Book: Rise of Gender and Ethnic Studies Programs Helped Bring About Decline of Modern Academia

Jamie Weinstein, Daily Caller, October 18, 2012

Modern academia has gone astray and identity studies programs are in large part the culprit, argues author and poet Bruce Bawer in his new book ”The Victims’ Revolution: The Rise of Identity Studies and the Closing of the Liberal Mind.”

“Identity studies sum up everything that’s wrong with the humanities today,” Bawer told The Daily Caller. “They’re about nothing other than group identity, group oppression, and group grievance. Instead of engaging in objective scholarly study of, say, black American history or women’s literature, these departments are boosters for everything having to do with the group in question. It’s all slogans. Kids don’t learn anything other than to think of themselves as having been wronged by capitalism, by the West, by America, by white men.”

Bawer says that this has consequences beyond the classroom.

“Young people who have been brainwashed in college by all this groupthink head out into the world and are constantly on the alert for ‘racism’ and ‘sexism,’” he told TheDC.

“And they find these things everywhere, just as they were trained to. If they hear a white person criticizing President Obama—boom! Racist. If a man has something negative to say about Hillary Clinton—boom! Sexist. It’s simple as that. These kinds of knee-jerk reactions are daily fare nowadays. It’s the only way the products of these cockamamie programs have learned how to think about anything. They make these facile, baseless charges and actually think they’re making insightful moral judgments. It doesn’t bode well for America’s future.”


[Editor’s Note: An interview with Mr. Bawer is available at the original article link below.]

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  • 1proactive2

    Resentment; the most corrosive emotion one can harbor. It’s like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. In other words, resentment eats the carrier up from the inside out. These so called “academic disciplines” could be a blessing in disguise. 

  • WmarkW

    This might be the most important story ever re-linked on AmRen.

    The reason these studies programs exists, is to treat being a member of Group X as a form of “knowledge” that whites need to work at acquiring,; so that a White needs an IQ of 120 to accept what a NAM does at 90.

    • KD_Did

      Very good point. They have elevated being any sort of minority to be equivalent to having knowledge that whites could never have.  

  • Franklin_Ryckaert

    ” Rise of gender and ethnic studies programs helped bring about decline of modern America”.

    Yes, but that was not an “unintended consequence”, it was the intention all along. This grievance industry of minorities against the white majority was the conscious ploy of the Cultural Marxists to destroy White America. Sadly, they have succeeded.

  • IstvanIN

    Having a degree in Africana/African-American studies is absolutely useless.  I have no problem with course work, as part of a general history curriculum, in black American or African topics, but entire degrees?  

    • 5n4k33y35

      Not only that, but they ought to be held to academic standards, not given free reign to teach that everyone of historical significance were Nubian Africans, the ancients had space travel, blah blah blah…

  • Athling

    What you have said is important and needs to be addressed. As a starting point I would suggest this piece

  • IKantunderstand

    You know, the commies always said “educate the children”  or maybe it was “indoctrinate” the children. Whatever, they have done it in spades.  We will never be able to turn this around until we start advocating for online degrees. There is no good reason to send your child to a campus to attend college when they can do it for a fraction of the cost online.Let’s end the tyranny of tenure for Marxist professors who inhabit our so called “premiere universities”. Down with Harvard! Down with Yale! Down with Princeton! Up with Phoenix! (Is that redundant?)

  • Athling

    “… Kids don’t learn anything other than to think of themselves as having been wronged by capitalism, by the West, by America, by white men.”

    One of the sickest things I have ever seen is young white people at various anti-racist gatherings condemning their own people for colonialism, imperialism, slaughtering native people, and a host of other supposed white savagery unleashed upon the innocent peace-loving inhabitants of Third World gardens of Eden.

    You will find these brain-washed white kids standing arm-in-arm with Africans, Mexicans, Arabs, and other supposed “victims” of the evil white racist devil. They will show up anywhere Jared is speaking with the same arguments about how evil our people have historically been and how we owe non-white people an eternal debt which can only be paid by shedding our “white privilege” and so on. This is what these kids are being taught in the class room by marxist psycho professors. It is a twist on the old “Noble Savage” meme.

    Unfortunately, many of us when confronted with their arguments are not prepared to address them with a good dose of historical truth. How do you respond when confronted with, “The white man committed genocide on Native Americans and stole their land,” or “The white man invaded Africa and enslaved peaceful Africans destroying their families, the residual effects of which are still present today,” and other similar arguments? If you have no reply then they have won the debate.

    The problem is a lack of historical knowledge. Knowledge that is getting very difficult to find because it has all but been expunged from history books. Historical accounts from men and women who lived in those times and recorded eye-witness testimonials of the events as they occurred have even been scrubbed from much of the internet.

    The truth is that we live in very different times today and it is difficult for us to conceive just how brutal the world could sometimes be in the past. However, no matter how barbaric the white man is made out to be, one truth is never spoken, that non-whites were an order of magnitude more barbaric. The historical accounts of non-white savagery boggles the mind.

    This is something our white anti-racists are never confronted with when they bring up historical evils of the white race. They should be.

    Here is a very good piece on this topic.

    • 5n4k33y35

      How do you respond when confronted with, “The white man committed
      genocide on Native Americans and stole their land,” or “The white man
      invaded Africa and enslaved peaceful Africans destroying their families,
      the residual effects of which are still present today,” and other
      similar arguments? If you have no reply then they have won the debate.

      I say this: “White people were not exceptionally immoral, only exceptionally successful.”

      The way libs and progs indoctrinate white guilt into a vulnerable, fair-minded white kid is that they recite the litany of outrages, encouraging not objectivity nor academic detachment, but grief and rage.

      • IstvanIN

         Males have intrinsic value, without them white women can not have white babies.  Plus they are the ones who will ultimately defend our people from the uncivilized hordes.  From a purely reproduction point of view we can get away with females out numbering males, but overall we need lots of both.

        • 5n4k33y35

          Yes, and you’re absolutely right to say so. I’m just emphasizing that to those who are anti-white, only white females have intrinsic value because they are female, and white males are considered to have a negative value.

          It is up to us, white men to demonstrate that we are not disposable, and we will not be disposed of. I don’t care if anyone else believes I have intrinsic value. Ultimately, power rules.

  • 5n4k33y35

    Except that they never won any great war to achieve victory over us. It is a psychological victory, built on decades of moral (immoral, actually) persuasion and propaganda.

    And the liberal / progressive coalition, consisting of subjective ideologues, entitlement princesses, permanent welfare culture, don’t have the wisdom to understand, that which they think they possess is only on loan. For all the complaining they do about “white male privilege”, it is they who are the recipients of privileges, granted by powerful white men.

    Forgetting that they only have privileges, not power, they tried to lord it over us, jeering and mocking us, that we would never have power again… Only we never lost it. We were only ever persuaded to be excessively altruistic, to keep a low profile, to appease the grown up cry-babies all their lives.

    And so now we see the gratitude for all of that ridiculous altruism, brought about by the white male guilt doctrine we were subjected to. And we know without any ambiguity, we know with conviction that their claims of moral superiority are specious. They are not even on par.

  • AintNoGood

    Just bought it. Good read so far.

  • MissBonnie123

    I’ve always believed that African American studies, Chicano studies, feminist studies, etc. should be called Hate Studies. They all promote hatred against Whites, especially the White man.

    I’ve always wondered how students could go directly from Hate Studies to, say, a course in Algebra and be able to focus on their studies when they’ve been all riled up in classes that teach them that they are victims and that White people are oppressors. How could their brains switch off the negative emotions and turn to the new subject at hand?

    What will happen when the economic system in America breaks down? These students will blame White people for their financial problems and probably become physically aggressive towards us. That’s how powerful the influence of these studies is and will be on young peoples’ minds.

    Mr Bawer is right. This does not bode well for America.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

     All I talk about is the evil traditional America, but the evil America I am referring to is the traditional anti-white America of the last 50 years, and not the old pro-white America from 100+ years ago.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    The first anti-white attitudes in the U.S. started around WW-I. They were anti-German to be more specific. There may have been some anti-white attitudes during the Civil War and the Spanish American War, but it really got its momentum when they started hating Germans. Then after WW-II, America based its pride on fighting (a false) white supremacy. The future of the US was inevitable.


  • Hal K

    “They’re about nothing other than group identity…”

    We need more group identity for whites.  That is the whole problem.  Nonwhites get group identity, while mainstream conservatism keeps group identity suppressed among whites.  Mainstream conservative commentators keep white conservatives focused on blaming liberals for everything.  This is why whites shun white advocacy.  Mainstream conservative commentators are leading whites astray.