to be Americans will avail us.  Neither will claiming to be Christians or especially supported by the intentions or doctrines of Christianity.  It’s going to require almost an entirely new self-image and understanding.

  • “Alien powers” – gee, I wonder to whom RZP could be referring. JOO JOO JOO! to paraphrase Moldbug. (Yeah, I read RZP’s blog and MM’s. I know where RZP stands from his 15 September post on that blog. I also know, from that, that he is dishonest.)

    Can we please have a pro-white spokesman who doesn’t devolve into conspiracy-mongering and alienating potential allies? Israelis are Boers are heartland Americans. They are *not* brahmin Dutch and Upper West Side scoundrels in Manhattan.

  • His point was “blood” which means DNA which means race. So that much was covered (and I agreed with that part of it).

  •  His “third world problems” tube was his best, from what I saw

  • razorrare

    For the third time….grrrrrrr


  • IKantunderstand

    Those of us who have the technology to post to youtube, should repeat this mantra and post it there.

  • Jed Sant Devi

    Not only is my 100% Whites Only Church of Jed family fully dedicated ramzpaul fans, but we have the distinct pride and privilege of knowing that wherever we are, we are the best racists there.   We are strong leading racists, prize wining racists, full on racists, the most racists of all racists, and it just feels so Good and so very Right.

    We weren’t like this until the Dutch got away with offloading their excess supply of buck nasty voodoo Diversity onto our shores.

    You know what I mean…

  • 5n4k33y35

    This is obviously better than saying or doing nothing. It’s a little heavy and ominous. The original video made by young French men and women was more appropriate, as France is one of the places of ancestral origin of white people, and America is not. (Kennewick man notwithstanding, but I consider that topic a moot point. We’re here now…)

    Overall, I’m going to say it was more good than bad. But it would behoove us to keep a more upbeat tone in the colonial nations, and save the most dour demeanor for the defense of Europe. The Americas, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are all gravy, but Europe is the most important to white society.

    • anonymous_amren

      Most of his videos are pretty upbeat. He changes the style around a bit just for fun or to fit in whatever he is inspired by or parodying.

      • 5n4k33y35

        Yeah, I know. It was a different kind of video for him. Like I said, more good than bad. 

    • MissBonnie123

      I live in America and it has always been majority White until the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. I believe White people can still create a homeland in America. I don’t want to live under nonwhite rule.

      • 5n4k33y35

        Yeah, that doesn’t appeal to me either to live under nonwhite government. Let’s be clear though, it isn’t nonwhite rule. Not yet, it isn’t.

        President Obama doesn’t rule, per se. He presides. He is the highest elected official within the context of a Democracy, with term limits, checks and balances. It should make it somewhat more tolerable to recognize that distinction.

        • “President Obama doesn’t rule, per se.”

          Well, in the last two years, he HAS been ruling, per se, because John Boehner is about as useful as a teat on a bull.

        • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

          Let’s be clear though, it isn’t nonwhite rule. Not yet, it isn’t.

          “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire. 

          While it’s true that the lid isn’t on tight (though it’s considerably tighter in the EUSSR), if you’re a white person without independent means, nothing will kill your reputation or ambitions quicker than questioning the “liberal consensus”, blacks, browns or a certain tribe.

    • rightrightright

      Nice of you, but where would Europe be now without America?  You still have slightly more freedom of expression than we do, in spite of the third world foreigner, Obama, working out his hate for Whiteness.  This Englishwoman was banged up for 41 months for politically incorrect speech on public transport – filmed and reported to the Police by an Asian.  http://washingtonexaminer.com/crimethink-in-the-london-underground/article/684766#.UIOExMXR65L

      On Friday, a van driver went crazy and mowed down 14 people, killing one woman.  The Police have the driver and will not provide any details of him.  When a criminal is White, that’s the first thing the media advise.  Jihad?  But nobody dares say so.

      Look after yourselves first and don’t let things get as bad as they are here.  

  • Mentious

     “except the part which states,”We are a people who are no longer ashamed of our ancestry or our past.”

    He hasn’t been, either. Not one day. He’s speaking for all the people, though, who have bought into shame about their past, trying to give them some mental leadership.

  • anonymous_amren

    RamZPaul is very very funny, and has a lot of excellent videos, updated regularly. I highly recommend subscribing to him. The only minor issues I have with him is that he is slightly too hard on the Jews, and his libertarianism doesn’t make much sense.

    In the description of that video he talked about French “youths”, which is normally what he calls black people when he is parodying PC code-words, so I thought the original video must be of stupid black people. But actually the original was an inspiring declaration by actual French youths.

  • anonymous_amren

    We don’t want all white activists to be Jared Taylor. We need a mixture of all different kinds of people, so that every white person can feel like they fit in.

  • razorrare

    4 the fourth time….

    Bravo Ram Z Paul!!!

    • We’re glad you like it. But how does merely saying “Bravo RamZPaul” contribute something to the conversation?

      • razorrare

        My acknowledgement that i agree in spirit with what RamZPaul eloquently shares in his New Declaration of Independence lends moral support to others who are contemplating to enter the discussion or have entered the discussion who like i are in complete agreement  with Ram Z Paul.To contribute more than  that is simply quite difficult to do for me  because i find nothing to be critical about.However,if a reader posted a comment critical of my support for Ram Z Paul i would be inclined to contribute more..not much here to be added to discussion…

        • Don’t take it personally, because this is not a personal criticism.
          One thing we moderators always have to watch out for is “empty calories,”  posts that aren’t objectionable but contribute nothing to the conversation.  When I was a young’en in the AR Moderation Academy, my professors called them the “Krispy Kreme” posts.  Posts that say nothing more than, “I agree with that!,” or “Good point.”  AR has lots of agreeable content and makes a lot of good points; that’s self-evident.  We don’t need to clutter up threads with Krispy Kreme posts.

          • 5n4k33y35

             I concur.

          • 1gravity

            I really, really agree with that.

  • 5n4k33y35

    Yes, but we still have the most power. All we have to do is change our minds. That isn’t going to be done by thinking small. We ought to be admired, not despised. Subtle differences in attitude make a big difference to people.

  • HighandMighty

    Try White Nationalist Tube.

  • RisingReich

     I’m sure many readers here think I have a shaved head, and walk around in combat boots.  If you saw me on a work day, you’d think I work at a bank (close to it). 

  • BlueSky

    Generation Identitaire – “A Declaration of War” – From the Youth of France
    – (English subs)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v…

    French Nationalists occupy Mosque, demand end to Muslim Immigration
    One hundred young men entered the Great Mosque of Poitiers and occupied its
    roofs, demanding an end to Muslim Immigration in France
    Poitier-where the Islamic armies were vanquished by Charles

  • haroldcrews

    I haven’t either but they certainly think of themselves as funny (and smart, good looking, etc).

  • Good job, as usual, from Ram Z Paul. He speaks to the hearts of those whose eyes have already been opened. Unfortunately, those who live in the distorted world of the corporate-owned media will have no idea what he’s talking about.


  • anonymous_amren

    He does the tactic very well. He always sort of waters his message down, but usually in a sarcastic, mocking way, that highlights the fact that we’re being heavily censored about what we can say. It’s hard to explain, but he does it very well.

  • anonymous_amren

    Censoring something the size of YouTube is hard to do. We can easily endlessly repost things that have been taken down.

  • anonymous_amren

    Jared Taylor’s approach works well. We’re already hearing about other white student unions becoming active in other places.

    The reason why Jared Taylor sometimes debates black people is not because he is trying to convince those black people, but because he’s trying to show the white people in the audience what black people really think, and how stupid their arguments are. His favourite strategy (although he didn’t use it much at Towson) is to bait the black person into saying something really outrageous.

    • And also, as Jared Taylor has told me personally, to show that our opponents are not ten feet tall.

    • I never communicate with black people, waste of time.

      You wouldn’t have a discussion with a 3 year old child , would you ? black people are child like.

  • anonymous_amren

    People wouldn’t watch it though. They’d put their metaphorical fingers in their ears and refuse to listen, and then feel very smug about themselves for doing that.

    If we had a show like that, we’d need to be subtle at first, and humorous, and make it worth watching even for people who don’t agree with it.

  • This guy seems so week. The person delivering the message is just as important as the message. A revolution led by this guy will fail.

    • newscomments70

      He is not weak. (Learn to spell, knowledge is power). People who are educated and speak well are actually more powerful than ignorant thugs. It sounds like you are influenced by ghetto culture. Intelligence and stealth win wars. Jumping up and down and making noise like an animal will not win any wars.

      • I know how to spell, I sometimes make mistakes. This guy is weak. This guy is jumping up and down and squeaking, he will not win a war. He does not have the same presence as JT does. RP comes off as a geek with a web cam, a whiner. A pencil neck trying pathetically to puff up his chest. He says the right things, but in the wrong way and therefore weakens our position. You put anyone you want on your pedestal and worship him pal. This one is hollow.

        • newscomments70

          I don’t worship him or anyone. RamZpaul has millions of viewers and is instrumental in spreading awareness. Everyone has something to contribute, no matter what they look or sound like. Angry radicals yelling threats usually don’t go too far. A big, tough-looking guy with a shotgun, yelling threats, etc, in front of a flag, in his basement..he would never be taken seriously. They would make a South Park episode out of that.  Chuck Norris types can be both admirable and beneficial, but they usually lack facts and direction.

          • geeks posting whining sarcasm don’t accomplish much either. There are people that post fart videos and they have just as many viewers on youtube do give it a rest. This guy is your “hero”, you worship him.

        •  He doesnt claim to be the Messiah. He is a guy on a webcam, a funny guy on a webcam.

          • Ne doesn’t really say anything that most people haven’t been saying for years. His act is stale after the second or third RP video one watches.  I actually feel embarrassed for him when I watch his videos. It is like watching the WEAKEST amongst us.

    • Hal K

      RamzPaul posts two videos per week on YouTube.  He is often entertaining, although his mind is in the gutter a  significant percentage of the time.

      • I don’t find him very entertaining. I’m conservative and even when he says the things I think, I don’t like it because he talks from a position of weakness.

  • Guest

    Conservative whites are ready to explode in anger and revolution. (I know I am). Carol Swain called this situation a “devil’s brew”. Every revolution had a period of festering anger, and then the situation expoldes…and society is changed forever. I have a “Time Wise” style statement for wealthy liberals and criminal welfare recipients: enjoy your Chardonnay and cocaine, or your Colt 45 and government cheese or whatever. Enjoy the entitlements that you force us to pay for…your entitlement job, your handouts, or whatever way you are screwing us. Your time is about to end.  We are about to destroy your world. You are about to see a world-wide  revolution. This revolution will not stop until everyone of you has been removed from our society. At that time, we will thrive and reach our apex. We will acheive unimaginable  feats of technology and grandeur. We will be able to fill our potential because you will be gone. Our children will be safe to thrive at school and sports. We will thrive in business and technology. We will thrive because he will no longer be strangled taking care of you. The few liberals left will be relegated to clerical work. The few welfare types left will be scrubbing floors, etc, and desperately willing to work to survive. Like I said, enjoy your lattes and “ho’s”, etc. Your time is about to end. We have had enough of your garbage. 

    Well folks, its 9.PM here. I’m going to the gym for weights and boxing right now. Tomorrow night I’m going to the shooting range. I encourage you all to do the same. This revolution WILL happen. 

    • Hal K

       Conservative whites are part of the problem because ~98% of them never speak up for whites as whites.  That said, conservative whites are more likely to become part of the solution than liberal whites.  Conservative whites are kept in line by the mainstream conservative media, which tell them that everything is liberals’ fault.  They need to stop expending so much energy trying to blame liberals for everything and start speaking up for whites as whites.  Go to American Thinker and notice how so many supposed conservatives are using the terminology of left-wing grievance mongers, i.e. calling liberalism a “plantation” for blacks.  This indicates that most white conservatives are seriously confused on the subject of race, so don’t get too optimistic yet.

      I’m sorry to say this, but the best course in the near term for this country would be for Obama to win another term.  White conservatives need to come to terms with the fact that they won’t be able to win nonwhites over to their brand of conservatism.  Nonwhites will not embrace individualism as long as they can benefit from identity politics, which means forever for most nonwhite groups.

  • razorrare

    We are Americans. This is our country. He who would take it from us, by
    force or by stealth, is our enemy. And it is our purpose — nay, it is our duty
    to our children and to their children and to our yet unborn posterity — it is
    our duty to use all feasible means to destroy him…Dr. Revilio P. Oliver


  • hfh1

    Bravo! I hope and pray our people see this and somehow unite. Otherwise, we disappear. But not painlessly, I might add.

  • I’m a black guy and, if I wasn’t gay, I’d hate RamZPaul cuz he hates me… but I am gay and he’s cute, so I keep watching him and masturbating. 

  • anarchyst

    One would have to get past the censors that control the media.  The internet is the only way to go . . . however, youtube routinely censors those with “unpopular” ideas . . . we would need our own version . . .