Posted on October 19, 2012

Nursing Home Suspends Black Employees After Resident Claims Rape

My Fox (Detroit), October 12, 2012

A nursing home suspended every black male employee after a female resident claimed she was raped.

The woman living at Southgate Manor said a black male raped her on Oct. 9, but did not positively identify her alleged attacker.

Owner Reginald Hartsfield, president of Advantage Management Group, said without an identification of the suspect they had to suspend every black man in every department that could have contact with the alleged victim.

“If we have a description of the alleged assailant we have to suspend those who fit that description,” Hartsfield said. “In this particular case, the description is vague — black male. They’re on temporary suspension with pay while we conduct our investigation.”


Some relatives of the residents were not happy with the decision.

“It’s very disrespectful against black people,” said Gary Clemens. “I say find out who really did it. Don’t suspend every black man. That’s kind of wrong.”