Meet Sofia, Disney’s First Latina Princess

Stephanie Nolasco, Fox News Latino, October 18, 2012

The House of Mouse is welcoming a new Latina princess in its kingdom.

Princess Sofia will make her grand debut on the Disney Channel November 18th in the TV movie, Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess, followed by a 2013 TV series on both Disney Channel and Disney Junior.

According to Disney Junior, Sofia moved into a castle after her mother Miranda married King Roland II. Miranda, who used to run a shoe shop, became queen of the village. She met the king of Enchancia while he was buying a pair of slippers. Sofia must now learn how to act like a royal, all while overcoming her stepsister Princess Amber’s jealously and royal sorcerer Cedric’s attempts to take over the kingdom.


What they are not saying—at least not yet—is that Sofia will be Disney’s first Latina princess.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting Sofia will be voiced by “Modern Family’s” Ariel Winter and her mother will be voiced by “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Sara Ramirez. Previously, a blogger pointed out Miranda had a darker complexion than the other characters, including her daughter, who has blue eyes and light skin. In response, Executive Producer Jamie Mitchell confirmed to EW that “she is Latina.” Mitchell also confirmed to the publication that this makes Sofia Disney’s first Hispanic princess.

While producers of the 2009 film The Princess and the Frog were outspoken in wanting to make the character Tiana “bear the traits of African American women,” EW states the Disney team is purposely not placing emphasis on Sofia’s ethnicity.

“We never actually call it out,” Joe D’ Ambrosia, Vice President of Disney Junior original programming, told EW. “When we got into schools (to talk to young students about the show), what I find fascinating is that every girl thinks that they’re Sofia.”

Disney’s choice to not further celebrate Sofia’s Hispanic heritage has sparked criticism. Alex Nogales, President and CEO for the National Hispanic Media Coalition, a non-profit organization that promotes Latino equality in the entertainment industry, believes Disney needs to provide the Hispanic community a better explanation.

“We need more heroes right now that are very identifiable,” says Nogales. “We’re in a time where Latinos are taking the blame for everything that is wrong with America. This is not a time to pussyfoot around. If you’re going to promote this to the public, and Latinos in particular, do us a favor and make it a real Latina.”



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  • WmarkW

    Well, it’s a fairy tale.

    Everyone can dream of becoming a blue-eyed White.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       What I notice most is more and more dark, Hispanic looking people with European non-Spanish names first and last.

  • She doesn’t look like any latina I’ve ever seen. But either way, Disney’s job is to sell their cheap, plastic, under-age slave-made refrigerator magnets to everyone in every country, so it doesn’t surprise me they do this. If you play World Of Warcraft, you’ll notice that they just opened up a new Chinese-themed land. Millions of chinamen to soak. That’s the problem of living in a merchant society, such as we have. We are a nation ruled by greedy merchants. I wish that were not the case, and that such people were not here anymore. Maybe someday.

    Here is a clip of the new World of Warcraft game- notice how the White man is a buffoon, and the chinaman is a decent, heroic father. Oh brother. Someday…

    • Barrack Osama

      But their recent hit Starcraft2 had you choosing between two independent infiltrators, one of which was the whitest, blondest, blue-eyed-est woman you ever saw, and a black guy who practiced voodoo and was on that game’s equivalent of drugs. Maybe they forgot to drink the kool aid that day.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        When you side with the blonde girl she ends up killing the dreadlocked voodoo black man. Good stuff.

    •  In olden time, the buffoon had a very important task: to make the king think. And because of that, he was immune from punishment. He also had to be the smartest guy around.

  • TFD123


  • Hispanics seem to love horror movies and Hollywood is cashing in:,0,1252636.story

    She certainly doesn’t look like the Hispanics I know.

    Either Disney made an error in making her white with blue eyes or they made a calculated move to keep a white cross-over audience of white girls.  

  • ncpride

    Hmm… Wondering if they learned their lesson after the utter failure of the black princess? I worked in retail at the time that movie and the merchandise came out, and I can’t begin to imagine the money they lost on it all. None of it sold. Not the clothes, dolls, books, bedding… none of it. If they make this ‘Latina’ princess darker, I’d bet the same thing would happen.

    • Xanthippe2

      Not a failure at all!  Whenever a little White girl wants to buy some princess trinket from Disney, she is forced to have this Black princess on it!  Mandatory multi-racialism.

      The faliure of the purely Black merchandise hasn’t kept (the new) Disney from always having this Black princess included on all princess items.

      • ncpride

        Yes, you have a point there. I do recall seeing not long ago a princess night gown that included the black one with all the other traditional White ones. That figures. They’ll make money on her one way or the other, I suppose.

  • The__Bobster

    Natalie Morales, NBC’s very White professional hispanic, seems to think she’s a typical latina. A moolie guest ticked her off by saying she’s not typical at all.

  • Latinas are mixed. Just look at these dating photos- they are not some celebrities, but ordinary females. To me, they are not White- but not that different, either (some are white, of course).

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    She looks about as Latina as Snow White does. I guess this is Disney’s way of having their cake and eating it too. Calle her “Latina” to appease the Hispanics while making her white to appease everyone else. And contrary to this being a problem of living in a merchant society, I’d say this is a problem of stepping away from those principles.

    “We need more heroes right now that are very identifiable,” says Nogales. “We’re in a time where Latinos are taking the blame for everything that is wrong with America.” 

    If Hispanics are taking the blame for everything that is wrong with America, then there must be a reason for it. So glad to hear him admit it.

  • Detroit_WASP
    • America First

       Selma Hayek is indeed a gorgeous woman.  She is half-Lebanese, however, not fully Spanish.

      • Detroit_WASP

        Whatever, I’ll take it!!!

  • Diamond_Lil

    How many kids does she have already?

  • Anonymous

    Latinos are taking the blame for everything that is wrong with America? News to me

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    So true.  Mexican television is usually where you will find every blonde haired, blue eyed female in Mexico, dressed to titillate.  They are literally hunted down there.  The only time I was in Mexico in 1988, I saw a woman who turned out to be a Canadian, fleeing from a small mob of Mexican men.  At a night club, I saw the only blonde in the place surrounded by Mexican men.  It is the same in America.  In 1996 while in Washington DC, I was at a restaurant and a beautiful blonde, the only one in the place, was surrounded by not just Hispanics, but dark men from almost every corner of the earth.  She was trying to be pleasant while all of them vied for her attention.  I’ve always wondered if she got home alright.

    The other thing I noticed in Mexico was all the adult comics that seemed to always feature a blonde white woman being chased down, in one way or another and being raped in one situation after another.

  • IstvanIN

     The problem is “white’ Hispanics, such as NJ Senador Menendez, are rabidly anti-white and always side with the “latinos” from south of the border and the Caribbean.  For the most part “whites” from south of the border can not be trusted.

    • Unsure, but I think the Hispanic construct was introduced in the early 1970’s in order to carve out a segment of whites who would then become eligible for affirmative action.  After the Civil Rights Act of ’64 had morphed into racial quotas and, via Disparate Impact theory, bans of IQ and other capability tests, I suspect it was at risk of being overturned (blacks, at 12% of the population, were not numerous enough to retain it.)  Adding people who had an ancestor who once lived in a Spanish-speaking country to the AA beneficiaries got the number of supporters up to keep the Civil Rights Act in force.

  • What are you talking  about?  Italians are White people while most mexicans are nothing but amerindians (aka mongoloids) and mestizos, ok ?

    The majority of indigenous Italians might not be blond/blue eyes, but some naturally are, especially in the North.

    It’s perfectly legitimate for Italians to prefer their lighter looks, but completely illegitimate for a  overwhelmingly non-White population like the mexicans. 

    That was the point, you knucklehead.

  • IKantunderstand

    Oh, Senor Nogales, you  no like the new Disney character,  not Latina enough. Make your own cartoon with a suitable Latina whatever… por favor.  I am extremely overtaxed by complaints of so called “minoritiies about their lack of representation  in WHITE PEOPLE fairy tales and WHITE PEOPLE  myths, and WHITE PEOPLE history”. You don’t like it, then film your own cultural stories. You know, it just cracks me up that people of color tell White people we have no culture. Yet, in point of fact, if it seems like we don’t, it’s because we have been shamed (or whatever) to not only include them in ours, but actuaully replace ourselves with them . The reality is: Blacks have no culture. Latinos have no culture. You are welcome to prove me wrong. But you can’t. You guys have no myths, you have no fairy tales, you don’t even have an Aesop equivalent. You have no Cicero, Copernicus, Newton, Beethoven, Edison, Jefferson, Washington, Madison, Wright Brothers, I would honest to God get writers cramp pointing out all the WHITE PEOPLE who accomplished technological advances  . And plus which, I don’t have the time.  Senor Nogales, you should be thanking your lucky star you live in America, (Legally, or not).

  • mobilebay

    I hope the first episode shows Princess Sofia, the First,  sneaking across the border with her red, white and green flag, demanding her “entitlements” from Uncle Sam, and followed by Dora, the Explorer.

  • What is Hispanic?  I believe that the people crying for recognition, equality and of course more federal money are mestizos not dependents of European Spaniards.  The only thing Spanish about mestizos is their so-called language, which at best is an approximation of European Spanish spoken in Spain.

  • Excellent point, a common language does not make a race.  My wife is of German heritage, born in Southern Argentina and speaks fluent Castilian Spanish and is insulted when it is implied speaking the Spanish language makes you an ethnic class or a “race”.

  • Captain Amurrika

    “We need more heroes right now that are very identifiable,” says Nogales. “We’re in a time where Latinos are taking the blame for everything that is wrong with America. This is not a time to pussyfoot around. If you’re going to promote this to the public, and Latinos in particular, do us a favor and make it a real Latina.”

    Go to mexico and make some heroes. We don’t need “Latino” heroes in America.  And yes, Latinoes are part of the the problems facing America.  If you want a “Latina” promoted, start a company and make your own damn cartoon, instead of expecting whites to produce minorities into theirs.  Nobody needs to provide the “hispanic community” anything.

  • IstvanIN

    A Latina or Hispanic “princess” would not only not look European, she would not be wearing a European style dress or tiara, nor would she live in a European styles castle.  A true Latina princess would look, dress and live like an Aztec, Mayan, or Inca princess.  That is their history.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    She looks like the Mexican family that lived down the street from me as a child.  No indication of mixing with Aztecs in them – they were lighter-skinned than the Italians that dominated the neighbourhood, and at least spoke good English, unlike the oldster Eastern European babushka ladies who also were present in number where I grew up.

    They were a good family, and I had a good time playing with their daugher (who was a year younger than me, but I had to take friends where I could get them as a nerdy outcast kid).  I was sorry when they left.

    The only time I ever saw one of them get “excited” was when some Italian down the street tried to steal the teenage boy’s used car (that he worked hard for to buy)  for his chop-shop. I think buddy was entitled to be “excited” at that.   Idiot Italian, didn’t he realize you don’t steal on the street where you live?

    Anyway, this character is NOT an Aztec half-breed, as we are taught to believe that “latinoes” are.

    • America First

       You apparently have something against both Italians and Eastern Europeans.  As one who has grown up with, befriended, and have as family, members of both groups, tell you what – YOU live among the Mexicans, I’ll take the Italians and Slavs!

      • IstvanIN

         As an American of Hungarian decent I didn’t find his comments disrespectful, just describing what he experienced as a young person.

  • That’s what I’m saying all my life. Non-white men & non-white women would like to be white. This goes deeper than legacy of colonialism & imperialism.

  • quote: “[Sofia’s mother] met the king of Enchancia while he was buying a pair of slippers. Sofia must now learn how to act like a royal, all while overcoming her stepsister Princess Amber’s jealously.”  Hmmm…I think I see the anti-white propaganda that Disney will be developing here, as Princess Amber is presumably non-Hispanic white and will be mean/cruel to Sofia.

  • US_Eurolad

    “Sofia is most definitely a typical hispanic…..a white one”

    You are way off on your assessment their sweet tits. Typical Hispanics are by FAR mestizo-indian admixture. The little brown folks we all know and love. South America, you have some countries that are largely European descended. (Argentina and Chile being two of the best) But to suggest that typical hispanics look like Whites is, I’m sorry, fucking laughable. You have the rest of your story right. Whites are the ruling elite in places like Brazil where you have a mix of the three. And that makes sense. Unburdened by PC “white guilt”, the cream rises to the top, pun intended. How could it not? 15 IQ points on AVERAGE difference tells the tale.

  • ImTellinYa

    What they are doing with Hispanics in the entertainment industry and mainstream news media (redundancy alert) is trying to convince us that Hispanics really are, or will be any day now, Whites. You see it all the time in commercials especially. There will be a family where the husband and wife look like Amerindian Hispanics, but their kids look like Wally and the Beav. Conversely I’ve seen the husband and wife look like Aryan Whites while the kids look like Los Angeles barrio rats. We’re all the same you see. Pay no attention to color or any other physical features. Contrary to your experience, they mean nothing. Ha ha.

    Another ploy is to show a Hispanic kid in elementary school who looks like a half-indian Mexican. The kid uses the advertised product to learn or eat healthy or whatever, and at the end of the commercial we see the kid several years later graduating from high school/college all because of the miraculous product and suddenly, magically the kid is now a fully-grown, good looking White with her/his proud Amerindian parents looking on happily. “Our child is now a White American! Yay!” This is NOT to convince Hispanics to assimilate. They can’t do that in any case. The purpose is to lie to Whites and make the subliminal suggestion that the flood of hostile, third-world savages is no big deal. They are all really just Whites.

    So here is a cowardly, politically-correct Disney showing us a Hispanic who looks pretty much like a lovely White girl. The most insidious lie told by these race traitors is that the color differences are only skin deep. The biggest differences between the races have NOTHING AT ALL to do with the different skin tones. The race differences run extremely deep; intelligence and character and emotional responses are significantly different between the races. I’ve been around a LOT of Blacks and Hispanics in my life, and most of them are pretty dim bulbs. They also tend to have the impulse control of enraged badgers. Asians are natural collectivists who are rigid conformists (that is naturally evil Democrats).

  • US_Eurolad

    Considering the header quote on this forum about “no truth existing you would fear” I find the amount of “moderation” here literally comical. I posted 3 comments last night all of which went down the rabbit hole of fearful moderation by scared men. It tells me one thing, Amren isn’t ready for prime time. You are soft. And you manipulate the message, just like our good friends feminists and diversity promoters. Keep on keeping on with the ridiculous moderation, I’ll go back to SPBDL, Occ. Dissent, and other forums where the moderators still have testicles swinging.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    Sofia? That isn’t Latino.

    She has brownish red hair, and blue eyes. Some Latino.